My Daughter's Boyfriend

"I'm sorry Evelyn. I forgot all about it and I promised them. I've been putting them off for weeks," my husband Gordon explained. "I'll just go and be back by tomorrow evening."

"Fine. Go," I told my husband. "I'll have Ashley mow the lawn."

"Well, there's just one more thing," he said.

"What now?" I asked, anticipating what he was about to tell me.

"They begged me to bring Ashley along," he said. "They haven't seen her in so long."

Ashley was our only daughter. She was 15 now and blossoming out beautifully. Gordon was right. It had been at least a year, last summer in fact, when we last visited his parents. Ashley seemed to be a late starter but the past year I swear she grew three inches and went from an A-cup to B-cup breast size. She'll easily match my C-cup and 36 inch chest before she's out of high school. My name is Evelyn Brooks and I stand 5' 8" tall. I am 33 years old, keep myself fit and looking that way too. My blonde hair is straight and long enough to put into a ponytail like I had it this Saturday morning.

"Just go. It'll be OK. I'll mow the lawn, and weed, and whatever else I can do to work up a sweat. Then I won't feel so bad and maybe even skip the gym today," I told him.

An hour later they were gone and I was alone. I began by doing some weeding in the front and knew that this hot August day was going to be a scorcher. After about a half hour I decided this was silly. I was out here alone, getting hot and sweaty, and my bra hurt like the dickens. I went inside, took off my bra, threw on a white tank top and some loose running shorts I had, and came back out in a little bit of comfort.

By 11:00 AM I was getting a little tired and hadn't even started the lawn yet. That's when Jay walked up.

"Hi Mrs. Brooks. Ashley around?" Jay asked me.

"She didn't call you?" I asked.

"No, I haven't heard a word all morning," he said, reaching in his pocket for his cell phone. "Oh crap, I mean...excuse me...I must have turned off my phone. I'll call her now."

Jay called Ashley and I went back to my weeds. A few minutes later he said, "Ashley's on her way to her grandparents. She says I should mow your lawn."

"Yes, I know, I mean about where she is going. But about the lawn, don't be silly," I told him. "You don't have to do that, just because you're Ashley's boyfriend."

"No, I want to help, really," he pleaded. "We haven't really talked all that much and it would be good for me to get to know you better and you know me."

Now Jay at 5' 8" was about an inch taller than Ashley. He was on his way to being a hunk. I knew from Ashley that he worked out. Oh, and he was as black as sin. My husband didn't care for that fact but I found him, fascinating. He was a good well-mannered boy that adored my Ashley and treated her well. But he was a hunk, for sure. You could see it in his arms. I decided I needed some eye candy around the house today so I told him, "If I let you mow the lawn, for Ashley's sake, then you'll have to help me with some of the weeding and such, for my sake. I've got some heavy bags of mulch to put around too. Deal?" I asked him. I was going for the Gold here.

He paused a minute and just stared at me. Then he said "Deal. Where's the lawnmower?"

"Follow me." I led him to the garage and showed him where the mower and gas were kept. I also opened the fridge and got out a couple of cold waters for now and put a couple more into the freezer. When I opened the freezer door the cold rushed out at me. I looked down and just like in the movies my nipples went hard. With some sweat already on my chest my shirt formed around my breasts. I had to pull my shirt down and out to pull it away from my breasts. I thought I caught Jay was staring at my chest and it made me feel embarrassed at first, but then good inside that I could still catch the eye of a guy, even if it was my daughter's boyfriend.

I just pretended it didn't happen. Maybe he didn't see anything and I was just imagining the stare, an older woman's fantasy. But this was reality and I came back to it.
"Jay, you can't be out working in this heat with long jeans on," I told him. "Come into the house. I have some jogging shorts that should fit you." It was a pair I didn't wear any longer as they were a little bit big. I had lost some weight since I started exercising and whatnot.

"If it's OK, Mrs. Brooks," he replied.

That Jay, always so polite. "I insist," I said. "I can't have you fainting from heat exhaustion. I would never forgive myself if I didn't take care of you, and neither would Ashley." I led him into my bedroom and got the shorts. "Here, put these on and just leave your jeans on the bed." I just stood there staring at him for a moment and then realized my mistake and said, I'll see you out front."

