Another tale from the Dark Side
It was a very hot day in mid-August and I was mowing my lawn, usually I would wait for a cooler day but work had me so busy I had to do it when I could and today was it, hot or not. Now I have an extremely large yard and have a good sized rider that I use. I had stopped several times to drink a beer or two and in the process of sweating my ass off; I had removed my shirt and my jean shorts trying to get as much surface exposed to the slight breeze if there was any. So I was riding the mower with just a pair of thin gym shorts on.

Tiffany was a neighbor girl that lived up the road from me. She always came around whenever she heard the mower or saw me outside, she had for years. Her mom knew she was infatuated with riding the mower and I assured her I loved her company since I was a widower and lived alone. From the very first time her mom brought her down when she was just a baby and my wife had babysat her a few times before she got sick, she has always wanted to ride the mower with me and I usually let and today was no different. However, I had always worn my jean shorts and very seldom had more than a beer or two. Today was different I had put a pretty big dent in the case I had purchased earlier this morning. When Tiffany came over and stood in her usual spot waiting for me to come around, I watched her like I had never seen her before. She was tall for her age with long blonde hair and slender legs. She was sort of bony, but she has the most beautiful face, great deep blue eyes and I just loved her smile and her cute little nose.

As I got closer, I realized I had a hard-on from looking at her. She had never affected me that way before, but today she damn sure did, standing there in her little summer dress and sandals. Maybe it was because she usually wore jeans or shorts or the way she stood there with her thumb in her mouth sucking on it as she watched me ride towards her or the way she tilted her head and sort of posed, or maybe it was the beer and what it was making me think. I rode up to her and stopped. “Well, Good afternoon, beautiful lady, what can I do for you?” She asked if she could ride and I tried to make up an excuse to where she couldn’t ride, but NO, my mind just wouldn’t work. Finally I held my arm out and she climbed up and swung her leg over the shifter and settled on my lap as usual. This caused her dress to flair up and when she sat down all that was between my cock and her sweet slit was her panties and my thin gym shorts. I groaned

She sat squarely on my cock mashing it down against her butt. She didn’t say a word as I reached between her legs and shifted the mower into gear and started moving forward. She grabbed the steering wheel and started aiming for the uncut grass. At that point I was going crazy with lust for the girl and I had left my hands on her thighs as she steered the mower. The vibrations from the mower and her butt wiggling and pressing down against my raging cock, my finger tips touching the soft bare skin below the hem of her dress which I helped ride up a little higher. I was on the verge of raping her. Tiffany is actually pretty good with the mower and has never lost control, so I was daydreaming about how she felt on my cock and wishing it was sliding into her. The beer was really affecting me, I guess.

On the backside of the yard, she finally let loose of the wheel with one hand and reached under her to see what was poking her. Her dainty little fingers wrapped around my cock and squeezed and then she asked, “Hey Danny, What is that? It keeps poking my butt.” She still had her fingers grasping my cock firmly and the vibration of the mower was driving me crazy. My cock throbbed in her hand as I struggled to answer. I fought to say something; anything but all I could do was groan. She giggled and looked back over her shoulder and looked me straight in the eyes and I wondered if she knew what she was doing to me.

I felt my juices start to boil and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stop the inevitable. I gritted my teeth, groaned and blasted several jets of baby juice into my shorts, soaking them. She felt my cock throb and swell in her little hand and then she felt the wetness as it seeped through the thin material, wetting her fingers and her panties. “Wow, you made it all slick and wet down there!” she said, as I was still trying to come to my senses.

“What just happened? Did I hurt you? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. Are you mad at me now? She asked getting all emotional cause I still hadn’t said a word and I can just imagine what my face looked like when I orgasmed. Finally I stumbled out, “N-n-no B-a-aby, I-I-I…” I sucked in fresh air and continued, “Y-Y-Y-you just made my day.” She was looking into my eyes curiously after I said that. I cleared my throat and took another deep breath and said, “No baby you didn’t hurt me, in fact you caused me to have the best feeling in the world.” “I did? REALLY? She asked excitedly. I nodded my head as I realized that she still had her fingers wrapped around my cock and it was still hard even though I had just exploded in my shorts. “Can I do it again?” She asked.

I reached up and turned the mower towards the lower section where the trees blocked the view of the houses and other prying eyes. When we were safely behind the trees, I told her she could, but she couldn’t tell anybody about it and I wanted to touch her too. She looked at me quizzically, so I just reached around under her dress and cupped her little slit through her panties. She gasped as my fingers first touched her and pressed against the wet material of her panties, but then she giggled. “You like me touching you there?” I asked her and she nodded her head, “Umh-huh, it make me tingle insides.”

I rubbed her slit through her cum soaked panties pushing the wet material in between the folds of her slit and she squeezed my cock for a few minutes and then I asked her if I could try something else and she again nodded her head. I pushed the clutch in and told her to stand up for a second as the mower came to a stop. She did and I reached under her dress and pushed the elastic of my shorts below my nuts and then I reached up and hooked my finger under the elastic of her panty legs and pulled it aside, then I told her to sit down again. As she sat down I guided her down until her little slit was directly over my cock and pressed against the shaft trapping it between her and me. I shivered at the thought of what I was doing. Then, I let the clutch out and the mower began to move forward again.

