This story involves m2m contact and experimentation, voyeurism and teaching, and m to f anal sex. The college, hotel, and amusement park are generic so you can envision them where you want to.
No Hotel for young ones

This story involves m2m contact and experimentation, voyeurism and teaching, and m to f anal sex. The college, hotel, and amusement park are generic so you can envision them where you want to.

Steve is 28, 6 foot, about 185 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, no tats or piercings, cut just over 5 inches.
Rick is 20, 5’9”, 150 pounds, a red-head, cut 7 inches.
April is 19, 5’6, 130, b or c, nice cheeky butt, shapely legs, tan-lines, and a blond.

Steve pulls into the hotel parking lot around 6:30 and goes to the restaurant for a bite before checking in. It has been a leisurely three hour drive to the amusement park area.
He sits down and starts reading the menu.

At the next table over sit Rick and April. They are talking to each other in desperate terms.
April: “We’ve been all over the place around here. Why won’t anyone rent us a room for the night?”
Rick: “Everybody says we’re too young and don’t have a credit card. I didn’t want it to be this way. I didn’t plan on it.”
April: “The only places left are the sleaze-bag motels which don’t look too clean. Yuck. You know I want to have a drink and try a 3-some for my birthday.”
Rick: “I know. We’ll figure something out.”

Steve: “You two having problems?”

Rick: “Yeah, can’t get a room because ‘We’re too young. Any suggestions?’”

Steve: “Well, I may be able to help you out if you can help me out.”

Rick: “What do you mean? How can you help?”

Steve: “I’m checking in just after I eat. If you want to, I can get a room for the 3 of us. All you have to do is pay your half. I’ll respect your boundaries and vice-versa.”

Rick and April look over at Steve, and then at each other. They nod in agreement at the same time. Steve notices April smile and slightly lick her lips.

Rick: “Okay, sounds good.”

Steve: “Where are you from? You been together long?”

Rick: “We’re from Generic University. We got a 4 day break and decided to take off for a few days. We’re just about done with our sophomore year. Two years to go. I’m 20 and April is 19. We’ve been together about a year now, since last spring break. I’m Rick, by the way.”

Steve: “Steve”.

Rick: “No one wants to give us a room because of our age.”

Steve: “That sucks.”

They get up, pay, and leave together.

Steve goes to the check-in and registers for himself and his “2 cousins.” He comes back out and hands them the other room key. “Room 269, second floor facing the pool.”
They arrive with their bags to the room. It has the normal 2 queen sized beds. Rick hands Steve their half of the room rental.

Steve: “I’ll be back in a few minutes. Wine coolers or what? What do you want me to get you?”

Rick: “Beer sounds good to me. She likes wine coolers.”

Steve leaves and walks to the liquor store and gets the goods. It takes about 5 minutes. As he walks back in the hotel room, Rick and April are in a heavy kiss and she has her shirt half off.

Steve: “Good stuff is here. I’m gonna go to the pool and Jacuzzi before it closes. If you want to join me later, just pour whatever you’re drinking in the sports cup.” He changes into his suit in the bathroom and leaves. They each watch him as he leaves. April thinks; nope, not a tat or piercing on him.

They turn their attention back to each other making out and fondling until they are parched and their tongues are tired.
April: “We’ve got a lot more to do tonight. Let’s get started on these drinks. You know how horny I get when I’m drunk.”
They each grab their favorite drink, pour 2 bottles into their sports bottles, change into their suits [April in the bathroom], and head down to the pool hand in hand.

Steve looks up from the spa and sees them coming. Rick is a natural red-head from the looks of his sparse chest hair. He has some muscle. Steve thinks: ‘yes, he is a pretty twink.’ He looks at April in her lime green bikini, her breast jutting out, and beautiful vee of her bottoms. They slide into the 100 degree water dangerously close to one another, arms wrapped around each other, thighs and sides pressed together. The only appendages not touching are their outer legs and their outstretched arms which hold the drinks. They drink and make small talk for several minutes. Steve goes and gets in the pool. Rick walks over a few minutes later. The water is cooler so he decides not to get in. Steve looks over and says to his new friend; ‘I’ll give you 2 twenty minutes to have your fun upstairs, then I’m coming in. I expect to be able to watch and play too.’

