A company was in the process of downsizing when a boss approaches one of his department heads and tells him that he must terminate one of his divisional managers. "Boy, that's a tough one the department head tells him. Both of my division managers, Jack and Jill are excellent employees. This will be a difficult choice for me." He then decides what to do about making this choice. He comes up with the idea of laying off the first one who shows up last the next day. When the next day arrives, both Jack and Jill are seated at their desks and both apparently had come into work at the same time. He decides he needs another plan. This time he decides to lay off the first one who takes the longest lunch break. But after lunch, both Jack and Jill return at the same time since they went out to lunch together. "Okay," the boss tells himself, "I will lay off the first one who leaves work the earliest."
At the end of the day both Jack and Jill start to leave work at the same time, so he approaches Jill in the hallway and decides to relate to her his dilemma. He tells her that his boss made it clear that one of the two must go and says to her, "I just don't know whether to lay you or Jack off."
"Oh!" she gasps, "you'd better jack-off cause I got a bus to catch."
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