Tiffany giggled and wiggled her butt as my cock wedged itself between the folds of her slit. My cock throbbed feeling her tender skin against the shaft. My baby juice from before greased our union and I reached and grasped her hips and slid her gently back and forth on my shaft. She giggled and cooed as she slid, I was in heaven. It didn’t take long before I felt my nuts churn, even though I had just orgasmed a short time before and I slid her even quicker on my slick cock as I felt the onset of my impending orgasm. Just as I felt my seed travel up my shaft I pushed her forward and then started to slide her back, but I had pushed her too far and my cock slipped up a little and bumped against what I thought was her tail bone.

I exploded again and again shooting my creamy liquid against her butt. It was better than before. I hadn’t felt this way in a very long time. I gripped her hips hard as I held her still as blast after blast erupted from my cock. She cooed and wiggled in my hands and even pushed back a little against my spraying shaft and then she gasped. I mashed the clutch and the brake as my muscles tensed and spasmed. When I opened my eyes when I gathered enough sense to do so, I looked straight into her eyes and she smiled at me. “WOW,” she exclaimed. “That made my belly all warm and twisty inside. I liked the way it shot inside me.” I froze. “W-W-What?” I asked. I was scared to death I had some how shoved my cock in her, breaking her cherry. “I like the way it shot that stuff inside of me. I tried to push back to help you, but it hurt my butt when I did.” She said. I told her to stand up. When she was standing in front of me straddling the gear box with her feet on the footboards, I lifted her dress up and held it with my hands and pushed her panties aside and spread her butt cheeks with my thumbs. I saw a tiny little dot of creamy white liquid in the center of her little winkled rose bud. When I had pushed her forward and pulled her back my cock slipped up and wedged against her little butt hole and I exploded my seed right into her bowels. Suddenly my cock throbbed again at the thought of what I just done.

I pulled her panties back in place and let her dress fall and I asked if she was OK and she nodded her head. “I liked the way it feels in my belly, can we do it again?” she asked. I had just cum twice in less than 20 minutes and I wasn’t sure I could but I told her we would try if she wanted to, but she still couldn’t tell anybody what we were doing cause we both could get in big trouble. She was watching my face and said, “Danny, I would never tell anybody if it would get you in trouble cause you are my friend and you have always been nice to me and you let me ride the mower whenever I want. And you make me feel special” At that point I reached around her and hugged her to me, pulling her little butt to my chest. I kissed the small of her back through her dress. “You are very special,” I said as I reached under her dress again and slipped her panties aside.

I again guided her down on my cock pushing it down until she was pressed against the top side of it and it was wedged into the length of the slick crevice of her slit. She cooed and wiggled her hips feeling the shaft separate the folds further. My cock throbbed at the thought of shooting my stuff up her butt and thinking she liked the way it felt. I grasped her hips again as I started the mower moving again and began to slide her back and forth on my cock. She cooed and wiggled and then she reached around grabbing my hand and guided it between her legs. I felt the head of my cock as it emerged from between her legs through the wet fabric of her panties each time she slid back. I snaked my finger under the material of her wet panties and pressed it into her slit and found her little nub. I was surprised that it was hard to my touch. I wiggled my finger against it and she moaned and pushed her crotch forward and then back and down to get more pressure.

I caught the little nub of a clit between my finger and thumb and squeezed it gently and she moaned louder and started sliding back and forth on my cock on her own. After tweaking her clit between my fingers, I wedged my finger between my cock and her slit feeling her inner lips and her virginal opening. I could feel Tiffany began to breathe harder as my finger caressed her inner lips, clit and vaginal opening. She was actually getting turned on. This thought edged me on as we rode in the secluded area behind the trees. She was moaning and then she began to vibrate from deep inside and she was sliding back and forth faster and faster. She had leaned back resting her head on my shoulder and as I looked at her, her eyes were closed. I grabbed the steering wheel and guided the mower as my little rider enjoyed the new feeling me and my mower were causing to her little body.

I was groaned as my nuts churned again and I knew it wouldn’t be long. Then I thought again about shooting my baby juice in her butt. Suddenly she tensed up and squealed, “Danny, DANNY, What is happening to…”her voice pitched up and she screamed. I jerked her forward and then back hoping I wouldn’t miss, just as I felt my seed start to climb. Then, suddenly, I felt my cock head being gripped as if it was in a vise. I knew I had hit my mark, but I didn’t think it would have entered her little hole. She continued to squeal and shudder as I pulled her hips back and felt as her sphincter muscle gripped my cock just under the head. Then both of us were shuddering as I emptied my seed deep into her bowels.

I had stopped the mower and we sat there with my cockhead in her ass and she was slowly calming down. When she finally could speak again she rose up from my chest and looked at me. “WOW, that was incred… Hey it’s in my butt, Danny, and it didn’t hurt like before. What happened to me? It felt like nothing I have ever felt before. I saw stars and bright lights and my whole body tingles and my toes curled up and…” I smiled and told her she was becoming a woman and it was our secret and I would explain later.

