The neighbor girl
I usually work very late at night so I sleep late most morning until about noon or so; my wife, Kit does 50-60 hours a week managing a store, so I’m left to my own devises. That Saturday, I was awakened from a very sexy dream by the dogs barking like crazy and I realized someone was at the door. I stumbled through the house and realized it wasn’t the front door. It was the back, figuring it was my neighbor Rob, I was about to yell at him for waking me up, but I was surprised to see the cute little blonde girl from the other side. She was wearing her little brownie uniform and was so cute in that short little brown uniform with her sandy blonde hair hanging down almost to her waist and those emerald green eyes sort of sparkling in the morning sun. She held a flyer in her hand about cookies. “Would you like to buy some of my cookies?” she asked cheerfully. Through the fog I stared at her for a minute and my mind flashed to one of my favorite fantasies of a girl in a Girl Scout uniform. Maybe I was still dreaming. My cock started to grow. I said to her; “Step inside while I get my glasses.” I wanted to see her better and inside the house I felt safer too. I hadn’t even thought about only having a pair of thin gym shorts on.

I held the door for her as she entered the house her shoulder brushed the head of my cock as she passed and I realized it was hard and getting harder. She immediately bent over and started playing with the dogs. I was transfixed behind her staring at her little cotton panties that was attempting to slip between the cheeks of her butt as she wiggled playing with the dogs. I reached down and squeezed my shaft and groaned. I knew if I didn’t do something I was going to shoot off right then and there. I reluctantly went to the bedroom and got my glasses and when I got back to the dinning room she was crawling on the floor and giggling as the dogs played with her. I entered the room just in time to see her panties again, her uniform had ridden up almost to her waist as she twisted and turned around. The right side of her panties had gone into her butt crack and the left wasn’t far behind. She looked like she was wearing a thong almost. Then I realized what I was wearing as my cock throbbed again and was trying to come out to join the fun. I started to grab my robe from the bathroom but I stopped and decided to just see what she would do.

I picked up the flyer and pretended to look over it but really I was watching her cute butt as she wiggle on the floor with the dogs. “Where’s mom and dad?” I asked. She stopped playing and looked up at me. “Daddy left us last week and mommy went shopping, I was supposed to stay in the house while she was gone, but I wanted to sell my cookies.” “What did she go shopping for?” “She went to Thomasville to Wal-Mart to get food and stuff and she was going to Sally’s and the shoe store.” She said. “Wow, you sure are a big girl when your mommy leaves you all by yourself when she goes shopping.” I said with a smile. “I pretended to be sick cause I didn’t want to go with her and she told me to lay down and take a nap while she was gone.” she said coyly. “So you lied to your momma and now you are over here to sell your cookies, huh?” She nodded her head and looked down at the floor, “You won’t tell her will you?”

Suddenly my cock throbbed at the possibilities and the movement caught her attention. “No baby, I won’t tell, you’re my friend and I wouldn’t want to get you in trouble, cause friends don’t get friends in trouble.” I said as I looked down at her. She smiled, but her eyes never left the tent in my shorts. “Hey, how come your shorts are stickin’ out like that?” I looked down and saw what she was looking at, I took my hand and pushed it to the side and down and pretended to try to hide it. “What is it.” she asked. I asked her, “Can you keep a secret?” she nodded her head, but still kept her eyes on my thinly covered cock. “You’re my friend and won’t get me in trouble, will you?” I asked as I made my cock twitch. She giggled and shook her head no. “Do you promise?” She nodded her head.

“Well since you promised and you are my friend I can tell you, it’s my own personal toy.” Still staring at my cock she asked, “Toy! What kind of toy? Can I see it? Can I play with it?” My heart was racing then and my cock throbbed at the thought of what I was about to do. “I don’t know if you’re old enough to see it or play with it and if mommy or daddy ever found out we would both be in trouble.” I said sounding dishearted. “I promise I won’t tell nobody.” She said and then asked “Please can I see it, can I play with it?” and then she paused and asked again, “What is it?”

I took a deep breath and then I told her “It’s my pee-pee and it stands up whenever I see a beautiful girl.” She looked up at me questioningly saying, “You think I am beautiful?” I smiled, nodding my head I said, “ hell yes, I think you are very beautiful.” “Are you sure you want to see it and are you sure you won’t tell anybody I showed it to you?” Shaking her head up and down she again promised not to tell anyone. So I took another deep breath knowing after my next move there would be no turning back. I reached down and hooked my fingers in the waistband and pushed the thin material down and my cock popped out into view as my shorts slid to my feet. She gasped and her mouth opened in surprise. I was tempted to grab the back of her head and slam my throbbing cock right down her throat but I knew that would hurt and scare her and I damn sure didn’t want to do either.

