second installment of wife's side of story
*************Ok, once again.....because this is the wife's side, there is not a death I'm getting to it, bear with me, but the tag is for my loyal readers!!! If such things like young girls, forced sex, etc are not your fancy you will not insult me by reading it!!! So w/o further ado......Here is Part Two!

Part Two
Chapter Two: My sisters’ first ass fucking

Daddy would watch us bath, make us suck him; make me punish the girls his way and of course my night nighttime ritual with him as well. He carried on doing that for a few years, till I was about twelve or so. He started to include Annie into our activities, beyond bath time, just recently. I was in heaven….because of my father’s training; I enjoyed pain as much as I enjoyed the pleasure. I enjoyed giving pain to my little sister’s as much as I liked receiving it.

Anyways, sorry, I digress yet again. Daddy turned up a notch on his abuse about the time I was twelve or so. He had decided one day that we need weekly “inside” cleanings. Of course we had no idea what he meant by that, till he showed us.

That Saturday he took all four of us out into the back yard, I’m 12 at the time, carly is 8, Jenna is 7 and Annie is now four. He told us to remove all of our clothes and we all complied, used to the commands of our Father, knowing if we didn’t do it, we would be punished. Annie was slow in removing her clothing and my father took that as an opportunity to strike her. He smacked her hard on the face and commanded her to hurry up. Instead, getting flustered, she slowed down even more. My father slapped her again on the opposite cheek and commanded her to hurry up. She was sniveling from my father’s punishment and my twelve year old cunt was dripping from the sight of my father abusing Annie.

Finally, Annie had all her clothes removed and my father pulled out four bags with hoses attached to them. He explained that he was going to clean us once a week from the inside out. He was going to demonstrate how he was going to get the water into us and expected us to hold it in till he told us it was ok to release it. He also made a point of saying that if we released before he said so, he would punish us severely. He pulled me forward and filled the first bag with ice cold water from the garden hose and bent me over the picnic table. He kicked my ankles apart and spread my ass cheeks. Grabbing the hose, he shoved it up my ass hole and I grunted in pain and pleasure.

He released the valve and ice cold water started to rush into my bowels. I grunted in pain as my gut cramped from the instant and intrusive coldness of the water. He let all the water drain into me, distending my belly and pulled the hose out. Immediately I felt a butt plug slide up into my ass, increasing the uncomfortable feeling in my ass, sealing the water into me. My father repeated that process until all four of us had plugs holding the water into us. The younger three girls didn’t get the whole pint and half bag like I did, but they got enough to distend their stomachs as well.

As he filled us up, our father instructed us to play with our pussies like he had shown us. I, being the complete pain slut, came within a couple of minutes of the enema. My stomach starting to cramp, signaling it was time for me to release, but I couldn’t. Daddy stood in front of us stroking his prick while we squirmed in discomfort and playing with ourselves at the same time. My younger sisters crying from the pain of the cold water and the cramps of protest.

Little Annie started sobbing and begging daddy to let her go to the bathroom. This turned me on so much that I came so hard that I let loose and lost the water. Dirtying myself as I came, coming harder as the thought ran through my head that I just shit on myself.

My father chuckled and went to remove the plugs from the other girls. As he did, they let loose an immediate stream of dirty water, dirtying themselves. My father picked up the garden hose and sprayed us all clean and ordered us into the house. We marched into the living room and kneeled on the floor when he instructed us to.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me over to the coffee table. Making me lean over it on my stomach, he kicks my legs apart and grabs his belt. He starts to whip my ass, legs, and back as hard as he can. While he is doing this, he is lecturing us on obeying his commands and the importance of doing what we are told. He says I’m getting punished because I didn’t hold the water in long enough and this would be the punishment each time we got a cleaning if we defied him. He whipped me till my lower back, ass and legs where lined with welts. Then he made me lay on the table on my back with my legs spread. Bringing the belt down, he whipped it across my cunt, sending fire pain and hot pleasure through me.

