Frightened sister seeks the comfort of her brother's bed
JackassTales…Tale # 38… Readers; with this story I begin my 3rd year as a writer on XNXX. Thanks to all you readers, voters, and commenters, I’ve had a wildly wonderful ride! My very first story was about an incestuous relationship between a preteen sister and her teenager brother. In tribute to that tale, I now present a similar story of sibling lust and love. DISCLAIMER & WARNING: This site is for TABOO stories, but if incest or very young sex bothers you then don’t waste your time reading this! Whether you choose to believe it or not, this kind of sex ready does happen! While exaggerated and fancifully told, this story has its basis in fact. And, I’m just the fella to know!

Stormy Night: Little Sis Comes to my Bed

A white-hot streak of lightning raced across the nighttime sky followed shortly by an earsplitting clap of thunder. My eyes blinked open and I sat straight up in bed. Just as the weatherman had predicted, we were in for a stormy summer night.

In the dim light of my room I saw two things. First, my digital clock read 2:15 am. Second, my bedroom window was open. Throwing my sheet aside, I sprang out of bed wearing only my briefs. On silent feet, I raced across the carpeted floor to the window.

Just as I reached up to pull down the sash, a gust of wind blew a warm spray of misty rain against my nearly naked body. It felt pretty damn good, it did! So good did it feel that I stripped off my briefs and stood there bare-assed naked and let the thousands of rainy-night pellets massage my skin.

At the matured age of seventeen, it didn’t take much to make my cock jump to horny erection. The meaty, masculine muscle between my legs did so now. Mother Nature’s shower massage was making my cockshaft swell. My hand just naturally closed around the aroused rod and began to slowly pump.

“Andy, I’m scared,” a soft voice said from my bedroom doorway. “Can I get in bed with you until this storm passes?”

Without awaiting an answer, my little sister flew across the room and climbed under the sheet. The precocious girl was ten years old but if she were asked her age she would emphatically say she was ten and three quarters years old. At her age, those three quarters were very important to a growing child.

“Andy?” the curious girl asked. “What are you doing to yourself with your hand? Do you have any clothes on, you don’t, do you? Hey Mister, you had better get out of the window or your doowhacky thing might get struck by lightning!”

As if to emphasize her warning premonition, a bolt of lightning streaked horizontally across the darkening sky. Reluctantly releasing my cock, I jumped back then reached out and slammed the window sash down.

“Aimee, don’t you worry your pretty little head about me,” I said. “You might think I don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain, but Baby Sis, I do!”

The girl child giggled merrily. “Oh Andy,” she said. “I didn’t say you didn’t have any sense. I think you are the smartest boy I know! You’re the strongest, and bravest, and handsomest boy in this world! You know I love you a lot!”

Yes, the girl was right. I knew she loved me a lot. As her older “big brother”, I guess the girl sort of idolized me. I didn’t mind. Fact is, she was a really sweet kid and I loved her a lot, too. Unlike most siblings, Aimee and I didn’t fuss or fight very much. I couldn’t have asked for a better kid sister.

Stepping lively, I ran from the window then jumped completely over the bed. Throwing back the bedcover, I climbed under the sheet and pulled it up.

“Show off,” Aimee said teasingly. Just then, lightning again lit the sky and multiple claps of thunder resonated around the bedroom. The girl squealed alarmingly and threw herself against my rain-soaked body.

An unexpected voice spoke from the bedroom doorway. “Andy?” Mom asked. “If Aimee is too frightened, she can come and sleep with me and your dad.”

“No Mom!” Aimee wailed. “I think I’ll feel safer here with Andy. He won’t let anything bad happen to me! Can I stay here, please?”

Turning away, Mom spoke over her shoulder. “Yes, you can stay,” she answered. Looking toward me, she added, “Andy, you’ve gotten that girl spoiled rotten with your loving protection! You need to let her grow up a little and stop babying her.”

When Mom closed the door behind her, Aimee giggled and whispered. “Ha Mister,” she teased. “It’s a good thing you got under the cover before Mom saw that you were naked! Maybe I should have told her. What do you think?”

“I think I know a mischievous little brat when I see one,” I replied. Without thinking, I began tickling the impish young vixen. I well knew all of this girl’s tickle spots and I tickled them all.

During my tickle-time play, I discovered something. Aimee was wearing only a tight-fitting tee-shirt and a pair of too-tight panties. This girl was maturing so quickly Mom was having a hard time keeping her from growing out of her clothes.

Speaking of ‘hard’ and ‘growing’, I slowly began realizing that my cock’s swelling stiffness had now returned. Unbelievable as it seemed, my little sister was turning me on! God, this had never happened before!

