This is the twisted background of the Husband from Couple's Dark Secret

***Ok, this is a prelude series to Couple’s Dark Secret. The main character of this series is the Husband from Couple’s Dark Secret. The story covers his teenage years up to the point he meets his Wife. When completed I plan to do the same for the Wife’s side of the story, teenage years and up to when she meets the Husband. That is if you all enjoy this series and want the second one.

Chapter one: My father’s secret

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” Yelled Uncle Pete. I groaned and got up off the bed and released my little cousin (she is 10).

Until that moment I had been violating my cousin’s sweet ass with my fingers and jacking off. Thinking that I had still plenty of time before Uncle Pete came home or I would have gagged the little bitch. So, knowing that the end of the world was near, I zipped up my jeans and turned to face my Uncle. He was beet red in the face and took two steps over to me and drew back and smacked me hard across the face. Snarling, he said, “Get the hell out of my house you little fucking pervert. Don’t ever come near our house again or your cousin or you WILL go to jail. The only reason you are not is because you are my brother’s son…..GET OUT NOW!”

Ducking past him, I run out the house and contemplate what I should do. I’m positive that Uncle Pete will call my father and what my dad was going to do, well, I wasn’t quite sure. My father was a very quiet man who really didn’t pay much attention to me after my mother’s death ten years ago. I do know that he would go out every Saturday and stay out till Sunday morning, coming home exhausted and I wouldn’t see him till Monday morning. I’ve asked numerous time’s where he has gone, but he tells me that it is none of my business. He really doesn’t do much else, other than his trips. We are extremely wealthy, thanks to his parents. But that is neither here nor there.

Before I go any further, I guess I better give you a bit of background on myself. I am sixteen. I am also the spitting image of my father. So much that I am often mistaken for a younger brother. We both stand six foot one; we both have brown hair/eyes, broad shoulders….a swimmer’s body. I know we are both well endowed as well…. (Saw my dad jacking off a couple years ago). My cock is nine inches and thick as hell. My father looked a little longer but as wide as I am, I’d say about three fingers across…maybe a little less. I also started having sex about the age of twelve. A couple friends and I had gotten a hold of some playboy issues and would jack off together while looking at them. We got curious about the girls giving blow jobs and wanted to know what they felt like…only we didn’t know any girls who would do that. So, we decided to blow each other. Threw the next couple of years things progressed and we all where banging each other and blowing someone else in the process. I loved it.

My love of little girls came from the internet. I had been browsing one night for some material when I came across this private website. I was curious and took a look and creamed my pants instantly…..all the pictures and videos of little girls being fucked, sucking dick, crying, in pain, turned me on like nothing else had before. From then on I was obsessed with little girls. I wanted to fuck one so bad that I could taste it. I wanted her to squirm under me in pain while I rammed my cock up her tight little cunt. I wanted her to cry and beg me to stop as I moan in pleasure from her pain. I know, I know, I’m a pervert….but at least I admit it.

So, back to my life now. I had just been caught fingering my cousin’s ten year old virgin ass by my uncle and was now wondering if it was safe to go home. My phone rang, looking at the caller ID; I see it is my father. Scared now, cause he never calls me, I answer, “hhhello?”

“Jimmy, I just spoke with Uncle Pete and he told me what you did. You need to come home now and we need to talk. I promise that we will talk about this and you have nothing to be frightened of.” My dad said.

“Ok, I will be there as soon as I can.” I hung up, worried, this was unlike my father. He rarely disciplined me, let alone talked to me.

A half hour later I got home and found my dad sitting on the couch with a tape next to him. “Come in here and sit down Jimmy,” My dad said patting the cushion next to him. I sat down on the couch and looked at him.

“I understand there was an incident today and we will get to that, but first I want to ask you some questions. Ok?”

“Yes Dad” I replied.

“Ok, son, are you sexually active?” my dad asked.

“Yes, I have been.”

