A virgin who is about as pervy as it gets, my... this should be altered.
This story involves two fourteen year old boys, and one thirteen year old boy having sex. It also involves a middle school band class. You know what it’s about, so if you leave comments saying that I’m a sick son of a bitch, I’ll know just how ignorant you are.

Alec was, for lack of another word, a pervert. He wasn’t always so… flirtatious, but after he went into the eighth grade, he decided it was the best way to make friends. Because you know, who doesn’t like a bisexual sex hound? He’s about 5’7, and Greek. His face is round, yet gaunt, never with a blemish. His hair is of course, that classic Greek/Middle Eastern type of hair. He’s not only a band nerd, and a pervert, but a track star, and he sort of has the track shape to his body.

His brother, Eddy was quite a bit like his older brother, but not nearly as perverted. He’s much more of a band nerd, starring as the 7th grade’s best trombone. His brother Alec, stars as the 8th grade’s best alto sax. Eddy is about 5’5, and looks similar to his brother. Except his hair is more of the normal European, and cut in the ‘90s boy haircut style. His body type is a lot like his brother’s, except maybe a bit less lean like a track star, and more feminine.

And lastly, Nate. Nate is one quarter Italian and three quarters German. If you ask, he’ll jokingly call himself “The perfect German,” as to when his family moved to America--after slavery was abolished, but before Hitler went and exterminated all the Jews. He’s about 5’6, and isn’t all that athletic. Not to say that he isn’t fit, he just doesn’t try. His body is just, American, not looking like it belongs to someone his age.

Enough with the long, boring introduction. Nate met Alec through band in 7th grade, and soon they became rather close friends. However in 8th grade, when Alec decided he was going to try and disturb everyone in the school, they grew a bit apart. Because of this, Alec was maybe more sexual to Nate than he was anyone else. He’d always had a bit of a crush on Nate, and when he’s already being a pervert to everyone else, isn’t that the perfect excuse to make an advance towards Nate?

On a day not unlike any other, Nate was walking away from his psychotic Math teacher’s class and towards his uptight, high strung meterosexual band teacher’s class. He’s come to rationalize this as a good tradeoff, because even though if you ask him he’ll never say so, playing the tenor sax every morning has really grown on him. As he walks down the hallway to the band room, he hears Andre’s peculiar foreign voice somewhere behind him, obviously making some sort of perverted comment to some unsuspecting young lady. “Oi vey,” he thinks, then ponders why he always thinks “Oh my” in French.

“Nate!” Alec screams as he runs towards and grabs Nate from behind. “You’re just too sexy from behind,” he whispers in his ear.

“God, Alec… just keep it in your pants, dude.” Nate shoots back, breaking the unwelcome embrace.

“I'm sorry you're just so sexy!”

Nate walks into the band room, and slowly starts off to the little corner of the room where his sax hides. He puts it on one step, and sits on his knees on the other, then hears the eccentric little band director yell “No instruments! We're watching a movie!” Evidently, he had a migraine.

He then gets a pass to go to the restroom, rationalizing that he might as well spend this period “relieving” himself instead of watching a crappy movie about some trumpet player from the '30s. He wonders off, thinking which bathroom would be closest. He decides to go with the ones in the old math hall, just because they're generally clean and... lit, and there's a handicap stall at the end that leaves a little room to stretch in.

He walks in and undoes his belt, sits down on the toilet, and stares at his penis. He knows it's not all that big at five inches, but he thinks “Well, there's some jackass out there with a two inch nail telling himself the same thing.” Then he thinks of how he could shave. He trims along the edges, in a triangle, and he shaves his ass, but it just seems like a swamp to him still. “Isn't it weird how the only place I look Italian is my penis? Brown hair, brown cock, brown balls, whiter than the wall legs. Gotta love being me.”

