Friends Drop By for Drinks & More
Japanese Wife Entertains Friends
by TJ

I met my wife while attending a West Coast University.

She was a student.

Although she was born and grew up in a small town in Northern Japan, she learned English early and excelled in school... earning a scholarship to the school that I attended.

When we met we were both 24.

We married the week after graduation..that was 11 years ago.

Makiko is 5 feet 5 inches tall, 115 pounds, beautiful long black hair, sparkling eyes, charming outgoing personality, and a body that would tempt the most pious man to commit adultery... 34 C-cup, 23, 34.

She stays physically fit through a dedicated series of aerobic exercises, swimming and tennis. In bed she's a real tiger, especially after a bottle of wine or a few shots of scotch.

This brings me to the event that dramatically changed our relationship.

After marriage, we moved to Hawaii, where I became a freelance, communication consultant.

Life is good.

We built a Japanese style home on a tall hill surrounded by enchanting meadows and graceful trees.

Once a week we drive to a nearby town, about 15 minutes away and do shopping, eat at one of several nice restaurants, and maybe catch a movie.

We only have a few friends and quickly adapted to a rather slow paced, predictable existence.

One day, I received a phone call from a college buddy.

He's a rather successful business executive and despite his good looks and pleasant personality has remained unmarried.

He was on a business trip in our area and wanted to drop by for a visit.

An associate was traveling with him, so he politely asked if his friend could come along as well.

Tom was one of my best friends in school and we enjoyed many heated debates about politics, society, and various other controversial topics.

I immediately agreed to the visit and asked where they were staying.

They planned to check into a hotel about 10 miles from our home.

I insisted they spend the night with us, since we have a large guest bedroom.

Makiko was very excited when I told her about the imminent arrival of Tom and his friend.

We seldom have guests over to the house, especially people in their '30s'.

She busied herself with preparations.

They arrived about 4:30 in the afternoon.

Looking out the living room window, I saw the sleek Mercedes SLK turn onto the long, winding road that leads up the hill to our home.

Makiko was dressed in a colorful Yukata (Japanese Summer Kimono).

We greeted them at the door and immediately served cold beer and snacks.

Hours passed quickly, as we reminisced and chatted while drinking, eating and laughing.

Tom's friend, Darren, is a very handsome black man.

His skin is light brown and facial features are very similar to the movie actor, Denzel Washington.

Makiko was flattered by all the attention she was receiving.

Both men showered her with compliments about her good looks and gracious hospitality.

When we ran out of beer and wine,

I suggested that they take a bath in our large Japanese-style ofuro (bathtub), while I drive to the nearby village to replenish our booze supply... a 30-minute round-trip.

The bath was a spacious room that closely resembled one of the many charming onsens (hot spring baths) found throughout Japan.

The sunken tub can hold up to ten people, and had served as a wonderful playpen for my young wife and I.

It faces a large, well-groomed Japanese Garden, which can be viewed through a huge picture window.

The garden is surrounded by a tall bamboo fence to insure privacy, even though we live in the country, far from any neighbors.

Makiko handed them fresh Summer Kimonos.

Before leaving, I told them to yell out for Makiko if they needed instructions in how to take a Japanese Bath.

In Japan, people soap, scrub, and rinse outside the bath, then soak in very hot water.

As I walked toward the garage, I suddenly remembered that I had purchased two cases of beer and a case of wine over a month ago.

I had stored most of the beer in the refrigerator in the garage, while the wine was in a cellar under the house.

I was relieved that I didn't have to take the long trip and began to retrieve the refreshments.

After transferring the bottled beer to a plastic case,

I carried them into the house through the kitchen entrance.

As I entered the door, I heard Tom calling Makiko's name.

She had not seen me come into the house and went to the bathroom entrance, slightly pulled the sliding door ajar and asked what they needed.

He explained that he was a bit confused about the buckets, stools, rough textured towels and what to do with them.

She said "just a minute", then reached down to pull the back inner hem of her kimono through her legs, lifted it up and secured it in the sash that held her robe in place. This exposed her fine legs, which were slightly tanned and well-toned from regular exercise.

