Withe the perfume in his possession, Rick decided to use it on his older sister Maryanne.
Perfume 2 - Older Sister

This is the second installment of the Perfume series. In chapter 1 Richard turns the tables on his mother with her new experimental perfume, saving most of it for the future.

It was last Friday night that I discovered and abused my mother's perfume drug. I rested Saturday morning. My mom sat me down for a "talk" to try to explain that the drug just took us both over and it was no-one's fault. But now that I had dumped it down the drain everything was going to be alright and things could get back to normal. What my mom didn't know was that I had safely hidden away both the perfume and an ample supply of the antidote.
Before noon my sister Maryanne walked in. She was clearly upset and asked "Mom, I thought you were going to work today. I thought that's why you needed me to go get Lucy from grandma's."
"Oh honey, I forgot to call you. I'm just leaving now to go to grandma's. I need to spend some time with her today. I'll be back by dinner time. I'm sorry dear. Bye." And then my mom was gone.
So my mom will be gone for several hours, I thought. I looked at my sister standing there pissed off just because she had to drive over here, for nothing. I knew she would be leaving here in just a minute to drive back to her friend's house.
My sister Maryanne was 17, a senior in high school, the same school I went to. She was 5 feet 5 inches, well built, especially in the breast department. Her brown hair was over the shoulders. Her brown eyes and puffy lips completed the package. She was a pretty good looking girl. She just teased me unmercifully, especially about girls. She knew I didn't have a girlfriend, hadn't even dated anyone. Now that I was in the same high school as she was she stayed clear of me like the plague. I decided to change all that.
I knew I had to work fast. As Maryanne went to her room I got out the antidote and rubbed some into the back of my neck, knowing it would last for the next hour. I then took a little bit of perfume and put it on the tip of two fingers. As I came out of my room I saw Maryanne walking down the hallway to leave.
"Wait" I yelled.
"I wanted to ask you something" I said.
"I haven't got time" she replied.
Walking up to her I said "It's about school."
"Forget it" she said and turned to leave.
"It's about girls at school" I continued. She hesitated long enough for me to reach her at the door as she was opening it.
"Maybe later" she said and started to walk out. I reached out with the hand that had the perfume on it and just barely brushed her hair aside and slid a finger across the back of her neck. Would it be enough. I didn't know. The door shut and I was left standing alone in the hallway.
I leaned back against the wall and stuck the finger I had touched her with into my mouth sucking off the perfume, knowing it would have no effect on me with the antidote in my system.
Just then the front door opened and in walked Maryanne. "Well if my little brother is having girl problems maybe I should hear him out. I've got a few minutes and I do know a little bit about girls" she laughed. "So what's your question?" she asked as she walked up to me. She took her hand and rubbed it up and down my arm like a caring person might do but I knew my sister would never do on her own. I thought I would play on her vanity.
"Well first of all, as you have pointed out many times, I have never had a girlfriend. I don't even know how to act around girls. I wouldn't know what to do with a girl. And most of all I am worried that I will never meet a girl as pretty as you."
She blushed and leaned in to whisper into my ear "I can answer all of your questions."
As she was close I made sure my other finger with the perfume on was kept away from the back of her neck. I didn't want her to go ape on me right away. She stepped back and taking my arm pulled me after her into the living room. We sat down on the couch.
"Do you have any girls you like?" Maryanne asked me.
"None in particular. I really don't know how to start" I confessed. She kept a hand on me leg or arm at all times, continually moving, caressing, ever gentle but always there.
"To start is easy. You just walk up and say Hi, I'm Rick. What's your name?" she instructed.
"Then what?" I asked.
"Then whatever, I haven't seen you around before, or I've noticed you for awhile and thought I had better say hello, anything, just talk. But talk naturally. Don't be stupid or try to sound like you're something out of this world. Girls will see right through that. Just be yourself. Eventually you'll start feeling more comfortable around her. Then ask if you can eat lunch with her. Gently touch her on the arm, not long though. Gradually increase this until it becomes natural to touch her and she responds by touching you."
"The next step is to walk her to her class, then to walk her home. If you get to walk her home you might want to try and give her a kiss, a little one, to say goodbye. Have your ever kissed a girl?"
