Lucy takes the lead in this new perfume adventure by tricking her dad.
Perfume 9 - Lucy and her Dad

This is the ninth installment of the Perfume series. In chapter 1 Richard turns the tables on his mother with her new experimental perfume, saving most of it for the future. In chapter 2 he tries to control it better when he uses it on his older sister but it still gets out of hand. In chapter 3 he finally gets it right and has a wonderful time with his little sister, until the tables are turned. Chapter 4 is a postmortem on Rick's storytelling and evaluation of responses. Chapter 5 has him in the arms of his grandmother and not always using the perfume. Chapter six has him punishing his sister while he takes down her girlfriend. In Chapter seven Rick attends his little sister's slumber party. Chapter eight is where Rick gets some very private tutoring from his English Teacher.

"Are you sure your can do this?" I asked Lucy. "You would let our dad do that to you?"

Hi. My name is Rick. I am 14 years old and have been intimate with my 10-year-old sister Lucy for months now. It all started when my mother brought home some experimental perfume from the research lab where she works to test it on me. It was supposed to be an aphrodisiac but it was way more powerful than that. My mother and I ended up fucking each other all night long. Since then I have fucked my older sister Maryann, one of her friends Laticia, my grandmother several times, Lucy of course and three of her girlfriends, and even my English Teacher Mrs. Hodges. Lucy and I are the only ones with an ongoing relationship, without the need of any perfume drug. Lately we have been thinking about new adventures, wondering what or rather who to do next. Lucy has been wanting to get more involved with the action so we came up with this wild scheme. She wants to fuck our dad and tape it. Then she can hold it over his head forever, get whatever she wants from whenever she wants. He will then always take her side against our mom. I told her that she could get hurt, he being so big and her so small. I'm only 6 inches myself and her body has adapted to accommodate me just fine. But my dad is bigger than me, in all ways.

"I can do this Ricky," she argued. "The way I want to do it is not to just use the perfume on him. I want to try to seduce him on my own, see if he will be faithful to mom. Then if I can't do it I'll use the perfume. With you filming the whole thing we can edit out any part we don't want."

"I'm telling you now, I don't think Dad is going to fall for it. I think he is the real true blue sort of guy. But I'll support your effort. I have these new micro cameras that we can put in his bedroom. One is wide angle and the other can do close-ups," I told her. "But the neatest new item is this ear microphone, just like you see on TV only better. It can pick up noise and talking all around and allow me to talk to you. It is really small and fits far enough in the ear that you can't even notice it unless you were looking directly into the ear. Dad will never see it. I will be able to see everything as it happens and even talk to you. I can let you know what Dad's doing when you have your back to him, just as if you had eyes in the back of your head. It'll be awesome."

"Great. When can we do this?" Lucy asked me. "The sooner the better, as soon as Dad gets home from the road."

"I can be ready by Saturday. Dad will be back from his truck driving, Mom will be at work, and Maryann will at some overnight thing with her girlfriend."

"You mean her fuck-mate," Lucy corrected me.

"Yeah, whatever," I said. "We all know she's gay."

"Hey, wouldn't it be cool to have her fuck Mom?" Lucy asked.

"Maryanne would be all for it but Mom sure wouldn't," I responded.

"Perfume, Ricky, perfume," she reminded me. It was the solution to all problems.

"OK, on Saturday I'll make a big deal about no one going into my room as I am leaving so Dad knows I'm gone. Then I'll sneak back into my room through the window. Just give me 5 minutes to get back in and get all set up. With the close-circuit video feeds and the special audio, I'll be able to monitor everything in real time. If things get out of hand I can come in and help. I don't want you hurt."

"I told you, I'll be fine," she insisted.

"I'm just saying, just in case," I told her. "Can't have my best girl hurt you know."

"Thanks, I love you too," she replied.

I had enough time before Saturday to get everything set up and tested. On Friday I watched my mom in her bedroom from my own room. I had the wide-angle camera high up on a shelf where no one would notice. The other close-up camera was on the opposite side of the room focused on the bed. It had a tiny adjustable lens and mount that allowed me to quietly zoom in or out and to change the direction that it was pointing. What made it all work was the remote power that the cameras had, allowing me to control them from a short distance away, in this case my bedroom.

My dad was supposed to be home Friday night but didn't arrive until Saturday morning after both my mom and Maryanne had left. Shortly after he came home I gave him my goodbyes and left, sneaking back into my bedroom afterwards. Lucy immediately went to work. She had already put on some of the antidote. She had a little extra along with some of the perfume in small bags ready for use. She hid them with a whole mess of pre-arranged clothes that she carried into Dad's room. From my room I watched as Lucy walked into Dad's bedroom. My dad was unpacking his suitcase.

