copyright: Lesley Tara, 2009

This story is fantasy, and none of the characters, places or events are real. I do not advocate or endorse anything described here. If you find anything offensive, please just stop reading.

It is a long story in 7 chapters; I have kept it together because they need to be read in order, and it is often difficult to find all the parts if they are separate. It has been written with a lot of detail about the characters and the events, so they can be fully visualised. Take your time – I hope you enjoy it!

In this city, lesbian business-women use blackmail to prey on innocent girls, and take out their rivals with bondage, rape and torture. But the days of the queen bitches are numbered – there is a hot new babe in town, and she has plans for revenge ...

Chapter 1: Lisa gets her way

Lisa Carlew sits behind the oak desk in her spacious, elegantly-furnished office, admiring the view over the business district of this east-coast city, and feeling that life is indeed good. A clever and successful courtroom lawyer, she has risen fast in the most prestigious law firm in town. It is now August 2005, and five years ago she broke the previous record by becoming a partner shortly before her 28th birthday; since then she has earned a lot of money for the firm and herself. Lisa has no distractions of family or children to take up her time, for she is a lifelong, predatory and dominant lesbian – it is her proud boast that she has never sucked on a man’s cock or allowed one into her cunt. She has elfin features and dark hair neatly-cut to the nape of her neck in the short but feminine style that is popular with French women (and reminiscent of her namesake, Liza Minnelli, in the film ‘Cabaret’), and she wears the steel-rimmed glasses that she only uses for working at her desk. Lisa is five feet seven inches tall and has breasts just a little bigger than the average size for her height; her hips have a shapely flare and her ass and legs are well-toned and trim. There is nothing individually outstanding about any of her looks – but when combined with her energy, vitality and confidence, the whole package makes a striking impression wherever she goes. She is dressed in her habitual black boots, and four or five inches of black stocking can be seen between the top of these and the hem of her skirt. Her outfit is a businesswoman’s matching jacket and skirt in dark grey with a white pinstripe; the skirt is just on the right side of being too short, cut tight with a vent at the back. Under the jacket she is wearing a tasteful scoop-neck blouse in dark red; the whole ensemble is perfectly professional whilst also broadcasting the signal ‘hot babe’. Lisa receives many passes from men (which she deflects with a charm that leaves no resentment) and quite a few from women, to which she responds with a flirtatious – but unmistakeably sexual – advance of her own. This has resulted in several passionate encounters, not all of them one-night stands, and in a few cases to finding women willing to submit to her taste for sexual dominance and punishment.

When she was at high school, Lisa’s looks, athleticism and outgoing personality made her the inevitable choice as head of the cheerleader squad, although regularly eating out the coach’s pussy and getting fucked by her strap-on dildo may have had something to do with it as well. Once in charge, and with the coach’s eager approval, Lisa ensured that all the fresh young girls admitted to the squad soon learned that the team’s favourite rehearsal routine was number 69. She sailed through law school at a top college, mainly on her undoubted ability but also because she spent each Sunday in the bed of the female Dean of the Faculty and her lesbian partner, a top-flight insurance lawyer. These mature and capable women in their mid-40s, still trim in figure and very stylish in their dress, taught Lisa a great deal, not only the many ways to fuck another woman but also about the law and the lesbian networks within the profession to which many women belonged – most of them because it was their sexual orientation, but some from simple ambition.

One weekend, the Dean profoundly excited Lisa with the story of an incident from the previous year, when she had been alone in her office on a Sunday, enjoying being eaten out by a petite young half-caste Vietnamese-American student who was hoping for a passing grade but clearly hating the taste of female pussy. Her reluctance so aroused the Dean that she stood up, flung the student face down across her desk, pulled up the girl’s tartan mini-skirt, ripped off her plain white panties, and then – before the astonished student managed to react – the Dean stood behind the prone girl’s bottom wearing just boots, stockings, suspender belt and bra, pulled a large strap-on from the top drawer of the filing cabinet, stepped into it and buckled it on. The pretty piece of half-Asian ass only had time for a whimper of protest, as the Dean gripped her firmly above her hips, centred the tip of the dildo on the target of the squirming little bitch’s vagina, and rammed it home. The girl had screamed and struggled for a while, as the big ribbed plastic dong forced its way into where only her own little fingers and a boyfriend’s rather small penis had entered before. But there was no one else in the building to hear her pleas, and after several minutes of vigorous fucking she stopped protesting, and then started to buck and push in rhythm with the Dean’s thrusts, ending by begging to be fucked harder and coming in her first-ever multiple orgasm. Lisa was so aroused by this story that she asked if there was any chance that she could join the Dean in doing the same to another ‘pretend-lesbian’ student. The Dean smiled at the idea, and so three weeks later Lisa partook in her first lesbian rape, as she and the Dean seized, bound and then took turns in penetrating with strap-on plastic cocks the tight pussy of a pretty dark-haired exchange student from Poland, who the Dean threatened to fail and send back to her own country in disgrace if she ever told anyone what had happened. The girl was so terrified that she also agreed to come to the Dean’s house on Sundays as well, and there the two older dykes and their apprentice Lisa took turns in gang-banging and abusing their helpless victim. What excited Lisa the most, however, was that like the Vietnamese-American student in the Dean’s story (who Lisa did get to fuck one time when she made a weekend visit back to the college), the Polish girl came to accept and then to enjoy her impotence and submission.

At college, and afterwards in her first jobs, Lisa had a number of conventional lesbian affairs – usually with older women who could advance her career. However, she discovered that her greatest sexual heights were attained when she had a younger woman completely at her mercy, strapped into bondage and enduring the attentions of whip or cane and then a hard pounding from a strap-on cock. Her pleasure on this evening in the early summer of 2005 is coming most of all from the fact that her increasingly powerful position gives her access to many younger lesbians – and even some foolish heterosexual women – within the legal profession. In particular, she can act with near impunity towards the juniors and secretaries within her own company, and she is now savouring the prospect of her next conquest. Most of all, Lisa likes to prey on the students from the law school who secure the coveted places as interns during the summer vacation. Working at this firm is a great asset for their c.v. and they desperately want a good report; Lisa makes sure they also know that she has the ear of the Dean (though none of them realise that she means licking it whilst bouncing up and down on the Dean’s dildo). Most of the interns succumb quickly to her advances, and there has been many a pretty babe who has taken off her panties, lain down on Lisa’s desk, and spread her legs wide for a sucking and hard fucking. However, sometimes there is one who is especially attractive but either so well-connected or academically successful that she feels no need to oblige Lisa and rebuffs her. Lisa’s pride will not stand for this, and she has developed an effective blackmail technique by which she can make it look as if they have stolen money from one of the company accounts. Confronted with this, every one of these girls has capitulated – sometimes the heterosexual women have been the quickest to beg her to ask them to do anything, anything at all, rather than have them arrested and jailed – not least because Lisa spells out what will happen to their delectable bodies at the hands of the prison guards and the bull-dyke prisoners. If further pressure is needed, the final straw is usually when Lisa adds that her contacts with the judge who will decide the length of sentence, and with the warden and guards of the women’s prison, will ensure her victim a long spell in jail and constant rape and sexual abuse while she is there.

Lisa also takes a sadistic pleasure in turning those of her blackmail victims who are innocent virgins (yes, there are a few even at the age of 21), or are heterosexual in preference, into active lesbians. Once they have stopped resisting her power over them, she is an experienced lover who is capable of undressing them sensually, caressing and arousing them whilst they become used to submitting to her sexually, and then she takes them to heights of orgasms that they have never experienced before. After a few weeks, when they no longer desire any other kind of sex except the taste of a woman’s pussy, she becomes more aggressive and dominant, eventually getting them to submit to her strongest lusts in bondage and whipping sessions. Each summer she chooses two or three of the new female interns as her targets, usually selecting the youngest and most innocent-looking, although she likes them to have generous-sized breasts as well. This summer her first choice, Lucy McNichol, came from a remote and puritanical part of the state and turned out to be a virgin who knew almost nothing about sex. At the start she did not even realise that Lisa was flirting with her and making passes, and when at last Lucy understood she was as confused and frightened as a rabbit caught in car headlights. Lisa savoured her bewildered innocence and, instead of taking her for the first time in her office (her usual preference), she took the young farm girl home and seduced her with a gentle firmness. That had been five weeks ago, and Lucy had made very rapid progress since – in fact, she was now almost too eager to be put in bondage and given a hard shafting, and Lisa is not entirely sorry that her spell at the firm is due to end in a few days.

On this Tuesday, as the working day reaches its close, Lisa is contemplating her next target with pleasurable anticipation. Susan Donaldson is perhaps the sexiest babe she’s ever seen as an intern: a little above medium height, and with a figure just on the right side of being too curvy – fantastic full and firm boobs, and a pert rounded ass. Her face is stunningly pretty, her smooth complexion is sprinkled with a light dusting of freckles, and – perhaps her most attractive feature – she is a natural red-head, with thick auburn hair falling to just below her shoulders. She has a laughing mouth, slightly snub nose, and beautiful clear green eyes. To Lisa’s frustration – and some surprise, for by now she can usually detect a lesbian, and had been certain that Susan was one – her advances were ignored and then refused. But now Lisa has made sure of her conquest, taking particular care in framing the young intern with evidence of thefts over the last three weeks that she cannot hope to refute. Lisa slips her hand inside her panties for a moment, caressing the outer lips of her labia in pleasurable anticipation. Then she leans forward and through the intercom speaks to her secretary, Francesca Rossi, a full-breasted long-legged woman in her mid-20s who has lustrous long and straight black hair and classic Italian good looks – very similar to the youthful Sophia Loren.

Francesca, then aged 19, became Lisa’s secretary not long after the lawyer’s promotion to partner five years ago, and within the first month she had been broken in as a lesbian submissive. For the next six months she was kept in chains every night in the cellar of Lisa’s house, servicing her mistress’s cunt every evening and in the morning before they went to work. By the end of that time, such was Lisa’s complete control that she permitted Francesca to live in her own studio apartment in a middle-income part of the city; the condition is that whenever Lisa orders, the beautiful busty Italian puts on a halter-neck outfit that exposes nearly all of her splendid breasts and trawls the city’s lesbian bars on Saturday night, until she is picked up by an older professional woman. On Lisa’s command, she must submit to whatever her seducer desires, and then report everything back to her boss. The resulting names and addresses have been useful at several points, including when Lisa needed to make a married but bisexual prosecutor accept a mitigation plea for one of her clients (although the bitch demanded another session with Francesca as part of the terms, and used it to rape her entrapper violently). Some of the senior partners in the firm who are powerful figures in the secret lesbian network are a little jealous of Lisa’s possession of such an alluring figure as her secretary, and to pacify them Lisa makes Francesca available to them on occasional weekends, enjoying the young woman’s distaste for eating out their fifty-year old pussies. Francesca’s daily work in the office includes regular sessions earning her ‘legal kneepads’, crouching under Lisa’s desk with her head up her boss’s skirt, licking her vagina whilst Lisa makes boring business calls. As Lisa has risen in the firm, Francesca has become arrogant and unhelpful towards the other secretaries, and is especially rude to the interns; as a result, she is detested by all of them. Now she listens to her mistress’s words on the intercom, and then with a haughty and contemptuous expression relays her instruction for Susan to enter; the pretty young intern has been waiting in the outer office for over twenty minutes, ignorant of the reason for her summons to the presence of authority.

When Susan enters Lisa’s office, she is told in a curt tone not to sit, but to stand in front of the desk. The self-assured boss then calmly explains how Susan has been framed, setting out photocopies of the crucial documents and bank transfers, with the forged signatures that will be undetectable from her genuine ones. Susan appears shocked and frightened, but rallies quicker than most of Lisa’s victims. Instead of the usual futile protests or pointless retaliatory threats, she has almost instantly grasped the realities of the situation. Pale and with a shake in her voice, she nevertheless lifts her eyes to meet Lisa’s gaze, and asks: “What do you want me to do?”. Lisa leans back in her executive chair in satisfaction, and replies: “I thought you were a smart girl.” She is determined to savour this moment, and draw out the humiliation and capitulation of this young woman who had spurned her advances only the day before. “So – what do you think you have to offer me?”, she drawls. Susan has little money and no powerful connections; she knows there is only one thing she has to give, but hates being made to say it. “You can do anything you want with me – with my body,” she says after a pause, looking as if she has just sucked on a lemon. Lisa decides to carry the charade a bit further: “I don’t know – you didn’t seem to want that when I squeezed your breast yesterday. Perhaps I should pass these papers to the police ... I can just imagine what the dykes in the uniformed police and the prison warders will do with your tits and cunt – and a pretty young white pussy like you will be the prey of every black bull-dyke in the jail.” Lisa laughs: “By the time you’ve done a year, your tongue will fall out from all the pussy eating you’ve done, and your cunt will be wide enough to take a baseball bat!” Susan looks shocked and revolted at this prospect, and clutches the edge of the desk in front of her so as not to faint. “No!! Please – please, not that, I really will do anything, I beg you, please don’t send me to prison!” she cries. “Well,” smirks Lisa as she rises from her chair and walks round the desk, “you’ll need to show me that you mean it.”

Susan gulps, but nods her assent and removes her suit jacket, and then starts to unbutton the creamy blouse that covers the swell of her breasts. “Tut, tut,” reproves Lisa, “there will be plenty of time for your tits later – lift up your skirt.” With both hands Susan slowly pulls upwards her mid-length light-brown skirt, the hem rising from its normal position a few inches below her knees to reveal her upper thighs and then, as she holds it above the waist, exposing the lower half of her body completely. This pose of combined humiliation and vulnerability is one that Lisa always savours when making a new conquest, and she makes Susan stand like this for longer than most. The girl is naked underneath her skirt except for panties and boots, as with the length of the skirt she has no need for tights or stockings. Lisa steps closer and places her hand directly on the crotch of Susan’s pretty green panties. Susan stiffens slightly in shock, but visibly conquers her desire to pull away from this intimate contact. Lisa moves her hand up and down, caressing the Venus mound through the silky satin. “Your cunt belongs to me now, you slut,” she gloats, “exclusively – do you understand that?” Susan nods a mute acceptance that she has do alternative but to do whatever Lisa requires of her. “Good,” says Lisa, as she now slides the palm of her hand inside the panties, taking her first direct feel of this gorgeous red-head’s most private parts. A small moan escapes Susan’s lips, adding still more to Lisa’s enjoyment of her stunningly attractive young body. Two of Lisa’s fingers slide into Susan’s vagina, which Lisa is pleased – though slightly surprised – to find is partly open and wet with juices. She withdraws her fingers and presents then to Susan to be licked clean, which her victim does with a delightful expression of distaste. Susan is still standing in the same pose, her legs slightly apart, fully clothed but with her skirt held up between her waist and the undersides of her breasts. Lisa hooks a finger into each side of Susan’s panties, and slowly pulls them down her legs and over her pale brown boots of tooled Spanish leather. At her command, Susan steps out of the panties, and stands now with her legs spread wider apart. From her position kneeling in front of the young redhead, Lisa has only to lean forward to slide her tongue into Susan’s slit, and take her first taste of her cunt. Susan whimpers slightly, but endures this exploration of her labia, tensing only slightly when Lisa probes further in, first with her tongue and then with two fingers, flicking them against the bud of her clitoris.

Standing up, Lisa orders Susan to kneel down on the carpet in front of the desk and remain there, and then walks to the door of her office. She has timed this with practiced care: everyone in her department has left for the day, and only Francesca – who knows well not to leave until Lisa has authorised it – is still on this floor. Lisa orders her secretary to lock the outer door of their suite of rooms, pull down the blinds on the inside windows, and then come into her office. Susan is still kneeling meekly on the floor, her expression troubled and her gaze resting on the carpet in front of her. Francesca is told to remove her skirt and top, and take off her bra. Ever since Lisa first took her, she has worn no panties to work except at the time of her period, and the removal of her skirt reveals a white garter belt holding up sheer glossy stockings, and between her legs a patch of neatly-trimmed jet black hair framing a pussy whose lips are already widening in anticipation, showing the slash of pink inside. Almost ignoring Susan, Lisa instructs Francesca to lean her buttocks against the front edge of the desk and spread her legs apart. Francesca is already wet and excited from the prospect of making herself open to her mistress in this way whilst the next slave to be taken is watching, and she eagerly complies, thrusting her pelvis forward. Lisa steps between her secretary’s thighs, and without ceremony or warning shoves the three fingers of her right hand deep into Francesca’s vagina, and then rapidly frigs her up and down, ensuring that the down strokes rasp along her clitoris. Francesca emits mewling noises of pleasure, as Susan tries to ignore the sights, sounds and smells of the scene being enacted in front of her. With a laugh. Lisa stops masturbating her secretary when the unfortunate young woman is nearing climax, and delivers a stinging slap of her hand to each of Francesca’s pendulous breasts. The frustrated secretary is then told to kneel on the floor behind Susan, but to do nothing – and certainly not to dare to touch herself – until instructed.

Having enjoyed the appetiser, Lisa is now ready for tonight’s main dish – the peachy, alluring Susan. She comes to stand right in front of the kneeling intern, and first requires that her feet be kissed in ritual abasement. Susan hesitates for a bare second but then complies, enduring the sharp and unpleasant taste of black leather shoe-polish. At Lisa’s orders, Susan now removes the cream-coloured blouse which, with her two-piece brown suit, so tastefully complements her red hair. Now Susan’s splendid breasts are on public view, encased and uplifted in a green bra with large underwired cups, decorated with a lacy fringe. Even Lisa, who has groped, sucked and whipped many breasts in her time, pauses a moment to regard the perfection on display. Then she bends forward, inserting her hand between Susan’s right breast and the bra cup supporting it, and gently fondles it, stroking the nipple until it becomes aroused. She orders Francesca to undo Susan’s bra and remove it, and now the redheaded intern is naked from the waist upwards. The next command is for Susan to undo Lisa’s skirt, and this she does with trembling fingers that fumble at the tight buttons on the hip. As Lisa’s skirt falls to the floor, she steps out of it and kicks it away behind her. Lisa is wearing the black boots that she is almost never seen without, topped by black stockings, a black suspender belt, and black thong panties. She removes her top, revealing her own bra and shapely breasts, and then points at the crotch of the panties: “Kiss me there”, she tells Susan. There is just enough hesitation for Lisa to savour her victim’s reluctance, but again Susan recognises the reality of her position. She leans forward on her haunches and, placing one hand on Lisa’s thigh just above the knee to steady herself, she brings her pretty young lips up to the gusset of the panties, and then – despite the fact that they are damp from the juices seeping from Lisa’s excited glands – she kisses them firmly.

“A good start, but you can do better, my pretty one,” says Lisa with satisfaction. She inserts a finger behind the crotch of her panties and pulls the skimpy covering to one side, completely exposing her own sex. But her next orders are more unexpected, as Susan is ordered to widen the gap between her knees and Francesca is commanded to reach under Susan’s skirt and start fingering her cunt. Next comes the instruction Susan has been expecting: “Lick me out, you little bitch, and make it good!” She returns her face to her boss’s crotch, this time breathing in the smell of her aroused womanhood, and applies her lips and tongue to Lisa’s vagina. Once again, Lisa is sure there is something of the experienced lesbian about her victim, but the impression is fleeting and she dismisses it in the enjoyment of at last having Susan where she wants her (or almost, for where she really wants her, and means to have her within the next few weeks, is strapped into bondage, sobbing from the effects of a whipping on her wonderful tits and ass, and shuddering as she is taken violently by Lisa’s strap-on – but Lisa is now confident that this will happen in due course).

Susan is starting to moan and gasp from the fingers that Francesca is slipping in and out of her pussy. “Please, please”, she is mumbling inarticulately in the breaths she takes between applying her tongue to Lisa’s crack, and it is not clear to anyone whether her request is for things to stop or to continue. Lisa comes onto Susan’s tongue, coating it and her lips and cheeks with her pussy juices. She orders Susan to stand, and undoes the intern’s calf-length brown skirt. Next Lisa tells Francesca to lie on the floor and spread her legs, and then orders Susan to straddle her in the 69 position and to start giving oral service to the Italian woman’s cunt. Savouring this, the secretary hungrily eyes Susan’s dripping pussy, with its neatly trimmed patch of bright orange hair. However, Francesca is well-disciplined and does not raise her lips to the inviting target of Susan’s half-open vagina, although it is bobbing up and down in front of her. She knows better than to take a liberty on her own initiative, and correctly assumes that her mistress has her own plans. And that is the case, for Susan cannot see Lisa walking over to one of the filing cabinets, removing a long curved strap-on plastic cock, and fixing it in place. The first thing she knows of her fate is the feel of Lisa’s hands at the sides of her waist, the brush of the older woman’s bra and breasts across her lower back, and then a bare split-second warning as the tip of the dildo bumps once against her pussy hole, before the shock of its violent insertion by a sharp thrust of Lisa’s pelvis. Susan gives a moan of shock and dismay, but in truth she is well-lubricated and the plastic phallus slides home with much less resistance than Lisa had expected and hoped for. She orders Francesca to apply her fingers to her mistress’s anal hole, and then proceeds to give the young intern a vigorous fucking, climaxing herself just after Susan has been driven to her third or fourth orgasm. After clambering off the inert young redhead, Lisa has her secretary dry her with towels and comb her hair. Only when she is once again completely dressed is first Francesca and then Susan allowed to put on their clothes – but in Susan’s case, without the panties which Lisa will keep as a souvenir, explaining the no-panties rule which applies to her office bitches.

Lisa and Susan leave for their separate homes, but Francesca has been ordered to tidy the office and perform one further duty. Susan might have wondered why none of the regular patrols of the night-time security staff had interrupted their sexual marathon, and this was certainly not by accident. The head of the security staff is a lesbian ex-policewoman now in her 50s, who had recruited most of her staff from similar women in their 30s and 40s whose bodies she had enjoyed when their commanding officer. She is one of the contacts that Lisa has made through the Dean’s lawyer partner, who worked for the insurance company where the security chief had been employed as deputy before she took the top job at Lisa’s firm. Lisa knew that the head of security and one of her favourite lesbian staffers were on duty that evening, and had asked for her usual privacy after hours – in return, Francesca would now go down to the security control room, and serve as these tough women’s plaything for the rest of their shift.

For the next two days, Susan was submissive to whatever demands Lisa made upon her at the office – and they were as many as the busy partner could fit into her work schedule. But Susan found plausible excuses not to go to her blackmailer’s home after work, and Lisa had a lingering feeling that there was something not quite right about the red-head’s surrender. However, she knew it would take a long session of sexual abuse and torture to break down all of Susan’s resistance, and this would take place on the weekend. Lisa would accept no excuses for that, and indeed Susan swiftly promised to make herself available – but it was not take to place in the way that Lisa was gleefully anticipating.

Chapter 2: The Breaking of Francesca

On Thursday evening, two days after her apparent surrender to Lisa’s blackmail, Susan makes her first move. She has previously followed the unknowing Francesca after work, and knows exactly where she lives. After the working day, as Francesca arrives back at the front door of her apartment building in the twilight of the early evening, she is surprised – but, foolishly, not alarmed – to see Susan pacing outside, waiting for her. “There you are at last!”, gasps Susan, acting as if she was a frightened servant obeying her mistress’s commands. “What’s wrong with your phone? Lisa wants you, and she has sent me here to get you, so hurry up!” Of course, there is no fault with Francesca’s mobile phone, but Susan’s story is plausible and she does not give the busty Italian time to question it. Instead, she takes her by the arm, and steers her rapidly towards her parked car, a medium-sized four-door saloon. There is a briefcase and pile of folders on the front passenger seat (deliberately placed there by Susan), and so it is quite natural for Francesca to climb into the back. It is now almost dark, and Susan drives off towards Lisa’s house. However, after a few streets Susan declares that she knows a short-cut, and turns into a business district which is deserted as all the offices are now closed for the night. Unknown to Francesca, she flashes the car headlights three times. Francesca is about to object that this is not the right way when Susan suddenly brakes, the back doors of the car on either side of Francesca are jerked open, and two women jump in. They seize Francesca’s arms and within seconds have her wrists in handcuffs, before doing the same to her ankles and pushing a ball-gag into her mouth. She is then forced to kneel on the floor of the car, doubled over and with a blanket thrown over her. Frightened and disoriented, Francesca has no idea of where she is being taken – but she is sure that something has gone very wrong, and that none of this is at her mistress’s command. One reason for this is that during the second or two whilst she was being grabbed and bound, she recognised Susan’s accomplices. They are two of Lisa’s blackmail victims from the interns of two years previously: the slim, dark-haired and very sexy Japanese-American Saki Akiryu, and a black babe with eye-catchingly big tits, Victoria Marshall. Both were of the type that Lisa coveted most: attractive and out-going heterosexual girls, who she could coerce and pervert into lesbianism.

