Rick's younger sister Lucy was having a slumber party and Rick was invited.
Perfume 7 - The Slumber Party (aka: One Night In Heaven)

This is the seventh installment of the Perfume series. In chapter 1 Richard turns the tables on his mother with her new experimental perfume, saving most of it for the future. In chapter 2 he tries to control it better when he uses it on his older sister but it still gets out of hand. In chapter 3 he finally gets it right and has a wonderful time with his little sister, until the tables are turned. Chapter 4 is a postmortem on Rick's storytelling and evaluation of responses. Chapter 5 has him in the arms of his grandmother and not always using the perfume. Chapter six has him punishing his sister while he takes down her girlfriend.


"Wow, Lucy, this slumber party idea of yours was great. How's it going in there with you guys?" I asked. Lucy is my 10-year old sister. She and I have been intimate for, well we're in our second month now. I'm Richard. My friends call me Rick. Lucy calls me Ricky. I am 14 years old. I have been recording my experiences with a perfume drug I got from my mother, OK I stole from my mother. Lucy thought it would be great fun to use it, if only slightly, on some girlfriends of hers. Thus the slumber party. My older sister Maryanne is at one of her lesbian friend's house for the night. Mom is dead asleep after I drugged her drink with a couple of strong sleeping pills I got from my grandmother. About half an hour ago I took one of the little blue pills I got from Grandma (they were Grandpa's when he was alive, used to help him get it up). I was all set.

"Things are going perfectly Ricky" Lucy responded. "I'm putting in my soda order for the girls. When you bring them in I'll do the introductions. I need a Root Beer, one Lemon Lime, a Cherry Cola, and I'll take an Orange soda."

"Got it. See you in a minute," I told her.

"One more thing. I know we agreed you could play around with them but that you wouldn't have sex with them. Well we just played a game where you mark on a sheet of paper if you are a virgin or not. One of the girls is not a virgin. I'm OK with it if you want to have her, just not the other two. I don't want you to take their virginity. Remember, you promised."

"Which one is not a virgin?" I asked.

"Well that's just it. I don't know yet. But I'm sure we'll figure it out before too long. She'll probably come onto you the strongest. See you in a minute," Lucy said.

She went back to the room and I got out the sodas. I took my perfume drug and after opening each soda, put two full drops into each can except the Orange one. That was Lucy's. Now two drops would normally turn a full-grown person into a sex maniac for an hour. But mixed into a full can of pop and digested slowly, a sip at a time, I hoped would just make the girls much less inhibited, maybe a little horny. There really was no chance of the perfume getting on me but I took the antidote just in case. Though the drug only lasted an hour, the slow continual ingestion of the drug through drinking of the soda over the next hour would simply extend that time. With my own "erectile dysfunction" drug taking effect I was going to be in great shape for the next four hours. I have found that the use of that drug on me, a healthy young teenager, just keeps me hard for hours on end no matter how many times I cum. And at 14 years old, I can cum a lot.

I put the sodas on a tray and took them to Lucy's room. I knocked. "Come in" the girls chimed.

"I brought you girls some sodas," I told them as I walked in.

"This is my brother, Ricky" Lucy announced. "Ricky this is Jennifer. She's already 11 and the oldest of us all."

Lucy pointed to a girl to my right. She was clearly the oldest, the tallest too. She looked to be over 5 feet tall. Though skinny, she clearly was the most developed. She had breasts that pushed her pajama tops out. I felt myself harden up in my pants. If I didn't have my shirt hanging loose and covering myself everyone would have noticed. Her blond hair was full and wavy, hanging just below her shoulders. She had gorgeous blue eyes and her cheeks showed dimples when she smiled. He skin was fair, like she didn't get out in the sun much.

"So what flavor are you?" I asked.

"What?" Jennifer said.

"Soda, what flavor of soda?" I explained.

"Oh, I'm Root Beer."

"Of course you are," I told her as I handed her the soda. "Root, the foundation of everything. Without roots everything falls down. You are the root. Without you there would be no slumber party. You will be a powerful force throughout your life. You don't need props or gimmicks in your life. Your beauty comes from your foundation, from you roots. You must have beautiful parents who have created a woman who will exceed even them in beauty." She giggled as I gave her all these compliments. I watched with anticipation as she took her first sip of her drug-laced Root Beer.

