Eiko Takes the Next Step
When, Ray turned off the snooze alarm for the third time, I had to take charge, “Honey you’ve got to get up or you’ll be late for work. Last night you said you needed to go to the office early to follow up on that ‘emergency’ you had last night.” My name is Eiko. I’m a Japanese woman married to an American guy named, Ray. We don’t have children, although we’ve tried. Yesterday, I discovered that Ray’s father was also my father… Al was, in fact, our father. Al had fallen in love with my mother, while working in Japan; but didn’t know he had knocked her up… with me. My grandfather objected to her relationship with Al and used the entire family to pressure her into leaving him. This was before she knew that she was pregnant. Al tried to track her down after she had moved away, found out she was pregnant, raised me, and spent her life seeing that I had a good education and a loving mother. While talking with Al, we discovered, when looking photos of his long, lost Japanese girlfriend, that he was my father. In the passion of our unexpected reunion, we had sex and I fell in love with him. Not the lust-type of love; but more the soul mate kind. If you read my previous story entitled “Our Father”, you can fill in more of the details.

It was now the next morning. I had gone to sleep with my husband, after he returned late from taking care of a business emergency. Al, my father, told me to act as normal as possible with Ray, until we had a chance to talk about the situation; but first I needed to get Ray out of bed and off to work. This wasn’t the first time he had trouble waking up. It was a regular thing, especially over the last 12 months. Finally, after 10 minutes of non-stop nagging, I had Ray up, out of bed and in the bathroom getting showered and shaved. Heading down to the kitchen, I wondered if I had time to prepare breakfast and still get him off to work on time. When I walked through the kitchen door, I was greeted with the wonderful scent of freshly cooked ham, eggs and pancakes. Al was standing at the range flipping flap jacks like an old short order cook, who had been doing it all his live. “Hello sunshine, how’s daddy’s little girl?” I ran to him and wrapped my arms around his firm waist, “I’m great. How’s my sexy daddy?” He smiled, then leaned down and gave me a big kiss on the lips. I reached for his crotch and began to fondle his huge cock through his pajama bottoms. “That’ll have to wait, baby. We have some talking to do first.” I pushed out my bottom lip and exaggerated my disappointment, before walking over to the coffee pot to serve up three cups. Suddenly, Ray popped his head in the door, “Sorry, Eiko, I guess you don’t have time to make breakfast, uh?” I handed him a cup of coffee, “Well, thanks to your Dad… breakfast is ready… sit down.” Not much was said, as Ray rushed to leave on time, but he did compliment his father on a great breakfast and then informed me that he was flying to Chicago this afternoon on a business trip and wouldn’t be back for at least three days.” I attempted to act sad; but inside I was rejoicing that the next few days would be available for Al and I to spend some quality time together. “Please call when you get there and keep me informed.” I could see he felt happy that I was taking time to show my concern, “Thanks honey… I need to go. I’ll call as soon as I arrive in Chicago. Bye Dad!” Al immediately replied, “So long son. I hope you have a successful trip.”

As soon as Ray’s car pulled out of the driveway, I ran to Al and jumped into his arms, while wrapping my legs around his waist. We kissed deeply for at least two minutes before he broke it off, “Baby, we’ve gotta talk!” I looked into his beautiful blue eyes, “I know daddy… I know.” Then I reached my hand into his Pajama bottoms and grabbed his rock hard dick, “But first can I have a little taste… please”. He smiled and allowed me to slide down to the floor, pull down his pants and begin to lick his large knob. Looking up at him, I seductively said, “Do you think I can suck cock as good as my Mom?” Al frowned, “Baby don’t try to compete. Your Mom was a special person in my life. I loved her as much as any human can love another. Everything she did was perfect to me… probably because I was so crazy about her. Now, I feel the same for you.” I slid my tongue from the base of his cock to the head, “Do you like how I lick you?” His eyes showed the lust that was pulsing within his loins, “Yes baby, you do me so very good. I love the way you do me.” With that said he reached for the hem of my nightgown and pulled it over my head. I was naked underneath. Al then lifted me up and carried me to the living room. He lay down on the floor and instructed me to straddle his head. As I eased my wet pussy toward his face, I felt his tongue flick my clit. Without warning, I exploded. My cum sprayed over his face. I was shaking with pleasure. My skin turned a bright pink. It was a long, satisfying orgasm. Closing my eyes, I saw shooting stars and fireworks bursting in a dark sky. I was about to collapse, when I felt Al’s strong hands grip my waist and hold me up. His tongue penetrated deep inside my still-shooting cunt, causing another orgasmic wave to build atop the one that was already subsiding. I never imagined that sex could feel so heavenly. I was beyond euphoric, in a world of endless pleasure. His tongue pumped me like a cock fucking a wanton whore. I heard my screams, but they seemed to be those of someone far in the distance. I was fading in and out of consciousness, until I must have passed out totally. When I came to, Al had lifted me from his face onto his penis. It was all the way in, causing sloshing, naughty sounds. I was so wet. His cock pushed my flowing cum out of the walls of my pussy. The echo of the sloshing action was indescribably erotic. I knew I could no longer live without this big cock. I needed his sexy body every day. I never wanted this moment to end. It was then that I felt his semen shooting inside me. Spurt after spurt, sent me over the top again. My Dad had no protection. I could become pregnant with my sister. I didn’t care. In fact, I wanted to get pregnant. I wanted to have my father’s baby. Al grunted, as he sprayed one last spurt into my hungry vagina. Things went dark again. When I woke up, Al and I were in a bath tub. My back was against his chest with his arms around me. His fingers were playing with my hard, perky nipples. “You had a nice rest. Now we need to talk.” I leaned sideways and turned, looking into his wonderful eyes, “Talk like Father to Daughter or Lover to Lover?” Al smiled, “Both!”
We spent over an hour sipping wine and talking about the situation that we had found ourselves in. Al laid out our options then asked me to decide which one was most comfortable. 1) We could stop having sex and go back to being father-in-law, daughter-in-law and pretend nothing had happened. 2) We could tell Ray the truth and based on his reaction decide on the next course of action. 3) Run away to some exotic place and live our life together as it happens. Although I found the third option most attractive, I knew that it would have the most serious consequences; such as, totally breaking the father-son relationship between Ray and Al. It would also destroy the relationship between me and my husband/half brother. The first option was unacceptable. Now that I had experienced Al’s cock and affection, I knew I could never live without him. This left option number 2. I leaned to the side, turned my head to Al, “I think the second option is the best… how about you?” He agreed, “Throughout my life, I’ve discovered that even when it’s hard… the truth is always best. I am proud you chose that option.

