Now that Rick's is posting his Perfume stories on XNXX, he talks about problems with them and the corrections he will make, plus some sneak previews.
Perfume 4 - Postmortem

This is the fourth installment of the Perfume series. In chapter 1 Richard turns the tables on his mother with her new experimental perfume, saving most of it for the future. In chapter 2 he tries to control it better when he uses it on his older sister but it still gets out of hand. In chapter 3 he finally gets it right and has a wonderful time with his little sister, until the tables are turned.

Hi, I'm Rick. My mother calls me Richard. My little sister calls me Ricky. Every else, just Rick. I started posting my stories, about my experiences with my mother's aphrodisiac perfume she got from work, onto the XNXX website. This chapter in my perfume series is sort of an early postmortem on what I have written so far. I have to admit there have been a few issues.

For those who may be reading this installment without reading the first three, you really should go back and read them in order. It gives you the background for what is talked about here. But for those who simply want to push on, here is the story summary from a high level. My mom works for a research laboratory that makes perfumes. She always brings them home to try on me. Well this one particular perfume she brought home was actually a highly effective aphrodisiac. I got ahold of it along with some antidote and used it on my mom and my two sisters. Others too but they are not told about until later installments of the Perfume series. I decided I wanted to keep a journal of all of my experiences with the perfume drug so I started writing these stories. I found that the XNXX website would publish my stories so that's what I have been doing. Being a novice at this I had to learn by my mistakes, some of which are described below. Also I am trying to respond to the criticisms and suggestions made in the comments about my stories. I see that XNXX keeps track of comments and has a rating system. Being in high school now I understand how important good grades are. I hope that you all give me positive ratings on my stories. Thank you for writing constructive comments.

The first is that it took me three submissions before I realized and was able to correct the terrible formatting of my stories. Who knew that all my indentations would be removed, making the reading of the stories so difficult. I now know that instead of indenting four characters, I simply put a spacer line in-between to make it easier to read.

Next there have been some comments both on other people's stories as well as my own about the use of the word cum versus come. So, I researched the web and found arguments on both sides. One person said that you wouldn't say "He cummed all over her face" but rather "He came all over her face." Another responded saying that that was fine for past tense but he preferred the erotic nature of the word cum for present tense. He would rather see "He was about to cum" rather than "He was about to come." I agree with this so will use the word cum and its variations instead of come. But for past tense I will still use "came."

I want to apologize to my readers for getting carried away a bit with my stories. I wanted to tell you what happened with the perfume but as I put it down on paper, I wondered sometimes if what really happened wasn't sensational enough. For example in my first story "Perfume 1 - Mother" I told about how I stole my mother's perfume and used it on her. I still can't believe it all happened. Anyway, after I fucked my mother in the ass, I didn't really tell the truth as to what happened next. I was afraid the truth wouldn't sound so good and so I embellished my story. The problem is that the story change was not a good change. Some readers took offense. The lie was worse than the truth, which I should have to. But at the time the truth seemed sort of lame.

In the story I said that after I climaxed in her ass and pulled myself out, my mother cleaned me off with her mouth. That never happened. She was so far under the influence of the drug, the perfume, she might have done what I said. But the truth is I left her panting on the bed as I went to the bathroom. I quickly cleaned my dick off at the sink, thoroughly washing both my groin area and hands with the hand soap from the counter. By the time I was drying off my mother was calling for me from Lucy's room. I went back to her and the story continues on as to what really happened.

I have another problem in my story with Lucy, "Perfume 3 - Little Sister." Remember, she had to write a section because I can't remember part of the night when I was under the drug. I actually made her write down a couple of things that never happened, just to sensationalize our time together. Again I apologize. First off I never fucked Lucy in the ass. I never have yet, as of this writing anyway. I made her say that in her section of the story but it never happened. Also the pounding I gave her in the mouth was stated far worse than it really was. Again I made Lucy embellish it. Now these corrections about Lucy's story are based on her telling me what happened and me just "encouraging" her to enhance that for the story. I was heavily under the influence of the perfume at the time and don't really remember much of anything. So who knows, maybe it really did happen. Only Lucy knows for sure.

