two teenage gay lovers go of for a woodland adventure
woodland adventures

it was monday when i called graeme up on his rang a couple of times before he answered it.i asked him if he was still interested in popping round on tuesday to stay for a few gran had already said that it was allright.when he answered he sounded very happy " are you sure that it's allright? i can really stay for a few days?aww....thanks steve!" so i arranged for him to come round for about 11 ish.his dad was gonna drop him off at mine so i gave directions as to where i lived and said my goodbyes.
i could hardly sleep that mind was re-playing the last time me and graeme slept ended up with us having gay sex together ( not that i was complaining like).it was gonna be a day to remember!

tuesday,at last!
i spent most of the morning getting ready and planning out what to do for the day.i figured that we could just play about on the computer and maybe even take graeme shooting down at the old tin mine ( this is where i went with most of my gay dates).
so i had a shower and got everything ready,and then was the long wait.hours seemed like days.
eventually i waited outside my grans house for a sight of the red car.after what seemed like an ice age i spotted it as it drove down the road,and there in the passenger seat i spotted him. one true gay lover.
the car pulled in to my grans drive way and graeme got out.he was wearing typical blue jeans and a red shirt.he looked fabulous! i waved to his dad " hi simon! thanks for giving graeme a off to work?" simon grinned as his youngest got out and grabbed his satchel, " yeah steve.i'll pick him up at about half five tomorrow,that o.k with you guys?" i nodded and said "sure no problem,would it be o.k to pick graeme up here?" he smilled and nodded.graeme said his goodbyes and with that simon drove off.we looked at each other for a minute,smilling, when i eventually said " wanna play on the computer?" graeme just looked at me and said " sure,why not".

after what seemed like fifteen minutes( but was actually 2 hours!) i told graeme that i had something to show him,he looked at me quizically " i think that i've seen that before" we both laughed at the joke.
"no mate.i was wondering....have you ever been shooting before.with a real gun i mean?"
he looked excited" you mean a rifle!? no, i haven' got one like?" i went to my cabinet where i kept the gun and took it out of the rifle bag." yep,wanna try your aim at it?there's an old tin mine not to far away from here,we can go there if you owns it and it's pretty quiet down there so we wont be disturbed.what do ya think?" he jumped of the bed and said "hell yes!" so, without another word we left my grans house and made our way down to the old tin mine.
this was gonna be fun!

we eventually got down to the tin mine and i set about getting everthing ready to teach him how to shoot a rifle for the first time.i showed him how to load and fire the gun,and a few tips about safety ( i didn't want any accidents!)i also showed him how to do a trick that my dad showed me,which was to make the tin can flip when you shot it.graeme jaw dropped" cool!!! do that again!" he shouted.
i re-loaded and fired again,the can spun in the air and landed a few feet away.i turned and smilled at graeme posing with the gun on my hip " you wanna go then ?" i asked " fuck yeah man,giz it here!"
i handed the rifle over and stood behind him to compensate for the re-coil,i didn't know if he could take it seeing as he had never fired one before,i instucted him how to aim and told him to fire in his own time.


he fired the rifle, and he flew right back into me.his head smacked into my cheek and with a tumble we both fell down with a clatter in the bushes " shit!" graeme said," you didn't tell me it was that powerfull!" i laughed at us" what a sight we must look eh?" graeme looked down,he had landed right between my open legs.he smilled and looked at me,directly into my face,he put the rifle down ( it was an old one shot job so it was unloaded) and leanded he did so he hooked his thumbs into his waistband and pulled down his jeans and boxer shorts.i was once again met with the wonderfull view of his smooth and hairless back side,he then maneuvered his ass to land on my lap,i tried to get up but i figured what it was that he was doing so i just leaned back and let him lie on top of me.
" well....seeing as we're allready down here...." his voice trailed off as i started to kiss his neck and move my hands around his left hand found his nipple and i gave it a little right hand was slowly moving it's way towards his cock which by now,i figured, was starting to stiffen up.he was starting to grind his ass into my crotch,as my own cock got stiff from his attentions i found his pubic regions as i grabbed a hand full of hair ( not too roughly,i didn't want to hurt him)and i soon moved on to his cock.
god how i loved his dick,the silky smoothness of his foreskin and the rigidness of his excitement,that coupled with his teenage balls ( with one ball smaller than the other).i slowly started to wank him off moving my hand up and down his shaft,squeezing as i got nearer to his bellend.
i carried on for about 3 minutes and then i had an idea,i moved my left hand down to his balls and started to play around with them but my right hand went on a mission of it's owngetting my little pinky i inserted it into his fore skinand started to rub his knob in a circular motion.he was all ready wet with pre-come so that was the lube problem solved" ahh-ahh-ahhhh........damn....i didn't know that you could do that steve.jesus! keep going!"
i kept this up for a short while before i wanted to do something different.i told graeme to get up and lie on his back with his legs spread open.he did so and i removed his pants completely,boxers too!
i lay down between his legs and got to work on his balls,first taking one then the other in my mouth and giving them both a good licking " oooh yeah steve......keep going" graeme said,in between gasping for breath " i'm starting to get close.....dont stop...please!"
i took that as my cue, i stop working his balls and then moved onto his cock,pulling back the foreskin as far as i could,and running my tounge across his cock slit before swallowing as much of him inside my mouth as possible.
it was pure heaven!
bobbing my head up and down i wrapped my hand around his shaft just below my lips,he was loving every minute of it.he even started to fuck my mouth with one hand on the back of my wasn't long though untill he quickened up the pace and his breathing became more ragged," steve babe,i think i'm about to gonna swallow me this time?". i just took his cock out of my mouth and wanked as hard as i could.gasping now he looked straight into my face as he threw back his head and let out a moan that would wake the after stream of milky white cum was squirted from his cock and landed on my face,my tounge,my hair....everywhere!

