*******Ok, Father and Son Games will be completed after this Part. So it will be four parts. The first meeting of Jimmy and His wife will occur under MY CHILDHOOD TRAINING, either part three or four. Not sure if it will be a four parted series like this one. Once they meet and merge into the “engagement” phase, we will learn the fate of Jimmy’s “toy” and we will learn how he introduces his wife to the darker side of life. That series will be named OUR ENGAGEMENT. Once that is completed……three to four parts, I will continue with the couple only under COUPLE’S DARK SECRETS: SUPPLEMENTS one, two, three, etc.

Part Four
Chapter 7: My revenge

Later that week, at school, something very embarrassing happened to me. Two girls, who happen to be twins, set me up for failure. I did not take too kindly to the prank and resented the fact that the whole school’s opinion of me now was different. But that is ok, I don’t just get even, I get revenge.

Two days after the incident I came home and told my father about it. He asked what I had in mind for payback. Grinning at him I told him that I thought the two girls should be the next special guests at the club house this Saturday evening. My father grinned and agreed that he thought that would be the perfect idea and that he would call Uncle Pete and the Sherriff to arrange the details of the night.

Since it would be Saturday before I could exact my revenge on the two girls, Tracy and Stacy, I decided to take a bit of my anger out on my toy. I pulled her out of the closet while my father was on the phone talking to Uncle Pete and pushed her into the bathroom. We have a separate tub and shower in the main bathroom and I pushed her into the shower. I made her kneel and secured her hands above her head to the wash rag rack. I went into my room and got a disposable enema bag from my supply, a small butt plug, and my riding crop and went back into the bathroom.

I proceeded to fill up the bag with water that was hot, but not scalding. Although I am sure it would feel like it was scalding once it went where I was going to put it. I took the hose and shoved it up her ass, causing her to whimper from the pain of the tube scraping her anal cavity. I removed the clamp and allowed the water to flow into her ass. She immediately began to cry and say that it was too hot. I smacked her and told her to shut up. I allowed the bag to empty into her, causing her little tummy to swell with all the water and pressure. I yanked the tube out of her ass and plugged it back up with the butt plug in one swift, cruel motion.

She shrieked in pain from the intrusion of an even larger object into her already overcrowded anal cavity. She was crying and squirming and my prick was throbbing in my pants. I take my pants off and pick up the riding crop. I tell her she better not go to the bathroom till I say she can and then I bring the crop down hard onto her back, making her jump and yell out. My whole goal is to make her loose the contents of her bowels before I say she can, I want her to fail. So I hit her hard across her back, buttocks and thighs, making her jump with each hit. I love the sight of the red welts rising up from each brutal strike.

It doesn’t take long, about three minutes before she screeches in pain and relief and the butt plug pops out of her ass followed by a torrent of water. She is shaking and crying and begging for forgiveness. But I just grin cruelly, hit her again and then put the crop down. I get the shower head and spray her clean and untie her. I jerk her by her arm hard enough that I almost dislocated it. I pull her to my room as she begs me, tells me she didn’t mean to. “Tough” I say.

I push her onto the bed and tell her to lie on her back. She complies with complete terror in her eyes. I go to my closet and get out a bag of clothes pins…the wooden kind. I attached close to fifty close pins on her body, her arms, thighs, calves, toes, cunt lips, belly, etc. Once I finish I step back and take a picture of my little toy covered in clothes pins. Then I pick up the riding crop and begin to hit the clothes pins, knocking them off her, making her scream bloody murder as three or four are pulled off forcefully from her body. I avoid her cunt till last, knowing it will be more extreme for her than something like her thighs.

By now my throbbing prick is begging for release. I finish knocking all the clothes pins off, but the ones on her cunt. I reach down and grab as many as I can with my hand and yank as hard as I can, making her howl loud enough to break glass. I do that till I pull all the pins off her.

“Goodness son, you are a sadistic bastard,” my father said, grinning from the door way. He had come up to see what I was doing to illicit all the screams from my toy.

“How long you been there?” I asked him.

“About halfway through your clothes pin whipping,” he replied. “What where you going to do now?”

