A story of me and my brother growing up.
My name is Megan. This is an account of events that took place when I was a teenager in the 1970s. You won't find any wild sex in this story. It's rather mild. Just some stuff me and my brother did, but it was a lot of fun.


When I was sixteen I had a 13 year old brother, Mark. We lived in a rural area outside of a small town where my brother and I went to school. We had several acres of land. We usually had a few pigs, horses, several chickens and a large garden for our own use. Our property was located against a national forest at the end of a road. We were kind of isolated....just what my parents wanted.

I had a boyfriend, Bill. As I became more serious about Bill I decided I wanted to give him a handjob and maybe a blowjob too. The trouble was I had never done this and was rather nervous of messing it up and looking like a naive and inexperienced foolish girl.

I had a great solution. I had a 13 year old brother to practice on. Mark and I were always close. Since we lived in an isolated area we grew up playing together a lot. We also had several chores to do everyday and worked well together. Mark and I were always very protective of each other and were genuine friends. We rarely fought like so many siblings do. On the rare occasion we did fight we both quickly regretted it. To this day Mark is the kindest person I have ever met.

Both our parents worked and didn't get home till about 5:00 P.M. They also left us alone for the evening quite often for bowling nights and to play cards with their friends. One of these nights Mark and I were watching TV. I told Mark how much I liked my boyfriend. Then I just blurted out "I want to give him a handjob but I don't really know how." He was shocked and after a long pause he finally said "So?"

I said " saw you jerking yourself off a couple weeks ago. I wasn't spying on you. I saw you head down to the creek where the tire swing is. I followed. I was about to call out your name when you stopped and unzipped your pants. I thought you were going to take a piss so I waited for you to finish, but then you started jerking off. I couldn't help but watch....I'm sorry."

Mark's face turned red. He looked down and said "That's OK." Then he said "I jerk off all the time. I think there's something wrong with me. I'm always horny. It's like I can't even think straight unless I jerk off first." We both chuckled at that statement.

I told him all I wanted to do was jerk off his dick for him. We're not talking about sex here. There won't be any kissing or hugging cause that would be creepy. I then made a pumping motion with my hand like I was masturbating a dick and said with a big smile "It's up to you. If you want to do it just let me know. If you don't that's alright too. Either way I sure ain't gonna to tell anybody."

Mark just said "I don't know." We both watched TV for another 5 minutes or so. Then Mark said "OK" and he started to pull down his shorts and underwear. He suddenly stopped and asked "You do mean now...right?" I responded "Yeah. Right now. I'm ready." He pulled his shorts and underwear down to his ankles. I pulled them the rest of the way off. I just looked at his dick at first. This was the first one I had seen up close. I grabbed hold of his dick and began a pumping motion. He said "Easy. Loosen your grip a little." I kept stroking him. His dick quickly became hard as a rock. Mark gently took hold of my wrist and set the pace and length of my stroke. He leaned back and shut his eyes. He moaned as I stroked his dick. It was such a great feeling just watching his face and listening to the noises he made. It was a huge turn on for me. Soon he increased the pace of my hand. He kept telling me to go faster. He finally grunted and groaned as he shot a load of spunk all over his belly and my hand. He opened his eyes and we looked at each other with big smiles on our faces.

We both cleaned up our mess. I remember smelling his cum before I washed it off thinking I was going to be shooting this stuff in my mouth someday. I wasn't sure if I was going to like that or not. It smelled weird. About an hour later we did it again.

The next day after getting home from school Mark had a plate of food made up for me from last night's leftover's. Hmmm....I figured there could be some side benefits to this. It was twice as much as I normally ate after school though. Obviously Mark was trying real hard to be nice. After eating I gave him another handjob. We then went to work on our daily chores feeding the animals, watering the garden, and cleaning the house. Before our parents got home I jerked him off again. I was enjoying this and Mark was developing a permanent smile on his face.

In the next few weeks I became very good at handling a dick. With Mark's direction I learned exactly where he was most sensitive and I learned how to control when he came. I could make him cum quickly, as I did most mornings when we went out to the chicken coop to gather eggs. He was always horny in the morning. Mark would keep a lookout through the cracks in the wall as I would work his dick. Sometimes in the evening while watching TV I would see how long I could keep him hard just stroking him slowly and massaging his balls barely enough to keep his erection up. Mark loved this.

Like most teenage boys at the time Mark's favorite TV show was "Charlie's Angels". Luckily for Mark, that was bowling night for mom and dad. When the show was about to come on I layed out a couple towels on the sofa and got a bottle of baby oil. I asked him which girl on the show he liked best. He said his favorite was Farrah Fawcett....I could have guessed that.

He removed his pants and sat down. I sat next to him. I waited a few minutes till the show started. Then I poured some oil on my hand and began massaging his dick and balls till he got hard. I told him I would only touch him while Farrah was on the screen and he wasn't allowed to touch himself in between. For the next hour I masturbated him intermittently as Farrah appeared on the screen. I know I was teasing him but he was enjoying it so much. I spent much of the hour giggling. Finally with about 5 minutes left I vigorously went to work on him till he splattered all over himself.

My boyfriend Bill also became the beneficiary of my newly developed skills. Soon Bill was wanting me to give him a blowjob so I had to make a test run on my little brother.

