Continuation from PT1 and PT2
****Usual warning, small girls, death, etc. turn you off...don't read. Although this PT doesn't have a death scene in it, I marked it as, so my LOYAL readers can help keep track of the series easily!!

Chapter Six: My New Toy

I surfed the internet that evening, finding some very nice toys to start my collection with. I woke up the next day horney as could be, from last night’s activities and looking forward to breaking my new present. No, I did not mean breaking in, I really meant breaking. I had decided that I was going to toy with her for awhile before I disposed of her.

I showered, dressed, ate breakfast and went upstairs to the “cubby.” I opened the door and yanked the little girl out of the dark room by her arm. Dragging her by the same arm, I pull her into my room. I make her stand in front of me and start to tell her about her new home, “You are my property now,” I sneered at her, “You are for me to play with and if I wish, my father. You will do everything you are told to do. Asking me to stop or begging me to stop will have no affect on me! If anything, it will give me a reason to punish you. If you refuse or do not do what I ask to my satisfaction you will be punished. An I mean severely! Your little body is MINE for me to abuse!!! Now strip off your clothes!” I sat back on my bed.

The girl was absolutely terrified by now, not knowing who I was or why she was where she was. But she still hadn’t made a move to strip; I lunge towards her and smack her sharply and hard across her cheek. She whimpers in pain and I yell, “I SAID, take off your clothes.” And to punctuate my sentence I smacked her again.

I sat back and watched as she started to unbutton her blouse with shaky fingers. I was enjoying her fear almost as much as I was going to enjoy violating her. She was moving pretty slowly, a good excuse for me to reach over and smack her once, then twice. She whined, “But I’m taking my clothes off. Please stop hitting me.”

“You are not going fast enough!” I snarled at her as I released my prick and started stroking it, watching her fumble to get undress. “From now on, you will no longer wear clothes. You’re too damn slow.” I reached out and grabbed her tiny shorts and tore them down her legs, repeating the action for her underwear.

While she detangled her legs from the sudden debriefing, I leaned back on my bed and slowly stroked my cock. This was going to be so much fun!!! My own little fuck toy. Finally, she is completely naked. I motion her over to me and grab her hips and swing her belly down across my knees. Nestled up against her belly and little cunt is my rock hard prick. With one hand on the small of her back, I lean over so she can hear me, “You already proved to me that you are a bad girl and that you don’t like to listen, so I’m going to give you a punishment you won’t forget.”

I bring my free hand up and slam it down on her little ass, leaving a nice red hand print. Beautiful!!! AAAAAOOOOOOWWWWEEEEE she screams. I bring my hand down on her ass again, as she screams again. Her screams and yells are like bells to my ears. I love the feel of her body wriggling on top of my hard prick, trying to get away. I push my hand on her back, harder, holding her into place as I continually whack her tiny ass with my hands, turning it bright red. I move down a little and turn the back of her thighs bright red as well.

Her sobbing and begging me to stop is making me want to cum. I lean down to her ear and say, “I’ll stop if you suck on Daddy’s dick till his juice comes out and if you drink it all, I will give you a special surprise. Ok?”

Sniveling, she shakes her head yes. Lifting her off my lap I tell her to get on her knees facing me. My little toy complied and even opened her mouth without me having to tell her to. I take my prick and start to shove it into her little mouth. It takes a bit of work, but I manage to get it in, stretching her mouth to its fullest capacity. I grab her little head with both of my hands and start to slide what little length I can fit into her mouth.

I tire of being gentle, so I tighten my grip on her head and start to really fuck her mouth hard. Her eyes bulging out at the complete mouthful of cock she is getting. Before she can understand what I want to do, I start to shove the head of my cock against the back of her throat…trying to shove my dick down her throat. I am making her gag with my short hard jabs to the back of her mouth, but I won’t let her move a muscle with the vice like grip I have on her head.

She is whimpering, struggling to get away from the brutal fucking of her mouth. I love this!! I’m pushing as hard as I can against the back of her mouth, pushing, finally I get the head of my prick past and into her throat. She gags violently on my cock, causing me to go over the edge. I shoot my cum deep down her throat, making her swallow all of it. Gasping, I pull out and say, “Good little girl, not bad for sucking daddy’s dick for the first time. You will have plenty of time to practice.”

I picked her up by the arms and threw her on the bed. “Now for your present.” I said. I spread her legs, getting a good look at her little hairless cunt. I dove my face in between her legs and started to lick her cunt. I slid my tongue up and down her slit, sucking lightly on her little clitty. She started to wriggle around a bit from the new sensation of pleasure.

When I knew I had her good and hooked into me sucking and licking her little cunt, I lubed up my pinky finger. I then picked up my pace with my tongue fucking her as I lined up my finger to her ass hole. Spreading her open with my free hand I thrust my finger into her virgin ass. OH was it tight!!!!! I was surprised that I managed to bury it in one thrust!

Of course my little present didn’t like that! She arched her back and screamed bloody murder at the intrusion. So, I took my free hand, pressed down on her lower stomach and started to really tongue lash her clit. While I’m doing that I am ass fucking her tiny body with my finger. Pistoning it in and out. After fifteen minutes or so of finger raping her and tongue sucking, she calms down on her screaming, although she still has tears running freely down her face.

