Will Grandma straighten me out or will I keep straight for Grandma?
Perfume 5 - Grandma

This is the fifth installment of the Perfume series. In chapter 1 Richard turns the tables on his mother with her new experimental perfume, saving most of it for the future. In chapter 2 he tries to control it better when he uses it on his older sister but it still gets out of hand. In chapter 3 he finally gets it right and has a wonderful time with his little sister, until the tables are turned. Chapter 4 is a postmortem on Rick's story-telling and evaluation of responses.

Just before his mother was to drive him to his Grandma's house, Richard got a phone call from his grandmother.

"Richard, this is Grandma" she said.

"Hi Grandma. We're just about to leave. We'll be there in about an hour" I told her.

"Listen carefully to me Richard. I know what happened between you and your mother. I'm not here to judge you. It's been awhile since we have gotten to just spend some quality time together since your grandfather died a year ago. So I look forward to seeing you."

"Me too Grandma" I replied.

"Oh Richard, one more thing. Bring that perfume stuff with you that your mother was all upset about" she instructed.

"But I dumped that down the drain. You can ask mom," I explained.

"Your mom told me that already. But I know you Richard. You wouldn't just throw it all away. So you bring all that stuff with you." Grandma could always see right through me.

"Are you sure Grandma?" I checked. I didn't know what she had in mind.

"Yes, honey. I'm sure. I won't tell your mother. It will be our secret" she promised. "But we need to make some decisions about that stuff. So you just bring it all here and we'll have a good talk. See you soon."

"OK Grandma, bye."

My mom and I drove out to Grandma's just listening to the radio, no talking. We both knew why I was going out there. Grandma was going to talk to me to make sure I was would be alright after the episode with my mom. I thought I was fine with it all, but my mom was worried about me and just wanted to be sure. Grandma and I had always been real close so my mom thought this was the right thing to do.

When we finally arrived we got through the pleasantries quick enough. Grandma then said to my mom "Joanna, why don't you make yourself comfortable in the living room and let Richard and I talk a spell here in the kitchen."

"OK mom," my mother said.

When she was out of earshot Grandma turned to me and said "Let's sit down a bit here Richard and I want you to tell me just what happened with your mom last Friday. I know your mom's version but I want to hear it from you. I don't need details, just the short version will do fine for now."

"OK Grandma. You know how mom always brings home her research perfume for me to test. Well this time it took me over. But mom only used a little bit. What mom doesn't know is that I heard her talk about the perfume and the antidote over the phone. I wanted to see if it really worked so I tried it out on her. It worked too well. We ended up fu...I mean...we had sex Grandma. A while after it was over I did it again only I used it on both of us because I wanted to see what it felt like. I don't remember too much. I think both times I used too much. That's why on Maryanne I...uh...I mean"

"What?" she interjected. "You used it on your sister?"

"Yes mam" I replied.

"How did she take it? Did you have sex with her too?"

"OK and yes mam." I was being short with my answers now.

We kept our voices low so my mom couldn't hear us. Grandmas then asked "Does your mom know?"

"No, only Maryanne" I told her.

"Wait. Let me make sure I understand. You had sex with Maryanne, right?" she asked.

"Yes mam"

"Did you have sex with Lucy?" she asked me. With a direct question like that there was no room to maneuver. I had to answer her. I never lied to my Grandma. Well I tried not to.

"Yes Grandma."

"With or without the perfume?"

"Both Grandma."

"For God sakes Richard. Does your mother know about any of this and what do the girls know?"

"None of them know about any of the others. Only you Grandma. You know I can't lie to you." I had forgotten for the moment how much Lucy knew. My grandmother leaned back in her chair for several minutes without saying a word.

"Did you bring the perfume and antidote?" she asked.

"Yes Grandma." She then got up and went to the living room.

"Joanna, go ahead and go on home. Richard will be spending the night here. He can use some of your father's old pajamas to sleep in. I need to spend more time with him. This is more serious than I thought. So go on home. I'll call you tomorrow afternoon to let you know if he is going to stay Saturday too. I'll have him ready for you to take home by Sunday afternoon at the latest."

"OK mom, if that's what you think is best. I won't worry about picking him up tomorrow though unless you call. So if I don't hear from you I'll just assume pickup time is say noon Sunday? Does that sound OK?"

"Yes, that sounds good. Drive safely darling."