“How long have you been having sex, son?” My dad asked

Not knowing what he had in mind, I answered, “Since twelve or so. Why do you want to know these things?”

“I’ll get to that in a moment, son. But first, you have been having sex with girls since you where twelve, “He asked.

“No, I started off with blow jobs and anal sex with some friends I use to hang out with, only last year did I get to actually have sex with a girl.”

“Ok, so you have sucked cock before……as all boys should. Uncle Pete said you where touching your cousin inappropriately and that she was crying and yelling and that you where enjoying, getting pleasure from her pain. Is that true?” My dad asked.

Looking guilty and trying to sound ashamed, “yes dad. I was fingering her ass and jacking off. I really enjoy a girl in pain. I know that’s so wrong of me, but its sooooo good!” I tried to justify my perverted behavior.

“Its ok son, it’s ok. Don’t get upset, I was just asking….I wanted to make sure of something before I introduced you to my weekly adventures.” My dad said soothingly, patting my leg.

I looked at him, curious. What did he mean? Was I finally going to learn what he did on the weekends and because I molested my cousin? Wondering what he meant, I asked, “What do you mean dad?”

“Well son, you get sexual pleasure from hurting girls, right? And you enjoy little girls, obviously. I’m going to tell you this, you get that from me. I love little girls and I love to cause her as much pain as possible for my pleasure. Son, there is so much pleasure in hurting a girl that it is hard to stop sometimes. An sometimes the girls don’t survive. Are you following me so far?”
“I think so dad. You are saying you like to rape little girls like me and that they die sometimes from what you do to them.” I replied, really curious to see what was going to happen.

“Good, but they don’t die as a result of what I do to them, they die because I want them to and my friends and I tape these events. We do snuff films and I have one here I want you to watch. It was the very first one I watched and I want to see if this is your ‘cup of tea’ “He finished and looked at me.

“Ok, dad, But I’m not sure I would be into something like that.” I replied, kind of scared now of my dad. I didn’t know what to think anymore, in a span of five minutes my father revealed to me that he was a child rapist and snuff film star….it was hard to digest. Although, tossing the idea around, it did sound a little intriguing.

“Don’t worry son, if you’re not interested I will understand. But if you are, you can join in on my Saturday night trips. Oh and one more thing, your cousin IS a hot piece of ass, but your Uncle is very picky about who touches her, just stay away from her till he settles down ok? He wanted to take her cherry and was pissed that you may have already done it. Do you really think he was mad at you for touching her?” He chuckled as he put the tape in the VCR, “If that was the case your ass would be in jail or dead by now.”

He came back to the couch, sat down and pressed play.

Chapter Two: The film.

The film played to life. It started with a bedroom decorated like a little girls room. Stuffed animals, pink, ruffled all that good girl crap. The camera zoomed in on the bed and revealed a little girl lying on the bed. She appeared to be around eleven years old or so and half awake. (She was drugged, although I did not know this) The camera panned down her body, showing her innocent nakedness for all to see. Her little curved buttocks, her sweet hairless slit, her flat chest, smooth creamy skin…already I could feel myself getting hard watching the film.

You hear a door open on the TV and the camera turns to show a black man has entered the room. He is completely naked and I gasp. My dad turns to me, grins and says, “And you think we are big!” The black man has to be at least twelve inches long and has the girth of a fucking horse! It is unreal how big this guy is, there is no way he is going to be able to fuck this little girl!! My cock twitches at the thought of this horse violating this little girl.

The black man walks up to the little girls bed and turns her by her arms so that she is completely on her back. Grabbing his cock and a handful of her hair, he pulls her head roughly towards his crotch. She screams in pain and it seems muffled, slurred somehow. He takes his cock and starts to smack her hard on the face with it….laughing at the little girl cringing as it stings her face…turning it red with the contact.

The man says clearly, “Like my cock little girl? I’m going to fuck you to death!”
Her eyes go wide at this comment and you see that she really didn’t grasp the statement, but I did. Climbing up on the bed the man tells the little girl to spread her legs and let him love her and he will let her go home to Mommy and Daddy. So of course the poor girl did. The man took a tube of lube and started to rub huge globs of it on her cunt and his cock.