Rick: “Okay,” he says uneasily.

Rick and April leave the pool area arm in arm, leaning against each other to walk straight. Her wine coolers were stronger than his beer was. They arrive in the room and start making out by their bed. They hold each other tighter and tighter. Each can feel the hotness of the others body and at the same time the cold wet clingy swim suits. He unties her top and lets it flop down, then unties the center strap. He looks down as he breaks their kiss and sees her beautiful areola and nub of each breast pressing out because of the cold suit and because of their hot embraces. He tosses the bra aside and cups the bottom of each breast and kisses her lips once again. He alternates between cupping her breasts and pressing into her, his chest to her breasts. He kisses his way down to her breasts and sucks each with his teeth nibbling. He presses her back onto the bed, kneels, and sucks and squeezes each breast. He unties her bottoms from each side and pulls them out from under her. He looks intently at the small tuft of hair above her clit and kisses and licks her belly-button.

He pulls off his suit, grabs the first condom of the night, and puts it on. He lays her back on the bed, looks intently in her eyes, and gives her a kiss. He starts humping her at the same time he is kissing her hoping that somehow his hard 7” manhood will find its mark. She holds the kiss, but pushes him back with her left hand. With her right hand, she presses the area above her clit slides her fingers down and opens up her slightly wet hole. She grabs his pole with her left hand and aims it for a direct hit to her open hole. He follows her leading and feels the hot wetness he has wanted until all 7” are within her. He doesn’t stop once inside. He saws in and out 2 inches, then 3 inches, then 4 inches, slamming her ass with his hairy balls. He’s in a world of his own as he pumps and pumps until after 2 minutes, he slumps over her, his 7” finally completely within her, and cums inside the rubber that separates them. He deflates and removes his cock and the rubber before it becomes a problem. They lay side by side and each takes a drink of their respective cocktail.

“You 2 having fun?” Steve says as he enters the room. Everyone has a pretty good buzz going now, so the couple doesn’t cover up.
Rick: “Yeah, we are. Oh brother, I gotta take a piss.” He gets up and goes to the bathroom.
Steve: “So, have you had the big O yet tonight?”
April: “Not even close.”
Steve: “What do you mean?”
April: “I mean; he figures if he is ready, then I am ready.”
Steve: “We’ll change that tonight.”

Rick returns.
Steve: “Looks like some training has to be done tonight, Rick.”
Rick: “Yeah, right, whatever you say.”
Steve goes to the bathroom and changes out of his wet suit into a pair of boxer briefs.
While he is gone, Rick and April continue to enjoy their respective drinks.

Steve: “You see, Rick. Girls aren’t always ready to go when you are. They may want to but it literally takes time to get their juices flowing. Do you think April has cum yet?”

Rick: “Well, I don’t know. She’s always hot and ready.”
Steve: “Rick, have you ever had a gal jack you off with no lube, totally dry?”
Rick: “Ugghh, yes. Yuck, never do that again. My own hand would have been better.”
Steve: “That is what she feels like when she has someone pile driving her when she isn’t ready. How is your oral sex life?”
Rick: “Good.”
April: “Fair.”
Rick: “Fair, what do you mean fair?”
April: “You don’t give enough. You don’t know how to touch me.”
Rick: “What? Alright, teach me how.”

Steve: “It’s time to take some direction and learn something about each other. I’m gonna guide you in what to do. Rick, lay down on your back. April, straddle him so you can reach his chest with your mouth. Now April, caress and kiss his chest and nipples the way you want him to kiss and fondle yours.”
April follows Steve’s instructions, kisses, sucks, and fondles the way she likes it. Rick takes note of her desires.