After what seems like a long drive with many twists and turns, the car enters the drive-in garage beside a moderate-sized house in one of the less expensive, but quiet, parts of town. It has the advantage of being isolated from most of its neighbours, with a rarely-used storage warehouse situated on one side and a small watercourse running past the other. It belongs to a friend of Susan’s, who has rented it to her – knowing what her tastes are, and that she will make good use of some special features of a kind not usually found in a realtor’s prospectus. Francesca soon finds out what these are, as she is bundled out of the car, through the door connecting the garage to the house, and swiftly down the stairs to the large and brightly lit cellar. There her stomach flutters, for she recognises from the fixings and implements on the walls and floor that she is in a well-equipped torture dungeon, and with three women all of whom have good reason to hate her. Susan has prepared ahead for this moment, and she picks up from the table at the side a large electric drill which has been fitted with a wide corkscrew blade that is nearly two inches in diameter. Switching on the power, as Francesca’s eyes bulge in horror at the viciously rotating drill-bit, Susan says: “It’s time to give you a bigger cunt-hole, you useless bitch.” It suddenly dawns on Francesca that she might be facing much more than the sexual punishment and rape she was expecting – a prospect that was secretly exciting her – and that these terrifying women might actually be meaning to kill her. Susan is regarding her with sadistic pleasure, her eyes – which Francesca had thought a soft and warm green – now cold and glinting like emeralds. It is too much for Francesca, who collapses limply to her knees and then doubles over, retching and bringing up her lunch. Fortunately, she is on a diet, and the mess is fairly small – but it angers the black girl, who gives her a hard kick in the ribs, knocking her into a corner of the room. Before she can recover, the other girl, Saki, steps over her, grabs a handful of her sleek black hair, and uses it to twist Francesca’s head round and up, as she yelps from the pain of it. “You’ll clean that up, you fucking dirty slut!” the Japanese-American half-breed shouts in her ear, before giving her a sharp slap across the face. Still pulling on the hair, she hauls Francesca upright. Victoria has fetched a bucket and some cloths, and the sobbing secretary is made to mop up her own vomit. When the floor is clean again, Susan sprays the room with air freshener before returning her attention to her victim.

The charade with the drill has pushed Francesca close to hysteria, and the vomiting has drained her strength – Susan knows it will not be difficult to reach her breaking point, and she intends to enjoy herself along the way. “We won’t kill you – for now”, she says, and then taps her finger at the side of Francesca’s forehead. “You have things in there I want to know”, she continues, ignoring Francesca’s tearful claims that she knows nothing. Susan’s next remark has also been shrewdly psychologically calculated, and shocks Francesca to temporary silence. “But don’t tell me now – that would spoil the fun. I want you to resist as long as possible”, says Susan with a wicked smile. “The longer you hold out, the more I can do to you – and of course, you may not survive that.” Saki and Victoria roughly strip Francesca of her outer clothes; as she has kept to Lisa’s rule of no panties, all she is now wearing is a large black bra to support the full ripe melons of her breasts, a matching black suspender belt and stockings, and a pair of neat black ankle boots. She gives almost no resistance as she is strapped to a wooden frame, which is then tilted back at about sixty degrees. Her long shapely legs are fixed to the corners so that her ankles are stretched nearly six feet apart, making her cunt utterly exposed and accessible. Her arms are twisted round to fastenings behind the frame and locked into leather cuffs that are fixed there, with the result that her chest is pushed out and forward, further enhancing the jut and swing of her heavy boobs. Susan reaches forward and grasps her bra at the middle of her cleavage, and jerks it down so that Francesca’s breasts spill out of its supporting confinement. Immediately, Susan releases her hold and the bra pulls back into place, but now underneath the breasts so that it pushes them even more outwards. Susan delivers a painful flick of her fingers to each nipple, noting that Francesca jerks in response even more sensitively that she would have expected. Her breasts are in fact – and understandably – Francesca’s pride and joy, and her greatest vulnerability: it had been Lisa’s caning of the soft underside of her breasts, followed by lashes directly on her nipples, that had broken Francesca completely to her mistress’s service. But now, they are to be subjected to something much more horrifying – and agonising – than a cane or whip.

Susan spends a moment letting her hand explore Francesca’s lower regions, slipping two fingers into her cunt, whilst her accomplices do a little softening-up work on their captive’s glorious breasts, pinching them and squeezing the nipples. “You know what I want to know”, says Susan, now shoving two fingers up the woman’s anal passage, as she squeals from the pain inflicted there and on her mammaries. “No! – no, I can’t tell you anything!” sobs Francesca in desperation, playing right into Susan’s hands. “You asked for this, then”, says her chief tormentor with satisfaction. Saki and Victoria take a breast in each hand, but at first they just lick it and suck on the nipple, arousing it to erection and leaving it wet with saliva. The purpose of doing this then becomes clear. Francesca gazes in impotent horror as the women tape two electric contacts onto the skin of each breast, a centimetre or so on each side of the nipple; the wetness will improve the conductivity. If this was not appalling enough, Susan pulls open her labial lips, and attaches two painful cable clips, one on each side. From the four contacts fixed to her breasts and the two at her cunt, wires are connected to three separate switches, and beyond them to large electric battery. “Oh my God! – no, no! Not that, please, oh please! – no, don’t, no, please”, babbles Francesca, but her kidnappers are deaf to her entreaties. Satisfied that all is in place, the three women get ready to enjoy the show. They take off their street clothes and put them aside; Victoria and Saki strip down to just their boots, stockings and suspenders, with naked breasts and pussies, whilst Susan is revealed to be wearing most of a dominatrix outfit under her business-executive trouser suit: black shiny boots, and a web of studded black leather which crosses between her shoulder blades, around the waist and the top of her legs, but leaves her breasts poking through at the front and her cunt completely uncovered. It is topped by a studded neck collar, and she completes the outfit by slipping on black gloves that cover her arms to the elbow. Victoria sits down on a chair, and her petite lover Saki sits on her knees, parting her legs so that Victoria can slip several fingers into her vagina; in return, she is caressing her partner’s smooth black breasts. Susan brings her favourite vibrator out of her handbag, switches it on, and slides it into her own cunt, which is already aroused and open. She then chooses the chair beside the three switches, and sits on it facing the bound and quaking Francesca, spreading her legs and slipping the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

“Time to see how loud you can scream, babe”, Susan says in gloating anticipation. She glances towards Saki, who reaches forward and presses the switch on the right. Immediately a savage stab of pain rips through the bound woman’s right breast, far worse than her worst fears. A hoarse yell of pain is torn from her throat, her back arching violently, her eyes bulging. With a smile, Victoria then presses the switch that is furthest left, and similar agony is inflicted on Francesca’s left breast. As her scream dies away, she regards with horror the switch in the middle, for she has deduced which electrodes that one controls. Cruelly, whilst one hand shoves the vibrator in and out of her own vagina with increasing speed, Susan dangles her other hand over the middle switch, knowing that fear and uncertainty play as large a part in breaking a captive’s will as the actual pain suffered. After half a minute, and with no warning from her expression, she jabs down on the button, and Francesca’s pussy is pierced by an electric jolt that burns like fire. Her screams last several minutes before they subside into whimpers, and her head slumps down onto her chest. “I know a good game”, says Saki: “let’s roll a dice for it!”. The three women quickly agree the rules: a 1 or a 2 are the right breast, a 3 or a 4 the left one, and a 5 or a 6 means a shock to the cunt. “Oh, no, no, please, please, no”, begs the busty Italian, as the laughing women prepare to roll the dice for the first time. It is a 3, and her left breast is agonisingly jolted. Even worse, the next roll is a 4, and the same breast suffers again, the pain being almost doubled by following so rapidly. Francesca is now haggard and exhausted, quivering and shaking, and with sweat pouring down her body. Her normally beautifully-kept long black hair is mussed and damp, and her eyes are losing focus as the pain makes her disoriented. Victoria rolls the dice, and shouts with glee “I got a 6”, and then invents on the spot a special rule that a six means three short jabs of electricity to Francesca’s cunt, rather than one ‘normal’ one. The repetition is vicious, and Victoria takes gleeful pleasure in making the gap between the shocks unpredictable. Susan indicates secretly to the others to ease up for a bit: she knows Francesca is very close to breaking point, but wants to ensure she is not incoherent or unconscious. After a few minutes respite, she administers a longer shock to the right breast, and then a similar one to the left. Francesca screams and bucks in her agony, and can take no more. When Susan’s finger hovers again above the central switch, Francesca shakes her head, and then in faint voice begs her to stop and promises to tell everything she knows.

Francesca is given a drink of water and sugar to keep her from fainting, but she remains bound to the wall with the cables still attached – making clear the threat of resumption should her torturers feel she is not co-operating. But she is completely broken now – indeed, more than that, for Susan has demonstrated a steely viciousness that has put Lisa quite in the shade, and Francesca has no doubt as to her being the top bitch to whom she should give her allegiance and submission. Susan senses this, and walks over to wipe away the Italian babe’s tears with a soft cloth. Then she cups each of Francesca’s fully-rounded breasts and gently strokes them. Although unmarked, they are delicately tender and sorely aching from their torture, but in response to Susan’s caresses the nipples become erect once again. “There, there, my pretty one, you belong to me now,” she says with calm certainty. Francesca bows her head, and replies: “Yes, mistress – what is your will?” At Susan’s request, she pours out the numbers and secret access codes of the office bank accounts and Lisa’s personal ones, the password for Lisa’s private encrypted computer files, and the combination of the safe in her office where the blackmail materials are stored (two things which Lisa does realise Francesca knows). After this, from the combination first of terror and pain, and then the release of submitting to her new owner, Francesca slumps into unconsciousness. The three triumphant kidnappers bring a mattress down to the cellar, place her inert body upon it, and – just to be sure – shackle her wrists and ankles to the handles on its sides. She is covered with a sheet, and the three women take turns to sit by her through the night – for no one likes an accident to happen to their property, and Francesca is now theirs to use and command.

Susan rises early the next morning, showers and dresses in a smart mini-skirted business suit that reveals more leg and cleavage than usual – she also conforms to Lisa’s rule, and wears no panties. After she has left for the office, Saki and Victoria rouse Francesca from her exhausted sleep. Despite the pleasure of seeing her in crippling agony and then abject surrender, they have not yet dropped their grudge against her, and so they are rough with her and completely unsympathetic. After Francesca has had a shower, but before she is allowed to get dressed, she is made to sit on a chair which has a dildo fixed upright in the centre of the seat, sliding this into her pussy. Two leather belts are then strapped tight over her thighs and around the seat, so that it is impossible for her to rise from the chair She is told that Susan has left clear instructions as to what she is to do, and in case Francesca rebels against this there are electric contacts at the top and base of the dildo which can be switched on instantly – the pain will far outdo anything of the previous night. Francesca is to make a phone call to Lisa, saying that she has had food-poisoning and cannot come into work that day, so that Lisa will not realise anything out of the ordinary has happened. If Francesca tries to say a word out of line, they can administer the electric shock so fast that she will collapse in agony and be unable to say anything more. The threat is in fact not needed, as Francesca’s subservience has irrevocably shifted from Lisa to Susan. She makes the call exactly as ordered, and then is at the mercy of Saki and Victoria for the rest of the day. The other two women hate her for the snotty treatment she gave them as interns, and tell her that Susan has given them permission to do anything they like to her. Actually, this is not true – Susan set a limit that Francesca must not be permanently marked or have any bones broken – but it has the desired effect of terrifying the captive secretary.

The Asian and the black girl take the cowering Italian beauty back down to the cellar, and first she is strapped to a frame that spreads her legs and thrusts out her chest. They enjoy her squeals of pain as her tits and then her cunt receive several lashes with a short whip, although they do not use anything like the force that they could. She is then spread-eagled on her back on the floor, with wrist and ankle shackles fixed to wide spreader-bars. Saki is wearing dark blue crotchless panties and squats above Francesca’s face, demanding that her cunt be eaten. As Francesca gives her attention to the moist pink slit of the petite half-Japanese girl, her efforts are encouraged by Victoria’s delivery of several whip-strokes to the exposed inside of her upper thighs. Approaching her climax from the frantic tonguing, Saki pulls her small but shapely tits out of her matching bra, and massages them vigorously, then she collapses forwards – almost smothering Francesca – as the orgasm ripples through her. Now Saki has another idea for the punishment and humiliation of the haughty young Italian woman, and she removes her panties and returns to her squatting position, with her pussy about six inches above Francesca’s face. “You’ll drink my piss, you filthy slut!”, she shouts at her. Francesca is disgusted and horrified, and with her mouth firmly closed indicates her refusal by vigorously shaking her head from side to side. This defiance is abruptly stopped by two stinging back-handed slaps across her face from the infuriated Saki, who rises and collects the necessary items from a cabinet on the wall. Sitting on her haunches again, she surveys the prone and increasingly petrified woman beneath her, before fisting Francesca in the stomach. The pain forces the Italian woman to open her mouth wide, and before she can close it a ring-gag is wedged between her teeth, leaving a large open hole in its centre. Now Francesca can do nothing to avoid her fate, and tears trickle slowly from her eyes and across her cheeks. Saki manoeuvres into the exact place, grips Francesca’s hair tightly so that she cannot twist her head sideways, and aims her cunt at the wide hole of the ring-gag. She waits for a moment or two, savouring the wretchedness of her once-proud victim, and then unleashes a stream of warm piss into the helpless Italian’s mouth and, spilling from that, across her face and chest. Francesca has no option but to drink the vile liquid – for the alternative is to drown in it, and so with renewed sobs and tears she forces herself swallow it down. When Saki has finished relieving herself, she slides forward and – as a final indignity – uses a clump of Francesca’s beautiful black hair as if it were toilet-paper to wipe herself dry.

Saki’s example has given her black lover a similar idea, and with a cruel smile she now comes to taunt Francesca. “You bitch, you always treat us black girls like shit – well, now you’re gonna eat my shit! I’m gonna take a dump, and when I come back you’ll lick my black ass clean!” This is even more revolting, and Francesca draws on her last remaining shreds of independence. Unable to speak clearly with the ring-gag still forcing her jaws wide open, she lets out a howling noise and shakes her head even more negatively than before. “Oh, yes, you will,” Victoria says with malicious glee, and then she points to the chair with the electric-shock dildo: “if you don’t, we’ll strap you onto the ‘Fucking Bronco’, and see how high you can jump with the chair strapped to you!” This is too much for Francesca: after the torture of her tits the previous day, she can imagine only too well how even more devastatingly agonising this would be – and she will do anything, however repulsive, to avoid it. She is also afraid that now Susan has the codes, she no longer needs her and may not care if these evil bitches torture her to death – whether deliberately or accidentally. She gulps, and through her tears nods her surrender and assent. Victoria departs from the room for about five minutes, during which Saki makes Francesca lick her out again – this time getting the taste of piss with every lick of her tongue. When Victoria returns, her lover rises from the prone Italian and watches the unfolding scene. Victoria now squats over their victim, but facing the other way towards her feet. First she rams a large vibrator into Francesca’s open and defenceless cunt, switching it to its highest setting, then she slides back on her knees and presents her spread and smelly arse to the bound woman’s face. Saki kneels behind Francesca’s head and, before the appalled woman can hesitate any further, pushes her face into the cleft between the two black buttocks. Utterly nauseated, Francesca starts to lick her clean, ending with being made to lick around the edges of Victoria’s anal hole until the black girl comes.

Victoria and Saki release the captive secretary from the two spreader-bars which had held her open in the shape of an X. Francesca is utterly humiliated and broken in spirit, and she stays lying on the floor, curled into a ball, clutching her stomach and sobbing brokenly. Her tormentors are sated, and in truth a little shocked at how far they have taken their revenge – for Saki and Victoria are not really dominants or particularly into bondage and punishment. Their antagonism to the busty Italian does not run that deep, and they have surely paid her back in full for her snotty attitude when they were interns and her complicity in Lisa’s blackmail scam. They comfort their shaking victim, and then help her upstairs to the bathroom. Here they undress Francesca, strip off their own underwear, and get into the shower with her. For the next half-hour they wash and clean her, and their dexterous hands massage the tender parts of her body with soap. The effect is both soothing and erotic, and arouses all three women. After towelling each other dry – with particular attention to breasts and cunts, by mutual accord the three move through to the master bedroom. There Francesca experiences the most wonderful love-making that she has ever known. She is laid gently on her back in the middle of the bed, with Saki on her left and Victoria on her right. Each of them play slow and expert attention to the superb breast that is near to them, fondling, licking and sucking it, whilst their right hands gradually move up each of Francesca’s thighs until they meet at her crotch. They gently part the lips of her labia, and then take turns in sliding fingers in and out of her vagina, probing deeper and deeper in a faster and faster rhythm. The ecstasy builds until Francesca’s back is so arched that only her shoulder-blades and feet are touching the mattress, as she bucks frantically and gasps her pleasure in an avalanche of orgasms like none she has ever known before. This is only the prelude to a long day of sexual athletics between the three beautiful females, sometimes slow and tender, and sometimes passionate and vigorous. When Susan arrives home, she is amused to walk in on the erotic scene – at this particular moment, Victoria’s bountiful black breasts are getting total attention from the other two women – and she quickly sheds her work clothes and makes it a foursome. However, her first action is a reminder of her dominance, as she roughly fucks Francesca doggy-style with a strap-on, whilst the other two each squeeze and massage one of the Italian babe’s tits.

Chapter 3: The Downfall of Lisa

Earlier in the day, Susan arrives at the office shortly before Lisa receives Francesca’s phone call. The ambitious lawyer is angry and feels she has been too soft on her secretary lately. She makes a mental note to remind her of her position with a severe breast-caning, inflicting her trademark cane-kisses: a X stroke crossing on the nipple, with one swipe diagonally from the upper left and the other from lower right; she knows well that this will be excruciatingly painful on Francesca’s large and tender breasts, and fingers her crotch thinking about it. This gets her wet, and her eyes light on the alluringly-dressed Susan, who is demurely and humbly standing in front of her desk, waiting for orders. There is also much work that Lisa needs done urgently, and done well – Francesca may be a bitch to the other secretaries, but they would all agree that she is on top of her job. Lisa hits on exactly the solution that Susan had been sure she would chose: instead of getting a temporary secretary from the office pool, who might make mistakes and would not provide sexual services (as there is not enough time in Lisa’s busy schedule that day to break in a new girl), she will have Susan fill in – thus getting the young woman’s cunt at every possible opportunity. She begins with a curt order for Susan to lock the outer office door, and then come into her inner office, which cannot be seen into from anywhere else. Susan is instructed to remove her jacket and – after Lisa has savoured the view of her superb breasts in today’s sky-blue bra, and given them a good squeeze – to remove the bra as well. Naked from the waist up, the young intern is then told to go on her hands and knees under the desk, and eat out Lisa’s pussy whilst she makes some phone calls – Lisa has long ago mastered the art of keeping her voice perfectly steady almost to the last second before an orgasm, when she will simply cough, say “excuse me”, cover the phone mouthpiece for a moment as she gasps her pleasure, and then calmly resume where the conversation was interrupted, without her caller suspecting a thing. Susan gets under the desk, sliding Lisa’s skirt up as she slightly lifts her thighs for a moment, and gazes upon the naked pussy that is revealed – but if Lisa could have seen the predatory and possessive smile which spans Susan’s face, she might not have been so blithely unaware of her approaching nemesis. Susan applies her tongue hesitantly, continuing the act that she is heterosexual and inexperienced in lesbian arts. It takes some time for Lisa to reach orgasm, and when she does so she shoves Susan over onto the carpet and straightens her skirt, muttering “You’ll learn to do better than that, bitch.”

There is no time for more, as Lisa is due at an office meeting. Annoyingly, this over-runs badly, and she has to take a quick lunch while she reviews her notes. Lisa just has time to make Susan lean back over her desk, pull her skirt up around her waist, and give her a quick hard fuck with a strap on, squeezing vigorously on the young woman’s shapely breasts, before she has to hurry to the court where one of her cases is concluding that afternoon. She will be away for several hours, and this is exactly what Susan has planned for. She locks the outer office door, and uses the clear time to go through Lisa’s secret files (on her PC and in the safe) and carry out her plans; then she removes all of the blackmail material from the safe, leaves one note inside it and another on Lisa’s desk, and goes home early. After a good fucking from her two fellow-conspirators and her new slave, Susan showers and dresses, and then settles down to look at the documents she has liberated from Lisa’s safe. The blackmail files make fascinating reading; Susan shreds the material faked to frame the interns, but keeps with appreciation the journal that lists the details of Francesca’s pick-ups, and the notes (and even some photographs) that Lisa has about several prominent women in the city, including the assistant mayor, three senior police officers, the female clerk who assigns cases to the different judges, some of the judges and the warden of the women’s prison – it seems Lisa’s threats in this direction had not been idle ones.

A little before six o’clock in the evening, Lisa returns to the office building, which is deserted as everyone has left for the weekend. She is triumphant after winning yet another difficult case, and she is ready for a weekend of lesbian lust – tonight she will rape Susan in the office, then take her home and torture her until she totally submits. Angrily, she realises that the shapely young intern is nowhere to be seen, but then she sees the note on her desk. She reads it with disbelief and then runs to the safe, which she finds empty apart from another note. Lisa reads this with dawning horror, collapses for a few minutes into the chair at her desk, then takes a stiff drink of whisky and makes the phone call which the paper instructed. Susan’s voice comes from the other end, confirming the instructions in a clear cold voice: Lisa is to speak to no one and call no one, to remain in her office and wait for further orders. Shakily Lisa agrees – for the tables have indeed been turned. Her mind is still in a whirl when, about fifty minutes later, she is phoned and instructed to return to her own house. Lisa drives there in her expensive sports car, her mind in such a daze that she nearly has a couple of accidents before managing to get a bit more of a grip on herself.

Lisa enters her house and walks to the sitting room, where she is shocked to find five women waiting for her. One is Francesca, alluringly naked apart from her stockings and suspender belt, but on her knees in the corner of the room, with her hands shackled to her ankles, and bearing the clear signs of whipping on her back and breasts. Lisa jerks her eyes away from this unexpected sight to the four women who are sitting facing her in a semi-circle. They are Susan, with Saki and Victoria to her right, and another young woman to her left – Harriet Packerman. Lisa barely has time for a shaky “What the fuck are you bitches .... doing??” – with the last word changing to a sudden pitch of alarm, for Saki and Victoria waste no time in grabbing her by the arms and forcing her to her knees in front of the other two. They jerk the suit jacket down from Lisa’s shoulders to temporarily imprison her arms, and then they each take hold of one side of her expensive white silk shirt. With a savage jerk they rip it open, buttons flying in all directions. The final part of their swift assault, which is deliberately brutal and intimidating, is that each takes hold of one of the defenceless lawyer’s breasts, viciously hauling it upwards out of the shelter of the bra cups, and finishing with a savage twist of the nipple. Then they stand back behind the stunned and agonised lawyer, so that there is no chance of her getting to her feet or trying to escape her fate.

