A Fun Story Of Sadomasochism
Megan is an attractive women who is about to turn 30. She has short straight blond hair. Until recently she had been a prosecutor working in a District Attorney's office.

Megan is a bit bored. Usually this place gets her all worked up as soon as she steps foot inside. Megan is in an S&M club looking for a pretty girl who would like to get slapped around. She has just recently joined this club. She would never have dared to come to a place like this when she was working, as it could have cost her her job. But now she is free to pursue this side of her personality.

She spots a girl who is almost perfect. An absolutely beautiful face. She is half Italian and half American Indian. A short petite girl. Dark complexion, large brown eyes, and jet black hair that falls halfway down her back. She is wearing low cut white slacks and a white silk blouse.

She only has one flaw. She is wearing a collar attached to a leash held by some guy. He cracks a smile when he sees me staring and he approaches me. "Hi. My name is Steve. This is Caroline, my pet."

"I'm Megan. She isn't for sale is she?" Steve laughs and says no.

Steve asks me what I would like to drink. I respond "Rum and coke."

Steve turns to Caroline and says "I want a vodka and 7-UP. What would you like to drink Caroline?"

Caroline says she would like a Tequila. Steve says "OK Honey" and slaps her face. He shoves the handle of the leash in her mouth and tells her to go get the drinks.

I speak up "Hold on Caroline." I reach over to Caroline's tit, grab the nipple and squeeze hard. Caroline's face tenses up. "I've changed my mind." I squeeze harder till Caroline whimpers and a tear wells up in her eye and runs down her cheek. "A tequila sounds good. I'll take yours. You can have a fucking glass of water."

Steve laughs as Caroline heads to the bar and says "She may not be for sale but I might consider sharing her." We talk till Caroline comes back with the drinks on a tray. We sit down at a nearby table. Caroline sets the tray down, passes out the drinks, and then sits down on the floor to drink her water.

After more small talk we finish our drinks. Steve invites me to his place to "beat up" Caroline. I smile from ear to ear. We head out the door. When we get to his car he unlocks the doors and opens the trunk. Caroline climbs in the trunk and closes it. Steve and I get in the front. Chuckling, I say "This is going to be fun."

On the way to Steve's house, he explains that he has been with Caroline for a couple weeks. Caroline isn't a member of the club, she was there as Steve's guest. So they don't have to follow all of the bullshit rules of the club as far as "safe words" and the normal limitations. He explains that he has a financial arrangement with her for doing this. Caroline will be paid very, very well. Steve tells me Caroline isn't at all into the whole sadomasochism scene. She actually hates it. Caroline is buried with gambling debts. She likes betting money she doesn't have on slow horses. If Caroline doesn't come up with a lot of cash soon she's going to wind up dead.

Steve tells me he likes this sort of arrangement as it is more exciting than whipping a girl who actually enjoys it. After all, where's the fun in that? But on the other hand it isn't illegal, as is outright raping and beating the shit out of a girl. He says he just keeps escalating the sessions till she can't take it any more. She will then be sent on her way a bit wealthier.

I've already got my dress pulled up with a couple fingers working my pussy. I say "It sounds fun and expensive."

Steve responds "Well, I have a great deal of fun and a great deal of money." The gate opens as we approach the driveway. We drive to the top and pull into the garage. Steve opens the trunk and Caroline gets out. We head inside. Steve leads the way through the house with the leash in his hand. We enter a large bedroom. Steve takes the leash off Caroline.

Steve heads to the bathroom. I grab Caroline by her hair jerking her head back hard and put my tongue down her throat and then start biting her lip making her squirm as she tries to pull away, but can't. Steve emerges and removes his clothes. As he approaches I pull Caroline towards Steve by her hair and throw her forward while tripping her. She tumbles face first onto the floor in front of him.

I say to Caroline "I believe the man needs a blowjob." I get out of my dress while Caroline sucks Steve's cock. I kneel down next to her and we take turns on Steve's cock till he finally blows a load in my mouth. I turn to Caroline and spit the cum on her face and smear it all over her face and hair. I point my finger in her face and say "Don't even think about wiping it off bitch."

