Maryanne turns the wedding into a disaster, for the bride and groom.
Perfume 13 - A day of quickies - The Wedding

This is the 13th installment of the Perfume series. In chapter 1 Richard turns the tables on his mother with her new experimental perfume, saving most of it for the future. In chapter 2 he tries to control it better when he uses it on his older sister but it still gets out of hand. In chapter 3 he finally gets it right and has a wonderful time with his little sister, until the tables are turned. Chapter 4 is a postmortem on Rick's storytelling and evaluation of responses. Chapter 5 has him in the arms of his grandmother and not always using the perfume. Chapter six has him punishing his sister while he takes down her girlfriend. In Chapter seven Rick attends his little sister's slumber party. Chapter eight is where Rick gets some very private tutoring from his English Teacher. Chapter nine has Lucy seducing her Dad. Mom, Maryanne, and Lucy are finally together in Chapter ten. Chapter 11 found Rick in the arms of the Preacher's wife. Rick takes down the waitress in Chapter 12.

It took us an hour to drive to Jacksonville, but we finally arrived, all four of us. My mom of course, but also my two sisters came along, Maryanne not so willingly.

Maryanne was my 17-year-old sister. I'm Rick. I'm 14 years old. Lucy is the youngest at 10. An hour ago we were at a restaurant where I fucked the waitress in the men's room. I was able to pull that off because of the perfume. I have an aphrodisiac perfume and its antidote, luckily. I got it from my mom, well really I stole it. She thinks I dumped it down the drain after we used it on each other. My mom works at a research lab that makes all kinds of perfumes for companies. I have used the perfume not only on my mom, but also my sisters, and a slew of other people, including my high school English Teacher. It takes a lot of effort to set up and execute the perfect "adventure" as I like to call them. So I decided today would be a day of quickies. So far I have fucked the preacher's wife at church this morning and the waitress at the restaurant this afternoon. I was now anticipating fun at the wedding.

The actual wedding was an hour away yet, but the wedding party was already there at the church preparing. Mom took us around and introduced us. We met the bride-to-be Melody and her mother Esther and father George. Esther was my Mom's cousin. The groom, Darold, was with his three groomsmen. The introductions were quick as they were all busy preparing for the wedding but it gave me time to see what I was up against. After that we just milled around the sanctuary.

Maryanne pulled me away down a hallway so that she could talk to me alone. "I know about the perfume Rick," she revealed. "I know that you used it on me more than once and you owe me big time for that, little brother."

"How did you find out?" I asked.

"I remembered a lot from our family orgy the other night," she replied. "I then had a long talk with Lucy. You've been a busy little boy, haven't you? But tell me, when you use the perfume on someone how do you protect yourself."

"Lucy didn't tell you about the antidote?" I asked surprised. That meant that Lucy didn't tell her everything.

"No, she managed to leave that part out," Maryanne replied. "I'll have to have another talk with her later."

"Well the drug lasts an hour and so does the antidote. The antidote can also stop the effects of the drug on someone. So if you just wanted to use it on someone for a short while you could and then pull them out of it with the antidote."

"Well we have less than an hour before the wedding and I want to cause havoc," she said. "Put some of the antidote on me, and yourself too. It's going to be hell in here in a few minutes."

As I put the antidote on us both Lucy walked up. "What are you guys talking about?" Without asking I put the antidote on her too.

"We are about to fuck this place up," Maryanne said. "OK, here's the plan. Rick, you're going to lure Darold out of the groom's room into this empty church classroom. Tell him that Melody has to see him alone before the wedding, that it is imperative."

"Impera..what?" Lucy asked.

"That means it is of the utmost importance," Maryanne explained. "Basically he has no choice. Lucy and I will hide until you have him here. Tell him to wait until Melody arrives and then leave. I'll take it from there."

I went to the groom's room and stuck my head in. "Darold, could I talk to you a second, out here please?" indicating the hallway. Darold came to the door and stepped out. I quietly said, "Melody sent me to ask you to come to her. She says she has to talk to you before the wedding. It's absolutely imperative."

"Even though it's bad luck to see her before the wedding?" Darold asked.

"Even though," I replied. "She said it was very important, that she talk to you alone." With that Darold followed me to the pre-arranged room. "Wait here while I go get Melody." Then I left, shutting the door behind me.

Maryanne was out in the hallway waiting for me. "Now give me five minutes and then bring Melody in. Have some of the perfume already on your hand so that when Melody blows her top, you can redirect that energy to yourself. Now spray my right hand," Maryanne said and I did. Of course with the antidote in our system, the perfume had no effect on us.