Steve: “Now the fun stuff.” He pulls April off of Rick and moves her flat on her stomach so she and Rick can make out. They kiss for a minute or 2 while Steve takes a drink and watches Aprils’ tight tan-lined buns.

Steve: “Stop for now. Rick, stick out your tongue on the right side just so the tip is beyond your lips, like this. No matter what she does, leave your tongue there. April, imagine that is your lower lips and clit and go to it. Teach him what you want him to do.”

She licks the outside of his lips going around in a slow circle several times. She slides her nose against his lips. She presses her tongue into his lips flicking it back and forth in the “hole”. She then quickly licks up to his tongue (clit). She licks it around several times, licks the bottom, and sucks it into her lips and tongue, sucking gently, but with no teeth.

While April has been teaching Rick these lessons, Steve has been enjoying caressing her. From her position now, her tan-lined ass is so beautiful; he has been stroking her from the middle of her back all the way down to her feet. Yes, she is a natural blond.

Steve: “Time to see what you’ve learned.”

They reposition so April is on her back and Rick and Steve are above her. She pulls Rick down to kiss her lips. Steve lies down with her breast just inches away. He breathes on her bare breast, hot then cool breath. Her nipple arouses at the anticipation of touch. He playfully laps the underside of her breast quickly and then blows on her breasts again. She sighs at the sensation even as Rick is kissing her.

Rick releases the kiss and starts his assault on her other breast. She has never had such a sensation as this. Her boyfriend is now doing things the way she wants him to do it and this other guy who knows even more than she does what she wants. They suck and fondle until she starts panting and says: “Somebody go down, now!”

Steve and Rick look up at each other. “Go for it, bud. Remember what she taught you.”
Steve ventures down, opens the leg on his side, and kisses the crease right before her lips. He licks and kisses her lips the way she taught him. He even ad-libs and sucks some of her lip into his mouth. All the while, Steve is taking care of both of her breasts switching from one to the other. She reaches down and pulls her lips open wide and attempts to insert two fingers. Rick pushes her hand back and inserts one of his own. She frolics back and forth on the finger now penetrating her and feeling the intense feeling of each breast being cared for, her clit being sucked just right, and her temporary toy almost hitting her g-spot. She bucks back and forth and clenches around the finger inserted in her hole. Steve looks down after her first orgasm and realizes Rick’s angle is wrong.

“Move your hand.” Steve says. He reaches down his hand and inserts 2 bent fingers and moves Rick’s lips off of her clit. He puts his thumb knuckle at the base of her clit and starts sawing in and out of her pussy and up and down on the underside of her clit. Rick watches from 3 inches away as April clamps her legs around Steve’s finger and cums again, writhing back and forth.

Steve: “Lick her out. She needs to come down a little.”

April: “Fuck me. I don’t want a finger. I want you to fuck me.”

“Are you a virgin?”, Steve asks.

“No way, not for 4 years.” April says.

Steve: “So you’ve used blindfolds before?”

April: “Blindfolds? No never.”

Steve: “Well you may be a virgin in some ways, then. Here, put this on.”

She puts on the blindfold. Steve stands up and drops his shorts, his 5 inch cut cock standing at attention. There is something there that Rick notices, or he notices isn’t there. Steve shaves. All he has is a little square right above his cock.

Steve: “That’s right, Rick. That is what I have and I know how to use it. Are you a virgin?”

Rick: “Oh, hell no.”

Steve: “Fine, put the condom on me. There are many ways to be a virgin.”

Rick looks at Steve’s cock again, grabs the condom, rolls it out 1/2 inch and touches another cock for the first time. He rolls it out onto Steve’s cock until it stops. Steve grabs one also and does the same for Rick.

April has been sawing her legs open and closed waiting for the anticipated cock.
Steve: “You’re gonna get fucked by both of us at the same time and you might not know who is who.”