Steve pulls her up by her arm. Caroline meekly says she needs to take a piss. Steve says "OK, go ahead." As Caroline starts to move towards the bathroom Steve punches her in the stomach. Not real hard but hard enough she buckles over forward. Steve catches her and pulls her upright as she gasps for air. Steve yells at her "START PISSING BITCH....NOW." Caroline begins pissing in her pants. Steve and I laugh as the wet spot on her white slacks forms and grows.

I say "I haven't even seen your tits yet." I start tearing at her blouse. Steve joins in. We rip it off in pieces and tear her bra off. We each grab a hand full of tit. I dig in my nails and squeeze her tit hard as Steve is doing the same to her other tit. I draw a tiny amount of blood with my fingernails. Caroline's cries build to screams. We tear and pull off her wet pants and rip up her panties while pulling them off. We both grab at her pussy digging fingers in and roughly pulling at her flesh. She's trying to fight us off to no avail. Her screams are now filled with panic.

Steve wraps his arms around her tight pinning her arms down to her sides so she can't fight back. I'm standing by her side still digging my fingers into her pussy. Probing her flesh as forcefully as I can. With my other hand I shove a finger in her ass and yank hard, pulling against the tissue that makes up the ring of her asshole. Her screams are subsiding now because Steve is squeezing her so hard she is having trouble breathing.

Steve says "OK, OK, That's enough foreplay baby." He releases his grip on her and gently holds her close tucking her head in his arms against his chest. I let go of her. She is sobbing. "Calm down baby. Relax. Relax. We'll fuck in a while but you can rest now." Steve walks her over to the bed and lays down with Caroline. They are both lying on their sides, facing each other. Steve gently kisses Caroline's forehead. I lay down next to her, both of us caressing Caroline. She is shaking a little and breathing rapidly.

After Caroline calms down, Steve tells me there are some accessories in the dresser drawer. I open the drawer and look inside. Handcuffs, scarves, dildos, whips, etc. I grab a riding crop, a wooden paddle about 2 feet long and 3 inches wide, a strap on dildo and handcuffs. I sit back down on the bed. Caroline is still lying on her side with her head turned away from me. I softly stroke her back. Caroline takes a deep breath and sighs.

I place the riding crop down on the bed in front of her face touching her nose and cheek. I can feel the muscles in her lower back tense up. I place the paddle down in front of her face. Then the handcuffs. I'm doing what I can not to laugh. I keep stroking her back gently.

Steve starts to get up. He tells Caroline "Suck my dick." Steve lies on his back. She moves between his legs and wraps her lips around his cock. I put my fingers in my pussy and get the juices flowing. As I become more and more aroused my contempt for Caroline increases. I maneuver around between her legs so I am lying on my back looking up at her shaven pussy. I begin licking her as I slide a couple fingers in and out of her cunt.

Steve pulls Caroline's head up off his dick and looks into her eyes. He says to her softly "You're so fucking beautiful." He Grabs hold of the hair on the side of her head with his left hand and slaps her face with his right. He hits her again and again and again. She starts crying out. I take this as my cue. I bite down on her pussy lips hard enough to get a loud yell out of her. I shove my thumb up her ass. I guess it surprises her. She jumps and screams pretty good. Steve stops hitting her and pulls her off my face. He positions her higher up on top of him and sinks his cock into her pussy. I pull myself over and lay alongside of them watching as I finger my pussy.

After a few minutes of riding Steve's cock, Caroline starts to get into it and is almost enjoying herself. Oh Shit! I suddenly realize I'm slacking off. I slowly reach over to pick up the riding crop while watching the reaction on her face. It is beautiful. A look of dread washes over her face. Her head and eyes drop slightly lower. Her eyes become unfocused as she gazes forward with a blank stare. Her breathing becomes slower and deeper.

