Will the restaurant waitress fulfill Rick's quest for a quickie?
Perfume 12 - A day of quickies - The Restaurant

This is the 12th installment of the Perfume series. In chapter 1 Richard turns the tables on his mother with her new experimental perfume, saving most of it for the future. In chapter 2 he tries to control it better when he uses it on his older sister but it still gets out of hand. In chapter 3 he finally gets it right and has a wonderful time with his little sister, until the tables are turned. Chapter 4 is a postmortem on Rick's storytelling and evaluation of responses. Chapter 5 has him in the arms of his grandmother and not always using the perfume. Chapter six has him punishing his sister while he takes down her girlfriend. In Chapter seven Rick attends his little sister's slumber party. Chapter eight is where Rick gets some very private tutoring from his English Teacher. Chapter nine has Lucy seducing her Dad. Mom, Maryanne, and Lucy are finally together in Chapter ten. Chapter 11 found me in the arms of the Preacher's wife.

"Mom, you can't be serious. I'm not going. I don't even know her," Maryanne objected.

Maryanne is my 17-year-old sister. I'm Rick and 14. My Mom, Maryanne, and my younger sister Lucy, who is 10, just left from church, where I had the pleasure of screwing the minister's wife. I know that sounds crazy so here's some background. I happen to have a drug perfume and its antidote. The perfume acts like a strong aphrodisiac. I stole it from my mom. She works at a research lab that makes perfumes. I have used the perfume on my mom, my sisters, and a host of others, most recently using it at church. I was getting tired of the effort and setup involved for each of my little trysts, so I decided to make it easier. The perfume drug turns people into sex machines for an hour. The antidote works pretty fast and also lasts for an hour. I had decided that today was going to be my day of quickies. Though my little affair with the preacher's wife was shorter, I still spent too much time with it all. I had to make time involved shorter yet, make it a true quickie.

"If I had told you where we were going I would have never gotten you all together," my mom explained. "Listen, it will only be for a few hours. If you want Maryanne, you can then spend the night at your girlfriend's tonight and go to school from there tomorrow." That seemed to calm her down.

"I don't mind going to a wedding," Lucy said. "Who is she again?"

"It's my cousin Esther's daughter Melody," Mom said. Good, I thought, maybe I'll fuck her and her mother.

"How come we never met her?" Maryanne asked.

"Because they live back East. She met her fianc?n the Internet through some 'Saved for Marriage' dating site. He lives in Jacksonville, an hour away."

"What do you mean 'Saved for Marriage?' asked Lucy.

"The users of the site all believe that you don't have sexual relations ever until after you get married," Mom explained. "They believe that the joining of two people should occur for the first time on the wedding day."

"It means they are both still virgins, Lucy," Maryanne said. "Just like you." How little she knew, I thought.

"How old is she?" I asked.

"She's 20, and he's 32," Mom said.

"Wow, 20 and still a virgin," I said.

"You mean 32 and still a virgin," Maryanne countered.

I leaned over to Maryanne, as we were in the back seat together, and whispered, "Don't do something I wouldn't do sis."

Maryanne turned at me with a mischievous look, the kind that said she knew exactly what I was thinking, and whispered back "You and I have to have a serious talk today." Oh no, she knew about the perfume. She must have forced it out of Lucy.

"We're here," Mom said.

"Already?" I asked.

"Not the wedding silly, the restaurant," Lucy laughed.

"We'll all have a peaceful meal and then drive to the wedding," Mom told us. "Now let's go get something to eat."

As we were walking in I felt for the perfume bottle. It was still in my one coat pocket and the antidote in the other. We were eventually seated and waited on. The waitress was a pretty young woman, a bit overweight though. Shirley, her tag said. If she lost some of that weight she would probably be beautiful in the face. As she was, she still looked nice on her short 5' frame. She had one of those builds that some overweight women have. It appears that they don't really have much in the way of boobs, hidden by the rest of their large body. She seemed pleasant enough, but there was tiredness about her look, maybe more of a sadness. Her shoulder length brown hair looked a bit of a mess like she hadn't washed it in awhile. My mind wandered as I saw that she didn't have on a wedding ring. I wondered if she had ever been fucked in her life. The way she looked who would want to? She just didn't seem to be one that took care of her looks.

