A simple test of a perfume ended in a mother and son breaking that timeless taboo.
Perfume 1 - Mother

My dad left yesterday. He's a truck driver and will be gone for two weeks, like he does every month. My mom, Joanna, works in a research lab making perfumes. It's all hush hush but that hasn't kept her from bringing home samples and trying them out. For years she has used me as her test subject. She would put on her new perfume and then see how I liked it.

My name is Richard, Rick to my friends. I'm 14 and a freshman in high school. I have an older sister Maryanne who is 17 and a senior. Lucy, my younger sister will soon be 11. My mom is 35 and I think she is gorgeous. We have always been close. She is like my best friend. From what I hear at school, most of the kids don't have parents who are as close as my mom and I are. We share everything. Our relationship is the kind I want when I eventually get married. Maybe all young men feel this way about their moms. I don't know if it is the constant bombardment of her perfumes on my senses or what. I just know that I love my mom and she is my best friend.

She is 5 ft 6, well built, shoulder length brown hair. I would put her in the model category but it might just be my youth and active hormones. So back to the perfumes. A couple of years ago she would ask me if I thought she smelled nice when she was testing a new sample, did I like it, questions like that. I'm not sure she even realized it but over time the questions gradually changed. She would ask me if it excited me at all, as a man. I liked the way she treated me as a grownup, not as a kid. After awhile the questions became did the perfume arouse me, and later did it arouse me sexually, did the perfume get me hard. Then it changed to did she excite me with the perfume. Today she asks me if she turns me on with her perfume, or am I getting hard for her when I smell her perfume. She always explains that that is the purpose of her perfumes, to excite men sexually, so she has to ask these questions. I always tell her the truth and the truth is always yes. But the questions themselves arouse me. Of course I try to give her useful feedback, telling her which ones smell better than others, which ones arouse me faster than others, that sort of thing. Quite frankly some of her perfumes really do seem to arouse me sexually more than others. And since she is the one with the perfume, then yes she is turning me on.

When my dad is around I see the kind of relationship he has with my mom, or lack of relationship. I am closer to my mom than he is. The only thing missing between my mom and myself is any actual physical relationship. I know it's wrong, or so I've been told. But how could it be wrong between two people are so close emotionally? If my mom ever took that step, I wouldn't stop her, that's how much I love her.

What she doesn't know is that I masterbate several times a day and she is the focus of my fantasies, at least half the time anyway. The other half is the rest of my female family but that's another story.

It was Friday and I got home late from school. Noticing how quiet the house was I asked my mom "Where is everyone?"

"Your grandma wanted to have Lucy spend the night so I had Maryanne drive her there and then Maryanne will be spending the night with a girlfriend. So it's just you and me tonight honey" she told me.

"Sounds great" I said. "I could use some time to just relax, kick back and do nothing. Nice and quiet."

"I did bring home a perfume to try on you."

"OK. But you know the answer already. You know they all smell good on you mom."

"You always say that, but you do give me good comments and that helps in my work. Dump your books in your room and we'll give it a try. I'll be in my bathroom waiting for you."

When I got to her bathroom she was standing in front of the counter facing outward. She had on some gray stretch pants with a separate long-sleeved stretch top. I could tell that she didn't have on a bra as her breasts sagged a little. You could easily make out her nipples through her top. I could already feel myself starting to get hard and I hadn't even smelled the perfume yet.

"OK, stand in front of me here, yes. Now I'm just going to pull you gently into my shoulder and let you smell the perfume."

She took one hand and put it in the small of my back. The other went behind my head to my neck, pulling my head to her as she gently massaged the back of my neck.

"Now just stay there awhile and breath in the scent" she instructed.