"This is Carmen" Lucy said, pointing to the other girl on her bed. "She is 10 like the rest of us, but almost 11."

"You are Cherry," I said to her.

"I'm what?" she asked, scrunching up her forehead.

"Cherry Cola" I said.

"Yes, how did you know?" she asked me.

"A cherry is ripe and beautiful and sweet when you bite into it," I told her. "You are all those and more." She gave me that coy little look as I handed her the soda. Carmen was full-blooded Mexican, dark skinned with long black straight hair. It wasn't as long as Lucy's but nearly so. She had dark eyelashes over her dark brown eyes. Her lips were thin but her body was not. She wasn't as tall as Jennifer but she was more full bodied. She had on one of those nightgowns that you can almost see through, enough that I could tell her breasts were far more developed than Lucy's little mounds. They may not have been as large as Jennifer's breasts but on Carmen they complemented her young maturing body. Where a moment ago I was wishing that Jennifer was the one that was not a virgin, I now found myself enthralled by this Mexican beauty. I prayed she was already violated so that Lucy would let me take her tonight. I was determined to abide by the agreement I had with Lucy and not take the innocence from those who were still virgins. When she took the can of pop from me she let her fingers caress mine for a moment, never dropping her eye contact with me. She smiled again and thanked me for the soda. I watched as she took her first sip.

Lucy broke the silence. "And this is Violet. She is the youngest of us all, just turning 10 last week."

"Violet. What a beautiful name, but clearly fitting for one as pretty as you" I told her. "The Lemon Lime is yours, sweet and tart at the same time. Is that you, hidden in that innocent exterior? I'll bet it is. You look sweet on the outside but I bet you are a fireball inside. The boys better watch out when you grow up." I had her giggling. She looked olive skinned, like her heritage. Lucy informed me later that she was Jewish. Violet was 4' 6" tall, had short brown hair and hazel eyes. She didn't appear to have any chest at all but her pajama tops covered everything. I planned to find out before the night was over. She had a nice smile, still very much a little girl. Though I had other plans for Carmen and Jennifer, for Violet I thought I could at least teach her how to kiss. That would be enough for someone so small and in line with her level of maturity. She gulped down her first drink of the soda.

"So ladies," I told the group of four, "if you need me for anything at all just call. I am her to help you in any way I can, but not be in your way for whatever you ladies do at slumber parties. So I'll be in my room." I then blew them all a kiss and left, shutting the door behind me.

But I didn't go to my room. I stood at the closed door and listened to what they had to say.

"Boy he's cute," Carmen said. "Do we get to see him some more?"

"We better," said Jennifer. "I think your brother is hot, Lucy. I'd do him, if he would let me."

"Stop it," Violet said. "You don't know what you are saying."

"Violet, you don't have any brothers. You probably haven't even seen a boy's dick before," Jennifer told her. "I bet Ricky's is huge."

"I'd like to see it," Carmen added. "Wouldn't you like to see it Violet? I mean, just look at it?"

"Well...maybe," Violet conceded.

"I could arrange it," Lucy spoke up, "if you all want. I mean I could ask him. He did say he would do anything for us. Should I do it, should I ask him?" I knew what was coming next so I rushed to my room, just in time to hear Lucy's bedroom door open.

Lucy came into my room and whispered "Things are going just as we planned. They want to see your cock so I'll see you in a minute." As she said this she grabbed a hold of my shaft through my shorts and gave it a good squeeze and then left. A minute later I headed back to Lucy's room.

As I walked in I said "So Lucy tells me you girls have a special request. I am here for you all tonight. This is your night and I am here to do whatever you want. Lucy said you wanted to see my penis so here it is." I stood in the middle of the room and removed my t-shirt, tossing it aside. I then dropped my shorts, kicking them away as well. Standing there completed naked in front of these girls was incredible. My shaft was at full attention, all 6 inches of it, but with the pill I got from Grandma it felt much bigger.

"Oh my God," Jennifer said. "It's huge, just like I thought."

"It's more than huge," Carmen added. "It gigantic."

