Just a little tib bit from the dark side
It had been a long hard week at work and by Friday I was ready to just unwind so I decided to go for a walk and wound up at the park to enjoy the fresh cool summer air. I sat on a bench near the playground listening to the children playing and watching them with all their energy run and play on the playground equipment. I must have dozed off, it was almost dark when I opened my eyes and tried to figure out where I was, hell I was more tired than I thought. As the fog cleared I looked around and everybody was gone except one kid still swinging all alone. I looked around and then got up and slowly walked across the park headed home As I passed the swings I heard, “Hey mister, will you give me a push?” I looked over and I couldn’t tell if it was a girl or boy. As I approached I saw that it was a little girl.

I didn’t have anywhere to go so without saying a word; I just went up behind her and started pushing. After a while she said her name was Ruthy and she was 6 years old. I grunted in acknowledgement and she started jabbering about how her mommy doesn’t get home until after she goes to bed, how she’s supposed to stay in the apartment and how she is lonely because she’s by herself and even here all the other kids have moms and dads to be with them and they leave and go home. Then she asked, “Will you be my friend?”

I saw that she was a very pretty little girl with blonde hair that was in a ponytail. She wore a white summer dress with flowers all over it and as she swung it bellowed up. I felt sorry for her and said, “Sure honey, I’ll be your friend.” I said with a smile

I had never thought about little girls as far as sex goes but she was a pedophiles dream come true and my mind started going to the dark-side. She was so very attention deprived, trusting, lonely and naive. As I pushed her, we chatted she believed everything I said and she did everything I asked. I guess because she was lonely and wanted affection from anybody she could get it from.

I asked Ruthy what time she went to bed and she told me 8:00, but sometimes she snuck and stayed up till 9:00. It was 7:15 by my watch so I asked Ruthy if she wanted to play a game. She jumped at the idea. I looked around to see if anyone was around. She drug her feet to stop the swing and then followed right with me as I started walking towards the picnic tables and then I changed direction and headed to the tree line that bordered the park and the path that I usually took to go home,. My mind whizzed as I thought how easy it would be to do something to her and no one would ever know. As my mind play different scenarios in my head I decided that I might do stuff with her but I was not going to hurt her.

After I got to this secluded spot I know that has a street light I stopped and sat down on the ground, Ruthy stood there and watched, I asked if she wanted to sit and she said her mommy would get mad if she got her dress dirty. I told her she could sit in my lap if she wanted. At first she didn’t, she just squatted down, I wished the light was better so I could see her panties and then after a bit I guess her knees got tired because she asked to sit on my lap.

My cock was already mostly hard at the thought of being alone with this attention starved little girl and knowing what all I thought of to do to her. When she sat down on it, it throbbed against her butt and got even harder. We sat for a while doing magic tricks, if she noticed my hard cock against her butt she never said anything. I told her this was magic and she couldn’t tell anyone about it. She agreed.

I had a magic card deck and a couple of other magic toys. I leaned when I was a teenager how to do magic from the old guy at the end of the street. He had told me that magic was a great way to meet people and especially girls, but I don’t think he meant girls this young. I also had a magic coin in my pocket, which I told her about. When she asked to see it I pushed my hand into my pocket and wiggled my fingers against her butt. She giggled and said it tickled. I did it again and she wiggled her butt with more laughing. I was pretty good with the coin so when I showed it to her I quickly made it disappear, when she tried to touch it.

It reappeared behind her ear and she giggled. She tried for it again and “Poof” it was gone a second time. Then, it reappeared in her top pocket where I rubbed her little titty as I pulled it out. She was fascinated. I held it up and she wiggle trying to get the coin, but alas, it was gone a third time.

She looked for it but it was no where to be found then I found it on her elbow. She laughed and wiggled some more to my great enjoyment and then it vanished a forth time. She looked for it under her arm, her ear, her pocket and her elbow but it was no where to be seen, and then I asked if she had a coin slot and she shook her head no. I told her I thought she did, but she still shook her head said no, she didn’t. I asked if I could look and see and she said she didn’t, but I could look if I wanted to. I looked around, under her arm, and then I pushed her dress up further than I needed to and checked behind her knee, but still no coin.

Finally, I told her to stand up and to pull her dress up and she did. I carefully reached down and felt around tummy and here and there and finally I felt the front of her panties and told her there was something in there. She felt and said, no, there wasn’t. I felt again letting my fingers slip lower between her legs pressing the fabric of her panties into her little slit and said, “Uh-huh there it is there is a slot, right there!” .