“I’m not sure,” I replied.

“Well I do, put her back into her room and come to mine,” My father said with a sudden stern look in his eyes. He turned and walked out.

“Lucky you, I was going to fuck you up the ass and I’m not sure your little body could take it,” I sneered at my toy as I shoved her back to her room and shut the door in her tear stained face.

I went down to my father’s room and entered. He was naked and had a sadistic look in his eye. My heart started to beat faster as I wondered what he was going to subject me to now. I was kind of hoping it would be the large dildo again up my ass. But that wasn’t to be.

My father made me stand under the ceiling fan with my hands above my head, which he tied to the fan so I was stationed in that spot. He then took a metal bar that had a cuff on each end and shoved it between my legs, cuffing each ankle to it, keeping my legs forced apart. My father turned to his closet and produced his own bag of clothes pins.

Grinning he said, “I thought you might enjoy experiencing what you doled out. I know you enjoy pain, let’s see how much pain you really can enjoy.” Then he proceeded to attach every single one of the hundred clothes pins he had to my body. My ass, thighs, arms, and my prick (which had wilted to half mast from the pain of the pinching pins he had attached before he got to my crotch) He also attached a couple to my balls, bringing instant tears to my eyes as the extreme pinching pain shot through my scrotum. I also grunted, but did not scream……the pain was extreme, but beneath it I felt the stirring of pleasure from the pain.

My father picked up a riding crop and started to whip the pins off me, going in the same order that I did, avoiding my genitals till last. By the time he had whipped them off me, I was sobbing and screaming with each strike he sent me. Grinning and rubbing his immense hard on, he walked behind me and positioned himself to my asshole. My prick and balls still have the clothes pins attached to them. I wonder what he has in mind when he grabs my hips and drives his prick dry into my ass. Tearing into me, I throw my head back and scream once more…enjoying this painful torture, more and more.

As I start to enjoy my father’s rough rape of my asshole, he reaches around and yanks one of the clothes pins off my hardening prick. The pain is unreal as it shoots through every part of my body, making me howl in pleasure, but more from the pain. My father laughs and his cold laugh sends a bolt of pleasure up my spine. I slightly recover from the first pin before my father yanks the second of the five pins on my prick. I scream and before I know it I feel one and then two more bolts of pain in my prick as my father yanks two more of the pins off. Leaving one more on my prick and four on my balls.

My father yanks the last pin off my prick and starts to jack my prick before I even stop screaming. It is painful but feels soooo good. My prick is now at full attention again and I can feel the cum building in my nuts. My father senses this and as he slams as hard as he can into my ass he yanks one of the clothes pins off my nut sack.

The pain couldn’t compare to anything I had ever felt before. My cock twitched in pleasure as I screamed out my unhappiness. I could barley catch my breath as my father pounded his huge prick into my backside and yanked yet another pin off my balls. I jumped to much this time that my father’s prick plopped out of my ass. He grabbed my hips and rammed it back into my ass and yanked the third pin off my balls. Leaving one last pin on my prick and by now I am so pain and pleasure driven that I am about unconscious.

My father grabs my prick and strokes it as he picks up his thrusts. Ramming into my ass and pulling completely out before burying to the hilt. He his hitting me so hard that my body moves with each thrust. I love every second of his abuse and want to cum. He picks up the speed of his stroking on my prick and I can feel my orgasm build.

I throw back my head and let loose a loud groan/grunt as I begin to cum, spurting into my father’s hand. As I am in the height of my orgasm my father yanks the last pin off my balls with his other hand. The extreme, unexpected pain intensifies my orgasm and I stand there shooting stream after stream of cum into my father’s hand, so much it drips out and onto the floor.

When I finish my father brings up his cum filled hand and shoves it towards my mouth, demanding me to lick his hand clean as he pounds into my abused ass. If I wasn’t tied up I probably would have collapsed onto the floor I was that drained. As I licked my father’s hand he started grunting and jabbing short and hard deep into my ass. I could feel his massive prick swell and it wasn’t long before I felt streams of hot cum being pumped into my ass. My father groans, pulls out of me, smacks me and unties me.

