This is the start of the Wife's prelude to Couple's Dark Secret.
******Ok, this is the start of the wife’s side of the story from Couple’s Dark Secret. As you know I have already started on the Husband’s side and will continue up to completion with that, but wanted to give u a taste of where I was headed with the Wife. There are no death scenes on the wife’s side until she meets the husband, because if u recall in Couple’s Dark Secret the Husband introduces the wife to the art of the games he enjoys. But the father, The Sherriff, is sadistic enough, that I think u will enjoy it as much as my other stories. One thing though, It is a bit slow starting, but I wanted to set up how the Wife’s sexual mentality comes about through her father’s twisted sexual brainwashing.
***************Don't worry, I WILL finish Jimmy's Story.

Chapter One: Beginnings

I am the oldest of four girls. I am 17, Carly is 13, Jenna is 12 and Annie is 9. All of us girls have taken after our mother with dark hair and eyes, slim, bodies, and in my case, breasts that weren’t too big, yet not too small. Our mother passed away giving birth to Annie and it was up to me and my father to raise my sisters. Or at least that is what my father always told me. Then again, my father said and did a lot of things with me and my sister’s that weren’t exactly normal. Being raised the way we where though, it all seemed quite natural and my father being who he was, it was easy for him to carry out his perverted deeds. You see, he was the Sherriff of a small town and that basically made him a lord.

Because of my father, I am a total pain slut and I love to have sex with little girls, along with my father. I love to be punished, but yet, I also love to punish. Doing both at the same time is the ultimate sexual experience. (See how twisted my father has made me and I am only 17!!!) I guess in order for you to understand how I became so twisted, I need to go back to when it all started….

Mom had just passed and all of the girls, except for Annie because she was too young, were in complete shock. Dad seemed to be ok, we never saw him cry or express emotion over her death, but he was always a stoic man (at least to the public eye). When he brought Annie home, he sat me down and told me that I was the “woman” of the house now and that I had certain duties. I was to take care of all of my sister’s needs, clean the house, cook, etc. and also take care of him. He told me that he would show me how a woman takes care of a man’s needs and that over time I would thank him for “teaching” me. I was only eight at this time and just lost my mother, now I was being told I would be responsible for my sisters and him!

I started to cry and he reached over and slapped me sharply and commanded me to stop crying. My father told me that he would punish me if I disobeyed him or didn’t fulfill my duties properly. Little did I know that he would find invisible faults just to take his sadistic fetishes out on me.

At that time, my other two sisters were four and three and could not bath or really dress themselves without help. I remember the first time I bathed both girls. I had decided to do them in the same bath to save energy. As I was sitting in the bathroom watching over them as they played in the water, my father came in and informed me he was going to “instruct” me on how to clean my sisters properly.

Picking up the bar of soap he lathered up his bare hands and told Jenna (the younger of the two) to sit down in the water and wait while he washed Carly. He began to rub his soapy hands over Carly’s arms, neck, chest, back, and legs. He avoided her privates till last. All the while talking to me and telling me how important it was to make sure little girls where cleaned properly. He then rinsed his hands and re-lathered them up and told Carly to turn around so her back was facing him and to part her legs just a little bit.

He began to wash her tiny buttocks with his soapy hands. Slowly caressing them and spending more time on her little cheeks then he did on her body. He ran one hand up and down her little ass crack making her squirm a bit from the unfamiliar sensation. He then took one hand and spread her cheeks slightly and told me that I need to pay a lot of attention to her little bum hole. Then he began to rim her little hole with his soapy finger. Pushing a little against the tight muscle ring, making my sister jump. He then stopped and told Carly to turn around and face us.

He started at her hips and started to slowly rub towards her tiny little cunt. While my father is “washing” my sister, Jenna and I are staring at him in fascination. Mom never washed us like this and I even made a comment to that effect. To which, my father replied, your mother didn’t know how to properly take care of children and told me to shut up and watch because I would be doing Jenna when he was done.

While I was watching this and when he said that something was happening. I was too small to know what was going on, but I felt funny watching my dad rub my sister’s private parts. In the small of my stomach and between my legs I felt tingling. Of course I didn’t know I was watching what amounted to a sexual act and even as young as I was, I was responding to it.