The meal was served and it was pretty good. Where I was sitting I had a good view of the restaurant and kept an eye on our waitress. I saw that the restrooms were on the far side of where our table was. When Shirley was near the restrooms I decided to make my move.

"I need to use the restroom," I announced. "This stuff seems to be going right through me. I may be a few minutes so don't worry." That should give me the time I needed.

Heading to Shirley I stopped and asked her "Could you please show me to the restrooms?"

"They are just over there and to the left," she said as she pointed.

"I'm sorry, I'm so stupid. I left my glasses at the table and don't see so well without them. Would you mind so much?" I innocently asked holding out my now perfume-laced hand.

She took my hand and led me to the bathroom. Before we arrived she was breathing heavy and holding my hand much more firmly.

"Maybe you could take me in, just so I don't get the wrong door," I quietly told her. She didn't hesitate now at all. She and I both went into the men's bathroom.

"We have to make sure the door is locked so no one walks in on you," she told me as she locked the door behind us.

I turned and she grabbed me, pulling me to her. She kissed me hard on the mouth. "Do you like that?" she asked.

"Oh yes," I said, sounding out of breath.

"Well you are going to love this," she said as she spun me around, putting my back to the door. She got on her knees facing me and undid my pants. I wondered if I had given her too much perfume. Yanking my pants down she exposed my now semi-hard cock. A moment later it was inside of her mouth. She easily took me all in. Within a minute she had my 6 inches fully erect, and still in her mouth. She then began giving me an incredible blowjob. She sucked as she ran her teeth along my shaft, keeping me wet with her tongue. I knew it wouldn't take but a minute of this and she would be eating my cum. And I didn't want that for her. I wanted more.

I decided to try something new with the perfume. Experimentation had shown me that the farther away from the brain the perfume was administered, the longer it took for it to take effect. Also internal absorption got it into the blood stream faster than through the skin. The same thing held true for the antidote. So with my perfume bottle in one hand and the baggie with the antidote in the other I was ready. Being careful not to touch the antidote with my hand I reached down and smeared a small amount on my ankle, as far away as I could get at that moment. At the same time I sprayed the perfume into my mouth, inhaling as I did it. I was bent over low, not only to get to my ankle but because I knew I had to just drop the perfume and antidote on the floor. Shirley was having a hard time blowing me with me bent over like this but I knew I would be in this position for only a moment.

I had the perfume in my mouth and in my lungs. I didn't know how it worked but the effect was immediate. I had run the scenario through my mind several times during our meal and knew I only had a couple of minutes before the antidote would make the trip from my ankle to my brain and stop the effects of the perfume on me. As much as I was enjoying her, I pushed Shirley off of my dick.

"Turn around on your hands and knees," I ordered. Not waiting until she was in position I was already yanking her pants and panties down over her butt. It was enough. The only thing on my mind at that moment was how much I needed to fuck her. I knelt behind her fat ass, up close. I was going to try and reach around her leg but felt her hand already on my shaft. She guided me to her pussy and helped push it in. That's all I needed. I thrust forward. She may not have been married or even had a boyfriend right then but she had been fucked before. I slid in easily. She tipped her ass up in the air to give me better access and I began thrusting in and out fast and furious. I didn't care if she came or not. At that moment it was all about me, and my satisfaction.

"So do you like this, you fucking bitch?" I taunted her, asking her back the same question she asked me. "Oh I think you do, you fat-ass whore," I told her as she grunted to each thrust.

"You little ass-fucker," she said, "is that all you've got. Are you just going to tickle me with that little prick of yours or fuck me like a man?"

