She was stoned and wet and mad at her boyfriend
Tonight as I was headed home from work, it was raining and the road between the town I work in and where I live is pretty desolate with only a couple of gas station that close at 10 PM and a few houses in a 20 mile stretch. So anyways, I turned on the road and I was just was driving along and suddenly I see this figure on the side of the road, dressed all in black with a hood over their head. I usually don’t pick up hitch-hikers but since it was raining and it seemed to be getting worse, I stopped to give the guy a lift

I hit the button for the passenger side window as I pulled up beside the dark figure and said, “Get in.” When the door opened and the interior light came on I saw that the guy wasn’t a guy at all it was a girl and she was shivering. Just before she closed the door, I also could see she was stoned out of her mind. Her makeup was running down her face and besides being stoned, she had been crying too.

As I got the car moving again, I flipped on the heater and closed my vents so all the heated air was forced to blow on her. She still hadn’t said a word. I reached in the back and pulled a towel from the gym bag on the back seat and offered it to her. She took it and in a quite voice almost a whisper she said, “Thank you.” I just smiled.

I let her dry her face and as she pulled the hoodie down her long blonde hair spilled out on her shoulders. “So, where ya goin” I asked keeping my eyes on the road. “Anywhere but with my boyfriend.” came her reply. About then the sky just opened up and I couldn’t see the end of the hood so I pulled over and stopped. “Well, it looks like we are going to sit here for a while, at least till it slows down a little” I said, not to her in particular, I was just saying it to hear it myself.

She was still shivering from being soaking wet so I offered her a dry T-shirt and a pair of my shorts from the gym bag. “If you don’t change, you’ll catch your death from a cold.” I said to her. She looked over at me and asked about the most silly question I have ever heard. “You ain’t no rapist, are you? And you ain’t going to kill me are you?” I took a deep breath and pondered the question for a second. “No I am no rapist and I would never kill a pretty little thing like you.” I thought to myself, if I was a rapist and was going to kill her; do you think I would tell her?

So anyways, in the dark of the car, she started taking her hoodie off and then her shirt underneath and then she reached behind her and unfastened her bra and let it slip down her arms. I was looking straight ahead, but I was watching her with my peripheral vision. I almost gasp, but I held it, when her little breast came into view. My cock throbbed and became an instant steel shaft tenting up my slacks. The light from the instrument panel cast a warm blue light on the fair skin of her breast. They looked almost prefect from what I could see. Her nipple was just a tick darker that the rest of her breast. She then kicked her shoes off and unbuttons her jeans. She tried to push them down but the wet material was gripping her legs and didn’t want to move. She struggled for a minute and in her stoned state of mind, she was doing all sorts of weird stuff trying to get them down and then I offered to help. She stopped struggling and smiled. “Would you please?” she asked.

Not even thinking about her bare breasts, she turned in the seat and put her back to the door and I grabbed the waistband, making sure I had her panties too, and began to tug them down. I succeeded in getting them down to her knees and the way they bunched up they wouldn't budge any further. I looked at her little slit as I re positioned her to get hold of her feet. The instrument panel lights danced on her glorious little body. Finally I got to her feet and pulled one pant leg down and then the other and before you knew it she sat there in the car seat buck ass naked.

She started to put the T-shirt on, but I suggested that she dry off and let the warm air from the heater warm her up some before she put the shirt on. She grabbed the towel and started to rub herself all over while I tossed her wet clothes in the back. Now I was watching her directly. I watched as her small hand rubbed the towel over her breasts and down her belly, then up her arm and back down the other side. She picked up her right foot and rubbed the towel over the cold wet skin. As I watched my cock throbbed and was getting harder than it has been in years.

She dried almost everything and started to pull the T-shirt on but I interrupted her and said, “You didn't dry everything. What about between your legs and your butt, they are probably still soaking wet. She stopped putting the shirt on and dropped it then she fumbled for the towel and then she spread her legs and rubbed her little slit. Then she surprised me by twisting around, got on her knees in the seat, facing the back of the car and began rubbing her ass with the towel. I watched as my heartbeat grew faster and my cock throbbed harder. Just as she threw the towel back in the floor I said, “Oops, you missed a spot.” And I grabbed the towel and gently rubbed her butt cheek and then eased the towel over closer to her butt crack.

