I thought I was done with my older sister Maryanne. But then she brought home Laticia.
Perfume 6 - Older sister's friend

This is the sixth installment of the Perfume series. In chapter 1 Richard turns the tables on his mother with her new experimental perfume, saving most of it for the future. In chapter 2 he tries to control it better when he uses it on his older sister but it still gets out of hand. In chapter 3 he finally gets it right and has a wonderful time with his little sister, until the tables are turned. Chapter 4 is a postmortem on Rick's story-telling and evaluation of responses. Chapter 5 has him in the arms of his grandmother and not always using the perfume.

It has been about a month since I first used the perfume. Over the past few weeks I have fucked my little 10-year-old sister Lucy nearly every afternoon, right after school before anyone else got home. When I am with Lucy I swear I will never use the perfume on another girl. We don't even use the perfume anymore. Lucy is the one I want to be with forever. Every weekend I spend with my grandmother. She makes me wonder what I see in Lucy as no-one could be as wonderful in bed as Grandma.

Yes, me, Richard, am a confused young 14-year-old boy. Thinking back, it all started with my mother Joanne bringing home a powerful aphrodisiac perfume and led to the two of us fucking wildly all night long. Next I tried it out on my 17-year-old sister Maryanne, again using too much of the drug and the sex getting out of hand. I tried to control it better with my little sister Lucy but she used it on me and I raped her over and over for an hour, so she tells me because I can't remember. Finally my grandmother took a turn and we had a more controlled but still powerful weekend.

Now, a month later I was just tired. My mother, Lucy, and myself were about to leave to visit Grandma for the evening, coming home the next day, Saturday. But I was just not feeling very well. I hadn't told anyone until the very last minute. My sister Maryanne wasn't home and I saw this as an opportunity to get some rest all by myself.

"Come on Richard," my mother announced. "We're leaving for Grandma's now."

"Yeah Richard," Lucy chimed in. "You and I can ride in the back while mom drives, like we're taking a taxi."

I knew what Lucy was really saying. She wanted to fool around in the back seat, see how much we could do to each other under our mother's nose, like we hadn't been doing that for weeks already, NOT.

"I'm not feeling well Mom. Really. I'm sick. I'm just going to rest here all night. I'll see you guys tomorrow morning."

"Do you need to see a doctor?" my mom asked.

"No. It's like a touch of the flu or something. I just need to rest," I told her. "Tell Grandma I'll see her next weekend. Tell her she can come pick me up like she has been and I'll give her double the attention to make up for it."

"Oh, double the attention," Lucy teased. "She'll like that."

Lucy was the only one who knew about what I had done to all the females in my family. She didn't judge me. She just enjoyed the attention I continued to give her."

"Well you take care," my mom said. "Maryanne will be home soon in case you need anything."

"I thought she was staying over at a friends's house?" I asked.

"Her plans changed Richard. You know Maryanne," she replied. "Now take care. We'll see you in the morning."

"Thanks mom. Bye you two. I love you both." And then they were gone. It was quiet and I just relaxed on my bed with all the lights out. I didn't even have the energy to shut my door. I must have fallen asleep right away. I don't remember anything else until I woke up to some noise outside of my room.

Now my room is positioned such that if I sit up, a bit down from the head of the bed, and look out of my open door then I can see Maryanne's bedroom door, which is normally closed when she is home. But tonight it was wide open. I could now see her bed perfectly. And on it was both Maryanne and a black girl, as black as the Ace of Spades from what I could tell. But they weren't just talking. The noise they were making was from all the moaning and kissing they were doing. Well, well, now it all made sense, why my sister didn't want anyone at school to know that she had fucked me. My sister Maryanne was gay. She was a lesbian.

I watched for a little while and realized I wasn't feeling all that sick anymore. I don't know if it was the scene before me or simply the rest I had already gotten. An idea formed in my head as to how I could get back at my sister for always being so mean to me. I would use the perfume to get her friend to fuck me, right in front of Maryanne, with her begging the friend to stop.

