Part two of prelude series to Couple's Dark Secret
******Story correction on first part. In a couple’s dark secret the husband has a larger cock. I, writing this late one night, completely spaced out and got two measurements wrong. Jimmy is the husband, so therefore he has a twelve inch cock, etc. The black man, therefore, is larger than what I originally wrote; he is closer to fourteen or fifteen. I kind of think this a insignificant fact, but for those of you who check gramical errors, etc. this will please you that I caught that mistake, but published first part before I could correct it!

Father and Son Games PT2
Chapter 3: The clubhouse

That week flew by in a flurry of oral and anal sex with my father. I never knew the extensive collection of snuff films he had. I was so excited about Saturday night and every time I started to think about it, I would get hard. So naturally dad would want to watch a movie, one thing would lead to another and we would have sucked and fucked each other at least once during the current movie we were watching. In hindsight though, that was a good thing, I wanted to be able to last for the activities on Saturday.

Saturday came and the day passed with agonizing slowness, but finally it was time to leave. My father was going to drive and so we headed out. The club house is about twenty miles out of town, on a huge parcel of land, purchased with money from all the club members who are very wealthy and have nothing better to do than to waste their money anyway they see fit. The house itself is one story 10,000 square foot plan, set in the middle of the private property. The property has all the updated security and surveillance equipment as well as a shit load of trees to surround it. Had you never been on the property you would never know there was a house there.

The local law enforcement officials are “urged” to look the other way by the club members. Hell, half of them are “honorary members” of the club. Not having to pay the monthly stipend to provide the girls, they are allowed membership and access in exchange for a blind eye to the club house activities. (In the years to come, the clubhouse would eventually be passed to me through my father’s will and my wife and I would reside in the home)

Once we got to the house, we went inside and my father gave me the guided tour. The home’s rooms where set up as different scenes. One looked like a little girl’s room, one looked like a street corner, one looked like a bar with actual liquor, etc. in it, and so forth. There were toys galore, each man having brought his favorites to store for future use. I saw whips of every kind, dildos of all shapes, enema bags, cuffs, knifes, etc. Man this group was sick! And I was hard just touring the house and thinking about all the fun that has happened and that will happen.

My father checks his watch, “I guess we are a bit early, which is ok because I wanted to take the time to show you around and I can see it has had an effect on you.” He looked down at my bulging crotch. “How about a bit of fun before everyone else gets here?” Taking my arm, my father guides me into a room. It is decorated as a regular bedroom, in black and wine red tones. He leads me over to the bed and tells me to stripe and to lie down. I do.

He takes a pair of cuffs and cuffs my wrists and ankles to the bed. Spreading my legs wide open. He starts to suck my cock, drawing the large head into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it. He slides his mouth up and down my cock as his fingers massage my asshole. I’m moaning in pleasure. He stops and gets up, going to a drawer in the dresser he pulls out a dildo with a tube and pump bulb attached to it. The dildo it’s self is about eight inches long and about two fingers wide, not the biggest I have taken, but also not the smallest. Grinning he rubs a bit of Vaseline on it and walks back to the bed. He positions the head of the dildo against my asshole and shoves it hard. It slides past my sphincter muscle and into my anal canal. My dad pulls it slightly back and shoves HARD, burying the dildo completely into my ass. I gasp at the intrusion and sharp pain but enjoy it. My dad then starts to pump the bulb and I begin to feel the dildo expand! He keeps pumping and my ass now feels completely full. He keeps pumping and the full feeling is beginning to feel painful now as the dildo is past three fingers wide in my ass. I begin to moan in pure pain as my anal cavity is being stretched to its capacity. He doesn’t stop there though, he keeps pumping it up. Now the dildo is the width of an apple and he stops there.

Looking at me, tears in the corner of my eyes from the huge plug and he chuckles, “You need to learn how to enjoy pain as you would pleasure and Daddy is going to teach you.” He takes the dildo and starts to slowly pull it out. When he is almost out of my ass he pushes the dildo as hard as he can back into my anal cavity, making me yelp in pain. But beneath the pain, I feel pleasure. I never thought I would take something this big up my asshole. My dad continues his slow motions of pulling the dildo almost out and then pushing it back in. He adds a bit more of Vaseline to help the dildo progress in and out of my ass easier. My cock is so hard that you can see every vein and bulge on the shaft!!! I’m groaning in pain and slowly beginning to feel the pleasure of the huge intrusion in my ass. Stretching it, fucking it.