Pulling back, I pushed Aimee away. “Its sleepy-time now little girl,” I said. “Girl, the sooner you get to sleep, the sooner you’ll forget about the storm.”

“But Andy, I’m not a little girl!” Aimee protested. “Surely you can see that I’m getting more curves and bumps. I know my shapes are nowhere near to being fully-developed, but they are coming along. Don’t you agree?”

Truth be told, I guess I had noticed the girl’s curvaceous young body filling out, but my mind had made a determined effort to ignore its implications. I certainly didn’t want to loose my innocent little sister to some horny, pimple-faced boyfriend!

Instead of answering Aimee’s question, I decided to pretend I didn’t hear it. I should have known better than to ignore the quick-witted child. “Andy, I take back what I said before,” she said irritably. “If you haven’t noticed, then you are NOT the smartest boy in the world!”

“Okay, okay!” I practically shouted. “I have noticed! Are you satisfied now, Dearie? Honey, just drop it now and lets try to get some sleep.”

Aimee’s mood brightened considerably. Yet, the volatile minx wasn’t yet through with her verbal banter. “Andy?” she asked slyly. “You have to kiss me goodnight again, don’t you? You have kissed me goodnight before sleep ever since I was a baby.”

True indeed were her words. I had given this little girl a goodnight kiss every night in the past ten and three quarter years. Although I’d kissed her goodnight earlier, I decided that if it would quiet her down, I could kiss her again.

Turning towards my bedmate, I quickly pecked her lips with mine. But wait a god-blessed minute! The girl’s lips were wet! Had she licked them? Emboldened by curiosity, I kissed the lips again. Yes, they were slick and wet!

Clarity hit me. Aimee’s lips were moisturized with saliva! Where in the world did she learn this trick! This girl’s lips were so slippery wet that my own lips accidentally melted into them. Before either of us knew what we were doing, we were awkwardly experimenting with kissing.

Sibling blood was forgotten. Brotherly and sisterly kisses gave in to lip-hungry lust. Ignoring the rules of propriety and morality, we two kissed for a full five minutes.

With my cock throbbing excitedly, I knew I had to put a stop to this impassioned madness before things got completely out of hand. Good god, this was my little girl sister!

Pulling back quickly, I stopped the sinful kissing right then and there. In an effort to avoid further temptation, I flipped around in the bed and put my back to the seductive young female. “Goodnight, Sissy,” I said more sternly than I intended. “Go to sleep!”

Rebelliously, Aimee smacked my bare ass then she kissed the back of my neck. “Goodnight, Andy,” she pouted. “I love you, you know. Don’t you? Don’t you love me?”

I didn’t dare reply. If I gave in and answered truthfully, I might open a can- full of wiggly worms which I might not be able to catch. One of those elongated wigglers in particular had already climbed out from between my legs and was begging to explore the young feminine body lying beside me.

When she realized I wasn’t going to answer, Aimee snuggled up against my back and put one arm around me. Her hand, at first, settled on my chest then it came to rest on my abdomen just above my bellybutton.

After a few minutes of silence, I began thinking my mind might be playing tricks on me. If I wasn’t dreaming, then there was a pinky finger tickling a few curls of my pubic hair. Incredibly, that very same finger was tentatively touching the tender tip of my cockhead!

Good god, what was this sister of mine doing! She had better tread carefully with her wandering hand! If this girl wanted to awaken a sleeping tiger then she’d better expect to get her sweet little ass bitten! Damnit, if I let this innocent child get a handhold on my cock, then the good old lord himself would personally strike me dead!

Another feminine finger touched my swollen cockhead then one more joined the other two. Right on cue, the storm outside intensified. Zigzagging lightning bolts lit the nighttime sky with a crackling fireworks show. Thunder relentlessly rolled with deafening, threatening roars.

Aimee screamed in panicky fright. I’d never known any kid who was more afraid of storms than this child. When she screamed again, I turned over on my back, scooped the girl into my arms, and cradled her body against mine.

Shivering in fear, Aimee clutched me tightly. So close did she get to my nude body that I felt every young feminine curve she had. Despite my mind’s protests, my aroused manhood stirred. The frightened, half-clothed girl threw her slim leg over mine. The silky soft limb came to rest against my pulsating cockshaft.

My entire body jumped excitedly. Every one of my masculine muscles tensed. One stiffened muscle in particular swelled with racing blood. Little girl she may be, but my sister was making me horny as hell! In the back of my mind I wondered if the sexy minx could even feel my erection touching her leg.

