Eiko finds more than she expected!
At 60 years-old, my father-in-law was a very handsome man… six feet, two inches tall, around 185 pounds. He was wearing a sexy black silk shirt and blue-denim jeans when my husband Ray and I met him at the airport. Although I had been married to Ray for 5 years, I had never met Al, his father. In fact, Ray seldom talked about his dad. His parents divorced just after Ray was born. However, Al had taken very good care of his x-wife, financially, until she passed away last year. Over the last 30 years, Al had built a small consulting business into a multi-million dollar success story. He traveled regularly to over 14 countries in Europe and Asia. I never knew why Ray’s parents divorced or why the relationship between father and son remained so tentative.
I met Ray in college. He was a grad student, while I was a 2nd year exchange student from Japan. My name is Eiko. I am 30 years old, 5 feet 6 inches tall, 112 pounds and consider myself fortunate to have a very athletic body… 34-22-35. I keep myself physically fit through daily exercise and a healthy diet. Ray was fit when I met him, but over the years he has put on 30 extra pounds and rarely exercises. However, he’s a good provider and allows me to live a very comfortable lifestyle. Our sex life is what many couples our age might call normal… once or twice a month.
The drive from the airport was rather quiet. I asked Al about his lifestyle, travels, and business. He answered my questions in a soft, firm voice; but added no additional information. He tried to ask Ray about his job and hobbies; but Ray kept his answers even shorter than Al’s and just as absent of any details. By the time we arrived to our home; which was a modest, two-story house in the suburbs, I had Al laughing at my misadventures of learning how to adapt to American culture. He complimented Ray on finding such a charming wife.
After dinner, we sat in the living room listening to some great Jazz music that Al had on his I-Pod and patched through our fabulous sound system. He had brought some very expensive cognac from France and we were sipping on our second glass. Ray excused himself, after some polite chit-chat, to finish some work in his upstairs office. Around, 10 pm, Ray returned to announce that he needed to drive into the city, about 35 minutes away, to take care of an emergency. He said that he probably wouldn’t get back until after midnight, so he would see his dad in the morning for breakfast. He kissed me on the cheek and grabbed his coat and briefcase on the way out the door.
Al filled my third glass of cognac. I was already very drunk, not being accustomed to drinking so much. He moved closer to me and in that soft, confident voice said, “Eiko, you remind me so much of a beautiful Japanese woman that I dated in Yokohama, before Ray’s mother and I were married. In fact, you could be her twin!” I grinned and teased him, “You mean that I look like I’m 60 years old?’ “No, no,” he laughed, responding to my dry humor, “When she was about 5 years younger than you are now.” “Now that’s better”, I giggled, “Do you have any pictures of her?” He hesitated for a few seconds, “Yes, but only a few that I can show you”. I looked at him with a confused expression, “Why not all of them?” “Well”, he replied, “There are some very erotic nudes.” My eyes got very big, “Oh, I want to see that those first… come on Al, I’m 30 years old… not exactly a teenager!” He picked up his I-Pod, “I was able to scan these. As you can imagine the original prints were pretty old.” As he handed me the I-Pod to see his old girlfriend, my heart almost stopped. My face must have revealed my confusion and excitement, “Oh my God!” Al was taken back, “What’s wrong… you act as if you know her!” I composed myself before answering, “That’s a picture of my mother.” Al didn’t know what to say. He looked at me, then the photo and then back at me. “Yes, you could certainly be mother and daughter. What a coincidence!” I ran to my room to fetch an album of old photos of my mother when she was in her early 20s, just before I was born. As Al looked through the snapshots, he nodded his head, “Yes, no doubt about it, that’s Noriko.” Once again, I felt shocked, “Al, that’s her name… Oh my God, you must be the foreigner she talked about when I was a little girl.” Al pulled up several more old photos. They were romantic shots of my mom and him on a beach, walking near a stream, dancing at a nightclub, and one of her wrapped in only a towel. I looked at him in the eyes and spoke in deep reverence, “She always told me about the wonderful foreign man who helped her learn English and let her experience so many fun things in life.” Al looked back through the album, “What about your dad, there doesn’t seem to be any pictures of a man in this album.” “My mom was never