Rick decided he had to destroy the perfume. It didn't go as planned.
Perfume 15 - Ground Zero - The Lab

This is the 15th, and probably last installment of the Perfume series. In chapter 1 Richard turns the tables on his mother with her new experimental perfume, saving most of it for the future. In chapter 2 he tries to control it better when he uses it on his older sister but it still gets out of hand. In chapter 3 he finally gets it right and has a wonderful time with his little sister, until the tables are turned. Chapter 4 is a postmortem on Rick's storytelling and evaluation of responses. Chapter 5 has him in the arms of his grandmother and not always using the perfume. Chapter six has him punishing his sister while he takes down her girlfriend. In Chapter seven Rick attends his little sister's slumber party. Chapter eight is where Rick gets some very private tutoring from his English Teacher. Chapter nine has Lucy seducing her Dad. Mom, Maryanne, and Lucy are finally together in Chapter ten. Chapter 11 found Rick in the arms of the Preacher's wife. Rick takes down the waitress in Chapter 12. The wedding is derailed in Chapter 13. In Chapter 14, Maryanne selfishly used the perfume to destroy the life of a fellow student.

"How did you do it Ricky," Lucy asked me. "How did you convince mom to take us to the lab?"

Hi, my name is Rick. I'm a normal 14-year-old freshman in high school, the same high school where my 17-year-old sister Maryanne is a senior. Lucy is our 10-year-old little sister. My mom works for a research lab that makes perfumes for companies. A few months ago Mom brought home a very powerful aphrodisiac perfume that I tricked her into believing I had dumped down the drain. Over the course of the last two months I have used it on everyone in my family, including my grandmother. It drastically enhances the recipient's sex drive and diminishes their inhibitions. I've been fucking not only my family but a teacher, preacher's wife, friends, even people I don't know. The antidote I have, which lasts one hour just like the perfume drug, allows me to keep in control of the situation while the drug is working on my "victim." But it wasn't until Maryanne found out about the drug that it started being used for such evil purposes. She even had a man get arrested for raping her, when it was she that used the drug on him, just to destroy a girl at school who was his daughter. That was the last straw for me. I vowed to destroy the drug completely. That meant going to the lab.

"It was easy to get her to take me as I could use experience for my Ethics class at school," I explained. "You know, do they use animals to test the perfume, that sort of thing."

"But what about us?" Maryanne asked.

"I just told her that it would be a great opportunity for us all to see what she did at work and that since she was already taking me, why not you?" I told them. "She went for it."

"You guys ready to go?" Mom asked.

"Yes," we all said in unison. Getting in the car we drove to Mom's work. She had gotten permission ahead of time to let us all in not only for the "official" tour they give everyone, but also to go back where Mom actually works, the lab itself.

The tour was fine as it gave me the lay of the land so-to-speak. We had worked out a plan that we thought would make the company destroy the perfume as too dangerous. I made sure that Maryanne, Lucy, and I had the antidote on, right after we finished the tour, giving us an hour to do what we needed to do. When we went down to where Mom worked I saw a special glass case that had a sealed container of clear liquid.

"Mom, is that it?" I asked her.

"Is that what, honey?" she replied.

"You know, is that the special drug perfume?," I continue, "the stuff we used, uh you know, when we did it together."

"Uh, yes honey," she said. "That's the stuff that made us lose control. It has not been touched since I made my report. They haven't decided what to do with it yet. Honey, I know that you didn't destroy all of the perfume, that you have used it on all of us. I was hoping that you didn't have much and it would be all over so I haven't confronted you about it. I am still ashamed about what I did to you. But when you used it on Lucy, Maryanne, and me, well I knew I had to do something. I tried to find where you hid it but couldn't. So I am asking you please, when you get home, destroy it, all of it. OK honey? Do it for me."

"I will Mom," I promised, one that I intended on keeping. It sort of makes sense now, why Mom didn't say anything. Of course it didn't make sense that she wouldn't realize I still had some of the perfume. She's not stupid. But destroying it will be a pleasure. After Maryanne got us to destroy that wedding, made me send my Lucy into that room to be fucked by three strangers, well how evil was that? Lucy was innocent. It was bad enough that I let her get fucked by Dad, but three strangers too. I needed to stop this insanity and today was the day. "I promise Mom, after today there will be no more of the drug perfume."

I felt in my pocket and found the spray bottle I had made. In fact Maryanne and Lucy also had one. I had made several with just a small amount of perfume. I was starting to get low on the drug, maybe a quarter cup left since I spread it around to so many spray bottles. I would destroy my supply of perfume and antidote when I got home.

The plan was to spray everyone in sight and let them go ape over each other. Then in all the confusion Maryanne would break into the sealed container and dump it down the drain. The big blow to the company though would be that everyone there would be exposed to the drug and they wouldn't be able to hide it any longer.

"Maryanne, Lucy, it's time," I told them. Maryanne started in our current room so that she would be closest to the jar of perfume that needed to be destroyed. She just began spraying everyone, moving from one person to the next. Lucy went to another room and did the same thing as did I, spraying Mom as I walked out. Within a minute we had everyone in the lab sprayed with the perfume, even a few outsiders, guests perhaps like us.

