Maryanne uses the perfume for evil by destroying those closest to Michelle, her worst enemy.
Perfume 14 - Maryanne's Revenge, from her POV

This is the 14th installment of the Perfume series. In chapter 1 Richard turns the tables on his mother with her new experimental perfume, saving most of it for the future. In chapter 2 he tries to control it better when he uses it on his older sister but it still gets out of hand. In chapter 3 he finally gets it right and has a wonderful time with his little sister, until the tables are turned. Chapter 4 is a postmortem on Rick's storytelling and evaluation of responses. Chapter 5 has him in the arms of his grandmother and not always using the perfume. Chapter six has him punishing his sister while he takes down her girlfriend. In Chapter seven Rick attends his little sister's slumber party. Chapter eight is where Rick gets some very private tutoring from his English Teacher. Chapter nine has Lucy seducing her Dad. Mom, Maryanne, and Lucy are finally together in Chapter ten. Chapter 11 found Rick in the arms of the Preacher's wife. Rick takes down the waitress in Chapter 12. The wedding is derailed in Chapter 13.

Hello, my name is Maryanne. At 17 I'm the eldest of the three kids. My brother Rick is 14 years old and Lucy, the youngest, is 10. Rick is having me write down all that happened to me recently with the perfume. That's the drug Rick took from our Mom. She is a research assistant at a lab that creates all kinds of perfumes to sell. This bottle was supposed to be an early version of an aphrodisiac type perfume that works far better than anyone could have imagined. The perfume turns anyone into a sex fiend that lasts for an hour unless prematurely stopped by applying the antidote, which we also have. Rick, the bastard, used it on me before I found out what was going on. But all is well, now that we have come to an understanding about sharing its use. This tale is about how I used it to get back at a bitch of a girl at school. Here's what happened.

There was this clique of girls at school, rich kids. You know the type. They thought they were better than everyone else, putting us down at every opportunity. I've had some run-ins with them, especially the leader, Michelle. She was such an asshole, a gorgeous asshole, but an asshole nonetheless. They all had big jock hunks as boyfriends, just like in the movies. Well it was time to take Michelle down. I decided to start with her boyfriend Bobby. Bobby Fairchild was the wide receiver for the school football team and a long-time boyfriend of Michelle's. The thing is, Bobby was actually a nice guy. How he got involved with Michelle I'll never know. But there was one thing about Bobby that Michelle couldn't do anything about and that was the fact that he was in my Senior History class and she wasn't. That gave me the perfect opportunity to make my move on Bobby.

I was pretty sure Bobby wouldn't have cheated on Michelle by himself. That's where Rick's perfume came into the picture. Rick taught me all about how to use it, how much, the antidote, etc. I just needed to get Bobby alone for a few minutes.

One day after class I stopped Bobby at his desk while the rest of the kids were leaving. "Bobby, I was wondering if I could talk to you sometime. It's about my brother. He's a freshman this year and has dropped out of sports. The thing is, he is a really good athlete. I was hoping you could convince him how important sports can be to your future. You know, that sort of thing."

"Sure. If you don't mind waiting until after practice tonight," he replied. "I'll be done around 5:00 PM."

"The cafeteria is about the only thing still open by then," I told him. "Can my brother and I meet you there?"

"It's a date," he said.

"I won't tell Michelle if you won't," I laughed.

"Right! Not if you value your life." He laughed too.

Of course I had no intention of having Rick there. And I already knew exactly when practice was over, having researched a few things beforehand. Everything was falling into place just as I had planned. This meeting was just my way of getting alone with Bobby. Just after 5:00 PM Bobby walked into the cafeteria.

"Where's Rick?" he asked as he came up to my table. Now I made sure I was sitting near the stage. We had one of those duel-use cafeteria's that can be used for both eating and stage performances. I had already put some perfume on my finger. I didn't plan on wasting any time. As he sat down I let my finger just graze the top of his hand. Rick had shown me how just the hint of perfume could make a person extremely horny but not go wild. It would be enough for him to not resist me.

"Rick just left," I told him. "I am so sorry. He got scared, you being the big jock that you are."

"Ah, it's OK," Bobby said. "More time to spend with you...Why did I say that?...You know you really are pretty."

"Thanks Bobby," I said. "That means a lot coming from you."