Dipping down between those glorious globes I rubbed the towel up and down over her anal flower. I heard a slight moan as I slid the towel across it. I looked up at her and her head was resting on the headrest and her eyes were closed. Figuring she liked it I let the towel slip from my fingers and I started rubbing her butt crack bare handed. She groaned then and pushed her butt back against my fingers. I took this as a sign she wanted more so I moved my fingers and concentrated on her little anal opening. I toyed with it and pushed the tip of my finger in to the first knuckle and her body shuddered. “You like that?” I asked softly. She just moaned an affirmative sound. I twisted her body until she was facing the door and her ass was toward me and then I leaned forward and pushed my tongue right against her little butt hole. She cooed and pushed back more. I lapped at her rear hole for a few minutes and then I dipped down as best I could and licked her little slit, pushing my tongue in as far as I could in the position I was in.

She shuddered and her legs came together almost crushing my skull and her body tightened up. She gasped and I barely heard her say, “OH, FUCK, I knew it was good, but I never thought it would be this gooooooood, OH Fuck YEA! God, I’m cummmmiiinnnngggg.” The last part was almost a scream. I was thankful that her thighs covered my ears. I reached around with one hand and found her little clit and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger, the other hand found her butt hole and I pushed my finger in as far as it would go. She rolled from 1 orgasm to another to another and I didn't relent one little iota. I started to finger fuck her butt and I twisted her clit a little harder. Then she suddenly got quite and then her body kind of slumped down in the seat. The little girl had passed out.

I retracted my fingers and hand and turned her so she was more comfortable. While all this was going on the rain had slowed down and I could see to drive again. So I headed toward home. When I got to the house I hit the button for the garage door and drove inside. She was still passed out so I opened the passenger door and carried her into the house and laid her down on the bed. I went back to the car and got her clothes and put the in the dryer and then I thought about what she might have in her pockets. A pen would make a hellova mess in my dryer so I checked all her pockets. $14.00 in her right back pocket some kind of note or something on paper that was folder up in her other rear pocket, some change in her .right front pocket and a card in her left along with a small bag of pot. Upon turning the card over I found that it was a student ID card from the school not far from where I picked her up from. Rebecca Hampton, 6th grade. OH shit, this little girl wasn't even a teenager yet or if she was it was just barely.

Cold chills ran down my spine as I thought about the police knocking on my door and then me going to prison and becoming some guy named Bubba’s bitch. I needed to get her out of here. I threw her jeans back in the dryer and started it and then I went up to the bedroom. There she lay on her back showing me all her naked glory and I forgot about the police and Bubba. I crawled up on the bed and pushed her legs apart and feasted my eyes on the youngest slit I had ever seen, other than babies when their diapers were changed. I reached down and kissed it gently. Using my thumbs I pealed her peach back and saw the pink insides, glistening in the light from the ceiling fan. She was still wet. I dipped my tongue down and sampled the wetness and found it wasn't from the rain, she was honestly wet from her climaxing in the car.

I toyed with her clit some more and started to push my finger into her tight little opening, but soon found the path blocked. Damn, she was a virgin. I pushed on her hymen gently, I guess to prove to myself that it was there and then I backed off. I sat back and put her legs together and rolled her over onto her stomach and then I spread her legs again revealing her little slit at the bottom and her taunt little butt cheeks spread too unveiling her tiny anal opening. I reached up and toyed with it with my finger and she groaned and pushed back against the pressure. I wet my finger in her own juices and pressed the tip to the center of it and she groaned again pushing back more.