“Andy, I’m so scared!” Aimee cried. “Please, please make it stop! I don’t want us to be struck by lightening and I don’t want our house to be blown away! Oh Andy, do you think a tornado is coming?”

I was certain that the damn old Wizard of Oz movie was at the center of many of my sister’s fears. I wondered about how many kids had been scared by the movie’s frightening parts.

“Listen, Babydoll,” I answered consolingly. “Honey, we are not going to have a tornado tonight! What we’re having is just a good, old-fashioned, summertime thunderstorm. Now, just put it out of your mind and think about something else!”

Lightening struck nearby and Aimee squealed once more. The girl clutched me so tightly her fingernails were digging into my flesh. “I can’t think about anything else, Andy!” she wailed. “Please give me something else to think about!”

The first thought which jumped into my head was Mom’s admonition about spoiling my little sis. My instructions were to “stop babying her and let her grow up”. Well now, if this was any other nearly-naked girl in my bed, I’d know the perfect way to help her grow up! But, could I do it to my sweet young sister?

In answer to my rhetorical question, one of my hands slipped under the back hem of Aimee’s tee-shirt. My palm settled on the skin of her lower back. As I moved it upwards, I felt the satiny smoothness of her young feminine flesh. God, she felt unbelievably soft!

My other hand grabbed the front of the girl’s tight shirt and began pulling it upwards. My intentions were to expose only a tiny bit of flesh, yet my subconscious mind told my hand to keep pulling. Before I knew what I was doing, I pulled the shirt up over Aimee’s shoulders and head.

Throwing the shirt aside, I hugged the topless young lady in my strong, masculine arms. The warm skin of her upper body seemed to be glued to the naked skin of mine. Although there wasn’t much room to do so, I ran my hand up the girl’s belly and chest. My finger’s destinations were to touch a pair of tantalizing titties.

Success at last! At only ten and three quarter years old, I knew this girl was most likely as flat-chested as a pancake. Surprised I was when my fingers closed over a nice little boob. Comparatively diminutive in size, the little-bitty titty nevertheless had a curvaceous form to it. As I manually massaged the babydoll breast, it swelled to a more prominent size. When I rolled a tiny nipple in my fingers, it stiffened and jutted out proudly.

Goddamn, I can’t do this! I have to stop before I scare Aimee out of her mind! This child was frightened enough without having some horny guy mauling her body. Yes, I should definitely stop right now, I most certainly should! But, damn my wicked hell-bent soul to the fires of Hades, I didn’t stop!

Aimee’s whimpering stormy-night cries had stopped. If she had any fear of my manhandling hands, she wasn’t saying so. In fact, the frightened girl had pulled back a fraction of an inch or so in order to give room for my hand to play as much as it liked. The girl put a hand on my neck, leaned her head closer to mine, and began kissing my cheek.

My hand liked playing with the preteen booby just fine, so playfully play, it did. On the other hand, my other hand was jealous because it had nothing to play with. My sister’s reclining body was lying on the other tit.

When Aimee’s bare leg pushed against my throbbing erection, an idea popped into my head. My free hand slithered down the girl’s back and slipped under the waistband of her panties. Too-tight, this feminine garment might be, but my hand easily found a handful of silky soft ass. Content at last, my hand merrily played.

Wow, I had a handful of tit and a handful of ass! I suppose playing with a young tit and ass is every horny teen guy’s dream. Sister or not, this was a real-live, flesh and bone female body I was playing with!

Suddenly, inspiration hit me. Using my muscular arms and hands, I lifted Aimee’s featherweight body and lay it atop mine. Instinctively, the girl spread her legs and straddled me. A shot of electrifying thrills ran through me as the half-nude feminine form settled atop my fully-nude masculine body.

Both of my hands were now free to freely explore this girl’s backside. My fingers played in the curly hair on her head. They caressed the flesh of her entire back. When my hands got to the panties, they both slipped inside the waistband and each grabbed an ass cheek.

Aimee whimpered softly. Her lips kissed me wherever they could reach. She made absolutely no objection when my hands grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down over her hips.

Holy shit, I had a pussy lying atop my cock! The smooth roundness of a protruding mound lay against the rock-hard flesh of my swollen erection! Just when I began to think this couldn’t get any better, I softly whispered, “Raise your hips a little bit, Sis.”

Obediently, the girl did as she was commanded. I slipped my cockshaft between her legs and she then lay back down on me. My elongated manhood meat was now comfortably nestled in a warm pussy, thigh, and ass-crack bun. Smoldering embers of awakened lust burned my flesh.