My dad continued to move his hands closer to my sister’s hairless cunt. Running his soapy hands slowly over her little cunt lips. He took a finger and rubbed her little slit, soaping it up. Pushing slightly so his finger would sink into her little lips and he could rub his finger across her tiny clit and fuck hole. My sister’s eyes were slightly glazed as she experienced unfamiliar sensations my father was creating between her legs. My father stared intently at her tiny cunt as he “washed” it. After about five minutes of rubbing her cunt my father rinsed my sister off and took her out of the tub. He dried her off, paying special attention to her ass and cunt again. He then sat her on the bathroom floor and told her to watch me wash Jenna.

He instructed me to stand up and he sat on the toilet. But not before I saw a big bulge in the crotch of his jeans. He told me to do exactly what he did and in the exact order. He then proceeded to tell us, as I washed my sister’s body, all about how girls are here for a man’s use. My father then stood up and pulled off his pants and underwear, releasing his hard dick. He then explained how a man gets a hard on from looking at girls and from touching them and that since mommy wasn’t around anymore, we were going to learn how to properly satisfy his needs.

I being slightly older at the time would get the most “attention” for a while, but my sister’s would not be left out from much of the activities. I had stopped washing my sister in surprise at my father pulling his pants off and showing us his privates. He had noticed and told me to continue washing my sister and that Carly was going to help him get rid of his “hard on”.

While I washed my sister, touching her private parts and secretly liking it, my father instructed my four year old sister to come over and kneel in front of him. Telling her that he wanted her to kiss him, my father guided her head towards his dick. She balked a bit, pulling away and my father shoved her face towards his crotch as he announced that if we disobeyed him or didn’t do what pleased him he would punish us. He then backed up his threat by slapping my sister and telling her to suck daddy’s peepee like a lollipop.

Terror and non understanding in my sister’s eyes, she opened her mouth and sucked the tip of my father’s prick. While I watched this, touching my sister, “washing” her, I felt very hot and uncomfortable, but in a good way. For some reason I wanted to be the one kissing daddy’s peepee. While my father watched me wash my three year old sister’s cunt, he slid his hand over his hard shaft as my other sister sucked on the head of his prick. It wasn’t long before he started to breath very heavy and pulled the head of his prick out of my sister’s mouth. He announced he was going “cum” and then squirted liquid all over my sister’s face. Breathing hard, he explained to us that this was his “cum” and that from now on, when his peepee was in our mouths we were expected to swallow it when he started to shoot it out. He also told us that every night he would watch me bath the girls to make sure I was doing it properly and if he got a hard on as a result then my sister’s would alternate nights and help “kiss” it away.

He then stood up and told me to finish cleaning the girls up and to get them to bed. He told me to run a bath for myself and in which he would be in to “wash” me and to talk to me. I did what I was told and was in my own bath within the hour. I had to calm my sister’s down from the bath incident, as they were kind of upset about the show of force from daddy. I assured them daddy was only doing what he thought best. I idolized my dad and didn’t know that his behavior’s and actions were wrong. I just accepted them. He was all we had and I was terrified we would lose him to.

Anyways, I was in the bath when my father came in and told me to stand up so he could wash me. While he gave me the same treatment he gave my sister’s he talked to me. Telling me that I was his very special girl and that he was going to teach me first all that was need to know and that together we would teach my sisters.

I felt really special and even more so when he touched me between my legs. My stomach flipped and I really enjoyed the feeling of his slick hand running over my private parts. It also didn’t help that he purred how beautiful his special princess was and how much one of a kind she was. As he rubbed his soapy hands over my cunt the tingling feelings I had where getting more intense. All off a sudden a huge explosion of extreme pleasure ripped between my legs, making my little cunt spasm in my first orgasm.

My dad realized he had made me cum and smiled. He couldn’t believe that he got me off and told me what had happened and that because it had happened it made me even more special then he thought. I asked him how and he said he would show me after he rinsed and dried me off. After he had done that, he took me into his room and told me to lie down on his bed. He had a TV at the end of the bed and he turned it on. He took a video from a drawer in his nightstand and told me we were going to watch a special video. He wanted to see how I would react to the video while he kissed my peepee. I looked at him and asked him why. He told me to shut up, he had his reasons and that his pretty princess didn’t question daddy unless she wanted to be punished. I shut up.

He put the video in and pressed play. The first scene was of a girl about sixteen years old being raped by a big black man. He was brutal with her as he pushed his big cock in and out of her body, slapping her, pulling her hair, choking her etc. I was shocked. Daddy came over to the bed and got next to me and told me that the whole video was different scenes of men doing whatever they wanted to whether or not the girls liked it and that it was all real, these where videos he had confiscated as Sherriff. He told me I was to watch the video while he kissed my peepee and that I had to keep watching it till he said it was time to stop.