Steve lines up to the center of April’s legs and brushes the top of her clit with the underside of his cock sawing slightly. She sucks in her breath anticipating the real thing. He rubs the side of her lip and pulls her open with his hand. He inserts his hot cock into her waiting wet hole. He sinks all the way in until they both feel their sparse hair intertwined. He presses in for all he is worth and rests letting each feel the fullness of the other.
April: “It’s Steve, I know. Rick wouldn’t stop once he got in.”
Steve: “Yes, it is Steve. But Rick is gonna learn tonight.”

They start a slow motion back and forth. April’s breasts jiggling back and forth underneath. The two orgasms that happened earlier make it pleasurable for both of them. The sound of squishing and slapping flesh add to the excitement. After about five minutes, another of her orgasms grows with her vaginal muscles squeezing and convulsing around his cock. They cum, almost at the same time. They rest on each other for a few minutes. Steve extricates himself and removes the condom. He motions Rick to take over where he left off.

Rick centers himself as Steve had. He rubs his dick up and down her wet lips getting the rubber good and wet. He slides right in to her already wet hole and passes Steve’s length. He starts his normal action of going rapid fire until Steve stops him by pressing his body against Rick’s with his hardening cock pressed in the crack of his ass

Steve: “Get all the way in and feel her accepting you in. Feel her lips to yours, her breasts to your chest, the sensation of your bodies touching as close as possible, and the tightness of her canal. ”

Rick: “Yeah, I feel it.”

Steve: “You feel something else now, too. Don’t you? It feels weird, sensual, and scary, all at the same time. You’re wondering what is gonna happen next. Aw, you’ve never had a hard cock in the crack of your ass, Rick? Like I said, there are many ways to be a virgin.”

Rick: “I wanna stay a virgin in some ways.”

Steve laughs and gets up from Rick’s back, so Rick can feel all of April. After a minute or two, April wraps her legs around Rick’s back pulling her feet against his butt and releasing indicating to him that she is ready to for motion. He starts off with just 2 inches in and out, the squishing sound still in effect.

Steve: “Um, kids. You have to tell each other what you want. It’s very difficult to achieve anything by GUESSING what the other person wants. April, in this position and most others, you have to tell him what you want and how you want it. You want it fast and rammed hard, slow and long strokes, somewhere in between? Say it now.”

April: “Okay, stop just for a minute. No, I mean; take it out.”
“It’s just a minute. Somebody put a pillow under my butt.”

Steve grabs a pillow and slides it under her.

“Now another, that isn’t high enough.”

Steve grabs another pillow and places it on the other.
April’s pussy is at the same level as Rick’s cock as he is on his knees.
She raises her legs up in the air and says: “Put my feet over your shoulders and stick your cock inside me.”
Rick follows her instructions using his hands to open her wide and guide his cock into her. Two inches, then more until his hairy balls connect with her outer lips. He starts pumping slowly just a few inches at a time.

“No, stop”, she says, as she pulls his butt towards her to fill her completely.
“Put both hands on my breasts. Hold and press into each one. Then, go in and out slowly.”

He follows her directions.

“Oh, that feels so good. Oh, yes. It feels so good. Yeah, squeeze one a little, then the other, go a little faster. Yes, there it is. Oh,oh,oooooooo.”
She cums again tonight.

In this position, Rick has been watching how her breasts feel in his hands, how her lips contract around his cock, how hot, and wet she is. He has discovered that he likes the feeling of her wet lips coating his balls with her juices. As she recovers from her orgasm, he cannot hold out any longer and spews his second load into the condom separating them. He collapses on top of her, their breathing labored together. They each feel the flesh between them.

Steve has been enjoying seeing this coupling and jacked off a little. As they break their connection, Steve grabs April’s drink and hands it to her. She sits up on the side of the bed. She drinks it down with some pouring down her chest. She winces with the wet and cold feeling. They rest for a few minutes getting their breath back and drinking some more.