married. That’s why we moved to Yokohama and lived apart from the rest of the family. My grandfather was very embarrassed about her having a baby without being married. Al, I never knew my father and my mother never told me who he was or anything about him. I tried to find out, but everyone in the family stonewalled my efforts.” Al stared at me, with a puzzled look on his face. “What date were you born?” “February 28th, 1979”. Tears formed in his eyes, “Eiko, I might be your father!” “What do you mean… how is that possible?” “I was with your mother from November 1978 until March 1979… we lived in a small apartment in Yokohama. We made love at least three times a day, every day; until she never returned from what she said was a short trip to visit her family. I knew that her father was angry about our romance. Over the last three decades, I have tried to contact them many times, but no one will talk to me or return my letters. In fact, just before she left to visit her parents, I had purchased a small diamond ring, and was going to ask her to marry me when she returned. I have often traveled to Japan on business trips and visited the places we used to go, hoping I would run into her again. We should get a DNA test… I am almost positive that she was pregnant and somehow things became complicated with her father and the rest of your family.” I sat there looking at him. I could feel in the bottom of my heart that he was, indeed, my father. Everything fit, it all made perfect sense. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. At first he was a bit startled, and then he kissed me back. The three glasses of cognac had my head spinning, “Daddy… my daddy… I’ve found you!” We continued kissing for several minutes. First, it was simple, short pecks on the cheeks, nose, lips, eyes, foreheads; but suddenly Al’s tongue penetrated my lips and our tongues began to dance. I didn’t pull back; in fact I became more passionate. The next thing I knew, I was lying on top of his body, with him reclined on the long sofa in our living room. I felt his hands exploring my body. I was wearing a light cotton summer dress. Soon his hands were beneath it, sliding over the back of my bare thighs and panty-clad ass. I was burning with lust for my newly-discovered father. I ground my pelvic bone into his hardening cock, which was bulging beneath his jeans. If we had been naked, we would have certainly been fucking. Suddenly, Al picked me up and sat me down on the sofa next to him, “Eiko, I’m sorry. You are so much like your mother. It must have been the cognac. I forgot who I was kissing. My mind was flashing back to 1978.” “Don’t be sorry”, I assured him, “I wanted you to touch me. I wanted to feel and kiss the man who my mother loved so deeply.” I picked up the cognac bottle and poured us another round. “Here, let’s celebrate… to my father”. Al raised his glass, “To my beautiful daughter, who I didn’t know existed until just now!” Instead of sipping, as I should, I gulped down half the glass. “Show me those photos of my mom that you said I shouldn’t see.” Al’s face turned red, “Baby, they are very sexually graphic. Your mother was a real tiger when she was young… and so was I”. “Please”, I begged, “I want to see that side of her. I want to see the love she had in her eyes for you.” He picked up his I-Pod and shuffled through his photos. The pics were in a protected file, so he had to enter a special password to open them. Once again, he handed the device to me and let me view each photo at my own pace. There were over 100 pictures in this one file. The first ten were nude poses, obviously taken in the bedroom of their small apartment. My mother’s body was exquisite, with perfectly shaped breasts, hard nipples, sexy ass and small waist. The next were outdoor nudes, taken in a park, near a lake and on top of a building. As I clicked through to the next photo, my heart started racing. I looked over at Al. His face was still red and he had a shy, embarrassed look on his face. My mother was sucking on the largest cocks I had ever seen. She was staring up into the lens of the camera, obviously being held by Al. Her tongue seemed to be in motion, circling the tip of the massive penis. The following shots were equally erotic. Some were reflected in a mirror, so I could see Al’s hard, muscular body has he pumped mother’s wet pussy, while in various positions. My favorite was her doing an Asian Cowgirl, on the soles of her feet as she rode his cock. From this photo, I estimated Al’s cock to be 9 to 10 inches long and as thick as a soda can. As I looked at the photos, my pussy began to drip with lust. I wanted to feel that cock in my cunt. I wanted to experience what my mother had experienced 31 years before. I drained my glass of cognac then began to unzip Al’s pants. He started to stop me, but I looked into