I finally give in.
Chapter 7
A Father's Love

Kimmy wasted no time, but immediately slid down her pajama bottoms. I watched in eager anticipation as her hands moved up to the waistband of her panties. She slipped them down as well, revealing her sweet little pussy to my view. A moment later she lay back down on the bed, completely naked, and staring up at me with love in those big brown eyes of hers and a smile on her lips.

I had a moment of hesitation as my conscience, which had fled to the furthest reaches of my mind, flared up. Was I really going to go through with this? Was I going to watch as my daughter masturbated in front of me?

"Spread your legs, honey," I told her. She lifted her knees, then drew them apart. I nearly gasped as I saw her little lips spread apart, opening to reveal the wonders inside.

"Now put your hand between your legs and rub it," I told her. I couldn't believe was I was saying! I was actually directing my daughter's masturbation, as if we were making a cheap porno film!

Trustingly, obediently, she placed on hand down there. She kept her fingers closed, unfortunately hiding herself from view, and began to run it up and down, very slowly.

She closed her eyes but kept that smile on her lips, her gorgeous young kissable lips. The sight before me was almost too much to resist. I was almost willing to give up our entire future together just for one moment of bliss with this little sex goddess.

With all the willpower I could muster, I managed to control myself. How easy it would have been to just take her right there! But somehow I didn't.

Kimmy seemed to have forgotten me for the moment as she rubbed herself. That gave me plenty of time to look over her nude young body. She had wonderfully soft skin, and cute little breasts that, though still small, had a certain delightful charm to them. I loved the way they trembled just slightly as her chest rose and fell with her breathing. The nipples were also small, just right for putting in the mouth and probably absolutely delicious.

I was doing it again. I was thinking of seducing my daughter. What a horrible man I was, to even be here watching her and especially to have those wicked thoughts. But, although I knew this was wrong, somehow that didn't seem to matter any more.

I let my eyes travel lower, and saw traces of moisture between her legs. She was capable of that much at least. I could smell it now, the musky feminine odor that meant she was aroused, like an animal in heat. And like an animal, it drew me to her. I took a step forward and reached out a hand.

Then I stopped, once again claiming control over my body. This had to end, I knew, but how? Should I just walk away and let her finish in privacy, or should I tell her that I was leaving? No, I had promised to help her, and I couldn't go back on my word. At least, it made for a good excuse to remain.

Soft, barely audible moans began to escape her lips, more like the mewling of a cat than the sounds of a woman in ecstasy. It reminded me again of just how young she was, but rather than disgusting me, it turned me on so much that I couldn't stand it. I wanted so much to be the one to cause her to make those sounds. I wanted to stimulate her all over her body, inside and out, until she finally discovered the joy that she had been missing for so long. All the horror and disgust at those thoughts had vanished completely, and the only thing keeping me from attacking her right there was the fact that I could never hurt her like that.

Her eyes opened and she gazed at me for a moment with those lovely brown eyes of hers. "So am I doing it right?" she asked.

"You're doing fine, sweetheart," I reassured her.

The smile broadened on her lips. "Do you really mean that, daddy?" she asked.

"What, about doing fine?"

"No, am I really your sweetheart?"

Impulsively I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. "You're my favorite girl in the whole world, and that's the truth."

"Daddy, would you do me a favor?"

"Anything, Kimmy."

"Would you... would you take off your towel?"

Oh god! I thought. That's not fair! How can I resist her when she asks me things like that?

"If that's what you want, honey," I told her. She nodded.

I unfastened the towel and let it slip to the ground, exposing my already-hard cock to her eyes. She had seen it before, but this time it was different because I was deliberately showing it to her in order to sexually arouse her. She stared at it with a hungry look in her eyes, and to my astonishment and excitement, she actually licked her lips!

Again I began to fantasize, this time about her taking it into her mouth and sucking me to orgasm. To actually cum in her mouth and have her swallow it would be the greatest feeling I could ever experience.

"Daddy, you're so handsome," she smiled at me. "And so sexy." She began to rub herself again, her eyes not leaving my dick. It was as if she were speaking to it rather than to me, an amusing thought.

"I think you're sexy too," I told her without thinking. A low groan escaped her lips as I said the words, and I knew it was causing her pleasure to hear them, so I decided to continue. "You've got such a pretty face, and a gorgeous body." Another groan. "If I weren't your father, I would have my hands all over you." Another groan, this one a little louder. "I would rub you and squeeze you and grope you and fondle you. I would kiss you all over the face, then kiss you all over your chest. I'd put your nipples in my mouth and suck on them. I'd kiss your tummy, then I'd kiss your gorgeous little pussy. I'd run my tongue all over it, inside and out. I'd--"

"Oh Daddy!" she cried out with delight. Though she was obviously excited, I could tell it wasn't quite to the point of orgasm.

