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I woke up the next day a little before noon and I was still lying on the couch naked with Caleb in my arms. I panicked slightly thinking that Ryan had to have seen us. I had know idea how he would react to me sleeping with his brother. I decided I had better try to find him and see if I could explain myself to him so I quietly got off the couch and got dressed without waking Caleb. I made my way up to Ryan’s room, but he wasn’t there. I wandered around the rest of the house and couldn’t find him. He must not have come back the night before. I was fortunate. I didn’t want to deal with that confrontation. When I made my way back to the couch to grab my shoes Caleb was awake and smiling.

“What’s gotten you so happy this morning?” I asked.

“Well, I just got a call from Ryan saying that he decided to go camping and will be gone all weekend,” he said with the look of a little boy who just discovered candy and wanted as much as he could get. “He wanted to know if I would be okay to stay by myself another night. I told him that I would be just fine.” He grinned and it was nice to see him happy.

“If you are gonna be fine on your own then I guess I could just leave,” I tried to toy with him.

“Now that you mention it, I think I might need some company do have some fun with.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well first of all I have a feeling we could both use a shower,” he replied looking down at his sticky naked body and grinning. I hadn’t thought of it until that point, but I was probably pretty sticky myself under my clothes. A grin grew on my face as well and before long I was naked again and we were on our way to the master bathroom and the “big shower.”

I wasn’t quite sure how this was going to go, but he took the lead and jumped right into it. He lathered my chest and abs with soap slowly, feeling every curve and contour. I loved the attention and the heat of the water on my back and my cock came to life. It began to harden because of his warm touches. He took notice and took the soap to that region spend a lot of time kneading my balls with soap. He finished of my legs and then lathered up my back with slow smooth strokes. He kissed the back of my neck before he dropped to clean my ass. He lathered up two fingers and pushed them into my hole cleaning it out nicely. The feel of his fingers inside me awakened a sexual fire within me and I was hot. He pressed my hole apart widening it and adding a finger. It felt amazing, but it didn’t last long enough, before I knew he pulled his fingers out and bent me over so that the water could rinse it out. After he sufficiently rinsed it out I thought it was my turn to clean him, but instead he pushed his mouth between my cheeks and shoved his tongue as far into me as he possibly could licking and engulfing whatever he could possibly find in there whether it was soap, shit, or maybe some dried cum that he wasn’t able to clean out. Whatever it was he seemed to enjoy it as he moaned in excitement almost as loudly as I did. The warmth of his tongue felt more wonderful in my ass then it ever did in my mouth. I loved every second of it and this new experience drove me close to my climax. As my moans got louder he must have understood that I was cumming soon because he pulled his tongue out and cried, “Cum on me Dan!” Who was I to deny such a request I turned around and let my load loose all over his face and head. It dripped down the side of his head and over his face. The water flushed a lot of it out of the way but not the stuff on his face. It dripped down over his eye and down his cheek. He stood up and I licked it all away and kissed him softly with the taste of my cum still on my lips.

Our kiss continued and I ran my fingers through his hair feeling that my cum was clotting it up and making a mess of it. I broke our kiss only to get some shampoo and resumed the kiss as I lathered his head up completely and let the water wash the suds away. I began the process of cleaning him up by running the soap up each arm as I continued to kiss him. I loved every part of his smooth young body and enjoyed the feel of his thin muscular arms. His chest was round and smooth. I caressed the soap in to it and kissed it for emphasis. Soon my job took me to his cock and balls and I made sure to clear all the sticky mess from the night before away. His cock was at full attention so I decided to clean that in a more personal way. I licked his tip quickly as I engulfed as much of his member as I could. It his the back of my throat and I just kept forcing it down. He was in heaven as he thrust his waist forcing his cock as deep as it would go. I surprised myself when I felt his pubic hair on my lips. I had no idea that I was able to deep throat. I was happy I was able to because I new it really got Caleb excited. After just a minute or so he erupted in an incredible orgasm greater then anything he had the night before. I swallowed it all and let his limp dick slip out of my mouth. I stood to my feet and tried to catch my breath. He smiled at me and we rinsed off one more time before getting out of the shower.

We decided to get dressed and take a break for lunch. We chatted for a bit as we ate and decided to watch a little TV while we rested. I sat down and he laid down next to me with his legs in my lap. I looked down and saw his gorgeous, thin legs and couldn’t help but touch them. I calmly rubbed his legs as we watched TV together. It was a nice time we were very comfortable with each other and enjoyed just relaxing together as a couple.

“Have you noticed that TV hasn’t been able to break the gay teenager barrier,” he pointed out, “I mean we have a number of shows with gay adults, but you never really see any gay teens.”

“That does seem weird,” I answered, “Maybe we should get our own show and break through that barrier.”

“I don’t think they could show what we do on TV,” he smirked while he turned his head back to the TV. My eyes stayed on him and I couldn’t help but check out his gorgeous young body. He was wearing a black wifebeater that clung tightly to his abs and chest. His thin toned arms were smooth and well tanned. His black basketball shorts had slid down his leg a bit to reveal part of his thigh. His legs were long and thin with just the early traces of leg hair. My hands started moving up and down his legs again feeling his toned calves and enjoying the feel of his skin. As I admired his legs he sat up a little more bringing his stocking feet into my lap. He had small feet that were well shaped and looked really cute in his white ankle socks. I don’t really have a thing for feet, but his were small and cute. Since they were in my lap I thought I would give them a little rub. His feet were so small that my hands were longer then they were. This made it very easy for me to give him a very thorough foot massage. He very much enjoyed the foot rub and it succeeded in drawing his attention back to me and away from the TV. I figured that we had both had enough time to recuperate and decided to start in again.