I thought I would try something but start with Violet. She seemed almost afraid to look at it. "Now as fair trade for me showing you my penis, each of you have to do something for me." I walked over to Violet who fell back a little as I approached. "Violet, I want you to touch it. Don't be afraid. It won't hurt you. That would be fair wouldn't it?" I asked her.

"Yes, I guess so," she replied.

Violet reached her hand out and gently touched the side of my erection, halfway down. Her smooth fingertips gave me a tingle. I reached out and took her wrist and said "More like this," guiding her hand back to my shaft. I wrapped her fingers around it and held them there. "Yes Violet, your touch is perfect, so gently and smooth." She didn't pull away so I took the next step and holding her hand firmly around my shaft I slowly moved her hand down, pulling the skintight and then moving it back up to the head of my penis. After several trips up and down my shaft I told her "You are very good at this Violet, are you sure you haven't done this before?" She just shook her head no.

Game One

"I have an idea," Lucy announced. "Let's play a game. Ricky, you stand here in the middle of the room." She moved me a couple of feet back but Violet went right along with me, now not wanting to let go of me. "Since you are already here Violet, you will be first. You get to rub him for 15 seconds any way you want. If you get him to cum then you win. If not then the next person gets to try. If no one makes him cum then we start over until someone finally wins."

"What if he never cums?" Violet asked.

"Oh don't worry about that Violet, I'll cum," I reassured her.

"To get us all started I'll show you how it's done, but remember you can do it any way you want as long as you use your hands and nothing else." Lucy then moved Violet aside and knelt down in front of me. I thought for a moment she was going to take me in her mouth but she was just teasing me. She grasped her hand firmly around my shaft. Lucy was getting better at this all the time, she did it enough. She moved her hand up and down my shaft, slowly at first and then faster. By the time one of the girls called out 15 seconds Lucy's hand was a blur, but she instantly stopped when the 15 seconds was called. "Notice that I stopped immediately when time was called. That's the rules, 15 seconds and you're done. Violet, you are first, then Carmen, and finally Jennifer. If he hasn't cum by then we start over. OK Violet," she said as she got up out of the way.

Violet knelt down like Lucy had and took my shaft in her hand. She didn't have very big hands so even though I wasn't all that big, it seemed that way to her. When the girls said go she jerked her hand up and down my shaft like Lucy had demonstrated. Her hand fell off once but she was right back on. I stood there watching her, eyes intent on what she was doing, trying so hard. Violet really was pretty. I thought how someday some guy would take her and fuck her brains out. But for now she was here with me, jacking me off, trying to make me cum. And it felt good. "Time," someone yelled, bringing me out of my daydreams.

Violet got up and Carmen came to me. When she wrapped her hand around my shaft her fingers went around it more than Violet's smaller hand. When she started I knew instantly that she had done this before, maybe to a brother, a cousin, someone. She was good. She didn't rush it. On each down stroke she pulled my skin tight and took the fingers of her other hand, wet with her spit, and rubbed them on the head of my penis. With each stroke she got more and more of her spit on my shaft. She would have been the winner if she could have had another 30 seconds at it. But time was up. Maybe she was preparing me for the second round. She got up and sat back on the bed.

Jennifer came to me but instead of kneeling in front of me like the other two girls, she stood behind me. She wrapped her left arm around my waist and pulled her body tight against mine. I could feel her pointy breasts press into my back, her own groin pressed hard against my ass.

"Spit into my hand," she ordered, holding it up to my mouth. Feeling her held tight against me was a total turn on. My shaft was throbbing in anticipation. I spit into her hand, even a second time when she asked. She then spit into it herself. I was glad I had taken the antidote. She spit again and then smeared it all over my shaft. When time was called for her to start she held her body tight against mine and ran her hand furiously up and down my shaft. She didn't pull the skin up and down but just let her hand slide up and down, lubricated by all the spit. It was all too much. This girl knew what she was doing. Ten seconds into it I was squirting my wad out onto the rug. She kept running her hand up and down my shaft, way past the 15 seconds, until nothing else came out. I was now sure who the virgins were and Jennifer wasn't one of them. I was going to fuck this girl, if she didn't fuck me first. She was hot. She knew what she was doing.