I scream hard and loud. He doesn’t let me catch my breath; he continues to bring the belt down onto my cunt, hitting my clit each time. Sending bolts of red hot pain through me and making me twitch in pleasure each time. After the tenth time or so, he brings the belt down harder than ever and that sends me over the edge. I start to cum, my pussy convulsing in pain and pleasure as my father sees me cumming and starts to whip my pussy with short hard whaps. As I lay there in the aftermath of my orgasm, my father whips my stomach a few times, laying some pretty red welts across it and then helps me up.

I stand there breathing hard as he tells me that I need to punish Annie for begging out in the yard. I pick up Annie, sit down, and laid her across my lap and wet my pinky finger. With my other hand I spread her ass cheeks and shove my finger hard into her ass hole. My cunt twitches when she screamed at the intrusion. I don’t give her anytime to adjust; I begin to slide my finger in and out of her ass, picking up speed with each stroke. With my other hand I start to smack her on her ass cheeks, thighs, and lower back, HARD. My cunt getting wetter and wetter with each scream.

I look up and see my father staring intently at the scene of punishment, lust written all over his face. Annie is squirming and crying as I punish her ass with my finger, raping her. I piston in and out of her ass, opening her up so I can slide my finger in and out with almost no resistance. Smacking her hard with each thrust. After about fifteen minutes of abusing Annie, when I have worked up a sweat, my father tells me to stop. I release Annie and daddy tells her to go to bed. She runs off, afraid to disobey him.

My father then told the three of us to go into his room. He followed us in and closed the door. He told the younger two to get up on the bed and told me to pick out a movie while he starts to rummage in his closet. I chose my favorite one, a girl about seventeen getting gang raped by a bunch of horses, helped my some nasty redneck. I put it on and go to the bed.

I grab Jenna and pull her face towards my cunt and command her to lick me. She hesitates, as she usually does (I think she does it on purpose) and I smack her hard a couple times and yank her hair hard towards my cunt. She complies this time. Licking my snatch with a gusto that only a true lesbian can do. I rub my cunt against her face as she licks and bites my clit. I’m so turned on by punishing Annie that I cum before my father finds what he is looking for.

I push Jenna away and watch the movie while he looks. He finally finds what he is looking for and turns around showing me a strap on in his hand. He grins and says that it is time for the girls to start experiencing my nightly ritual and that he thought it would be fun for the both of us to do it together.

He helps me put the strap on, on and he strokes it a couple times, making it hit my cunt, sending pleasure through my clit. He grins and explains that it is built for the “pleasure” of both people using it. Meaning every time I thrust into a mouth, pussy or ass, I would be stimulated as well. I was thrilled beyond belief!

Daddy and I went over to the bed and instructed the girls to lie on their backs and to spread their legs while they watched the movie. I got between Jenna’s legs and my father took Carly. Together we introduced my sisters to the pleasure of having their cunts licked. An in my case, I got to lick my first cunt. My sister was smooth and I loved running my tongue over her soft cunt lips. I slid my tongue up her fuck slit, making her squirm in unknown pleasure while my father ate Carly out with gusto. We ate the girls out till my father pulled up, looked at me, licked his pinky and shoved it up Carly’s ass, making her squeal in surprise and pain. Instantly he started to suck and lick her clit again, sliding his finger in and out of her ass as he did.

I did the same to Jenna, getting the same reaction. I was in heaven, finger fucking my sister’s ass, tongue fucking her cunt and hearing her squeal in discomfort while I do it was extremely hot. I picked up the pace of my finger fucking and she picked up her protests of discomfort. I responded my pressing harder against her clit and rubbing it franticly with my tongue, intent on making her cum.

I could see daddy face and finger fucking Carly so hard that she was moving back and forth on the bed. We carried on orally raping my sisters for close to twenty five minutes before we gave up and admitted defeat. Too bad they would never know the joys of being pain sluts.

Rolling off them, my father and I made the girls suck our pricks before fucking them. I liked making Jenna take as much of the plastic dildo as I could and then making her gag by trying to shove more in. My father must have enjoyed that sight, because he watched us more than he watched Carla bobbing up and down on his prick.