i gave him a while to catch his breath,all the time wiping the salty spunk on my fingers and then licking them clean ( dont wanna waste any of that now do we!). he eventually looked up at me, a tender look,a loving look. he smilled and just simply said " come here" i moved closer to him and he wrapped his arms around me,i in turn returned the favour." i love you steve,i think i always will too."
a tear welled up in my eye " and i love you to graeme......kiss me....."
his lips met mine and we kissed,a deep passionate kiss,the kind that only lovers share in their most tender and intamate moments.we moved to the ground,our lips departing,graeme undid my jeans slowly and pulled them down and eventually off.then he moved onto my briefs but not before rubbing the bulge of my love muscle and giving it a little squeeze.they went the way of my jeans,and he just slid down between my legs and started to slowly massage my aching ballsack.
his dainty little teenage hands doing a wonderfull job on me.

i must have lay there for a few minutes at least,lost in my own little world as graeme wanked my aching cock to it's full stiffness " do you wanna fuck me now?" he asked in his best childish voice, i just opened my eyes and said " yeah,i really do . but i dont have any lube on me,and i don't wanna hurt you in any way". graeme just smilled and said " that's o.k,i have an idea as to how you can do that....without the lube that is!"
i was a little bit curious and intregued at the same time so i just nodded and said o.k.
he got up and lay beside me on his left hand side,pointing that sweet hairless ass at me.he then prceeded to open his right leg and told me to lube myself up with some spit all over my cock. i did so,and told him that i was ready.
" just place your dick between my ass cheeks with your knob behind my balls"he said.i did as instructed and he closed his legs together and reached around with his right hand and gripped me as hard as he could ( but not too hard mind you). " now fuck hard and as fast as you want.i'm yours to do as you please......i love you" i leaned over and stole a quick kiss of him.
i just went wild!
the feeling of a pleasent friction on my bellend and the death grip of his hand on my cock was really driving me wild.i thrust into him as fast as i could, my balls slapping against his ass cheeks,god!!!
i was at him for at least 10 minutes.pumping him for my pleasure i was also wanking him off at the same time,realy hard! my hand was a blur of activity,my other one was gripping him on the shoulder.i fucked him as hard as possible savouring the sensation of his rearend as it bumped into my crotch....the feeling of his balls as they were nudged by my stiffness!
but all to soon the excitement was drawing to an end i could feel my cock twitching" i'm gonna come,baby...really soon!....just for you!" he just looked over his shoulder at me and said " do it,come as hard as you want" well that was it for balls gave up the good fight and emptied themselves. i must've shot at least 4 or 5 good long spurts against his own balls grunting and groaning like an animal,but my own hand was still going like the clappers on his stiff, iron like shaft.i lay there gasping at my own exertionswhen i noticed that graeme was up to something.. he was using my cock to scoop my man batter towards his ass hole.i mean i thought that he'd had enough , but no, this horney little teen had other ideas! using my come as a sort of lube ( like we did the last time)he pushed back onto my still hard cock untill it was inside of his tight warm shitter. " now wank me off as hard as possible!" could i say no to that then?

pumping him as hard as i could,and i really mean hard! i could feel his nutsack flapping around as my hand wanked him for all that i was worth.he then rolled on top of me so that my cock was forced even further into him,his tight ring piece strangling my love muscle as i started to fuck him again. i decide to give him one last ride,my other hand gripped his balls as i worked him,rolling those firm young nuts in my hand.
it was too much for him.his back arced and he let out a strangled gasp as i felt his dick twitch in my grip.and with only a couple of hard tugs on his cock he came for a second time.not as much mind you,but enough to squirt on his belly.i revelled at the wetness of his messy come....grinning at a job well done!
we lay there kissing and cuddling for what seemed like ages.not wanting to move but knowing that it had to end soon.wishing that this moment would be forever,but time would soon make us part

by the time that we got ourselves dressed and cleaned up,dusk was nearly upon us.we made our way back to my grans was time for dinner and late night t.v.a time for video games and movies.

it was a time to share a double bed with my gay lover,long into the night

.tonight we would be together.

if only it would last forever......

the end.

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2010-06-23 01:40:48
Loved it! It was the one of the best i have read, and thats a lot! Do you have a email?


2010-06-11 23:48:35
I like your story very much. It is the detail and the romance of a story that pulls me in, and yours did that. This is the first story of gay sex at a tin mine that I have read, and I loved it! Keep up the good work!


2009-06-22 00:16:15
I think this is a good story how is it that it has been read 1809 times with 16 votes and no comments? free to email me)

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