"Me? Never" I lied, knowing it was just last night that I had made passionate love to our mother. We had fucked each others brains out all night.
"OK. Take your hand and gently run your fingers across the lower edge of her cheek from back towards her chin like this." She demonstrated. "Now you do it." She took my hand and put it in position to start. It was the hand that still had the perfume on my middle finger. She pulled my fingers across her cheek but I kept my middle finger out. She noticed.
"Relax" she instructed and repositioned my hand, pressing all my fingers down onto her face and then rubbed them across her cheek as she demonstrated again. Well it was done now. The gentle time would soon be over.
"That's it, understand? Now about that kiss. It just has to be a gentle brush across her cheek the first time like this" and then she kissed me, gently on the cheek.
"Now you try it" she instructed.
I did, letting my lips linger a moment longer. I heard her breathing start to get a little labored.
"Yes...yes that's...yes that's it...very good" she finally got out. "Now when...when you finally kiss her on the lips make sure the first time is gentle and"
She pulled me into her and kissed me on the lips. But it was anything but gentle. The kiss quickly became stronger, more powerful, more frantic. Her tougue pierced my lips and drove deep into my mouth. I thought my mother could kiss but Maryanne put her to shame. I felt myself get harder than I already was and then she pulled my tongue into her own mouth. She was in control of my tongue, not me. She sucked it in and out as if I was fucking her mouth with my tongue. Her body was now pressing up against me. I felt her tits against my shirt, her nipples hardening. Her hand went to my groin, feeling my erection.
She broke the kiss and said "I see you're hot for me aren't you little brother?" Grabbing me by the arm she pulled me off the couch and towards her bedroom.
"It's time I show you the ultimate, so you'll always have perfection to compare against the rest of your life."
When we got to her room she simply said "Strip, now." I did and she did too. God she was beautiful. Her breasts were full and her nipples erect. She pushed me back onto the bed so that only my lower legs hung over the side. She then leaned in and took my whole shaft into her mouth. I'm only six inches but she buried me deep inside. She then gave me the most magnificent blow job I have ever had. I thought my mom was good. Maryanne had to have been practicing lately. She slid up and down my shaft teasing me not only with her tongue but with her teeth too. I only lasted a few minutes before I shot my first load down her throught.
But she didn't stop, continuing her attack on my member and keeping it nice and hard. She soon got up onto the bed and straddling my hips dropped herself down onto me. When I felt my shaft slide up into her pussy it was like someone turned on the furnace. The heat of her pussy meat wrapped around my shaft was just incredible. She began moving her hips up and down my shaft while I watched her look at me. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts, squeezing then until I started doing it on my own while she never stopped her rhythmic assault on my cock.
I played with her mounds, twisting her hard nipples between my fingers, listening to her moan. I then took one hand and reaching down between her legs began playing with her clit. I decided why not my middle finger and let her movements rub against the finger that had the perfume on it. A minute later she was arching herself backwards and screaming "Oh yes, Rick, yes, oh shit, I'm coming."
She suddenly stopped, frozen it seemed. So I continued thrusting up into her when just as suddenly I came too, shooting one spurt after another up into my sister's cunt. She fell forward onto her hands, her head just above my own but her eyes closed. When she finally opened them she leaned down and kissed me hard.
She pulled back and said "So much for the appetizer. Now get up here and fuck me." She moved off of me and positioned herself on her back in the middle of the bed. "I see we may have to do a little revitalization first though. Put your knees up around my head and start licking my pussy. As I did I felt her take my semi-rigid penis into her warm mouth. She got it nice and slick with her saliva, sliding it in and out. I did the best I could on her pussy, using what I had learned from eating out my mother.
"Oooh you're good. Yes keep that up and you'll have me, oh shit, yes that's it Rick. Lick my pussy, yes." She went back to work on my shaft but it wasn't that long before she thrust her stomach up at me as she orgasmed under me. I was hard now so I turned around and positioned myself between her legs. By now she was coming down from her high. She pulled her legs apart and simply said "Now fuck me!"
I did. And I didn't take it easy. She didn't want me to. I slid my erection all the way to the end in one push. Pulling most of the way out I pounded her again and again. Several minutes of this and I was beginning to get winded.