My dad continues to fuck my ass with that dildo, picking up speed occasionally till he is fucking me hard. My ass is burning from being stretched and I’m really beginning to enjoy it. Then he takes my cock into one of his hands and starts to stroke it hard. Up and down he jacks his hand over my prick, so hard that it is pulling the skin and hurting a bit. But I love it! I’m truly a pain slut; I enjoy giving it as much as I enjoy getting it!!! This is something new to me and as I realized that I explode in my father’s hand as he jacks me off savagely and beats my poor ass with the punishing dildo. When I’m done cumming, my dad pulls the dildo out in one swift, cruel move and unties me. At that point we hear someone come into the club house.

“Looks like it’s time to party!” My father said walking out the door.

After I redressed from my father’s brutal ass fucking, I walked out into the sitting area and saw two men and a little girl sitting between them. One of the men I had never met, the other was my Uncle Pete. Grinning he gets up and comes over and slaps me on the shoulder, “Sorry, boy, for the way I acted last time. I thought your father had already explained the situation with your cousin and I didn’t know that you didn’t know. So I hope you forgive me.”

“Don’t worry about it Uncle Pete.” I said grinning, “Who is the other guy?”

The other gentleman was about six foot four, muscled, blond hair, blue eyes and about thirty five years old.

“I’m Sherriff Johnson,” The man replied in response to my question, “I hear this is your first time, welcome. I look forward to enjoying our Saturday evenings together.”

“And this fine little thing is your welcome to the club gift,” My uncle Pete said, gesturing towards the little girl, “She is five years old and yours to keep and do what you want with. You can take her home and like I said do whatever you want. Kill her tonight if you want, keep her alive for as long as you want, just take precautions that she doesn’t escape if you do. But you shouldn’t have to worry about that, your dad will show you the special room in your home. You can keep her there when you are not using her.”

I looked over the little girl, thrilled at the prospect of being her master and doing whatever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to. She was little, even for five. She had long cornflower blond hair and bright blue eyes. I couldn’t wait to see her little bald pussy and to rape her with my fingers while she cried. But that would have to wait. We had another “star” for our games this evening.

“Before we start son, there are two more things. One, tonight, you will be in charge of the ‘star’ for the evening, the rest of us will watch and tape until you are done. Then when you are done, we will join in. The first snuff a club member does is reserved solely for him to participate in….after all it IS your first time. Second, here is a thousand dollars. This is a gift from every club member to you. Take it home tonight and surf the internet, find some toys that you would like to have.” My dad explained as he handed me an envelope, “Now, shall we get started?”

Chapter Four: My first Snuff Victim.

My father led us to one of the back rooms, designed as the little girl’s room. Uncle Pete veered off to a set of stairs down to the basement, taking my gift with him. He returns shortly with another child who is cuffed and blindfolded. Explaining to me as he undress’s her, “Our contacts have access to the basement only, they leave the merchandise down there a couple hours before the time our little games start and I secured your gift down there till we are done here.” He removes the hood over the girls face and I about cream my pants. It’s my cousin! The one I got caught fingering by my Uncle. Stunned I looked at my father and then to Uncle Pete. Grinning, Uncle Pete said, “After I calmed down the other day and thought about it, I realized that if I popped her cherry she would likely tell her mother what I had done. I thought for awhile and decided that she would be a perfect gift for your first time. After all, I can have any age I want any time and this is special Jimmy, it is your first time. Sherriff Johnson here agreed to help me cover it up with your Auntie.” Uncle Pete finished, grinning evilly.

Smacking her hard, Uncle Pete shoves her towards the bed and then back hands her hard. The slap sends her sprawling across the bed. My father, Uncle and the Sherriff all sit down in a corner and gesture towards me. I step slowly towards my naked cousin, looking at her staring at me with extreme terror in her eyes. Contemplating what I am doing to do first, I reach down and trace her lips with my finger. She tries to turn away from my touch and I draw back and slap her hard across the face. I cut her lip and as she starts to bleed I laugh. I unzip my pants and withdraw out my now hard again prick.