"What about me?" Lucy asked. "What am I supposed to do?"

"Spray both your hands and then go introduce yourself to the men in the groom's room," Maryanne suggested. I sprayed Lucy up good and then myself.

Before leaving I wanted to see how Maryanne was doing. After she entered the room with Darold in it and closed the door, Lucy and I pressed our ears against to door to eavesdrop.

"Where's Melody?" Darold asked.

"She'll be here in a couple of minutes," Maryanne told him. "She got held up and asked me to ask you to be patient. I never did get to shake your hand and introduce myself. Hi, I'm Maryanne, just one of the relatives."

"It's good to meet you, I'm Darold. Oooh, your hand is slick."

"Oh sorry, I'm freakish about making sure my hands are bacteria free so I use this lotion all the time," Maryanne explained. "Anyway Melody asked that I keep you relaxed and comfortable and give you anything you want. So tell me Darold, do you see anything you want? Is there anything I can do to make you feel relaxed and comfortable? Darold? Are you OK?"

"What's happening to me?" he asked. "Oh your fingers feel so good on my shoulders. Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you looked Maryanne?"

"Oh my Darold, is that bump in your pants because of me?" Maryanne asked him. "Well that can't be very relaxing, all cramped up like that. Let me help you set that monster free. Does that sound like a good idea?"

"Yes, please help me. I can't stand up there in church with that bulge in my pants."

"I know just the thing to solve your problem, and Melody will be so thankful that you took care of the problem on your own and didn't embarrass her in front of all her family and friends." Maryanne had Darold under control. I had to take the next step of the plan.

Lucy and I headed down the hallway. We came to the groom's room first. She was ready with both hands covered with the perfume. I stepped to the side and let her take over. She knocked on the door.

"Yes, may I help you?" said one of the groomsmen as he opened the door and saw little Lucy standing there. "You're a little one aren't you?"

"Not too little for you," she joked. "I have news from Darold. May I come in please?" They let her in and she shut the door. I listened at the door, as we had with Maryanne and Darold. Lucy went on with her explanation. "First of all Darold apologizes for the delay. He is having an emergency meeting with Melody. He sent me here to let you know and told me to keep you all company until he returns. My name is Lucy and I don't know how but I'm related to Melody. So each person, one at a time, tell me your name and let me shake your hand, like we are being formally introduced."

"I'm Jack, Darold's best man," one voice said.

"Good to meet you Jack," Lucy replied. "Wow, what a grip. I'll bet you are big and strong all over."

"I'm Matt, a friend of Darold's," another voice said.

"Hello Matt," Lucy said. "You're really tall aren't you Matt? Not in a bad way. I just mean, well I'm guessing everything about you is...tall."

"You're kind of a flirty little thing aren't you?" asked a third voice. "Hi, I'm Kenneth, Melody's older brother."

"Short and stocky, just how I like 'em," Lucy joked. "Boy, your fingers are bigger than two of mine together. Is everything that big on you?"

"Jake, what are you doing?" Kenneth said. A moment later he said, "Matt, what the fuck, what are you two doing?"

"We think Lucy would be much more comfortable on this table over here," Matt said.

"Oh shit, ...maybe you're right," Kenneth replied.

I knew Lucy had everyone under her control so I moved to where Melody was at. I knock on her door and one of the bridesmaids answered. "Yessss, may I help you?" She was giggling. They must be having fun.

"Darold sent me with a message for Melody," I told her.

"Well, what is it? I'll give it to her," the girl said.

"For her ears only, sorry," I told her.

"Melody, some kid out here says he has a message from Darold and he will only give it to you."

"OK, be right there," Melody said. A moment later she popped her head out the door and asked "What?"

"Darold said he absolutely has to speak to you before the wedding, right now in fact," I told Melody. "It can't wait. He said I was not to come back without you, it's that important. He said it would only take a minute but that he just has to speak with you."

"He didn't say what it was?" she asked.

"No, just that I was to escort you to this room down the hall where he is waiting," I explained.

"OK. Girls, I'll be right back," she informed them. "Don't have too much fun while I'm gone." She then followed me back down the hallway towards Darold's room.

As we passed the groom's room I told her it was not there but a few doors down on the right. You could hear loud voices coming from the room. Then plain as day someone yelled, "That's it Matt, drive it home, yeah baby."

"And I thought we were having fun," Melody said as we walked by. If she only knew what was happening there and what was about to happen to her. As far as Melody was concerned I was ready for her with my left hand covered in perfume.