"I don't know why I haven't really looked at you before but, well, the more I look at you now the better you look," he told me. "Do you have a boyfriend that I should be afraid of?"

"Me, a boyfriend?" I asked. "I've never had a boyfriend. No boy has ever looked twice at me. Heck, I've never even kissed a boy, let alone had a boyfriend."

"Well I can fix one part of that," he said, "the kissing part."

"What? You want to kiss me? Here, now?" I asked.

"Sure, why not?" he asked back.

"Wow, OK, but could we at least go behind the stage where no one will see us?" I said. "Then you won't get in trouble from Michelle if someone comes by and looks in the cafeteria."

"That's smart," he replied. So we walked up onto the stage and went behind the curtain. We were all alone. A sliver of light shown through the bottom and top of the curtains but for the most part it was pretty dark. We stood there facing each other. He tilted my head back with his hand. He was a good half a foot taller than me. Leaning down he gently pressed his lips to mine. I felt his lips part so I followed his lead. He took his other hand and put it on the back of my head, pulling my face harder into his, our lips pressing together that much more. The kiss became stronger, more passionate. We parted and turned our heads the other way, quickly pressing our lips together again. I ran my hands up his back under his t-shirt as he held me close to his chest. I felt my breasts press hard against his own strong body. This boy knew how to kiss. I was melting in his arms.

"That's bullshit about you never kissing before, isn't it?" he asked.

"Of course it is, but I wanted you to kiss me," I said. "What about Michelle? What would she say if she knew that you were kissing me like this?"

"Michelle who?" he asked.

I laughed and pulled his t-shirt upwards to remove it. He helped me along. He then removed my blouse. "Are you sure about this?" I asked.

"I don't know what it is Maryanne, but I want you more right now than I have ever wanted anyone," he said.

"Even Michelle?" I asked.

"Easily more than Michelle," he replied.

"I find that hard to believe," I told him as I felt a hand on my left breast. "When Michelle speaks, you jump. You do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. You're like a little dog with its tale between its legs, shining for a pat on the head."

"Is that what people think about me?" he asked.

"Yes, everyone," I told him. "I mean she is beautiful and all that. It's no wonder you are attracted to her. Heck, I'm even attracted to her. But she is pure evil, a witch through and through. And you're her minion doing her bidding."

"Wow, I've never looked at it like that," he agreed.

"In fact kissing me behind this curtain is the first real thing you've done on your own," I said. "The question is, would you do it in front of Michelle?" He spun me around and wrapped his arms around me so that my back was against him. I felt his hardness press into my butt, both hands on my breasts and him nibbling on my neck. "I'm not asking you to dump her and be my boyfriend, though right at this moment that sounds pretty nice." I was starting to breathe a bit heavy myself.

"Ask me, you might like the answer," he said.

"I just think you ought to be your own man, think for yourself, make your own decisions. Don't be a slave to Michelle," I told him. "Do what you want to do."

"What would you say if I told you that right now all I want to do is fuck you?" Bobby asked.

"Like I said, Bobby, do what you want to do," I told him. And he did. He pulled me to the floor with him. Undoing my pants he had them and the rest of my clothes off of me before I realized it. Shedding his own clothes he knelt before me. He was strong, muscular looking, and an erection longer than I had seen, outside of a movie.

"I...I've never done this before, not all the way," I stammered. He spit on his hand several times, wetting down the head of his prick and my pussy, though I felt me own wetness growing as I watched him.

"This will hurt at first but then it will feel better," he warned me. He rubbed the head of his cock across my pussy slit several times before pushing the head inside. Then he slowly pushed forward, until I felt his fullness completely inside of me, swelling me to overflowing.

"You're not a virgin?" he asked.

"I lost my hymen playing sports," I told him. "You're my first, honest, and it feels so big inside of me." He pulled himself nearly all the way out and then pushed in again, steadily repeating the process again and again. Each time he pushed in I got wetter and he slid in more easily. He still felt huge inside of me and I felt my pussy wrenching down onto him, trying to hold on as he continued to slide in and out of me.

"You feel so good Maryanne, so much better than Michelle," he told me.

"I've never felt anything like this. It's wonderful," I said. He was now pushing everything he had as deep into me as he could. I've been stretched before so his 8 inches wasn't anything I couldn't handle. But he was thick and that really did feel good, giving me a fullness I hadn't felt before.