“Damn dad, that hurt a lot, but sure did enjoy it!” I said grinning with a tired look on my face.

My father chuckled, “It’s always fun to be able to enjoy what you dish out sometimes. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll let you return the favor to me sometime. Now go to bed, we have Saturday to look forward to and the twins.”

Chapter 8: The girls die

I have to hand to my father and the Sherriff. They managed to get two rich snobby twins kidnapped right from under their parent’s noses. I was thrilled when he told me Friday night that it was a definite thing Saturday and that I was going to be in charge of the whole evening!

These girls think they are God’s gift to everyone. Perfect students, cheerleaders, belonged to various other school clubs, etc. They were complete teases to, wearing slut clothes like daisy dukes to school and cock teasing their boyfriends. Getting them all hot and bothered but wouldn’t give out. The girls where fifteen and about five foot four inches. Both had long brown naturally curly hair with slight frames. Maybe B cup breasts. They almost looked like eleven year old girls going through puberty. Which made it all the more fun for the club members when that special night arrived.

Both girls were tied to chairs when I arrived with my father at the club house Saturday night. Naked and terrified they looked out raged when they saw me come through the door. Of course I couldn’t understand what they were trying to spit out behind their gags, but I could make an educated guess that it wasn’t nice things.

I walked over to one of the girls, Tracy and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back cruelly, making her moan behind her gag. I smack her hard four times on the face, enough to bring tears to her eyes and turn her cheeks bright red. I repeat the action on Stacy, eliciting the same reaction. I laughed and said, “Welcome to your real live nightmare. I am the host, the punisher and ultimately your executioner. You will pay for what you did to my reputation in school.”

Both girls’ eyes went wide at the executioner part and the terror level was kicked up tenfold. I could almost smell their fear. I was so turned on that I couldn’t wait. I motioned to the guys and they untied the girls and dragged them by their hair to the room I went to.

The particular room I chose for the evening was an exact replica of a Gyno’s office, complete with two stirrupped patient table. Although this room was on the larger side, to accommodate more than two people.

I push Tracy to the table and make her lie on it. I put her foot into the stirrups and wrap nylon cord around her legs and the metal to secure them in place. I then take her hands and tie them together above her head and secure the other end of the cord to the underside of the table. I then take another cord and wrap it around her stomach and under the table, securing her abdomen to the table. While I do this, my father ties up Stacy’s hands and secures them above her head to a coat hook on the wall. He slips a loop of rope over her head and around her neck and secures it so it will start to strangle her if she moves her head, she is in a position that she has to stare straight ahead and witness the rape and murder of her sister or kill herself trying not to look.
I look at both girl terrified and helpless and laugh. I remove my hard prick and step up between Tracy’s secured legs and push them as far apart as I can, eliciting a grunt of pain from her as her hip muscles are stretched to capacity. I motion to my Uncle and he removes her gag. Immediately she starts to call me names like sick bastard and that I better let her go before her parents find out. I grin and smack her as hard as I can, splitting her lip. “Your parents will never know what happened to your sorry whore ass.” I said and thrust forward, impaling her virgin cunt with my prick. She gasps and I rear back and slam into her, hard, tearing through her cherry. I get a very satisfying shriek from the invasion.

I grin and slide almost out of her, her virgin blood lubing my progress and slam back into her. Hitting her cervix as I dive deep into her tight cunt. She is screaming bloody murder and tears are running freely down her cheeks as I assault her virgin cunt. Thrusting in and out mercilessly. I stop and gaze at her tearstained face. I lean down and lick her cheeks, tasting the saltiness of her tears. She flinches and I punch her in the stomach, knocking the breath out of her.

As she gasps for breath I start to jab hard against her cervix. Beating it with the head of my prick, making her groan in pain. After about a minute of repeatedly beating her cervix with my prick, I feel something give and my cock head slides into something extremely tight. She releases a blood curdling scream, sending me over the edge as I feel the tightness pulsing against my prick. I realized, as I cum buckets into her that I penetrated her cervix and the spasms I felt was her womb cramping from the invasion. An I was pouring my cum directly into her fifteen year old womb. Gasping and groaning I cum into her for close to three minutes and have to take about that long to recover before I can pull out of her cunt.