I had already gone too far, but there was no stopping now. It was all for her benefit, after all, wasn't it? At least, telling myself that seemed to strip away all of the guilt.

"Would you like me to kiss you again?" I asked her.

"A daddy kiss, or a boyfriend kiss?"

"A boyfriend kiss," I smiled.

"Oh god, would you?"

I leaned over, staring down at her pretty face lying there on the pillow, her bright eyes staring up at me with adoration and an innocent smile on her lips. Those lips that were waiting for my own.

As soon as our lips touched, I knew I wasn't going to stop. She had the most kissable lips of any girl on the planet, and I would not deny myself that pleasure. I kissed her deeply, powerfully, as if trying to devour her.

I noticed her rubbing herself furiously now, to my delight. She seemed to enjoy the kiss every bit as much as I did. She even opened her mouth, and I took the hint. I let my tongue slide inside to make contact with her own. She moaned around my lips as she let it happen, and our tongues teased each other's in that beautiful, passionate kiss.

Then I felt a marvelous sensation between my legs, and I realized that she had taken hold of my cock with her free hand. It sent thrills through my body to know that my daughter, my cute little Kimmy, was giving me that kind of pleasure. Yes, it was crossing a line, but then again, wasn't that exactly what we had been doing ever since we met? Granted, it was the first touch between us of an undeniably sexual nature, but we had kissed and undressed together and flirted like crazy with each other already.

Her hands began to move slowly up and down the shaft. I could tell she had done this before, and right then I felt the strangest feeling yet toward Troy: gratitude. He had prepared her for this, prepared her for me, and now she was putting her training to good use, to give me what I had longed for ever since I had first met her.

I couldn't let this be about me, though. I wanted Kimmy to experience the same kind of pleasure, because this was all about her after all. I placed one of my hands gently on her stomach and began to rub her there, at first in tiny little circles, but expanding bit by bit. That ever-widening circle got closer and closer to the places on her body that would give her the most pleasure, and I could sense by her heavy breaths and excited trembling that she knew what was coming up, and awaited it with eager anticipation.

I reached her breasts first. I slipped my hand onto one of them and gave it a squeeze. She squealed in delight at the contact, then giggled at her own reaction.

My lips left hers, and I kissed her chin, then moved lower. She sighed as I kissed her all over her neck. I drank in the smell of her, the slightly sweaty yet oh-so-feminine aroma of an aroused woman. It had been too long since I had experienced that, and I was going to take full advantage of it.

My lips then moved to her shoulders, then her upper chest. There was no stopping now; I was going to make good on my previous words. Kimmy was going to experience her first orgasm, and I would be the one to give it to her.

She knew what was coming up, and let out a loud moan. I didn't want to disappoint her, so I kissed slowly downward toward one of her breasts. I took my time; there was no need to rush, and I wanted to draw this out as long as possible in order to maximize her arousal before I finally took her.

As I kissed her, I let my tongue touch her soft, warm skin, and she gasped at the contact. Seeing the reaction that produced in her, I made sure to keep doing it as I kissed ever closer to her nipple.

It was already swollen and hard before I even got there. I glanced at it as I kissed all around it, enjoying the mewling sounds she was making from the stimulation.

Finally I decided to give her what she wanted, and took it into my mouth. Kimmy cried out I simultaneously teased it with my tongue and sucked on it. It tasted exquisite. I just couldn't get enough of my daughter's tits.

I alternated between sucking it, nibbling on it gently, and just flicking my tongue against the tip. Each of these actions produced more of the moaning sounds from her, especially when I made it random so that she didn't know what kind of stimulation she was going to feel before it happened. The complete lack of anticipation made sure she wasn't ready for it when it came, which served to heighten her arousal.

Meanwhile, her hands were not idle. She still continued to stroke me, giving me back some of the pleasure that I was giving her. Through this mutual stimulation I sensed a strengthening of the bond between us. No more was I just her new father, but something far more. This was a kind of love that very few fathers and daughters ever got to experience with each other, a closeness that was so beautiful.

I moved to her other breast, not wanting to neglect it. I kept my hand on the one I had just left, squeezing and pinching and pulling the nipple as my mouth attacked the other one. I teased this nipple like I had done the first, and with the gasping breaths she took, I could tell she was getting more and more aroused.

But I still had more to do. There was one more part of her that I knew I had to taste. I lowered my hand along her body to where her own hand was still rubbing. Gently I pulled it away and took over. Kimmy cried out at the contact, and I grinned, knowing that I wasn't finished yet.