I closed my eyes and let the aroma envelope me. I don't remember doing it but at some point I had stepped forward, my mom had turned around and I had my hands around her waist. I slipped them under her top so that I was touching the flesh of her stomach. I pulled her back into me so that my hard-on pressed against her butt. As my hands began to roam I noticed her reaching for a small jar on the counter. My left hand slid into her stretch pants and slowly down across the slick front of her panties. I was heading for her private place. I had never done this before and the excitement that she was not stopping me was overwhelming. My right had moved upwards and was rewarded with my mother's left breast. I felt her hard nipple as I covered her breast in my hand. With both hands I pulled her firmly against my body pushing my erection hard against her behind. That's when she turned around, my hands coming free but still wrapped around her waist. As I pulled her hard against me again she gently massaged the back of my neck. I swooned in a daze as I leaned in to capture her scent once more. I leaned forward, pinning her between my hardness and the counter, pressing in firmly. I slowly moved my pelvis up and forward, then back down, repeating slowly as if I was actually doing it with my mother.

But gradually my mind seemed to start clearing and I stepped backwards away from her, my hands falling free to my sides. Soon it was over and I stood there not really sure what just happened. It was all sort of fuzzy. But one thing was certain. The perfume was a success. I felt great, just a little dazed from it all, maybe a little spent, like I had just used up some energy but hadn’t really done anything. At the time I thought maybe it was all just my imagination, another one of my fantasies gone wild, until I realized I had come in my pants. I excused myself before she noticed and went to my room to clean up.

I had to change my clothes. As I came out of my room I overheard my mom talking to someone in her room. Her door was now shut so I stood there and listened.

My mom said "...then find him. Tell him the experiment was a complete success. No, don't tell him anything. I want to tell him. Just get him on the phone now please. I'll wait."

Wanting to hear both sides of the conversation I quickly ran to the kitchen and quietly lifted up the receiver, hoping to hear everything. After a few moments of silence a man's voice came on the line.

"Joanne, is that you?" the man said.

"Yes Dr. Moore. I just completed the test on XB125. It was a glowing success. It is more than we even hoped for" my mom said.

"Tell me more" he said.

"My son is used to having to smell our creations. I actually think he secretly likes it. So it was easy to get him to do this test. I didn't give him any clue that it would be anything different than what he was used to. I protected myself by rubbing a small amount of the antidote cream into the base of my neck. I then put just a drop of the perfume onto my finger tip and called in my son. As I had him smell a dot of perfume I had put on my ear, I gently rubbed into the back of his neck the perfume I had on my finger. Just as our tests had shown, within a minute he was reacting to the chemical. He had an erection right away and he pressed himself up against me. His hands started roaming. I only let this go on for about a minute more before rubbing the antidote into the back of his neck. Before another minute was up he was back to his old self, a bit confused and not sure he really believed what happened."

"You did everything perfect" he said. "Remember the perfume and antidote only work for an hour so you'll have to wait that long before the next test."

"There's not going to be another test. I've let my son go way too far. If I hadn't used just a tiny bit of perfume on him I don't think I could have stopped him. You're going to have to get someone else for any further testing on this product. This is a powerful drug."

"People are going to pay top dollar for this product. We need to know its full capability" he insisted.

"I understand. Just not by me."

"OK. I'll see you here Monday morning."

"I need to catch up on some work so I’ll be there Sunday."

With that last comment I quietly hung up the phone and raced back to my bedroom. Shortly after that my mom came out. As if nothing had happened she asked "So honey, what do you want for dinner?"

"How about some spaghetti" I answered.

"Sure. It'll take me a few minutes, but that sounds great." My mom headed for the kitchen. She still had on the same stretch clothes she had on earlier and I flashed on that moment when I was pressed up against her back, my arms wrapped around her, my hand on her breast, my fingers touching her hard nipple. I was getting a hard-on just thinking about it.

I knew what I had to do. I dug around in my room until I found a tiny container and a small sealable bag. I went to my mom's room while she was still in the kitchen and went straight to the bathroom. I found the container with the perfume and carefully poured the clear liquid into my container. I then filled her perfume container back up with water. I found the container with the antidote cream and scooped a good portion into the small plastic bag, sealing up both containers. Quietly I walked back to my room and promptly hid my new treasures.