Twisting one hand through her hair and yanking her head toward me, I smack her face with my hard prick. Making her squeal in pain from pulling her hair and surprise from my smacking her, “Open your mouth you dirty slut,” I commanded her. She looked at me, terrified and shook her head no. Releasing my cock I smack her, once, twice, three times across the face. Grabbing my dick again, I command her to open her mouth again. Crying she shakes her head no, again.

Yanking her by her hair, I twist her around till she is on her stomach. Pulling my belt from my pant loops, I wrap it around my free hand. Buckle side swinging. I rear back and bring the belt down on her ten year old ass, leaving a red welt where it hit. Over and over I whip my cousin’s ass as she shrieks in pain. Out of the corner of my eye, I see all three of the men jacking off to the live show.

When I tire of whipping her, I turn her back over. Her face is beet red from screaming and streaked with tears. She is hiccupping and gasping as I grab my cock again and tell her to open her mouth. This time she complies, I roughly shove the head of my throbbing cock into her mouth. Her mouth is so small compared to my big prick that it is stretched to its capacity to accommodate me. With both hands I grab her head and start to drive my cock in and out of her mouth. Hitting the back of her throat with every thrust, trying to push into it.

I get up and straddle her so I can get a better leverage to fuck her mouth with, enjoying her small struggles against me. I lean over her head slightly, tighten my grip on the sides of her head and drive hard into her mouth. I manage to shove the head of my cock into her throat, making her arch her back and gag. I pull completely out of her mouth and smack her face with my prick. She wines and says, “Please stop Jimmy, you’re hurting me.”

I grinned at her, “that’s the whole point cousin. Don’t you understand yet? I like hurting girls.” I then drove my cock back into her mouth and into her throat, making her gag again. I pull back enough to pull out of her throat and drive my cock back in. Over and over I face fuck my cousin, seeing my dad, uncle and the sheriff jacking off to me raping her. It isn’t long before I am cumming. With a loud groan I drive hard, burying my prick into her throat and empty my load down into her. I pull out and grin, “That was fucking awesome, but I want to fuck your ass.”

She looks absolutely terrified as I said this. I told her I was ass fucking her when I fingered her ass earlier this week, so she knew what was coming. I just had to get hard again and I figured that wouldn’t too hard.

I walk over to the dresser and pull out a thin bullet shaped dildo and some rope. Walking back over I straddle my cousin again, facing her feet. I tie her legs apart. I then take the dildo and run it up and down her hairless slit….enjoying her squirm under me, trying to free her hands from my legs pressing them to her side. But she is too small and it is no use, she is pinned under me. I line the dildo up to her little fuck hole and rammed it into her virgin cunt, ripping threw her cherry and bottoming out at her cervix. I pull the dildo out and shove it completely back into her. She is screaming in extreme pain, not being allowed to get use to the intrusion of the blunt object. The dildo isn’t very large, but is bigger than her ten year old cunt, but with my power behind it, I can fuck her tiny cunt pretty easily. I hear a loud groan and look up to see Uncle Pete unloading his cum into hand as he watched me violate his daughter with the dildo.

I’m enjoying fucking my cousin while she sobs at the violation and asks her daddy to stop “bad Jimmy” from hurting her. To which my uncle replied, “I will do no such thing, daddy likes seeing Jimmy do that to you.”

I pull the dildo out of her cunt and line it up to her asshole. I want to open her tight ass up a bit before I ravage it. I push hard and to my surprise, buried the whole length of the dildo up her ass in one thrust. She screams loudly and my cock springs to attention. I piston the dildo in and out of her ass hole, not giving her a chance to get use to the invasion of that hole as well.

She is screaming and begging me to stop and that only fuels me to go faster. I yank the dildo out of her ass and get off her. I grab my hard again cock and line it up to her ass. I was getting ready to violate it when my father spoke, “make it easier on yourself, boy, use some lube. It will allow you to really get a rhythm going.” So I grabbed a bit of Vaseline, smeared it on the head of my prick and her ass hole and line up again to invade her tiny ass.