"Oh God, Jennifer, that was fantastic," I told her as she relaxed her hold on me and stepped away.

"Did I win?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes you did," Lucy said. "Violet, Carmen, you two and I will be going into the kitchen to get something to each. Jennifer, we'll fix you something. But for the next 15 minutes Ricky is all yours. When we come back we'll play another game, it you guys want."

When the others had left the room I led Jennifer to the bed. "You have clearly done that before."

"Not really," she replied. "I just saw Carmen try to put spit on you and it seemed to work better. So I thought if a little worked good, how much better a lot would do. The part about standing behind you, well the positioning just seemed more natural and easy for me. But as I stood behind you I just wanted to touch your body, to feel you."

I leaned in and kissed her, a gentle kiss that lingered. When I broke the kiss she just said Wow and pulled me back into her for another kiss, this time more urgent, more powerful. I slid my tongue into her mouth and she responded like an expert. I knew then without a shadow of a doubt that everything she told me was a bold face lie. She knew exactly what she was doing and had done this on more than one occasion. I laid her back down on the bed and pushed up her pajama tops exposing her developing breasts for the first time. They were white and succulent. Her small nipples were clearly hard. She let me suck on her breasts, play with her nipples, biting and sucking. She moaned in pleasure and I knew this girl was no virgin. I was already between her legs pressing my hard shaft against her pussy opening, just my shorts and her pajama bottoms separating us. I lifted up her legs and placed them on my shoulders. I then yanked her pajama bottoms off of her ass and halfway off, enough to expose her to me. Her pussy hair was blonde like her head. I shoved my shorts down and leaned into her. Positioning the head of my erection at her pussy lips I slid it up and down a few times. There was enough spit and my own cum still left that I easily slid just the head of my penis into her pussy. She was panting hard.

"Do it," she ordered. I did too. In one hard push I rammed myself deep into this girl. As I did a voice to my right yelled out "Stop!" It was Lucy. But it was too late to stop me. I was buried nearly all the way into Jennifer. In the moment that Lucy yelled, in that same moment I felt the obstruction as I broke through her hymen. In that moment I took this virgin's innocence forever. But it was too late now. The shock on Jennifer's face didn't matter. My body sort of took over. I pulled out just slightly and then pushed in again. Twice more like that and I was as far into her as I was going to get right then.

"She's not the one," Lucy said. I knew what she meant. Jennifer was not the girl I was allowed to fuck. She was one of the virgins I was to leave alone. I pulled Jennifer's pajama bottoms all the way off and stuffed them underneath us where she and I were now joined together. I slowly pulled out and wiped the blood that was on my shaft onto her pajamas. But what was done, was done. I pushed myself back into her pussy as Lucy stomped out of the room. Kicking off my shorts all the way and removing Jennifer's top we lay there coupled together, totally nude. There was nothing left to do but fuck. And that's what we did. It didn't take her long to get past this initial pain and learn how to thrust back into me. She wrapped her long legs around my waist and kicked her heels into my ass, urging me harder into her. We kissed while we fucked and I squeezed her tits, pinching her nipples. A few minutes later she gripped me tight as an orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy walls were squeezing me so tight that I exploded deep inside of her with my own climax, filling this 11-year-old former virgin with my seed.

"God you're wonderful Jennifer," I told her.

Out of breath she replied "Better than Lucy?"

"What do you know about Lucy?" I asked.

"Haven't you learned by now, I catch on quick to things," she explained. She was right, she did catch on quick. I'm the one who didn't catch onto her. She didn't lie to me at all earlier. She could just figure things out on her own. She could look at something, see how it's done and improve on it. She could read between the lines, understand what was not being said as well as what was. Jennifer was a very smart girl.

"Yes, you do catch on quick," I confirmed. "OK, yes, Lucy and I have done it. Are you better than she is you asked?" I leaned down close to her and whispered into her ear "You are better than anyone I have ever fucked and you would be surprised who I have fucked." It may or may not have been true. Who knew? Who cared? At that moment in time, to me, she was the best and I told her so. For me right then it was the truth. She knew it too.