A few minutes later Jay was mowing the front lawn. Now our mower doesn't have one of those bags attached so after he was done I helped him rake up the grass and bag it. We then moved to the back yard. The heat was too much and after getting my permission first he removed his shirt. Yes, he had been working out. It was obvious in his chest and stomach. By the time he was done mowing the back we were both drenched with sweat and dying of thirst.

"Rest a minute before we rake," I said, making him sit down. "I'll go get us some more cold water."

I went to the garage and opened up the freezer where I had put the two waters. Again the cold air rushed out and like shrink-wrap my sweaty t-shirt formed around my tits, my now hard nipples jutting out. Still looking pretty good, I thought to myself. The water was only beginning to freeze so I also got a couple of cold bottles from the fridge. Before returning, though I pulled my shirt back out to hide my hard breasts and nipples.

"Here Jay, one part ice and one just cold." I tossed one of each to him.

"I'm sweating like a dog," Jay said. "It's hot today."

I don't know what came over me but I said, "Well then let me cool you off." I then took my ice water bottle and poured what water would come out over his head and body as he jumped back. He took his ice water and tried to empty it on me as I ran from him. Then we were at war with each other using the other bottle of water we each had. When mine was empty I ran from him again, giggling like a little girl. Tripping, I ended up on the lawn rolling around on cut grass. As he finished his bottle on me I tripped his legs, bringing him to the ground next to me. The next thing I knew we were having a grass war, covering our wet bodies with grass clippings. Eventually we stopped and just lay there, out of breath, but smiles on our faces.

"We look a mess, don't we?" he asked. I reached out to his chest and wiped my hand down a section. Where the grass was just stuck to his sweat, it slid right off. I noticed how nice it felt, letting my sweaty hand slide across his sweaty abs.

"The grass that is on the really sweaty sections comes off easier," I told him. "I like the feel of my sweaty hand running across your sweaty stomach." What the hell was I saying? Thinking it was OK, but don't say it out loud. He must have thought I was an idiot.

"We are a mess though aren't we?" he said again, more than asked.

"I know it is hot today but how hot can you really take it?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" he asked back.

"I have a hot room that I use to help with my weight loss program," I started to explain, "and then too, just to enjoy in the winter time."

"You don't need to lose any weight Mrs. Brooks," he interrupted. "You look great."

"Thanks honey, you're so sweet," I replied. "Anyway, it may be in the 90s out here today but I can add 20 degrees to that. Do you think you're tough enough to take it?" I challenged him.

"If you can do it, then so can I," he said flatly.

"Then when the sweat is just rolling off of us you will get a sensation that you have never had before. Sweat on sweat. It will be easier to show you than explain it," I told him, noticing a questioning look on his face.

I got the garden hose out and we washed the grass off of each other. I didn't let him spray my chest, as much as he tried, but just brushed the grass off as best I could. Then I took him to my hot room. It was just one of those wooden rooms that have a special container to hold heated rocks that you pour water on. It doesn't take too long to get hot. My husband built this one special for me with two levels of the wooden bench that went the full 7-foot width. He gave me 3 feet from the door to the first bench and then 2 1/2 feet before the next level up which was also 2 1/2 feet deep. In that way even he could lay out completely in comfort. I also had him build in a cover for the window in the door when I wanted to cut out the light from the outside as well as a light switch on the inside. I could actually eliminate all the light except a hint of it slipping in under the door during the daytime.

I knew I was playing with fire here. But I just had to feel this boy's body. I knew that I was just dreaming, that I would chicken out long before it got that far. But if it did happen I knew it wouldn't go beyond that, I would make sure of it. I would frame the whole thing as an innocent experiment. My thoughts were coming from both sides of the situation, arguing for and against it. Now I'm thinking if Jay falls for this he must be a total moron. Or perhaps he is a conniving little kid with raging hormones who wouldn't pass up on a chance to touch the hot body of his girlfriend's mother. In either case I knew one thing for sure. I didn't want this kid for a son-in-law. That was absolute, never, ever, ever. He's either an idiot or a cheat. I ignored the fact that I was about to cheat. But for now, maybe I wanted him just to rejuvenate my own spirits. Oh hell, I was just turned on by his hot body.