She reached down hooking the elastic of her panties and pulled them away from her body to show me there was nothing there. I asked if I could check myself and she nodded her head. I reached in and let my fingers rub her slit from top to bottom. She shivered and she giggled and I pulled the coin out of the slot that I found there. She was amazed.

She squealed and reached for the coin and it fell to the ground as she sat back down on my lap and then it disappeared for a fifth time. She asked where it went and told her I didn’t know. I pretended to search for the coin.

She pulled her panties out and shoved her hand down inside, I could see her fingers working against the thin material of her panties as she dug between the folds of her little slit but she couldn’t find the coin. Then, I asked if she sat on it. She quickly stood up and checked my lap.

She reached down and felt around feeling my cock she asked what it was as her fingers squeezed my shaft. I told her it was my magic wand, sometimes I had to use it to reach the coin. She reached down between my legs and I felt her fingers under my balls as she searched.

Then, I asked her if her butt swallowed my coin. She said no, she didn’t think some. Are you sure? I asked. She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders as she stood there. I asked if I could check and she said I could. I told her to turn around and to push her panties down to her knees.

She turned and pushed them down but her dress came down with them. I told her to pull her dress up and I would see if her butt swallowed my coin. She pulled her dress up and I saw her cute little butt for the first time. My cock throbbed.

I put a hand on each cheek and using my thumbs I spread them as far as I could. I told her to lean forward and push her butt towards me so I could see better. She did. Her little anal flower was right in front of my face.

I reached my finger up and touched her little butthole and she giggled and said it tickled.
I giggled too and then I told her I though I seen it and asked if I could try to get it. She said yes so I wet my finger and I pushed it against her anal flower. She giggled again.

I wet the tip of my finger more and pressed it harder against her anal ring, finally the tip entered her butt and she gasped and got quiet. “Yeap, there it is, can I get it?” I asked as I pulled my finger back. She nodded her head and said, “Yes,” very quietly. I had gathered as much spit in my mouth as I could and then spit it on my finger to make it even wetter. Slowly I pushed my finger between her cheeks and I felt it enter to the first knuckle. She was quiet but didn’t try to pull away.

I pulled my finger out and spit on it again. This time I pushed it in to the second knuckle and then slowly I started pulling and pushing finger fucking her little butt. She grunted and then gasped as my finger went deeper. Her little butt muscles were massaging my finger, her inside quivered, but she stood there while I molested her butt

I felt her body tremble more and I was afraid I had gone too far, so I eased my finger out and flicked the coin up and into the palm of my hand. She finally took a big breath and opened her eyes to see the coin in my hand. She reached for it and I let her grasp it in her little fingers.

She turned to face me and I got to see her little slit up close, she just stood there looking at the coin, with her panties around her knees and her dress still up around her waist. As she looked at the coin and I looked at her lower naked half, I repeated that it was a magic coin and she couldn’t tell anyone about it, not even her mother, OK? She just nodded her head.

After a few minutes I looked at my watch, it was 8:15 and I told her she had to go home before her momma got there. She quickly pulled her panties up, put her dress down and then she stopped. She handed the coin back to me and asked if I would be in the park tomorrow and I told her I probably would. She ran off towards her house.

I was concerned that night and the next day. I was afraid Ruthy would say something and the Police would come pick me up, but they didn’t. I was scared to go to the park the next afternoon for the same reason, but when I got there it was just kids and parents.

I watched them and looked for Ruthy for probably 30 minutes and then I saw her coming through the gate. She looked around She had a huge smile on her face when she saw me and headed toward me. She sat down beside me and immediately started talking about this and that and school and her mom and yada-yada-yada.

After she ran out of things to say, I asked what she wanted to do and she leaned towards me asked in a whisper if I still had that coin and I told her I did. She asked if we could play with it again and I told her there were too many people around. That they might see. She then asked if I would come to her house. I asked her the address and she told me. I told her to go home and open the back door. I would be there shortly.

She danced off and out the gate headed for her house. I waited a few minutes and followed her. I circled around and came through the backyard and stepped inside the back door. Ruthy was sitting on a stool waiting for me. I reached in my pocket and got the coin.

We did the ear, elbow and knee and pocket and then when it disappeared again, she told me it might be in her slot. I asked if I could check and she quickly lifted her skirt. I felt around her panties and told her I wasn’t sure. She reached down and pulled the elastic out and I slid my hand down inside her panties. I eased my finger between the folds of her slit and wiggled it slowly, massaging her tiny clit and her inter-lips. She giggled and shivered each time I bumped her little nub at the top of her slit.

She giggled more and then pressed her slit tighter against my finger and she asked if I felt it, smiling to myself and I said. I think so, but I tell you what, take your panties off and let me try something, I told the naive little girl. She took them off without any hesitation and I pushed her legs apart seeing her little slit for the first time in the light. It was beautiful.