I smack her cunt a couple times with my bare hand and tell the guys they can have their way with her, fuck any hole they want, but I wanted to finish her off. The Sherriff, Uncle Pete and my father descended on her like a pack of vultures and proceed to rape Tracy for the better part of an hour. I sat back and went back and forth watching Tracy’s gang rape to watching the horrified expression on Stacy’s face as she witnessed the deprived situation unfolding before her. The look in her eyes was so priceless that I had to take a few pictures of it.

By the time the guys finished with Tracy she had screamed herself hoarse. She had no voice left! I walk up to her and look at her, she is staring up at the ceiling a blank look in her eyes. I think she checked out, went into herself, trying to get away from the abuse she was suffering. I stroked my cock as I stared at her, thinking of how I wanted to finish her. I wanted her to panic every minute of it. I went to a drawer and pulled out two IV needles and two tubes with clamps on them. I inserted a needle into each wrist, into a major vein. I then ran the tubes to the sink and left them with the open ends hanging over the sink.

I walked back to Tracy as the tubes filled with her blood to the clamp points. She had snapped out of her mental state when I had inserted the needles and when she saw what I did with the ends of the tubes attached to them she started to get vocal. Begging me to stop, saying she didn’t deserve to die. I just laughed at her and the level of her panic went up another notch. I positioned myself between her legs and guided my prick to her used ass and shoved it in as hard as I could. She screamed loudly and I released the clamps, allowing the blood to flow through the rest of the tubes and drain into the sink. She realized that I was bleeding her to death and she started to thrash (what little she could) and scream and cry as I ass fucked her. She was so concerned about her blood being leeched out of her body that she didn’t notice the ass raping I was giving her. I just stood there and slid in and out of her watching her face as it slowly drained in color. She started to get weaker and weaker as more and more of her life flowed out of her arms and down the drain.

About ten minutes later, as I was slowly sliding in and out of her ass, controlling myself from cumming, she went completely still. I reached up and felt her neck for a pulse and there was a very, very faint on there. It wouldn’t be long and she would be completely gone from this world. I picked up the intensity of ass fucking the dying girl and kept my hand against her throat. Two minutes later I could no longer feel a pulse and the blood stopped draining into the sink. I really started pounding her now, shouting as I did, “See Stacy, I told you, you will pay for what you did. Your sister did and you will to you fucking whore!” I screamed and unloaded my second load of cum into the now dead girl’s ass.

As I stumbled back and off the dead girl, my Uncle came over and removed the IV lines and threw them into the sink. Then he stuck his hard again prick into her mouth and started to face fuck the dead girl as hard as he could while I stood next to Stacy and stroked her cheek and whispered, “Look at your whore sister and how well she takes a cock. Think you’re slutty enough to deep throat a prick like that?” She was shaking with fear and crying. I loved it!!!

While Pete was face fucking the dead girl my father fished a dildo out of another drawer and walked over to her. He shoved the dildo, which was twelve inches long and thick, into her cunt. He started to fuck her hard, shoving it hard and deep into. With each jab the dildo disappeared a little further into her cunt. It wasn’t long before I saw her stomach bulge slightly and the dildo buried completely into her cunt. My father pushed on the end of it till it disappeared completely into her and her cunt lips closed.

All the while I’m standing next to the terrified girl and am enjoying the complete and utter fear radiate from her as she is forced to watch these men degrade her dead sister. My Uncle cums deep into the dead girl’s throat and pulls out of her mouth with a satisfied look on her face. After that great first act we all agree a break is in order. We release Stacy from the hook and drag her back to the main room. While we have drinks and swallow the little blue pills to get ready for act two we take turns whipping Stacy.

After an hour of relaxing and the pills start to take effect, we take Stacy back to the examination room where her sister still lay, tied to one of tables with a big dildo completely stuffed up her cunt. I tied Stacy down the same way I tied her sister, legs in stirrups, stomach roped down and hands above her head. I remover her gag and she immediately starts to bargain with me, telling me she won’t say anything if I let her go, blah, blah, blah. I smack her till her nose starts to bleed and tell her that I don’t care and that she should have already realized that. I hear the three guys behind me snickering at her pathetic attempts for freedom.