I wanted to be totally in control on this one which meant I would have to use the antidote. But at the same time I wanted to be able to last a good while too. So I got out one of the pills I got from Grandma. After Grandpa died, Grandma found some men's pills in Grandpa's things, that make you stay hard. The prescription was current and Grandpa had a couple of bottles, a full load of ten in one bottle and eight in the other. Grandma and I have used some of them the few weekends we have been together. She gave me a few to use at my own discretion, saying that I should only use them for special occassions. Since they were purchased over the internet, Grandma has been able to refill the prescription once and plans to continue so as much as we need them.

For me, today was that special occassion. I quietly got up and retrieved one of the pills, knowing from experience that it takes at least half an hour before I start feeling the effects, an hour for the full effect. What it does for a normal person is provide an erection for someone who can't get it up. For a healthy person it can give you a bigger, thicker, even tighter erection that can last up to four hours, no matter how many times you climax. For me I just stay hard. It's been great for Grandma and me, though we use some K-Y jelly in the later hours as we both can start to get a little worn out and raw.

For the next half hour I watched my sister make out with her girlfriend, gradually removing one piece of clothing after another until they were both completed naked. By this time I was too. I decided it was time to take action. I put on the antidote and then a dab of some perfume on the end of each middle finger. Laying back in bed I slipped my feet under the sheet but had it pulled down so that it covered part of my legs, leaving my now erect cock exposed. I then groaned as if I was just making noises in my sleep.

The girls suddenly became quiet. I heard my sister's girlfriend ask "Is there someone here?"

"There shouldn't be" she replied.

I heard them both get up and walk out of their room. It sounded like they were checking the other bedrooms. They were whispering when they got to my room. "Oh shit, my brother's home" my sister said.

"You have a brother?" the other girl asked. "You didn't tell me. How sweet. How old is he?"

"He's 14 and not for you," my sister warned as I heard them both approach. When the girlfriend was close enough I turned from my side to my back. As I did so I let my right hand fingers brush across her leg, leaving a little smear of perfume that was on my middle finger. I hoped it was enough. I was close to the edge of the bed so my left arm hung down out of the way, still with some perfume on a finger there as well.

"Wow Maryanne. Look at that boner," she whispered.

"Let's get out of here Laticia," Maryanne said. So that was her name I thought, Laticia.

"Not yet," Laticia replied. "I want to touch it. It looks like solid rock. It's really not very long, maybe average. Not bad thickness. But so stiff looking. I just have to touch it."

"You had better not wake him up," Maryanne warned.

Laticia took her hand and lightly touched my erection, letting her fingers caress the head of my penis. The excitement was incredible. She then encircled my shaft with her hand. I thought I was going to lose it right then.

"Come on, let's leave," Maryanne kept insisting.

Laticia ignored her and began ever so slowly to move her hand up and down my shaft. Gradually she increased the speed but still very slow. On the downstroke she pulled my skin as far down as it would go, making the head of my penis bulge out and putting tremendous pressure on me to keep it under control. Up she went and then back down. Three more times and I couldn't take it anymore. She had my shaft positioned straight up and that's where I shot my load. As each spurt came back down it landed around my groin area and on my penis itself. When nothing further came out she let go and I could hear her lick the cum off of her hand.

"OK, you've had your fun. Now can we leave? I don't want him waking up and seeing us standing here in the nude," Maryanne complained.

"He is still just as hard," Laticia whispered. Kneeling next to the bed she leaned down and took me into her mouth.

"Laticia!" Maryanne called out loud. But Laticia ignored her and began giving me a gentle but very focused blow job. I could feel the sucking very acutely but her movements were slow and measured. After several minutes of this I began to feel like maybe I could climax again soon. It was several more minutes of her consistent work on my member that got me to that point of climax so soon. The whole time Maryanne kept trying to get Laticia to stop. Still pretending to be asleep I let myself explode into Laticia's mouth. It wasn't near as much as I shot less than ten minutes ago but not bad. It felt like she swallowed it all and cleaned me up with her mouth and tongue.