At this moment my anger and hatred towards Caroline becomes so intense I'm getting dizzy. Heat flushes over my face. I just want to tear her to pieces. I give her a brief reprieve as I drop the riding crop to use both hands on my pussy. I am cumming. My legs stiffen as I moan. I stare at her as I cum. She is so pretty. I hate her so much at this moment. After I cum I take a moment to catch my breath.

I grab the riding crop and raise it up. It comes down on her butt with a loud crack. She screams. I strike her butt again and again then aim higher, hitting her lower back then the middle of her back. She arches her back and reaches behind her trying to block the next strike. I drop the riding crop and pushed her back into position. I tell her soothingly "It's OK. I'm done with that." She's sobbing loudly but slowly gets her rhythm back as Steve keeps fucking her.

I put on the strap-on dildo. Caroline looks worried. I grab some lube off the dresser. I put some on my finger and stick it in her ass. I tell her softly, almost whispering "Just a little lube, not too much." I position myself behind her. Steve wraps his arms around her tight holding her in place. I guide the tip of the dildo to the little opening of her cute little asshole. I push it in just a little at first. Then with one forceful shove I push into her ass as far as I can. She screams again. I notice her voice is getting hoarse. I'm pumping away in her ass while Steve is fucking her pussy.

I hate her so much. I wonder what sort of awful things she must have done at some point in her life to deserve so much of my hatred. I don't know. All I can do now is make sure she pays dearly for whatever it was.

I pull out of her. There is blood on the dildo. I unhook the harness and toss it to the floor.

I grab the handcuffs. Moving quickly, I cuff her hands in front of her so she can't reach back behind her again. I pick up the paddle. The look of fear on her face is magnificent. Steve says he is going to cum soon. I have to hurry. I take aim at her little butt as it is still pumping up and down on Steve's cock. I raise up the paddle high over my head and bring it down hard on her ass.

As soon as it smacks her butt with a loud crack I realize that I have hit her way too hard. Oh well....what can I do? The past is the past and I can't do anything about it now.

Caroline lets out a long ear piercing shriek. Her voice cracks as she strains her vocal chords. Her head flies backward as she arches her back as far as it can bend. She twists sideways and rolls off of Steve and off the side of the bed to the floor. Her right leg is convulsing. It's fucking beautiful. I'm staring at her, just mesmerized. She's gasping for a breath, having difficulty inhaling. She is desperately trying to crawl away using her cuffed hands. She makes it part way across the room near a desk.

Steve jumps up off the bed saying "Damn it I'm not done." Steve catches up to her, grabs Caroline by the collar with his left hand and scoops her up, grabbing her around her waist with his right arm. He bends her over on the desk face down. Her arms are awkwardly arranged beneath her. Steve enters her pussy and pounds away.

Caroline yells at him with her hoarse voice. "GET OFF! You're crushing my arm." Steve is pumping her as hard as he can. He's about to cum. She keeps yelling "MY ARM. MY FUCKING ARM! Get off me. It's over." Steve is cumming. His cock is pumping semen into her pussy. He gives her pussy a few last hard pushes as he shoves his dick in all the way. He feels a muffled crack beneath him. Caroline groans, too exhausted to yell again. She says "You just broke my fucking arm you bastard."

Steve slowly gets up off of her. Caroline is moaning in pain. Steve carefully picks her up off the desk to her feet. He retrieves a handcuff key from the dresser. He asks her which arm is broken as he unlocks the cuffs. Caroline says it's her left arm. Steve says "That's good. You're right-handed."

"And you're an ass." Caroline responds.

Steve helps her to the bed. Caroline realizes her body aches everywhere. Her legs ache. Her back is strained. Her asshole is burning. Her butt feels like it is on fire. Steve gently sits her down on the bed.

I say "Let me look at you're arm."

Caroline sternly says "Stay the fuck away from me Megan."

I lie saying "I used to be a nurse, let me look at it."