Dinner was good and afterwards we just sat around and watched a little TV. Shortly after 9:00 PM, during one of the commercials I excused myself and went to my bedroom where I retrieved my hidden packages. I took some of the antidote and rubbed it onto the back of my neck. I then took a liberal amount of the perfume and put it on each of three fingers on my right hand. I didn't plan on using just a tiny amount with my mother. I was going to complete the test that her boss wanted done, only the test subject would be my mom, not me.

Returning to the living room I announced "I'm feeling a little tired and think I'll head off to bed."

"OK honey, I'll just finish this program first" my mom replied.

I leaned in to give her a hug goodnight and while doing so rubbed my perfumed laced fingers into the back of her neck. "Good night mom."

"Honey, what did you just do?" she calmly said as the realization slowly came to her. "I smell the perfume, honey, oh shit, oh God honey, don't leave me."

As I walked down the hall I heard her get up and start after me. But I didn't go to my room, It was a spur of the moment decision. I wanted to see just how much this perfume took someone over. I saw my little sister's room and I stepped inside, turning on the light. It had been 30 seconds since I had put the perfume on my mom's neck, and it wasn't just a tiny bit like she put on me. When she got to Lucy's room she hesitated in the doorway for only a moment. I believed she knew what was about to happen and yet felt guilty that it was going to happen in my little sister's room. 45 seconds now and my mom stepped into the room after me. She walked up to me. 50 seconds. I could hear her breathing heavily, standing there, trying to fight it but losing. 55 seconds. She stepped forward, put her arms around my waist, pulled me tight against her and kissed me full on the lips.

"Oh God Richard, what have you done" she cried and then kissed me again. Reaching down she pulled off her top and then unhooked her bra, releasing two magnificent breasts. She pulled my head into her breasts. "Suck them," she ordered.

A moment later she reached under my chin and grabbing my shirt, she ripped it open. Several buttons went flying. It only took one more hard yank to rip it open the rest of the way. I quickly removed my shirt and t-shirt. While I pulled off my shoes and pants, my mom removed the rest of her clothes.

She reached down and pulled the bedspread and top sheet off of Lucy's twin bed and then pushed me backwards onto it. The fact that my mother was about to fuck my brains out was hot enough, but then to think we would be doing it on my little sister's bed for some reason mad it seem so much more forbidden, so much hotter.

My mom didn't have to wait for me to get ready. I was hard before I hit the sheet. She climbed up on me and straddling me she lined up my shaft to her pussy. Then it happened. She dropped herself down hard onto my shaft, sending me all the way up into her tight pussy. A moment later she was lifting herself up and back down onto me, over and over. I couldn't believe it. My mother just took my virginity and she was fucking the hell out of me.

A couple of minutes later she was crying out "Oh Richard, God it feels so good. I'm coming Richard, I'm coming." And then she laid backwards and I felt her pussy gripping my erection hard as she still slid up and down. I couldn't take it any longer and I came as she screamed my name. I pushed up as I emptied my cum up into my mother, spurt after spurt until there was none left. She fell forward onto my chest, panting and out of breath. I turned her face and kissed her again, our tongues playing with each other.

After several minutes of rest I thought it was all over. I moved my body enough to allow me to roll her off onto the bed and started to get up. I was semi-hard at this time but knew it would be a little while before I could do anything again, based on my masturbation experiences.

"Where do you think you're going?" my mother asked.

"I thought we were done" I replied.

"Not on your life" she said as she sat up on the edge of the bed. Pulling me between her legs I stood there while she took my penis into her mouth. It felt so warm, so wonderful. She got it good and slick and then slid it in and out of her mouth. Oh my God, I was in heaven, and soon stood there with another erection.

She laid back onto the bed pulling me with her and said "Now fuck me proper."