As April is drinking, Steve opens her legs, gets on his knees, and slides his bare cock up and down her very wet lips getting it completely coated from her juices. Rick does the same. Rick stands back up and closes her legs. Steve motions for Rick to come stand beside him, which he does. Steve reaches for Rick’s cock and presses them against each other. “You ever do this before?” “No, never.” “Many ways”

As April is sitting on the side of the bed, Steve takes the drink from her. He takes her hands and places each around each dick. She jacks them for a minute. Steve presses forward and touches her lips with his cock.
“It’s got your juice all over it. Have you tasted your own juice before, April?”

“Yeah, a few times, but not from a cock.”
She opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue and starts licking around his head. She tastes her own juice from this strange cock at the same time she is jacking her boyfriend. She licks up and down his shaft. He moves her mouth from his dick toward her boyfriend’s cock. She licks her juices off the sides and under-side of his cock. She then slides 2 inches in her mouth then 3, then 4.
“Ugh, Ah, no teeth!”, Rick exclaims.

Steve: “Whoa, stop.”
She stops.
Steve: “You haven’t taught each other ANYTHING about oral sex, huh?”
“Don’t you know the most nerve endings are by the head of the penis, the clit, and the tip of the tongue? The back of the throat or the throat are internal organs capable of only pain. Give me your hands.”
She reaches up her hands to the voice above her. He holds a hand to his lips. He pushes the fore-finger and pinky closed. He holds her wrist with his hand and says;
“This is how I want you to take care of me. Wrap your fingers around the base like this. Then follow my lead.”
He wraps his hand around her 2 fingers at the base squeezing slightly. He presses his cock closer to her lips.
He begins licking around her extended fingers, sucking down just enough for 1-2 inches in his mouth with his tongue licking the underside of her fingers, sucking slightly.
She follows his lead and does the same to his cock. His cock grows to its’ full 5 inch length.
“Now, do this”, he says.
He then places 1 inch of her fingers in his mouth with his tongue underneath, sucks slightly, and starts humming.
She follows his instructions. After about 10 seconds of the humming, he pulls back (her fingers and his cock).
“Wow, gonna make me cum too quickly that way. You’re turn.”

Rick grasps her hand and fingers as Steve had. He shows her what he likes. When he tries to get more than 3 inches of her fingers in his mouth, he gags and pulls them out.

“You see,” Steve says; “Is that hot and exciting to you? It doesn’t work either does it? And your cock is thicker than her 2 fingers. You wanna try something else, like licking down the sides to the base? If you can’t handle her 2 fingers, why should she handle your whole cock? Besides, like I said; the nerve endings are below the head and her tongue.”

Rick experiments more with her fingers and realizes he has been a fool for trying to make her like a porno hooker.
“Looks like you need more practice in knowing what she can do or should do and what you like. You can practice later,” Steve says as he pushes Rick away.

“I need some more humming my lady,” Steve says as he places his cock at her lips.

She obliges after hearing the previous training and instructions Rick just received.
She opens her lips and sucks his cock in just past the head. She immediately starts sucking lightly, licking the underside, and humming. After a few seconds, he pulls back with his 5-incher full at attention, hands her a drink, grabs a rubber, and puts it on.

After giving her a minute to get some refreshment, he lays her back down on the bed. He pulls out one of the pillows under her butt and opens her legs. He slides his head in the middle and gives her lips and clit 3 good laps.

Steve: “How many positions have you kids tried?”

“Almost all, I guess,” they say.

Steve: “How do you like spooning?”

“It is fun,” they say.

Steve: “I know a position I have that is better than spooning. I know I can get you off better with my cock than he can with what he’s got in any other position. Are you ready?” He says this as he rubs his cock up and down her wet lips, positioned as if he is going to do missionary.

She breathes heavily; “Yeah.”

Steve motions for Rick to go to the side of the bed. He keeps her legs in the Vee position and lays down on his side perpendicular to her. He slides his bottom leg and scissors her left leg and places her right leg over his torso. With the pillow lifting her up just at the right angle, his cock is evenly aligned with her wet pussy. He moves closer and presses his hand just above her clit and enters her wet hole. He presses in for all he is worth. They each feel the shaved flesh and sparse hair between them. Rick looks on from his side vantage point. They start a slow gyration. He fondles her closest breast, and massages down her stomach to her clit. She starts convulsing with the head of his shorter cock hitting her g-spot at the same time as he is playing with her clit. One hundred percent of attention is on that special area. She breathes heavier as her next orgasm begins.