She then secured both sleeves of the kimono up on her shoulders.

When she entered the bathroom, I quickly exited the house and quietly went around to the garden gate.

By the time I took position behind a large bush that offered an uninterrupted view of the entire bathroom, Makiko was already behind Tom, scrubbing his back with a soap-soaked towel.

Both men were totally nude, sitting on the small wooden stools.

Their pubic area was covered with a hand towel, but I could see a large bulge forming under Tom's towel.

The top windows were open to allow air circulation, so I could easily hear their conversation.

Tom was asking if it was O.K. for her to be in the bathroom with them.

She said "you heard my husband, he said to call me if you needed any instructions on how to take a Japanese Bath".

She smiled and kept scrubbing.

She told them that in Japan it was common for young girls to take baths with their fathers up to 9 years old, sometimes older.

The girls learned how to soap, scrub and rinse using their dads' for practice.

After thoroughly cleaning Tom's back, she moved around the stool facing him.

She began scrubbing his face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, legs, feet and while on her knees removed the small towel covering his penis.

He was shocked at the matter-of-fact way she exposed him; however, I could tell that she was also shocked when she saw Tom's monster, 9 inch cock spring up into the air.

I am about six inches and her father is even smaller. I know because her father and I have bathed together at several hot springs.

She quickly began to rub foamy soap all over his rock hard cock.

Soon she asked him to rise up off the stool so that she could slide her hands over his butt, into the crack and insert her finger up into his anus, insuring everything was thoroughly clean.

She then re-focused her attention on his hard, stiff rod and balls.

It appeared that she was jacking him off as she stared at the huge dick, which was obviously the biggest one she had ever seen.

Suddenly she came out of her trance and picked up a bucket of water and rinsed him off.

Tom's penis was twitching from all the fondling it had received.

It was now Darren's turn.

When she got to the unveiling process, her mouth dropped opened to see his 11-inch tool.

By the time she was finished, I thought Darren would have shot his load right then and there; but he was able to hold back.

I'm sure I would have emptied my cum all over her hand.

She then instructed Tom and Darren to get into the large sunken bath tub.

By now, they seemed more comfortable being naked in front of her as they walked to the large pool-like bathing tub.

Darren tested the water with his foot and immediately jerked it back, saying "you've got to be crazy... that stuff is boiling hot!"

Tom repeated the action with a similar remark.

Both men said that the water was much to hot.

Hiroko laughed and said that most of the time Japanese used even hotter water.

She then stood up walked passed them while untying the sash on her robe.

With her back to both men, she let it drop to the floor exposing her perfectly formed backside in all its naked splendor.

I could read the deep appreciation in Tom and Darren's eyes;iIn fact, I must say it was more like lust than appreciation.

She then slowly stepped into the tub lowering herself until the water level was neck-deep. Turning around she offered her hand to the men saying "See, it's not that hot... I'm here."

Darren was not so sure and Tom also appeared hesitant.

Hiroko then told them that if they came into the tub and submerged to the neck for a slow count to ten she would give them a big surprise.

Darren held back, but this was enough to drive Tom in the water.

In one swift move, he was submerged while Hiroko counted off at an agonizingly slow pace.

By the time she reached five, Tom stated that the water was starting feel comfortable... even pleasant.

This still did not persuade Darren to take the plunge.

When she finished the count to ten she congratulated Tom and asked him to stand up.

The water was about mid thigh so that his large cock was now sticking straight out several inches above water level.

Hiroko then reached up and began to stoke it.

After several pumps, she started to lick the large head.

Tom's eyes rolled back in pleasure.

Darren nearly dove into the water and after surfacing began his much faster count down.

In the meantime, Makiko looked up at Tom's eyes with a lustful stare, and slid her tongue down the shaft causing Tom to moan with deep pleasure.

This continued for another three minutes, while Darren looked on in envy.

As she worked her lips and tongue up the shaft, starting at the balls, I could see pre-cum forming on the tip.