"I'm not hurting you am I?" he asked.

"Not at all. In fact if you want to step it up a level or two, that would be fine with me," I said. He did just that, increasing the power of each thrust. I pushed back as well and felt his balls slapping up against me. I wondered what he would think if he knew I was gay and just putting up with him to get back at Michelle. But there was much more to this than Bobby could ever imagine. He didn't know that I had indiscreetly gotten word to Michelle that Bobby wanted to meet her here at 5:30 PM tonight. We were making enough noise that she would come to investigate.

But like it or not, he was still getting me hot. My body reacted to the friction and I knew that soon an orgasm would overwhelm me. I decided to encourage Bobby on a bit. "That's it Bobby, fuck me harder. Ram that rod in me you bastard."

"God Maryanne, you are one fucking hot piece of ass, you know that don't you?" he asked as he pushed my legs up closer to my head and really started to ream me out. "Oh shit baby, I'm cumming. Do you want me to pull it out?"

"I'm not a pussy like Michelle, you fucking asshole. Keep it in me and fill me up with your hot cream, baby."

"Oh God in heaven, I'm cumming," he yelled. And boy did he cum.

He pushed in deep and held himself there while his prick spewed out wads of hot cum. It sent me over the edge and I screamed, "Oh fuck Bobby, that was wonderful. If that's what fucking is like then you can fuck me every day of the week."

"Maryanne, I just may hold you to that," he replied.

"What about Michelle?" I asked him directly.

"I couldn't give a fuck about Michelle," he said. "As far as I'm concerned, there is no Michelle. Michelle is dead to me."

The timing couldn't have been more perfect because standing at the opening to the curtains separating the cafeteria from the backstage was Michelle.

"Bobby, how could you?" Michelle cried. "You fucking bastard. I hate you. And with Maryanne? She's trash Bobby, and now so are you." And then she ran out.

"I guess I don't have to worry about telling Michelle about us," he said as he pulled his now semi-hard cock out of me.

I grabbed my clothes, got a bit of the antidote and walked over to him. Reaching behind his head I smeared the antidote on him as I pulled him to me for one last kiss. He did know how to kiss. I had to give him that. But I also didn't need him anymore. So I told him, "Bobby, I'm sorry about you and Michelle. But she wasn't right for you anyway."

"It's OK. I have you now so who cares about Michelle?" he said.

"Well, it's like this Bobby," I explained. "You don't really have me either. You see, I'm gay. I mean this was fun and all, but we don't have a future." I was getting dressed as I was talking so that by now I was about ready to go. Bobby was still naked, sitting on the floor with his mouth open wide. "You really do know how to treat a lady though Bobby. It's been fun. See you in class." And then I left.

On the way out to my car I ran into Michelle. Actually she was waiting for me. She pushed me and said, "You fucking bitch. You did that on purpose."

"Maybe I did and maybe I didn't," I replied. "But one thing is for sure, it didn't take much to get Bobby away from the likes of you."

I jumped into my car and locked the door. Michelle pounded on the hood as I drove off, leaving her screaming at me. Phase 1 of my plan was done.

When this episode with Bobby occurred, I had already put into play phase 2 of my plan. A couple of weeks ago I had gotten a part-time job at the local supermarket in the evenings, helping with the stocking, packing up groceries for people, that sort of thing. The reason I was working there was that Michelle's dad, Richard Vanderpool, was the swing shift manager there. Others called him Mr. Vanderpool but he seemed to like it that I called him Richard. Maybe it was because I sort of flirted with him a bit. I did have plans for him. Since today was going so well I decided that this evening I would complete phase 2 of my plan.

When I got to work that evening I looked for that moment when I could speak to Richard alone. When it came I said to him, "Richard, I know you probably don't want to hear this sort of thing but I have to talk to you about one of the guys here that has been harassing me, sexually." That got his ears up.

"Of course Maryanne, is now OK?" he asked.

"Sure, now's fine," I replied. I followed him into his office. It had one of those one-way mirrors that looked out into the store, but no other windows. With the door shut, we had complete privacy.

We got settled in his office, he in his chair behind his desk and me in a chair facing him. "So specifically what's the problem?"