She was definitely wet there, leaking juices like crazy. I let my finger slide into her opening, massaging her from the inside. I sought out the little bud at the top of her slit, pinching it gently between my fingers. That sent a tremor through her body, and she squealed with delight.

"Kimmy," I said tenderly. "Do you want me to kiss you there?"

"Oh god, Daddy!" she cried out. "Oh yes!"

With a grin, I knelt on the floor between her legs. Unfortunately, that meant she had to release my cock, as it was now out of reach. But there would be plenty of time for that later.

I breathed in the aroma of her aroused pussy, enjoying the smell for a moment. Then I leaned forward and planted a kiss right on her little clit.

"Aieeeeeeeee!" she screamed at the pleasure. I then stuck out my tongue and licked from the bottom of her slit to the top, making sure to make contact with the nub at the end, and she cried out again. I repeated the motion, over and over and over again, and her body bucked from the pleasure. She had lost all control by now, and her body was reacting to every little touch of my mouth.

I hooked a couple of fingers into her sweet pussy and pried the lips apart enough to let my tongue burrow inside. God, she tasted wonderful! It was the most exquisite thing I had ever encountered. How could I have been so foolish as to deny myself this for almost two days? Well, I would make up for my mistake by taking advantage of it over and over and over again.

"Daddy!" she moaned. "Please! I want... I want..."

I lifted up my head and stared up at her. She had her eyes shut tightly and her mouth opened in an expression of intense pleasure.

"Tell me, baby," I said. "Tell me what you want."

"I want to feel you inside of me!" she blurted out.

So it had come to this. There were no inhibitions left in either of us, and Kimmy had just given voice to the desires that we both felt. I knew I could not refuse her any longer, especially since I was about to burst with passion myself.

"Yes, Kimmy," I replied. "I'm going to show you just how much your daddy cares about you."

I rose from my knees and stood between her legs, my cock now aching to enter her. I wasted no more time, but positioned it at her little hole. She trembled and gasped at the contact.

"Now, Daddy!" she called out. "Do it now!"

I took her by the hips and thrust forward. Kimmy squealed again in pleasure as I slipped inside, feeling her warm, tight tunnel engulfing my manhood. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. Yes, I had had sex with my previous girlfriends, but it was nothing compared to the bliss of doing it with this little girl that I loved more than anything in the world. The love I felt for her made it all the more pleasurable.

She wrapped her legs around my back as I rocked my hips back and forth, pressing deeper and deeper with each thrust. I was completely lost in the pleasure, drowning in the feeling between my legs, the sight of her beauty lying there before me, and the radiance of our love.

She reached out with her arms in a girlish gesture, and I accepted the invitation eagerly, laying my body atop hers. The softness of her skin and the sight of her face so close to my own only added to the pleasure. We bathed each other's faces with kisses as we made sweet, passionate love to one another, father and daughter enveloped in sexual bliss. We had crossed the final line, and I had no regrets. She was mine, and I hers, and that was all that mattered.

"Oh god!" she exclaimed. "Fuck me hard, Daddy!"

The words shocked me; I had never heard her say anything like that before. But if anything, the contrast of her innocent, almost childlike nature with the foul language coming from her lips drove me even wilder with passion. My darling little angel was a devil in bed! I thrust deep and hard, and she cried out with every motion. She had asked for it, and I was more than willing to give it to her.

The excitement and pleasure were almost too much to bear. I knew I wouldn't last much longer as I continued to thrust deep inside of her. I wanted to show her just how much I loved her; I wanted her to feel my love filling her up inside. My darling Kimmy belonged to me now, and I to her, the way it was always meant to be.

Her moans by this time had risen in pitch and intensity so that she was now shrieking with every thrust. I listened to her beautiful voice crying out, and it drove me into a frenzy. The thought that I was causing her that much pleasure aroused me beyond belief. I pounded her as deep and hard as I could, and I couldn't tell whether the screams of pleasure that echoed in my ears were hers or mine. Probably both. It didn't matter anyway. All that mattered was that Kimmy and I were lovers now, and we were consummating our relationship.

I kissed her passionately as I felt the pleasure mounting. It was time. I let my body tense up as waves of pleasure wracked me. My cock jerked inside her as it spewed forth its seed. Kimmy sensed it too, and it triggered her own orgasm. Her pussy tightened around me, squeezing me in a vice-like grip as she screamed in ecstasy. We held each other tightly as our mutual orgasm enveloped us.

As the pleasure ebbed and I rolled off of her and lay down on the bed next to her, the full import of what I had done hit me.