My mind was wondering how Aimee was feeling about all of these new physical feelings. I wondered if her head was experiencing as much emotional turmoil as mine was. As if reading my thoughts, the girl whispered, “Oh god, this feels so good, doesn’t it, Andy!”

At first, my rationalizing mind couldn’t speak. Lightning again struck something somewhere very nearby. While she flinched, Aimee didn’t scream out in fear. I guess I had successfully given the girl something else to think about.

“Oh yes, Sis,” I finally answered. “This really feels good! I’ll tell you what Honey, why don’t you slip your panties all the way off then climb back on top of me?”

The obedient girl rolled off of me, lay on her back, and slipped her panties down over her feet. Throwing them aside, she turned back towards me. Just then my bedroom doorknob turned and squeaking hinges screeched.

“Are you two awake?” Mom asked. Shining a flashlight around, she added, “Andy, do you have your flashlight handy? The storm has knocked out our electricity.”

Thankful I was for two things. First, Aimee had not yet climbed back atop me. Second, my sheet was still pulled up enough to cover up the two nude bodies lying in my bed.

Turning toward my bedside nightstand, I pulled a flashlight from the top drawer. “Yep, Mom,” I said guiltily. “I have my trusty Boy Scout light right here. You know my motto is, ‘Always Prepared’.”

Seemingly satisfied, Mom turned away. “If Aimee starts crying, you send her to my bed,” she said. “A baby needs her mama at times like this.”

As soon as Mom closed the door, Aimee climbed back atop me. ‘Baby’ my ass! The girl reached between my legs and guided my cockshaft back through her spread-eagled legs. Once again my erection settled into the long crack of her softly seductive ass. “Now where were we?” she teasingly asked.

How could such an innocent little girl be so arousingly provocative? Putting the question aside, I used my hands to again explore this sexy young lady’s backside. Oh I loved the nice little ass! My fingers massaged the cheeks and played inside the crack.

Moving my hands upwards, I played with Aimee’s back. The unblemished skin set fire to my fingertips. I played in her hair and sniffed its sweet-smelling aroma.

Aimee scooted upwards and kissed my lips. Honey straight from a honeybee’s hive couldn’t have tasted any sweeter than this girl child’s lips. I kissed her back with passion-filled lust and love.

The mischievous girl scooted back down and clamped my cockshaft between her legs again. Emboldened by lust, I reached my hands under the naked female lying atop me. Grabbing two handfuls of titties proved to be an easy task. The babydoll boobies felt unbelievably soft and pliable. Merrily, merrily I did play with these tiny titties.

Getting my hands on Aimee’s pussy proved to present quite a challenge. As my hand reached for it, I hit an obstacle. Hell, my cock was pressed so tightly to her pubic area that there was no room for my fingers to find the vaginal flesh!

There was more than one way to skin this sexy little cat! Throwing the girl off of me, I turned her on her side then turned myself and pressed my cock against her ass. Reaching around her petite body, I grabbed a handful of pussy. Oh, how sweet it felt! I played with the swollen little mound and listened to Aimee’s soft sighs.

Having an undeniable urge to touch the pussy with my cock, I lifted the girl’s top leg and put my cockshaft between her legs. Now I pressed my erection tightly against the long crack of her split mound. Fiery pussy skin made my cockblood race excitedly.

Once again, my pussy-touching cock denied my hand access to the girl’s sexy mound. Instead of pulling the obstacle out of the way, I decided to just go ahead and use the time to play with Aimee’s titties. Boy oh boy, I loved these sexy little booby mounds!

Suddenly, Aimee pulled away, turned to face me, and placed the front of her nude body against mine. The girl grabbed my erection and put it back between her legs from the front. Our two naked bodies became glued together in an inseparable bond. Wandering hands explored and played with exposed skin.

After we played with each other a few minutes, I threw the cover off and scooted down in the bed. Grabbing my flashlight, I illuminated Aimee’s titties. With the girl laying on her back the tiny boobs had flattened out quite a bit. Still, there were a couple of the sweetest little mounds adorning her chest I’d ever seen.

Instinct told me to taste them. Aimee’s perky nipple nubs were a tasty mammary treat. They jutted out just like stiffened, honey-dipped eraser heads. My mouth savored their nectar. Handing the light to my sister, I instructed her to shine it on her tits.

With my hands now free, I played with the enchanting little girl titties. My massaging fingers had to move aside to make room for my tit-hungry mouth to suck on the tender feminine protrusions. My lips kissed the delicious, sugary flesh.

After an eternity of tit play, I kissy-licked my way down Aimee’s nude body. The flashlight’s beam lit my way. This girl’s slim belly rose and fell under my kissing onslaught. She giggled as I teased her ticklish bellybutton.