I slowly slid up his body feeling his smooth bare arms as I brought my face closer to kissing him. When our lips met I gently nibbled on his upper lip while he did the same to my lower lip. After a while my tongue explored every inch of his mouth to the point that I could probably have mapped out exactly what the inside of his mouth looked like. I was enjoying taking things slowly and romantically, but he must have been very horny and impatient because my shirt came off in no time. His lips dropped from mine down to my chest as he kissed around my nipples and began to suck on them. This felt fantastic. His lips were so soft and gentle and his tongue was warm as it flicked lightly over my nipples. As good as it felt I wanted to keep things moving so I brought his face back up to mine and kissed him again. My kisses moved slowly down his neck to his upper chest where the wifebeater didn’t cover. As my hands began to slide his shirt up over his stomach my lips followed suit. As soon as his chest was revealed my lips devoured it staking their claim on the tight muscles and tiny nipples. He was whimpering and squirming in delight. I decided to continue on down his body to his shorts. He was very hard and looked to be ready to explode. I quickly pulled his shorts down admiring the bulge in his boxer briefs.

Soon I pulled those down as well and engulfed his cock. He seemed like he was close to cumming, but I didn’t want him to yet. I wanted to feel his beautiful cock up my ass before this session was over. I shed my own shorts and sat on his stomach. I slowly slid backwards lining his cock up with my hole. As soon as it hit my hole he lunged forward pushing the head of his cock in. It felt great, but I wanted to be in control. I leaned froward and kissed him as I whispered, “Relax, I’l do all the work.” I slid back a little more to take the rest of his cock in me. It felt wonderful and I wanted to savor the moment of us just resting with his cock in my ass. However I wanted more so i slowly began to bounce up and down on it. It was a wonderful feeling to be in control. I know he enjoyed it too because his face was serene. It was a few minutes and I started to get a little tired so I decided to speed up the process by flexing my butt a little. As soon as I did this his eyes popped open and he cried loudly in pleasure as his cum shot hard up my ass.

“What the fuck!” screamed Ryan angrily as he walked in, “Get off my little brother.” I jumped off quick and began to try to explain, but he wouldn’t hear it. “Get out of my house,” was all he said as he angrily pointed to the door. He looked like he wanted to beat the crap out of me so I got dressed quickly and left. I couldn’t believe how angry he got. I thought about it the whole trip home, “I guess he is really protective of Caleb and some of it may involve some jealousy, or maybe he had a bad trip, he did come back early. I bet once he cools down it will be like this never happened.” That was my thought process as I rode home worried about possibly losing another best friend because of sex. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to bear it after Josh and now maybe even Ryan. I did however make myself believe that everything would work out in the end.

What I didn’t know was what was happening back with Ryan and Caleb.

“What did that bastard make you do? Are you alright?” asked Ryan who was furious.

“Yeah Ryan, this has been the best weekend of my life, at least until you had to ruin it like this.”

“So now you are some kind of whoring cock slut is that it is that what he turned you into. I’m gonna kill him or better yet I’ll out him that fucking bastard.”

“No, don’t do it Ryan, it was my fault I pushed him into it. I wanted it so bad and when you said you were gonna be gone all weekend I told him to stay. It’s my fault don’t punish him. I love him,” Caleb pleaded as tears started to flow.

“You don’t know what love is. You’d fall in love with anyone who would stick his dick up your ass wouldn’t you, you fucking cock slut. That bastard took advantage of your innocence and made you love him. Well, I want you to love me too; all I have to do to make you love me is to fuck you then by all means.” As he said that he dropped his pants and pushed his naked brother back on the couch.

“Ryan, please, don’t. You’re angry and I think you need to cool down,” pleaded Ryan as cried overcome by his fear.

“Cool down? Things are just heating up and you are gonna love me more then that bastard after you feel this leviathan up your ass.” He pushed Caleb down hard as he spread his cheeks and then without a second thought he shoved his rock hard dick into his little brother’s young ass. Caleb cried in pain as this monster dick nearly ripped him in half. He was horrified that his brother would do anything to hurt him, but after a minuter Caleb knew he wouldn’t be able to stay mad at Ryan because it felt so good. He couldn’t help but wonder if what Ryan said about him was true. Maybe he was a cock slut who would love anyone who would fuck him. Those thoughts soon went away though as he was overcome by the sheer size of his brothers cock. It felt amazing and he let out a small moan.

When Ryan heard his brother scream in pain when he first put his cock in him it snapped him out of his fit of rage, but the pleasure was so great he just kept going. He couldn’t believe how tight his little brother’s asshole was. It felt fantastic and after the camping trip where he found out his boyfriend had been cheating on him he needed some fun. As his dick pounded his little brother he realized that he over reacted and was just taking his anger towards his ex-boyfriend out on Dan and Caleb. He felt bad for raping his brother like he was, and was about to stop until he heard his brother moan slightly. He really did love his brother and he couldn’t believe what he had done. He slowed the speed of his thrusts a bit and leaned forward to kiss his brother’s neck, “I’m sorry.” was all he got out before he let loose his load inside his brother’s ass.

Caleb was on cloud nine it was an amazing feeling having his brother’s cock up his hole and he never wanted it to end. He was getting close to cumming when his brother slowed his thrusts leaned forward and kissed his neck. He apologized. Caleb was happy his brother was himself again and let loose a load of cum all over the coach when he felt his brother cum in his ass. They collapsed on the couch panting. Ryan hugged his brother close and Caleb turned his head to kiss his brother. After the kiss Caleb simply said, “I forgive you.”

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