I was still part way in her butt and she didn’t seem to mind and I damn sure didn’t as my cock softened a little it slipped further into her tight warm butt and then her butt cheeks were against my thighs. She was completely impaled on my cock and she acted like it was the most natural thing in the world. She twisted around and whispered, “It makes me feel like I gotta go poo, but it also makes me feel like I never want it to come out.” I hugged her again as my cock throbbed deep in her bowels. She giggled when she felt it wiggle inside her body.

I looked up and saw the yard, and laughed when I saw the path the mower had taken before I stopped. Tiffany looked at what I was laughing at and she too giggled at the crazy path of cut grass. I hugged her and told her I loved her. She squealed again excitedly and twisted her upper body until she wrapped her arms around my neck and said, “I love you too, Danny and I won’t tell anybody about what we did.” “Good girl, maybe we can do it again, it you want to.” I said as I hugged her and kissed her forehead. “I want to, but I don’t want you to take it out. I like the way it feels in my belly.” she said. I wasn’t talking about today since I had 3 orgasms in such a short period of time and at my age I didn’t figure anything would happen until I recuperated for a while.

But she started to wiggle her butt, feeling my cock deep in her butt and I could feel her muscles massaging the whole length of my shaft and to my surprise, she caused it to twitch and then throb as it started to fill with blood again. It was an amazing feeling to feel my cock harden inside her butt. She giggled and cooed as it did. Then when it was fully hard again, I grasped her hips and lifted her up to her protests. She thought I was taking it out, but she stopped when I suddenly let go and her weight drove my cock back into her butt suddenly. She squealed and then she started to vibrate again. I did it again with the same results.

If I was able to cum again, I knew it would be a long time coming so I concentrated on my little lover and making her feel all the joy she could. I reached around and started playing with her clit, tweaking it between my fingers and tugging on it gently. Her breath became ragged and she gasped when ever I tugged or pinched her clit a little harder. Her head was against my chest and she was caught between moans coos and gasps as her body began to shudder. Her head was rolling side to side as shw experienced the new wonders her body was feeling.

I continued to toy with her clit as I urged her to move up and down on my steel pole. Ever so often she would stop for a moment and shudder as my cock slid in and out of her body. I was watching her face as she moved her butt up and down, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip like she was concentrating on something. She would suddenly stop and squeal as she went from one orgasm to another. Then it was my turn, I felt the familiar churn in my nuts and as it started to boil up my shaft, I released her clit and grabbed her hips and drove my cock in as deep as I could before exploding in the best orgasm I had ever had. I thought her little butt was going to suck me inside out.

Afterwards, we fixed or clothes and I turned the mower towards the house, forgetting about the yard and everything else. I drove the mower into the garage and shooed Tiffany inside where I took her panties off and washed them out and put them in the dryer. I asked if she was OK and if she wanted a Coke and she nodded on both accounts. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a Coke for her and another beer for me. when I returned to the living room she was passed out on the couch so I sat the Coke down and sat down to rest a bit.

Later I awoke with a start and realized I had fallen asleep too. I went in and got her panties and put them on her slender legs. I was just finishing when the doorbell rang, scaring the shit out of me. I quickly flicked on the TV to the Cartoon Network and went to answer the door. It was Sylvia, Tiffany’s mother looking for her. I explained that after we finished mowing, we came inside to cool off and we both fell asleep. She laughed and told me I was so good to her daughter, she only wished her father was half as good. then she told me of the latest legal battle over him not wanting to pay child support. And about the DNA test that they had to do to prove Tiffany was his.

I felt sorry for her and especially Tiffany and I told Sylvia that I would be happy to be a surrogate father to her. I already loved her as if she was my own. She laughed again and thanked me for being so nice to her and Tiff.

She woke Tiffany up and after a few minutes headed home. I sat there thinking about what we did today and the I got scared thinking about what if she told her mom or if somehow someone found out about what I had done to her. I could picture the police come and hauling me to jail. I have heard about what happens to child molesters in jail and I damn sure didn’t want that or to become some really mean black guys bitch.

Sleep didn’t come for a long time as I sweated about it into the wee hours of the morning and I dreamed about it waking up several times through the night. I worked long hours the next couple of days and soon forgot about the bad parts and caught myself thinking about how good it felt to have her tender little body impaled on my cock. I basically had a perpetual hard-on all day. On the third day I had a chance to walk though the yard, I strolled down behind the trees and laughed out loud seeing the crazy path of cut grass and I remembered again how her body felt.


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hey , dumbass drink water if its so hot out

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First fuck in her ass........terrific. Oh yes, the skeptic who thought you had too much beer to fuck her 3X apparently doesn't know what a man can do after downing a few beers. I've fucked women for hours after many beers. As many as 10 orgasms, obviously the last was considerably smaller than the first but it still felt great.

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part two pls


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That was great - keep writing! Now I have to clean the goo off my screen.....

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good story, but it would be good to know their age's

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