As we approached the room with Maryanne and Darold you could hear grunts from Darold and Maryanne. I knew what they were doing but Melody didn't. I decided to play up the suspense a bit.

"You know Melody, you don't have to go in there," I told her. "You can go back to your bridesmaids and pretend you never heard any of this. You could pretend you never followed me down here, that you never heard anything. Just get married and forget all about it."

"What are you talking about?" she said as she reached for the door handle. But she was considering it. She held onto the handle for several more seconds and a couple more grunts. Unable to take it any longer she opened the door and walked in. I followed her inside and shut the door.

There on the far side of the room was Darold with his pants down around his ankles. Sitting up on the edge of a desk Maryanne had her skirt up around her waist. Her panties were on the floor and her legs wrapped around Darold's waist. With each thrust he was ramming his formerly virgin cock deep inside of my sister's cunt.

"Oh my God, Darold, what are you doing?" Melody screamed, bursting out into tears.

"Uh...oh shit...Melody. I...uh...I'm almost done here honey," Darold stammered but never lost a beat. He kept right on fucking Maryanne.

"Christ, Darold, stop it," she ordered.

I took my perfume-laced left hand and put it over her face, covering her eyes. "Don't look at this perversion, Melody. He must be out of his mind."

"Hell, you say," Melody yelled as she pulled my hand away from her face, but not before I had it smeared perfume across her forehead and upper face, along with the fact that she breathed it in for a few seconds. I knew that over the course of the next minute she would be transformed into my own sex maniac.

"Maybe we should leave and let him finish before you talk to him," I said, playing with her. "I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation."

"Are you out of your fucking mind," she screamed at me.

"I'm sure he didn't know that my older sister Maryanne was only 17. She looks so much older than that, don't you think?"

"Did you hear that Darold?" Melody yelled. "You're fucking a minor, you asshole. What would you do if you caught me fucking someone before we got married, let alone a minor. Hell, I could if I wanted, well I could...I could fuck that girl's little brother, standing right here."

"Do it honey," Darold yelled back.

"I'm not kidding Darold. I will. I'll fuck this little boy right in front of your face, you bastard. How would you like that you son-of-a-bitch? I'm going to do it Darold. I mean it."

My minute was up and she was mine. She turned and kissed me on the mouth, driving her tongue deep inside right away. Melody was a basket case. She just had her world collapse around her. She was balling her head off. At the same time she was furious with Darold who was fucking Maryanne right in front of Melody without a care in the world. Now with the powerful aphrodisiac drug in her system she wanted nothing less than to fuck my brains out, and that feeling was getting stronger every moment.

"Get those fucking pants off Rick," she ordered me, "and get on the floor on your back."

I did as she said and she simply straddled me. Here I was on my back on the floor looking up at a beautiful women standing over me in a wedding dress. She reached down on each side and bundled up the dress as she knelt down over my hips. She somehow got a hand around all the material of her dress and reached her panties. She brushed against my hard on as she pulled her panties to one side. Shifting her hips she managed to position herself so that her pussy was resting on the head of my erection. She then slowly lowered her hips down as I just as slowly slid my prick up into her virgin pussy. Even though I am only 6 inches, and not that thick, her pussy was tight. She took me to her hymen but didn't push me through yet. She lifted her hips up and down several times first, and I felt the wetness grow. I didn't want to cum just by her massaging the head of my penis. So on her next downward movement I thrust my hips upward as hard as I could and drove my cock through her barrier and deep up into her pussy.

"Oh God," Melody yelled out as I changed her from an innocent virgin into my fuck slut.

I didn't wait for her to decide whether it was a good thing or not. I just began thrusting up and then back down, over and over. Within a couple of minutes she began moving on her own, lifting her hips up and dropping back down. I slowed my own movements and let her take over. It was hard for me to really see her expression with her bulky wedding dress covering half my face. All I really had was my memory of this beautiful girl, brown eyes, and freckles across the nose. Her brown hair was done up so I didn't know what it really looked like. She was thin as best I could tell through the dress, with fair size breasts, again hidden from my view. Standing she was a tall girl, at about 5' 9".

Maryanne broke the chorus of grunts from all of our fucking. "Harold, I'm cumming. You're making me cum. Oh yes, Harold, fuck me harder now, fuck me harder."

"Oh yeah, baby, how's this?" Darold yelled back.

"Those two are really going at it pretty hard," I told Melody as she continued to fuck me.