I heard a glass break in the distance and figured it was Maryanne getting at the perfume, a moment later she yelled out, "Let go of me."

Then Lucy screamed, "Ricky, help."

I ran from the room I was in to the next room where Lucy was at. Across the room two burly guys in white lab coats were carrying Lucy to a cage. As I started to run to her rescue I must have tripped on something because the next moment I was flat on my face. An instant later my hands were tied behind my back.

"He was spraying us too," a woman's voice said.

"Forget about him, Mason. I want you now," another woman said.

"I have to stop him while I can still think, Helen," Mason responded. "You don't know what this drug can do."

"I'll take him," said the first woman.

"He's all yours, Terry," Mason told her as he lifted me up onto my feet, my hands securely tied behind me. I was able to see Lucy now. She had her mouth taped shut and was stretched spread eagle up against some cages, both hands and feet tied. Two brutes were ripping her clothes off with the help of several women. I was able to look around the large room and it was the same everywhere, men on women, women on women, men on men. Sex everywhere. This was what I wanted but I hadn't anticipated the perfume to work slower on some of the people, allowing them time to figure out not only what was happening and who was responsible but also to stop us.

Terry, the woman handling me undid my shoes and pants and pulled them off of me, leaving me barefoot and bottomless. She, like most everyone there was soon without clothes. Still standing I just leaned back against a desk. Terry knelt in front of me and took my limp dick into her mouth. There isn't a man in the world that no matter what the circumstances could resist what Terry was doing to me right then. In spite of the ropes, and my little sister now being brutally raped across the room, I felt my member stir and grow in her mouth. Each moment it got a little bit stiffer, a little larger, just making it easier for Terry to continue her work on me. Now under any normal circumstances I would welcomed the advances of Terry. She was a short, 5 foot busty blonde, easily DD size cup breasts. Her areolas were wide and hardly noticeable except for the little bumps all over, her nipples huge. I wondered if she had given birth recently as it looked like she was leaking a little milk. She had big hips and rolls on her stomach. Her pussy was covered in dark brown hair telling me she wasn't a natural blonde. Still, for a moment I wondered what it would be like to fuck her. Within a couple of minutes of her starting on me and despite my hopeless attempts to prevent it, my penis was now at attention, straight and ready.

"Get on the floor," she ordered as she pulled me down, pushing me onto my back. She climbed up on me, straddling my hips. She grabbed my cock and guided her pussy down to it. Once aligned, she dropped her body down on me. She was already sloppy wet and loose, but still hot to the touch. She rocked her hips back and forth a few times before leaning down towards my face. Her tits hung huge against my chest as she leaned down, continuing to slide her pussy up and down my throbbing shaft.

"Suck me," she commanded again. "Drink my milk."

Terry pushed one of her breasts into my mouth and I did as I was told. I sucked on her breast. Nothing much happened at first. But eventually I felt liquid coming out of her nipple into my mouth. It was a sweet taste and a light flow at first. But the more I sucked the greater the flow until I was easily drinking from her breast. After several minutes of this she moved me to her other breast and I repeated the process. During the larger flow period of the second breast I felt myself suddenly bulge out stiffer and harder than I already was as my cum rose up and through my shaft without warning. As I sucked her second breast dry her pussy clamped down on my shaft and milked me dry. My sudden climax must have set off her own orgasm providing the spasms I now felt from her cunt.

As I came down from my first climax I noticed two other nude women fighting for the chance to do me next. They both pulled Terry off of me and shared in their attempt to get me hard again. One was sucking my balls while the other was sucking my dick. I looked around as best I could lying on my back to see the same scene all over the floor, naked people in various stages of sex, fucking, sucking, fingering, whatever you could think of. I could hear Lucy whimpering so I yelled to her, "Stay strong Lucy."

It took about ten minutes but the women were rewarded with another erection. Keeping me tied up, they got me onto my knees and kneeling behind one of the two women. Taking my shaft by the hand, one lady guided it into the pussy of the other. "Fuck her," she told me. I just knelt there without moving. Taking her bare hand she slapped me on the ass as hard as she could, pushing me into the woman's opening. She slapped me hard again and I decided to comply. Defiance wasn't going to win here today. I couldn't steady myself with my hands tied behind my back, so I kept my body upright and just rocked my hips, moving my shaft in and out of the woman below me.

"Fuck me harder," she ordered. I did as best I could, pumping through my own climax until she screamed with an orgasm.

Before I could pull out, someone grabbed me from behind. I was forced down onto the woman's back. I felt two hands spread my butt cheeks in an attempt to force their prick up my ass. I squeezed tight as long as I could, fighting off my attacker, but eventually lost the battle. It hurt as my attacker pushed his erection into my ass. But that wasn't enough. Someone had found one of the spray bottles of perfume and was walking around spraying everyone. The woman below me crawled forward and out from under me, my semi-hard dick falling downward. Spray his dick Alice, someone yelled. This hefty woman walked over, the one spraying perfume around, and leaning over sprayed my dick directly with the perfume drug. Even though I was totally aware mentally, because I had the antidote in me, my penis didn't seem to care. It responded to the drug and within a few seconds was as stiff and straight as ever, throbbing for attention. But it wasn't the woman that gave it that attention. Some guy pushed her out of the way and knelt on his hands and knees below me.