"Oh God Rick, you are wonderful" she managed to get out just before forcing us both into the air with another orgasm as she thrust her hips upwards and stiffened up. I didn't stop thrusting though and kept her in this state of continual bliss for a full minute before she finally dropped us both back to the bed.
Varying my intensity and speed I was able to get moments of rest and keep this going. Over the course of the next ten minutes Maryanne must have climaxed a haft dozen times. It must have been the fact that I had come twice already in the last half hour and pretty much emptied my reserve the night before that I was able to hold on so long.
I decided to try something new with Maryanne. I pulled out and grabbing her by the hips flipped her over onto her stomach. Then pulling her up onto her knees I thrust my still hard shaft back into her pussy. After several hard thrusts holding her hips, I took one hand and reached around her waist. A moment later I was teasing her clit while I continued to fuck my sister from behind.
Maryanne didn't just let me do all the work. She was thrusting her hips back into me each time I shoved forward, making the drive into her that much more powerful. Looking down at her tight ass pounding into my groin I knew what I wanted to do. On the next climax she had I quickly pulled out of her pussy and placed the tip of my penis at the entrance to her ass. Not asking if it was OK I slowly pressed my erection into her asshole. It was tight and she instinctively resisted. But I was so slick with her juices that I was able to get in. As the head of my penis slid in the resistance eased up some and I was able to get the rest of my shaft into her. She groaned in pain as I held still for a few moments, buried deep in her bowels. Then I started moving, slowly at first, pulling out and then pushing back in. Each stroke was a little harder than the last, a little faster than before, until I was fucking her full force in the ass. She began to meet my thrusts with her own. Even now though her ass was still tight around me. But the heat. I thought her pussy was hot. Her ass was on fire. I rammed her as hard as I could, her ass slapping against my hips as I buried myself deep inside only to repeat it again and again.
"Oh God Rick, it's a big one this time. I feel it building. So strong, so strong. Rick, Rick?"
She quit moving and just let me pound into her. Grabbing her hard by the hips I pushed myself into her as deep as I could each time trying to push myself harder and deeper into her ass than the last time.
"Oh yes" she cried. I couldn't take it anymore. I exploded. With one last hard thrust I pushed in and held myself there while all the cum I had been building up erupted deep in my sister's bowels. I stayed holding her tight until I was empty and only then did I relax. I pulled out of her and fell beside her on the bed. My sister was clearly out of breath when she turned her head and looked at me.
"That was the best fuck I have ever had" she gasped. "God, we've got to do that again."
"Do you really mean it?" I asked.
"Of course I mean it. I mean why wouldn't I..." she started to say, and then hesitated. My first thought was that the perfume was wearing off. She didn't get the same heavy dose that my mother got.
"I uh, uh Rick? What...what the fuck?" She jumped off the bed. "Oh God Rick, did we just ...? Oh shit we did. I just fucked my brother. Get out of my room, now" she ordered.
"But you were showing me how to kiss a girl" I argued.
"Well you don't have to fuck her to kiss her" she screamed.
"I just did what you told me to do Maryanne. I'm sorry if I didn't do it right" I cried.
"It's not that you didn't do it right" she mumbled. "You did it too right Rick. You're my brother. It's wrong. We shouldn't be doing this. We certainly shouldn't be enjoying it. If you tell anyone I'll kill you."
"I won't tell anyone I swear. But I heard you say it in so many words. You enjoyed it didn't you?" I asked.
She hesitated and then said "Get over yourself. We're not doing that again."
"Come on sis, say it. You enjoyed it."
"OK, if it will shut you up and get you out of my room, I enjoyed it. Now get out" she ordered.
I grabbed my clothes and smiling I left. I showered and redressed before my mother got home with Lucy.

An hour later they were home. "Hi mom. How was the drive?" I asked as she and Lucy entered.
"Fine. Did you two behave yourselves while I was gone" she asked halfheartedly.
"Of course mom" Maryanne jumped in. She had showered herself and looked like it.
"Well tomorrow I have to work so you three will have to take care of yourselves while I'm gone." My mom then walked off to her room.
"That means you'll be staying home with Lucy" Maryanne informed me. "You owe me this time off after what I gave you today. After Mom leaves in the morning you won't see me until just before she gets home tomorrow night. Have fun taking care of the brat."
Lucy had already gone to her room so as Maryanne walked off I began planning for Sunday. I had all day with Lucy.

The end (not really)


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