We had been in the hot room chitchatting for 20 minutes when the timer went off. I reset it for another 20 minutes, knowing that it was going to get plenty hot in there now, already having worked up a good sweat. Every minute it was getting hotter. "It's time," I said.

"OK, what do we do now?" he asked.

I glanced down at my t-shirt. It was completely soaked and my boobs were clear as day. I might as well have not had a shirt on. With the heat gradually going up I guess I just hadn't noticed my shirt getting wetter and wetter and my boobs becoming so, well visible. I flipped off the light and closed the window cover, thrusting us into sudden darkness.

"I turned out the lights because my t-shirt was so wet, and well, we shouldn't see each other like that. It wouldn't be proper, you being a minor, plus being Ashley's boyfriend. If you don't want Ashley mad at you then you probably should keep this little experiment to yourself." Without telling him I removed my wet shirt and tossed it to the floor. He didn't know because it was too dark to see.

"Stand down here on the floor with me," I told him. Though I couldn't see him, I felt his arm as he got down off the upper bench. "That's it. Now just stand here." I took my hands and ran them up his arms, across his shoulders and down his chest. It was so slick. "Your turn."

He took his hands and found my arms. As he ran his hands slowly up my arms I felt a shiver go through me. Here we were standing in temperatures well over 100 degrees and I felt a shiver. He reached my shoulders, ran across them to my neck and then started down my chest just as I had done to him.

"Your shirt, you took it off," he said, pausing his hands on my upper chest.

"It was too hot for me with it on," I explained. "That's why the lights are out."

When he got to the top of my breasts I reached up and grabbed his wrists. "Nice try Jay," I told him, "but we'll just skip over these." The problem, or not so much a problem, was that when I grabbed his wrists I ended up pulling his palms downward a bit such that they crossed over my nipples. The result was I was telling him he would have to skip my breasts, while I held his hands to them. I may have even pressed them down onto my breasts a little. My nipples, which were already full, felt like they stiffened up from his touch. A part of me wanted him to notice and a part of me thought that I had already gone way too far with this game of mine, whatever it was. I lifted his hands off of my breasts and placed them on my stomach. "You can go down my legs if you want."

He proceeded to move his hands down my stomach toward my legs. His hands were pointed outward and I felt safe but as he moved down my hips I felt both of his thumbs slide across my pussy through my shorts and quickly across my pussy lips. Before I had a chance to protest he was already moving down my leg. I realized I was breathing more heavily now and it wasn't from the temperature.

When he reached my feet I said, "Now I am going to lay down on the top bench, on my stomach. Follow me up and see what it feels like to rub your sweaty chest across my back." As I was speaking I was quietly removing my shorts. When I laid down on the top bench I was totally nude. A moment later I felt the hot skin of his chest slide across my ass as he looked to find my back. He gasped when he realized I was nude. He pulled off of me for a long moment and then I felt his touch again. As he slid upwards on my back he let his mid section touch my ass. This boy removed his shorts and was nude too, and had a hard on that felt, well huge. I couldn't be sure but it seemed so.

After a couple of minutes of this I said, "Now you get on your stomach and let me try it." We switched places and I gently laid my naked body down onto his back. I first just let my breasts touch his wet slimy skin, sliding them from his butt to his shoulders. I had to have my left leg down on the lower bench to keep my balance. Then I let my whole upper body lay down onto his. The sweat between us allowed me to easily slide around. It felt great and I was getting turned on more and more every second.

OK, I finally admitted it to myself. I wanted to fuck this kid. Oh shit I thought, I had gone too far already. I could end up in jail just for rubbing his back. Maybe not, maybe I could just say I was giving him a back rub. I didn't know what to do. But I knew what I wanted to do. Oh fuck it, I thought. "Turn over onto your back," I told him as I lifted myself up into the air a bit, giving him room to turn over.

Jay didn't say a word. He just turned over as I asked him to. I laid back down, this time my chest to his. I slid around a little, feeling his hard on against my stomach.

"Does that feel good Jay?" I asked.

"Oh yes, Mrs. Brooks," he replied.