"We can play our little games here tonight. Maybe the other girls will get lucky. But know this Ricky," she promised. "You and I will be fucking again. You can count on it. I don't know why I feel so attracted to you but this is a feeling beyond that, a deeper knowledge somehow. Call it a premonition, girl's intuition, reading the future. Call it whatever you want. Just know that it will happen. This was not our last fuck, not by a long shot." I wondered, was that the perfume talking or did Jennifer really want to fuck again? Could she somehow look into the future?

We got up and got dressed before the others came back. "Let's just say that we kissed," she suggested. I agreed, though we both knew that Lucy knew better.

"How did it go?" Carmen asked with a tone of jealousy in her voice.

We both said "Great."

Game Two

"It is time for game number two," Lucy announced. "I am giving each of you a different color of lipstick. Put it on thick for this game." Lucy handed out black to Jennifer, deep red to Carmen, and purple to Violet. She gave herself brown. As the girls put on the lipstick Lucy explained how the game was to go. Each girl would put my penis into her mouth and mark a circle around my shaft just below the previous girl's. Each time they would have to go deeper on me until they couldn't go farther than the previous girl in which case they were eliminated. The girl that marked me the lowest on my shaft, that is took my shaft in the deepest, won and got 15 minutes alone with me. I wouldn't mind having Jennifer win again, I thought to myself. But it was pretty clear now the girl I was allowed to fuck, the one who wasn't a virgin was Carmen, not Jennifer. Though Jennifer was no longer a virgin now either, thanks to my mistake.

"I don't think I could do that," Violet complained.

"Oh sure you can, Violet," Jennifer said. "Here, you go first and just put the tip of Rick's penis into your mouth. Then press your lips together marking him before you let go.

Lucy had me lay back on the bed with my legs bent over the edge and spread apart. Violet knelt between my legs and hesitantly put her lips around the head of my dick. Her mouth was warm and wet. It was an exciting feeling as she squeezed her lips tight around the head of my penis. Then she was off. I looked down and saw a purple mark just below the head of my shaft. Carmen was next and easily marked me with red just below Violet's purple. As she squeezed her lips around my shaft she held them there longer than was needed, steadying my shaft by gripping it with her hand. She never once took her eyes off of mine. As she squeezed me I felt her tongue tickle the tip of my penis. This girl knew what she was doing. Now I was positive, this was the deflowered girl I was looking for, that I mistook Jennifer for. Carmen was the one Lucy meant that I could fuck. Now I hoped that Carmen would win this.

Lucy was next and quickly marked me just below Carmen. Jennifer took her time too and placed a black ring below Lucy's. It was Violet's turn again. She struggled to get below Jennifer but somehow managed to do it, gagging and then coughing afterwards. "Good job Violet," I told her as Carmen took her place. Placing one hand low on my shaft and the other caressing my balls, Carmen took me into her mouth and gave me a circle of red well below the purple. Lucy decided to quit, saying it was too low for her. I knew better but also knew that she wanted one of the other girls to win. Jennifer took the challenge and put me all the way into her mouth marking the bottom of my shaft with a black ring of lipstick. She came up coughing herself but was confident she had won. Violet quit, saying she couldn't go any deeper. But Carmen wasn't done yet. Holding the tip of my erection in her mouth, she slid both hands under my butt. Then pulling up with her hands she drove her mouth down hard onto my shaft. I watched as the whole thing disappeared into her mouth. It felt like she had slid my rod partway down her throat. Her lips spread out wide as she marked a large red circle onto my groin. But she didn't gag at all. She held me there while her lips slowly closed and then held tight all the way back up my shaft. She had smeared red all over my whole shaft, essentially eliminating all other colors. When she finally pulled off everyone stared in disbelief at what she had done. Lucy declared her the winner.

"OK girls, give Carmen and Rick their 15 minutes. Let's go get a snack. Out, now," Lucy ordered.

When they were gone Carmen came up to me, standing in the middle of the room now, and kissed me full on the mouth. She didn't waste any time. My arms found her butt and pulling up her nightgown, I let them roam across the bare skin of her back. Breaking the kiss she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. Carmen obviously knew what she was doing and had done it many times before. As we kissed she dropped her bottom so that my erection was poking her. It was clear what she wanted and I wasn't going to disappoint. But just to be sure I asked her "Are you sure you want this?"