Caroline hesitates, then she says "OK then." I take hold of her arm holding it at the elbow and wrist. I give it a little twist. Caroline's body jerks as she yelps in pain. I drop her arm. Caroline yelps again.

I shrug my shoulders and say "I think your arm is broken." Caroline looks up at me. She looks very angry. She flinches as I bend down to kiss her on the forehead.

Steve says "You have to go to the hospital. I'll make a sling for you. Hey Megan....get me a beer and then get something out of that closet for Caroline to wear." I get a couple beers from the kitchen. I come back. I give one to Steve and then I open up the closet.

There are some evening dresses, a sun dress, some T-shirts and shorts, socks, assorted underwear, and a school girl outfit, and a cheerleader outfit. I lie to Caroline "You have a choice. You can either wear a cheerleader outfit or a schoolgirl outfit to the hospital. That's all we've got here."

Caroline responds "That's fucking great. I guess I'll take the school girl outfit." Disappointed I frown and pick up the cheerleader outfit and look it over.

I lie again and say "The schoolgirl outfit won't fit you. The cheerleader outfit is real hot though." I take it to her. I slide the blue and gold skirt on her. She asks if there's any underwear. I lie and say "No."

Steve helps Caroline sit up and places the sling on her arm. He slides the cheerleader top over her head and over her arm. She whines and cries out a couple times. I put Caroline's shoes and socks on for her. I tell her how cute her feet are. Steve sits down on the bed next to Caroline and drinks his beer. Caroline says "Get dressed Steve. My arm is swelling and I need to go to the hospital soon."

Steve gets his pants. He pulls out the keys to his car and hands them to her. Steve says "I'm going to fuck Megan. I'll pay you when you get back. I'll give you a bonus for the busted arm."

Caroline says "Like I said Steve, you're an ass."

Caroline gets up and heads to the door. I say "Hey Caroline." She turns to me. I continue "I just want to let you know that I had an absolutely fantastic time tonight starting from the very moment I laid eyes on you. And I want you to know that the cheerleader outfit you are wearing looks really good on you." Caroline just stares back at me saying nothing. Completely expressionless. After a long pause she turns and walks away. I add "Don't forget to tell the doctor to look at your asshole. It was bleeding a lot." Caroline continues out the door.

I get on the bed next to Steve. "What a freak she turned out to be. Where the hell did you find such a lunatic Steve?"

Steve states "A friend of a friend introduced me to her. He knew what a desperate situation Caroline was in. I just wanted to help somehow."

I say "Damn. So you basically owned her. That's so fucking cool. She’s really a big pervert though. I mean think about it. When you and I do this shit it's just for fun. It stirs up emotions deep down inside of us. It's just a big turn on, that's all. But Caroline ends up putting herself in a position where she has to do all this just because she likes betting on horses. She's a real nutcase."

Steve nods in agreement. I continue "You know, it's funny as shit to think what she must look like right now. Walking into a hospital emergency room dressed in a cheerleader outfit with a broken arm. A collar around her neck. All bruised and battered. Your dried cum on her face and in her hair. The faint smell of her own urine. A bead of your cum dripping down her thigh and bleeding from her asshole. Her voice hoarse from screaming. But let me just say this. No matter how fucked up in the head Caroline might be I think that was still a real sweet thing you did to help her out like this." I give Steve a soft kiss on the cheek.

He smiles and says "Thanks baby. But you helped too. And Who knows maybe this will break of her of this depraved gambling habit she has. Then maybe she can become a part normal society."

Steve adds "You know the irony in all this is that Caroline probably thinks that we are the ones who are fucked up in the head. I've found that most nutcases think they themselves are normal and that it is everyone else who is nuts."

I say "Yeah, that's so true. And I should know because I'm always surrounded by a bunch of nuts. But it still warms my heart knowing that you probably saved her life by doing all this for her."

Steve and I fucked like rabbits that night.

Caroline came by the next day to return Steve's car and collect her money. We wanted to screw her but she was in a real bitchy mood for some reason. She wouldn't even let me sign her cast.

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