"God Laticia, can we please just leave?" Maryanne begged.

"Look Maryanne, he is still as hard as ever and he has climaxed twice. I have to try this out," Laticia argued.

That's when I felt Laticia climb up on the bed. Since I was along the edge of the bed she kept one foot on the floor and straddled my hips, putting her knee on the other side of me. She then lowered her body down so that the head of my penis was just touching her pussy.

"Laticia, stop it. You can't fuck my brother Rick. He's only 14. Please stop." Maryanne was trying everything she could short of pulling Laticia off of me. But Laticia wasn't listening.

Then she slowly dropped her body down on my shaft. I easily slid into her wet pussy. The feeling that Laticia gave me, though wonderful, was distinctly different than what I had expected. Yes her pussy walls wrapped my shaft nicely but there was no tightness like I felt with either sister, or even my Grandma (who hadn't been fucked in years until I did it). Laticia was no newcomer to this. She had been fucked before this, a lot.

I snuck open an eyelid for a peak and saw the back of my sister blocking my view of Laticia. They were kissing, with Laticia not missing a stroke on me. Apparently trying to talk Laticia away wasn't working so she was trying to lure her away with a kiss. I saw my opportunity to put some more perfume on Laticia and took it. I reached up between Maryanne's legs and finding Laticia's, smeared my perfume laced finger onto her. A mintue later Laticia pushed Maryanne away and began to fuck me in earnest. It was time to wake up.

Opening my eyes I said "What the heck is going on?"

"You are getting the fuck of your life little brother," Laticia said.

"He's my brother Laticia," Maryanne whined, "not yours."

I turned to her with fake pleading eyes and said "I can't stop her Maryanne. It feels so good." For the first time I got a close look at the girl fucking me. She was black alright but even more so than I thought when I saw her from a distance. Most of the black kids at school are really various shades of brown. But Laticia's skin color was just slightly lighter than a black marker. She was the darkest girl I had ever seen, and here she was fucking me, little ole' Rick. I looked at her breasts. They stood out at attention, full and pointed, not sagging at all. People have always said the perfect measurements were 36-24-36. That was Laticia. But she could have been more than 36 in the breasts as right now her nipples were large and full looking. The areola around each nipple was darker in color than her skin if that was possible. But the nipples, they were simply the absence of light itself. I sat up and took one in my mouth, caressing it with my tongue, playing with it, gently sucking. Laticia moaned.

"Your brother could make me want to go straight Maryanne," she said.

"I love you Laticia," Maryanne replied. "Please stop this."

"Not until after I have your brother's cum in me one more time," Laticia told her. Maryanne stormed out of the room back to her bedroom.

I pulled away from her breast and whispered into Laticia's ear "I would fuck you all night if you let me. But we would have to do something with Maryanne. Are you up for it?"

"What do you have in mind?" she replied, continuing to fuck me, a nice steady but slow even pace. Laticia made it difficult for me to concentrate. God, I loved fucking her. But I still forced her to stop.

"What are you doing?" she asked me.

"Listen, let's play a trick on Maryanne. I have some restraints, made actually for tieing a person up on a bed. I want you to take them and go to Maryanne. Talk to her, tell her you are done with me and can't wait to get back with her, kiss her, I don't care. Do whatever it takes, but get her tied up on her bed, spread eagle on her back. Once that is done I'll come back to you.

"But I can't be away from you that long," she complained.

"Yes you can. You can do this. I promise I will make it up to you, ten fold." I got the restraints I needed from my closet. "Now here, take these ropes and scarves and tie her up." It was difficult to convince her to do something, anything, away from me, the perfume was that strong. But she finally left. I heard her talking to Maryanne. They were making up, after their little tiff. Laticia was good, very convincing. Before too long Maryanne was tied up and Laticia was beside her, the two of them making out. I took a small amount of the perfume and walked into Maryanne's bedroom. Practice had shown me just about how much to use to get the maximum effect without losing your memory. I wanted Maryanne to remember everything tonight. She didn't see me come in, being busy with Laticia. I took my finger with the perfume on it and slid it into my sister's cunt, smearing it around. She gasped when I did this and I knew that it wouldn't be long before the perfume took effect. I only had a little over half an hour left before Laticia's dose would wear off so I had to hurry.