I found his hands and interlaced our fingers together, then pulled his arms up over his head. Still moving my body around, I knew my pussy was sopping wet and it wasn't from the heat of the room. It would only take an instant and I could have him inside of me. If I kept up the rubbing I knew I would cum soon and probably he would too. Shit, I wanted him, but yet I just couldn't do it. I couldn't take from him what my daughter should have, his virginity. I knew they were both virgins, they had talked about it (my daughter tells me nearly everything) and they decided to wait. If they stayed together and eventually got married it would be something special for both of them. Now here I was, in a position to destroy all of that. Could I do that? Would I do that? I paused and thought for a long moment and came back with the only answer possible. Fuck YES, I could. All I wanted to do at that very moment was fuck my daughter's boyfriend.

I rocked my hips forward enough that the head of his cock slid along my slit between my legs. As he moaned I pushed my body downward and his hard prick just slid right in.

"Oh God, I...uh..." Jay struggled to speak. But I didn't waste any time. I rocked my hips back and forth right away trying to get him deeper inside of me. He was only a few inches inside of me. But only after about three strokes he was cumming, shooting his load up into me. Even so it set me off into my own orgasm and I cried into his ear, "Oh Jay, fuck yes, oh yes."

A few seconds later he was done and I was just coming down from my climax. "Oh I'm so sorry Mrs. Brooks," he stumbled out an apology. "I don't know what happened. I didn't mean to slide it in. Oh God, what's Ashley going to say? She'll hate me. Please Mrs. Brooks, don't tell anyone. I'll do anything, please, just don't tell anyone."

I got up off of him and said, "Shut up and sit up." I was about to blow this kid. While he sat up on the upper bench still pleading with me, I knelt between his legs on the lower bench. He just kept going on about being sorry when I took his limp but still long penis in my hand and wrapped my lips around its head.

"Oh Mrs. Brooks. Please, I shouldn't do this," he complained as I began moving it in and out of my mouth, getting it plenty wet with my saliva, feeling it grow in my hand.

"Does that feel good?" I stopped long enough to ask before returning to my task.

"Yes, yes it feels so good," he agreed. "But what about Ashley? She can't find out. Please don't tell her. You won't tell her will you?"

I pulled off and asked him, "Do you want me to stop?" Before he could answer I had his growing shaft back in my mouth.

Jay was begging for me, not to stop anymore, just that I wouldn't tell Ashley. I shook my head no as I took him further down my mouth. Oh he was big all right. I had given my husband blowjobs before and knew how big he was and how far down my throat his 7-inch dick would go. Jay's erection was not only fatter but at least an inch longer, and he was only 15 years old. God I had to have him in my pussy all the way, not just the head like before. But I also wanted to taste his cum, feel his prick tickle my throat, suck everything I could out of him.

I began a furious assault on his shaft, jacking him off while I sucked him in and out of my mouth as if he was fucking my face. My efforts bore fruit as Jay soon cried out, "I'm cumming Mrs. Brooks. I'm cumming again." Sure enough he began jerking and squirting his cum into my mouth. I sucked him hard as I took everything he gave me and swallowed it all.

"Mrs. Brooks, that was most incredible feeling I have ever had. And I thought Ashley was good," he confessed, "I mean, I uh..."

"It's OK Jay. I know you two have done that sort of thing," I said. "You just haven't had sex yet, right?" I wanted to hear him say it.

"No Mrs. Brooks," he assured me. "We promised each other that we would resist all temptations and save ourselves for each other."

"So does she give it to you as good as I just did?" I asked him.

"She's no where close to what you can do. And to have two orgasms in 10 minutes, that's never happened to me before."

"Well it's time for you to return the favor," I told him as I stood up. I flicked on the lights and told him to change places with me. As I sat down I said, "Now lick my pussy honey. Make me cum."

Jay was not all that experienced at this. He may have never done it before for all I know. So I guided him, telling him where it felt good and how much pressure to use. After awhile I had him slide a finger into my cunt and finger fuck me while he played with my clit. "That's it baby, a little harder now," I told him as he alternated licking my clit and driving his tongue into my pussy, all the while sliding now two fingers in and out of my love canal.