When I reached my sister’s pubic region, I found the most gloriously beautiful pussy my teen eyes had ever seen. Right there between Aimee’s wide-stretched legs, was a long cracked mound which swelled intriguingly. This girl’s pretty little pussy bewitched my mind and made my cock jump excitedly.

Without any instructions at all, my lips started kissing the erotic girlie mound. Not one pubic hair concealed any of this unblemished, feminine finery. I kissed and played and gloried in the majesty of the forbidden feminine delights between my sister’s legs.

Giving in to temptation, I spread the puffy outer pussy lips and discovered the hidden jewel inside. Aimee’s vaginal vault had been guarding a priceless, pearl-tipped clit. The excited little female peeper seemed to already be hard and erect. In order to confirm my suspicions, I flicked the little protrusion with my tongue. No matter how hard I flicked and licked, the tiny clitoral erection sprang back to life. The girl attached to this clit moaned softly.

Mesmerized by my sister’s vaginal beauty, I couldn’t help myself from attempting to orally consume its delights. I sucked the clit ravenously. I chewed on it, I tugged on it, and I ate it wantonly.

My exploring tongue discovered the delicate inner pussy wings leading to Aimee’s vaginal hole. This girl child had not yet passed into puberty so this cavity was nearly void of feminine moisture. Still, there was an abundance of tasty pussy meat to lick greedily.

My investigating tongue touched a tender obstruction. Aimee’s whimpering protest let me know I was pushing on her virginal hymen a little too roughly. When I eased off, the girl settled back down to enjoy getting her pussysucking fun.

After playing, and eating then playing and eating some more, I knew without a doubt in this world I could make this girl cum and I could do it pretty damn soon if I wanted to. The question was; “Did I want to?” The resounding answer which popped into my head was; “Hell yes, you do!”

With a single-minded determination, I ate my little sister’s virginal pussy with a voracious delight. My cunt-hungry amusement knew no boundaries. If they gave out Boy Scout medals for pussy-pleasing fun, then I wanted to be first in line to pick one up!

Aimee’s wiggling ass and her impassioned sighs let me know that my medal-winning goal was near at hand. The panting girl ran her fingers through the hair of my head and forced my mouth against her femininity. As the thunder rolled, she squealed with glee. An orgasm had a hold on her soul and was taking it straight to cum-happy heaven.

Still I ate on. Girls can have more that one orgasm, this much I knew, but could little preteen girls do the same? Come hell or high water, I was about to find out. I continued kissing, and licking, and sucking my sister’s wondrous pussy.

My efforts bore the fruits of fruition. I was achieving my goal. Just as Aimee’s first orgasm began to ebb, another one started. She shrieked hoarsely. In the middle of her second orgasmic cataclysm, another pussy-quaking one began.

There was no way for me, as a guy, to count how many delightful thrills the girl had. I ate her pussy until she lay back exhausted. “Andy,” she breathlessly whispered. “Oh god, you can stop now!”

Reluctantly, I stopped then scooted back up in the bed to cradle my sweet little sis in my arms. Aimee hugged me tightly. When her breathing returned to a semblance of normalcy, she whispered in my ear, “Andy, I loved it, oh goodness I did! There is no way I can begin to tell you how good you made me feel!”

Thinking for a second, the sexually satisfied girl added, “I’ve never done anything like it before, but maybe, if you’ll let me, I can make you feel the way you made me feel! Andy, shine your light… down there…on your penis.”

Without waiting to see if I would let her or not, the girl kissed my lips then scooted down in the bed. After kissing my belly and tickling my bellybutton, Aimee’s tongue darted out and touched my cock’s pee hole. With two fingers tenderly holding my cockshaft, the girl’s saliva-coated tongue encircled my cockhead.

Inexperienced, yes Aimee might be, but the eager-to-please child, was setting my loins on fire! The girl laid her super-soft face against my swollen cockshaft and caressed it with her hand. After her impassioned cock embrace, she began kissing up and down the elongated length of my swollen erection. One of her hands had found my balls and was gently juggling them.

The girl’s kissy-licky lips felt so unbelievably good I could hardly breathe from the sheer joy of it! I began thinking that surely this innocent, virginal waif had no idea about what to do next.

Proving me wrong, Aimee’s tongue again found the hypersensitive head of my cock. Taking her cue from ten and three quarter year’s worth of popsicle licking experience, the girl’s tongue licked enthusiastically. Oh glory, my sister’s flicky-licky tongue felt good!