Grabbing his cock by the base he lines up the massive head with her miniature fuck hole. Grinning sadistically, he starts to push and thrust against her cunt. It takes him awhile but he starts to make slow progress into her cunt. Tearing her as he goes because she cannot possible stretch as far as it was needed to accept his monster prick. As he grunts and thrusts trying to gain access I notice my dad rubbing his prick through his pants. So I release my own prick from my pants and start to rub it, watching this horror movie with intensity.

As the man slowly makes progress up her cunt, the little girl is screaming in pain and misery of the huge intrusion. She’s bucking and twisting around, trying to get away from the horrible pain the man is causing her, but he is too big for her and can control her easily. Smacking her hard every minute or so and laughing at her jerking around. Her little cunt stretched WIDE over his black cock, being torn with each movement he makes.

Man, I was really loving this man violating this little girl and was working my cock with my hand while the other rubbed my nuts. My dad was doing the same, breathing hard in excitement, his face flushed. The man on the movie has worked enough of his fuck tool into the girl that he has hit her cherry now……We could tell by the way she jumped two feet on the last thrust. Laughing hard, the man pulls back slightly and with a loud grunt tears through the little whore’s cherry. Screaming in extreme pain now, the girl has her back arched clear off the bed, flailing around.

Grinning, the man pulls back again and slams hard into her, tearing her cunt walls to make progress for his massive cock. Over and over he slams as much as he can into her, tearing her apart. All the while, she is screaming at the top of her lungs and sobbing so hard it is a wonder that she can scream! Blood lubing the man’s progress as he fucks her, ripping her apart with his prick.

“Like what you’re seeing son?” My dad panted to me.

“Yes, oh yes!” I groaned. I see movement out of the corner of my eye and next thing I know my father in kneeling in front of me. He pulls my shorts down and takes my prick in his hand. An while I watch this 12 year old getting raped by a black man, my father starts to suck my hard cock. Sliding his mouth up and down my prick while he massages my balls and asshole with his hands.

On the TV the man is fucking the little girl like a wild man, bottoming out at her cervix with each drill like thrust he gives her. Her screams are like liquid fire as my father tongues my balls and asshole. The man on the movie pulls the girl to the edge of the bed so he can get more force behind his thrusts. Grabbing her hips he picks up his intensity of pounding her, if that is even possible, I think. Suddenly she arches her back so hard and quick I think she broke it, lets loose an ear splitting scream and I see her stomach bulge slightly. My father pulls his mouth off my prick and says, “He just tore through her cervix and up into her womb, now the fun really starts son.” He goes back to working my cock, balls and asshole with his tongue, a master cock sucker.

On the TV the man is thrusting like an animal into the girl, causing her body to jerk every time he slams into her tiny body. She is crying and begging him to stop and I find that I’m enjoying this immensely, even knowing that this man intends to kill her before he finishes. The man grabs the girl by the hips and he flips over so he is on the bed and she is above him, held up by his hands on her hips, her legs hanging off the bed with his. The man lets go of her hips, causing her body weight to impale her further onto his prick. He pushes on her shoulders as he drives his hips up, forcing his cock into her. Over and over he repeats these movements, fucking her torn pussy and into her womb. Again, she lets loose an earth shattering scream and his whole cock disappears into her body! That sight is too much, her jerking on his massive prick buried completely into her body, impaling her, I start cumming in my father’s mouth. I jerk and moan in pleasure as the man on the TV fucks a girl like no man should. I know he is causing internal damage to this girl and I’m getting off on it! Spent, my father stops sucking my dick and starts stroking his.

Grinning he says, “A lovely sight isn’t it son? Just wait till you’re the one feeling her jerk and spasm on your prick as you fuck her insides out. Now get on your hands and knees facing the TV so we can watch her die while I fuck your tight ass.”