I was only going to toy with her but this little girl was asking for it and my cock was throbbing with every beat of my heart. I stood up off the end of the bed and dropped my slacks and shorts and then I pulled the Polo shirt over my head. I started to climb back up and then I thought about the KY in the medicine cabinet. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed it. When I returned I fumbled with the cap, but finally got it off and squeezed a dollop out onto my fingers. I breathed on the cool liquid to warm it up a little and then I slipped my fingers between her cheeks smearing the magic grease around her anal opening. Another dollop and my cock was greased up as well.

I crawled back up between her legs and toyed with her butt hole with my finger for a few minutes pushing first one in and working it until she was impaled on it and then another doing the same thing. She laid there and groaned and thrust her butt back against my invading fingers.

“OH Bobby, I have wanted this for so long, It feels so wonderful, better than I thought it would better than that old hair brush I been usin’..” She said. I guess in her sleep cause that was all she said and she didn’t move other than pushing her butt back against my fingers. My name wasn't Bobby or anything close, but she could call me anything she wanted at this point, even “Fucking Bastard”, hell I didn't care.

I worked another finger in to the second knuckle and then I pulled them out and grabbed my cock and pushed it against her hole. The head slipped in easily, the suddenly her sphincter muscle collapsed around the shaft just under the head and squeezed it hard. She moaned and pushed back sinking a couple of inches into her hot butt. I grasped her hips and pulled them up and back at the same time and my cock slid in deeper. “Oh, God, Bobby, your going to make me cum. Rub on my clitty a little while you fuck my butt.” She said into the pillow where her head laid. Who was I to not do what she asked, so I reached around her almost boyish hips and caught her clit between my forefinger and thumb and started rolling it and tugging on it gently. She gasped and started to shake. The shakes turned in to shudders and her whole body started vibrating. The muscles in her ass were massaging my whole cock.

I gritted my teeth and started doing the multiplication table to keep from blasting my seed deep into her young bowels. Then she suddenly arched up and thrust her butt back against me sinking my cock in completely. She was impaled on my cock and as soon as it was all the way in, she gurgled and then gasped as her body started to vibrate more. A deep grumble sound started deep inside her body and by the time it reached her lips was a full fledged scream. Followed by some of the most profane language I have ever heard come out of a girl’s mouth. “Oh fuck, yea, fuck my cherry ass, motherfucker, Ram your dick all the way in and fill my bowels up with your creamy juice. That’s it fuck my little girl ass you son of a bitch, fuck me. Make me cum, you bastard… Oh mother fucker, I feel your dick in my belly,” she bellowed.

All I could do was hold on; she was bucking like a wild horse. I was slamming my cock in and out of her tight ass as hard as I could until I felt my nuts churning and I wrapped my arms around her hips and drove my cock in as far as I could just as the first powerful blast sent ribbon of white gooey baby juice deep into her body. She screamed again as she felt the hot liquid spatter against the walls of her bowels. Then she collapsed again down on the pillow and when I released her hips they sagged down onto the bedspread with my cock making a loud pop as it left her tight ass.

I fell over beside her and drifted off to sleep. I was awakened by the bed moving. I opened my eyes and she was staring at me. “Morning,” I chirped. She stared for a long minute and then she quietly said, “Morning.” Then she paused, “What happened last night?” I smiled and said, “Well I found you walking in the downpour and I gave you a ride. You never told me where you were going and you passed out, so I brought you here. What? Don’t you remember?” She squirmed a bit and then shook her pretty head, I wasn't sure if she was saying no or if she was trying to clear the cobwebs from her toasted brain. “I-I I remember getting mad at Bobby cause he would quit playing his stupid game and cuddle with me, I had planned on last night for over a month with his parent out of town and I was supposed to be staying over at Judy’s house and all he could do was play that fucking game.” Her face turned red with anger as she almost spit the words out. When she realized she had said the F-word she got embarrassed and said she was sorry. I patted her bare shoulder and said, “Its Ok baby, really it is.”

She then said, “I remember getting out of the house and slamming the door really hard making the window rattle, it was raining so I went out to their shed and stood inside out of the rain and smo… uhh, I stood around for a while.” “It’s ok baby, I found your weed in your jeans pocket when I put them in the dryer.” She turned red again and looked at the floor and then she looked up with this scared look in her eyes. “You won’t tell my parents, WILL YOU? She almost started crying. “NO, no, I won’t say a word..