By the time my daddy pulled Carla off his dick and flipped her onto her stomach, Jenna had tears streaking down her face, which was bright red from me trying to force the dildo down her throat. I forced Jenna onto her stomach, holding her hair, I positioned behind her between her legs. My father was poised behind Carly, smearing Vaseline into her ass crack. Handing the jar to me, I lather up Jenna’s ass.

Both of us grab our pricks and line them up and thrust into my sisters. We, somehow, at the same time managed to pop into the girls, making them scream at the top of their lungs. My father and I acted like one person, grabbing their heads, pushing them down for leverage and start to thrust hard into the girl’s asses.

My father is grunting in pleasure and I am moaning from the pleasure of the strap on. I’m so turned on from the evening’s events that yet again, I cum quickly. My cunt spasming in the orgasm as I franticly fuck my sister, increasing the pleasure to my quivering cunt. My father see’s this and moans, “Oh god, princess, that’s it, fucking cum for daddy.”

Both girls are screaming bloody murder and it only makes me want to fuck Jenna harder. My dad is ravaging Carly’s ass, pushing her head down and the other hand on her back for leverage. Both girls are begging for us to stop and we only increase our pace. I am matching my dad thrust for thrust, pounding poor Jenna’s ass with my plastic prick, sending fire through my own cunt.

My father growls, low and hard and tenses up. That sends me over the edge to and together my father and I cum. Him shooting deeply into my sister’s ravaged ass and I twitching on top of my other sister. We both lay on top of the sobbing girls, catching our breaths. After, which, my father and I cruelly pull our pricks out of the girls, smack them hard on the ass and send them to bed.

From then on, about once every three months or so, Daddy would take one of us girls to a place in the country. He called it the “clubhouse”. There, Daddy and two other men, who daddy said are brothers, would rape us.

Although one time, daddy took me and Jenna and I put on a show for the three guys and a few of their friends. I whipped Jenna, made her tongue fuck me, I fucked her up the ass while she screamed in pain and the guys whacked off like crazy, and then I made Jenna fuck me up the ass while I purred in pleasure from the painful pounding. Trust me when I say this, getting fucked by a dildo is very different from getting fucked by a real cock. A real cock has some give and although hard, not as hard and unforgiving as a dildo. This is why I liked using it on my sisters and it being used on me, more painful.

Daddy was usually fair and would alternate on who he took, but somehow I managed not to go as many times as the others. Which seemed like a shame, I really liked being abused by the guys. An somehow, the other girls always came back looking a little worse than I did. It really wasn’t fair; I was the one that got off on the pain!

But daddy stopped my visits altogether till the one time I was seventeen when I was about fourteen. One of the guys, Pete, face fucking me when he shoved his prick hard into my mouth and down into my throat, balls deep into my face. He cut of my air when he did this and was really getting off on me struggling to get lose to breath. He pulled his prick out and repeated this a couple of times, till the last time. He pushed balls deep into my mouth and held my face against him as I struggled. Instead of pulling his prick out like he had been doing, he just held me there as I started to pick up the intensity of my struggles.

I could see little stars from the lack of oxygen and my lungs where screaming in pain. I was panicking because I could not breathe and needed to. I clawed and scratched him, bucked and twisted, but he held me firmly in place. Grunting in pleasure from my panic he started to convulse in my throat, spewing his cum down into my stomach. About that time, I blacked out from the lack of oxygen and finished cumming Pete pushed me off his prick and I fell limply to the floor.

Had my father not stepped out to get a drink, it would have never happened. From what I understand he was furious and the other man prevented him from hurting Pete. So I never returned to the clubhouse after that, although I replayed the scene many times after, masturbating to it (What can I say…my father trained me well!). Although, he still took my sisters there. I never did come to understand the thinking my father had.