"Yes, I want you more than anything," she told me.

Pushing her nightgown up further and pulling her panties to one side, I rubbed my cock head back and forth across her pussy lips. Then placing the head just inside I grabbed her tight around the waist. In one hard jerk I yanked her body down hard on my shaft, thrusting my hips upward at the same moment. Then in that moment I broke the kiss. Carmen yelled out and I exclaimed "Oh shit, not again." The resistance I felt could only mean one thing, I was wrong again, and once more tonight I deflowered a little girl. I took Carmen's virginity from her. I had just stolen a precious gift from her forever. As these thoughts ran through my head Carmen had gotten her composure back, was past that initial shock and had started to slowly lift herself up and down on my shaft. I too started to get into the moment of what was happening, realizing how wonderful her tight pussy felt to me. I pulled her nightgown completely off and looked closely at her young breasts. Her nipples were dark brown and right then full and tight, surrounded by dark areolas. I sucked on her breasts while Carmen kept fucking me. Soon I felt that building up of sensation just before a climax. "I going to cum soon Carmen," I warned her.

"Cum in me," she said as she bounced up and down on my erection all the more. She was making sure I didn't have time to pull out.

I felt my juices rise up through my shaft and shoot out into this 10-year-old girl. I stopped her movements and held her down onto me as I emptied myself into her. My cum, shooting deep inside her must have sent her over the edge because as I came out of my climax Carmen was squeezing me tight with her own. I kissed her and muffled her moans of pleasure while she slowly came back to earth. I carried her to the bed and fell onto my back letting her slide off of my shaft and drip any blood onto my body instead of the bed. Her panties, which she still had on, slid back over her opening and caught anything else. I had her toss me my t-shirt that I used to clean us both up. She put her nightgown back on and I told her not to tell anyone what we did. "Just pretend we only made out, nothing more." She agreed. She told me that she learned to give blowjobs from her brothers but I was her first fuck. She was starting to talk to me about possibly getting together again someday, but the others came back and interrupted us.

Game Three

When Lucy and the others came back in they wanted to know how it went. I let them all talk while I gathered up the soda cans and took them to the kitchen. I got out another set of the same and laced them as before, but I put an extra drop into Violet's drink and made sure she took a big swig when I brought them back into the bedroom.

"This third game," Lucy explained, "is a speed game. You each get 10 seconds to give Rick a blowjob and then you have to stop and the next person goes. Whoever can get Rick to shoot his load into her mouth then wins.

I may still be hard because of the pill I took but I wasn't going to be shooting off anytime soon after just cumming in Carmen a few minutes earlier. But who was I to complain. Lucy had me lay back onto the bed like the last game and she started us off, giving me quick movements up and down my shaft for ten seconds. Jennifer took the next turn. Her mouth was hot and wet and she felt wonderful. I thought about what she said, us fucking again sometime. That was one future I wanted and I was looking forward to it. Before I knew it Carmen had me in her mouth. Her teeth scraped across my shaft as her tongue teased the underside. I was starting to feel something again. Violet was gentle and slow and her time was over before she had made four trips up and down. Lucy, Jennifer, Carmen, and Violet. This order repeated itself five times before I got to the point of nearing a climax. Jennifer almost got it out of me but her time ran out and the momentary pause suppressed the urgency. But Carmen brought it right back. I felt it boiling up and I think I could have shot it into Carmen. But I realized Violet was next and I suddenly wanted her to win. So I held on for another second until Violet wrapped her tiny mouth around my dick. On her first slide down my shaft I let it go. "I'm cumming," I announced as I shot my seed up into Violet's mouth again and again. She struggled to swallow like the girls had instructed her but couldn't get it all. It ran out of her mouth and down my shaft.

"You win Violet. You get 15 minutes with Ricky," Lucy announced.

Violet was beaming. She had beaten the other girls and was now ready to claim her prize. She held onto my arm until the others left as if she was afraid it wasn't true and that I would leave her. She walked over and closed the door. I took the chair from Lucy's makeup table and wedged it under the door handle. "Now we have as much time as we want."

Violet took two more large swigs from her soda and said "I'm nervous." She then took another large swallow. "I want to kiss you. I have wanted to kiss you from the first time I saw you."