He then scooted down so he was between my legs and started to French kiss my hairless cunt. Tonguing my clit and sliding his big wet tongue up and down my slit. It felt really good! Every time he would rub his tongue across my little clit, it would send bolts of pleasure through my little cunt. As my father tongued me, I watch the video as instructed. Different scenes played through, but they where all the same. A girl about fifteen or sixteen getting brutally ass raped by a big man who would beat her and pull her hair while he pounded away.

Then Daddy did something I didn’t really like. He put his pinky finger in my butt hole. It hurt a lot because he was moving it in and out. I started to whine and told him that it hurt. My father stopped licking my cunt and looked up and me and told me to shut up before he punished me for whining. He told me to concentrate on watching the TV and the feeling of his tongue on my pussy and eventually I would feel good again.

So I laid there for fifteen or twenty minutes, tears streaming down my face from the pain of my father finger fucking my ass as I tried to concentrate on the little bit of pleasure from his tongue. But it was hard; the pain in my ass outweighed his wet slimy appendage. Then something happened out of nowhere that would change my life forever. I came all over my father’s face. The pain, the movie and the feelings of his tongue rubbing my clit was too much for my little body. As I came, my father increased the pressure of his tongue and the force of his finger fucking, intensifying my orgasm.

Chuckling, my father pulls his finger out and says, “Just what I thought, a little pain slut. We will have a lot of fun. From now on you will sleep in here with daddy.” He shifted up to me and turned onto his back and pulled his prick out and commented on how he had another hard on. I looked up at him with tears still at the edge of my eyes and asked him if he wanted me to kiss it away.

“Naw,” My father said, shaking his head, “I have other plans, first I want to show you how to touch yourself.” My father took my hand and guided it down to my cunt and told me to rub my pussy with my hand. He guided it to my clit and pressed my fingers down telling me to rub myself and make myself feel good. He released my hand and started stroking his cock as he watched me explore my pussy for the first time. When he was satisfied that I was enjoying it, he told me to lie on my stomach. So I turned over and he instructed me to continue to play with my pussy while daddy “made love” to me.

I felt something cold and wet as my father slathered Vaseline around my little bum hole and ass crack. Then something hot and hard pressing against my ass hole. He popped the head of his prick into my tight ass and I screamed at the huge and sudden intrusion into me. My father pushed my head into the pillow to muffle my screams and hissed at me to shut up before I woke up my little sisters.

He reared back a bit and pushed hard into my ass, sinking four inches of his prick into me. I was gasping for breath and in extreme pain as it felt he was ripping me apart. He slid back and then rammed his prick back into my ass. The pain was terrible and my dad was enjoying me writhing under him, impaled on his prick. It didn’t take long, only about eight strokes before he tensed up and drove down hard into me, cumming buckets into my poor, sore ass.

He pulled out, smacked my ass, laughed and told me what a terrific fuck I was and that we would enjoy my sweet ass every night until he found me a husband. I just lay there sobbing; I didn’t understand why he showed me so much attention to only hurt me so badly.

Over the next nine years or so, the bed time rapes continued to the point that I started to enjoy them. Which is what my father wanted, he wanted me to associate pain with sexual encounters and wanted me to get off on it. He also trained me to be the dominate one as well and to enjoy the terror of others.

Of course I continued to bath my sisters and touch them. My father also made me in charge of their punishments. He had a particular way of punishing them. He would make me finger fuck their little asses while I spanked them with my other hand. He would stand in the room and jerk off while I did it and would only allow the punishment to end when he had cum. Then he would pull my pants down and eat me out till I had an orgasm while my little sister’s watched. He never licked my other sisters, just me. It was his way of training me. After awhile I would get so turned on by punishing my sisters that it wouldn’t take long for me to cum after he started.

Although my father never took my virginity, he would only fuck me up my ass; he always maintained that my husband would have the privilege of ripping it away from me. That was the words he used, “ripping”. As we got older and I approached the age to marry, he increased his frequency of sadistic acts on us. To which I will get to in the second part of my story. I just wanted you to understand where my love of pain and inducing pain came from. My darling father was responsible for it, but my husband would eventually take that to a whole new level……….

Part Two coming soon…………

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