She guided me between her legs and taking my new erection placed it at the opening of her cunt. "Now thrust," she ordered.

I did and slid all the way into her pussy. I pulled back and thrust again, repeating this over and over. My mom pulled her legs up so that her knees were in the air and her legs spread far apart. I banged myself hard against her as all six inches of my shaft rammed into her again and again. I was able to last a while longer this time than last but my mom sure didn't. She came screaming "Harder Richard, fuck me harder, yes, that's it, oh God I'm coming again."

I hesitated a moment but she yelled "Don't stop you bastard, keep fucking me, keep fucking your mother." So I resumed my hard and fast thrusts. I was starting to get winded when I felt the building up of my own body to another climax. A minute later I shot a second load into my mother, which just set her off into another orgasm.

When I was empty again I collapsed onto her chest. Taking one of her breasts into my mouth I sucked hard. Her nipple was like a rock, big, stiff, and hard. Her other nipple was the same way and I gave it equal attention. As I did this I kept myself inside my mother's pussy and realized that she was squeezing me with her muscles. The excitement of her doing this helped me to soon get hard again. When I was she pushed me off of her and rolled over onto all fours. "Fuck me from behind" she directed.

I knelt between her legs and pushed my hard shaft back into her dripping pussy. Grabbing her by her hips I rammed myself back into her as far as I could go. As I rocked her she thrust back against me sending me deeper than I had ever been. She was still tight but slick enough for easy movement. She screamed as another orgasm crashed through her. I kept thrusting, not letting her rest but sent her over the top as wave after wave of orgasms racked her body. By now I could tell when they were happening as I continued to fuck her.

Looking down at her as I decided to try something really bold. I saturated my thumb with saliva and pushed it into her asshole as I continued to fuck her pussy. She groaned at first but began thrusting back at me again. Then I suddenly stopped all motion. Pulling my hard shaft out of her pussy I pressed it up against her ass opening. I was so wet it slid right in. My mother gasped but I kept pushing until I was all the way into her asshole. I then began to slowly fuck her in the ass. A minute later I was thrusting as hard as when I was in her pussy and she was thrusting back just as hard.

"Yes Richard" she cried. "Come in me now, come in my ass" she begged.

I did just that. I pushed in one last time as far as I could and shot wad after wad of my cum deep in her bowels. She immediately orgasmed, and then both of us collapsed onto the bed.

I was sweating like a dog and felt like I had just run a marathon. As I pulled myself out of my mother's ass I watched my cum drip down onto the sheets. What a mess we had made of Lucy's bed sheet, a mixture of cum, my mother's juices and sweat from both of us. Both our bodies glistened with our mutual sweat. As I started to get off the bed my mother turned around and asked again "Where are you going?"

"I just fucked you in the ass. I thought I had better go clean up a bit" I told her.

"I'll do that," she said as she grabbed my limp dick and put it into her mouth. A couple of minutes later I was clean and hard again. But she didn't stop this time. She gave me the most magnificent blow job I could have ever imagined, running her tongue around my shaft as she slid it in and out of her mouth, going ever deeper with each stroke.

"Mom, I'm going to come" I announced. And almost immediately I started spurting out my cum. She rammed me as far into her mouth as she could and held me there as I shot my load down her throat. It wasn't near as much as I would have liked but not bad for all the fucking we had been doing.

When I was finished she announced "Now you do me. Eat my pussy" she commanded.

I did just that. I spread her legs and began licking and sucking as best I could. I had never done it before and just tried to follow her moans. When I hit upon her clit she went wild and was soon thrusting back up into my face. She orgasmed with my head between her legs. She took her hands and held my head hard against her pussy as she pushed herself up into the air. It was a full minute before she finally relaxed enough to drop back to the bed.

"Oh Richard, that was incredible. I have never been fucked as good as you have fucked me tonight. Never. Not by your father or anyone. Shit, what am I saying. Oh God no, Richard what are you doing? What am I doing? Oh no, Richard, I'm so sorry."