Susan explains that it is the simple methods that work best, and so Lisa’s own technique has been used against her. With the essential private codes, she has made it seem that Lisa has shifted client money from the firm’s accounts to her own account, and then to a numbered account in the Cayman Islands – but this account was set up by Susan, and only she knows how to access it. Lisa will be unable to return any of the vanished money, and her explanations will not be credible. Accusing Susan would be pointless, as it would seem impossible for an intern to know how to do such things. Furthermore, using her control over Francesca, Susan can get a crucial independent witness to testify that Lisa is the responsible one. Lisa will be ruined, debarred, her career finished – and the same threat now looms over her, of a long jail term being forced to service lesbian guards and dyke prisoners with her mouth and pussy. Susan reminds her that she now controls the blackmail material on the court clerk, two judges, the policewomen and the prison warden: not only will they do her bidding, but she suggests – to Lisa’s dawning horror – that these women might enjoy having their former blackmailer completely at their mercy. Lisa blanches, and knows with a sickening sensation that she is completely trapped: she is now a puppet on a string, must do whatever Susan demands. What she does not yet know is that Susan is no fumbling heterosexual but a hot, experienced and aggressive lesbian, who intends to wreak revenge – but has also come to desire her as a slave as well.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

[Interlude 1: this is the reason for the revenge plot.]

Harriet, the young woman sitting next to Susan, was Lisa’s first target for forced seduction and abuse two summers ago – and is also Susan’s cousin. They are the same age, and were very close friends as children and teenagers. Harriet does not look at all like Susan, whose Celtic beauty comes mainly from her father’s Scottish ancestry; Harriet is the daughter of Susan’s mother’s sister, who married a black man she met at college. Their only daughter, Harriet, is a strikingly attractive half-caste with light brown skin and dark eyes. In fact, as Susan became aware of her lesbian identity in her teenage years, Harriet was the secret object of her love and lust for many years – but because her cousin seemed only to be interested in boys, Susan did nothing so as not to spoil their friendship. Partly because of this unrequited love, when they both graduated from high school Susan decided not to go on to college at once, and did something else for the next two years. Harriet went straight to law school, and so it was during the summer two years’ ago, before Susan had decided to return to study and begin the same law course, that Harriet had an internship at Lisa’s firm. Her delectable coffee-and-cream body was irresistible to the voracious dyke, and although she had never touched another woman beforehand, Harriet was forced by the blackmail scam to open her legs and give herself to Lisa’s pleasure. She was utterly shocked to find out that this was what she had been searching for in all her previous relationships, none of which had been satisfactory. Her emotions were so churned up by discovering that she is a submissive lesbian that she dumped her current boyfriend (with some relief), lost interest in her course and (to Susan’s dismay) did not return to the college after the summer. Instead, she left home and drifted to New York, where she cruised the rougher lesbian bars looking for the older and harder dykes to satisfy her need to be put in bondage and raped.

After their own experiences with Lisa later that same summer, Saki and Victoria had also realised that they were gay, but they were less shocked and brutalised. They also had each other, as the close friendship they already had formed at college turned into becoming lovers. They went back to university, completed their law degrees, and a year ago they had both got jobs in New York, where they now shared a two bedroom flat but only used one bed. A few months later, quite by chance, they found Harriet in an alleyway behind a bar notorious for its lesbian S&M clientele, where she was lying after a trio of black motorcycle-leather dykes had abused her, raped her and beaten her up. Saki and Victoria had not really known Harriet at college, but they recognised her from their classes and from their spell as interns, so they took her back to their flat, where she now lives in the other room. Finding out their common history of having been twisted into lesbianism by Lisa gave them a bond, but the realisation that this was happening frequently and every year led to a deep thirst for revenge. After a few days of talk, it was Harriet who said she knew just the person to do it – her cousin, Susan, whom she knew had been an active lesbian for years (Susan was shocked when she learnt this – she thought she had concealed it from her cousin), and who had the “skills and contacts” (Harriet would not say more) to bring the bitch down. The four of them then pooled their knowledge and made plans, waiting until this summer when Susan could secure an internship that would allow her to dangle her delectable body in front of Lisa as the bait in the trap – and, in her arrogance and over-confidence, Lisa had walked blindly into it.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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Lisa’s nerve is crumbling more quickly than she could have believed possible, but she tries one last time to exert control. Opening her mouth, she starts to say “You bitches can’t do this to me!” – but she doesn’t get past the third word before she is silenced by Susan, who steps swiftly forwards to deliver a vicious slap across her face. With her arms still caught in her suit jacket, Lisa is knocked sideways and falls heavily to the floor. Before she can move further, Saki kicks her in the stomach, and as she gasps from that blow, Susan sees an opening and kicks her even harder between the legs, impacting the sharp toe of her boot right into Lisa’s soft pussy. Then Saki and Victoria each grasp the nipple of one of Lisa’s breasts, and use these agonisingly to haul her back to her knees. She is gasping and shaken – due not so much to the pain, bad as that is, but to the speed of the assault and the many directions from which it came. She is intimidated by the four women who are now all standing over her, sneering down at her with intimidating sexual confidence. She becomes aware of feeling a slight tingling sensation in the most private place between her legs, and is horrified – surely she cannot be getting sexually aroused by this treatment? Susan tells the shaken lawyer about the terms under which she will live in future – unless she prefers to chose the living hell which prison would be for her. Lisa gulps, and indicates her acceptance, and is made to underline this by a ritual submission. She has to remove all her clothes, and kiss both feet of each of the victors in turn – humiliatingly, she is even made to do the same to Francesca, a visible proof of her inferiority which cements Susan’s dominance of the big-titted Italian.

Lisa is made to hand over the keys of her basement bondage chamber and, after being put in hand and ankle shackles, is told to walk down there. As she enters, she sees the room with new eyes – she sees it as her victims must have seen it, full of implements and machinery which will be used to inflict physical and sexual agony upon her. Although the room is pleasantly warm, she shivers and feels cold sweat upon her naked back – but she tosses her head, and tries to strike a proud and confident pose, telling herself (not really convincingly) that these puny bitches will never break her will. She is fixed to a wooden square in the centre of the room, so that her legs are splayed open and her arms stretched apart above her head. She is totally exposed, front and back, and without any means to protect any of the vulnerable parts of her body. Susan takes a moment to stand in front of her, fondling Lisa’s crotch and then pinching so hard on the aroused labia lips that Lisa is sure she will faint. “Just a taste, my pretty, of what is coming your way”, says Susan with an evil leer. Then she turns to Harriet and, to Lisa’s horror, says “This is for you, babe – do anything you want to her.” Ignoring the pleas and apologies that start to tumble from Lisa’s mouth, Harriet regards the bound lawyer coolly for a few seconds, and then walks to a rack of thin and vicious-looking canes. Selecting one of the finest, she returns to stand in front of Lisa. Her hand teases around Lisa’s cunt, further widening the vaginal lips, and Lisa realises with a sinking heart what the intended target is going to be. For a moment, Harriet recalls to her mind the terror she had felt when blackmailed and threatened by Lisa, and the fear she endured while Lisa had made use of her body. The anger gives her added strength, and she swings the cane up between Lisa’s quivering things to impact squarely on her opening. Further blows follow swiftly after, some a little to either side, and others splitting into Lisa’s slit. Harriet had intended to deliver a dozen strokes at least, but so severe is the pain that after the tenth strike, Lisa slumps into blessed unconsciousness. She is not allowed that relief for more than moments, as the ammonia stench of smelling salts is used to revive her. Now Harriet delivers several lashes to her prominent and undefended breasts, and several more stripes to the backs of her thighs. Her revenge culminates in using the largest strap-on in Lisa’s extensive selection to rape her, ignoring the sobs and whimpers that the once-proud and wealthy partner has been reduced to, as a powerless sexual plaything.

However, after this assault, Harriet has purged some of her demons and much of her anger, and seems satiated. In truth, the discovery of her true sexual nature is something she has reason to be glad about – she realises that she had never felt comfortable or fulfilled with any of her boyfriends. She thanks her cousin sincerely, and goes upstairs to sleep really peacefully for the first time since the bombshell of her forced discovery of her lesbianism. Down below, Lisa’s torments are only just beginning, She is abused and raped at regular intervals – first by Saki and Victoria working as a double-team, and enjoying their chance at revenge. Francesca is unchained by her new mistress, and takes particular pleasure in hurting and mauling Lisa’s breasts, in revenge for the pain that she had received from her. Ominously, Susan has taken little part so far, letting the others soften Lisa up, and keeping both her own energy and her psychological dominance. Even whilst she is enduring a ferocious anal rape from Victoria, Lisa cannot help taking frequent – and increasingly fearful – glances sideways to where Susan stands, regarding her in cold clinical appraisal. Eventually, Susan takes over, using the whip with greater force and precision on her already-bruised genitals, the soft undersides of her breasts and the soles of her feet. Then Lisa is introduced to the electric-shock tit torture which had broken Francesca, and to their surprise her resistance crumbles almost as swiftly. It becomes clear both to Lisa and her torturers that she is becomingly deeply aroused by her position of helpless submission, and that there is a natural slave hidden beneath the surface veneer of a haughty dominatrix.

Over the rest of the weekend, Susan, Harriet (taking part the least of all), Saki, Victoria and Francesca prey on Lisa, alternating between punishment and rape. They work her over in shifts, allowing the brutalised lawyer no sleep and driving her to exhaustion. Imprisoned in the dungeon, Lisa loses all track of time as her body is repeatedly abused and used as an object for their sexual gratification. Befuddled with tiredness and bewildered by the reversal of roles, by Sunday evening Lisa’s resistance is becoming feebler and feebler, and she finally surrenders to Susan. The redhead has bound her former boss in a particularly painful position, with her arms behind her back tied together at the wrists and elbows, and then pulled up towards the ceiling, so that she is forced to bend forwards. Lisa’s legs are held apart at maximum spread by chains, and weights pull on the crocodile-clip nipple-clamps which cause agony to her bruised and battered breasts at the slightest movement. Susan has chosen one of the largest strap-ons in the room, and has entered her roughly from behind before starting a fucking so savage that Lisa seriously fears she will be split apart. But the real cause of her collapse is that she has become unbelievably aroused by her helpless submission, a feeling which she has resisted for several hours despite her mounting sexual tension. Now, almost without being aware of it, her protests are transforming into mewling sounds of pleasure, and she starts to cry out in broken voice: “Fuck me! Fuck me! Do me harder! Rape me! Hurt me! Rape me!” Susan pauses for a moment in her rhythmic shafting to savour the moment, as the supposed queen bitch dominatrix is transformed into her abject pussy-slave. Incoherent pleadings are pouring hoarsely from Lisa: “Please, oh please, Mistress please, fuck me, rape me, use me, do anything, please!” Buoyed up by her triumph, Susan reaches round to Lisa’s front and unclips the nipple-clamps – giving a momentary respite from pain – before she grabs a tit in each hand, like the handles on a bicycle, and mauls them roughly as she also resumes ramming the monstrous dildo into Lisa’s sore, wet and gaping vagina. Lisa is engulfed in a tidal wave of orgasms more intense and shattering than any she has known before, and this is the moment at which, all the way down to her subconscious, she fully accepts her newly-revealed and true nature – a lesbian submissive, whose most intense pleasure comes from letting her mistress do anything she wants to her. The combination of psychological change, sexual abuse and exhaustion results in Lisa passing out after the crescendo of orgasms. Susan knows that the crucial victory in her conquest of the sexy lawyer has been won, and she chains the collapsed figure to fixings on the dungeon floor, throws a couple of blankets over her, and goes upstairs to get some sleep herself.

On Monday morning, Lisa’s blankets are whisked away and her naked form is rudely woken by a sharp jab in the ribs from Susan’s boot. Lisa feels totally dominated by the figure standing over her, elegant and sexy in black boots, sheer black stockings, very short black leather mini-skirt (and from Lisa’s angle on the floor, clearly no panties underneath) and a close-fitting white woollen jumper which reveals the full luscious shape of her breasts. “How do you greet me, slave?” demands Susan authoritatively. A relaxing sensation of submission flows through Lisa, and she bows her head, kisses the tip of the boot in front of her, and replies: “How may I serve you, Mistress?” “Good girl,” smiles Susan in satisfaction, “come with me, and I will give you your orders.” Seeing this, Harriet, Saki and Victoria are satisfied that Lisa will prey on no more young women, and they return to New York. [A month later, a now much calmer Harriet meets Victoria’s older sister, Estelle, who has recently realised that her sister and Saki are lovers, and has told them – with much relief – that she has been a lesbian since she went to college. Estelle is four years older than her sister; a little taller; more mature, sophisticated and assured in manner; and the proud possessor of a pair of breasts that put even Francesca’s in the shade. Harriet is swept of her feet by this vision, whilst Estelle is entranced by the slim and beautiful coffee-and-cream babe. They soon become monogamous lovers, and eighteen months later all four women come out as lesbians to their families and friends, and hold a double-wedding ceremony.]

Back in Lisa’s dungeon, Susan puts a studded leather dog-collar around Lisa’s neck and attaches a handling chain to it. Then Lisa’s hands are fixed behind her back in leather wrist-cuffs, and her ankles are fastened by a twelve-inch chain which allows her to walk in short, tottering steps. Susan is not sure that Lisa is yet completely under her sexual dominion, and intends to make sure of it. In the lounge, Lisa is shown the ‘Fucking Bronco’ chair that had terrified Francesca, made to sit upon it with the dildo pushed six inches into her vagina, and then told how it works. Francesca, who is wearing a collar and chain like Lisa’s, but has also been allowed high heels and a baby-doll negligee which just fails to hide her naked cunt, falls to her knees in front of Susan. With an evil leer at Lisa, she begs her new owner to allow her to demonstrate the electric dildo to her former mistress. Ignoring Lisa’s panicked pleas, Susan smiles at her eager slave, and reaches down to fondle the shapely breasts which the lacy negligee emphasises as much as it covers. “All right, my pretty, as you licked me out so well this morning, I think you have earned a treat – but only a short shock.” “No! No! Oh, God – please, please NO! YEEAAARRGHHHH!!!” screams Lisa, as the most terrible agony explodes deep inside her most vulnerable parts. The pain is so bad that she jerks the heavy chair at least a foot in the air, before she and it collapse to the side. Lisa lies there, alternately retching and gasping for air, with tears pouring from her eyes. Any last remnants of resistance have been shattered, and with broken sobs she pleads for mercy. When she and the chair have been set upright again, she is given her instructions: she will telephone the senior partner who is her immediate superior at the law firm, and tell her that she has been summoned home as her mother is very ill – she cannot delay and must leave at once, for perhaps two or three weeks. Lisa is warned that any attempt to deviate from this script or seek help will result in a shock twice as long as the last one; she shudders in terror at the idea, but has no intention of defying her youthful mistress.

Once the call has been made, accounting for Lisa’s absence for the next three weeks, she is completely at the mercy of her captors. Lisa has no friends as such – just women whom she dominates and fucks, and a much smaller number of older and more powerful women with whom she sleeps occasionally when required; the rest of the time she devotes to work. All her relatives live on the other coast, and no one will call at the house unexpectedly. For the next three weeks, she is used by Susan as her fuck-toy and whipping-post, with Francesca sometimes being punished or raped alongside her boss, and sometimes allowed to join in the tormenting of Lisa. The former domina is kept in bondage all day (while the other two go to work) and for much of the night, either completely naked or in some skimpy underwear that will soon be ripped from her body; for all of the time she has to wear her slave-collar, and her ankles are shackled only a short distance apart. Lisa is made to do the household chores in a knickerless skimpy maid’s outfit, crawling on her knees from room to room. Long before the end of the three weeks, all traces of the former aggressive dominatrix have vanished as if they had never been. Despite – or, rather, because of – her painful and humiliating treatment, Lisa has existed in an almost constant state of sexual arousal, and from not only the penetrations of her cunt and ass, but also from the canings on her tits and pussy, she has had a series mind-blowing orgasms – which she is now addicted to and craves. In the third week, Susan stops any physical torture which leaves a visible mark (she knows plenty that don’t, so the evenings in the dungeon are still marked by the agonised screams of her two slaves), and lets Lisa regain her strength and looks. She takes Francesca to bed each night as a lover, and for the last three nights – so sure is she now of her control – Lisa joins them as well.

When Lisa returns to work, she is ordered by Susan to continue to dress and act outwardly in the same way as before – except, of course, that she will not make any sexual moves towards the interns or other junior staff. Francesca, who is completely under Susan’s control, is ordered to give up her flat and move into Lisa’s house; she is Susan’s plaything, but is senior slave above Lisa and has her revenge on her former boss, at Susan’s command joining in fucking and punishing her. At the office, Francesca watches over Lisa during the day; when no one can see, their former roles are reversed, as Lisa willingly performs whatever sexual services her secretary demands. Susan dominates Lisa from the moment she returns home until she leaves for work next day; at the end of the summer Susan returns to the nearby college to complete her law degree, but she continues to live at Lisa’s house. However, so that no one else knows, Francesca still pretends at work to belong to Lisa and still services the senior partner dykes whenever they demand her from Lisa – and Lisa continues to see her older lovers from time to time. This was the pattern established in the late summer of 2005, and when Susan graduated with her law degree in summer 2006, Lisa is instructed to give her a job as her associate trainee and to promote her career with the firm. This is not difficult, for Susan is as intelligent and able as the woman she has broken into submission, and by 2008 she is marked out as the next rising star.

At work the change is not spotted: Lisa is less aggressive in style, but her reputation and expertise are so high that she continues to be very successful. However, during the spring and summer months of 2008, one person begins to suspect that something is different. This is Lisa’s arch-rival at the firm which is their strongest competitor: Angela Schwarz. Forty-two years old, she was top-dog in their field until Lisa’s rise put her slightly in the shade. She is a sadistic dominatrix who has inherited money as well as making a lot more, and she owns a large private estate two miles outside the city limits where she keeps her slaves. She has long had lustful desires for Lisa, but her attempts at seduction were contemptuously rebuffed and Lisa’s success and connections gave no opportunity for leverage against her. On a warm day in early summer 2008, Angela finds an opportunity to test her suspicions. The two lawyers have appeared on opposite sides in a relatively minor case (won by Angela) which ran longer into the day than expected. When Lisa goes into the toilets reserved for female lawyers, Angela puts her plan into action. She takes from her bag a printed ‘Out of Order’ sign which she hangs on the outside of the door, before slipping quietly inside. Lisa is inside one of the cubicles, and does not see Angela bend down behind the entrance door and push in a wooden wedge which will make it impossible to open from inside or out. Then the older woman takes off her suit jacket, skirt and blouse, and leans back against the wash-basins to wait for Lisa to emerge. Angela wears no panties, and her trim figure is encased in a black half-cup bra, black boots, and black hold-up stockings. Although she has the appearance of an experienced woman, no longer in the first flush of youth, due to a regime of regular workouts (some of them with her personal trainer, a young woman who she swiftly broke into her service, and now fucks three times a week) and the best beauty lotions that money can buy, she is slim, fit and very sexy, and looks several years younger than her actual age. Her hair is dyed blonde, with streaks of brown at the roots, and cut at collar-length. She is slim and long-legged, five feet and eleven inches in height, with a well-honed ass and medium-sized breasts which are still pert and show no signs of drooping.

After a couple of minutes, there is the sound of a toilet being flushed and the door of the only locked cubicle starts to open. Halfway out, Lisa stops in shock at the nearly-naked and very intimidating presence in front of her. ‘Hallo, babe,’ says Angela, a cold lust in her eyes, ‘I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.’ Before Lisa has time to react, Angela swiftly lunges forward, pushing her off balance to stumble back into the cubicle. Then the fit and strong older woman is upon her, jerking Lisa’s top out of her skirt and above her breasts, and then seizing her tits, pulling them out of the bra and brutally mangling them. Shaken, Lisa, tries to protect herself from this attack, but that is just the move that Angela was hoping for – with Lisa’s arms clutching her chest, she is defenceless below the waist. Angela hauls Lisa’s short tight black skirt up above her hips, rips her knickers apart, and forces three fingers into her victim’s vagina. Lisa gives an agonised shriek, but again is too stunned and too slow to prevent the next move. Angela fists her viciously hard in the stomach, and then drags Lisa – who is bent double, and gasping for air – by her hair out into the open area in the middle of the room, where she is flung face-down on the floor. Lisa is still struggling for breath when she feels Angela’s weight straddle her, pinning her down, and then her left wrist is clipped into a handcuff which is also fastened to her right ankle, and the same happens with her right wrist and left ankle. Finally, just as she is able to draw the first proper breath since the rape began and try to call for help, a ball gag is forced into her mouth and fixed firmly in place.

‘Now, my dear, we have all the time we need to enjoy ourselves – or, rather, for ME to enjoy you!’ chuckles Angela. She flips the captive Lisa onto her back, and the effect of the criss-crossed handcuffs is that Lisa’s feet are drawn up near to her buttocks and she has no option but to splay her legs wide open. The tattered remains of her panties are now removed, and her bra is ripped open so forcefully that its fasteners snap off. Angela produces a vibrator from her bag which she jams roughly into Lisa’s anus, and then a strap-on which she adjusts in front of her own naked and shaven crotch. Lisa’s eyes are bulging, but she is completely at her rapist’s mercy – and there will be no tenderness here. Angela kneels between Lisa’s legs and forces them even further apart, then she plunges the dildo into her victim’s vagina. Lisa’s scream is loud enough that, even with the gag, it could be heard in the corridor outside – but it is deserted, and no one hears this or the sobs and moans that follow as she is systematically and brutally subjected to a lesbian rape. However, although Angela enjoys a sharp orgasm as she takes her younger rival, her pleasure is far from complete - Lisa’s resistance has been feeble and hesitant throughout, and she submits to the rape with only token struggles. Angela realises that her suspicions were more than correct. Withdrawing the dildo, she grips Lisa’s jaw and glares into her eyes: ‘Fuck it! You’ve been broken in by some bitch! Who is it? – I want to know!’ She removes the gag, but Lisa just sobs, and slaps to her face and savage pinching of her tits – which, in confirmation, Lisa does not even try to prevent – will not make her divulge the name. Angela cannot go much further here, but as she climbs off the prone body of her victim and puts on her clothes, she vows to herself that she will find out. She removes the handcuffs, leaving the tattered and sobbing Lisa curled on the floor with her hands protectively clutching her bruised and violated vagina. The next day, Angela sets her tame female private detective onto the case (this is a former policewoman who was accused of using her nightstick to sexually assault a high school cheerleader who had insulted her when stopped for drink-driving; Angela had been prosecutor in the case, but saw more advantage in removing the key piece of evidence from the file, so the policewoman was acquitted and became one of her grateful accomplices). In the following weeks, the detective follows Lisa and watches her house, and delivers to Angela photos taken with a telephoto lens through a gap in the upstairs bedroom curtains. When enlarged, these clearly show Susan dressed in leather boots and domina gear, wearing a strap-on, and a woman – who must be Lisa – in bondage, face down on the bed, with her arse up in the air and legs spread open. Angela is massively angry, for breaking Lisa has been one of her best masturbatory fantasies for several years, and she plots carefully how to obtain power over Susan, and thus Lisa as well.