I knew Aimee’s favorite dessert was a plain old vanilla ice cream cone. Many a time I’d seen her gobble one down. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that this girl’s sweet little mouth would do the same thing with my cock!

Imagination notwithstanding, Aimee now had my cockhead inside her greedy little cocksucking mouth and she was eagerly eating. With a river of saliva lubricating my tight-fitting shaft, the girl bobbed her head up and down.

The size of my engorged meat made it imperative that the girl open her mouth as wide as she could possibly do. Even so, the fit was so tight that chewing teeth scrapped my cock flesh. I silently asked myself, “Is my little sis going give me a cock-hicky?”

I asked no more questions. I now had something more important on my mind. Testicle cream was boiling within my ball sack and it was getting ready to erupt! I knew one thing for damn sure now; I was getting ready to cum! I made a quick decision that I was not about to shoot off inside my little sister’s mouth. My god, I was sure the naive kid didn’t even know what semen was! Her first introduction to it shouldn’t be by having a mouthful of liquid spurting in and choking her throat.

Grabbing Aimee’s curly hair with both hands, I forcibly pulled her cocksucking mouth off of my erection. My meat plopped out with an audible pop. The kneeling, cock-infatuated girl grabbed onto my bloated manhood and instinctively pumped.

Right on cue, my seminal eruption blew. Emulating the famous Old Faithful geyser, my cockshaft spewed its liquefied fire straight up. Instead of a misty spray, my body discharged thick, gooey lava.

The inside of Aimee’s mouth didn’t catch this load of orgasmic cream, yet I couldn’t say the same for some other parts of her young body. Her lower lip and chin were soaked. Globs of sticky semen covered her teeny-tiny prepubescent titties.

The sweet ecstasy of unbelievably powerful orgasms robbed all my senses but the pleasurable feelings of physical and emotional joy. Despite being drenched with cum, Aimee kept on jerking my meat. Her tight-fisted hands were milking me with the exuberance of a milkmaid pulling on a championship cow’s teats.

My sis wasn’t milking a teat; no she was pumping a near-grown man’s cum spewing erection. I was cumming so much that Aimee’s wet body was dripping some of its cummy goo back onto my belly.

I couldn’t remember when I’d dropped my flashlight, but I guess it didn’t really matter. Aimee seemed to need no light to finish the cock-pleasuring job she had started. The inexperienced girl’s pumping hand didn’t stop stroking my cockshaft until the hardened erection became limp.

I was sighing contentedly when Aimee finished her job. The sweet little girl threw her nude body back atop mine and scooted up to kiss my lips. “Oh Andy, that was fun,” she whispered. “Did I do it right?”

Hugging the girl with genuine love, I huskily answered, “Babydoll, oh Sweetheart, it was perfect!” When Aimee kissed me again, I added, “Honey, we are both a slimy, cummy mess. Let’s go take a quick, quiet shower and then come back to bed.”

Using my Boy Scout flashlight for illumination, a quick, quiet shower was what we took. Attempting to be as silent as we could so we wouldn’t awaken Mom or Dad, we washed each other’s naked bodies. While bathing, we tickled and teased, we groped and fondled, and we hugged and kissed.

The worst of the late-night summer storm seemed to be over. A gentle rain pitter-pattered on my bedroom window as Aimee and I reentered the room. Remembering the comforting feeling of the misty breeze on my nude body earlier, I led my little sis over to the window and opened it wide.

At first, Aimee was fearful and hesitant. Her worried eyes scanned the partly cloudy skies. With the warm, rainy-night mist gently massaging her skin, she began to relax. Finally, she surrendered and allowed Mother Nature’s manipulating mist to soothe her body.

The rain continued spraying our naked bodies but the clouds parted just enough to allow a bright moonlight beam to illuminate my bedroom. Young, slim, and petite, my little sister was, but in the moonlight’s glow, she seemed to be the most seductively arousing female I’d ever known!

During our hasty shower my cock had recovered from its cocksucking limpness. My stimulated sex organ was again a rigid rod ready for action. One of my rain-soaked, pussy-hungry hands began fingering the cracked mound between Aimee’s legs. The other hand tickled her tiny tits. “Oh Sis,” I whispered. “I love your titties and your sweet little pussy!”

Just as I hoped, the girl’s hands reached for my erection. Ten slim fingers closed around my shaft. My teen manhood was swollen with so much lust that the child’s short, skinny fingertips could not touch. “Andy, I love your…penis, too,” Aimee replied. “It’s really, really nice, but I wish…I wish it wasn’t so big! It’s too big to fit inside my…my pussy! Isn’t it?”