I couldn't believe what just happened. Grandma made plans for me for the whole weekend and didn't even ask me. What was I going to do here for two days? I was soon to find out.

"Richard, it is late enough that you might as well get into some night clothes. Follow me and I'll get you some of your grandfather's to wear."

She got some old pajamas and I was soon in them. I left my regular clothes in the spare bedroom where I was going to sleep.

Grandma sat me down in the kitchen with some warm milk. "Richard, you mentioned that you used too much of the perfume with your mother. Did you use too much with Maryanne?"

"I did cut it down but I still used too much. That stuff is really powerful," I explained.

"How many times did you use it with Maryanne?"

"Just once" I told her. "We only had sex for the one hour it stays active.

"Tell me about Lucy," she said.

"Well I thought I had just the right mixture with her and I thought it was going really well, for two hours. I was very gentle with her and didn't hurt her. But later I found out that she knew about the perfume. Oh I guess she knows about me and mom too then. Boy am I stupid. Well anyway just as the second hour ended and I thought I would need to give Lucy another dose of the perfume she gave it to me. She had some hidden. But she gave me too much and I went wild on her for the next hour. That hour I may have hurt her some, but not so much that she couldn't recover."

"So for the first two hours you two had sex without any perfume?" Grandma asked.

"Well we didn't actually have sex until the last 15 minutes of the second hour but we played around a lot leading up to that. But that third hour we had a lot of sex."

"But it's all over with all three of them, right. You aren't having sex with them anymore are you?" she asked me point blank.

"Well...Lucy and I have kind of been doing it" I confessed.

"What do you mean by kind of?"

"Uh, we have sex when I get home from school before mom or Maryanne get home."

"How often?"

"Every day" I told her.

"Lord oh Lordy, Richard. Lucy is only 10 years old. Is she having her periods yet? Do you know?"

"Not yet Grandma, so we don't have to watch out about babies."

"If Lucy had not had the antidote, do you think the amount you used would be too much?"

"I cut it way back to just a drop. I think it would have been just fine. I wished that I knew if a drop was OK or if I needed more."

Grandma sat quiet for another minute. Then she said "Go get the perfume. I want to see it."

I retrieved it from the spare bedroom where I had put it and placed it in front of my grandmother.

"We are going to find out if one drop is just right."

"How?" I asked.

"By experimentation, my boy. We are going to put one tiny drop on each of us and see what happens."

I must have had a look of amazement on my face. "It will be fine. If something happens then it happens. No one else will ever know. But if you intend on using this on anyone else you had better have a good idea as to how much to use. You can't just go around experimenting on everyone."

"Now so we don't get it on our hands we will use a q-tip." Grandma retrieved one and dipped it slightly into the perfume container I had. We went into the living room and sat down on the couch. We both had on our pajamas, ready for bed in case this worked. Grandma reached around and rubbed a small dab into the back of my neck and then did the same to her own. Putting the swab and perfume bottle onto the end table we just sat there and waited.

This was the first time I knowingly used a small amount and just waited for the symptoms to hit me. It was weird when they did. The first thing was heat, in my head and then down my body, not the roaring out of control heat I felt when Lucy gave me the perfume, but a more gentle controlled heat. Then I looked at Grandma. She looked sexy in her pajamas. She always looked a little sexy I thought. She was not fat at all, maybe a little pudgy stomach. She had droopy tits but a nice butt and medium size legs to go with it. Her gray hair was above the shoulders and accented her blue eyes. I always loved her smile and right now it looked pretty inviting.

I wondered what it would be like to fuck my Grandma. I realized I was starting to get a hard on. I reached up and touched Grandma's shoulder. She tilted her head and leaned forward. I followed suit and before I knew it we were kissing. We both adjusted our sitting position to get more comfortable and closer to each other. Before I knew it we were making out like two teenage lovebirds.

What was surprising to me was that I seemed to have all my senses. I understood what was happening and could remember it. I knew that we both had taken the drug and that it must be affecting us both, but it was OK. I wanted what was happening. I wanted my Grandma.

But it wasn't the burning fire type of desire. It was a low level, smoldering sort of thing. I reached up and felt her breast through her pajamas. She didn't stop me. In fact she moaned in my mouth as we continued to kiss.

After feeling her up awhile I laid her back on the couch and pushed up her top to expose her breasts. With her on her back her breasts melted somewhat back into her chest as breasts normally do. They were breasts of an older woman, covered with age spots and a little wrinkled. Her areolas were dark brown with tiny bumps all over them. Her nipples were large but not too hard. I had fun playing with them, licking and sucking.