I push hard against her asshole. My cock enters her ass, I can feel it give and a wetness that is not Vaseline. She is screaming continuously, trying to hit me with her tiny hands. With one hand I grab both hands and hold them above her head as I thrust my prick into her ass. With agonizing slowness I manage to get five of my twelve inches into, but only after tearing her asshole up good. I start to rock in and out of her ass as she screams uncontrollably and begs me to stop. Or I assume she is begging to stop, I can’t understand her.

Taking my other hand, I wrap it around her throat and start to squeeze, hard. I am thrusting in and out of her incredibly tight ass and know that it won’t be long before I come again. I squeeze her throat, cutting off her air while I continue to literally tear her ass up. Her face is rapidly turning beet red to blue. She is struggling against me and I love every desperate movement she makes as I squeeze the life out of her. Her eyes are filled with terror and that fuels my passion even more. I pick up the force of my thrusts, pounding her tiny body. I feel a warm wetness as she pisses on me and she goes still as I squeeze the life out of her.

The thrill of choking her and knowing that I killed her while I ass fucked her sent me over the edge. I came hard into her little ass, still choking her with my hand, even though it was useless now. I could hear groaning behind me as my father and the sheriff came at the same time as well. I collapsed over my dead cousin, trying to catch my breath. After a few minutes, I managed to and pushed up from the bed. I untied my cousin’s legs and turned to the other men. They where grinning broadly and patted me on the back.

“Welcome to the club.” The all said in unison.

Chapter Five: The after party.

We all gathered in the sitting room and had drinks and smoke cigars. We all conversated for awhile and I learned that the sheriff went to school with my uncle and my father, which had explained why it was so easy to “buy” the local enforcement. He also had a daughter my age, which from what he told me, had been regularly molesting since she was six. I ALSO learned that they didn’t necessarily do a snuff scene every weekend. Sometimes they just tortured and raped girls, the sheriff’s daughter being one of them! I was hooked!

After about an hour or so, my father looked at me and said, “The next part I’m not quite sure you would be interested in, but seeing as how you took her life, I think you may enjoy this as well. Some clients that buy our tapes are into necrophilia as well. We have had a special request that a client asked to see and we aim to please. You can watch in the corner and if you want to join in, great, if not, we understand for the future. You can always come out here, drink, play with your present, whatever.”

I nodded and followed them back into the room where my cousin’s body lay. I sat down and watched as my father, uncle and the sheriff walked over to her and positioned her body for their convenance. The sheriff lay down and my father and my uncle impaled my cousin’s cunt on his cock. The sheriff then grabbed her body and held her as my dad positioned himself behind her. He started to shove his prick up her ruined ass as my uncle started to fuck her open mouth.

I found that I was getting hard again, watching the three men fuck my dead cousin. I was truly sick and I was enjoying it immensely. The three men fucked her till they came in her mouth, cunt and ass. The all pulled out and I stood up. I walked over and picked my cousin up. Lying down, I impale my cousin on my prick. Thrusting up, I drive into her pussy, lubed by blood and semen I am able to slide easier than I thought. I lay there, sliding her up and down my prick, enjoying the sight of her limp body fucking my prick. I keep thinking that I’m fucking my dead cousin and I come hard seconds later into my cousin’s cunt. Gasping I look at my dad and say, “Dam dad, I’m hooked. I’m a fucking pervert and I fucking love it! I can’t wait to do it again.”

My dad grins and says, “Like father, like son. Grandpa really enjoyed this as well and would participate till the day he died. I hope we can share our hobby for a long time.”

The required film done and my first time over. We called it a night. My father and I drove home with my present. When we got home he showed me a little five foot high, three foot across “room” in the wall upstairs in our house. It was only accessible from the outside; you could only open from the outside. It was also soundproof. We put my present away for the night; you should have seen the fear in her eyes as we shut her into absolute darkness. I’ll play with her tomorrow. Tonight I have some shopping to do.

Part three coming soon…..!!!!!

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Divine retribution? Its worth it! This is amazing! I read the first last night then the second tonight, and will continue the pattern. I love the stomach bulge part.

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Divine retribution? Its worth it! This is amazing! I read the first last night then the second tonight, and will continue the pattern. I love the stomach bulge part.

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