“How come I ain’t got one of them?” she asked. Acting surprised, I asked, “You don’t?” she shook her head no. “Are you sure?” I asked. She then nodded her head affirmatively. “I thought every body had a pee-pee.” I said. “I don’t. Look.” She said as she lifted her uniform up and held the hem under her chin and then hooked her thumbs in her panties and pushed them down in the front. I was greeted with the most beautiful little hairless slit I have ever seen. “Wow, I don’t see one either.” I said as I knelt down to get a better look. “Maybe it’s underneath.” I said. Nuh-uhh she said shaking her head again. “See” she said as she pushed her panties further down and pushed her hips forward and leaning back, mere inches from my mouth.

“Well, maybe it’s in the back.” I said. Again, she shook her head and said, “No it ain’t” as she turned around and bent over pointing her cute little naked butt in my face. “Can I look to see if I can find it?” I asked and she nodded her head again and said, “Yes.” I reached with both hands and put one on each little cheek and spread them with my thumbs. There was her little butthole all pink and cute, further down I could see the bottom of her little slit, I was in heaven. ‘Nope, I don’t see it. Maybe it is still inside you and just hasn’t come out yet. I can look and see if you want me to and maybe I can suck it out.” “Can you do that?” she asked. “I can try.” I told her as I smiled to myself. “OK, do it.” She said.

I got down further and put my mouth against the crack of her butt and began to lick, she giggled and said it tickled. She wiggled but I held her hips tight. It was a little awkward for me but I licked her tiny butthole and dipped down further until my tongue split her little slit just a little. She just stood there with her panties now around her ankles and her legs spread as far as her panties would allow. I decided to make it easier so I said,”Oh, maybe, maybe that’s it. But I can’t tell for sure. Here let’s get up here and you lay back and I will see if that’s it,” as I lifted her up, twisted her around and laid her on the table. Laying back I reached down and pulled her panties off her feet and put both feet flat on the table so her knees were up and her legs were spread apart.

I got down between her legs and started licking her from bottom to top. Starting at her little anal flower and dragging my tongue up through her little slit. She giggled at first and then as my tongue slipped between the folds of her slit she gasped. I took my thumbs and pulled her slit open revealing her pink insides. I flicked my tongue back and forth and then pressed it to her virginal opening. Rolling my tongue, I pressed forward until I felt her little hymen and she grunted so I stopped. I found her tiny clit and sucked it into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue rapidly. She gasped again and then held her breath as I did this. Her little body started to vibrate. I could feel her muscles tighten and release. Then I stopped and told her to flip over and get on her hands and knees. She did so immediately.

I pushed her feet forward drawing her butt back towards the edge of the table and then I started licking her anal opening, drawing as much saliva as I could out of my quickly drying mouth. She laid her head down on her arms as I pressed my tongue against her anal opening and eventually it relented to the pressure and I felt the tip slip into her butt. I drew my tongue back and added more saliva and pushed my tongue again slipping a little further into her anal cavity. She had gasped when my tongue first entered her body and then held her breath again. Her body again shivered as I molested her cute little ass.

I pulled my tongue out and replaced it with my finger which slipped in to the first knuckle and then I wiggled it and she gasped again. Looking up at her, I asked “Are you OK?” She nodded her head yes, “Did you find it yet?” I smiled and looked up at her. Her eyes were closed and her head was turned to the side resting on her arm. “I think I feel it but I’m not sure, stay right there and let me get something real quick and I’ll be right back.” I ran to the bedroom and grabbed the KY from the nightstand, I also grabbed my old t-shirt off the floor and returned to find her still in the same position I had left her in. I squeezed out a dollop of the magic grease on my finger and pressed it to her butthole.

Slowly I pressed my finger against her opening and it slipped in gently. She gasped again as it reached the second knuckle and I started to work it slowly back and forth sinking deeper with each push forward. It took maybe 3 minutes until it was buried as far as it would go, so I worked it back and forth as she quivered on the table. After a few minutes I added another finger working it slowly into her tight little butt until it too was buried completely. While I worked my two fingers in and out stretching her tiny hole, I reached down with my free hand and squirted a dollop of KY on my cock and smeared it around. Then I stood behind her and pulled my fingers out and pressed the head of my cock to her anal flower.

It was bigger than the two fingers so I pressed slowly against the opening, she still laid there with her eyes closed and was still vibrating the whole time. Slowly the head slipped through her sphincter muscle and it gripped my cock just under the head like a vise. I heard a moan escape her lips as I reached up and grasped her hips with both hands. I stopped and asked if she was still OK and she nodded again and said, “It feels funny like I gotta poop, but it feels good like my insides are all twisty and stuff.” I asked, “So do you like it?” she again nodded her head but never opened her eyes. I pulled her hips back as I eased in further. My cock was surrounded by a velvet blast furnace, she was so hot. I continued to sink further in slowly feeling her anal muscles massaging my shaft until she was impaled on my cock. Her whole body was shaking and she was breathing hard.