“Hell yes, it is!” I hastily answered. “I mean, I think it is. I’ve heard that girls’ pussy holes can stretch pretty far to take in a guy’s cock. Maybe yours will. You wanna try?”

Without awaiting her answer, I took action. The house we lived in was an old, two-story structure with ten foot ceilings and windows nearly eight feet tall. The window sills were barely a foot off the floor. Even though the misty rain was dampening my bedroom carpet, I didn’t want to close the window just yet. If I was going to try to screw my sister, I wanted to do it in the rain.

Scrounging around in my closet, I pulled out my sleeping bag and spread it out on the floor in front of the window. With my carpet now safely protected from moisture, I lay down and pulled Aimee atop me.

The nude little girl wiggled around rubbing her pussy mound all over my hardened cockshaft. Reaching down, she guided my erection up between her legs. Once again, I felt my elongated meat sandwiched between two little ass cheeks.

With blowing rain dampening Aimee’s backside, my hands played merry skin-exploring games. After playing for awhile, I whispered, “Hey Sweetie, scoot up here and give your big brother a kiss.”

Aimee wasn’t hard of hearing and she didn’t have to be told something twice. Following instructions, the girl scooted up and began kissing me with an unrestrained passion. With my fingers entwined in the girl’s rain-wet hair, I kissed her back just as ardently.

“I want to kiss you somewhere else,” the mischievous child announced. Before I knew what she meant, she pulled away and dove down between my legs. My wanton little sister’s lips rained kisses all over my blood-engorged cockshaft.

Quick as a wink, the cock-crazed girl swallowed my cockhead into her mouth. Licking and chewing, she sucked several inches of my shaft in deep. Feeling exquisite pleasure, I subconsciously wondered where in the world this cocksucking girl had been all my life!

As suddenly as she had started, Aimee stopped. “Your turn now,” she said. “Suck my pussy, make me wet, wet, wet with your saliva then try to put your penis inside me!”

This time, I was the one to jump to attention and follow commands. Down between Aimee’s outstretched legs, I did go. Suck pussy, I did! Hungrily kissing, licking, and sucking, I greedily ate mouthful after mouthful of sweet young vaginal flesh.

Using moisture from my mouth, I dripped saliva into Aimee’s little hymen-stoppered, female hole. I felt the girl’s fingers fingering my cockshaft and soon realized she was applying additional saliva lubrication from her own mouth.

Now with a pussy and cock well-lubricated, I climbed atop my sister and positioned myself for penetration. So hot and horny were we two sexual adventurers that we were unaware of the storm’s return. Crackling lightening once more zigzagged across the nighttime sky. Thunder rolled.

At first, I had tentatively touched Aimee’s hymen with my cockhead. The tender barrier stretched and the girl whimpered fretfully. Sharp fingernails bit into the flesh of my back. Instinctively, feminine legs wrapped around my body and pulled.

Lightning flashed, I plunged in deep, and Aimee screamed. My cock took control of my body. Ignoring squealing protests, my slippery erection thrust in and out of my little sister’s cherry-busted pussy.

In the back of my mind I wondered how a ten and three quarter’s year old pussy could hold so much of a swollen, seventeen year old cock. In the front of my mind, I didn’t care. I was fucking a girl and I was having the time of my life!

Aimee was, too! The girl had stopped whimpering in pain. Joining in on the pussy-pounding action, she dug her heels into my ass and assisted with the copulation race towards orgasmic fulfillment.

Storm-blown rain pelted my back. Rivulets of water dripped off me and soaked the naked little girl lying beneath me. Paying no attention to the stormy wetness, I thrust into my sister’s pussy with a series of jackhammer strokes. My testicles burned with rising orgasmic heat. Aimee’s body tensed as if she too was red hot ready for joy.

Red hot ready, she was! Aimee began whimpering again, but this time she was crying in orgasmic pleasure. For the second time this night, this girl child was beginning to feel the ecstasy or pussy-pleasing orgasms.

For a short while, I had believed the insides of Aimee’s hot little mouth was the best place in the world to house my cock. My opinion had now changed. This girl’s extremely tight little pussy had now taken the prize for first place!

I was now cumming into this girl’s tight little hole. Powerful pussy muscles had clamped onto my meat and were now squeezing. My seminal reservoir had not yet had time to completely refill, but it was at least nearly halfway full. Right now, it was emptying again.

Pressurized seminal cream spurted into Aimee’s pussy. Orgasms stole my senses away. Riding a storm-tossed wave of sexual bliss, I cried with joy. I had stolen my sweet little sister’s innocence, but instead of being sorry, I was incredibly happy!