I continue my assault, determined to find out if I can give this little girl an orgasm. I ram my finger viscously in and out of her ass while I suck on her clit. Occasionally I bite it, just to see her jump a bit and whimper. After forty five minutes or so, she had stopped crying completely and was just laying there as I assaulted her tiny ass and cunt.

I decided that I wasn’t going to be able to get her off tonight, so I gave up for now. I crawled up to her head and whispered, “How did you like daddy’s present? I know it didn’t feel as good as it should, but you will have plenty of chances in the future to enjoy it the way you are supposed to. But I will tell you this, Daddy just doesn’t give pleasure to you, pain has to be there as well. That is the only way you will learn your place in this world.”

Getting up I take her back to her room and shut the door before she can say or ask anything. Just in time to, I hear the doorbell. Running downstairs, I open the door. Standing there with my delivery of new toys is the FEDEX guy. I thank him and take the pack ages up stairs to get organized; I’m not going to tell you what I bought. You will just have to read on and see when I use them!!! I plan on using at least one of them tonight on my little toy.

Later that evening I decided to show off a couple of my new toys to my father. Of course, with these toys, you have to have a model to show them off on. My little present got to join us this evening for the special occasion. As well all know about my fetish of little girls, I had ordered a few toys designed especially for pre pubescent girls and boys. It’s nice to be rich and have connections!

Anyways, I digress. My play toy and I gave my father live porn this evening, which he did join in on. No surprise there, twisted dad like twisted son, or however that goes. My dad sat on the couch while I sat on the floor with my play toy splayed across my lap on her stomach. I spread her legs as wide as I could and took toy number one. It was about four inches long, about the width of an adult’s finger, tapered down to a point and it vibrated. I turned it on and started to rub the pointed tip up and down her little slit. From clit to asshole, back and forth. I did that till she was squirming from the ticklish pleasure. I took my free hand and slid her tiny cunt lips even further apart and started to rub the vibrator on her tiny fuck hole. I inserted the tip a bit and wiggled it around. She gasped at the surprise intrusion and slight pain. I looked up at my dad, who was rubbing his massive cock, watching the show and grinned at him.

I shoved the little dildo hard against her little fuck hole, pushing it in and tearing threw her tiny cherry and burying it to the hilt in one swift thrust. That surprises me, she being as small as she is.

She throws her head back and shrieks in pain. I don’t let her catch her breath or get use to the invasion of her cunt; I start to thrust the dildo in and out of her tiny cunt, her blood helping lube the way. I fuck her hard with the vibrator, keeping in mind not to to to hard. I want her around longer than one day. I hear my dad groaning in pleasure at the sight of his son raping a five year old with a vibrator.

My dad gets up and comes over to where we are sitting. “I want to fuck you son, while you are fucking this little whore with that toy.”

I rearrange our sitting situation, so my toy is on her back on the floor and I’m above her on my hands and knees, my dad behind me. While we are making this move, my toy is begging me to stop. I grin at her and tell her, “When I am done.”

My dad lines his prick up to my fuck hole and drives himself balls deep in one hard thrust. I grunt and start to fuck my toy again with the vibrator. My dad is pulling all the way out of my ass and slamming his full length back into me with each thrust he makes. I love the rough way my father fucks me. The burning pain intensifies the pleasure I get from him fucking me and from me raping my little toy.

I’m thrusting the dildo in and out of her little cunt as she sobs and my father is fucking my ass hard while he jacks me off with one of his hand. I can feel my father’s cock start to expand in my ass, signaling he is about to cum. I pick up the speed of my thrusts into the little girl, to match him and to get her to squeal a little louder for us.

As my father started shooting his load into my ass, I jam the dildo hard into the little girl. She let’s lose one big screech and that sends me over the edge. I start coming into my father’s hand as it jerk’s my prick off.

My father gets up and as I’m trying to catch my breath he says, “I think you should punish that little bitch for asking you to stop. You laid down the rules with her and she didn’t follow them.”

I looked up at him and grinned and told him what I wanted from my room. He returned a minute later with the riding crop. I took it, leaned the girl over the easy chair, so her ass was sticking up and started to spank her. I had hit her about two times before my father interrupted, “can I show you another form of spanking punishment?”

I nodded and handed the whip to him. He took the toy by the arm to the couch and made her lay across his lap. He then lubed up his middle finger and thrust it cruelly into her ass. As he held her down with a hand on the small of her back and finger raped her ass, he nodded to me. I brought the riding crop down on her ass. I whipped her lower back, ass, and back of her thighs while my father dug his finger in and out of the terrified girl’s ass.

She was back to crying and screaming in pain, but wasn’t begging for us to stop. We carried on, finger fucking her ass and spanking her for about twenty minutes, when my father grew tired of these activities and decided to go to bed. I took the toy up to my room and gave her another one of my “special presents.” (The tongue lashing and finger ass fucking.) I still wasn’t able to make her cum from that, but I did do it to her till she just lay there……so I am getting somewhere. It really doesn’t matter anyways; I’ll eventually lose interest in her. Next month is the party at the Sheriff’s house. I hear we get to gang rape his daughters. He even has one my age that he says would be a perfect mate for me! We will have to see how that goes.

In the mean time, we have a few more trips to the club house and I am looking forward to them!

Part Four on the way soon………………………..

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