After a minute she resumed. “I was really wet and cold and then I was fighting to get my jeans off but they wouldn't go down and then I was drying myself with a big fluffy towel. And then… oh my gosh, you made me… uh oh, I uhhh.” She fell silent, but I could see her mind running a mile a minute trying to figure out what to say. I decided to help her out. ”Honey, your jeans were so tight and soaking wet and they were stuck to your wet skin, I helped pull them off in the car when it was raining so hard I couldn't see to drive. Then I helped you dry off.” Yeah, she exclaimed and you made me…You made me feel…uhh You, you…” “Yes I made you have an orgasm; in fact you had several orgasms right in a row and then you passed out from the pleasure you felt” “Oh my god, it really did happen! I ain't never had one before.” I just smiled.

The next thing I remember was that Bobby was fiddling… cuddling with me and I was warm and cozy. “No, that wasn't Bobby; he was still at home playing his game. That was me.” I said matter of factly. “You mean you fuc… you did?… you uh cuddled with me last night?”. I smiled and nodded my head. She turned 5 shades of red. “You mean it was you and not Bobby?” I could almost see her mind trying to digest this information. “OH MY GOD, you mean you did me in my butt?” Again I just nodded my head as I looked her square in the eyes.

She was silent for a while, trying to work it out in her mind. Then she surprised me. “Did you like it? Did I do it right? Did I do everything I was supposed to do?” she asked. I smiled, still looking her right in the eyes. “Baby, you were fantastic and I would even like to do it again when ever you want.” She blushed again. Then she gasped, “You didn't do me the other way did you?” No, no I didn't bust your cherry although I wanted to.” “Good, mom takes me to the Doctor and she has him check to see if I’m still a virgin. She is such a prude.”

“Do you think I’m pretty?” she asked coyly. I smiled and said, “Honey I think you are the most beautiful creature god put on this earth. “But my titties are little and I ain't got no hair down there, but you already know that don’t you?” She was blushing again. “Your titties are just perfect for you age and I love them, they will grow as big as they are supposed to be, and as for the hair, ‘down there?’, I prefer a nice bare pus…Uhh, I prefer my women to be hairless ‘down there’. So, you are perfect as far as I am concerned” she blushed even more and started twisting her fingers in the sheet that covered her. “Hey, uh, mister, I don’t even know your name. Did I like what you did to me?” “Well my name is George and as far as I could tell you had so many orgasms I lost count and so it seems you liked it very much.” I smiled. “You see, when a girl feels sexual pleasure and she likes it, her whole body feels it and then she has an orgasm. Last night you whole body was vibrating and shaking. You were gasping and moaning and even screamed with pure animal joy from what I was doing with you. And what we did, we did together. I would never have done anything if you hadn't wanted me to.”

We were silent for a few minutes, each in our own world and then she said” Hey, George, did you really mean you like doing my butt and that you would do it again?” I jumped with joy inside as I said, ‘Well sure honey, but I could get in really big trouble if anyone found out what I did. You are only 12 and most people consider what I did was rape. I don’t know if I’m willing to take another chance like that.” OH George, I promise I would never tell a soul any of what you did, I swear and hope to die, stick a needle in my eyes, Scout’s honor.” she said, as I laughed at her words. “No really, I won’t never tell I promise, besides you already did it once. You found my pot and you would never tell on me, now would you?” “No, no, I never would say a word about your pot.”

“So if I asked you to do my butt again, you would do it?” I smiled and said, “Sure I would, honey, as long as you want me to, cause I would never do anything to hurt you ever.” She smiled and blushed again. “So will you?” I decided to toy with her a little, “Will I what?’ she slapped my arm, “You know! Will you? Will you do my butt again?” “When?” I asked, she hit me again. “Right now, Silly!” She exclaimed. “Well I don’t know… She looked like I broke her heart and then I smiled and nodded my head. “You were just teasing with me, weren't you?” She asked. I just smiled.