I fished a toy out of the bag I brought with me. I was really itching to try it out and Stacy would be perfect. It had a hard, expandable plastic ball at the end, which was attached to a hard rubber tube about ten inches long with a flexible tube attached to that with a bulb pump at the end. When you pumped the bulb the ping pong ball sized ball would expand. When I got the toy I pumped it to the capacity and it was about the size of softball.

I shoved the toy into Stacy, ripping her cherry and slammed it against her cervix. I started jabbing it hard against it, trying to push it into her womb. She was screaming and crying from the pain of her instant deflowering and was soon sobbing from the hard punches against her cervix. Finally, I managed to get the ball into her womb. I started to pump the bulb to expand it. Only a little bit though. I then pushed down on her stomach and ripped the ball out of her womb and cunt with my other hand. I quickly deflated it and shoved it back into her and pumped it up again, a little bigger than the last time. Then repeated the same motion of ripping it out of her. Over and over I did that, expanding the ball more and more each time. Forcing her to birth the toy. Once I got it close to full size I really had to press down on her stomach and pull equally harder with my other hand to get it out of her. But what a sight it was to see this huge ball being pulled out of her tiny cunt.

Of course she screamed her bloody head off through the whole ordeal which only added to my fun. When I finished advancing the toy as high as it could go, I abandoned it. I got out a mouth vise (you know, keeps a woman’s mouth forced open so she can’t bite you) and got out some Vaseline. I lathered a shit load onto my right hand and her cunt. I climbed up on the table and positioned myself over her head so my prick dangled in front of her face and I could reach her cunt with my right hand, having put the vise in before I lathered up with Vaseline. I shoved my prick into her mouth and back against her throat, making her gag on the first thrust. As I face fucked her, I started working my fingers into her stretched out, broken cunt. Thrusting three fingers in, then forcing four in. She is groaning in pain and gagging every time I drive my cock down into her mouth. I pull my fingers out of her cunt and make a fist. Grabbing her hair with my other hand and pulling her head up to better fuck her mouth, I start to work my fist into her ruined cunt. It takes a bit of work, but I manage to sink my fist into her, making her pick up the speed of which she is crying.

I start to fuck her cunt with my fist as I thrust my prick in and out of her mouth. I’m at a tough angle and get much more into her cunt, so I ask one of the guys to continue down there for me. Wiping my Vaseline hand, I grab her head with both hands now and start to really rape her mouth while I watch the Sherriff cruelly thrust his fist into Stacy’s cunt. He starts pushing hard and has sunk past his wrist now. I egg him on, telling him to fuck the nasty whore like she really wants it. He slides his hand almost out of her and punches it back into her cunt. Not thrust, punches her. He does this over and over as he matches my speed of mouth fucking her. I know he is tearing her cunt up, I can see more blood than before on his wrist.

Doesn’t take long after that before I cum down Stacy’s throat. When I step down, my father takes my spot at Stacy’s mouth and the Sherriff continues his fist rape of her cunt. I sit down and watch my father face fuck Stacy and then my Uncle Pete. The Sherriff was enjoying fist raping her that he just jacked off standing there while he fisted her. He came all over the hand he was fisting her with so he could lube her up more and slide harder and faster in and out of her.

The pain and trauma of the rape is almost too much for Stacy and she is about unconscious when the Sherriff finally pulls his fist out of now completely ruined cunt. So I call for a bit of a break after that episode and we leave her lying there for almost an hour before we return.

Now comes the finally and I wanted to toy with her like a cat plays with its food. I slapped her into coherence and asked her, “Would you like to live?”

“Yyyyes, Please.” She stuttered.

“Well honey, all you have to do is put on the strap on I’m going to give you and fuck your sister up the ass while we take turns fucking you up the ass.” I said, grinning at her.