I got down on my knees in front of Ruthy and then I had her scoot to the edge of the stool. I pushed my head between her legs, turning it this way and that comically to her delight and then my tongue touched her slit she squealed and said it tickled as she clamped her legs together trapping my head between them. Then, she relaxed and then I dipped my tongue between her folds and she got quiet. I told her I saw the coin and I was going to try to suck it out.

I had my hands on her hips and I felt her shiver as I locked my lips to her slit and my tongue massaged her inner lips. I found her little nub that was her clit and sucked it into my mouth and she shivered again. Pointing my tongue, I dipped down and pressed to her vaginal opening and then further down to her little butthole and then back up to suck her clit again.

Again her gasped and her breathing stopped, I pulled the coin up with my teeth. She laughed when she opened her eyes and saw me with the coin between my teeth. She reached for the coin and it disappeared again. She looked around for a minute and then she asked where it went. I shrugged my shoulders, she had me open my mouth and she looked inside.

She twisted around on the stool, got on her knees, grabbed a butt cheek in each hand and asked if I saw it in there. I tucked her skirt into her waistband. I wanted to grab her hips and slam my cock as deep as I could, but I didn’t want to hurt her so I told her I thought I saw something shiny, but I wasn’t sure.

She asked if I would please check still holding her butt cheeks apart and looking over her shoulder. I nodded my head and mumbled OK then I looked around seeing a bottle of cooking oil on the counter. I grabbed the bottle and poured some on my finger. When I touched her anal flower with the cold liquid covered finger she shivered.

I asked if it was too cold and she shook her head no and said it’s just that it feels good.
I pressed my finger in and it eased forward to the second knuckle and then deeper. She shivered again and started holding her breath again. She leaned down on the counter which seemed to raise her butt up higher, I watched as my finger sank in and out of her butt.

After a while I told her I could see the coin but I couldn’t reach it, but I had the magic wand that I told her about last night. I told her it was bigger than my finger and I was sure I could reach the coin. She said, “Do it.” I undid my jeans and pushed them down, I poured more oil onto my cock and made sure it was covered completely, Then, I pressed it to her butt. At first it didn’t do anything but slowly the head began to spread her opening and the head sank in. Her muscles clamped around the head. She tensed up, I knew it was hurting her, so I stopped and asked if she was OK. Breathlessly she said she was, but to hurry and get the coin. I told her I would wait and let her relax before I tried to get it. She just nodded her head.

After waiting a bit I grasped her hips and gently drew her closer as my cock slipped deeper into her hole, stopping every few seconds. Watching my cock slip deeper into this little girl was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I had to fight to keep from exploding right then and there.

Once I had eased my whole cock into her butt. Feeling her muscles caress my entire shaft was magnificent. My nuts churned as her breathing became erratic and she started to shiver hard.

I pushed her hips away and then pulled her back till her little butt cheeks were against my thighs. I was only able to do this four times before my juices started to rise and before I knew it I was coating her bowels with my seed. My knees weakened and I held her and the stool to keep my balance.

She shivered and shuddered even after I was finished. Slowly, I pulled my cock out and low and behold when she looked at my cock the coin was lying on the head of it. She giggled and said she like the games I played as she grabbed the coin. As long as you don’t tell, I will play my games with you I said. She giggled and said she would never tell anybody.

She asked if that was the magic wand that was in my pants yesterday and I nodded my head. She reached out and squeezed my wilting cock and it spasmed. She jerked her hand back and giggled. Then she tentively reached out again and just before she touched it I made it jump again and she laughed pulling her hand back a little.

Suddenly, she wrapped her fingers around it and squeezed it hard. She felt it start to re-harden and pulse in her hand as she watched it in total amazement as it grew hard. She absent-mindedly let me slip the coin from her other hand, since she was so fascinated with my cock in this hand.

She squeezed it and I made it pulse. She rubbed it tightly and it pulsed again as she watched it wide eyed. “How come it is so hard and soft too?” She wanted to know. Because you make it hard and it’s soft so it won’t hurt you. I told her. “How did I do it?” she asked?

I told her “By being so beautiful and wanting to play my games.” She smiled up at me and then she noticed the coin gone again. Where’d it go she wondered? I shrugged and started to say something but cut it off, “Wait,” I said and I held her face up towards me.

“Say something.” She asked what was wrong. I told her I could see the coin but it was down deep in her mouth. Get it she said with excitement in her voice. I reached into her mouth and wiggled my finger and then added a finger from my other hand and then I stretched her mouth open as far as I could being careful not to push in too deep so as to cause her to gag.