"Then let's step it up a notch," she said. Reaching up to each shoulder, Melody grabbed the material and yanked out and down, pulling her dress off her shoulders. She then pulled her arms out of each sleeve. This made it possible for her to pull her dress down to her waist exposing her bra. A moment later that was off too. There before me were two beautiful breasts, oddly freckled like her nose. Her areolas were dark and the nipples in the center of each were long and hard. Holding her wedding dress down with one hand I reached up with the other and gently grabbed a breast, squeezing. Her skin was soft and smooth, yet a firmness to her breasts that allowed them to jut out instead of sag like so many women. I was now able to get a hand on each breast. Her breasts weren't small, but not overly large either, probably in the full C-Cup middle range. When I twisted her large nipples, she moaned in response. Her jaw was dropped and she was struggling to breathe. She grabbed the back of my hands and pressed them hard into her breasts, slowing her movements on my shaft almost to a crawl. I realized she was having her first ever orgasm while being fucked. Her pussy walls were spasming around my shaft, doing their own method of fucking me. I felt myself cross that boundary where you can never call it back. Up my shaft it came and the next moment I was filling Melody with my cum.

I was so into what I was doing with Melody that I lost track of Darold and Maryanne. When I looked over I saw that she was in a new position, bent over face down on the table with Darold fucking her from behind yelling "Oh shit Maryanne, you are one hot sex kitten. You're making me cum again."

"That's it Darold. Fuck me. I'm your bitch. I'm your slut baby and you can make me cum anytime you want." Maryanne was really giving it to Melody with all her trash talk. She told me just before we started that if it really got to this point I was to bring Melody out of it by giving her the antidote. As I got some out of my coat pocked, which I still had on by the way, I smeared it on Melody's breasts. Maryanne kept talking. "I'm your fucking whore Darold and whenever you get tired of Melody and want a real piece of ass, you can come fuck me. Anytime you want. Looking over at that pathetic piece of shit of a bride I guess you'll be calling on me just about every night. Oh Darold, you're going to make me cum again. Oh yes baby, that's it. Shit, I'm cumming."

"What the hell is this?" Melody asked looking around. She then looked down at me and realized I was still up in her pussy. She took both hands and covered her face, crying.

"I told you that you would be sorry afterwards," I said to Melody. "But you wouldn't stop. Why didn't you stop when I asked? Why did you have to take my innocence too? And then Darold over there, fucking my sister, what's wrong with you people?"

Melody stood up bawling her head off. She pulled her dress up to cover her breasts but didn't bother with her bra, just leaving it on the floor. A moment later she ran out of the room. I walked over to Darold and put some antidote on him. He didn't even know I was there until a minute later when it took effect.

"What have I done?" he asked himself. "Oh no, I've ruined everything." Stumbling backwards he pulled himself out of the grip of Maryanne's pussy. Pulling up his pants he also ran out. Having gotten back dressed myself I followed him. He went straight for the groom's room where I knew Lucy was with the three groomsmen.

When he opened the door there was Kenneth on the far side of the room. He had Lucy up against the wall, his pants down and fucking her. Her legs were just hanging outward from her body as she was pinned between Kenneth and the wall.

"What the hell is happening here today?" Darold screamed. "Have we all lost our minds? Kenneth, put her down, let her go."

Lucy suddenly put on a good crying scene. Taking some antidote I went to each of the men and casually put some on them, without them noticing. By the time the groomsmen were coming out of it I had Lucy dressed and out of there. We ran back to the room where Maryanne was. Making ourselves all presentable we calmly walked to the sanctuary where Mom was sitting.

Maryanne spoke first. "Mom, come on, we have to go."

"As soon as the wedding is over," Mom replied.

"Oh believe me, the wedding is so over," Maryanne said.

"It's not happening today," I told Mom. "I think they have decided to work on some of their issues first."

Just then George and Esther, the bride's parents, walked into the sanctuary and announced that the wedding had been postponed, indefinitely. They wouldn't answer anyone's questions as to why, just that it was not happening today. So people left, grumbling about how awful the bride and groom were being, canceling the wedding on such late notice. We just gathered ourselves up and left.

On the drive back home I whispered to Maryanne, "You are so evil."

She whispered back, "What good is it to have such power if you don't use it?" She smiled at me.

What a day this was, I thought to myself. First the preacher's wife, then the waitress, finally the bride-no-more, all in one day, my day of quickies. So I wondered what Maryanne had in mind for us, now that she knew all about the perfume and how it could be used. Tomorrow was another day, another adventure.

The end (until tomorrow)

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