Now that Susan is a rising junior associate, she has her own office (not as grand as Lisa’s, of course) and her own paralegal secretary. The first of these was competent but overweight, one thing which disgusts Susan, and she was soon transferred to another department. The second was a Hispanic beauty, but did not work out well – the bitch had the temerity to resign when Susan, after keeping her late at work one evening until everyone else had left, fondled her tits and put a hand up her skirt; the secretary fought off the advances, and only refrained from launching a harassment suit when Susan threatened to have her put on an unofficial black-list so that she would be unable to get a job at any law firm in the state. However, the third is – Susan thinks – proof of the phrase “third time lucky”. Ingrid Bergsson’s parents had moved to the USA when she was three years old, and because they still spoke Norwegian at home she has a delightful Scandinavian lilt to her voice. Even better is her physical appearance – not just the attractiveness of long straight naturally-blonde hair, a lissom body, shapely medium-sized tits and a really eye-catching ass, but the fact that with her blue eyes and high-cheek-boned face, she has an extraordinary resemblance to Agnetha Faltskog, the blonde singer in the Swedish group ‘Abba’, as she had looked during their global super-stardom in the mid-1970s. To cap it all, Ingrid is already an active lesbian and it is not difficult to persuade her that she must provide her boss with sexual pleasures on demand. However, Susan does not know that she is too close to Ingrid in age to be the young Scandinavian’s most desired type of mistress and be securely dominant over her. Ingrid was first seduced at the age of fifteen by her high school Principal, a woman of forty who was moved to this unusual risk because of the girl’s resemblance to her favourite singer. Regular fuck sessions at the Principal’s house was followed by being passed around a circle of women of similar age and authority. Ingrid was often dressed up as Agnetha, and one of her wealthier lovers even had complete replicas made of the sexier and more glamorous outfits in the Abba videos. Quite often the women wanted her to make love to them dressed as Agnetha: sometimes they pretended to be the other female singer, brunette Anni-Frid, and sometimes – which Ingrid has come to like best – she has to pretend to be Agnetha and feebly resist as they rape her. By the time she left college, Ingrid’s sexual orientation is fixed upon being dominated by women who are twice her age.

Without knowing that it was also Lisa’s method, Angela prepares to frame and blackmail Susan. Following further work from her private detective, who uncovers Ingrid’s sexual history, Angela realises that she has an easy way in. The blonde is indeed easy meat for Angela, as the dominant 42 year-old moves her sexually in a way that the youthful Susan never could. Ingrid is kidnapped by the private detective and quickly broken in as Angela’s slave, without Susan even realising it has happened: her capture is hidden by the device of a supposed urgent visit home to her dying grandmother in Norway, which gives Angela a week during which she makes Ingrid her tool, and then a week for Ingrid to recover and the whip and bruise marks to fade. In the two days after her return to work, Ingrid places the incriminating documents prepared by Angela which would ruin Susan professionally, almost certainly leading to a long jail spell for fraud and perjury. Then, on the morning of Wednesday, 10th September 2008, Ingrid phones in to say she is sick at home, but in fact on Angela’s orders she leaves town until the weekend in case Susan searches for her. At lunch-time on Wednesday Susan’s phone rings, but as she listens, instead of shock and fear, a slow satisfied smile spreads across her face – one which, if Angela could have seen it, would have given a dent to that bitch’s over-weaning confidence. With some acting skill, Susan makes her voice sound shocked and afraid, and agrees to the terms that Angela offers – but when she puts the phone down, she rubs her hands with glee. She does not seem very concerned about the blackmail threat, and her anger over being framed is focused mainly on Ingrid, who has betrayed her and will pay for it. On the contrary, she seems curiously satisfied by Angela’s phone call. The second stage of her strategy is, at long last, coming into effect.

Chapter 4: Dominance in the Dungeon

On the next Saturday afternoon, a 13th of September that will certainly be an unlucky day for some, Susan drives to Angela’s estate with the helpless Lisa, handcuffed and gagged, locked in the trunk of her car. As she pulls up in front of the entrance portico of the house, Angela appears in an outfit that takes Susan’s breath away and dampens her panties with excitement. The older woman is wearing calf-high sheer black leather boots, a tight and skimpy pair of hot pants in black velvet, and a basque top in red with black lace ties and half-cups underneath her breasts, thrusting them up and barely concealing the nipples. Around her throat is a black choker, and she has black gloves which come up to just below her elbow; her hair is pulled severely back into a tight pony-tail, and her only make up is a dark red lipstick. Angela’s expression has the sneering haughtiness of an accomplished and experienced dominatrix, and her right hand carelessly holds a vicious-looking riding crop. “Unload the bitch, then,’ she snaps. Susan opens the car boot, and Angela laughs, relishing her former rival’s disorientation and fear, as Lisa blinks dazedly in the sudden sunlight. “Up, bitch, I’ve got a lot planned for you,” Angela says gloatingly, and then without warning she lashes at Lisa’s up-thrust rump with her riding crop. With a half-scream, half-sob, Lisa scrambles desperately over the boot sill, but instead of being able to stand up, her legs cramp from the returning circulation and she loses her balance, falling forward onto her hands and knees. The posture is an irresistible opportunity for Angela, and – after getting a quick nod of approval from a laughing Susan – she slices twice more at the ripe ass that is on display in front of her, nearly getting in a third blow before a pain-stricken and panicked Lisa staggers back to her feet. “Follow me”, orders Angela, turning her back with insolent assurance and striding ahead of them, deliberately swaying her trim ass as she struts into the hall. Susan grips the quaking Lisa by the arm, and they follow their hostess into the cool interior.

Angela leads them across the brown and white marble floor of the hall, through a heavy oak door, down two flights of stone steps, and through a heavy steel door into her secret domain. They emerge in a large basement room with no windows, but the air is fresh and pleasantly warm due to the fairly high ceiling and a modern air-conditioning unit. It is well-lit, and the new arrivals can see that it is fully equipped with everything a vicious domina might want to use – on the nearby walls are racks of bondage devices, whips and strap-ons, and on the floor or suspended from the roof are several frames, stocks and hangings to hold her victims in whatever vulnerable position she might desire. The further half of the long, rectangular room is occupied by a square exercise mat, of about eight metres on each side. The brick wall at the far end of the room has sets of manacles and chains fixed to it by heavy bolts – and, most exciting of all, these restraints already hold three figures – two women and a girl.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

[Interlude 2: this is who they are, and how they came to be there.]

The oldest of the three is on the left: Juliet Clark, a 35 year-old tennis coach and physical education teacher at the town’s best high school. She was born in England and, despite working in the USA for more than a dozen years, still has her British accent. Given her profession, it is not surprising that she is athletically fit, with a trim figure and breasts that are on the small side, but firm and neatly shaped. She is nearly six feet tall and her best feature is her long shapely legs, smoothly muscled and attractively tanned, and topped by a tight trim ass that catches the eye. Her hair is dyed blonde with some brown showing in streaks, cut fairly short in a practical style that remains feminine and yet also has a hint of butch about it. She never wears make up, but uses moisturising lotion regularly on her face and hands, and so her skin is smooth and still youthful. She is dressed as if about to go on court to play in a tennis tournament, in short-sleeve sports top, short pleated white skirt, ankle socks and trainers. Her talent for tennis was spotted in her English home town as a child, and she progressed until at thirteen she won a tennis scholarship to a top school in the USA known for its sports tuition. This changed her life, because it also led to her induction into the lesbian circles that were rife in women’s tennis. First seduced by her coaches and then becoming the lover of the captain of the senior team, she was a practised pussy-eater with no interest in men by the time she joined the professional circuit aged 17. During the next seven years, her willingness to be fucked by any and every woman on the tour was well-known, and tiredness from her nightly sexual athletics probably contributed to her never rising above thirty-eighth in the world rankings. She knew she would never win a Grand Slam tournament, but her compensation was that for nearly nine months she was the chosen fuck-toy of an older star player who had won several of the majors.

At the age of 25, when she slipped out of the top hundred players, Juliet decided to stop touring and take up tennis coaching and school teaching – partly because she had the credentials, but mostly because it would give her the chance to take the lesbian virginity of any suitable teens that came her way. About seven years previously she had been appointed to the senior coaching position at the high school in this town, by a female Principal who knew something of the women’s tennis world and was fairly sure of Juliet’s sexual preferences. The Principal installed a secret camera in the locker-room and her instinct was soon confirmed by film of Juliet late one evening coaxing the only slightly-reluctant captain of the junior softball team into dropping her knickers, spreading her legs, and letting the coach eat out her cunt. When the unsuspecting teacher was summoned to the Principal’s home the next day, she was presented with an offer she could not refuse – she could either be fired and jailed (as the softball captain was under-age), or she could become the Principal’s sex slave. At first resistant, within a few months Juliet was giving willing and complete submission to her mistress. Four years ago, in 2004, the Principal had moved to a better post upstate, and sold Juliet to Angela – by this time Juliet not only did not mind being treated as an object, but was deeply aroused by it. She serves Angela in two ways: directly with her body, and as the seducer of girls who she then delivers into the clutches of her mistress – and the two others chained to the wall next to her are the result of her knack for scouting out lesbians (or potential lesbians) who would submit to such treatment and make no public complaint.

A particularly choice find was the woman who is chained in the middle of the three. Malimba Nbukeri is in her early 20s, an exchange student from an East African country who is living at the local campus of the state university. Her skin is a tropical deep black, with a sheen like dark chocolate, and she has thick mahogany hair that falls to her shoulders. She is a strikingly attractive woman with a ripe figure, wide hips and jutting ass, topped by big heavy breasts with large pale aureoles and prominent brown nipples. Her pretty face is dominated by full lips, a broad nose, and beautiful dark brown eyes. She comes from a fairly wealthy family in her own country, and had been sent to an expensive girls’ boarding school in England. Lonely and cold-shouldered by the arrogant and racist white English girls, she had been easy prey for the teacher in charge of her boarding-house – a tall, fit and handsome brunette in her early 30s who had been unable to resist the ripening figure of the adolescent black girl and had seduced her at the age of fourteen. Within two months she was the older woman’s bed companion every night, and lost her virginity the first time she was introduced to the delights of a strap-on wielded by an experienced and aggressive dyke. Later the same year, the teacher became sure enough of Malimba’s sexual submission that she started to loan her out to her circle of dyke friends. Malimba became used to being the toy-girl of older white women, and by the time she was 18 she had often been put in bondage before being fucked. On leaving the school in Britain, Malimba’s grades were not quite high enough to get into Harvard or Yale, but she secured a place at the internationally-respected university in this Atlantic coast city. She spent three years taking her B.A. degree in business studies and development economics, and now at the age of 22 is studying for her MBA. She has a reputation amongst the younger female bisexual and lesbian lecturers on the teaching staff as an available piece of ass who likes to be treated roughly, and several of her 30-45 year old tutors have enjoyed the sight of her naked dark-skinned body and large heavy breasts confined in taut rope bondage, as she follows their instructions to eat pussy or squeals as they shaft a strap-on into one of her lower openings.

Although she did not know it, Malimba’s submission to authority-figure older white women was almost programmed into her genes. Her grandmother had founded the family fortune in the final decade of British colonial rule. A trained nurse, she was a bright and lively young woman with the full figure that was inherited by her descendants, and she had become the willing plaything of the unmarried older British woman who was the Nursing Superintendent of the main hospital in the colony. Malimba’s grandmother had not minded the humiliation of performing dances for her patron, wearing a native grass skirt and beads, before bowing down to kiss the feet and then work up the legs to feast on the woman’s cunt; nor had she objected to being mounted from behind like a dog-bitch, penetrated with the hard wooden phallus of the era before the plastic dildo. In return, she had been promoted ahead of her peers, and in the 1950s as native professionals were given more scope by the ebbing colonial administration, her lover had introduced her to valuable contacts with western banks and pharmaceutical companies. When her country became independent in the early 1960s, Malimba’s grandmother naturally succeeded to the influential office from which her patron retired. She proceeded to arrange loans for hospital expansion and contracts for medicines on terms very favourable to her country, whilst still giving the western businesses a reasonable profit margin and earning moderate kickbacks for herself. In 1961 she had taken an ambitious young doctor as her husband, giving him no doubt as to who was in charge, and a year later gave birth to her only child, Ngata – who was to be Malimba’s mother.

As Ngata grew towards puberty, she became aware that her mother’s maidservants – chosen for their figures and not their brains – performed special sexual services for their mistress, and she took to spying on them whilst fingering her own small slit and budding breasts. After her periods began, some of the bolder maids also started to give the ‘oral massage’ treatments to her breasts and pussy, as she lay back in bed and delighted in the sensations. Despite avoiding the conspicuous corruption of so much of the new native officials, Malimba’s grandmother was now quite well-off, and she had always been happy with British rule and methods. At her wish, at the age of fourteen Ngata was sent to a private girls’ boarding school in England (though this was not as expensive and exclusive as the one that Malimba herself later went to). Here the ripening figure of the busty young black girl, and her familiarity with and enjoyment of lesbian sensuality, made her the coveted sexual toy of the senior girls and the teachers, until the pleasures of serving the desires of dominant white lesbians was almost all that she thought about. After returning home at the age of 18, Ngata entered her nation’s diplomatic service and (through her mother’s contacts) obtained a posting to Washington. Here she ignored the black American women as beneath her notice, instead making her luscious young body available to a circle of powerful white lesbians in their 30s and 40s which included politicians, journalists, bankers and diplomats from other countries. Her favourite dominant was a German who liked to dress up in a Nazi SS woman officer’s uniform before tearing a lacy, flimsy white baby-doll nightie off the body of the black girl and taking her first in the cunt and then the ass with a knobbed and ridged strap-on cock. After ten years in the USA, Ngata returned home to take over the family business on her mother’s retirement. Now aged nearly 30 herself, it was necessary to take a husband, and so she arranged a marriage with an older man which was more a mutually-advantageous merger of their complementary business interests than a love match – for both of their sexual tastes lay with their own sex. He did his duty by fathering two children upon her – Malimba, the eldest, was born in 1986, and another daughter, Epone, two years later – but they had mainly separate lives, and Ngata continued to be a regular visitor to the bedrooms of senior female American and EU diplomats and business executives, willingly taking whatever pain or bondage they inflicted upon her.

Malimba knew nothing of this family history. She had her mother’s and grandmother’s weakness for being taken by older white dominants, but she came from a post-colonial generation and she also had an underlying burning anger about the way she had been corrupted and used which developed into a concealed hatred of white women. She was completely unable to make any stand against the authoritative older women who dominated her, but when she felt close to bursting – about every four or five months – Malimba went to a different large city and trawled through its lesbian bars wearing an outfit that was sure to concentrate all eyes on her superb tits and ass, so that no-one would be able to remember her face the next day. She would coyly entice the youngest, curviest and most feminine looking white girl she could find, making sure only to pick middle-class students or young professional women whose families almost certainly had no idea about their secret gay lifestyle. She would allow them to think they were seducing her, but once safely alone with the girl in her apartment, Malimba would produce her gun and the tables were turned. Her victim would be forced to strip to her bra and panties and lie face down on her mattress, and Malimba would swiftly tie her wrists and ankles to the four legs of the bed, spreading the girl wide in the shape of an X and forcing a ball-gag into her mouth. Then she would take a pair of scissors, and cut across the crotch of the panties like a politician cutting the opening ribbon of a new tunnel, for Malimba knew well how both frightening and arousing it was to have your underwear ripped or cut away rather than just taken off. After shedding her own clothes, the black woman would take from her shoulder-bag a compact cat-of-nine-tails, and deliver a vicious whipping to the sobbing white girl’s back, buttocks and thighs. This would arouse Malimba, who would then grind her glistening moist black pussy up and down on her victim’s bruised ass, getting more excited by the further pain that this caused. The next stage was a relentless cunt-fucking, doggy-style, with a cruelly long strap-on, during which the desperate bucking and heaving of the body underneath her only arouses Malimba even more, until at last she comes with multiple drenching orgasms and collapses on top of the battered white femme.

After wiping her sopping pussy juices on her victim’s hair, Malimba would take a shower, get dressed, untie the girl and at gun point make her crawl into the kitchen where she would force her to take enough sleeping pills to put her out for at least eight hours. Malimba then washes the unconscious girl, flushing out her mouth and cunt with a mixture of salt and water that ruins any possible DNA samples, and rolls the soiled bedding into a bag which she will take with her and later burn. Due to the resulting hazy memory of what has happened and their desire to stay in the closet as far as their friends and family were concerned, none of her victims has ever gone to the police, and Malimba’s periodic flips from being the black slave of white women to their predatory rapist was a secret that no-one else knew. Only one very stupid, rich and arrogant big-breasted blonde defies her and, despite still being naked and handcuffed, is foolish enough to swear retribution and – even worse – to call Malimba a “filthy nigger cunt”. Malimba smacks her on the side of the head with the pistol butt, and when the girl comes round she finds that she is gagged and chained: her back is against a radiator, and her arms and knees are fixed to the pipes on each side, so that her legs are pulled apart and her pussy is wide open. With her pride and confidence ebbing away, she watches as Malimba does her clean-up routine to foil any forensic tests, and she is unable to resist the soaping out of her cunt and mouth. Malimba replaces the ball-gag, and with a vicious gleam in her eye leans forward and tells the now very frightened young heiress what is going to happen to her. The big-titted blonde’s eyes widen in shock and fear, and for a few moments Malimba savours her frantic struggles in her bonds and the screams for help which are silenced by the gag. Then the black woman puts on some rock music fairly loud, to hide the noise, and from a range of only two feet shoots the girl twice in the stomach. Malimba fingers herself to an orgasm as she watches the rich white blonde’s long and anguished death throes, and then fakes the appearance of a burglary, tossing everything out of drawers and wardrobes. She finds $1800 dollars in mixed notes which she keeps, and also removes jewellery, credit cards and driver’s licence. Then she quietly exits by the rear patio doors, leaving them partly open and damaging the outside of the lock with a screwdriver to make it look as if it had been forced from outside. On her drive home at 4.00 a.m., she detours through a rough part of town and drops the credit cards and driver’s licence on a deserted street corner, and then leaves the bag with the jewellery near the entrance of an alley. During the following days there are attempts to use the dead girl’s credit cards in local stores, and a drug dealer who is a police informer reports that a street gang is trying to sell the jewellery, and so her death is put down as another gang-related robbery gone wrong, and it is assumed that the bruising on her body and the rape were inflicted to make the victim reveal where her valuables were stored.

Malimba was here in Angela’s basement due to her predominant need for submission, and she had been an easy pickup when Juliet Clark had chanced to encounter her one day in a cafe on the edge of campus. The assured gym teacher was on her way home after having played squash (though not at all in the way that it was usually played!) with two sophomore students whom she had turned onto lesbianism when they had been in her high school tennis team, and she was quite ready to have some mocha pussy for dessert. Juliet was wearing trainers, leggings, a pleated white tennis skirt and thin white sports blouse through which her white sports bra was temptingly visible. When Malimba discovered that the sexy older woman who had asked to share her table was a school teacher and heard her British accent, it brought back so many memories that she practically came on the spot – in fact, Juliet’s sensitive nose could smell the juices soaking the black girl’s knickers as easily as her eyes noticed her parted lips and the taut erectness of her nipples. All it took was for Juliet to let her right hand rest casually against the top of the black girl’s thigh, and instantly Malimba with a soft moan spread her hips wide, grabbed Juliet’s hand, and thrust it up under her mini-skirt to push against the sodden crotch of her panties. With a deft twist of her wrist, Juliet by-passed the fabric and pushed two fingers into the gaping liquid hole of the black girl’s vagina. Unnoticed by any of the students busily chatting at the adjacent tables, Juliet locked onto Malimba’s eyes with a steely gaze and, as the black girl grasped the edge of the table, gave her a fast – almost brutal – finger-fucking, but stopping just short of taking her to the crest of orgasm. Instead, she withdrew her hand, licked her fingers to get Malimba’s taste, and the said to her in a tone which brooked no refusal, “You’re coming with me, babe.” Without a word, Malimba rose and accompanied Juliet back to her house, where for the rest of that day and night Juliet enjoyed fucking her in every position and every hole. But Malimba’s purest joy in submission had come a week later, when Juliet had brought her here and she had discovered what a true dominant dyke could put her through – a terrifying, exalting experience which was more addictive than any drug.

These two captives are alluring enough, but it is the girl chained beside the two women who immediately catches Susan’s attention – so much so that her knees go weak with the waves of lust that course through her. “This bitch I have to have”, Susan mutters under her breath, and her determination to overcome the haughty Angela more than doubles. The very pretty brunette in chains on the right is Kerry Osimov, whose great grand-parents had immigrated from the Ukraine a century before and who is just about as wholesome a picture of an apple-pie all-American girl as could be imagined. She is only 15 years old, but her body has ripened early and her curves are as good as most 17 or 18 year-olds. Her breasts are not especially large but clearly defined and smoothly rounded, and her buttocks jut in a way that is just asking to be grabbed with both hands. She has an open, innocent face with peachy fair skin, and her long full hair is pleated into two classic pigtails. What arouses Susan is not just the girl’s youth, beauty and look of innocence, but the fact that she is dressed in a cheerleader costume, of bright blue and yellow, with plenty of leg showing between the drum-majorette style white boots and the short flared skirt.

Kerry is the latest in the long line of young girls who have been deftly seduced by Juliet, using the stratagem of offering them special individual after-hours tennis coaching at the high school. After easing up to it in previous sessions, and sensing interest rather than reluctance, Juliet’s clincher is a “secret” exercise which she says she was taught by her own coach (and that was certainly true) but which “might be misunderstood nowadays”. She presents it as a way to learn how to swivel the upper body to make tennis shots without changing footing and so not getting drawn out of position. When – as always – the teen asks to be shown it and sweetly promises to keep the secret, Juliet tells the girl to take her skirt and top off, “as they will get in the way”. Now wearing just white panties, sports bra, ankle socks and trainers, the girl is instructed to take up the shot-receiving stance with her feet about a metre apart. Juliet then stands close behind, with her firm nipples deliberately rubbing against the girl’s back, and brings her forearm up between the teenager’s legs until it presses against the gusset of her panties, turning her hand so that her palm and spread fingers cup the breath-taken, shocked but excited schoolgirl’s Venus mound. Holding her firmly, Juliet calls shots is if they are coming from left and right, thereby making the girl twist and turn so that her pussy and crotch repeatedly rub against Juliet’s arm, until the latter can feel the wetness and arousal resulting from this friction. After that, it is easy to offer the “special massage” that Juliet says her coach gave her after every lesson (also true!). This entails laying the now trembling and weak-kneed innocent on her back on the floor, easing her knickers down past her knees and off, and introducing her to the heights of ecstasy that a capable woman’s fingers and tongue can bring to her own sex. After a few weeks of being Juliet’s lover, losing her virginity to a strap-on dildo at her house on the fourth night, Kerry was brought here to the teacher’s mistress and broken in for her to use. Today was only the third time that the young cheerleader had been in Angela’s dungeon, and she was still shocked with herself for having come back without any protest, considering that on the last occasion she had been gang-banged by Juliet, Angela and two Japanese businesswomen with whom Angela was working on a lucrative deal – the Asian bitches had delighted in giving Kerry her first double-ender, one fucking her in the pussy whilst the young teen ate out her colleague’s trimmed vagina, in between the gasps wrenched from her by the strap-on ramming like a piston in and out of her tight young cunt.

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Angela explains that the terms she has imposed on Susan are a fuck-fighting contest for mastery between the two of them, the prize for the winner being unlimited use of the loser’s slave or slaves for three hours. Given the supposed power of her blackmail over Susan, Angela could have demanded anything – including that she hand over Lisa and submit herself as a slave. But Angela is more than confident of her ability to conquer the young and soft-looking redhead, as she is the more experienced, taller and – she believes – stronger of the two women. Angela harbours a deep grudge against Susan because of her presumption in breaking Lisa, a pleasure which Angela had long promised for herself. That sweet triumph has been tarnished, but instead Angela is becoming increasingly excited by the prospect of wreaking her vengeance on the pretty young redhead. She will enjoy beating her into submission and the rape that will follow, and she has no intention of stopping after such a short interval of sweet pleasure, or of sticking to the deal that she has offered. Instead, she intends to bind and chain Susan as soon as she has been defeated, and to subject her to tortures that will break her down and make her an abject and absolute slave.