Steve knows he can keep her going like this for awhile, but he realizes Rick is here and ready to help out too. With his other hand Steve beckons to Rick to join them and mouths the words; “Lick her clit.”

With that, Rick leans in and replaces Steve’s finger with his lips. April was just about to come down from her third orgasm as Rick’s mouth was wrapping around her clit. With just a half inch to 2 inches moving in and out of her, she finds it hard not to lose these new feelings. She has never had so much attention on this one area and it drives her to the most explosive orgasm she’s had this night. The convulsions are so strong she actually squirts around the cock that is inside her showering Steve’s pelvis and ricocheting onto Rick’s face.

“Stop, stop, stop. I need to rest,” she says.

The boys move out of their position and they let her rest and get another drink.
They rest for a few minutes and drink.

“You said something about trying a three-some when you were at the restaurant?” Steve says.

April: “Yeah, I’d like to try it with another guy at least once. We did a class-mate friend of mine in the dorm. She was fun, but I want his dick all to myself.”

Steve: “I think a sandwich would be better than sawing in this case, don’t you?”

April: “What do you mean?”

Steve: “Sawing is one in the pussy and one in the mouth. Sandwich is one in the pussy and one in the back door. You ever tried Greek or anal sex?”

April: “We tried a few times, but he’s too big. I always wondered what it would feel like.”

Steve: “I won’t be too big, and I know what I’m doing. Are you ready for more training?”

April: “I guess, as long as it doesn’t hurt.”

Steve: “Roll over onto your stomach with your head hanging down at the end of the bed.”

She does as she is told He then grabs her cup with the straw and hands it to Rick who places it at her lips, so she can drink and enjoy her wine at the beginning of this experience.

Steve leans lightly against her side and starts sliding his fingers slowly and lightly up and down her back. After she has had her fill of the wine and starts relaxing, he rises up and straddles her thighs just behind her cheeks. He grabs the massaging oil, wets his hands, and drips a trickle down her back. He reaches up and starts massaging from her shoulders down to her waist. Pressing and kneading the oil down her back spreading it around from the center to the sides and back until he reaches her tan-line.

While he is massaging her, she can feel his hanging balls and occasionally his dick brush against her thighs and the crease of her butt. She absentmindedly squeezes her cheeks and thighs at the touch.

Once he is all the way down to her tan-line, he stops and backs further down. He pours more oil on his hands and dribbles it down each leg from the bottom of her tan-line. He separates her legs slightly and massages one from just below her butt out to the sides pressing in with each thumb. Down her leg he goes slowly with his balls rubbing just above her heel and then over the bottom of her foot. He massages her calf down to her foot. He then does the same to the other leg all the way down to her foot once again. He pours a few more drops on the sole of her foot and places it up against his balls.

Steve: “Hey, girl. This is the best way to get a ball massage.” He says as he presses some weight and moves her foot around massaging his balls. After just a few minutes he stops.