"That's it Jay, keep it up baby. Oh yes, Jay, yes, I'm cumming. Ohhhh shit, fuck, fuck, fuck, that's good," I screamed as I thrust my hips up into his face, my orgasm controlling my body. Christ, I hadn't cum like that in years. It just had to be the illicitness of it all. He kept working me until I forced him to stop. I looked down and saw that Jay was sporting another hard on. It was time for the real thing.

I roughly pushed Jay out of the way and laid back down on the lower bench. "Lay down on top of me Jay. I want to feel that cock of your as deep inside of me as it can go."

My left leg was pulled up and resting against the side of the upper bench, my lower hung over the edge with my foot resting on the floor. Jay knelt between my legs and this time guided his own shaft to my opening. He had barely touched the head to my pussy lips when he hesitated. I knew this was the pivotal moment for him. Before could have been argued as a slip, a mistake, not really a fuck at all. But now, he was in control. He had the power to walk away. Would he honor his vows to my daughter Ashley or break them by fucking me? I had to give him a push, my way.

"Ram that fucking rod into me you black son-of-a-bitch," I ordered. He obeyed. He pushed hard and sank half his cock into my cunt. My pussy walls immediately screamed out in terror. They weren't used to anything quite this big. He pulled back slightly and pressed in further. My pussy had a death grip on his shaft and didn't want to let go. But he pulled back again and once more drove into me. A few more strokes and he was nearly all the way in. But he was already banging on me cervix and it hurt like hell. I opened my legs up wide hoping he would just push right through my cervix into my womb. I didn't realize at the time that that wasn't possible, the whole through the cervix was tiny except when giving birth.

The spreading of my legs was enough for him to sink all the way into me. It didn't hurt quite so much anymore, as if maybe my pussy had let him stretch me and he was gliding under and past the cervix opening. With each stroke he filled me completely, unlike I had every been filled before, and each stroke felt better than the last. Every time he thrust into me he let out a grunt that made my whole body shudder in anticipation of the orgasm I felt building up inside. I took his hands in mine, like I had done before and held them high in the air, making him a little off balance. This had the effect of slowing him down, though he somehow kept up the force and power of his strokes.

"Mrs. Brooks, it's happening again," he announced. "I'm going to cum soon."

"Just let it cum, baby, let it cum," I told he. "I didn't know if I could even control it but I wanted to cum with him, wanted us to climax together. I decided to relax and let fate take over. I was starting to feel a pressure building throughout my body, like a damn ready to burst. Then my body started to tingle all over. I knew this was it, that I couldn't hold off even if I knew how. I just didn't want to wait any longer. Then it hit, like an explosion in my stomach that shot heat and electricity down my legs, up my chest and out my arms. As I arched upwards I felt Jay shooting his cum deep inside of me. I remember smiling as my orgasm hit my head forcing my chin and head to tip back and my neck up.

I must have passed out for a moment. But the next thing I remembered was searing pain in my right hand. I jerked my head to the right in time to see me pull my hand, fingers still interlaced in Jay's hand, up out of the bin containing the hot rocks. When my orgasm hit and my body thrust upward I must have thrown my right hand, along with Jay's, down into the rocks. And being in the throws of the best orgasm I could remember ever having, the heat of the rocks took second priority. It wasn't until our flesh was getting scorched that it brought us both back to reality.

"The water," I yelled as we separated hands and each shoved a hand into the water bucket next to the rocks. The rocks of course were hot but not so much that it melted into our hands. But it was obvious that we would both end up with a scar on our hand. The ironic part about the whole thing is that when we face each other and clasp hands, the scar runs perfectly across both hands. It was as if we had just been marked as mates for life. Which was fine by me.

I had just had the best fuck of my life, with my daughter Ashley's 15-year-old boyfriend. And he filled me up with his 8-inch fat cock of his. What would he be like in a year, in two years, in five years? He would most certainly be 10 inches, but who knows, maybe a foot long. This kid may be a moron, or he may be a genius, maybe a smart little conniver who seduced me as much as I seduced him. But there was one absolute here, this boy was going to marry Ashley if I had anything to do with it. I wanted him around me as much as possible, or rather in me as much as possible.

"We better go finish the yard," I told him. "It will give us time to rest, before we start round two." He smiled and I realized we hadn't even kissed yet.

The end (until they're rested)

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