A woman grabbed my dick and helped guide the guy below me so that I found myself about to enter the ass of another guy. Then it seemed like all he did was push back and I slid in. It was hot as hell but my erection welcomed it. The guy behind me and the one below seemed to find a common rhythm. As the guy behind me pulled out the one below me did the same by moving forward. Then as if on cue the one behind me rammed his cock hard into my ass as the one below me rocked his body hard backwards, pinning me between the two. It was as if two jack hammers hit me both from behind and the front at the same time. Over and over they plowed into me until I couldn't take it anymore. My whole body was on fire and I climaxed, shooting my cum up the ass of the man below me. That sent him over the edge and he began cumming onto the floor. The guy behind me wasn't ready yet and kept fucking me in the ass. It just made me cum harder and longer than I have ever cum before.

I heard some screams and looking up saw some guys dragging Maryanne out of the other room over towards me. Just then some woman gagged me, before I had a chance to talk to Maryanne. Then the guy in my ass came, shooting his load of cum deep in my bowels. I was freed from my two rapists, and fell to the floor. Someone found the spray bottle I had in my pants and sprayed my dick again, putting it at instant attention. I got to my knees and looked around. Two women were going around spraying every dick in sight, including the three guys man-handling Maryanne. I was pushed onto my back by some woman who mounted me like a horse and began fucking the hell out of me.

Looking up at the table next to me I saw one of the guys ram his prick into Maryanne's ass from behind. They were both on the table now. The other two guys dragged the two of them so that Maryanne's head hung backwards over the end of the table. The second guy then thrust his hard dick into Maryanne's mouth and with her head tipped backwards and down over the edge of the table, was able to force his erection straight down her throat up to his balls. The third guy was able to lift one leg on the table and get his shaft up into Maryanne's pussy. Here she was, completed filled in every hole of her body, fucked by three guys at once. And if that wasn't enough, two women were each sucking on a breast. All she could do was grunt with each thrust and groan in extreme agony, or exquisite pleasure. I wasn't sure. I would have never thought I could cum so hard from getting fucked between two guys. But watching Maryanne get fucked like this almost made me cum again.

The woman on top of me got my attention as her pussy began gripping the full length of my shaft in a pulsating squeeze and release, squeeze and release. One second I had a gag on, the next it was gone, she removed it that quick. Now if she would only untie me too. She was still cumming hard and suddenly took my mouth with hers. As she kissed me I climaxed and shot a load of cum up into her cunt. I heard some coughing from Maryanne's direction and thought she was gagging from the guy in her mouth. But that was only part of it. The coughing started happening all over. There was smoke in the room. There had to be a fire. But no one seemed to care.

"We've got to get out of here," I told the woman on top of me. "There's a fire."

"Soon enough," she said as she pulled herself off of me and yelled to one of the women running around spraying everyone. "Over here Lois."

Lois came over and sprayed me again and as before I was soon sporting a hard on that had to be relieved. The same woman that had just fucked me mounted me again and started her rocking.

"We have to leave, there's a fire," I tried to warn her but she just gagged me again and kept fucking me. People were collapsing from the smoke but since I was on the floor, this woman and I hadn't been hit by it yet. She just kept fucking me, harder now than before and even though I feared for my life, my body was reacting to this woman's assault on it. The last thing I remember before passing out was climaxing again into this woman as she collapsed on top of me, passed out from the smoke.

It has been several days since the fire. I'm in a hospital bed, my dad beside me. This whole account has been written down by my dad for me as if I was doing the writing, since I am too weak to write. My dad now knows all about the perfume and has promised to destroy what's left of it at home. I don't want him or anyone else destroyed by the perfume. But it is too late for the rest of us. Dad told me that the lab was totally destroyed from the fire. Lucy, Maryanne, and Mom were all dead, along with 18 other men and woman. Lucy had apparently died from some bodily trauma and suffocation prior to the fire. I was one of the few survivors and was only holding on by a thread.

I'm Rick's dad. Rick died today, from injuries caused in the fire. Before he died I promised him that I would complete his story and get it published. So that's what I am doing. I have gone through Rick's things. I found and read all of the stories. Rick would want this last story to go along with the others. It would be a fitting end to this tragedy caused by that terrible evil perfume. I'm glad it was destroyed in the fire. When I find what's left of Rick's perfume, I'll destroy it as I promised.

The end

P.S. This is Rick's dad again. I found Rick's perfume and antidote...I couldn't destroy it. All I could think about was Lucy and her slumber party. In fact I imagine Lucy had a lot of little girlfriends that need my help. I'm sure plenty of them are still virgins. Those poor little girls must be traumatized by Lucy's death. Their tender hearts need to be consoled, and I now have just the means to do it.

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