He closes her legs and straddles her knees with her closed cheeks within reach. He pours out the wetter lubricant from the top down to the bottom of her ass crack. She instinctively clenches her cheeks showing the lovely dimples on the sides. He pours the other massage oil onto his hands and leans forward. The next thing she feels is pressure she has never felt before going deeper than anything ever has on her butt. She feels the pressure of two elbows pressing their weight into the center of each cheek. The pressure goes down and then he starts circular motions at that deep level. She has never felt so relaxed and satisfied. No other massage could replace this. He relieves the pressure from his elbows and places each hand on each cheek. He starts kneading and cupping them for several minutes. He opens and closes her cheeks seeing that virginal hole expose its self to him as his 5-incher gets harder. He slides one finger down her crack to her ignored lips. Then with the other hand he does the same.
He grabs the 2 pillows and pushes them under her waist bringing her butt up about 6 or more inches. From this position he presses his fingers down her ass crack deeper. One finger he starts pressing in at one pass. They are in the doggy-style position and he presses his cock into the crease of her ass on occasion. He mouths the words to Rick to 69 with her.
Rick gets on the bed, pulls out one of the pillows, positions himself under her, and starts his oral attack. Steve backs off his ministrations of her butt while she revs back up. He presses his cock into the crease of her ass as he massages her back and pulls her cheeks open and closed.
It doesn’t take Rick long to get April going again. She starts absentmindedly bucking against the cock behind her. With that invitation, Steve pulls back and slowly inserts his center finger. Her sphincter tightens as a half inch of his finger enters. He pulls her cheek open with his other hand loosening the tightness. At the same time, Rick has found April’s magic button again and she starts wetting his mouth and chin. With this magic, she presses down so her butt is the highest part of her body and to suck on Rick’s cock. Steve grabs more of the lube and places it around his inserted finger and up and down her crack. Her position allows Steve to insert his finger slowly into her and discover the best angle for her comfort. He slides his finger all the way in, stops, and waits for April to adjust to the new feeling. He starts sawing his finger in and out of her ass slowly and discovers the most direct access.

Steve gets a handful of the lube in his palm. He presses his cock in between April’s lips and Rick’s mouth, surprising Rick at least.
Rick: “Hey, man. What the hell?”
Steve: ‘Stick it in her pussy, now.”
Rick: ‘No protection?”
Steve: “Don’t worry. I won’t be there long.”

Rick does as Steve requested, grabbing another guy’s dick and putting it in his girlfriend’s pussy. Rick watches close up as her lips open and just 2-3 inches enter her pussy. He restrains himself from laughing. He does like the sight of how her lips open though.

Steve strokes in and out of her about 5 times and pulls out. He places the lube on his orgasmic wet bare cock and slides his cock up and down around his still inserted finger. He pulls one cheek open, then removes his finger and pulls the other cheek open with his cock poised to enter. He enters her slowly, her sphincter tight since his finger was smaller. Once the head passes the sphincter, he stops and releases each cheek, her ass clamping tighter around his cock. He pulls her cheeks open again and presses all the way in, his full 5 inches imbedded within her, his balls rubbing the bottom of her pussy lips.

Steve: “You alright, girl?”
April: “Yeah, just feels big and full.”
Steve: “Hey, you; get back to work!” He says to Rick.

Rick has been watching as his new friend has filled his girlfriend like he knows he can’t.
He is startled back to reality with that statement and returns to his ministrations of her clit and lips. He gets her going good enough that all he needs to do is stick out his tongue and she moves in the direction she wants to. Of course, that direction is back and forth up one lip then the other. That movement also indicates SHE is fucking the cock that is within her ass. After several minutes the lube really starts loosening her up and she starts bucking up to 3 then 4 inches from the cock behind her. Steve grabs a hold of her waist and matches each buck, the sound of slapping skin with each inward thrust. After ten or so minutes of this fun, Steve looks down at the ass impaled beneath him, the sweat, the slapping skin, the moans, and the knowledge he has taken her virgin ass, he grinds into her. Stops her from her rhythm and slaps those cheeks with the speed he needs.

Steve: “You like me fucking you in the ass? You want me to fuck you in the ass? You want me to cum in your ass? Cause I’m gonna.”

April: “Oh, yes, yes, yes. Fuck me any day.”

After ten more pumps, he stops, and jerks and pumps her ass full of his cum, three strong shots followed by five weaker ones. He freezes in the deepest position until he is fully limp. He looks down as he slowly falls out of her and her ass-hole closes to his sight.
He rubs his cock in the crease of her ass one last time. He then rubs her cheeks back together with his hands as her ass continues to recover.

“I’m gonna get a shower. More fun and experiences tomorrow.” Steve says.

The two young lovers are still in their 69 position. They return to their service to each other.

Until tomorrow.
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