Rick finally got his mom and two sisters together for a wild threesome.
Perfume 10 - Mom and her daughters

This is the tenth installment of the Perfume series. In chapter 1 Richard turns the tables on his mother with her new experimental perfume, saving most of it for the future. In chapter 2 he tries to control it better when he uses it on his older sister but it still gets out of hand. In chapter 3 he finally gets it right and has a wonderful time with his little sister, until the tables are turned. Chapter 4 is a postmortem on Rick's storytelling and evaluation of responses. Chapter 5 has him in the arms of his grandmother and not always using the perfume. Chapter six has him punishing his sister while he takes down her girlfriend. In Chapter seven Rick attends his little sister's slumber party. Chapter eight is where Rick gets some very private tutoring from his English Teacher. Chapter nine has Lucy seducing her Dad.

Hi, Rick here again. I'm just your regular teenage 14-year-old boy who happens to have some perfume that can turn an ordinary person into a sex-crazed maniac. I stole it from my mom who works for a research lab making new perfumes. This one happened to be an early version of an aphrodisiac drug. I have kept a diary and recorded my adventures with the drug. I guess you could say that my younger sister Lucy, she's 10, is my cohort in all this. We are also intimate, without the drug anymore of course. The story I've recorded here is the latest in our adventures using the perfume.

Finally everything was set. My dad would be gone "truck driving" for another week. I had remounted my new cameras (one wide angle, one with zoom and direction capability) back into my mother's bedroom, without her knowledge of course. Only this time I added audio. Though the audio earpiece that Lucy used with Dad was better, I wanted this additional audio feed. Everything was bluetooth so I was able to monitor my mom's room from anywhere close by, like my bedroom.

Working with Lucy over the last two weeks helped me develop the right mixture of some cheap-brand perfume of hers and my special aphrodisiac drug perfume. I now had an innocent looking bottle of perfume, that could be sprayed, with just the right amount of drug in it to turn anyone into a sex addict, unable to stop their urges but not so much perfume that they would go crazy. At that point they lose their memory of everything. I wanted people to remember what they've done, especially when the sex was with me. But today was not about me.

"Lucy, are you ready?" I asked my little 10-year-old sister.

"Yep all set. But let me go over the plan," she said. "I get Mom and Maryanne together in Mom's room and then spray them with the perfume. That seems simple enough."

"In short, yes," I replied. "But it is more than that. You'll have the antidote so the perfume won't affect you at all. Get the three of you close together and tell them you are going to spray it in the air so that all three of you can smell it at the same time. They'll think you are being silly but remember, you're just 10 years old and it's OK to be silly. Take in a big whiff so they will too. Then step back and let nature take its course. You can then leave, acting disgusted with what they will surely be doing by then. If you try spraying one at a time, they will realize what's going on and warn the other person. So do it at the same time with everyone together."

"OK, I'll do it just like you want it," she promised. "So put the antidote on me. I'm ready."

I got some "special" cream I had nearby and smeared it on the back of her neck. Both the antidote and the perfume last for about an hour so Lucy felt safe. Then she was off, closing my bedroom door after her.

Lucy went into Mom's bedroom with her there and then called to her older sister, "Maryanne, come here in Mom's bedroom please. I want to show you both something."
Maryanne was our older sister. She was 17 and a senior in high school. I had used the perfume on her twice and she still didn't know why she went ape wild. I was in my bedroom with the door closed but could hear Maryanne talking. "What do you want?" she asked.

"Come on in here," Lucy explained. "I want you to smell my new perfume."

"I'm just leaving to go to my girlfriend's house," Maryanne said.

"Maryanne, please," my mom said to her. "Just smell her perfume and then you can go. It will only take a minute." I laughed to myself. That's right Maryanne, just give it a minute, as that's about how long it took before the perfume took full effect, though you could feel it coming on during that first minute.

When Maryanne reluctantly walked into my mom's bedroom I saw her step into view on my laptop. The cameras had a good view of pretty much everything except the hallway wall, which meant the door.

"OK, everyone together," Lucy instructed. I want us all to smell it at the same time and then tell me what you think." The three of them stood together in the middle of the room as Lucy held the perfume bottle high in the air. She gave it three quick sprays and said "Now sniff really good."

All three of them did too, each taking a good whiff of the perfume as it settled down over their heads and faces, their arms, hands, clothes. For a quarter minute, nobody moved, like they were evaluating the perfume. Then suddenly Lucy turned around and whispered, knowing that I would be able to hear her through her earpiece microphone. "Rick, I don't think the antidote is working."