"Stand up Richard" she instructed, bringing me out of my trance. I stood up in front of the couch and she stood up facing me, separating me from the couch. She pulled off her top exposing those delicious breasts I had just been dining on. She then pulled my top off and had me remove my bottoms. There I was standing nude in front of my grandmother, with an erection. And before me now stood my grandmother, just as naked. She sat down on the edge of the couch and pulled me to her. Standing now between her bent legs she took my shaft into her mouth. The warmth was incredible. If I wasn't fully hard before I surely was now. Grabbing my ass with both hands she began a slow, rhythmic assault on my member. I wanted this to last as long as possible so I fought the urge to cum and held out as long as I could. But eventually I had to climax. I grabbed Grandma by the hair and thrust my shaft deep into her throat. Holding her there I shot my load again and again down her throat. What was so fantastic is that she sucked me hard the whole time. When I finally let her go she continued to suck my shaft, cleaning me up before ever pulling off of me. It was by far the most wonderful blow job I had ever had from my mother or either sister. Grandma knew her stuff.

She leaned back on the couch. With her butt on the edge she spread her legs wide and said "Now it's your turn. Eat your Grandma, Richard. Make me cum."

I knelt on the floor in front of her and began licking and sucking her pussy. It was hairy as all get out but she still tasted great. After several minutes of this I took my right hand's middle finger and slid it into her pussy. I felt her pussy walls grip on it as if to keep me there. I pulled back and pushed it in again. Soon I was finger fucking my grandma while I flicked my tongue across her clit.

She held out a long time but eventually she succumbed to me. When she finally orgasmed I had three fingers in her pussy and her juices all over my face. I slowed down and let her come back to earth on her own.

"Oh Richard, it has been so long. You were wonderful" she praised me. Standing up she grabbed me by one hand and picking up the perfume bottle with the other she said "Come with me. Oh, I just made a pun." She giggled, like Lucy giggles. Now I know where Lucy got it from.

She pulled me into her bedroom and throwing the top covers to the floor she set the perfume on the side table and got into bed with me in tow.

"Now fuck me Richard" she ordered.

I didn't need her to tell me twice. She was on her back and I was hard again, ready for her. I knelt between her spread legs and positioned the tip of my shaft at her pussy opening. Then with one hard thrust I was inside, as far as I could go.

My first impression was how hot she felt. She wasn't tight like Lucy but her pussy walls gripped me anyway. It felt wonderful. As I stayed there, not yet pulling out, I felt her pussy walls squeezing me, then relaxing and squeezing me again. It was fantastic.

Slowly I began rocking my hips forwards and back, easily sliding my dick in and out of Grandmas vagina. Though her pussy walls tried to hold me, she was so wet the movements were smooth and easy. Grandma took her legs and wrapped them around my legs. As she slowly pulled her legs apart, still stretched out straight, she pulled my legs apart with her. I slid my arms under her shoulders and gripped the top of each shoulder with my hands. This helped me thrust harder as Grandma had me off balance with my legs stretched out.

Grandma began pushing her pelvis up with each inward stroke and pulling her legs apart even more, all the while continuing to squeeze her pussy walls around my thrusting cock. Suddenly I came, no warning, just spasms and shooting fluids.

"Oh Grandma, I'm sorry. I didn't warn you. It just came. You're're so wonderful. I love fu...having sex with you."

"It's OK Richard. You can say it. I love fucking you too. Now slide down to my pussy like a good grandson and eat your grandmother until she cums." I did as she instructed. The taste of her juices mixed with my own cum oozing out of her pussy was awesome. A few minutes of this and Grandma was writhing in ecstasy from her orgasm.

We rested in each other's arms a little while before continuing. It was nice holding her, kissing her, playing with her tits, caressing her pussy as she lightly played with me.

"Stand up next to the bed" she directed. She knelt on the floor in front of me. Then she did something that astonished me. She took out her teeth, both uppers and lowers.

"I didn't know you had false teeth Grandma."