I had been keeping my hands to myself as we lay there, but with her request I now slipped my hand over and started rubbing her back. Her skin was so soft and smooth. I slowly rubbed her back in ever increasing circles as I leaned down and kissed her forehead and then her eyes, her nose and both cheeks. I moved over and kissed her lips, but she held them tight together. Using my tongue I pried her lips apart and licked at her teeth. She had no idea how to kiss. I pulled back a little and asked, “Don’t you and Bobby kiss?” “Not so much, he has bad teeth and he don’t brush and has really back breath. When we first got together he kissed me and I gagged, it was so bad. So we just don’t.” “So you don’t kiss, but you wanted him to do you in your butt?” “Well, yeah! His mouth ain’t got nothing to do with that.” She answered. And I tried to understand her thinking.

“So, what all have you and Bobby done?” I asked cause I really wanted to know. “We hold hands and talk and sometimes her rubs my titties and then he rubs my thighs and my butt.” So why are you with him if his breath makes you gag.” “Cause he is the captain of the football team and every girl in school wants him.” Oh, so it’s a status thing, huh?” I said as my hand moved lower down her back. “Well yeah, since you put it that way.” As my hand reached her butt, I gasped and hand full of soft velvety butt and gently squeezed it and she moaned and pushed her butt against my hand.

“Has Bobby ever done you orally?” I softly asked, still gripping and toying with her soft butt. “Owww, Gross, I would never let him do that, I might catch a germ from his nasty mouth.” She cringed as she answered me. “Can I?” I asked, not waiting for her answer, I moved over her prone body uncovering her as I went. “I don’t know, I,I…” she was saying as I dipped my head down and nuzzled her butt cheeks. She spread her legs wider, even though she was unsure she wanted me to use my mouth on her butt or pussy.

I spread her butt checks and as soon as my tongue touched her little anal opening she squealed and thrust her butt back against it and she moaned. Her fists grabbed a hand full of sheet and she pressed her head into the pillow. Her hips started undulating as I kissed and toyed with her anal opening. Then she was gasping for breath. I eased a finger up and pressed it to her butt hole and she groaned and between gasps of air she said, “Oh GOD! I ain’t never felt anything so good.” Her body started to vibrate as my finger pressed deeper into her body. I rose up a bit and asked, “Even your hair brush?” she jerked her head up and looked me straight in the eyes over her shoulder. “How’d you know about the hair brush thing?” “You told me last night,” I said. She turned red again and buried her head back in the pillow.

I rose up and grasped her hip and flipped her over onto her back. She got this sudden look of fear in her eyes, but I assured her I was not going to bust her cherry and she relaxed. I pushed her knees up with her feet flat on the bed and dove in, licking her little bare slit. She gasped and sort of meowed like a kitten. When I spread her slit open with my thumbs and touched her clit with my tongue she grabbed the back of my head and shoved herself against my tongue. I sucked it into my mouth and strummed it with my tongue as my finger found her butthole again and eased in knuckle deep. Her legs clamped around my head and she squealed in delight. “OH Fuck, I never knew it would feel this good, oh fuck, lick me with your tongue!!” she screamed.

“Oh my god, that feels so good,” she squealed as she thrust her pussy tighter against my tongue and driving my finger deeper into her butt. She began to shake and she grabbed her own titties and started pulling her nipples. The last thing I heard before she clamped her legs even tighter on my head was, “Ohh. MOTHER FUCKER, I’M GONNA CU-M-M-M-M.” her body stiffened up like a board and vibrated. Her head thrashed from side to side as she rolled from one orgasm to another. Finally her legs shot out straight beside me and she shuddered hard. I retreated a bit and pulled my finger out of her ass slowly causing her to jump and groan again.