"One of the older guys tried to make a move on me in the back storage area yesterday," I told him. Of course it was all a lie. "He even bruised my wrist." I had pressed my own thumb into my wrist to make it look red. I held it out to him and had conveniently put some of the perfume onto the bruised area beforehand, after taking the antidote of course. As predicted he took my hand and ran his fingers across the bruise. I was ready with a plan B if he hadn't touched me but I was hoping for this little bit of drama. "I'm underage as you know so what the guy did was serious."

He began to look a little dazed. "Yes, underage, I ... I know that," he managed to get out.

"The guy thought just because I'm young and pretty that he could make the moves on me," I said.

"Yes you are so pretty," he mumbled.

"If I hadn't have pulled free I think he might have done something terrible, maybe even raped me," I told him.

", we can't have that, you are so beautiful," Richard said.

"Richard, are you OK?" I asked him. He stood up and walked around his desk to my chair.

"Show me just how he grabbed you," Richard said. Now Richard was a tall, 6' 1", middle-aged father to Michelle. He was not fat, just bulky. His graying hair short and he had a mustache. I stood up and said, "He grabbed me by the wrist with his right hand." Taking Richard's right hand in my left I placed it around my right wrist, smearing the last of the perfume I had with me onto the back of his hand as I did it. I continued explaining, "I was facing the other way and he twisted me around to face him. When I tried to pull away he called me a teasing little slut."

"You do dress like a sl..., oh fuck," Richard said as he pulled me to him and kissed me hard on the mouth.

I broke away and asked, "Richard, what are you doing?"

"You want this as much as I do Maryanne," he explained. "You find me irresistable, just as I do you."

"Well you are handsome, Richard, but I never thought that...," he stopped me with another kiss, pushing me back against the desk. Then lifting me up he set me on the edge of the desk, pushing me onto my back. He dropped his pants and I was staring at an uncircumcised erection of about 7 inches. He pushed my skirt up and curling his fingers over the edge of my panties, yanked them down my legs, tossing them to the floor. He then pulled me closer to him, over the edge of the desk so that my pelvis hung over a bit. Lining up his shaft to my slit he pulled his foreskin back and rubbed the head of his penis across my slit several times. Feeling satisfied he pushed just the head into my pussy. After holding it there a moment he grabbed me by the hips and thrust himself into me. I felt my pussy walls grab on tight as he began to fuck me. He did feel good. I needed to be careful. If I kept fucking guys like I had today I might end up liking it too much. Maybe I wasn't just gay. Maybe I was bi and just liked it both ways.

Anyway, here the manager of the local supermarket, who just happened to be the father of Michelle, the person I hated most in this world, was fucking me. It was time to play this up.

"Oh please Richard, stop, you can't do this," I cried. "I won't tell anyone, honest. Please stop."

"You like it and you know it bitch," he said. "You've been asking for this since the day I interviewed you for the job. And I've wanted to fuck you since that day."

"Oh Richard, please, I can't take much more of this. My body, I can't stop my body from...oh Richard, don't make me cum. Don't make me like it, please don't." I continued pleading with him.

"You do like it then don't you Maryanne?" he said more than asked. It seemed to spur him on even more as he was pounding his body against mine. Lifting me up by the ass he continued to thrust in even deeper than before. "Take this you fucking whore," he yelled as he slammed his hips against mine trying to drive in even deeper. I felt him shoot off then, even though he kept pumping into me. That's when I orgasmed for the second guy that day, first Bobby and now Richard.

But the noise we made doing it was apparently too loud. Someone was banging on the door asking if everything was OK inside. I took the opportunity to grab a bit of antidote and smear it onto Richard's hand. He finally stopped thrusting and held himself inside of me, out of breath, just looking at me.

As he pulled out he fell backwards into my chair, just as the door opened and three employees came rushing in.

"What the fuck?" the assistant manager yelled. "Richard, what have you done?"

I grabbed my panties and ran out of the room. I already knew the outcome of this one. I would be telling my story to the police soon and Michelle's dad would be going to prison. My plan was now complete. The perfect Michelle with the perfect boyfriend and the perfect family was now in shambles. Her boyfriend gone and her family ruined. I had gotten my revenge on Michelle.

When I told my story to Rick and Lucy they were mortified that I had used the perfume for such evil. Rick said that if the perfume could be used like that then it had to be destroyed and not just what he had left either. He said we had to go to the lab and destroy it all, even the formula on the computer. It had to be completely destroyed. So I guess next stop: the lab.

The end (until the lab)

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