Just as he was starting to get hard, he hears the door open. At this time, it's got to be one of the wonderful “administration” checking to make sure that the bathrooms won't be vandalized. When actually, it's Alec looking for him. He looks under the stall and sees Nate's bare legs, pants to the side, and his classic black and white Converse, proof that it's him. Now naturally, the door was locked, but the locks at this school are the ones that saved a couple bucks when the bathroom was added on in the '80s. In short, they could be broken by being slammed too hard. Alec gave it a push, and sure enough, the lock came open.

“What the hell, Alec?” Nate said as Alec closed the door behind him. Alec then lost his pants, they're those shorts that are similar to track/soccer shorts, and he doesn't wear underwear under them.

Nate knew he wasn't straight, always has. His first “sexual” experience with another guy was when he was six years old and him and his friend took turns sucking on each other's prepubescent dicks and balls, even giving rimjobs and exploring each other's asses with their fingers. When Nate saw Alec's erect, fully shaved cock staring him down, he just about gaped.

“I know I always act gay, but I think I really like you Nate.” Alec says, starting to stroke his now hard cock. “Can I.. suck you off?”

“Uhh... yeah, go for it.” Nate says as he scoots to the front of the toilet. Briefly, he wonders how many other boys have met like this.

He starts sucking, and God there's no way this is his first time. He takes Nate's entire cock into his mouth, controlling his gag reflex and sucking on it like he's wanting that last sip of coke out of a cup.

“Ohhh dude” Nate says, starting to face fuck Alec. “Uhh”

Pretty soon, Nate starts to groan wildly and tug on Alec's hair, trying to give him the message that he's about to cum, and he does, Alec begging him for it. The first rope, he swallows, and he does the second, the third comes out of rhythm and his cheeks are filled with it, as it starts to ooze out of his mouth. With the fourth, he tries to swallow what he can, but the majority comes out of his mouth.

After words, both of them breathing deeply, near panting, Nate stares at Alec and says “I want you to fuck me,” and those are the words Alec never even dreamed he would hear.

Nate gets off the toilet, and onto his knees so he can blow Alec just enough to lube him. He knows he'll be able to receive easily, he's done it plenty enough times with everything from sharpies, to rulers, to the warmed metal rod from a dumb bell. Alec's cut, four inch cock shouldn't be a problem at all.
His eyes are precious as Nate starts to go down. He licks his cock, the bottom side first, licking it like a candy cane, swirling his tongue on it, soon Alec has to stop him or else he'll cum right there. He then bends over, putting his hands on the top of the toilet, and says “Do it,”

Alec then, slowly, assuming Nate's ass had never been touched, slides his now throbbing cock into him, Nate makes a sound of pure pleasure as he gets all the way in.

Realizing that he's loose enough not to be pained by it, Alec starts to fuck him quickly. Before either of them know it, he's fucking away like a madman, making grunts of sexual satisfaction, Nate moaning wildly at being fucked by this beautiful boy.

Soon, Alec damn near screams “I'm gonna cum inside you,” and does, Nate nearly climaxing again as he feels the hot cum filling his ass. As they both come off from their sexual high, and Andre pulls out, a stream of his come does to. He bends down and licks it off of Nate's ass, causing Nate to moan one last time.

Then Alec says “We'd better get back to that movie.”

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2011-04-16 14:48:48
For 20 minutes it was quite well done!

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2010-11-07 23:49:58
i was more instrested in the Discription of the boys than the story,
im from Europe from Ireland to be Trueful its very interesting that the boys would still have the accents even if they never probelly set foot in europe, HAYL America and friendship from across the sea, story was abit to detailed btw no offence,

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2009-05-10 01:29:34
Part 2, much better written, should be available in a day or two. Or four.

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2009-05-08 19:58:04
Really good story, keep writting and youll have at least one fan.


2009-05-08 00:14:28
Here's the story on this piece of crap I wrote.

I had a story written out, that was actually pretty good by my standards. Then my laptop shut down, it came unplugged and I didn't pay attention to the battery.

Something crappy always happens when I try to write a story. Basically, I said fuck it and wrote this in about 20 minutes.

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