She waited patiently as I manipulated her mouth. Then I told her it was too deep, that my fingers weren’t long enough. She sat there with a sullen look on her face and then she asked excitedly, Can your magic wand reach it, she asked. This little girl was quicker than I thought. I said, maybe. Will you try? She almost begged. If you want me too, I smiled with glee.

She squatted down and opened her mouth right in front of my rock hard cock. I cupped her head with my hands and slowly pushed my cock between her ovaled lips. Her teeth racked my shaft and I pulled it back. She looked up at me. She looked like she was about to cry. I told her to fold her lips back to cover her sharp teeth and we would try it again.

She stretched her lips back and opened her mouth. I eased my cock head into her hot wet mouth stretching it wider until it was against the back of her mouth. I huffed and said almost. Then I pulled my cock back and pushed it back in, bumping the back of her throat again and she coughed.

Holding her head there for a second, I could feel her throat muscles against the tip my cock, kissing it almost. Then, I pulled back and pushed back in. I could feel my nuts start to stir already even though I had just cum. Pulling back I told her to climb up on the counter and lay down on her back with her head towards me.

I scooted her up to the edge and let her head dropped over the edge. When she was lined up, I nudged her lips with the head of my cock; she quickly opened her mouth and covered her teeth with her lips. Slowly I eased forward until the head was again at the back of her throat.

I pulled back and pushed in again and I felt a pop against my cock and then it went in further. I looked down and saw the head of my cock in her throat and then the rest of it as I slid it deeper. I could feel her throat muscles massage my shaft. I pushed further and then pulled back.

Ruthy gasped for air as just the tip of my cock was against her lips. Almost, I said. I waited a minute and then pushed my cock in completely, down her throat. I could see my cock in her throat and I reached down and felt it through the thin skin of her neck. My juices were boiling then and I couldn’t stop it if I had wanted to.

I looked up from her throat and saw that she was fingering her little slit and that was all it took, I blasted load after load down her throat. In the end my knees gave out and my cock slipped from her mouth as I hit the floor. I quickly flipped the coin and it landed beside her on the counter.

She jumped when she heard it hit and grabbed it. You did it, you got the coin out of my throat! she exclaimed. Yeah, yeah I did, didn’t I? I said as I caught my breath. She stared at the coin like it really was magic. I finally stood up and pulled my jeans up and told her to remember it was our secret and if she wanted to play my games with me she had keep our secret to not tell anyone. She again assured me she would never tell.

I got my coin back from her and left. I didn’t see Ruthy for a couple of days and began to worry. Then, on the third day she came through the gate at the park and bound over to me smiling as usual. She wore tight little shorts that created a camel toes and a cute little top that tied around her neck and back. She said her momma had taken off work and they had gone to see her sick grandmother in Tulsa.

I told her I was worried about her. She smiled and sat down beside me and hugged me. Then she surprised me and said, she loved me. I hugged her back and told her I loved her too. We sat there for a few minutes and then she asked if I had my magic coin and if I wanted to come over and I said I did to both counts.

She headed home and I took the long way around and got to her back door a few minutes later. This time I asked where her bedroom was and she guided me to it. It was pink and white with a few toys here and there. I asked her what she wanted to play and she told me she liked the magic coin and the games I played.

I reached in my pocket and retrieved the coin and she smiled. I acted like I was going to hand it to her and Poof, it was gone. She giggled and asked where it went? I shrugged my shoulder as I had before. She immediately reached for her elbow and then her armpit and then her knee and her pockets and then she pulled the elastic of her shorts out and then fought with the waistband of her panties.

I suggested that she just take them both off. She hooked her thumbs under the elastic and pushed her shorts and her panties to the floor. I tugged on the tie around her neck and the knot came loose, then the one on her back and the thin material floated to the floor.

Then, all she had on was her sandals. I lifted her leg and pulled off her shoe and then did the other the same way. Now my little lover was completely naked. I told her to stand back so I could look at her and she tried to strike a pose that was cute but she didn’t quiet get it right.

I had her climb up on the bed and I told her I was going to check out her whole body until I found the coin. She just smiled and put her arms by her sides. I started with her left foot where I tickled her and she wiggled and scooted around, I watched her body as she tried to fight her foot away from me.