The force of a pussy-pounding cock spewing milky-hot cream set Aimee off on a round of multiple orgasms. Slippery saliva, squishy squashy cum and virginal blood squirted out of her overfilled pussy. Excited moans and contented sighs sang out from her mouth.

Rainy-night storms lit the nighttime sky outside while inside a stormy frenzy of forbidden lust and love raged. Mind-blowing emotional and physical elation dominated time and space.

I suppose there is a truth in the old saying about how all good-feeling things must come to an end. Orgasmic euphoria raced through a young male and female body but the exhilarating sexual jubilation finally slowed and then gradually ebbed away.

Rolling off Aimee, I grabbed my flashlight and directed its beam between her legs. Just as I thought, the little girl’s pussy was a sodden, cum-covered mess. So was the entire length of my cock.

Reaching out, I grabbed hold of the nearest piece of cloth I could find. It just happened to be the panties Aimee had tossed aside. Holding the flimsy garment to the window, I allowed it to be drenched with pouring rain.

I had a suspicion that my sister’s virgin-busted pussy was probably a little bit sore so I gently washed the messy mound with the wet cloth. When she was clean, the girl took the cloth from me and returned the favor. Scrubbing vigorously, Aimee cleaned my cum and her virginal blood off my cock.

Clean at last, Aimee and I climbed off of the sleeping bag. This sexy young lady helped me to roll it back up and put it away. I knew it was wet from rain and splattered with sex stains. I’d have to throw in the washing machine tomorrow along with the messy panties.

Standing, I scooped my sweet little sis up into my powerful arms and carried her back to the window. Even though the fury of the storm had not diminished, Aimee now seemed to be unafraid. As the blowing rain showered our nude bodies, I cradled her against my chest and kissed her lips. The impassioned girl kissed me lovingly.

Slamming the window shut, I turned back to my bed and pitched the featherweight child out of my arms. Aimee bounced once and then lay still. With my now flaccid manhood dangling between my legs, I climbed into bed, and lay on my back. The night was warm so I left the rumbled sheet lying at the foot of the bed.

Quick as a cat, Aimee pressed her body against mine. The girl threw one of her sexy slim legs over me and let it rest touching my limp cock. Not content with her position, she went ahead and climbed atop me.

I recalled hearing it said that all pussies look the same in the dark. This may be true, but hell, they don’t all feel the same! Aimee’s bald little pussy wiggling around on my cock was bringing my manly sex organ back to life!

Okay, so my cock was stirring, but there was no damn way I could get it up hard enough for another pussyfucking adventure right now! Besides, I was sure Aimee’s pussy was probably so sore she couldn’t stand another cock pounding. Surely, I was right, wasn’t I?

As if reading my mind, the seductive child stopped wiggling. After a moment of silence she whispered, “Andy, I’m too sleepy right now, but can you put your penis into my pussy again when we wake up in the morning? Oh, it was so much fun!”

“Sure thing, Sis,” I enthusiastically answered. “Girl, now that I know you like it as much as I do, I’ll fuck you anywhere and anytime I get a chance to!”

I was unsure if the girl even heard me or not. Lightning crack, thundered rolled, and Aimee fell asleep lying atop me. The sexy child’s weight was so light it didn’t bother me a bit.

Before sleep overtook me, I shivered unexpectedly. I sort of felt like I imagined someone might feel when someone was walking on your grave. Conscious awareness hit me. While Aimee might not have heard all of our recent conversation, someone else did!

Mom was standing just inside my bedroom doorway. Her flashlight’s brilliant beam illuminated the naked forms of her daughter and son. Instead of screaming in disbelieving protest, the woman calmly walked across the carpeted floor to my bed.

With her maternal instincts in overdrive, the woman grabbed the scrunched up sheet, fluffed it out, and spread it over Aimee and me. “Andy, it’s going to get cooler before morning,” she said. “I think you two ought to have a little cover over you.”

With that said, she walked back to the door. Before leaving the room, she stopped, scratched her head, and whispered, “You know Son, this is not exactly what I had in mind when I told you to stop babying your sister!”

“Oh well, what’s done is done,” she conceded. “Life is too short, so, as long as you’re not hurting her, you two should go ahead have your fun!” she impulsively announced. “But, for god’s sakes!” she warned. “Don’t let your dad catch you!”

Mom’s warning words did not fall on deaf ears. From now on, I’d have to be more careful when screwing my little sis. Putting the cautionary advice out of my mind, I hugged the naked girl child sleeping soundly atop me. Listening to the soothing sounds of pitter-pattering rain and thinking about the sweet young pussy I’d have the pleasure of fucking in the morning, I fell into a peaceful slumber.

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