Angela declares that the preliminary is for each contestant to examine the other’s merchandise, and she and Susan force a whimpering and feebly-struggling Lisa into ankle and wrist straps fixed to the side wall, nearest to Juliet. Susan steps back, and with a smile and a gesture of her hand invites Angela to enjoy sampling Lisa. Angela needs no encouragement: she particularly likes that Susan has brought Lisa here dressed in her best smart-sexy-businesswoman’s expensive work clothes – a designer jacket with a tightly-tailored skirt to just below the knees, stockings and smart ankle-boots, and a silky white Dior blouse, pearl necklace and neat ear-rings. After savouring this sight and Lisa’s growing fear for a moment, Angela steps forward and jerks Lisa’s jacket down over her shoulders. In almost the same movement, she grips the front of the Dior blouse and – over a terrified shriek from Lisa – rips it open to reveal Lisa’s ripe tits heaving in a black, lace trimmed, under-wired bra. Angela pulls down the fabric at the front of the two bra cups, and first fondles Lisa’s breasts for a few seconds before gripping each nipple between her thumb and forefinger. With savage twists she pulls them forward and then clockwise and anti-clockwise, until Lisa screams in shock and pain, begging her to stop. Leaving a sobbing Lisa slumped in her bonds, Angela steps back, replete in the knowledge that the woman she once feared as a younger rival in both business and as top dyke in town would soon be a submissive victim to her sadistic pleasures. Deciding to keep the rest of Lisa’s pain for later enjoyment, she nods her approval for Susan to inspect her three chained slaves.

Susan is angry about Angela’s suborning of Ingrid, but she is also greatly aroused by her – indeed, for the last week, each time she has fucked Lisa from behind with a strap-on, she has fantasised that she was giving it to Angela – which partly explains the pummelling that Lisa’s cunt has had to endure. Susan steps up to Juliet first, and slides her fingers under the tennis skirt to find that the sports coach is wearing no panties and her labial lips are wet and open. Immediately Susan rams three fingers into her vagina, finding and sharply squeezing the bud of the woman’s clitoris. Juliet arches her back away from the wall, spreading her thighs as much as the bonds will allow, moaning in arousal and gasping “take me, fuck me, do me, hurt me”. “I will, babe, I promise you,” murmurs Susan into the older woman’s ear, getting her other fingers inside and finishing with two jabbing thrusts that slide her hand into Juliet’s cervix up to the wrist. Juliet shudders, almost at the brink of orgasm, but Susan withdraws before she can come.

Malimba is close enough to hear what Susan has said, and the combination of her submission to Angela’s mastery and her hate of younger white women leads to her fatal mistake. As Susan moves to stand in front of her, she pouts, snaps “my mistress is gonna do you, slut, and then I’m gonna fuck your ass over”, and – worst of all – she spits in Susan’s face. Susan takes a step back, and turns to Angela in anger. “Is this how your bitches behave? If she was mine, I would punish her for such indiscipline,” she says, and then slyly adds, “no – I would ask you to punish her”. For just an instant, Angela bridles at this, but then the thought crosses her mind that it would be interesting to see what the bitch who has taken Lisa might do. Angela came from one of the mid-southern states and her family still regarded black people as dirt; she especially enjoys dominating and hurting black women, and already intends to inflict a savage time upon Malimba later in the weekend. To the chained girl’s deepening dismay, Angela’s lip curls and she says: “Sure, go ahead – you are the guest”. Whereas the figures bound on either side of Malimba are wearing clothes in which they could have walked down a public street (though getting plenty of lustful looks), the black woman is already more than half-stripped. She is naked from the waist up, with her large breasts swinging unsupported. Below that, Malimba wears only a peach-coloured suspender belt to which are attached a pair of pink stockings, both of them making an alluring contrast against her jet black skin. Over this, scarcely covering her crotch, is a matching pair of skimpy pink panties that are not much more than a thong. She is also spread much more open than the others, whose legs are tied only about two feet apart. Malimba’s feet are encased in high-heels, and her bonds stretch her ankles at least five feet apart, so that to keep her balance her pelvis is thrust forward as well.

Susan drinks in this alluring and totally vulnerable posture, and the last of Malimba’s confidence evaporates as she sees the cruel look of anticipation in the eyes of the young redhead. However, the first thing that Susan does is gently to cup one of Malimba’s ample breasts in each of her hands, and bend forward to lick slowly around each nipple before taking it into her mouth for a firm suck. Malimba is aroused by this, and for a moment deludes herself that all will be well after all – until Susan’s teeth give her nipples a sharp and painful bite. Stepping away, Susan walks to one of the racks of canes, and selects a supple one of medium width: she does not want one that will cut Malimba open and make a permanent scar, but one which will nonetheless inflict severe pain. Smiling with satisfaction at her choice, she returns to stand directly in front of the now remorseful black woman. “Please, mistress, please, I am so sorry, so sorry, I didn’t mean it, please, forgive me, mercy, please, please”, babbles Malimba, stupidly unaware that the begging is only feeding the desire to hurt her further. “Hmm”, murmurs Susan noncommittally, deliberately misleading her victim, “well, perhaps ...”. She then turns her back and takes two steps away from the pleading woman, who gasps out her thanks as her hope soars that no more will be done to her yet. But Susan has halted and, with her back to Malimba, she smiles and winks at Angela, and says “six of the best, I think”. Without further warning, Susan pivots on the spot, with the speed of her turn adding extra impetus to the arm holding the cane as it lashes forwards and upwards to impact on Malimba exactly on the spot that Susan had chosen a moment before, going into the soft underside of the black woman’s right breast. Malimba barely has time to see it coming, and in her captive position no way to avoid the blow. She catapults upwards the few inches that her bonds will allow, screaming as the agony courses through her. Barely is there time to draw breath again before Susan inflicts nearly as vicious strike on the underneath of Malimba’s other breast, and the black woman’s throat is raw with her following shriek. Susan now changes position, making the next blow strike down from above onto the right breast, hitting just above the edge of the aureole, and then the fourth cut similarly onto the left breast. Malimba did not know such pain could exist and nearly passes out, but she is just about to find out that there can be worse still.

Giving Malimba a couple of minutes to recover, drawing shuddering breaths as the tears course down her face, Susan walks further down the room to where she had seen a pair of large tailor’s scissors. Returning with them, she slides the index finger of her left hand in between the crotch fabric of Malimba’s panties and her warm flesh, then slides it up and down so that her knuckle parts the black woman’s labia. After a few seconds of lubrication, she hooks her finger to draw the gusset of the panties an inch forward, and cuts across their crotch with one snip of the scissors. When she releases her hold, the front and back sections of the destroyed underwear curl upwards, leaving Malimba’s sex hole completely exposed. The effect of this on the black woman is far greater than Susan can know, for this reversal of the treatment that Malimba had inflicted upon her rape victims shocks her to the core, imposed as it is by a curvaceous and young white professional woman. “Please, no,” she whimpers, but even she knows that any pleas are useless now. Tantalisingly slowly, with every eye in the room transfixed upon her, Susan gives Malimba’s cunt a caress and slides two fingers of her right hand inside all the way up to their knuckles. Angela always makes her bitches take a laxative purge before a dungeon session to ensure that their bowels and bladders are empty, but such is Malimba’s horror of what is coming to her that a trickle of fresh urine leaks onto Susan’s hand. With swift anger, Susan’s other hand grabs Malimba’s left teat and crushes it between thumb and forefinger, and as the black woman gasps in breathless pain, her white tormentor shoves the urine-coated fingers deep into her mouth. Malimba has no choice but to follow the order hissed at her to lick the fingers clean, as they are nearly choking her. Satisfied with this revenge, Susan then takes three steps backwards and picks up the cane once again. She takes her time, for everyone knows what her next target will be, and Malimba is now sweat-drenched and exuding a terror that Susan and Angela are savouring like fine vintage wine. When Susan can contain herself no more, she puts all of her strength into a swing that whiplashes the end of the cane directly into the middle of Malimba’s partly-opened pudenda. The abused woman’s yells are redoubled, and Susan cruelly waits a couple of minutes for them to subside before she places the last of the six cane-strokes directly onto the same spot, inflicting pain so great that Malimba passes out, slumping forward in her bonds.

There is moment of stunned silence in the dungeon, whilst Susan calmly places the cane and scissors back in their proper place. Calmly remarking “now, before I was so rudely interrupted”, she comes to stand in front of the bound cheerleader. Young Kerry is so frightened that she can barely breathe, for she has never seen or dreamed of anything like the agony inflicted on Malimba, and she is sickeningly aware that the stakes are much higher than she had thought and that she may be in great danger. Yet at the same time, she knows there is nowhere she would rather be than here, on this sweet and sharp pinnacle of excitement and fear. If she had any pee in her bladder she would have wet herself; and as it is, her panties and legs are glistening with a combination of fear-induced sweat and the juices that have seeped from her cunt – shockingly, flowing with an almost orgasmic rush when the cane lashed into Malimba’s pussy. Susan can see this and her lust for the sweet young teen grows ever more demanding, and she decides for now there will be more pleasure to be had from fucking with the schoolgirl’s mind – the body she is determined to have at her leisure later. So all that Susan does is to inspect the trembling girl, running her hands over Kerry’s small tits and sliding a hand up under the cheerleader skirt to cup her Venus mound and stroke the front of her plain white panties. But she also leans forward, traces her tongue along Kerry’s cheek and up to her earlobe, and harshly whispers so that only the teen can hear her: “I’m gonna rape you, babe, and then we’ll see if you can scream louder than that fucking stupid black cunt.” Terrified and quaking, the young girl desperately hopes that her mistress will win the fight.

The supremacy contest between Angela and Susan will take place on the exercise mat, in front of the four chained captives. Its agreed form is that both women will start wearing a full range of underwear, a short but smart business skirt, a women’s shirt that buttons up the middle, and their choice of smart footwear that can be either boots or shoes. The winner is the one who manages to strip the other, put her in handcuffs, and ram an 8 inch dildo up her cunt until she is forced into an orgasm. Angela is nearly six inches taller than Susan and has the corresponding advantage in reach; her body is in proportion to her height, and so she is also quite a few pounds heavier than the curvy younger woman. Angela exercises regularly and exudes fitness and vigour, and she is a mean fighter who has never yet been defeated – but she is over-confident, and under-estimates Susan. She does not know that Susan had a two-year enlistment in the army before going to college (she is a bit older than she looks). Susan had been an active lesbian since she was initiated into female love at the age of sixteen, but the time in the army confirmed it. She has been properly trained in unarmed combat, keeps herself fit, has fast reflexes and is much stronger than she looks. Angela has chosen to wear a pair of black leather boots for the contest: they suit her dominatrix looks, but their weight will slow her down. Susan has a pair of black pumps with only a slight heel, and she is poised, nimble and well-balanced.

When the fight begins, Susan follows her pre-determined strategy with nerves of steel. She further encourages Angela’s expected over-confidence by letting her opponent get the first strike and rip away Susan’s blouse. The young woman deliberately moves a little slowly and hesitantly, letting out a whimper after her top is torn away – and seeming more by luck than skill to evade Angela’s grab for her bra strap. She is waiting her opportunity, which comes soon after with a hasty and over-committed swing from Angela. Susan wrong-foots the older dyke with a sudden unexpected turn of speed, spins to the side and then with lightening velocity delivers a hammer-blow punch to the middle of Angela’s unprotected stomach, completely winding her. As Angela doubles over, Susan kicks the legs out from under her, so that she falls flat and hard on her front. Before she can get enough breath to try and rise, Susan squats on her back, straddling Angela and pinning her to the mat. As Angela still struggles for breath, Susan reaches down and first cuffs her right wrist to her right ankle, and then left wrist to left ankle. Angela is still half-stunned, but realises with horror that the fight is over – and that she has lost and is about to suffer the unthinkable consequences. The way that she has been cuffed makes it easy for Susan to spread Angela’s legs apart, and now she pulls her defeated enemy’s skirt up to bunch about her waist, tears off her panties, and rams the dildo deep into her cunt with the first thrust. Angela screams and bucks and writhes, but she cannot dislodge Susan, who savagely fucks her with the dildo, putting into it all the strength of her combined venom and lust. Angela tries to hold back her orgasm but the unexpected rough treatment and Susan’s savage dexterity with the dildo overcome her resistance, and she gives a despairing cry as her pussy floods with cum.

Overpowering Angela has so deeply excited Susan that she now loses all self-control. She chains the half-stunned Angela to the vacant space on the wall next to Lisa, and finds a large vibrator which she switches onto its highest setting before she pushes it as far into Angela’s vagina as she can. Taking some bondage rope, she then twists a crossover of rope around Angela’s waist and between her legs, forcing the vibrator even further up the cervical tube and preventing any chance of it sliding out. Next, whilst Angela’s body is bucking and twisting under this horrendous assault on her inner body, in a frenzy Susan whips her across her thighs, breasts and cunt – the lashes hit sometimes on either side of her cunt lips, and other times on the rope that was forced in between them; when it hits there, that it jerks the vibrator harder in. Soon Angela is convulsing, screaming and begging for mercy – “This wasn’t in the deal!!!!”, she sobs. “Too bad”, says Susan, “it fucking is now, and your ass is mine.” Next Susan reaches into the bag she had brought in with her, and removes a powerful compact electric battery, cables and clips. The latter are attached to Angela’s nipples and then connected to a timer switch which can be set to give random electric shocks. Finally, Susan forces another vibrator into Angela’ ass and then re-ropes her crotch viciously tight so that neither of the impaling implements can fall out. Admiring her handiwork, she sets the electric timer to give medium-intensity shocks at variable gaps of between fifteen and fifty seconds. After thirty minutes of these combined assaults on her genitals, the once-proud dominatrix hangs in her bonds like a broken rag-doll, alternately screaming as the electric shocks to her nipples make her convulse with agony and whimpering as the vibrators make her orgasm time after time, sliding in ever-deeper under the pressure of the ropes. Long before midnight, Angela breaks down and tells Susan where the evidence against her is hidden, and that the traitorous Ingrid is due to come to the house on Sunday at 2.00 p.m. for her sexual reward at her mistress’s hands. Susan releases Angela, who collapses into unconsciousness. Swiftly, Susan chains the limp body to fixings at the base of the wall, with a collar around Angela’s neck and other chains securing the cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Standing above her completely vanquished foe, Susan looks down on her with a grim smile – for she knows that what Angela has suffered so far is nothing compared to what is in store for her.

Chapter 5: The Prizes of Victory

Now that she is the victor, Susan gives the lissom tennis coach to Lisa as a reward to use as she wishes. Juliet reminds Lisa very much of the high school sports teacher who had been her first older female lover when she was a young teenager. It had not been her first lesbian encounter – she was already making out regularly with two of her best friends (with one it was just smooching and kissing each other’s breasts, but the other girl enjoyed mutual pussy-eating sessions) – but the sensuous lovemaking of the experienced woman had a profound impact upon her. So much so, in fact, that although Lisa had swiftly become an eager lesbian she sometimes wondered if that would otherwise have been the case. Just occasionally – usually before her period – she thought that without the woman’s crucial intervention she might have been bisexual and perhaps, over time, would have developed more interest in boys and ended up with a family of her own. This repressed ambivalence had fed her desire to dominate and hurt her female lovers; although this has been converted into submission to Susan, the chance to have the sports coach as her victim brings about a brief return of the old dominant Lisa. Juliet offers no resistance as Lisa puts her in a vicious hogtie with her ankles fastened tightly to her wrists, so that her back is arched and her thighs are wide apart. Lisa first squats on her face and makes Juliet eat her out whilst the tennis coach’s cunt is beaten with a thin whip and her pert tits are cruelly squeezed. Juliet’s tongue licking gets frantic from the pain she is enduring and Lisa comes, after which she puts on a big strap-on and fucks Juliet’s tenderised pussy hard and long as the older woman cries out in the pain and humiliation that she really longs for.

After enjoying this sight for a few minutes, Susan turns away to concentrate her attention on Malimba and Kerry. The former recovered consciousness as the bitch-fight began, and both of them are now more terrified than ever after seeing their previously-invulnerable dominatrix mistress so brutally savaged and broken. Susan deals with Malimba first, fixing her with leather cuffs and short chains to floor brackets, so that she is on her hands and knees with her buttocks pushed up in the air and forced apart, with the pink slit in her dark skin clearly visible. Susan selects a strap-on from Angela’s collection with care – this one is ribbed, wide and very long, with an enlarged and ridged knob at the tip. Malimba is made to worship first Susan’s feet and then the dildo with her tongue, after which Susan swings round behind her, grips her hips with both hands, and with a volcanic thrust of her own pelvis plunges the implement ten inches into Malimba’s abused and tender vagina with the first savage stroke. Malimba screams again and again in her shock and pain, for as Susan shafts the dildo in and out with relentless force, she also lashes Malimba’s pendulous breasts, which hang down nearly twelve inches from her chest, striking at them repeatedly from both sides with a riding whip. As Susan works herself into a frenzy, she continues to use the riding crop with her left hand and then with her right grasps a handful of Malimba’s hair, making the black woman squeal in further pain. Susan uses this to haul her victim’s head back and upwards, forcing Malimba to arch her back in such a way that her cervical passage is lined up for deeper and more savage thrusts of the huge strap-on cock, and her breasts are even more vulnerable to the riding crop. The repeated hard smacks of the strap-on’s base against Malimba’s buttocks feel like the hilt of a sword that is shafting deep into her womb; she is shivering and shaking from its deep penetrations, and sweat is pouring off her flanks and coats her wildly swinging breasts, which are being smacked from side to side by the blows of the riding crop. The black bitch gasps and grunts from the extraordinary interplay of pleasure and pain: her cunt still aches from its earlier caning and is now being ravaged by the pistoning dildo, whilst her clitoris is being both bruised and stimulated until it feels close to exploding in arousal. This hard fucking and the shocking sights which she witnessed beforehand transport her to a peak of sexual excitement beyond anything she has ever experienced, and at the same time to new depths of submission. As Susan yanks on her hair even harder, Malimba releases a series of piercing shrieks as she reaches her crescendo in a rippling series of orgasms of mind-numbing intensity, after which her overloaded senses blank out and she faints for the second time.

Shattering Angela and fucking Malimba into the ground have put Susan in the wildest, most aroused and aggressive sexual state she has ever known; she was close to coming when Malimba collapsed, and is still filled with lust. “And the tastiest morsel is still to be had”, she says as she climbs off Malimba’s inert body and walks over to Kerry, who is on a knife-edge between fear and profound submissive excitement. Susan stands in front of the sweetly pretty girl, suggestively stroking the vicious strap-on, which glistens and drips with Malimba’s juices. She feels up the teenager once again, squeezing her budding tits more roughly this time and then pushing a finger into her asshole. Kerry screeches in shock at the painful intrusion, but cannot tear her eyes away from the implement that Susan is wearing and the obvious implication that she will be the next to take its huge length. However, instead Susan releases Kerry from the bonds that hold her to the wall and offers her the chance to escape if she can. Kerry is in a complete panic and at once bolts for the door, with Susan chasing after her – but Susan had made the offer knowing that she is the faster, and will be able to indulge in a game of cat and mouse which will heighten the pretty young cheerleader’s terror even more, and make breaking her in as a slave even easier. Susan easily reaches the hall in time to cut Kerry off from reaching the front door of the house, and the teenager she has no choice but to flee up the main staircase, although it leads to no way out. After chasing her from room to room, Susan corners her frantic and sobbing victim in Angela’s own personal bedroom, where she wastes no more time before doing what she had threatened earlier and raping the cheerleader.

Susan grabs the shaking and terrified girl by the arms and shoves her backwards until the bed catches Kerry behind her knees and she falls back onto it, lying face upwards. Susan rips open the top of the cheerleader outfit and mauls her victim’s tits, ignoring her futile protests and feeble attempts to break free. “Please, I don’t want to do this any more,” whimpers Kerry, although her erect nipples and the wetness between her legs tell a different story. Pausing for a moment, Susan gives a derisive laugh: “Too late for that, babe – you’re gonna get what I promised you!” Then she slaps the teen twice from side to side across her face, pulls up her skimpy cheerleader skirt, rips her panties down over her knees and off her feet, pulls her legs apart and rams the huge strap-on into the young girl’s cunt without any lubricant. Kerry’s tight vagina is drilled into by the huge dildo and she nearly loses her mind as she is brutally fucked, but she also gets more and more aroused by it. Her pleas for mercy turn first into gasps and moans before ending up as shrieks of “Yes! yes!! rape me, rape me harder!!” until she finally comes repeatedly with a strength and pleasure she has never known before. Susan also has a long-lasting orgasm, after which she pulls the dildo out of Kerry’s cunt and demands her ass. The now-submissive teenager offers no resistance. Getting up on shaky legs, she turns round and bends over the side of the bed, presenting her tight and unblemished bottom for Susan’s pleasure. Taking the dildo there is more painful, but transports Kerry to another orgasm, after which Susan – now largely satiated – takes her again in the cunt, with slower but even deeper thrusts. When they are both spent, Kerry kneels in front of her new mistress, promises to be her obedient slave, and licks her feet and – after begging permission – laps at her cunt until Susan climaxes again.

Susan puts Kerry back in handcuffs and a short ankle-shackle, places a metal dog collar around her neck, and using the leash attached to this leads her back to the basement. During her rape of the cheerleader, Angela has come round and begs piteously for release – but Susan instead fastens her over a V-frame in the centre of the room, so that the older woman’s legs are spread as far apart as they can be stretched and her breasts are pointing up at the ceiling. With a long whip Susan delivers lash after lash to her blackmailer’s tits, inner thighs and cunt, and tells her that the blackmail she used has voided all the rules – and that she is going to be “dealt with permanently”, a phrase which frightens Angela even more. After chaining the battered and defeated woman back to the wall and leaving her to ponder what the future might hold, Susan orders Lisa to stop fucking the nearly-comatose Juliet and to bind Malimba to an X-frame made from two crossed iron bars which hangs from the roof near the middle of the room. Once Malimba is attached at each corner and by a strap around her waist, Susan adjusts the ratchet to lift the frame so that her feet are a couple of inches above the floor. Then she calls Kerry, undoes her handcuffs, gives her a thin rattan cane and orders her to beat the busty bitch on her breasts, stomach and pussy. Kerry becomes quite aroused by inflicting pain on the shapely black woman, and frigs her own clitoris with her other hand as she delivers the blows. As this punishment mounts, Susan moves to stand behind Malimba, a frightening presence that the brutalised black woman is only too fearfully aware of. After five minutes, Susan orders Kerry to stop the caning, but to continue masturbating and watch her new mistress fuck Malimba anally with the massive strap on whilst reaching round and viciously squeezing her tits. In mixed transports of agony and ecstasy, the black young woman spurts cum after cum, and faints yet again.

Shortly after midnight, a small enclosed truck pulls up outside Angela’s house. It contains six of Susan’s lesbian buddies from her time in the army: three of them had been young ordinary troopers like Susan, whilst the other three were older experienced long-service NCOs whose induction methods for the prettiest recruits involved a good deal of night-time oral examination. They have a bitter grievance against Angela over the way she prosecuted a case resulting from a complaint against them by another young recruit. Lacking the corroborative evidence she needed, Angela coerced and tricked another of the group – a pretty young Sergeant aged twenty-six – into making a confession which completely implicated the others; when she realised what she had done, the distraught woman committed suicide in her holding cell. The case led to the three surviving NCOs being thrown out of the army, losing their pensions, and being jailed for between one and three years. When Susan brings them down to the basement dungeon to show them her trophies, Angela recognises them – and at once realises the danger that she is in. Savouring Angela’s horror at her hopeless situation, the leader of the group strolls across to her, and traces a hand down from her face, over her breast and down to her cunt. Sliding a finger in, she smiles savagely and says: “Never thought we’d get our hands on this, did you, bitch?”, and then laughs at the tears of fright that run down Angela’s cheeks. The bound woman looks desperately towards Susan, and sobs: ‘Please, Susan, please – don’t let them take me – I’ll be your slave, I’ll be your whore – anything!!’