I responded to her, knowing that only she could hear me. "It will work Lucy, as long as you only gave two squirts of the perfume spray. You did only give two didn't you?"

"No, I gave three," she replied. "Oh God Rick, not with Mom and Maryanne." What Lucy didn't know is that I didn't really give her any antidote. It was just some cream.

I looked back at the monitor and saw my mom touching Maryanne's arm. "Honey, don't run off to your girlfriend's so soon," she said. "Stay here with me for a little while."

Lucy turned back to the others, her arm falling to her side, the perfume dropping to the floor. "Can I stay too?" she asked.

"Of course you can stay Lucy," Maryanne said as she brushed Mom's hair with her hand. Mom stepped forward and tipping her head leaned in for a gentle kiss on Maryanne's lips. It was short and sweet, almost nothing more than what she has given all of us time and time again, saying hello or goodbye. But this one lingered just a moment longer than normal. Maryanne took her hands and pulled her own hair back, like she was contemplating what she wanted to do. She then took both hands and gripped the back of Mom's head. Pulling Mom to her, she kissed her hard on the mouth. This was no goodbye kiss. This was a kiss of passion.

Lucy wrapped her arms around Maryanne's waist and held her tight, turning her head sideways into Maryanne's back. Then all hell broke loose. At first they were trying to rip each other's clothes off but ended up shedding their own clothes. All three of them were on the bed. Mom was on her back with Maryanne on top, massaging and licking her breasts. She would squeeze them, suck them, and bite down on Mom's nipples.

"Get up here Lucy," Mom ordered. "I want to taste your sweet virgin pussy." Mom didn't know that I took Lucy's virginity months ago. Lucy straddled Mom's head and Mom pulled my little sister's cunt down to her waiting tongue.

"Oh yes Mom, that's so good," Lucy exclaimed while Mom was moaning. Maryanne had made it down to Mom's bush. It didn't take Maryanne too long to get Mom bucking upwards in the first orgasm of the trio. Lucy spun around to let Mom have a better angle on her pussy. "That's it Mom, suck my pussy, make me cum," Lucy yelled.

Maryanne moved off of Mom and up to Lucy, kissing her hard on the mouth. "Let me make you cum little sister," Maryanne told Lucy. Maryanne got on her back next to Mom and Lucy moved from Mom's mouth to Maryanne's. Mom moved down to Maryanne's pussy, diving her tongue between those wet lips of hers.

"Oh yes Maryanne, it's getting close, yes, harder, oh yes, yes Maryanne, yes. Oh I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Lucy screamed. She tipped her head back and let her long hair fall down around Mom and all over Maryanne's stomach. God, this scene was so hot.

After Lucy calmed down a bit from her orgasm, Maryanne and Mom got together, Mom on her side and Maryanne on her knees. She straddled Mom's one leg and slid forward so that they were pussy to pussy. Maryanne began gyrating her hips such that she ground her pussy into Mom's.

"Oh shit, Maryanne, that feels so fucking good," Mom exclaimed.

"I thought you might like it," Maryanne replied.

Lucy had her hands, and mouth, all over both of them, first feeling up one, then the other, and back again.

"Maryanne, I'm cumming already," Mom exclaimed. "I've never cum so fast in...Oh fucking hell." Mom was climaxing again all right.

"I want to do that," Lucy said. "Let me try it on you Maryanne."

"OK Lucy. Look at how I am positioned on Mom," she instructed. "Now do that to me." Maryanne laid down on her side and lifting one leg up let Lucy kneel down close to her crotch. "That's it. Now rub me with your pussy." Lucy began moving her hips up and down but instead of just lying there like Mom did, Maryanne rubbed her back. "That's good Lucy," Maryanne told her. "Keep that up and you'll be a champion at this, oh yeah, good, yes. Oh fuck Lucy. And you've never done this before?"

"No never," Lucy replied.

"Well, wow, you are...oh shit, I think I'm almost there. Harder Lucy, yes, yes, faster, really fast. Oh fuck Lucy, I'm cumming, shit." Maryanne doubled over as Lucy pulled back and dove her mouth into Maryanne's pussy. She stuck her long tongue between those dripping wet pussy lips and kept Maryanne's orgasms going. Rubbing Maryanne's clit with her finger, Lucy continued to tongue fuck her. Maryanne looked like she was being hit with wave after wave of spasms as Mom looked on in astonishment.