I don't know why I would ever need to enhance any story with Lucy in it. She is amazing and we have a wonderful time together. I don't ever need to make anything up with her.

The story with Maryanne, "Perfume 2 - Older Sister," happened pretty much like I reported it. I have another one coming up that involves her but I want to tell them in the order they actually happened. Grandma is next, "Perfume 5 - Grandma." It is already written but I am going to go into it and make a few corrections. There is a section about a rope. I thought the truth would sound better if I expanded on that rope episode and therefore made some stuff up. But I see now there is no need. I want this to be the truth and as I noted above, sometimes I embellish my stories.

This whole thing with my mother's perfume being an aphrodisiac drug is way out there in the first place. In the last few weeks I have gone from a horny 14-year-old virgin to an incestuous and promiscuous something or other, I don't know what. I just know now that my sex life went from zero to out-of-this-world. I don't need to pretend it is more than what it is. People probably don't believe the truth of my stories anyway. If I hadn't experienced it all myself I wouldn't believe it either. And that's OK. I just want to get these down on paper while I remember them. XNXX has been so kind to post them for me so that other's can know what I am experiencing. The perfume is in the early stages of its development. It will be tested by others, refined, tested some more, refined again, and so on. Eventually it will make it to market, surely at a much diminished capacity than the bottle I have. The market version probably won't need an antidote. Who knows, maybe they'll incorporate some of the antidote properties into the perfume to tone it down.

"Lucy, stop it. Don't you see I'm trying to write something serious here?" Lucy is nibbling on my ear while I am writing this. She is one great thing that came out of all of this, Lucy and me. God I love being with Lucy, and to be able to fuck her, well that's just heaven for me. We don't use the perfume, just that first Sunday, never since. I don't want to waste it and we don't need it.

Actually, over time, trial and error, I have learned to use the perfume sparingly, the same with the antidote. I am learning the expected response level from the amount that I use. This will make my bottle of perfume last a while longer. Though one reader said I should write about contacting the lab, telling them of my experiences and see if I could get some more. I hadn't thought of doing that but maybe I should. Of course with my new ethical standard of telling the truth I wouldn't make up a story that I did that unless it actually happened. If I decided to do this, I will contact the lab first and tell you what came of it afterwards in one of my Perfume stories. My only concern right now would be to make sure my mom doesn't get in trouble because of it. I love my mom and don't want to cause her any grief.

OK, it looks like Lucy won't leave me alone. She wants to take me to bed so I am going to have to end this now. Stay tuned for "Perfume 5 - Grandma" which is coming out soon. I do have several more episodes with the perfume that I haven't written down yet. One I mentioned earlier about Maryanne. She is just the side story. It's her friend Laticia that gets the dose of perfume. But the most fun I have had with the perfume lately has been at Lucy's slumber party. Who knew that so many little girls could be so, well, erotic to say the least? Those little vixens taught me a thing or two. That will be a fun one to write about. And I promise to tell exactly what happened, all truth, no lies. The most recent use of the perfume though was with my English teacher, Mrs. Hodges. WOW! Can't wait to write about her.

"I'm almost done Lucy. Be right there." She is getting impatient. I have to finish this. What's so great about my relationship with Lucy is that I can tell her anything and it doesn't matter. She knows about everyone now, yes even Maryanne. And she still wants me. Lucy even teases me sometimes. Yesterday when we were in bed she said "Oh fuck me Richard, fuck your teacher hard," pretending she was Mrs. Hodges. She's a cornball. But a hot little cornball.

I realize that someday Lucy will actually meet someone else she likes and this will all be over. But for now I am just enjoying Lucy, ... and a few other people that strike my fancy.

Well got to go. Lucy is waiting.

The end (but only for today)

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