Susan gives Angela a cold smile, and then walks over to stand behind behind the leader of the army bitches. She sinks softly to her knees, and then slowly raises the hem of the army woman’s short khaki-coloured denim skirt, lifting it up to bunch above the hips. The army woman is wearing no underwear and her shaven pubes are revealed, and she stands unmoving, caressing Angela’s cunt and gazing at the terrified captive with a malicious gleam in her eyes. Susan leans forward, and places a kiss on each of the army woman’s taut and fit buttocks, and then slips her mouth into the cleft between them to gently probe her tongue into the woman’s ass. The army woman’s only reaction is a small gasp and a flaring of her nostrils, as Susan’s tongue pushes in further, before finishing with several licks to the bass of her vaginal slit. Then Susan stands up, still behind the woman, and puts her hands around the front to cup and caress the army leader’s breasts. Susan’s eyes are locked on Angela’s, as she says with satisfaction: ‘No dice, bitch – as you can see, what Myra wants, Myra gets. When she heard that I was working in the law in this city, she asked me to get you – and I have. It took long enough, too – I trailed my ass and Lisa’s in front of you for months before you took the bait.’ This statement produces a yelp from Lisa, who shouts ‘What? You used me!’, before she remembers her position and shrieks in horror, ‘Oh, mistress, I forgot myself, I’m sorry’, and falls to her knees to abase herself, touching her forehead to the floor and with her arms spread wide. Susan regards the prostrate lawyer severely, as she cowers with her ass pointed invitingly up into the air. Her mistress beckons to Kerry to pick up the rattan cane, and instructs her: ‘She needs a lesson in manners: give her six of your best – two on each buttock, and two up the middle’. Lisa moans when she hears her sentence, but knows better than to protest or argue – and in truth it is not as bad as she feared for the offence of having broken discipline in public. Kerry licks her lips as she steps up behind Lisa’s quivering upturned ass, for the young cheerleader is fast developing a taste for inflicting punishment as much as receiving it. Whilst she delivers the lashes, she can hear Angela screaming and begging, as she offers the army women and Susan all of her money and her house if they will let her go, but they just laugh at her – they don’t want her money anything like as much as they want revenge. In a few short hours, the second-wealthiest and most powerful single woman in the city, who was being courted by her Republican Party friends to consider running for public office, has been reduced to a quivering, aching, sobbing, broken and hopeless piece of fuck-meat.

The ex-army women also admire the other prizes from Susan’s evening’s work. They appraise Kerry with interest, but her leash is being held by Susan in a way that indicates ownership, and they acknowledge that with a nod and wry smile. They already know that Lisa is Susan’s conquest, and Juliet is too old for their tastes – but they regard Malimba with greater interest, enjoying the sight of her lush breasts as well as the bruises and welts that her body shows. Susan is fed up with the black woman’s tendency to faint after sexual assault and, as there is a limit to how many slaves she can practically keep, she prefers her other prizes – Kerry most of all, of course, but the lithe and so-willing Juliet will have many uses as well. A swift couple of swipes with the cane on Malimba’s abused buttocks brings her out of her stupor, and as she swings gently on the X frame she finds herself the subject of hungry looks from six tough-looking women who had not been in the room before – four white women (three of them younger), and two mature and strong black women. For a moment Malimba takes some comfort from that, but when she sees the looks in their eyes her hope crumbles again. One of the black women steps close and grips her left breast firmly, as if it was a bag of corn being weighed. “Take her if you want,” offers Susan, “I’ve no further need of the useless cow.” “Cow is right”, snorts the black former-Sergeant, a well-muscled woman whose breasts are nearly as large as Malimba’s but are less obvious due to her taller frame and broader shoulders. “Yes, thanks Susan, I know what we can do with this one,” she says as she squeezes Malimba’s other breast even more firmly.

It is the work of only a few moments to force the black girl and her former dominatrix into underwear and street clothes, then their hands are shackled to leather belts that are strapped tightly around their waists, their feet are chained just far enough apart that they can totter unsteadily but running would be futile, and ball gags are inserted into their mouths. Malimba offers no real resistance as the army women push and pull her up the stairs and into the back of the truck, but Angela – who knows only too well that she will never see daylight as a free woman again – spits and fights. Her struggles are furious but completely useless, and she is simply hoisted by four of the women, carried out, thrown onto the mattress that is in the back of the lorry, and her shackles are padlocked to the fastenings already prepared. Two of the army women climb into the back of the truck with their two prisoners, whilst two others run upstairs to Angela’s wardrobes and quickly fill two large suitcases with a range of her smartest outfits, sexiest underwear and most expensive shoes. After they return and join the others inside the truck, their leader and the older black woman walk round to the cab. Before getting in, Myra draws Susan close to her, lovingly caressing her red hair and then her breasts, and kisses her gently but deeply. “Look after yourself, my honey-girl,” says the senior ex-NCO, “and don’t let it be too long before I see that pretty red cunt-thatch of yours again.” This is the woman who first seduced Susan after she entered the army, keeping her as a lover and protecting her, and only sharing her with a few close friends with Susan’s full agreement. The young redhead steps back, wiping what might be a tear from the corner of one eye, and replies: “You too, hot stuff. Just give me a call and I’ll be there.” The truck door slams, and with a last wave from the driver’s window it disappears into the night.

An hour and a half later it arrives at a secluded log cabin, deep in the forests that cover the mountain foothills and far from any other habitation. It had been bought by Myra nearly a decade earlier, and over two summers she and her colleagues had secretly dug out a large hidden underground chamber, where they had installed three barred cells and a large ‘play-area’ for the rape and sexual degradation of their victims. Angela and Malimba are each pushed into a separate cell, and left for two days to recover from Susan’s whipping and caning. This interval was not meant for kindness, for on the following day the six women of the army gang begin serial rapes of their two victims, using them as fuck-toys for the next two weeks. Angela is repeatedly made to dress in her sexiest outfits and most erotic lingerie, only to have it all brutally ripped from her body and destroyed as she is forcibly taken, her pleas for mercy falling on deaf ears. Her stylish designer wardrobe had been her pride and joy, and to have her most expensive and beautiful clothes ravaged in this way is devastating for her. Malimba is allowed no clothes beyond high heels, stockings, a suspender belt and (sometimes) a half-cup bra, so that her tits are always available for squeezing and groping and her cunt is open for penetration. After this orgy of violent and cruel sexual domination, both victims have little resistance left. At the start of the third week, Malimba is taken away again in the truck, and at an agreed secluded point is transferred to a vehicle belonging to the organised crime ring to whom she has been sold. After enjoying giving the distraught black woman her first experience of male cock as she is passed round the gang in a marathon rape session, they keep her at a safe house for a month until all the marks and bruises fade away. She is then shipped out of the country, for they were only the middlemen and her ultimate destination is a secret brothel in Japan. This is the creation of a group of very wealthy businessmen who despise all non-Japanese women – and black women most of all – and who enjoy putting them into agonising bondage positions before raping and beating them. She is forcibly addicted to crack cocaine to keep her under control, and between this and the constant penetration of her previously purely-lesbian body by revolting male penises, within a few months the confident and educated young black woman has become a completely broken wreck who will do anything to anyone in order to get her next drugs fix.

Malimba lasts for nearly two years here, but by the end of that time she is beginning to look haggard and the group of businessmen on the euphemistically-named ‘Surplus Committee’ decide to arrange for her removal in the usual way. They let her rest for two weeks, getting the best food and recovering as much as possible of her health and looks. Then she is taken to an enclosed room in the facility that she has never seen before, and is subjected to another serial rape followed by whipping on the back and front. She is almost accustomed to such treatment by now, and only realises too late that this is not the usual scenario when a noose of nylon rope is placed around her neck. The rope has been threaded through a pulley on the ceiling, and is now hoisted up so that she has no alternative first to clamber onto the nearby chair and then to grasp at the metal hand bar that is fixed to the ceiling and haul herself up. There is a large stop clock on the wall of the chamber, and as soon as she is hanging from the bar the chair is kicked away from below her feet and the clock is started. Now the only thing that prevents Malimba from hanging from the rope noose and being throttled to death is her grip on the hand bar above her. The six men of the committee are sitting in front of her in a semi-circle of chairs, all with their stiff cocks in their hands and slowly masturbating. “If you can hold on for an hour, you can go free,” calls out the leader of the group. It is a further piece of cruelty, for he knows that any such thing is impossible. When the ‘disposal room’ was first built, he organised an endurance test by arranging the kidnap of a young South Korean female body-builder and weight-lifter who was rated third in her country. In order to get a good test, they had hoisted her up after only a minimum number of rapes. The athletic young Asian woman had managed to cling on for an incredible forty-seven minutes, and no girl since had come even close to that. The men have wagered thousands of dollars on how long Malimba would last – none of them think it likely to be as much a quarter of an hour. And so it proves, for after twelve minutes Malimba gives a despairing cry as her sweating, shaking and aching left hand loses its grip on the hand bar. She flails around for a minute or so, futilely trying to recover her hold, but her full weight is too much for her right hand alone to bear, and she loses her grip completely. With a scream that is suddenly cut short. she falls several inches to dangle from her neck in the noose. The drop has been carefully calculated to inflict the maximum pain but not to allow the swift release of a broken neck, and so for several minutes Malimba jerks and thrashes in the noose, at first clawing hopelessly at the rope embedded into her throat. Her struggles then become weaker, as her eyes bulge and her tongue sticks out of mouth, gasping for air. Her body shakes convulsively several times, before dangling inertly. After several minutes, the leader steps forward and jabs an electric tazer up between the black woman’s legs. He sets it off three times with ever higher intensity, and the complete lack of response make it clear that her young life has been cruelly snuffed out at the age of 24.

After Malimba was sold, the ex-army dykes are ready to take their full revenge on Angela and inflict upon her an agonising death. They also mean to make money from this, as the organised crime ring has offered to pay two million dollars for a real and unedited torture and snuff movie. Susan’s army buddies keep a copy, which Myra later shows her. Four cameras were set up in fixed positions in each corner of the room, and two hand-helds used for close-up shots. One of the young girls in the army gang has worked in a film editing suite in LA, and edits the footage into a professional seamless whole. At the start of the film, Angela looks very scared but surprisingly fit and well, as they have left her alone for ten days so that her bruises have disappeared. She is dressed in one of her favourite and most expensive floor-length ball gowns, a Chanel creation costing $3,000 in a green silk that sets off her pale skin and blonde hair. It has a wide cleavage, and Angela’s breasts and the green lacy half-cup bra that frames them are clearly visible. Before long it will be clear that underneath the long dress are matching stockings, suspenders, crotchless panties and a pair of smart green high heels. Following orders that she is too terrified to disobey, Angela appears from the left side and walks into the centre of the room, standing uncertainly. It is the last moment of calm that she will ever know, for a few seconds later the army women appear in view, with their faces hidden by masks and wearing different forms of black studded-leather, chain and plastic dominatrix clothes. All of them have bare breasts and naked cunts, although the latter are mostly hidden by the large black plastic strap-ons that they are wearing. Angela’s eyes bulge, and with a choked cry she tries to run to one side, but they are instantly upon her. Two of them grab her arms and swing her round to face the main camera, which lingers for a moment on the absolute terror in the woman’s expression, before pulling back the focus to show the whole scene. Next, two of the other women grip the ball gown at the bottom and rip the thin material apart all the way up to her navel, revealing the underwear beneath. Together they drag Angela to an X-frame where her arms are strapped far apart at the top corners and her feet similarly tied at the bottom; the effect is to spread open her crotchless panties so that her shaved pubes and vaginal hole are fully vulnerable. Now her dress is ripped apart the rest of the way, falling to each side, and with a savage up and down jerk on each nipple, her breasts are pulled up from the bra cups and left dangling over them. In this position, she suffers brutal rapes by each of the army dykes, alternating between her cunt and anus, as she strains, shudders and screams in her bondage.

To give the cameras a clear view, the final stage of torture and killing is carried out by only two of gang: the leader, Myra, a white woman in her late-30s with short dark hair and a tomboy figure, tall and thin with small tits, and the statuesque black woman who is bigger and a few years younger. Both of them have changed to wearing a black garter belt, stockings and leather boots. The white woman has a red basque-style corset that covers from her slim waist to cup her breasts, and the black woman has a studded leather bra with holes through which her large breasts protrude; both have completely shaven cunts which are now in full view. They proceed to torture Angela’s vagina and clitoris by shoving an electric cattle prod between her raw and gaping pussy lips, and without warning pressing the button that delivers a burning electric shock at its tip. In between administering this to her cunt and her anus, Angela is given a no-holds barred whipping on her thighs, stomach, breasts and pussy. Now the violence escalates to a new level, and each of her fingers are broken one by one with pliers, which are next used by the black woman to crush and mangle her nipples. The white army leader canes Angela savagely on the soles of her feet, and with a hammer smashes first each of her big toes and then her knees. Next her elbows are placed in a vice that is slowly tightened to crush them in agony, so that Angela is now unable to even move her arms and legs. The army bitches had been trained in interrogation techniques, and through all this they have done their utmost to inflict mind-searing pain without permitting their victim to escape into blessed unconsciousness. Angela by this stage is capable of little more than ragged whimpering, and streaks of blood run down her body from her mangled nipples, ruined elbows and knees, and from the crucifying electric shocks which have been administered inside her vagina and cervical and anal passages. Laughing with pleasure, the two torturers light cigarettes only to repeatedly stub them out on Angela’s breasts and stomach, and then first her cunt and then her mouth is used as the ashtray for large cigars. As the formerly proud and rich dominatrix screams soundlessly, with her throat raw from her agonies, an electric drill is switched on and used first to drill down through the middle of each foot, then from each side into her hip sockets, and finally into her breasts from the side and below. So that she does not escape her fate by bleeding to death, these wounds are sealed by the savage method of cauterising them with a heated flat iron, and this is also applied to each of her buttocks and then pressed flat on the front of each breast, in the most agonising burns of them all. The last stage of all is a heated metal crowbar, which her disbelieving eyes are shown. “This is your last dildo, you fucking bitch!” snarls the leader of the army gang as she inserts it into Angela’s cunt and slowly pushes it up inside, until at last her heart fails: she jerks convulsively for two minutes, and dies. Leaving it in place, the two army bitches then move together, fondle and kiss each other, ending in a 69 on the floor as they eat each other out to reach shuddering orgasms.

Chapter 6: Tying Up Loose Ends

We now return to the scene in Angela’s dungeon on the night of her downfall, as Susan walks back in after the departure of the army women’s truck. She savours looking at her three slaves: Lisa, who is now accustomed to her role; Kerry, who is gazing upon her new mistress with the adoration of total submission; and Juliet, the older but attractively-fit former tennis professional. Susan is sure the latter will not give any trouble – she knows the type, and Juliet has been the unquestioning possession of the dominant lesbian in her life ever since leaving school and joining the tennis tour. Still, Susan knows enough to know that it is best to mark these things clearly, and so she walks over to where Juliet is lying sprawled on the floor, still recovering from the unrelenting fuckathon that Lisa has inflicted on her. But Juliet is aware enough to know who this is, and to know her place. She scrambles to her knees, turns to face the woman who has so utterly destroyed her former mistress, and abases herself, touching her nose to the floor a few inches from Susan’s feet. “You may kiss them,” says Susan graciously, and at once Juliet obeys, taking care not to leave too much saliva. “Now, bitch,” her new domina says, “we will make sure you know your place – which is on your back with your legs spread wide.” Immediately Juliet obeys, lying on the floor with her arms and legs spread wide to make a figure X. For a moment Susan stands between her legs and pushes the tip of her shoe roughly into Juliet’s pudenda, before she turns away and chooses a fresh cane. Juliet swallows in trepidation, but has no other thought than to submit and she remains with her legs splayed wide apart and her cunt exposed and upthrust into the air. Susan puts her first strike across the inside of Juliet’s upper left thigh, and the woman bucks with the bite of the pain, before forcing herself back into position, as vulnerable as before. The next stroke takes the other thigh, so that both her legs feel as if they are being held over a fire. She screams this time, but again returns to the open posture, although she knows very well the likely next target. And so it is, as the cane swishes straight up between her legs to strike with precision exactly in the middle of her cunt. The pain is blinding, but also orgasmic, and she rolls onto her side, clutching her wounded crotch and curling up into the foetal position.

Susan gives Juliet a moment for the pain to soak through, as she selects a medium-length but fat and wide strap-on dildo. “Open up, bitch,” she crisply orders, and Juliet obeys, offering up her abused sex-hole to her new owner to savage as she pleases. Susan kneels between the woman’s legs and leans forward, supporting her weight on her hands, until the stubby point of the dildo is just touching the swollen lips of Juliet’s vagina. With her face about a foot above that of her victim, Susan locks her with her eyes. “Do you submit to me, and beg to become my slave, to be used in any way and time that is my pleasure?” she demands. “Yes, oh yes! Mistress, I am yours – AAAAHH!!!”, was Juliet’s eager reply, the final word becoming a half-shriek as Susan puts her full weight behind the wide dildo and forces it into her, withdrawing slowly and then shoving back harder, increasing the speed and varying the rhythm until Juliet’s back arches and she screams with cries of pleasure as well as pain. Susan then slowly kisses her and, understanding that she has her mistress’s permission, Juliet kisses back, their tongues entwining and slipping in and out of each other’s mouths. After that passionate seal, Susan climbs off her, discards the strap-on, and seals her dominance with a final instruction: “you may worship at my cunt, bitch.” On her knees in front of her mistress, Juliet is more than willing to provide oral satisfaction, and, bracing herself by lightly cupping Susan buttocks with her hands, she applies mouth and tongue to her pussy with enthusiasm, imagination and – before long – satisfactory effects.

“Well, my bitches,” says Susan, “that’s enough for tonight – I want you well-rested, for tomorrow we have a visitor to receive.” She chooses the dominatrix leather straps that she likes best from Angela’s collection, and is a striking figure in the way they frame her breasts, buttocks and cunt; she then straps on a fresh choice of dildo. Next, she places the three women in the restraints that they will normally wear when out of public sight: leather cuffs on the ankles with a chain about 18 inches between them, so that they can walk and climb stairs, but cannot run; a leather waist belt, fastened at the back with a padlock which they cannot reach, to which their leather handcuffs are attached by chains that allow about a foot of movement; and a metal neck-collar with a fixing point for chains. She then links their neck-collars together, being careful to do so in the proper order of precedence – for such things matter between a mistress and her slaves. In Francesca’s absence (explained further below), Lisa is the senior slave and is put at the head of the line – her position entitles her to fuck Juliet and Kerry, provided her mistress gives permission (Susan gives her free use of Juliet whenever she is not taking the tennis coach herself, but orders Lisa not to touch Kerry except at Susan’s direct command). Juliet is next, both as older and as the procurer of Kerry, and the young cheerleader is at the rear. Taking Lisa’s collar-chain, Susan leads them up from the basement to the bedrooms on the second floor, where she is not surprised to find that each bed is provided with suitable metal brackets on both sides of its frame. She is now confident enough of her dominance to release the women from their restraints, allowing them to use the toilet and take a bath.

Their shackles are then replaced, and first she takes Kerry to one bedroom, chaining her neck collar to a fixing at the top left-hand side of the bed and her right ankle to a bracket on the bottom right-hand side. Susan then traces her hand slowly up and down the pretty teen’s back from her neck to the cleft of her buttocks, causing the young woman to preen at this attention from her now-adored mistress, raising her buttocks six inches off the bed in the hope of a final fucking from fingers or dildo. “You are insatiable, my pretty toy,” murmurs Susan appreciatively, and as the cheerleader is so submissive and as Susan has not yet used the strap-on she is wearing, she decides to take the offered rump. Temporarily releasing Kerry’s leg chains, she parts her legs and swings up on to the bed between the girl’s spread thighs. Almost without breaking the motion, she sinks the plastic cock deep into Kerry’s sopping cunt, shafts it in and out half a dozen times until it is slimy with the lubricant of Kerry’s vaginal juices, and then pushes it hard into the lithe young girl’s anal hole. Kerry squeals, but reaches round with hands to pull her own buttocks wider apart so that Susan can go deeper with her thrusts, whilst the rasping pressure of the ribbed dildo sends the nerves around the rim of her anal passage sends the cheerleader into a delirious mixture of pleasure and pain. Seeing that the teen is near to fainting, Susan withdraws from her anus and reinserts the plastic cock into her cunt, finishing with a rapid ramming that sweeps a wave of orgasms through the young girl. Stepping away from the spent teenager, Susan refastens her chains to the brackets on the bed, stoops to kiss her gently on the cheek, switches out the light and closes the bedroom door. Juliet is similarly attached in the next bedroom, and the re-aroused Susan gives her a final fucking that is much closer to rape. She completely ignores the bruises that Juliet has, both inside and out, from her treatment that day, knowing that the forcefulness with which she is taking the tennis coach and the pain she is inflicting are only further binding the older woman to her authority. Lisa has watched this performance appreciatively from the corner of the room, and after Juliet has been chained up for the night she is taken along to what had been Angela’s own master bedroom, which contains a huge double bed. “You have been a good girl today,” says Susan, “so, you can make love to me.” Lisa is now so accustomed to her submission that she has no resentment that her former aide and junior rules her in this way, and instead she delights in this privilege, and begins by applying her practised lips to Susan’s beautifully-rounded breasts. For the next hour there are soft and broken moans in the room, as the two women pleasure each other with deftness and surprising gentleness.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

[Interlude 3: Francesca was elsewhere this Saturday night, and this is her story.]

On this weekend, Francesca’s services had been required by one of the powerful figures in the city’s secret network of lesbian dominas. Up to this point, Susan has kept up the pretence that Lisa is still a dominant and that Francesca is her slave, and so she agrees to these requests when Lisa receives them. On this Saturday night, the head of the Litigation Department at the firm, a sleekly assured and successful woman in her mid-40s, is throwing a special party for a select group of the most powerful lesbians in the city. Francesca has been required for these several times before, as her Italian good-looks, her superb breasts, her skills and experience at oral sex, and her willing submission are highly prized. As usual, she begins the evening wearing only an underwired half-bra, to cup and also expose her breasts, and a pair of black shoes with four-inch heels, and black fish-net hold-up stockings. She is in her usual position, fastened to a frame in the entrance hall, with her legs spread open and her arms fixed at her sides – they are not strapped over her head, not to avoid giving her pain but because the length of time it takes for the circulation to return causes a frustrating wait before she can perform adequately for a guest who desires her services. She watches the thirty or so guests arrive – all women, all aged between their late 30s and early 50s, but a mixture of white, black, Hispanic and Asian. Francesca recognises many faces, including a couple of other very senior figures from her firm and similar from the other three top law firms in the city, an assistant D.A. and two judges, a top policewoman, the warden of the women’s jail, several wealthy businesswomen and two actresses. One of these, a very handsome dark-haired woman with full breasts, is quite famous for playing the role of a single mother of three teenage children in a popular television situation comedy; what is a well-kept secret is that the 18 year-old actress who plays her eldest daughter is also her submissive sex slave, although she has not brought the girl with her here tonight.

The guests mingle and chat, some departing in twos or larger groups to use one of the many upstairs bedrooms in the large mansion. A few strip naked and jump in the swimming pool, and make use of the two pretty teenage pool-girls that have been provided for their pleasure – lithe and sporty girls with pony-tails, one a redhead and the other brunette, who are wearing shorts, bikini tops and baseball caps; they are in their last year at high school, and have been provided by the sports coach who has been fucking them since they were seduced at the age of 14. Elsewhere, the guests are served with glasses of wine and canap?by the usual maidservants, six or seven Hispanic girls, all looking under 18 but with ripening figures. They wear only white ankle socks and trainers, being completely exposed from their knees to their budding breasts, which are served up for all to enjoy in skimpy white quarter-cup bras. As they pass amongst the women, their asses are fondled and pinched, and their shaven cunts tweaked and probed, but they know the rules – any spillage, especially upon a guest, will see them taken down to the basement bondage room for punishment. On this evening, Francesca is amused to see from her bound position one of the youngest and prettiest of these maids being stopped by the warden of the prison, who first strokes the girl’s pussy and then roughly shoves her fingers inside the teen, who desperately tries not to lose her poise. She is subjected to a hard finger-fucking, and after a minute the tray she is holding slips and some wine splashes onto the sleeve of the hand that is raping her cunt. At once the warden stops, and regards her victim with cold relish; she then orders the stricken teen to follow her, and goes through the doorway that leads to the floor below. With evident trepidation, the young maid follows; when Francesca next sees her about an hour later, she has the welts of a whip of her back and buttocks, and walks in such a way that it is clear that her cunt and ass are aching. Francesca has little sympathy: she is certain that these girls are illegal immigrants, or the children of illegal immigrants, and if they were not here they would be selling their bodies in the red-light district, which would (probably) be more dangerous, and certainly more uncomfortable and less well paid. If they pay their dues here often enough, they are almost guaranteed a green card – and the offer of a job as the live-in maid (and fuck-toy) of one of the wealthy business or professional women in the secret lesbian network.