I pulled my cock back until just the head was trapped in her ass and then slowly sank it back in and she shuddered. I did it again with the same results. Then I started in short little strokes in and out and slowly picked up speed and length until I was fucking her little butt from just under the head until my nuts bangs against her sweet slit in long rapid strokes. She moaned and her body continued to shudder. I wasn’t able to hold it for long and soon exploded into her bowels. Afterwards I pulled my deflating cock out and wiped her little butt with my t-shirt watching her little gaping hole close up, and then said, ”Darn it, I thought I could get it, but it is just too far in there, I’m sorry.” She turned and sat down on the table cross legged with a smile on her face. “It’s OK at least you tried to get it. Hey look! Your pee-pee is going to go hide too.” she said as she looked down seeing my deflated cock. “Hey, how come mommy don’t got no pee-pee either?” she asked suddenly. ‘Huh, well let’s go see. I set her down off the table and we held hands as we went to the office. I sat down at the computer and she scooted up on my lap, her bare butt against my cock.

I clicked on the internet and pretended to read out loud a bunch of medical gibberish and then I said, “ … and it is most common in the female species that their pee-pee is inside their body and does not protrude as in the male species.” She looked up at me questioningly and I said, “what that says is that in most girls, their pee-pee stays inside their body and don’t stick out like mine does. “Oh,” she said. So it’s OK that my pee-pee is inside?” “Yes baby, according to all the doctors on here it is perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with you.” She simply said, “OK.” She wiggled her butt and then she looked down, saying “Look your pee-pee is coming back out to play.” Sure enough, my cock was getting hard again because her bare little butt was wiggling against it.

“Even though it’s supposed to be in there, you want to look for my pee-pee again? I liked it, specially when it got bigger and jumped and made my belly all hot and twisty” she asked.
I hugged her tightly and said, “Only if you promise not to tell mommy.” She smile up and said, “OK, you’re my friend and I won’t get you in trouble, but you can’t tell them I came over here either, OK?” she fired back. I hugged her again and nodded my head as I carried her to the bedroom.

Try as I might I never found her pee-pee in that hole, neither that day nor any of the following times she came over when her mom would leave her alone for an extended time. Later my wife found out that sure enough, her daddy had left them for a woman he worked with and moved out, following her when she got a new job in another state.

Later on, I volunteered to baby sit her when her mother started to date again. Sometimes she would just spend the night with us if her mother was out late or had a friend stay over. She would sleep between us, always with her butt pressed right to my crotch. A couple of times she reached back behind her and pulled my cock out of my shorts and press it to her butt. Once she even cuddled up next to my wife hugging her and then she looked over at me and said, “Hey, stranger why are you so far away, all the way over there?” I scooted closer and she reached down and pressed my cock to her butt, I was so scared that my wife would catch us, but she never did.

She would ask me to look for her pee-pee every time we were alone. Then she would ask me to lick her kitty too, which I did gleefully. This continued for a few years and then one day she came home, she always came to our home because her mom was always working. So anyways, she came busting through the door and headed straight for me and punched me in the arm. “Owwww, what’s that for?” I pretended to be hurt from the punch. She sat down on the couch and crossed her arms over her chest and her bottom lip stuck way out. She didn’t answer me, she just stared. “What?” I asked again.

“You lied to me!” she exclaimed. I immediately tried to think of anything I had lied to her about and then I said, “I don’t thinks, baby. I can’t think of anything I have lied to you about.” “Yes you did, you lied to me about my pee-pee hanging out like yours.” Then I remembered the first time I molested her so many years ago. “Before I could say a word she cut me off. “You said you thought my pee-pee should hang out and today I leaned that boys have penises and girls don’t and never have and if they did they wouldn’t be up my butt.” I was caught dead to right so I fessed up. “It’s true I knew you didn’t have a pee-p… a penis like I do and I knew it wasn’t in you butt, but I couldn’t help myself cause you are so beautiful and I just had to do what I did. Are you mad at me?” she still sat and just stared at me.

After about 5 minutes she asked, “What you did and what we still do. Is it bad?” I nodded my head yes as I said, “In some peoples eyes it’s a bad thing, but I never hurt you and you always seemed to like it, in fact you asked me to do it again that first day, Remember?” It was her turn to nod her head and say, “No you never hurt me and yes I do like what we do together, but I was lost in class today when they told us that boys and men have penises and girls don’t. I felt really dumb.” Then she really shocked me by asking when Kit got home and I said “She closing tonight, so probably around 12 or so. Why?” she smiled and had a gleam in those beautiful green eyes, “Hey, you wanna look for my pee-pee? I think it might take a few times but you might find it tonight.” I held out my arms and she flung herself into them. We cuddled for a while and then I carried my little lover up to the bedroom.

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