Finally Lucy pulled away and let Maryanne come back to earth. "Oh my God, Lucy," Maryanne began. "That was the most incredible rush I have ever experienced. Lucy was beaming.

"Do me Lucy," Mom said. "Use that wonderful mouth and tongue on me, baby." And she did. It wasn't long before Mom was crying out like a baby, begging Lucy to stop, that she couldn't take it anymore.

I remembered something I had found one day snooping in Maryanne's room. I ran into her bedroom to retrieve it. Quietly I opened Mom's door. There before me on the bed was an orgy I wished I was part of. But I wanted to see what this new toy would bring to the table. I tossed Maryanne's strap-on onto the bed. Then I quickly retreated from the room. No one even knew I was there.

Going back to my room and the monitor screen I saw that Maryanne had already found it and was putting it on. "Mom, you're first," she said. "Get up on your hands and knees." Mom did and Maryanne knelt behind her. She guided the strap-on dildo up to Mom's pussy and positioning it just right she thrust forward. This wasn't one of those skinny little things either. It was a fairly thick one, much thicker than me, even bigger than Dad's, length and girth.

"Oh God," Mom yelled as Maryanne made that first thrust. "It's so big. I can't take it Maryanne."

"Hold her down Lucy," Maryanne told her. Lucy held Mom down with her body and a kiss, which muffled Mom's screams. As Maryanne kept thrusting I noticed that Mom was gradually pulling her legs back and up, making it easier for Maryanne to go even deeper. Suddenly Mom curled up pinning Lucy between Mom's head and legs. The kiss was broken as Mom cried out in ecstasy.

I realized I was rubbing erection through my pants. I couldn't take it any longer. Stripping down I went across the hall and entered my Mom's room. No one seemed to notice me. Maryanne was still pumping into Mom who was lying back again with a dazed look on her face. Lucy was sucking Mom's tits. I walked up behind Maryanne and with her still not noticing, I positioned the head of my penis at her pussy opening. Without delaying another moment I thrust my hard cock deep into my sister's cunt.

"Ugghh, Rick, what the fuck?" she said. I didn't bother answering her. I just started fucking her. Though she slowed down at first she then got back into a rhythm fucking Mom. As she thrust forward, I pulled back. And as she pulled back I buried myself deep into her.

After several minutes of this Mom took her feet and pushed on Maryanne's stomach, shoving her backwards and out of her pussy. Of course that pushed me back too. Mom got off the bed and began taking the strap-on off of Maryanne. When she had it off I pulled Maryanne up onto the bed with me and lying face to face on our sides I pulled her top leg up onto mine. I then pushed me erection back into her pussy. I was now fucking Maryanne with our eyes locked on each other. A couple of minutes later the bed moved and I looked up to see that Mom was laying down behind Maryanne and she had on the strap-on. It looked all greased up, maybe just from her own juices, maybe from some fresh KY jelly. In any case Mom snuggled up behind her. While I continued to fuck Maryanne's pussy, Mom pushed her pretend dick up into Maryanne ass. As Maryanne cried out I claimed her mouth with my own, stifling the sound. Lucy got behind Mom and just let her body ride along with Mom's as her hands roamed all over.

We fucked Maryanne like this for several long minutes until Mom cried out. "Oh shit I'm cumming. I've got my fucking prick up inside you Maryanne and I'm going to cum. Oh fuck, her it cums." Mom thrust up one last time and held herself there as if she was truly shooting her cum up into Maryanne pussy. It was too wild for me and I lost my load, filling Maryanne with shot after shot of my own cum. With both of us inside Maryanne, cumming like we were, Maryanne reached her own orgasm, sandwiched between us.

When we finally settled down I snuck out and left the trio to finish out the effects of the perfume's last few minutes. Once back in my room I got dressed and took a look in the monitor. Everyone was just staring at each other. Lucy jumped up first and ran out of the room, back to her own bedroom. Mom got up and locked herself in her bathroom. I just stared at Maryanne lying there. Fucking Mom was a treat. Fucking Lucy was my daily stable. She's incredible and I love every second with her. But fucking Maryanne, well I just don't understand it. I don't like Maryanne, but fucking her is out of this world. I enjoy fucking Maryanne more than anything I could think of. I was conflicted. I needed a new outlet. I knew there was no future there with Maryanne and she would soon catch on about the perfume I had. Then she would make my life hell. I needed to move on. I needed something new, something different. I needed to find someone that wouldn't touch me in a million years that I could turn around with the perfume, someone Sunday School teacher.

Then end (until Sunday)

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