his eyes and said, “I need you inside me”. As we gazed at each other, as if in a trance, my hands were able to pull his dick out. It was every bit as big as the photos indicated; in fact in my hand it seemed even bigger. Breaking our stare, I bent over and took the tip into my mouth. It was all that I could do to get my lips around it. I began to lick and suck. My heart was pounding, my head felt so light… as if floating. The sexual energy inside of me exploded. I was wild with passion for my father’s huge cock. My saliva dripped from my mouth, coating it with glistening fluid. Looking back into dad’s eyes, I smiled. I had never felt such an emotional connection to any other human being… except maybe my mother… but in a much different way. I could see that my efforts were pleasing Al. We melted into each other through our eyes. I could taste his pre-cum seeping out. He tasted like seawater… so familiar, yet so dynamic. Reality began to disappear, I felt like I was in a porn movie… but it wasn’t acting, it was real, more real than anything I had done or felt in my lifetime. Rising up, I straddled my daddy and grabbed his gigantic cock with my right hand. I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around it. It was burning hot and pulsating. Rubbing it against my clit, the first orgasm rocked my body. I went to a sexual place that I had never been before; a place I didn’t know existed. Slowly his steel-hard rod squeezed into my tiny vagina. I was soaking wet, which help his bulging knob make it just two inches inside me. The orgasms continued. I was convulsing… uncontrollably. In the distance I heard daddy’s voice ask, “Are you OK baby?” “Yes”, I screamed, “I’m in heaven”. Deeper and deeper he penetrated… it seemed as if he could not go any further… he had to have hit bottom… then I felt him touch another place, where no man had gone before. I must have blacked out for a few seconds; but when I came to, I was bouncing up and down on his shaft, taking every inch to the very depth of my being. My juices were flowing, non-stop over his balls and onto the sofa. The scent of my sizzling cunt filled the room. I now understood the meaning of the word ‘slut’… completely. I had become my father’s slut. I knew from this day forward, my body, heart, mind and soul belonged exclusively to him. I would do whatever he asked, whenever he asked. Then it happened, he exploded inside of me. I felt his semen smashing against my cervix with the impact of a raging river. Within seconds, his cum was gushing out the tight walls of my pussy… seeking somewhere to go, since I had no space inside. When I woke up, I was naked on my father’s bed in the guestroom. He had somehow bathed me. I was wearing a pair of pink pajamas. When I was fully aware of my surroundings, my eyes were able to focus on daddy. He spoke to me as if I was a 10 year-old girl, “Baby, I’m glad you’re okay. You had me worried for awhile.” “Oh, daddy, I love you… I am yours forever… I love you so much!” My father, gently touched my face and brushed back my hair, “Baby, what about Ray… he’s your husband?” “Daddy, tell me what to do. Whatever you say is good… I will handle this exactly how you want me to as long as you promise never to leave me and be my lover.”
We heard the front door of the apartment open. It was Ray coming back from work. Al spoke with calm confidence, “Go now, to your bedroom. Greet Ray the way you normally would. I will talk to him in the living room, so you have enough time to settle into your bed. We will discuss this tomorrow, when we have more time.” I was happy he didn’t say ‘no’ right away. There was still a chance he would accept me as his lover. We would talk tomorrow; but, today… this night… was the greatest day of my life. I found my long lost father, my mother’s greatest love, and my true soul mate.

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do you know what a paragraph is????????

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Pretty good story. I have been my daddy's girl for years. We first fucked when I was just 11...I am married now, and dad still comes to my apartment at least once a month and fucks me. I can't get enough of his long cock.

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needs to be paragraphed and even then it would only just be so-so


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A truly beautiful story but, as the comments below have shown, sloppily delivered. What a shame because you really are a good writer.

I hope you've learned that proof reading, before posting, is an imPORtant part of a writer's job.

I'm looking forward to this story's sequel.

Maybe I missed it but what became of her mother? Is she living and, if so, could she, at some point, be reunited with her father?

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