When she saw the evidence she told him that he was ready for the mat.

In the corner of the bathroom was a large air mattress where I had enjoyed many magnificent massages at the hands of my exotic wife.

Within one minute Darren had produced his first drop of lust juice and was also sent to the mat.

She told the two men to lie down on their stomachs.

As her two playmates took their positions, Hiroko poured a bucket of water over her body from the neck down.

A large bottle of liquid soap was employed to distribute swirls of the slick bubbly stuff from top to bottom.

After lathering up she looked like a princess in a white chiffon dress.

She lowered herself to Darren's back and began to slither and squirm, using her luscious body as a wash cloth.

It was obvious Darren had a boner to end all boners as he tried to reposition his hips to relieve the tight confines of his weapon.

She then slithered over to Tom, who responded in kind.

I couldn't tell who was enjoying the action more... the two men or Makiko.

Makiko suddenly stood up and ordered her subjects to turn over.

Once on their backs there was no more speculation as to the condition of their arousal.

Both looked like flagpoles.

A seductive smile came over Makiko's face as she straddled Tom's hips.

Then she slowly squatted, maintaining her balance on the soles of her feet, until the tip of his cock came in contact with the entrance to her soaking pussy.

She slowly revolved her hips causing Tom's penis to actually expand in expectation.

Ever so slowly she moved down... at a wanton, sensual pace.

Tom's was in ecstasy when she reached the halfway point.

I could see the muscles in her legs controlling the pressure.

I could also tell, by the small ripples flowing over your firm flat tummy, that her vaginal muscles were at work massaging Tom's hard rod.

She asked him if it felt good? He almost yelled, "Yes, please don't stop".

Makiko reached over and began stroking Darren's throbbing shaft.

"Don't worry, you're next"... her voice was deep and raspy as she stared into his eyes.

Suddenly Tom lifted his body off the air mattresses... taking Makiko with him.

His low grunts were filled with helpless moans of pleasure.

I could see his sperm backing out of her pussy, as droplets of his pearly cum trickled down her inner thighs.

Makiko was in sync as she yelled in an earth-shattering climax that had her body trembling with gratification.

They both remained frozen in ecstasy for one full minute.

Slowly my awakened wife-slut rose off Tom like a triumphant Olympic wrestler, who had just pinned her final opponent in quest of the gold medal and then repositioned herself atop Darren.

His magnificent brown cock was at least two inches longer and an inch thicker than the one she had just conquered.

She was totally lubricated as the first penetration took her to the base of his pole in a fraction of a second

In slow motion, she used the muscles in her pussy to stimulate his erection.

His eyes began to roll back in their sockets, as the sensation became overwhelming.

Her stomach undulated erotically demonstrating the rhythmic action inside.

A smile of total lust covered her face while the moment of orgasm approached.

Darren let go with a violence convulsion that almost sent Hiroko flying across the room, but she had already braced herself by grabbing onto his hands before the volcanic eruption of sperm flooded her vagina. G

obs of goo seeped from her cunt.

Her internal massage continued until Darren could move no more.

When there rapid breathing and moans returned to normal... she arose, went over to one of the small stools and flushed herself of their combined seed.

She then entered the bathtub once more, and reemerged within seconds, quickly dried off, slipped on her yukata and exited the room, while her two victims lie recuperating on the air mattress.

I rushed from my hiding place behind the bush in the garden, quietly making my way to the garage door.

I gathered the bottles of wine, prior to making a grand entrance, yelling...

"Honey, I'm back... are we ready for another round ".

She was calmly standing at the kitchen counter cutting cheese into small cubes.

"Oh you're back so soon"... her voice was filled with deep satisfaction and contentment.

Within minutes we were all back in the living room sucking up beer, laughing, and pretending nothing had changed since the moment I walked out the door about one hour earlier... but so much had changed.

My sweet Japanese wife was now a helpless slut who would need her newfound addiction for hard cocks quenched regularly and I was to be the lucky audience.


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no caxo deveria estar escrito en español

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