"Oh hi honey," my dad said.

"Hi Daddy," Lucy responded. "I'm glad you're home. I want you to help me with something."

"Sure honey, anything at all," he graciously told her. "What is it?"

"Well I have some new clothes that you haven't seen and I need you to tell me what looks good and what doesn't," she said.

"Sure honey," Dad said. "I see your hands are full so I guess you mean now."

"Good," Lucy said with enthusiasm. She dropped her clothes pile into the corner of the room and then looking back at Dad said "Now turn around while I change clothes."

Dad turned around and Lucy started digging into her pile. She found some baggy jeans and a long sleeved blouse that was probably too big. She took off the clothes she had on and put on these new clothes. Turning around she said "OK Dad, you can look."

"Very nice honey," he told her.

"Oh Dad, you have to be honest. Now turn around again and I'll change. Then tell me if you like the first outfit or the next one. Turn around," she instructed.

Dad did and Lucy changed into a tight fitting pair of jeans and a top that showed off her belly button. "OK turn around," Lucy announced.

"Wow, now that looks great on you," he said. "Honey, you are starting to grow up. That really looks good."

"Thanks, Dad. Turn around for another set of outfits," she told him. He did and she began changing once more.

I caught Dad glancing back at Lucy. "Lucy, Dad is taking a quick glance your way. Take your time changing and keep your back to him," I told her through the secret audio earpiece.

Lucy stripped off her jeans and top, leaving only her panties and her training bra. After taking her time stretching this way and that pretending to look for her clothes, she put on some baggy shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. "OK Dad," she said.

Dad turned around and looked at her. "That one is not so flattering honey."

"OK turn around. Don't be a naughty boy and peak," she told him and then took off the outfit.

"He is glancing back more often now," I said to Lucy, keeping her informed of Dad's movements.

Lucy was standing in her underwear, bending over trying to find the next outfit. She then put on some short-shorts and a really tight top that showed off her tiny breasts. "OK Dad," she announced again.

Dad turned around and his jaw dropped. "You are beautiful baby. That outfit is the best. You're going to have the boys going wild. If I wasn't your dad I would be all over you. Your mom isn't going to let you out of the house in that though for a couple of years." He was right. She did look hot.

"Thanks Dad. OK turn around again." Lucy took her time removing her shorts and top and looking for the next outfit. I kept her informed as to how often Dad was glancing back, more and more with each change of clothes. Lucy found her pajamas and put them on, the kind with legs and arms. "OK Dad."

When Dad turned around he simply said "Now don't you think you are getting to be a little too grown up for that?"

"I was hoping you would say that," Lucy told him. "Turn around again." This time when Lucy removed her pajamas she also removed her underclothes. Dad took a double take when he caught sight of that. She took her time letting Dad drool over her bare backside. Eventually Lucy put on some maroon silk underwear and a matching camisole, no bra. I could see her little nipples through her top when I zoomed in on her. I then zoomed in on Dad and noticed for the first time a slight bulge in his pants. "OK Dad," Lucy said and turned around facing him.

Dad swallowed hard and looked at his little girl, dressed up like a seductress. "My God Lucy. You are more beautiful than your mother."

Lucy smiled as I told her Dad was getting a hard on. "I have one last outfit to show you, so be a good boy and turn around one more time," she told him. "And remember, no peaking."

Once Lucy was turned around and starting to undress I let her know that Dad was watching her again. She slowly removed her top and then her bottoms. She leaned over low at the waist exposing her little puffy cunt. Dad reached down and adjusted his growing penis in his pants. Lucy got on her hands and knees and searched the pile of clothes with her ass up in the air. She looked so fuckable, I couldn't understand why Dad didn't walk over and ram his shaft into her right then and there. Lucy finally found what she was looking for and put on a short nightgown. It was the kind that you mostly can see through, the kind that a woman might wear in bed with her lover. She put it on without anything else, no bra, no panties, just the top. "OK Dad," she said slowly, "Turn around."

"He has been most of the time already," I joked with Lucy.

"Oh God in heaven, Lucy. What are you doing?" he mumbled. "Trying to give your old man a heart attack?"

Lucy started slowly walking over to him. "So what do you think? Do I look pretty to you Daddy?"

"Fucking hell...oh I'm sorry honey. Forgive my language. It's just that you are ... simply wonderful," he told her.

"I want you to like me Daddy."

"I like you darling."

"No, I mean really like me, just like you like mommy."

"What are you saying Lucy?" Dad asked.