I let her come down from her plateau and catch her breath. I just watched her young nubile body as it glistened with her sweat. God, she was a beautiful creature. After a while her eyes flickered open and I could see the look of satisfaction that that only a woman has. “Oh my GOD! That was absolutely fantastic.” I ain't never felt so… so… so fucking wonderful, that was fantastic” she exclaimed almost breathlessly. “Can we do it again?” I smiled and said, “Sure, but I thought you wanted me to do your butt. Last night, I think you liked that even more.” “Really, I don’t see how anything could feel better than what just happened.” I smiled again and shrugged my shoulders, “Your wish is my command, my lady,” bowing before her. She giggled. “You’re funny.”

“Thank you, my lady,” I said as I started to bend down again between her out stretched legs. “NO, WAIT!” she said. Did I really like it better, oh, wait… you mean you licked me last night too?” she questioned looking into my eyes. I nodded. Her eyes darted around like she was trying to remember. “OK, do my butt… Please.” “Yes, my lady.” And I rose up pushing her legs up and onto my shoulders. She got this scared look again and I assured her I was not going to take her precious cherry her mother was so worried about. I reached over and grabbed the KY that was still out and I greased her butt hole and my cock and then I pressed the head against her little anus. Slowly the head sank in. Her eyes were as big as saucers when she felt the head enter her body. “Oh my god, it feels HUGE!” and then I reached down and started flicking her clit gently with my finger.

She gasped and mashed her head back into the pillow as she arched her back and drove my cock in deeper. “OH Fuck, you do my butt good, OH FUCK, I’m ABOUT TA CUM AGAIN she squealed as her body quivered and then began to shudder. She screamed, “OH MY GOD.” As she started cumming over and over as I pushed my cock in until she was impaled completely on my cock. She thrashed about twisting and turned as much as she could while I held her hips. She was gasping for breath and she was twisting her nipples as hard as she could.

Once I was in as far as I could I held still as best I could with her moving about. As she started to calm down a little I slowly pulled my cock back until just the head was trapped inside and then I drove in to the hilt and her orgasms started all over again. I continued to stroke in and out in long slow strokes. She shivered and shuddered and gasped for more air as my nuts churned and I slammed in as deep as I could and blasted my load into her bowels. She froze when she felt the first blast spatter against the walls of her bowels and then she squealed, “OH, hell yea, I like this bet-t-t-e-e-r-r… OH FFF-F-F-U-U-UC-C-C-C-K-K-K-K—M-M-M-M-M-E-E-E-EEEE” as another wave or orgasmic bliss steamrolled through her mind and body. Then she passed out again.

When she came to, I was laying there looking at her beautiful face and gently stroking her cheek. She smiled. “Oh my god!, That was incredible, does it happen every time?” I smiled back and said, “Pretty much, if the guy knows what he is doing and cares about the girl and not just being selfish and only wanting to get his nuts off.” She looked at me and thought for a minute, “Bobby would be like that, he is so selfish in everything he does.”

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My capture software has collected your IP address. For fantasizing about ass-raping a semi-conscious 12 year old (you perverted freak!) I hope you enjoy what's going to happen to you IN PRISON.

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Prissy know-all twat. Liven up, or go away. Nice story. Got my nuts a-quaking. Ta.

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Prissy know-all twat. Liven up, or go away. Nice story. Got my nuts a-quaking. Ta.


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i think you did very good for this story and i look forward to your writings in the future. with some effort i believe you can correct your spelling misytakes and become a truly good write. many hopes :)


2009-06-12 10:30:55
Isn’t there an ethical problem here? He says “... cause I will never do anything to hurt you ...” but he had sex with her when she was stoned!
It is one thing to use bad English and grammar when quoting dialogue, but another (and a very bad thing) to use it in narrative text.
This could have been a passable story, but the bad English grammar, spelling and punctuation spoilt it. If you want to write, you should take some lessons in the above subjects (and learn from them because you obviously didn't bother when the school system offered them free). Then, when you can handle those subjects competently, learn about composition, style, English usage, and creative writing (Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style would be a good start). And then, when you have written something worthwhile, PROOFREAD IT again and again until it is polished to perfection!

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