Complying, I get down and my dad lines the head of his prick to my ass. Moaning he pushes the head past my anal muscle and into my ass. Grabbing my hips he drives the full length of his prick up into me, grunting in pain and pleasure I rock back to meet each thrust my dad gives me. Pulling his cock almost out of my ass before driving hard fully back into me. The feelings of my dad fucking me with his cock and the scenes on the TV are turning me on again. I start to rub and stroke my cock while I watch.

By now, the girl on the TV was convulsing and spasming from the man body fucking her. She couldn’t scream anymore because he had torn up threw her diaphragm and she was gasping for every little bit of air she could get. She was gurgling from the blood that was being forced up into her throat as he tore into her body stroke after stroke. He was pulling completely back and ramming hard, fully into her body, he had torn her that much.

My dad was fucking my ass hard and fast now, while I stroked my second hard on. I could feel my dad’s prick start to get harder and bigger, signaling that he was getting close to shooting his load up my poop shoot. On the screen the girl was getting weaker and weaker as the man pistoned in and out of her body. She stopped making sounds first, and then she snapped back and jerked hard for thirty seconds and pissed on the man fucking her to death and went completely limp. The man roared in complete pleasure and started to wildly pound her dead body. Seconds later he cums in an animal frenzy, jerking hard and shooting his seed into her chest cavity. Spent he picks her up off his prick and throws her onto the bed and walks out the door. Seconds later another black man walks in and flips the dead girl onto her stomach.

The spectacle of the man cumming in the girl’s dead body pushed my dad over the edge; he came, moaning loudly into my ass. Gasping he pulled out, “that’s not the entire movie, there’s more.” Grinning I get up from my position on the floor and get behind my dad. I push on his back, making him go forward; I press the head of my prick against his ass and shove the whole length of my cock into his ass. He grunts at the intrusion, but takes it like a pro. I start to fuck him hard as the second guy on the TV positions the dead girl to his liking.

He spreads the girl’s legs and slabs a bunch of lube on her ass. He grabs his prick, not quite as large as the first guys, but still on the well endowed side and starts to stab it at the entrance to her ass. Her ass is so tight and unwilling to give that he pulls out a pocket knife and flips it open. While I pound my dad’s ass, he thrusts the tiny blade into her ass and pulls it out, slicing her anal cavity and sphincter muscle, giving himself some give to push his cock through. He puts the knife away and starts to line his cock up again. Thrusting hard against her asshole he manages to bury a few inches into her cut and dead ass. Grunting he slams over and over into her dead body, intent on bury is cock completely into her.

I am pounding my dad now at this sight, surprised at how turned on I am at this sight, how much I am wishing it was me violating this dead girl. My dad was moaning in pain and pleasure as I ripped through his ass.

“Do you like what you see? Aren’t you glad Daddy showed you his favorite hobby?” He asked between grunts.

“Oh fuck yes!!! IT’s so fucking hot dad, I can’t wait.” I gasped as I fucked my father.

On the TV the man had managed to bury is prick into the girls asshole and was fucking her like a mad man. I know he is tearing her ass up with each thrust. But the girl is dead and that doesn’t matter to her. Grunting and groaning like an animal he pounded her asshole. He picked up his speed and I started to match him, pounding my father mercisely. The man on the screen grabs the girl’s hips and starts to slide her body as he fucks her thrusting harder and harder. I feel my balls tighten and I start to cum, hard into my dad’s ass as the man on the TV cums hard into the dead girl’s body.

As I pull out of my father, exhausted, the man pulls out of the dead girl and leaves the room. The TV goes black as the movie is over. Getting up my father turns it off and turns to me, “So this Saturday, we will go to the club house and you will star in your very first movie. I think Uncle Pete has a surprise for you as well, a kind of coming of age gift.” He grinned evilly. I returned the smile and said, “I can’t wait, I think we will have a lot of fun”

Part Two: Coming really soon………….

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