By now she was next to him on the bed. She reached down and touched his hip, very close to his bulging dick. "Is this because of me?" she asked indicating his now obvious hard on.

"Honey, you shouldn't be talking this way," he told her.

"But I want to feel your big thing Daddy, just like Mommy does. I want to feel it inside of me."

"Honey, you have got to stop this right now," he ordered.

"Lucy," I said to her, getting her attention. "He is telling you one thing but he can't get his eyes off of your tits and pussy. He hard on is getting bigger too.

"Daddy, it is clear you want me. I can hear it in your voice. I can see it in your pants. I want you to take me, to take your little girl and turn me into a woman. Daddy please, make love to me just like Mommy. Pretend that I am Mommy and put your big thing inside of me."

"Honey, please, don't tempt me like this," he begged her. "We can't to this. It's incest and it's wrong."

Dad stood up and grabbed Lucy by the shoulders trying to push her away. "Lucy, you need to leave now," he warned. But his pushing didn't get very far. Lucy resisted and it ended up with Dad wrapping his arms around her. "Oh God Lucy, you have to leave," he told her but his arms held her in place. His hands began to roam across her chest feeling her little breasts, her tiny nipples. He buried his face in her hair. "Jesus Christ, Lucy, I want you so bad."

"You do want me Daddy. I knew it. Take me now. Make love to me. No, not love, just fuck me Daddy. Just fuck me," she pleaded.

Dad reached down and put his hand on her pussy. He held her tight against his body, pressing his erection up against her back, moving his hips up and down in a simulated fucking motion. Then he suddenly thrust her away. "No," he yelled. "Get out, get out now before we do something we will both regret forever."

"I would never regret this Daddy. Please, just fuck me."

"No, Lucy. Now leave," he ordered.

Lucy started crying. She was good. She went to her pile of clothes and got the perfume. She put some on several fingers, more than I would have used and then walked back to Dad.

"Thank you Dad. Maryanne said I could seduce you. But I told her you would never do it. I had to know for sure though. I wouldn't have gone through with this charade but I just had to know if you would ever betray Mom. I know now that you are an honest honorable man. You would never to anything that would ever hurt your family. I know now beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can trust you above all people. I love you Daddy and I am sorry for what I just did to you, for what I put you through. I hope you can forgive me."

Lucy reached up to hug Dad and he met her half way giving each other a big hug. Now there was one thing I forgot to mention to Lucy about the audio earpiece. It can pick up the sound of the person wearing it much easier than anyone else because of the proximity, being in the person's ear. What that means is that I heard Lucy whisper to Dad. She simply said "I'm sorry Daddy" as she wiped her perfume laced fingers onto the back of his neck.

They continued to hug but thirty seconds later he pushed her away, standing there confused, looking at his 10-year-old daughter, half naked before him. He wiped his brow as he appeared to be fighting the drug.

"Daddy, are you OK?" Lucy asked, knowing full well what she had just done.

By the time a full minute had passed Dad couldn't take it any longer. He reached out to Lucy with both hands and caught her nightgown at the neck. In one quick motion he had it ripped down the front. He yanked it off of her as she screamed "No Daddy! What are you doing? Please, stop," she begged. She tried to run past him towards the door but he caught her by the arm, stopping her in her tracks. He pulled her back, kicking and screaming to the bed.

"If you need my help, just call my name," I told her through the earpiece.

"Daddy, don't do this, please," she cried. But nothing was stopping him.

"You little fuck tease," he yelled at her. "You come in her with your tight little body and prance around, trying to seduce me. You fucking little bitch. I'll give you what all sluts like you deserve, a good fucking."

"Daddy, no, I was just pretending, please Daddy. You're too big for me, please. You're hurting me. Don't do this Daddy. Please stop."

"I'll stop when I fill you with my cum. Then I'll fuck you all over again you fucking little bitch."

Dad was out of control. How much perfume did she give him. After a moment I realized what she did. She knew that when you take too much perfume you don't remember what happened. The more you take the less you remember. She gave him a ton of the stuff so that he wouldn't remember any of this. She was getting her tape and making sure he couldn't remember anything at all. Lucy may be a little bitch like Dad said, but she's a compassionate little bitch. Right now she was a great actress. She fought him like her life depended on it.

Dad lifted her into the air and slammed her down on the bed face first, dropping his heavy body down on top of her to keep her from getting away. He fumbled with his pants a minute and managed to get them part way down his legs. Moving forward he took his hand and positioned the head of his erection at the opening to Lucy's pussy.