Then, I moved up, checking out the back of her knees and then her thighs. I skipped her sweet little slit and continued up working every possible place to hide the coin. She giggled as I touched this place and that and jerked if it really tickled. I worked back down the other side. After I sucked her toes into my mouth and licked the soles of her feet and she stopped giggling, I told her I couldn’t find it.
She quickly pulled her feet up and reached down and pulled her little slit open with her fingers and asked if it was in there. She giggled the whole time as I rose up and comically twisted and turned my head this way and that, getting close and pulling back and then rubbing my eyes and then I told her I didn’t see it. She pulled her feet higher and stretched her butt cheeks apart and asked me if I look there. I told her no I had forgotten about there. I squatted down and then I said, “Yeah, I think I see it but I’m not sure. She asked me to please try to get it. I told her I would. I pulled a tube of KY Jelly I had brought for the occasion and squeezed a large dollop out onto her sphincter muscle which she gasped cause of the cold and then some on the tip of my cock. I got between her upturned legs and guided my cock to her hot little hole and eased the head of my cock inside. It slipped in easier this time but it was still like a vise. She groaned and started to vibrate as soon as my cock pressed against it and she gasped when it popped inside and her muscles squeezed it just under the head.

She was smiling and gritting her teeth as I slipped more of my cock into her. I asked if she was OK and she nodded her head yes. I pushed deeper still and she watched my face the whole time. Once I was in her completely, I pulled back and her eyes darted to her butt where my cock was sliding out. She shivered. I pushed it back in once it came out to the head and she shuddered. Her breathing was shallow and fast. Slowly I started picking up speed and soon I was sliding in and out of her little butt like a piston. She was cooing and shaking then her body stiffened like a board and then she started shuddering and gasping for breath. She squealed and then she passed out. I continued to fuck her little ass for a few minutes before my nuts churned and I exploded deep in her bowels. I let my cock slowly shrink inside her anal canal and when it was soft I pulled it out with a plop. I found the bathroom and washed my cock so it would be ready when she woke up.

I climbed back up on the bed and watched her sleep for a while. Eventually she rousted up with a smile and she asked if I found the coin. I held it up and she giggled and her eyes sparkled. Can you make it disappear one more time? She asked with a smile. I shrugged my shoulders and held it out to her, about the time her fingers would have touched it, “POOF” it vanished. I searched and then I looked up at her and she smiled, I think I know where it is. Where? I asked her. She opened her mouth and pointed at it. Comically I grasped her head and pushed her back, I got really close til her lips were touching my right cheek and then I jerked til her lips were on my other check. Yeap, Yeap there it is, how did it get way down there? I asked she shrugged and asked if I could get it.

I guess we’ll see, I told her If you want, I added. Oh yes, she exclaimed, I like it specially when you get it and it makes my belly all warm and fuzzy. Warm and fuzzy? I asked. She went on to explain Just before you take the magic wand out it gets bigger and then it does 5 or 6 times like it does when it is in my hand and then it makes my belly all warm and it makes it feel all fuzzy inside. I knew she was talking about when I blast my juices into her stomach, but I wanted to hear her explain it. OK, but remember, you can’t tell anybody about me using the magic wand or about the magic coin , Right? Right! She said, I can’t tell anybody.

She turned around on the bed and dropped her head off the side, God this kid was good. I eased up until my cock head was touching her lips and then I eased forward, she covered her teeth and opened her mouth as wide as she could. I eased in until I hit the back of her throat and then I pulled back and pushed a bit harder, I felt the pop and then sank the whole length into her throat. I watched as it appeared through her skin, it was so erotic, to see my cock pressing her throat out in its own shape. I leaned over, opened my mouth covering almost her whole slit and then I sucked hard and I caught her tiny clit and strummed it with my tongue. If my cock wasn’t in her throat, I’m sure she would have gasped. I started to pump in and out staying out long enough for her to take a breath and then I was buried back up to my nuts sack in her mouth and throat. She was shuddering and then she went stiff as a board and her little mouth clamped down as much as it could against my shaft. I reached under her and pushed a finger all the way into her butt and then I blasted jet after jet into her tummy.

When I finished I pulled my cock free and fell over beside her on the bed. After a while I woke her up and told her to go take a shower and I got dressed. When she came out she was wearing a Raggedy Ann and Andy nightgown. She followed me down stairs and I left. Before I did I turned and kissed her full on the lips and told her I loved her. She squealed and flung her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly and told me she loved me too.

The next day was a repeat of the day before. I fucked her little ass twice and then I blasted a load down her gullet before sending her to shower and get ready for bed.

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You should make a sequel but set it a few years later make her 12 or 13, the coin trick could have become a regular thing, she will have learned all about sex in school by that age and would probably just accept it. Maybe you could say she told her mum about him but the mum thinks he is an imaginary friend.

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Great story add pissing to it like the girl peeing and the dude drinking it . Or her pissing on him and stuff like that

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