The next afternoon when I got home from school I told Mark to go shower. We were going to do something a little different. Soon as he got out of the shower I grabbed his hand and took him to the middle of the TV room. I dropped to my knees and looked up at him smiling. I took his soft dick in my mouth and gently sucked. I ran my tongue all around the head and up and down the shaft. He soon grew hard. I began slowly thrusting my head back and forth on his dick. The transition from handjobs to blowjobs was pretty easy. I already knew not to use my teeth. I really enjoyed it. The feeling was great. I told Mark to put his hands on my head and set the pace. After some time I got ready for a mouthful of spunk. I had tasted it a few times after jerking him off but I hadn't had a mouthful of it before. I told him to warn me when he was about to cum so he let me know beforehand. It was weird but great. Spunk squirted all the way in the back of my mouth. It was hot and gooey and sticky. I loved it even if it did taste odd. I swished it around my mouth a little then swallowed it. I almost gagged as it went down just because of the slimey texture.

I quickly became good at this. Mark loved it. Next weekend Bill got his first blowjob from me. I had a very happy boyfriend and brother. I felt fantastic no matter how weird it was. I loved giving blowjobs.

One night after our parents left I started giving Mark a blowjob on the sofa. He asked me if he could see my pussy. I had seen Mark naked many times but he had never seen me naked. I undressed and stood in front of him. I slowly turned around to show him my butt and the rest of my body. I sat down on the sofa and told Mark to get down between my legs. He knelt down on the floor staring at my pussy. I said "Go ahead, just be careful. It's sensitive." Mark gently felt around my pussy lips running his fingertips through my hair. I pulled apart my pussy lips and told him to put his finger in me. Although I was a virgin I had already broken my hymen a couple years ago while masturbating. Mark kept gently pushing his finger in and out. I started getting wet. I pointed out my clitoris and told him not to rub it directly at first cause it's too sensitive. Just rub around it. After a good deal of coaching I was getting close to an orgasm. Then Mark reached down and kissed my pussy and slid his tongue over my pussy lips. I was delighted but he was just getting the hang of masturbating me with his fingers and now I had to teach him how to use his tongue on me. And I'm not exactly an expert on this so I just kept telling what felt good and what didn't. He had to stop once to rest his tongue. We both laughed. He resumed and eventually I had real good orgasm. He laughed and said he thought I was going to break his neck the way I squeezed his head between my legs when I was cumming. I felt great. I was so happy and contented. I told Mark I was proud of him. He did a great job. I had to fight the urge to give him a big kiss. So I gave him a long blowjob instead. Then we got cleaned up and we dressed. The next couple weeks had us servicing each other nearly everyday after school plus a quick blowjob in the morning. Mark became a very skilled pussy eater.

When summer came we had more time on weekdays when we both stayed home. We had some really great days. Of course there were many days when I would spend the day with my boyfriend or other friends from school. Mark also had his friends to spend time with.

One morning after mom and dad went to work we both had decided to stay home with each other. After Mark showered I took a shower. When I got out he almost had breakfast cooked. Having a brother that liked to cook for you was fun. I was probably the only girl in the county treated like this by her little brother.

After I ate I put on a long blue satin dress. It was a bridesmaid dress for our cousin's wedding. It had these dorky ruffles on the sleeves that I cut off as carefully as I could. I really liked the slick feel of the material though. I was starting to outgrow it and figured I wasn't going to have any other opportunity to wear it.

Mark was in the TV room. I entered wearing my dress, with nothing on underneath, and laid down in the middle of the room. I said to Mark "Come take care of your big sister." Mark wasn't sure what I had in mind. He started undressing. I told him to get himself hard and to lie down on top of me. He masturbated while looking at me till he got an erection. As he layed down on me I told him to rub his dick against my pussy through the material. He settled down on top of me. He started humping me through the satin material. I didn't cum but I loved the feeling. So did he apparently as it didn't take very long for him to cum. He just layed on top of me afterwards. The warm spunk soaked through my dress onto my abdomen. We finally seperated ourselves. I don't know why but I wore the dress for another hour or so before I took it off and cleaned it. Wearing it with the big cum stain on it like that turned me on I guess.

Afterwards we talked about having intercouse but neither of us wanted to cross that line. Mark was still my brother, not my lover. This was still about physical sensations and orgasms, not intimacy.

We both continued on like this for just over two years till I left for college. The last summer we had together was sort of sad. Bill dumped me. I dated some but didn't have a regular boyfriend. Mark got a serious girlfriend. He felt a lot of turmoil and conflict about what we were doing. He talked about stopping but we never did stop. It felt too good and was too convenient and besides I would be moving out soon.

I came home a few times the first year I was in college. Mark and I got right back into it when I was home. It was fun again but then I always had to leave so soon. At the end of my first year I met my future husband. Mark was still with his same girlfriend. I wanted to quit our sexual activities for good and so did Mark. We decided it would now become something in our past. It was something that belonged to an exciting period of our lives but there just wasn't any conceivable way it was going to fit into our futures. We promised each other it was over and we would refuse to do it again even if one of us wanted to.

Three decades later I'm still married to the same guy. Mark is with his second wife. We swore to never tell anyone but I got drunk and told my husband about it 11 years ago. He thought it was weird. He had 2 sisters and couldn't imagine ever wanting to do this with either of them. They fought like cats and dogs growing up. But when I told him the details it totally turned him on. I now have a couple satin dresses which my husband likes to hump me in.

It's kind of funny. When Mark and I see each other now we greet each other with a kiss and a long warm hug....something we never did when we were young....because that would have been creepy.

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