Lucy was crying real tears. She was playing the rape scene perfectly. "Please Daddy, stop, please stop," she bawled. But nothing phased him. He simply thrust forward and drove his shaft deep into her. "Oh God, Daddy, you're too big." Dad ignored her pleas and began a relentless assault on her body. He thrust in deep, then pulled out, repeating again and again.

"Christ you're tight," he exclaimed. "Your cunt feels so fucking good. I wish your mother felt this good. But I guess that doesn't matter anymore, now that I have you to fuck anytime I want." With each thrust Lucy just grunted. I zoomed in close on Lucy. Then I saw it, that dazed look she got just before climaxing, the clinching of her fists into the bedspread, the spreading of her legs outward to make it easier for him to fuck her even deeper.

"Oh Daddy, you're making me cum. You can't make me cum. You're my daddy. It's so wrong. Oh Daddy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." Then she did cum. Even though Dad was holding her down on the bed you could see her strain her back against him, trying to curl up as her orgasm swept through her.

"Uuuugggghhh," Dad growled as he pushed in deep one last time and held himself there. He was shooting his load of cum up into my precious Lucy. She was mine and he was violating her. For the first time in these games of ours I hated someone and it was my Dad. I hated that this was going to continue for another 50 minutes. Lucy had given him so much of the perfume that his shaft would never go limp.

Dad threw her onto her back and then climbed up to her. Her fight was gone. She just went along with now. Spreading her legs he thrust himself back into her.

"Something happened to you a few months back. When I left on my trucking route you were a little girl. When I cam home you were this confident fucking hot wench and I've wanted to fuck you ever since." Dad just kept talking while he fucked Lucy. It was like an open faucet, continually running, he just kept talking. "I've known your mom has been cheating on me for years. I used to think it was with your grandfather but after he died last year there was evidence that she was still doing it. But baby, you are the only one I have done other than your mom. Up until now I've never cheated on her. But that has all changed. From now on you will be my personal fuck hole. You will fuck me whenever I want. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Daddy, whenever you want," she replied.

Dad continued to fuck her in every imaginable way using every hole on her body. And when he finished he simply started over again. By the time it was all done we had enough tape to crucify him for a thousand lifetimes. He didn't come out of the influence of the drug like most people who only got a little bit of the perfume. When it was over he simply collapsed on the bed and passed out. That's when Lucy called me.

Things didn't go as I expected. It made me think about the drug and how it affected people. Of course it brought out and enormously enhanced the desire for sex in everyone. But in my dad it seemed to intensify some deep down hidden emotions. Maybe that was it. Maybe the drug magnified certain feelings and emotions. For my dad he wanted Lucy intensely but suppressed those feelings as any good father would do. But the drug simply wiped away any walls of protection and let those feelings out. I wondered what it would do if a person had an intense hatred for someone. Would it lead to violence like murder, or just sexual violence?

I was jolted out of my thoughts by Lucy. "Rick, I need you now," she said. A moment later I was there. "Help me get him undressed and under the covers. He'll think the whole thing was a dream."

We did as she instructed. I then removed the cameras while Lucy wiped up all the cum and fluids she could find. Grabbing all her clothes we got out of the bedroom, locking the door as we left. We got everything put away and hidden in the case of the electronic equipment. I kissed Lucy goodbye and took off for a couple of hours. I wasn't supposed to be there and didn't want to raise suspicions if Dad woke up soon.

Lucy told me later that she took a shower and hid the provocative clothes in case Dad went snooping. When he woke up she played the happy-go-lucky little preteen that she was, happy to see her daddy home with her again. He was very quiet at first, probably remembering all that Lucy did before using the perfume and maybe the first couple of minutes afterwards. She told me that he asked her is she owned a nightgown or some short-shorts but she said no. That's probably when he decided it was all a dream. He hugged her and that was that.

Well almost. We happened to have a couple of tapes of him raping Lucy, with her trying to fight him off. I still needed to splice the two tapes together into a nice movie. Though Lucy talked of using it to get what she wanted from Dad, I think it will be me that uses it first, just to show him how he hurt her, to make him hurt like that too, knowing what he did to her.

What made me hate my dad even more was that Lucy never complained about what he did to her. She said she sort of liked it. She liked being able to manipulate him. She said she really wanted to seduce him without the perfume and only used it as a last resort. For the next week Lucy watched the tapes over and over, asking me where and how she could have been more seductive, more erotic. She even masturbated to the rape section or would have us fuck during that part of the tape. Though she won't admit it, I think she wants to fuck Dad again, this time without the perfume. I think she has found a use for the tape. I guess she really will use it to get what she wants.

The End (of this taping session)

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