She just smiled and went down on me. Oh my God. Her hot mouth totally wrapping my dick. I was hard in a few seconds. It felt like her pussy but even better, completely engulfing my shaft, sucking it, squeezing it with her mouth, pulling it in completely. It felt like I was harder than I had ever been. Then she reached between my legs with one hand and pierced my ass with her finger. Pushing deep inside me she found a spot that she pressed on, as it it was the back side, the inside, of my shaft. The feeling was out of this world. She held my erection completely in her mouth. I had to be partway down her throat. Pressing with her finger and sucking with her mouth I came. But it wasn't the normal repeated spasms that I was used to. I shot my load in one steady stream down her throat, one long climax like someone had turned on the hose, until I was empty. Then in an effort to try and give her more cum, my body finally spasmed again and again, giving me repeated climaxes but nothing came out. I was totally drained.

I collapsed to my knees totally spent, pushing Grandma back against the bed. I was in awe of this woman. I kissed her hard on the mouth, even without her teeth. I pushed my tongue between her lips and let her suck on it. God I loved her.

I broke the kiss and fell backwards onto the floor. Looking up to the ceiling I announced "Grandma, that was the most incredible blow job I have ever experienced."

"Your grandfather used to think so too when, for awhile."

"For awhile? What do you mean Grandma?" I asked.

"Oh I don't know why I told you that. Your grandfather was a fine man."

"Oh no you don't. You don't start telling me something and then try to take it back. You meant something with your 'for awhile' statement. What was it?" I insisted.

"Let's go take a shower and I'll tell you" she suggested.

We got up and went into Grandma's bathroom. A couple minutes later we were lathering each other down. We took our time, making sure we were really clean. Of course one thing led to another and before we were done I had fucked Grandma in the shower from behind. I just couldn't get enough of her. She was fantastic.

After drying off we got back into bed together, pulling up the sheet and covers, both totally nude. We kissed some while we held each other.

"Alright Grandma, you keep putting me off, making me wait all this time. Now what did you mean about Grandpa?"

"Well OK I'll tell you, but don't be too hard on his memory. He was always good to you. Don't ever forget that."

"I won't Grandma. So tell me."

"Your grandfather and I always had a close relationship, both emotionally and sexually. This lasted well into our fifties. I had lost my teeth a decade before so had a good ten years practicing that little trick I just showed you on your grandfather. Anyway it was in our mid-fifties that I discovered your grandfather was a philanderer."

"A what?" I asked.

"He slept around a lot. That wouldn't be all that bad if it wasn't for who he slept with."

"Who Grandma? Anyone I know?"

"Your mother for one. When I found out and confronted him with it he confessed everything. The problem is that I never knew. How could I be so blind. It started when your mother was a little girl, not much older than Lucy is now. I just thought Joanna, your mother, had a special friendship with your grandfather. I didn't know they were fucking."

"How long did it last?" I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe last year when he died. There is evidence that he continued even after telling me."

"You mean he was fucking mom under dad's nose?"

"Not just your mom."

"Who else?" I demanded.

"Maryanne" she replied.

"Maybe that's how come mom and Maryanne seemed so good in bed. Lots of practice." I was being a smart-aleck.

"Because of it I didn't have sex with your grandfather the last five years of his life. In fact Richard, you are the first person I have had sex with since your grandfather. I have not confronted Maryanne about it. I'm hoping she is over it, if that is ever possible. I guess I am hoping that she is relieved that Grandpa is dead. Your mother is another story. We have fought over this many times. But she kept seeing him. Not often in the later years but I know it was happening. But how can I be too hard on him. Look at me now, with my wonderful grandson."

Grandma kissed me then. "Do you know something Richard. We have been at this for nearly two hours now. The perfume drug has long since left our system. We are together on our own."

"I don't want to stop Grandma. We don't need the perfume" I argued.

"We don't do we" she agreed. "But the test has helped you know that just a simple drop is all you need."

"It does help with my erection. It is kind of like all those erectile dysfunction ads on TV. It works really well. Being young of course helps, but with all the sex we've been having, the drug helps keep me stiff. I've noticed that using just one drop does not seem to have any affect on my memory either like it did when I used a lot of the perfume."

"I would really like to know what it felt like to use more though," Grandma thought out loud. But if you need a drop to keep hard...hmmm. I have an idea. Come with me."

Grandma led me to the garage. It was a bit cold, standing there in the buff. She found some rope and had me cut four long lengths. We then went back into her bedroom where she got four long scarves out of her dresser.

"Now lie down on the bed on your back, that's it, down a little, more in the center, yes good."