She stood up, looked around as if noticing where she was for the first time. She saw her clothes on the floor, grabbed them and ran out of the room. I didn't know what to do about Lucy's bed. It was covered with the aftermath of our sex. I just pulled the sheets and bedspread back up and remade her bed. I then grabbed my own clothes and went to my room. It was a little after ten at night. We had been making love for about an hour. I heard my mom in her shower so I went ahead and took one myself. I went to bed thinking about all that I had just done with my mother. But I went to bed with a smile on my face, knowing that it was the most incredible night of my life.

My thoughts were everywhere as I fell in and out of sleep. I wondered how much my mother remembered. Any of it? Just the last few minutes? I wondered what she felt, what her body remembered if not her mind. I wanted to know myself what it was like to be completely out of control like that. That's when I knew what I had to do.

I got up and went to the perfume, putting some on several fingers again, but this time I did not put any antidote on at all. Completely naked I went into my mother's room, knowing I had probably only about 30 seconds before I would be under the control of the perfume once I put it on my neck. I moved quietly, not wanting to wake her. Her heavy breathing told me she was sound asleep. I rubbed a bit of the perfume on the head of my already hard cock. I then rubbed some into the back of my neck, wiping my fingers across my chest, my tits, knowing she would probably at some point be getting to that part of my body. The countdown was on. I only had a few seconds. I put a couple of my perfume covered fingers into my mother's mouth and let her natural reaction suck the liquid off of my fingers.

Within a few seconds after my mother licked the perfume off of my fingers her eyes shot open. She immediately grabbed me and pulled me onto the bed and onto her, kissing me frantically as she struggled to get the covers out that were now separating us, keeping our bodies from touching. I lifted up and helped her as I began to feel the dizzying sensations starting to take effect on me. Taking the perfume orally must work far faster than rubbing it into the back of your neck. But it was beginning to have its effect. I was thankful I was already nude and apparently my mother slept that way. A moment later we were fucking like jack rabbits. I pretty much lost it after that. I think putting the perfume on my dick must have been a nice source for more perfume, transferring from there to her mouth to my mouth. It must have kept us going for more than the expected hour. I just have pieces of memories until about three hours after we started when things start to get a bit clearer. I happened to catch the time in one of those lucid moments. Then I was out until morning.

When I woke up it was around 8:00 AM. I was on my stomach on my mother's bed, my arm draping over one side of the bed. I looked over and saw my mother's feet. Her head was at the foot of the bed. She was completely nude on her back, asleep. The shower was running. We must have tried something during the night and left the water running. I couldn't remember. Seeing my mom there and knowing what we had just done gave me a hard on. I wanted to fuck her normal, no perfume, nothing but just us together but I was afraid she wouldn't let me. She was asleep now. What would she do if I just did it? I didn't take the chance. I must have fallen asleep again for a little while. When I woke up it was 9:30 AM. My mother was still asleep beside me. I quietly got up, turned off her shower which was still running and then went to my room. A half hour later I was showered and dressed. When I went to check on my mom she was in the shower herself so I left her alone.

It was Saturday and I had nothing better to do but watch TV and think about last night. Then it hit me. I jumped up and ran into my mom's room, into her bathroom. She was still in the shower. I took her perfume bottle, the one I had put water into after I took her perfume and I dumped the water into the sink, down the drain.

"I just dumped out all your perfume and washed it down the drain" I announced.

"Good" my mom replied. "Now you better get out of here. It's not proper for you to be in here with me."

"You're right. It's not. Oh, and mom."

"Yes dear"

"I love you mom" I told her.

"And I love you too Richard. We'll talk later. Now scoot."

I did. I think everything is going to be OK with my mom and me. It may take a little while to get completely back to normal. It will be fine.

But I'll never forget that night, what I can remember anyway.ay.

The end.

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