At the last three such gatherings, Francesca had been a party favour, with every guest’s name going into a hat and three being drawn out at random: the first one then got Francesca exclusively for an hour and a half, the second for the following hour, and the third for half an hour. Although these sessions could sometimes get vicious and painful, for the most part they were uncomplicated fucking, and Francesca had enjoyed most of them – for although the women were a bit old for her taste, they were very experienced and capable lovers. However, on this occasion, Francesca is chagrined to find that she is not the main exhibit – although, later, she has reason to be very thankful for this. Facing her, strapped to another frame on the other side of the hall, is a pretty young Korean teenager, dressed in black shoes and knitted socks, and a navy blue short-skirted sailor suit of the kind that expensive Japanese schools often have as their uniform. The girl looks about 15, but it is hard to tell as she has the slim boyish hips and under-developed breasts so common in Far Eastern teenagers, and she could be 18 or even 20. She looks bewildered and utterly terrified, making only token struggles in her tight confinement. As the guests pass by and occasionally stop to lift the Korean’s short skirt, Francesca can see that the teen has no panties underneath. The women grope her pudenda and slide their fingers along her vaginal slit, but are careful not to push more than an inch or so inside – for the helpless innocent is still a virgin, and it is their hostess’s pleasure and privilege to deflower her: this will be the highlight of the party, and is scheduled to take place in the dungeon at midnight.

Francesca’s estimate of the Asian girl’s age was not far off. Her name is Yang Li, and she is just over 16 – a virgin who has never even had a boyfriend. She is a gift to the firm’s Head of Litigation from a powerful yakuza gang in Japan and Korea which has invested much of its profits through front companies in the USA. The Head of Litigation, who knows quite well who owns them, has for several years been the principal counsel to these businesses. Recently, the city’s District Attorney has tried to have them investigated and prosecuted, but so skilful was the lawyer’s defence that he not only had to abandon his efforts but also to make a substantial out-of-court settlement of the harassment counter-suit that she filed against him. The head of the yakuza gang was hugely pleased – not just at the securing of their interests, but at the humiliation of the D.A. and his investigators. He knows the Head of Litigation’s tastes (such men are more comfortable when their employees have known vices), and has had the teenager shipped from Korea and presented to the dyke lawyer as a reward and bonus. Yang Li hardly knows what has happened to her – and the naive girl has little idea of what will. Just a few days before, she was living a comfortable and insulated life in an upper-middle class suburb of Seoul, and then her world collapsed. The pretty schoolgirl did not know that her father had taken loans from the yakuza to expand his business, but then had stupidly falsified the books and tried to cheat them out of much of the profits. The gang decided to make an example of the family, and the two daughters – Yang Li and her 13 year old sister – are snatched as they return home from school, still wearing their skimpy sailor-suit uniforms. When their unaware parents come in two hours later, the yakuza visit their retribution on them. They are seized and tied, and then taken through to the bedroom where their two daughters are lying on the floor, hogtied and gagged. The gang tell the mother what is going to happen to her pretty girls, and then drag the sobbing woman back to the living-room. The father is roped to a chair and forced to watch as his still very attractive 37 year-old wife is stripped, gang-raped, and then put in bondage and lowered onto a sharp wooden stake which impales her through the anus. As her ghastly screams fade to choked gurgles, the man’s penis and testicles are sliced off and pushed into his mouth, and he is shot in the back of the head. Yang Li’s sister spends the next three years in a brothel in Osaka which specialises in providing under-age girls for rich foreigners, and then she is never seen again.

Early in the evening, the Head of Litigation strolls along the hallway, greeting the early guests and checking that all is as it should be. “Ah, Francesca, there you are – good girl,” she says as she stops in front of the bound secretary and gives each of her nipples a tweak that is as much playful as it is painful. “Good evening, ma’am,” replies Francesca, with a submissive bow of her head. The dominant dyke looks across to where the Korean schoolgirl hangs in her leather straps, with tears running silently down her cheeks, and asks: “What do you think of my new toy?” “I think she looks cute but rather fragile, ma’am”, is Francesca’s careful and deferential response. “Oh, yes,” says the fashionably-dressed older woman as she shifts her grip, sliding her hand into Francesca’s vagina and, with the accuracy of long experience, taking her clitoris in a vice-like grip and giving a squeeze that sends simultaneous waves of pain and pleasure through her captive, “but it’s the breaking that is the pleasure, my dear.” Releasing her hold just before Francesca reaches the point of passing out or orgasm (or both together), the Head of Litigation regards the full-breasted young Italian musingly: “It’s such a pity Lisa broke you first – I would have enjoyed taking you.” Fortunately, the Head of Litigation does not see the strange smile that follows her remark, as Francesca enjoys the mental vision of the last time she saw Lisa that afternoon: bound in a painful position, and getting fucked from behind with a strap-on by Francesca, while Susan pulled sharply on the older woman’s tits and demanded better performance in the oral servicing of her pussy. The Head of Litigation turns away and crosses the floor to the Korean girl, putting her hand under her skirt and cupping her Venus mound. She leans close to the teen and murmurs something into her ear which makes the Asian schoolgirl look even more panic-stricken. Then the svelte lawyer smoothes down the sides of the classically elegant strapless ‘little black dress’ that she is wearing, and turns to the door to greet her live-in partner, a slightly younger woman who owns a group of clothes manufacturing factories, and has just flown back from a business trip to China. From many visits to that region, her lover has acquired a particular taste for young Far Eastern girls, and the lawyer is looking forward to showing off her prize and letting her lover be the second to rape the little bitch – for she certainly intends to be the first one to take her virgin innocence.

Whilst Yang Li and Francesca are on display in the hallway, the busty Italian is removed from time to time by women or groups of women to use for their pleasure. Shortly after midnight, she is lying on her back in a first-floor bedroom, where she has been taken by two women in their mid-40s who are tax and accountancy specialists at another large law firm. Both have dyed blonde hair cut fairly thick but no lower than the collar, and the slightly broad build that indicates a Germanic or Slav ancestry. They look like classic middle-class ‘hockey moms’, and indeed are bisexuals who are married (one recently divorced) with children. The slightly younger and larger of the pair is giving Francesca’s cunt a good pounding with a strap-on, whilst the second woman has straddled the Italian babe’s face and is moaning from the attention that Francesca’s experienced mouth is giving to her clitoris. “Christ, this bitch gives fucking good head!” she grunts, between gasps and moans. Her partner – whom Francesca has already serviced in this way – nods agreement, saying “That’s why we have her every time.” The woman being eaten out then shifts forward slightly and grasps one of Francesca’s ample breasts. She squeezes it mercilessly, pulling it upwards and making the nipple stick out, and then lowers her gaping vagina over it and rasps Francesca’s tit roughly up and down inside herself. Both the woman using her breast as a dildo and Francesca are greatly turned on by this, and the Italian moans and shudders despite the real pain that is being inflicted on breast and teat. Leaning towards each other, the woman straddling Francesca’s chest and the one shafting her pussy start to kiss passionately, and the one with the strap-on lifts one hand from holding Francesca’s hip to grope the breasts of the woman in front of her. As all three grind and grunt their way towards climaxes, they hear in the background a series of terrified screams, rising higher and getter faster. “Shit,” groans the tit-fucking woman, as she shifts to using Francesca’s other breast as her dildo, “she should fucking get some sound-proofing for that dungeon!” “Oh, but she has – normally you can’t hear anything,” her friend replies. The screams die away into despairing wails, then there is a short period of silence – after which they are suddenly renewed hysterically, reaching a new level of pitch and volume, before ceasing very abruptly. In the sudden silence, the two women fucking Francesca look at each other, and one says simply: “Oh, shit.”

Not long afterwards, when Francesca is chained back in her place, ready for the next guest who may want to use her, she sees the firm’s tough head of security and her deputy emerge from the doorway that leads down to the basement. They are carrying something bundled in a sheet, which they take to a van outside, and Francesca hears the dull thud as their burden is flung inside. A few minutes after this, the hostess appears from the same door, accompanied by the butch figure of the Warden of the female prison. Francesca overhears the Head of Litigation snap angrily to her friend: “I meant to keep her for a week at least – Lara’s always too heavy-handed with these little cunts.” The warden puts her head back and laughs cruelly: “Little cunt is right! That was half the problem – but most of the pleasure. You should hear how some of the bitchlets we keep in the girl’s wing at the prison can yelp – you’d think they were splitting in two!” The hostess shrugs, and then seeing the cute Hispanic teen that the Warden had used earlier, asks: “Is this the one?” Hearing this, the young girl is alarmed, and at once drops to her knees, her lips almost touching the tips of Warden’s boots. “Please, mistress, if I failed to please you I am sorry, forgive me, please, please,” she babbles in entreaty. Above her head, the hostess smiles knowingly at the warden, and winks once. Then in a curt tone she orders the girl to stand, and delivers a stinging slap to her face. As the tearful teen clutches her face in her hands, the hostess calmly takes a firm grasp of the nipple of her small left breast, and uses it painfully to tow the sobbing girl away behind her. Francesca does not see the young Mexican again until the end of the party, when she spots her lying on a couch with the glazed look of someone under heavy painkillers. She has new and deeper whip marks criss-crossing the earlier ones, to which a salve of ointment has been applied so there will be no permanent scars. A bandage has been wound around the girl’s waist and then between her legs, covering her anus and vagina, with a noticeable red stain at the crotch. It is clear that the Head of Litigation, deprived of the pleasures she expected to have with Yang Li, has found a substitute on which to vent her frustration and lust.

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Early the next afternoon, Ingrid drives up to the front of Angela’s house in the smart little blue sports car which she has been given as a present by her new mistress. Ingrid is thinking with pleasure about what will have happened to Susan, as Angela has boasted about her intentions to break the young lawyer and turn her into an abject sex slave. Ingrid is enjoying the pleasurable anticipation of seeing her arrogant boss defeated and humbled, for she has come to resent Susan’s dominance and use of her body, and was glad to help in bringing about her downfall. As a reward, Angela has promised that Ingrid can take part in the punishment and humilation of Susan, and Ingrid’s imagination is full of thoughts of brutally fucking Susan with a strap-on whilst the redhead struggles impotently in bondage, whimpering and sobbing as Ingrid mercilessly shafts the dildo frirst into her cunt and then her asshole. She pictures a cowed and crushed Susan, tearfully crouched on her knees as she laps fearfully at Angela’s and Ingrid’s cunts, or grovelling on the floor and kissing their feet. Even better, perhaps Ingrid’s new mistress will allow her to use a riding crop on Susan’s perfect breasts, and in her mind’s eye Ingrid pictures Susan screaming in agony and pleading incoherently for mercy as the whip impacts on those perfect breasts, which will be already be bruised and sensitive from Angela’s attentions. These daydreams are preoccupying Ingrid, so that she is paying little attention to her surroundings. Although she is slightly surprised to see the front door of the house standing open, she knows the way and steps confidently out of her car and up the steps.

Angela has given Ingrid clear instructions on how to dress, in a very 1970s style that accentuates her resemblance to the Abba singer. She has platform-soled boots in light blue velvet that come to just below her knees, but wears no tights or stockings. Above the boots an inviting stretch of bare leg rises to the matching light blue velvet hot-pants which are tightly-fitted, and above that is a short-sleeve cheesecloth top which ties underneath her breasts, leaving a bare midriff. Her blond hair is pushed back by a girl’s plastic headband, also blue, and the whole outfit – plus her comparatively small breasts – makes her look about seventeen rather than her real age of twenty-two. As she strides into the cool darkness of the marble hall, she can make out a couple of figures in the shadows at the far end – but she is taken completely by surprise when the main door slams shut behind her. She whirls round, to find to her horror that it was closed by Susan, who had been hidden behind it. Ingrid regards her former boss with alarm, and then turns back to see that Lisa and Juliet, naked apart from boots, stockings and suspender belts, are advancing towards her from the other end of the hall. With an effort she recovers her poise, and with only a slight quaver in her voice she asserts: “You bitches will regret this! Where is Angela? – she will deal with you!” But Susan smiles wickedly, advancing towards her in full domina regalia, and idly smacking one end of a riding crop into the palm of her other hand. “Angela’s gone, babe, finished – you’ll never see her again. And now, my traitorous young cunt, it will be your turn to suffer.” The calm assurance of Susan’s voice breaks Ingrid’s confidence, and she turns and makes a despairing and futile dash for the stairs to the upper floors, only to be easily caught by Lisa and Juliet. “Take her down”, their mistress orders, and the squirming, struggling Ingrid, crying and pleading ineffectually, is carried to the dungeon and fixed to the end wall, in the middle position that the unfortunate Malimba had occupied the day before.

“I’ll give that bitch Angela this, she does know how to get you to dress,” says Susan in appreciation, as her hands rove over Ingrid’s bare stomach, down to the crotch of her hot pants, and then up to give each of her breasts a savage pinch through the flimsy cheesecloth top. Ignoring Ingrid’s panicky shrieks, Susan resumes fondling her breasts through the shirt, and then slowly unties the knot which holds it together. The 1970s-style top falls away to each side as it is undone, spilling Ingrid’s breasts forwards – like the Abba blonde, they are not large, but well-shaped and pertly prominent. Susan enjoys the display for a moment, and then with each of her hands takes one of Ingrid’s tits between her thumb and forefinger. She pauses again, enjoying the churning fear that she can see in Ingrid’s eyes. By now, the stupid Scandinavian has fully realised the peril of her position – there is clearly no sign of Angela, and she knows from her previous visits that Juliet, who is now surrendering herself at the further end of the room to a caning from Lisa, was formerly Angela’s property. She is well aware that Susan has a vicious streak, can see the cruelty in her eyes, and knows that she has greatly angered her. For the first time, it dawns on her that she might die here, that she might never see another day. Tears start to flow down her cheeks, as she shakes her head from side to side in mute supplication, too terrified even to put into words what she fears will be her fate. Susan sees the dawning horror and guesses her thoughts. She says contemptuously: “Don’t worry, bitch, you aren’t going to die today”, although she does not speak out loud the rest of her thought: “but you will soon, and before then you’ll have such pain that you’ll wish that you had died today.” Whilst Ingrid does not suspect this will be her fate, her feeling of relief only lasts a few seconds – for the words are barely out of Susan’s mouth when she starts to press her thumbs and forefingers together, crushing the slim blonde’s sensitive nipples. Ingrid bellows her agony, thrashing backwards and forwards in her bondage, with her back thudding bruisingly against the wall behind her, but Susan does not let go and increases the pressure. At last, as Ingrid’s eyes are bulging and her breath is coming in hysterical short gasps, Susan releases the severely abused breasts – but their punishment is far from over. She picks up a five-stranded short whip, and lashes across Ingrid’s chest from side to side with unerring accuracy, finishing with several strokes onto the girl’s unprotected legs between the boots and the hot pants. As Ingrid shakes and quakes, Susan smiles wickedly and says: “There – that’s warmed you up nicely.”

Susan’s next move is to unfasten the belt of Ingrid’s hot-pants and pull down the zip, revealing a skimpy pair of pink panties underneath. Susan pulls the shorts down to Ingrid’s knees and pushes her hand inside the panties, cupping Ingrid’s sex mound in the palm of her hand. From a distance of only six inches, she looks the blonde in the eye and, with frightening calmness and certainty, tells her: “I’m gonna rip you up, you bitch! – I’m going to hurt you so much, you’ll never have children.” Ingrid gulps and starts crying, much to Susan’s enjoyment. It takes only a hard pull to break the elastic at the side of the panties, and they and the hot pants are swiftly gone. Susan now reties Ingrid’s ankles at full stretch to a spreader bar, and admires her total exposure and vulnerability. Her first move is to take a cigarette lighter and hold the flame an inch below Ingrid’s cunt, singing her blond hairs and eliciting panicked shrieks – although no actual burn mark is made on her flesh, it is intensely hot and painful. Next Ingrid’s breasts are roped into tight coils of bondage, and painful clips attached to her projecting nipples. Susan now makes use of one of Angela’s torture devices, in which the girl is strapped face down over a padded wooden frame. Her legs are spread apart on one side, and an arm with a mechanical vibrator is adjusted until it has pushed so far into the victim’s vagina that she is desperately straining on tiptoes to accommodate it. On the other side, her arms are locked into straps and a dildo is similarly pushed into her mouth. She is forced to suck it with her mouth, for if she does not squeeze it hard enough at least once in every ten seconds, the cunt-fucking vibrator will advance by a centimetre each time, forcing through the cervix and into the womb. Ingrid sucks and slobbers frantically on the mouth-dildo, but after a few minutes her jaw aches and she cannot get the necessary pressure. She suffers the agony of the cunt-rod pushing further into her, and is in absolute terror – she does not know if Susan will stop this torture before it ruptures her inside, or if perhaps her boss intends to kill her in this terrible way. However, before irreparable damage is done, Susan switches off the machine, and moves onto the next stage of her punishment of the Scandinavian blonde.

In the first part of this, Ingrid is given the electric-shock torture to her nipples which was originally used on Francesca, but for longer intervals. Her throat is raw and hoarse from the resulting screams of agony, and after this treatment she lies slumped in her bonds, quaking and gibbering, and with a glazed look in her eyes. With assistance from Kerry and Lisa, Ingrid is released from the wall and the spreader bar, and her bondage ropes are removed. Following Susan’s instructions, the battered blonde is laid out on the floor on her back. Her wrists are tied together, and then fixed by a short length of rope to a ring-bolt in the middle of the floor. Next, a leather cuff is fixed to each ankle, and each of these is attached to a chain which is suspended from the ceiling. Ingrid is too demoralised and exhausted to offer any resistance, as Susan turns the ratchet-wheels which slowly hoist her legs into the air, until she is hanging upside down with her head level with Susan’s crotch. The next stage is more painful, and elicits cries and sobs from the Scandinavian beauty: Susan presses a button which moves the chains holding Ingrid’s ankles further apart, until she is spread painfully wide, making a Y shaped figure in which her legs form the two arms and her body the base. This position is not only painful, putting a good deal of pressure on the muscles and joints of her upper legs and hips, but also leaves her frighteningly exposed and vulnerable. Ingrid whimpers as Susan steps up to her unprotected cunt, and shoves two fingers into her. Susan’s pussy, exposed by the leather harness of her dominatrix outfit, is now only inches from Ingrid’s face, and she grabs the blonde by the hair and forces her mouth onto it. ‘Suck me, you bitch!’, yells Susan, ‘or I’ll make you scream.’ Ingrid needs no telling, and frantically gives her boss oral pleasure, and Susan’s hips buck and thrust as she orgasms. She steps away from her victim and smiles cruelly: ‘Actually, I’ll make you scream anyway’, she laughs, selecting a long whip from one of the racks. As the terified Ingrid twists and sways as far as her upside-down bondage will permit, Susan puts a whip stroke downwards across her exposed upper thigh, first to the left leg and then to the right. Ingrid emits frantic high-pitched screams, as Susan methodically works her way down the V shape formed by the trapped woman’s spread legs. Ingrid knows only too well where the whipping is going to finish, and her shrieks become hoarse with agony as Susan targets her open cunt, landing four successive whiplashes across its length. The last of these overloads Ingrid’s pain centres, and she passes out.

Whilst Ingrid is unconscious, she is removed from the chains and allowed a few minutes to recover. She is then returned to the wall, and Susan repositions her bondage so that Ingrid’s cunt is pushed forward and her upper body arched backwards, and her legs are wide open. Susan pushes two fingers into the blonde Scandinavian’s bruised and swollen pussy, and then works in a third and a fourth finger. This is painfully stretching Ingrid’s vagina wider than it has ever been before, and she is whimpering in pain and terror. Her horror increases as Susan forces her whole hand into the younger woman, and begins roughly to fist her. Ingrid has never been penetrated to such an extent before, and her pussy feels like it will burst open. She gives hysterical, piercing cries as the unrelenting fisting pistons in and out, until unbelievingly she starts to convulse in an irresistible orgasm. The combination of arousal and pain is so overwhelming that when she comes, she also collapses in a faint. With the help of Lisa and Juliet, who have watched Susan’s revenge with awe and a determination never to let her down, the unconscious Ingrid is taken out of bondage, wiped down with a cloth, put in handcuffs and ankle shackles, and then lifted into a padded wicker hamper, which is padlocked shut. In the late evening the army women return with their truck, unload some items and then remove the hamper with Ingrid in it. At first they take her to a different safe house, where she is kept in chains whilst the army bitches rape and abuse Mailmba and Angela; when those two have been disposed of, they bring Ingrid to their secret toture base – the rest of her fate is told below, in Chapter 7.

At Angela’s house during that evening, Susan makes Lisa, Juliet and Kerry clear everything out of the basement dungeon into the army women’s truck – some of it she will keep for her own use, and the rest they will burn in her incinerator. After hosing down the basement, it is filled with the sort of old junk that normally ends up in cellars, which has been provided by the army women. Then, with the house sanitised, they start an apparently accidental fire in the basement, and leave. Due to the isolated location of Angela’s house, the fire is not noticed until it has consumed most of the building, and by the time the fire engines arrive there is little more than smouldering ashes. Most of the house was destroyed when the petrol supply for the generator exploded, and the resulting devastation and intense heat explains the absence of a body or even bones. When no other trace of Angela is found, the firemen and police assume that she died in the blaze, trapped in her bedroom.

When the women return to Susan’s house, Juliet and Kerry are put back into bondage and placed side by side on the exercise mat in Susan’s fitness room. Ordered to stick their cute butts up in the air, they are given another fucking doggy-style – while Lisa slams a dildo in and out of Juliet’s sopping pussy, in between delivering vicious smacks to her buttocks, Susan enjoys a more leisurely taking of young Kerry’s sweet body. After this, they are now both so completely Susan’s slaves that Kerry is allowed to go home, but with strict instructions to return on Wednesday evening, when she will service Susan and anyone else she chooses, and Juliet is despatched back to her high school with orders to seduce a fresh teenage girl and bring her for Susan’s pleasure the following weekend. Then Francesca (who had watched all this with pleasure) and Susan take Lisa back to the cellar for another round of bondage and fucking – but by now Lisa is more than happy to let them do anything they want with her.

Chapter 7: The Aftermath

The ex-army women see the potential value in Ingrid, and wait until she has fully recovered from Susan’s attentions. Then she is forced to dress up in a copy of Agnetha’s costume from the video of Abba’s first big hit, ‘Waterloo’, and is filmed doing a strip-tease whilst singing the song. They also take close-ups of her face, breasts, anus and vagina, to prove that the merchandise is in good condition. The resulting footage is passed via their contacts with organised crime to a network of white slave traders, and a secret internet auction takes place. The competition for such a hot look-alike is very high, and after the slavers and the crime ring have taken their agreed commissions, there is still a large sum for the army women and Susan to share. Several men bid in the auction, but they did not offer as much as Loretta D’Estellara, a very wealthy and sadistic South American woman, now aged 44, who most of all loves to abuse European-style blondes. Loretta has always lusted after the Abba singer Agnetha Faltskog; she first realised she was a lesbian when she was a fourteen year-old in 1978, satisfying her burgeoning desires by masturbating at night in her bedroom whilst looking at the poster on her wall of the two Abba women in their tight white pants-suits standing with their faces a few inches from each other, and fantasising that she had gone to their hotel after a concert to get their autographs and had been seduced by them, with the brunette Anni-Frid squatting on her face and making her eat out her brown-haired pussy whilst the svelte blonde Agnetha fucks her in the cunt with a strap-on.