Within a minute my sister was writhing on the bed, finally breaking a kiss with Laticia and exclaiming "Oh Christ, Laticia, don't just kiss me, fuck me."

"She doesn't want to fuck YOU Maryanne. She wants to fuck me. Don't you Laticia?" I stated. I got on the bed and had Laticia move so that she was on her knees, straddling Maryanne's head. Maryanne tried to push her face up into Laticia's pussy but I shoved her down. Kneeling behind Laticia, straddling Maryanne's chest, I positioned my shaft at Laticia opening and pushed in. Grabbing Laticia by the hips I thrust in and out for a solid five minutes, varying my speed and intensity. Maryanne just kept crying and whining, pleading for us to make love to her. We just ignored her.

All at once Laticia lifted her upper body and slammed both hands on the wall in front of her. "Oh God, Rick, I'm cumming." That just spurred me on. I pounded her hard and fast for another minute as I felt my own climax rise up within me. With one last push I held myself hard inside of her and gave her all the cum I could muster. Though it felt like a full load I am sure it wasn't that much, having cum so much already. As I pulled out of Laticia I noticed that both our liquids had been dripping onto Maryanne's face.

I pulled Laticia down to the bed, putting her on her back next to Maryanne. I then cleaned her up, licking both my own cum and her juices in and around her pussy. I easily slid two fingers into her while I licked and played with her clit. A couple of minutes later she was howling with another orgasm. We took turns with each other, all around Maryanne, sometimes our bodies just laid out on top of her. I finished off Laticia's hour by having her lay on her back on top of Maryanne. Kneeling between both of their legs I fucked Laticia. I am sure Maryanne felt every thrust but they were empty thrusts for her. We each came one last time, minutes before Laticia's perfume expired. I told Laticia that she could satisfy Maryanne now if she liked and I left the room. Laticia didn't follow.

I took my time cleaning up. Heading to my room after my shower, I noticed that Maryanne's bedroom door was closed. I heard the two girls talking. Maryanne's perfume had died off by now.

"I just don't know what came over me Laticia," Maryanne said. "I wanted you both so badly."

"It's crazy, isn't it?" Laticia responded. "I was just messing around with your brother at first. But then it was like I just had to have him and the feeling wouldn't stop. I think I would have done anything for him, I wanted him that bad. It was his idea to tie you up, not mine. But it might as well have been mine. I wanted to tie you up. I didn't want you taking your brother from me. I figured with you tied up I could have him all to myself."

"I wanted you both and I couldn't have either of you until he left. Then you finally came to me," Maryanne said. "But while the two of you were fucking, I just about went out of my mind. Every fiber in my body was screaming, no, begging to be touched. I didn't care if it was you or my brother. I just wanted to be fucked. God it was horrible. I will never forget how terrible it was."

"Do you think Rick drugged us or something?" Laticia asked.

"Rick? Not a chance. He's an idiot," Maryanne quipped.

"Well there was something about that idiot that made me keep wanting to fuck him," Laticia said. "Did you notice that he never went limp? He stayed hard no matter how many times I made him climax. Now that is one thing that would make any girl horny for your brother."

"I don't know. The whole thing just doesn't make any sense," Maryanne said. "Let's get dressed and get out of here."

That's when I left and went to my bedroom. My job here was done. I got Maryanne good. But I didn't feel any better for it. I probably won't waste my time with Maryanne again. I did enjoy Laticia though and wondered if there was any future there. I wondered how Lucy was doing. Things with her were a lot less complicated. I needed something new and different. Lucy mentioned the other day that she was going to have a slumber party. I wondered if she wouldn't mind me crashing it. But what would I do with my mom?

The end (until the next adventure)

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