"We are going to do some kissing but it is not fair that you get to see me without my clothes on and I don't get to see you naked. Now take them off and let's get to kissing." Violet didn't hesitate. She removed her pajamas and underclothes as I laid down lengthwise on the bed, on my back. "Now get over her and kiss me," I told her.

Violet was pretty in a plain sort of way, with her short hair and little girl's body. She looked like she had a tan but it was just her olive skin tone. She laid next to me and started kissing me. She was clearly not experienced at it. Since both Carmen and Jennifer were virgins, or used to be, I knew that Violet was the one that Lucy said was not a virgin. Someday I would find out what happened, how she lost her virginity. Maybe she was raped as a little girl. Who cares? She was my girl now and I was teaching her to kiss. But the more we kissed the more I wanted her. She was on top of me now and I felt her little breast nubs pressing into my chest. My skin was becoming more sensitive. I felt her skin like a caress to my body everywhere we touched, from her toes to her lips. There was an intensity building in her that I felt building in myself as well. Then in a quick moment of clarity I realized I had forgotten to take a second dose of the antidote and that I must be getting some of the drug from Violet through our kissing. Then the clear moment was gone and our kisses became fierce. I lifted my knees up and split her legs apart. Reaching down with one hand I positioned my shaft at her pussy opening. Holding myself there I pushed her body downward towards my feet, impaling her on my shaft. That was all I needed to start fucking her. But she didn't resist in the least. She got up on her knees and started bouncing her ass up and down hard on my shaft, fucking me for all I was worth. A couple minutes later she froze in her first orgasm of the night while I continued to ram myself up into her. Before she came out of her orgasm I rolled us over and was fucking her missionary style. I brought her knees up to her head and then spread them down hard onto the bed on each side of her, forcing her pelvis up into the air and opening her pussy up even more to me. I thrust deeper into her and she took it all. When I finally came in her I brought her a second time.

Empty of fluids I flipped her over onto her hands and knees and pounded her from behind. The girls were knocking on the door trying to get in while I was knocking on the back of Violet's ass. The girls must have gotten the door shaken loose because the next thing I knew everyone was on the bed. I was kissing Carmen, feeling up Jennifer and pounding Violet's pussy all at the same time. For a fleeting moment I wondered where Lucy was but then the thought was gone. The girls took turns with me. My memory isn't the greatest but enough there that I know I fucked them all repeatedly while I ate out someone else at the same time.

Nearly an hour later we all lay exhausted on the bed. I must have fallen asleep right away because I woke up hours later, the lights were out and we were a bundle of nude bodies. Even Lucy was there with us all. I snuck out of the room and went to my own room, quickly falling back to sleep, this time in my own bed, alone.


"Hey Richard, are you going to sleep all day?" I heard my mother say, startling me out of dreamland. I looked around a moment, then was struck with a flood of memories from last night.

"I'm getting up," I told her. "How are the girls?"

"Oh they've been up for awhile. They are in the kitchen now having breakfast," my mom said. "They tell me that you played games with them last night and that you let them win. That was nice of you Richard. I just may let you chaperone all of Lucy's slumber parties. Serious now Richard, it was nice of you to be so accommodating, not only to Lucy and her friends, but to me. I just needed the rest last night and you allowed me to have it. I love you son, more than you know."

My mom left as Lucy stuck her head in my room. "I got it all," she said, grinning ear to ear.

"What?" I asked, my head still a little foggy.

"The film, the movie," Lucy said. "I got the whole thing last night, just like we planned, three hours of fucking bliss from both of the cameras. And the look on their faces when you popped their cherries. I took a quick look at the tapes after you all passed out. This was the best idea you ever had. God this has been, well, night in heaven."

The end (now back to school)

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2012-02-12 02:31:44
BjuFKX Comrade kill yourself.

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2011-11-16 05:30:06
Boom shakalaka boom boom, probelm solved.

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2010-07-20 22:49:09
this was the most fantastic pre-teen orgy ever


2009-07-12 13:10:44
i like this, it has a nice twist with the innocentist bieng the deflowered one XD

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2009-05-31 16:17:47
i want that video :)

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