Suddenly, we heard Ray calling out to me, “Eiko, are you in the bathroom. I left an important file on my desk, upstairs. Can I come in?” I felt a jolt of panic, “No Ray, let me get dressed. I’ll be out in a minute. Go up and get your files.” We heard him walking up the stairs. I jumped out of the bath, wiped off, put on my nightgown, brushed my hair and exited the bathroom. Going to the kitchen, I braced myself for the confrontation of a lifetime. I was going to tell Ray everything. When he came down stairs, I called to him from the kitchen, ‘I’m in here!”. When he walked in, he had a big smile on his face. He leaned down and kissed me on the lips. “I’m so happy I remembered the files. It would be very bad if I arrived in Chicago without them.” I looked at him with a very serious expression on my face, “How much time do you have till your flight?” He sat down, “I rescheduled for 2 PM, so I have about 3 hours.” Staring him the eyes, “Ray, we have to talk about something that’s happened.” “Eiko, you’re scaring me. You look very serious.” “Ray, last night, I found out that Al is also my Father!”. Ray’s mouth dropped open, “What are you talking about? That’s impossible!” I calmly grabbed his hand, “Remember I told you that my Mom had an American friend, who taught her English and took her to Hong Kong and Singapore, showing her so many things that she had never seen.” Ray shook his head, yes. “Well that man was Al… your father. After you left last night, he told me that I looked just like the Japanese woman that he dated before he met and married your mother. He showed me pictures of her. They were photos of my mom. He knew her name and so many details about her. We are going to get a DNA test today, just to make sure; but, there is little doubt. The timeline of my birth fits his story perfectly. I never knew who my father was and my mother’s family blocked every attempt I made to meet my father or even know his name.” Ray sat silent, trying his best to comprehend the information that he had just been handed. Then, quietly he said, “That means that you and I are bother and sister”. I squeezed his hand, “Yes! It also means that Al is our father. But, there’s more!” Ray looked shell shocked, “What else could there be?” I looked into his eyes, “Ray, last night, after you left… as you know, I was rather drunk. When I discovered that Al was my father and my mother’s lover, I was truly overwhelmed. I started kissing him. The kisses turned into touching and the touching turned into sex. I fucked our father last night. He was caught up in the memories of his long lost love. I was enraptured by the images of my mother having sex with her American lover. In fact, although he was reluctant, he showed me some photos of her naked and having sex with him. I coaxed him to show me more.” Ray sat speechless. It was too much to absorb. Finally he spoke, “What should we do?” I grabbed his hand and led him upstairs to our bedroom. Al was already there, lying naked on the bed, with his huge cock at full mast. I slowly took off Ray’s clothes. When Ray was naked, I let the robe that I was wearing drop to the floor. Getting on my knees, I began giving him a very erotic blowjob. In the meantime, Al came up behind me. He had some petroleum jelly on his fingertip. Inserting it in my ass, he began thrust in and out. I groaned, as I felt his big finger go deeper and deeper. My tongue explored my husband cock from tip to balls and back again. Ray seemed to be accepting the situation with no resistance, whatsoever. Al added more jelly to his finger, but this time inserted two of his large digits in me. We continued like this for several minutes before I led Ray to the bed and had him lie on his back. Straddling him, reverse cowgirl style, I guided his six-inch penis into my well lubricated rosebud. In a few strokes, he was all the way in. I pushed down several times, before inviting Al to fuck me. When his big cock entered my tiny pussy, I screamed with delight. Slowly he pumped deeper and deeper. Each time he pushed in, my ass hole would slide to the bottom of Ray’s hard rod. Soon we had the rhythm, as I coaxed my lovers to use me for their pleasure and mine. “Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me with your wonderful cock. Do me Ray. Stick your dick all the way my ass. From now on I am your sex toy. Anytime you want to play with me, I’ll be available. Anyway you want it… I’ll do it. Fuck me Daddy… I love YOU!

For the next few months, I walked around the house with only a t-shirt on. During the day, Al would do me or me him, whenever we got the urge. At night and on weekends, I serviced Ray and often found myself in threesomes. For as long as it lasts… it’s Our Father, His Son and Me!

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2013-12-02 09:31:21
I'm throwing the bullshit flag here. The basis of your story is possible but his reaction would be a bit more volatile in nature. This man, who has a tenuous relationship with his father at best, found out that you are is half sister and that you bedded his father. Nope 50 yards and fourth down with the bullshit flags high in the air

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2009-11-06 07:18:38
Pl continue nextpart of the story


2009-06-05 01:23:14
You still need to learn to proof read. Seeing what are no less than dumb errors (some gramatical) in such a beautiful story seriously detracts from its beauty.

Had you spent more time on it, this could have been a classic.


2009-06-04 22:34:33
Well done! I don't think she should get pregne
Please pay more attention to paragraphs.

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2009-06-04 00:58:12
nice, time for her to get pregnat in the next one tho- keep it up

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