Ingrid’s resemblance to Agnetha makes Loretta so horny that she is abused far more than the callous dyke’s other prisoners. One of Loretta’s favourites is to attach electrodes to a girl’s breasts, and then tie her ankles so that she is forced to stand on tiptoe – for if she lets either heel come down, before it reaches the support of the floor it will press on the button that sends an electric shock through the appropriate breast (right foot for right nipple, left foot for the left). She finds it hilarious to watch first their desperate attempts to stay on tiptoe, and then the dance of agony as their feet activate the switch and they bounce up and down, the pain sending them upwards uncontrollably until their restraints jerk them to a halt, and their weight falls back down to hit the switch again. She once left a young Chinese woman in this torture to see how long she might survive, and was pleased to find it was nearly forty minutes before her heart gave out and her dead body collapsed in its bonds. Another favourite, to which Ingrid is treated soon after her acquisition, is a variant on this. The girl is strapped to a frame so that she can only move her body up or down, and has no freedom of movement in any other direction. Then a pole looking like a broom-handle is placed directly below her vaginal opening, and cranked upwards until it enters her by about six inches, even though the desperate girl is now standing on the tips of her toes. This torture has two cruel aspects: first, if the girl cannot hold the pose, she will slide agonisingly down the pole as a further six inches goes up inside her; second, and even more cruelly, she cannot just remain still – there is a photo-electric cell about two inches down the pole from where it enters her body, and unless she obscures that from daylight for at least five seconds in every thirty – which she can only do by pushing her cunt down the pole – the top of the pole will be heated by an electric filament inside until it becomes burningly hot. This one took Loretta some perfecting to get just right – for it to be agonising in the extreme but not permanently crippling, and to be survivable provided the girl was not left for too long. She got through five busty black teenagers kidnapped from the South African township of Soweto doing this, but such are cheap and can be acquired in job lots (in fact, three of them were sisters, aged 14, 17 and 19: it had been a particular pleasure to have them bound helplessly to the wall of the room, and be forced to watch as first the youngest and then second-youngest was given this torture until they died from it).

Ingrid’s superb ass, so reminiscent of the gorgeous Agnetha’s, is Loretta’s favourite target – for spreading painfully wide in bondage, for whipping and caning up between the spread legs directly onto the pussy, and for raping with large and long dildos. However, within a year she goes too far and uses a large strap-on so viciously on Ingrid’s anus that it ruptures the blonde inside. Realising that the internal bleeding will be fatal within a few hours, Loretta decides to extract some final pleasure from her toy. She chains Ingrid to an X-frame, and squeezes her left breast until it is pushed out like a ripe melon. With her other hand, Loretta ignites a cigarette lighter which she holds directly beneath the jutting tit. Ingrid screams in horror and agony, bucking and thrashing in her chains, as her nipple is turned into a charred lump. Worse is to come, for not only does her right breast get the same cruel torture, but the evil bitch then pulls open Ingrid’s vagina and plays the naked flame up and down its length. The blonde faints from the pain, but is brought round by ammonia smelling-salts a moment later. ‘End of the road, Agnetha, you slut,’ says Loretta, as she picks up a length of silky bondage rope and approaches her victim. Standing immediately in front of her, she loops the cord around Ingrid’s throat and, ignoring the blonde babe’s desperate entreaties, she slowly tightens it. She strangles Ingrid until the Nordic beauty is jerking in her bonds and almost unconscious, but then releases the pressure. Ingrid gasps hungrily for air, profusive in her thanks, but there is no mercy here. As soon as Ingrid has partly recovered, with a sadistic smile Loretta chokes her again, taking her closer to death before again relaxing the rope. Over the next thirty minutes, Loretta does this several times, fingering her own cunt with her other hand, until she brings herself to the verge of climax. Then she discards the rope and picks up a slender dagger, and as she brings herself to a shuddering orgasm she plunges the knife repeatedly into Ingrid’s ribs, puncturing her heart and killing her with the third or fourth vicious stab.

This is not the first time that Loretta has broken her toys: about eighteen months before she had used up a matching pair of Abba look-alikes. Three years ago, one of her contacts in the police, who knows that she likes such things, informed her that two stupid Danish girls, student nurses aged about 22, were staying in a hostel in the city and have foolishly told the manager that they entered the country on impulse – that they had planned to go on somewhere else instead, so that no one knows they are even in the country. They had asked him where the post office was so that they could send a telegram home to let their families know of this change of itinerary, but he had (falsely) told them it was closed for the day. That evening the girls – who are ideal, one a natural Scandinavian blonde and the other a brunette – visit a night club, where on instruction from the policeman their drinks are spiked. While they are unconscious, all trace of them being in the country and record of their entry is erased, and Loretta’s tame (if expensive) plastic surgeons reshape the girls’ faces, and to some extent bodies, to match the look of the Abba women in the 1970s. When they wake up, they are told that they have been in a car accident and have had to have surgery, and must stay in hospital until it heals, but they are allowed no mirrors. Kept under light sedation, they do not question this – but discover the awful truth a month later when they are taken to Loretta’s estate, and locked in her dungeon cells. She begins by raping them separately, and then putting them in joint bondage for whipping and further rapes.

At one point, Loretta constructs a classic pair-bondage, in which the two girls are set facing each other, wearing only stockings, suspender belts and high-heeled shoes. Their hands are tied behind them, and then in each case a rope is bound around their waist, run through between their buttocks and then cinched up viciously tight so that is buried deep between their vaginal lips. The taut rope then goes up to a pulley on the ceiling and down, in an upside-down V, to be tied to the right ankle of the other girl – which has been hoisted to nearly a 90 degree angle. If her friend can manage to keep her leg in this position, all will be well – but if she cannot, its weight will pull the vaginal-rope viciously further into the other’s crotch. When one gets hurt in the cunt, she is unlikely to be able to keep her leg up, and other will swiftly suffer also. From the Danish girls this torture produced a flood of yells and screams, and the hopeless begging that was music to Loretta’s ears.

Loretta only calls the Danish look-alikes by their ‘Abba’ names, the blonde as Agnetha and the brunette as Anni-Frid (by chance, the latter’s real name was Frida). They are often forced to dress up in Abba costumes and then fuck each other while Loretta watches and masturbates, and sometimes one is made to tie the other up, whip her and rape her; if she does not do this well, she knows that will get the same treatment but much worse from Loretta. However, after enjoying these victims for nearly 18 months, Loretta makes a mistake – while whipping Anni-Frid on the ass as she fucks the blonde Agnetha with a strap-on, to make her drive the penetration in harder, Loretta marks the brunette permanently and spoils the goods. So, telling them that only the winner will live, Loretta forces them to fight each other. She gives them deliberately blunt knives, and dresses them in a costume of 1970s-style shorts and tops which are made from shiny but strong fabric, too resistant for the blunted knives to penetrate easily. There is a long metal pole fixed at ankle height along the rear end of Loretta’s special sex-and-torture room, for exactly this sort of purpose. The Danish girls are both fixed to it by a long fine chain which ends in a leather shackle around their nearest ankle. This gives them a great deal of freedom in the fight, but means that they cannot reach where Loretta stands in the other half of the room. Also, it would be pointless for them to try and throw the knives at her – this is another reason for their bluntness, but she is also holding an automatic pistol in one hand. They know she is an expert shot, and it would be suicidal to try and attack her. There is no alternative but to hope to win the fight and live a bit longer, even at their friend’s expense. And, in truth, the blonde Agnetha has bitterly angry feelings towards the brunette, for it was the latter’s idea to come to this awful country and to go to the fateful night club. When Loretta signals them to begin, they fight with frantic desperation, landing a number of bruising blows on each other’s breasts, stomach and sides. However, the knives do not cut through the fabric and no blood yet flows. Eventually Agnetha realises the problem and changes tactics: she succeeds in knifing Anni-Frid in the upper part of both arms, immobilising her and causing her to drop her knife. Loretta orders Agnetha to knock down the wounded brunette, rip off her top, slash her breasts, and then to kill her by ramming the knife into her cunt. Agnetha puts all her anger into the assault on her friend’s breasts, inflicting agonising damage, but is less able to get at her cunt as Anni-Frid squirms desperately and tries to keep her legs closed. Eventually, Agnetha is able to force them apart and gets in a series of blows, missing several times but still butchering the brunette’s vagina. In her pain and despair, Anni-Frid’s hand finds her dropped knife, and before dying she manages to stab her tormentor in the breast.

The blonde girl is battered and wounded, and Loretta realises that the slash across her breast will spoil her looks – she will have to be disposed of as well, but not before some final sadistic pleasure is extracted from her. Loretta orders Agnetha to remove the tattered remains of the outfit that she fought in, and to lie naked on her back on the floor with her hands stretched above her head. These are handcuffed to the foot rail, and on her mistress’s orders Agnetha spreads her legs wide to take a rough and violent fucking from Loretta’s strap-on, not realising that the extra viciousness of the thrusts are because this is the last time the bitch will take her. After reaching her climax, Loretta stands up, unbuckles the strap-on cock, and then walks to the far end of the room and opens the door wide. She picks up her automatic pistol from the table near the door, and returns to stand about ten feet away from Agnetha. “You’ve been a good little fuck,” she says, meaning this quite sincerely, but then she lies and tells Agnetha that in reward for killing her friend she can go free – but with the condition that she will get only ten seconds to reach the open door and escape. In fact, Loretta has no intention of letting the girl get away, and this is another of the cruel psychological tortures that she enjoys – raising hopes and then shattering them, to destroy her victim’s will. She cocks the pistol, and then throws Agnetha the keys to the handcuffs and ankle-shackle. When the dazed and elated blonde is free from the restraints, she is ordered to stand up and wait for the signal to go. After about thirty seconds, Loretta suddenly yells ‘Now!’, and Agnetha starts to sprint for the doorway. She is only halfway across the room, with her back to Loretta, when the callous bitch shoots her in the back of the right knee, shattering the kneecap. With a despairing howl of pain and shock, Agnetha falls to her hands and knees, but then rises and tries to limp forwards, dragging her ruined leg. Her progress is slow and at the cost of agonising pain, but she only manages a few yards before Loretta calmly shoots her other knee and she flops forward onto the floor, still only two-thirds of the way to the door. As the sobbing Agnetha tries to crawl towards the door, Loretta walks over to her and delivers a savage kick in the ribs (fracturing several) which flips the blonde girl over onto her back. Agnetha gazes up at her tormentor through a haze of pain and fear, and sees the muzzle of the gun track downwards from her face towards her crotch. ‘No, please, no, no,’ she whimpers, although she realises now that this is to be the horrible end of her short life. Loretta savours the moment, and then fires a single shot into the top of the blonde’s vagina, after which she masturbates as she watches the blonde’s agonised death convulsions.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The disappearances of Malimba and Ingrid are investigated by the police, but as unconnected incidents. The army women clear Ingrid’s small flat of all her possessions, and arrange for fake letters to be posted in Toronto paying off her rent and resigning from her job at the law firm. By the time her family raise the alarm, the trail is cold and there are no clues – and no link to the fire at Angela’s house or to Malimba. In the black woman’s case, the ex-army dykes set up a convincing explanation for her vanishing: her car is found in a remote lane with traces of uncut heroin in the boot, bullet holes in the driver’s door and window, and smears of her blood on the seat and steering wheel – it has all the marks of a drugs courier being ambushed or double-crossed, with the body dumped elsewhere. The police accept this easy solution, and six months later the courts in Africa recognise Malimba as legally deceased (though she was then very much alive, and enduring the never-ending cycle of rapes and beatings in the Japanese bordello). All of the family wealth passes in due course to her younger sister Epone, who shares her sibling’s and her mother’s voracious lesbian appetite but not their propensity to become the slaves of white women. Quite the reverse: Epone has hated white women ever since when, as an impressionistic 13 year old, she came home unexpectedly early from school one day and, hearing strange noises from her mother’s suite, spied on her being tied up, spanked and fucked by two tough-looking American blondes in their early 30s, who called her a “nigger cunt” and “black shit-hole” as their strap-ons penetrated her. Epone was deeply aroused at the lesbian sexual antics, but was angry and humiliated by the way her mother had allowed the white bitches to treat her. Her mother eventually dies from blood-poisoning that sets in after a particularly heavy fuck-session with the same two blondes, and at the age of twenty-six Epone succeeds to the control of the powerful family business.

Her first step is to arrange a contract with a local criminal gang, and a week later the two blondes are kidnapped, taken to a remote farm and repeatedly gang-raped by the men. When Epone arrives the next evening, wooden stakes are fixed in a nearby barren and dusty field, and the naked and battered victims are fastened to these with their arms tied behind them. With a cold expression, Epone selects a long bamboo cane and lashes the women repeatedly across their chests until their breasts are reduced to a mangled and bloody pulp. Then she stand back and surveys their broken and sobbing bodies, fingering herself roughly to two quick climaxes. The blondes regard her with fear and mounting horror, as she approaches them with a can of petrol and pours its contents over them from the waist downwards, and then stands back and lights a slow fuse. This takes nearly five minutes to reach the petrol-soaked feet of the American businesswomen, and during this time Epone savours with pleasure their incoherent pleas for mercy. The farm is far from any other habitation and so the white women have not been gagged, and Epone relishes their screams of agony, having an orgasm as one woman’s long fair hair catches alight. Epone continues to get her greatest thrills from abusing white women, but at first is careful to chose victims who are mainly willing to submit. Her taste for torture is first suspected by the authorities when a very pretty 19 year-old student from Spain who has a temporary job with her company disappears, and they are confirmed when she goes too far with a young French woman stationed at the embassy and has to dump the battered corpse in a nearby river. The French government’s outrage embarrasses the country’s regime, who order the security services to eliminate the problem. And so, just a month after her twenty-ninth birthday, Epone’s car is ambushed by ‘Islamic terrorists’ as it leaves the gates of her property. Her female chauffeur and the busty young black woman who works ostensibly as her assistant, but whose duties are mostly eating her mistress’s cunt on demand and helping her with the rapes and tortures, are ordered to kneel at the side of the road and then riddled with machine gun bullets, whilst Epone is dragged screaming and struggling into the ‘terrorists’ unmarked van. Two days later her body is dumped outside her company’s offices, bearing the marks of having endured repeated rapes, whipping and burns from electric shocks before having her breasts sliced off and her stomach cut open with a machete.

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[finale of main story:]

And so, in the summer of 2008, begins Susan Donaldson’s long reign as a lesbian dominatrix, during which she takes dozens of nubile innocent teenagers and breaks into submission a string of professional business-women who think they are tougher than they are, or who make the mistake of crossing or defying her. But her first prizes remain her favourites, and she keeps Francesca, Lisa and Kerry as her personal pleasure-toys for the next twenty years. Francesca remains Lisa’s secretary, but on Susan’s orders she humbly apologises to the other office staff for her snotty behaviour and promises to change; at first, the secretaries and juniors are suspicious, but as time goes by Francesca remains pleasant and helpful, and before long she becomes popular. Kerry has several lesbian encounters whilst going through high school and college, but she remains always Susan’s submissive, acting only with her mistress’s permission and telling her everything – in several cases, bringing her friends (and once, her college tutor) to experience a session receiving the attentions of Susan and her women in the dungeon. Kerry takes a law degree, and is given a first job with the firm as Susan’s personal assistant. Susan has other women and girls to fuck and to inflict pain upon, but Kerry remains very special to her. In fact, she becomes more so as the years go by, and Susan realises she has fallen partly in love with the little minx – and Kerry simply adores her. They often spend long evenings together, just the two of them, in lovemaking that is tender and passionate – but at least once a week, at Kerry’s own request, she is put into bondage and caned or whipped before a rough and aggressive fucking. This pairing suits the other two, as Francesca and Lisa become something of a couple as well – but with Francesca the dominant one, as befits the mistress’s senior slave.

Juliet submits willingly to use by all the women, and often there are others present too for long orgy and punishment sessions in the dungeon on Friday and Saturday nights. However, Juliet starts to lose her looks when she reaches her mid-40s, and also loses her touch for seducing under-age schoolgirls. Finally, she misjudges a pretty black cheerleader, who complains to the school authorities – and from there it goes to the police. Juliet is disgraced, and suspended from her job whilst the police investigate – but before she is arrested, she vanishes. There is a search and an inter-state alert, but the police can find no clues and after a few weeks decide that she must have committed suicide in some remote spot. They are not far wrong, although no body will ever be found. By this time Susan has some other and younger high school teachers in thrall to her, who are better able to procure the innocent cheerleaders and teenage sports-girls that she enjoys taking to new levels of lesbian sexuality and submissiveness. With slight regret, Susan decides that Juliet has become a liability who may talk if she is arrested or tried, and on the day after Juliet is suspended Susan calls her ex-army friends and offers her to them. All they have to do is collect the package, and so in the early hours of the morning Juliet is shocked awake to find three masked figures standing over her bed. Before she can do anything, two grab her arms and the third covers her nose and mouth with a drugged cloth.

When Juliet wakes to consciousness, she is far away, lying on a camp bed in a small underground room. She is wearing her own tennis costume, and is not tied or shackled in any way. She takes comfort from this, and the food and water that soon afterwards she is provided with. But it is to be her last ever meal, for the army women are going to solve Susan’s problem and earn themselves a large sum of money by using Juliet to make another torture and snuff movie. They do this about twice each year as their main source of income, but usually with a Hispanic illegal immigrant or a girl kidnapped and imported from Asia or Africa, so a European white woman is a valuable treat. As soon as Juliet is fresh and rested, they order her to come into the next room – and this is a large and well-equipped underground torture dungeon, where the cameras are already set up and running. The army women are also dressed in tennis outfits, but with masks covering their noses and eyes. Juliet realises at once what her fate is going to be, and screams and struggles in desperation, but she has no chance against four women (the other two are behind the cameras that zoom in for the close-ups). After a brutal gang rape, they inflict agonising tortures with whips, canes, thumbscrews and pliers, and then use a scalding flat iron on each of Juliet’s small breasts, reducing them to ruins of burnt flesh. The shattered woman is finally killed by having the handle of a tennis racket rammed up her vagina for its full length, despite her pitiful pleading and horrified screams. For several minutes she hangs jerking in her bonds, with the grotesque sight of the round part of the racket protruding from her cunt, as blood flows down her legs from the ruptured intestines, spleen and kidneys. Her helpless sobs slowly ebb away, until her body slumps in its chains, unmoving. Susan and Kerry smile as they lie naked together in bed, watching the film of this – it seems a fitting end for the former tournament player.

It was not long after this that the ex-army women met their own fate. The criminal gang they are linked with is the loser in a turf war with its rivals, and without knowing it they become a target. One night a dozen armed men raid their remote farm, taking them by surprise. The younger three white women and the more junior of the two black ex-Sergeants are held at gunpoint by eight of the men, whilst the gang leader and three henchmen burst into the bedroom of Myra, the leader. She is spread-eagled on her back, being fucked hard in the missionary position by the statuesque older black woman with a huge strap-on. Myra sees the men over the shoulders of her lover, who misunderstands her gasp of shock as a sign of imminent orgasm and rams into the white woman ever harder. It is the last thing she does, for in the next second a burst of six machine gun bullets rip into her back, and she collapses across the white woman, literally as a dead weight. The men laugh cruelly as the screaming army leader claws loose from the plastic cock that is buried inside her, ripping her vagina walls in her haste to get free. As Myra staggers up from the bed, dressed only in black boots and black hold-up stockings, they grab her and push her to her knees. The leader of the raiders roughly twists and squeezes her breasts, and then grunts to his henchmen: ‘we don’t need the older ones, we’ll do them here.’ With a gun barrel pressed against her neck, Myra is forced to suck each of their cocks until its load of semen spurts down her throat. She is then thrown face-down across the still-warm body of her dead black lover, and raped vaginally and anally – for this, the other men are called through in rotation, leaving plenty of guards on the captured bitches. Myra sobs and screams in anger and humiliation, for never before has she permitted a man’s penis to enter her. Finally, the brutalised and bleeding army leader is held upright in the steely grip of two of the gang, whilst the leader approaches her with a sadistic leer. He has a old-fashioned army bayonet, which he pushes into Myra’s vagina and then rips upwards through her belly. She gives a tremendous scream which terrifies her captured comrades in the next room, and the men watched with glee as she staggers backwards into the wall, and then slides down it in a crumpled heap, before giving a final shudder and lying still.

The gang leader then walks back to the main room, savouring the fear of the remaining captives. He is a racist as well as a sadist, and he points to the oldest of the remaining group, a black woman aged about 30, who is promptly seized by two of his henchmen. ‘We don’t need no black cunt’, he sneers, as he rips open her white shirt and throws it away, and then seizes her tits, pulling them out of the bra cups and giving them a vicious twist. The black woman shrieks and her head jerks backwards, which was just what the brute intended. In a second, he whips out from his pocket a length of white cord and loops it around her throat, quickly fastening it a slip knot. The woman’s eyes widen in terror, and she makes no resistance as the two henchmen push her to her knees, and then with a laugh release her and step back – they know how this little scene will play out. The leader of the raiders gives her a vicious smack across the face, and yells at her: ‘Listen up, bitch! Let’s see if you’re any good as a cocksucker – suck for your life, you useless dirty dyke!’ He points at his crotch, and instructs: ‘You can start with me’. Shaking and quaking, with fumbling fingers the black woman pulls down his zip and pulls out his large and rigid penis. With a shudder, she thrusts her mouth down its length, alternately licking and sucking. After a minute, the man grabs her head and holds it close, almost choking her as he spurts a load of semen into the base of her throat. She is barely given time to swallow, before she is shoved across to the two henchmen, and forced to fellate them and then any others of the gang who want it as well – as another four do. After this, as the sobbing black woman is crouched on her knees with her arms wrapped around her exposed breasts, the gang leader walks over to her and takes a grip on the noose around her neck. ‘Guess what, you dyke bitch? You were lousy!’, he laughs, and with a sudden jerk he pulls the slip knot tight around her throat. The black woman jumps to her feet in horror, her hands clawing uselessly at the cord that is embedded tightly in her neck. As her three younger comrades look on in fright and shock, she starts to run towards the door, but halfway there she collapses – first to her knees, and then forward with a thud on her face. For a few moments she rolls around on the floor convulsively, still futilely clutching at the rope which is strangling her, before her back arches and then her heels drum against the floor. With a final jerk she lies still, and then there is a stench as her bowels and bladder void into the tight blue jeans that she is wearing. The gang pour petrol over her body and the two in the bedroom, setting the farm ablaze before they leave. They take the three young white women to a secret snuff farm, where they are auctioned off to wealthy men for rape, torture and killing – the knowledge that the women are lesbians who have never had a cock before adds much to the price that they fetch.


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2013-10-24 22:29:13
izaOao Thanks again for the article post.Really thank you! Want more.

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2013-06-22 18:20:16
too brutal, you suck bitch :3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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2013-05-22 06:25:46
this was hard to read. not just because of it's length, but also due in part to it's constant deviation from the main story line to describe the sexual experiences of some one shot character. You probably could have drastically cut down on the length of the story by omitting some of the less important of these. believe me when i say that i understand that this is a smut piece on a website for sex stories and grammar and proper linear form can generally be avoided. but in the future, just try to cut back a bit on unnecessary details. For the record though i love the way you write and would love to see more lesbian, young, rape stories from you (more anal maybe :D?). anywho, again digged the story, just seemed to deviate... a lot.

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2011-10-24 20:18:43
Awesome story - took a long time to read , but mainly becaus of making myself cum so many times. These bitches are hot stuff, I can imagine them doing each other. Wish there were more lesbian rape and cruel stories like this - but this was great, 5 ***** stuff!!

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2011-05-28 23:10:59
its taken me a long time to read this mainly cos I had fingers up my pussy all the time. I love cruel stuff, and this got heavier and more violent as it went along, i couldn't wait to find out what you made them do next. wish there was more real lesbian rape stories like this

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