He never took my virginity, my future husband did that (which I will get to in the future) but he did end up taking the virginity of one of my sisters, I did the other one. Annie, unfortunately, disappeared shortly after her ninth birthday, so we never got to take her virginity. It was sad, daddy had taken her to get new clothes at the mall one Saturday evening and turned his back for one second and she was gone. The whole county helped look for her for almost six months before we had to give in to the fact that she was gone. Once again, daddy didn’t really show any emotion to Annie’s disappearance and showed anger and doled out smacks like they were candy whenever we expressed sadness, etc over her disappearance. So finally after a about a month, we stopped talking about her altogether and moved on with our family traditions.

Chapter Three: My sister’s cherries

Shortly after the incident at the clubhouse with Pete choking me into unconsciousness, my father and I fucked my sister’s cunts for the first time. Carly was ten at the time and Jenna nine. We had been fucking their asses for about two years or so now, together and so we fuck them for the first time together.

We brought them into our room and played with them like we usually did, tonguing their cunts and finger fucking their asses. But instead of flipping them over so we could get access to their asses, we just climbed between their legs.

My father and I lubed up their fuck slits with our trusty Vaseline and lined the heads of our pricks up to their cunts. I, of course, was using my trusty strap on. I spread Jenna’s cunt lips with one hand while I lined the dildo up to fuck slit, out of the corner of my eye I could see my father doing the same. In one hard movement, I started shoving the dildo against my sister’s virgin cunt. I cruelly shoved the head of the dildo into her cunt, making her squeal in discomfort as my father buried the head of his cock into Carly.

We both mirrored each other as we drew back and thrust forward, driving the pricks further into the girls, hitting their cherries. Quickly we gather back and fall with all of our weight behind our cocks, popping through the girl’s cherries. Both of them screaming bloody murder at the horrible pain ripping through their pussies. I grunt in pleasure from their discomfort and the dildo pushing against my own cunt.
My father and I are thrusting in and out of the girl’s, both of them sobbing from the pain of the intruding blunt objects. My father stops after a moment and suggests that we switch. So we do, I pull out of Jenna, mover over to Carly and thrust cruelly back into her cunt, making her squeal. I pull the dildo all the way out and repeat thrusting back into her hard. I love the squeal she gives every time I bury the dildo into her. I push as hard as I can into her, pushing the dildo as far up her cunt as I can till I bottom out at her cervix. Smiling, I start thrusting hard and short. Hitting her cervix forcefully with each jab.

My sister is grunting in pain and my dad turns to see what I am doing. After a moment, he realizes that I’m punching my sister’s cervix with the dildo and decides to do the same to Jenna. Soon we are matched on are thrusts again and the room is filled with grunts of pain from the girls and grunts of pleasure from daddy and myself.

After a minute or so of jabbing at her cervix, I feel the dildo slide about a quarter inch further into Carly, making her arch her back at the sudden cramp of my dildo entering her cervix. I jab hard and her scream of pain and begging me to stop sends me over the edge. I push hard into her, burying the length of the dildo into her womb, pushing it against my clit and I cum hard over my crying sister.

My father stops what he is doing and actually pulls out of Jenna and comes over to where I’m at. As I am cumming and my sister is screaming in pain, my father takes his hand and lays it on Carly’s stomach, right above her pelvic area. He pushes down on her stomach, causing her to scream even louder and I feel the dildo pushing against me, my father’s hand trying to force it out of her. I hold my weight against it as my father presses down on Carly’s cramping stomach.

He stops, goes back to Jenna and starts fucking her with intensity I have never seen from him. Shortly after that, Jenna gives a high pitched scream like Carly had a few minutes before and I see my dad pressed pelvic to pelvic with her. I now know that he has buried his entire prick into Jenna’s womb as well. He was groaning loudly with his eyes closed as he jerked hard. He was cumming, the feeling of her muscles fisted around his prick too much for him.

After we finished with the girls and put them to bed, my daddy confessed something to me. He told me he had never even thought of fucking a girl like that before and that was one of the hottest things he had ever seen and done. I grinned at him and told him that was what his princess was for! He laughed and said we would have to do it again in the near future. We snuggled up and fell asleep. Another normal day in our household…….

Part three coming soon………

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