I watched her wrap each wrist and ankle with a scarf and then tie a length of rope to each. She then tied each rope to a corner of the bed so that I was spread eagle on the bed.

"Does it hurt?" she asked.

"No but I can't get up either."

"Good. Now I am going to give you one drop to help you with your erections." She did and within a minute I felt the heat and desire well up in me. I tried to get to her but couldn't.

"Grandma please, make love to me. Don't leave me like this" I begged. My penis began to raise up at attention, in anticipation of what I wanted.

"I'm going to give you just one tiny little drop more" she said and she did. A minute later my body was on fire. I was wild with need for my Grandma. Hell I would have fucked anyone at that moment if they would simple sit on my hard shaft right then. She must have not given me so much that my memory left me as I still felt in control of my mind. It was just my need to be touched and to touch others. I needed Grandma to fuck me, now.

She took my erection into her mouth, getting me plenty wet. "Yes Grandma, thank you. That feels so good. Oh I need that, yes, yes." I had my eyes closed but when she stopped I looked up at her. She was reaching for the perfume.

"I'm sorry Richard but I had to find out. I have to see what it is like to have a full dose." I watched her as she smeared the perfume on the back of her neck, probably five times as much as she gave me.I knew what was about to happen and I knew that Grandma would remember very little of it. But I would remember every moment. I was on fire, yes. But Grandma was about to become hell fire itself.

I heard her growl as she straddled my hips. In one movement she implanted my shaft up in her. A moment later she was fucking me furiously. I have to say I loved every moment of it. I had needs because of the little bit of perfume she gave me. And Grandma was satisfying those needs. But I wondered if I was satisfying hers. She leaned down towards me, dropping one breast onto my face. She simply said "Suck."

I did as I was told. I began sucking her breast as best I could. It kept slipping out of my mouth, my hands being tied up. She finally just leaned down onto me pressing her breast into my face. This kept it steady so that I could suck. She never once stopped fucking me. As she pulled up to change breasts I climaxed. But it didn't stop Grandma. She just kept fucking me hard and I sucked on her other breast.

She had given me enough of the perfume to keep me hard. Plus the fact that she was smoking hot right now and I wanted to be fucking her. Granted, I knew a lot of that desire came from the perfume. But Grandma was something else. We had fucked without the perfume and I loved every second of it. With the perfume in me it was just that much better. But to have her going wild on my body, well that was just icing on the cake.

Grandma sat back up and increased her movements to the point that I thought it was just a blur. I watched her orgasm, slowing her gyrations on me but not really stopping. Soon she was back at it again and I was in heaven. I don't think she stopped fucking me for half an hour. She climaxed more than me and I had at least four. When she finally stopped she simply turned around and sat on my face, ordering me to eat her to her next orgasm. I did, to more than one. She rewarded me by sucking me off. It wasn't as nice as when she used her little butt trick but it was still good.

By the time my hour was up she was slowing way down. I was thankful that Grandma kept fit with her daily jogs and her exercise classes. Her hour ended with her collapsed on top of me. We fell asleep that way.

I woke up still tied up with Grandma snuggled up against me. I thought about what had happened and got a morning erection, helped on by the fact that Grandma was lying next to me nude. My movements must have woken her.

"Oh Richard I am so sorry. I didn't untie you last night" she apologized.

"That's OK Grandma. You'll get your turn someday." It was becoming apparent that the more perfume you used the more your body had to repair itself afterwards. And that happened through sleep.

We showered again and then spent the rest of Saturday laying around in the nude. We fucked when we wanted and rested when we wanted. I couldn't count the number of times that we fucked before we had to leave Sunday morning. But it was a weekend unlike any I ever could imagine.

Grandma gave me the perfume back and told me to use it sparingly. She told me to be gentle with Lucy but to leave my mom and Maryanne alone. She promised that she would have me over for visits more often now. She would tell my mom that the visits were necessary to keep me from going into a depression about my little episode with my mother. I told Grandma that I loved her and I meant it.

She had driven me home instead of having my mom come pick me up, and now as she was about to leave I leaned into her window and whispered how I would dream about her special blow job until we could see each other again.

What I didn't tell her was that I wasn't going to follow all of her advice. In particular about Maryanne. I didn't love Maryanne like I did Lucy. Maryanne picked on me. So I wondered what Maryanne would think if her girlfriends had their way with poor little Ricky. Yes I just wondered.

The end (...taint likely)

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