"Oh my god!" I gasped. "Oh, Kimmy! I'm so sorry! Can you ever forgive me?"

She merely turned her head to the side and smiled at me. "For what?"

"For what?" I exclaimed. "Kimmy, I told you I would never hurt you. I promised I would always protect you from people like Troy. And now I've become just like him."

"No you haven't!" she said, suddenly angry. "Daddy, don't you dare say things like that."

"But I... I molested you."

"And it's about time, too," she insisted. "Call it what you will: sexual abuse, incest, statutory rape, I don't care. I wanted it, and I wanted you to give it to me. It was the best feeling in the whole world, Daddy. Please don't spoil it by making it sound like something horrible. It wasn't. It was wonderful."

"But Kimmy--"

"Daddy, do you love me?" she interrupted.

I was taken aback by the question, or at least the timing of it. Now wasn't the time to go into things like that; now was the time for guilt and remorse and apologies.

"Kimmy..." I said again, but she wouldn't let me change the subject.

"I asked you a question, Daddy. Do you love me? Tell me the truth."

The truth. I had been learning to love her over the course of the past couple of days. I loved spending time with her, I loved holding her in my arms, I loved sleeping with her, and most of all I loved making her smile. As I gazed into her adoring eyes, it all became clear.

"Sweetheart, not only do I love you, I'm in love with you," I confessed. "As terrible as it is, I'm in love with my own daughter. I know that makes me some kind of perverted bastard, but I can't deny my feelings any more."

"Oh Daddy!" she exclaimed, rolling over on top of me and wrapping her arms around my neck. She lay her head against my chest, and I felt moisture there. She was crying.

"What's wrong?" I asked her, wondering if she had suddenly realized, like I had, what had just happened between us. Perhaps she felt sickened by my betrayal, or scared, or angry. I felt disgusted at myself, and horrified at the thought that my darling sweet daughter might actually hate me.

"I've been in love with you ever since I met you," she explained, "and I've been waiting for so long to hear those words from you. Please Daddy, I want you to be my lover."

So that was it. Kimmy had no regrets about what had happened between us. While the act itself may have been identical to what Troy had done to her, the emotions involved made it the polar opposite.

"Kimmy, you have no idea how much I would like to fulfill that wish," I told her. "Even though I've loved other women before you, this was something very special to me. But it's wrong."

"No it's not. How can it be wrong when we both want it so much?"

"Because... well... Look what happened to Troy. I could go to prison if anyone ever discovered this."

"Daddy, you said you wanted to devote your life to making me happy."

"Yes I did, but--"

"How far would you go to accomplish that goal?"

"As far as necessary."

"Would you even risk prison for me?"

"I... well... yes. I suppose I would."

"Then what's the problem?"

She was right, and I knew it. Especially now that I knew how much I cared for her, I would do absolutely anything for her happiness. Why should I deny myself what I wanted, when it was the same thing that would make her happy? I didn't care what society said about this kind of relationship, I didn't care that I might end up in prison, I didn't even care if I ruined my life over this, as long as I could see her smiling.

I put a finger under her chin and lifted her head so that I could stare into her eyes. For a moment we just gazed tenderly at each other, then I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. It was the most beautiful, passionate kiss that I had ever experienced, because I had never loved another woman as much as I loved my little Kimmy.

"Is this really what you want?" I asked.

She nodded, and I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. "Then it's what I want too," I told her.

That was all that needed to be said.

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being a mom keeps her grounded .She’s drseesd in trademark black. Black skirt, black camisole, even black ear studs, but has a shimmery green-grey jacket thrown on her shoulders to soften her look. With her face scrubbed clean, save for some mascara, she’s a far cry from the Elise Ward she plays in her next film, “The Tourist”. A perpetually coiffed, blood red-lipped mystery woman, Jolie plays a criminal’s paramour in the film which has been shot in picturesque Venice. Ask her what would be the perfect trip for her with her family, and she says, “Ahh any place we haven’t been to. We love safari adventures and living in tents.We love Asia. But we haven’t explored China and South America. So any place new, where we can have something beautiful.” And what about India? “We’re so trying to figure out where to go for Christmas. And Mad (Maddox, her adopted son) loves Goa,” she smiles. Jolie says being a mom is foremost for her. “I’m a mom, first and fo

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I doubt adam or eve ever had sex with there kids but I cant say that for sure but I do know that now we say sex with a child is illegal not that I agree with that cause think about it in ancient greece sex with children was common place and no one ever thought anything was wrong with it that dosent make it right but I wonder if it was wrong

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Amazing. This story is simply amazing!
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Maybe this was intentional, you are a talented writer after all.

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