I felt her pushing back on me now as I drove my hard cock ever deeper into her. "Big talk for a big woman. But you have never had such young meat before, have you slut?" I asked her. I was ramming her as hard as I could right then.

"You've got promise little boy, I'll give you that," she replied. "Maybe I'll just take you home with me and teach you how to really fuck someone my size. The bigger the better you know."

I was thinking maybe she was right. I was pounding harder into her right then than I had into anyone else. If I drove that hard into Lucy she would break.

"Oh fucking hell," she cried as her body began convulsing. With an orgasm spreading through her body, her pussy walls convulsed around my cock in repeating quick tight spasms. Even though I was still fucking her hard I could feel that sudden tightness wrap itself around me. It sent me over the edge. I held onto her hips tight as I drove myself one last time deep into her pussy and held myself there, spewing out my cum, spurt after spurt.

It had only taken three minutes from beginning to end. The small amount of antidote I had put on my ankle had finally worked its way to my brain and calmed the effects of the perfume on me.

"Oh fuck that was hot," Shirley said, as I realized she was still under the influence of the perfume. I quickly grabbed both my bottle of perfume and the baggie of antidote off the floor. Pulling out of her, I took a little antidote on my finger and worked it up into her dripping wet pussy. "Oh yeah, baby, slide that finger up in me. Finger fuck me while you come back to life. We aren't even close to being done," she said.

She kept talking dirty to me for the next minute. I pulled my finger out of her, to her complaints. But they only lasted a few seconds longer. The antidote was taking effect. She rolled over onto her butt and stared at herself, then at me pulling my pants up.

"Oh God, what have I done?" she asked. They always say that, because I look so young. They know that they are the adult and I'm just the defenseless little kid. I suddenly have this great power over them.

"You showed me how to fuck," I told her. "And it was wonderful. Even though that was my first time, something tells me that I will never forget it and that it will be a long time before anyone will be as wonderful as you were." I was really trying to make her feel good, honestly. Most people think that it's only men that want to fuck a virgin. Women like to also and get a thrill out of knowing they were a guy's first fuck. They just don't admit so readily.

"Oh no, we didn't just f..., oh Christ we did, I remember it now," she said. "Oh God please, you can't tell anyone. Please, promise me, you won't tell."

"Of course I won't. I'm not an idiot. I know you could get in trouble," I told her. "But that wouldn't benefit anyone. I should be thanking you for teaching me how to do it. In fact I do thank you. You were fantastic. I've masturbated before to pictures, but this was a thousand times better."

As we talked she got herself cleaned up as I got her calmed down. "Could I have your number and call you sometime? I want to do this again. I really do," I told her. The thing was, I did want to do it again with her, in a more controlled environment, maybe not even using the perfume. Fat women are hot, far more than I had ever imagined. Actually I imagined that they weren't hot at all, but Shirley sure was. I wanted to fuck her again. I wanted to see what it was like to slow fuck her, to see how many wild positions a fat girl and a scrawny little kid could get into and still manage fuck, maybe see what it was like to really fuck a fat ass. Yes I wanted that phone number.

"This is against my better judgment but here it is." Shirley wrote her name and number on a piece of paper and handed it to me. I put it in my wallet and then we opened the door.

"There, that should fix the plugged up toilet sir," she said as she walked out, just in case someone saw her leave the mens room.

"Thank you Ma'am," I replied. "You're a lifesaver." I shut the door then and actually used the bathroom.

When I finally got back to the table Mom asked, "You feeling better?"

"Everything came out just fine and I feel great," I replied. Quickies can be fun, I thought to myself.

"Oh gross," Maryanne said. But Lucy just looked at me for a moment and then smiled with a look on her face that said she knew what I just did.

"So let's finish up here and get going," I said. "We have a wedding to get to."

"That's right," Maryanne smiled at me and winked.

The end (until the wedding)

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