Her eyes widened at that, I could see how horrified the thought was by her eyes. But I could also see the wheels turning; she really was thinking that it was worth fucking a dead girl while she got fucked so she could live. Hmmmm, I think she was going to agree.

“Iii, I guess.” She mumbled out.

“But you also have to act like you are enjoying it, I want to hear you moaning in pleasure and telling me how much you like to fuck your sister.” I said with an evil grin.

She nods her head and I get the strap on out. I tell her that I will kill her if she tries anything funny. Obviously she believes me and nods her head in acceptance. I show her the strap on as my uncle unties her. Her eyes go wide; the dildo is about the size of a pony’s prick. Trembling from the earlier abuse and from apprehension of what she is about to do, she put the strap on on and steps up to her dead sister still tied to the examination table. She guides the plastic prick to her sister’s ass and tries to shove it in. Even though her ass had been stretched from her gangbang, the strap on was entirely too big to fit inside the little girl’s ass.

Stacy turns to me with a pleading look in her eyes and I shove her to the side as I pull out my switch blade. Flipping open the blade I shove it up Tracy’s dead ass and slide it in and out of her asshole like I would if I fucked her. I then shoved Stacy back up to her and with an extreme horrified look at me as I command her to get to work; she shoves the big strap on into her sister’s cut up ass.

As she slides in and out of her dead sister, I command her to start verbalizing the sex. She starts moaning and groaning and rubbing her breasts. My father steps up behind her and shoves his unlubed prick against her dry virgin ass. She shrieks as he pops the head past her anal ring. I command her not to scream again and to carry on like she enjoys it. What a show she gave….fucking her dead sister and moaning in pleasure while tears streamed down her face as my father, Pete and the Sherriff ass raped her repeatedly.

Once those three had expanded themselves, it was my turn. I motioned to my father, who took my belt and hid it behind his back and stood next to me. I lined my hard prick against Stacy’s now well abused ass and slid my prick to the hilt up her ass. By now I think she really was enjoying the ass fucking as she wasn’t even crying now. What a sick bitch. I pounded her ass hard as she pounded her dead sister’s ass. I grunted and groaned and mumbled into her ear how sick of a bitch she was. I reached around and under the strap on to rub her clit while I pounded her and she pounded her sister. I rubbed her clit in hard, small circles. She started to moan and pant after a few minutes and when I started to feel her ass and pussy twitch in an orgasm I nodded to my father. He looped the belt through the buckle, slid it over her head and around her neck and handed the end to me. She was so caught up in her perverted orgasm that she didn’t notice the belt till I gave one big jerk, snapping her head back. I wrapped the end around my hand and continued to pull the belt tight across her neck, cutting off her breath. My hand rubbing her clit felt her cunt twitch and my prick felt her ass twitch hard as her orgasm intensified from the sudden and violent move.

As her orgasm began to unwind and she started to realize that I was choking her, I leaned forward and said, “I lied you sick bitch, I’m going to kill you.” I took both hands and started to really pull on the belt as I laid into her ass with my prick. Fucking her so hard that her feet would lift off the ground. She went hog wild, clawing at the belt, trying to get free, but she was smashed between her sister and me. She bucked around on me and my cock for a good four minutes before she gave one huge jerk, causing me to cum hard in her ass as she pissed on me and went still. I lay over her gasping for breath from the multiple orgasms I had had that night. Mumbling in her dead, unhearing ear on how sick nasty bitches get what they deserve. An to even further degrade Stacy, I pissed deep into her dead ass before I pulled my limp prick out.

The first night at the clubhouse open new horizons for me, but that night with the twins really opened my eyes to how much I really enjoyed torturing girls and being their executioner. I realized that mind games, like what I did to Stacy was almost euphoric. It was just as good, if not better, than applying physical torture. I just hope I find someone to enjoy my activities with. Hope the Sherriff’s daughter is all that he says she is. Two weeks till I meet her and her two little sisters. I’ve been told if I approve I can take her home and we can plan our wedding. He has already prepared her for the fact that she has no say in who she gets to marry. But from what I understand, she doesn’t mind. But we will see, next time you hear from me it should hopefully be about my engagement!!!!

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