This is the continuation and conclusion of Candice’s, extremely, bawdy family. It’s pure sex for funs sake. Don’t look for any redeeming literary value, the story is for sex and fun only. Enjoy.


The ride home was a quiet one, with each of them losing themselves in their own thoughts. Once at the house, Jerry and Darlene went up to their bedroom so Jerry could shower and shave, and the girls went to get cleaned up as well. Mike decided that it was time for him to go talk to Ron and explain to him about having sex with his mom, and that she needed more love than his dad was giving her. In fact, that his dad was abusing her and making her life hell. He wanted to explain to him what had happened with his mom, and that he still wanted to be Ron’s friend. He was a little concerned though because Ron tended to be more like his dad. He thought women were just to be used and kept in their place.

Once Jerry was out of the shower and clean shaven again, He and Darlene sat down in their bedroom for Jerry to have a cup of coffee and to have a serious talk. Darlene, with tears streaming down her face, told Jerry about having sex with their son; she told him everything that had happened between them. She also told him about Mike having sex with Tina Riddell. Jerry listened quietly, and asked no questions until she was through talking, then he said,

“Did you enjoy it while Mike was fucking you, or are you sorry it happened?”

“Oh Jerry, I love Mike so much, he’s our son.” She sobbed. She was so ashamed to have to tell her husband but,

“How could I be sorry? I’m ashamed, but I-I really loved the feeling I got while his cock was inside me. I loved it, even knowing that I would have to tell you it happened.”

“I See.” Jerry said. Then, quietly, Jerry told Darlene everything that had happened on the cliff. He left nothing out, and while he was telling her, he felt himself becoming aroused again, wishing he was back on the cliff with the girls, but also having a fantasy of Darlene and Mike being there too.

Darlene saw the flush to her husband’s face as he told her of his own sexual encounter with her sister, and their daughter. She also saw the growing bulge showing on his robe, and knew the answer before she asked.

“So, did you like having sex with Charlene, and Candice?”

“As much as I love fucking you, I also loved fucking them.” He said looking into her eyes.

“I love you Darlene, but you and I have a much bigger love for our family, and if you fucked Mike again, and again, and again, it wouldn’t change the way I feel about you. I love you and I always will love you. I only hope my fucking Charlene and Candi won’t change the way you feel about me.”

Darlene thought about what he had said, with visions of him on the cliff, fucking her sister and daughter. She felt herself becoming aroused and knew that she loved this man. Darlene fell into Jerry’s arms, beginning to sob again.

“I love you Jer, I love you so much.” She said as she hugged him and nestled herself into him as she sat in his lap.

Jerry gently lifted her chin and kissed her tenderly, and as he did, he let his hands rover over her body until she began to respond. She pushed her hand into his robe and rubbed his bared chest, while, with her other hand she loosened the buttons on the front of her blouse. In no time, they were both naked and on the bed. Darlene smiled at Jerry and, as his cock entered her, she said,

“Didn’t get enough on the cliff?”

In response, Jerry pushed forward, causing Darlene to moan, and arch her back, taking his cock deeper into her cunt.

When Jerry was asleep, after a wonderful time in bed for both of them, Darlene decided to talk to the girls and find out how they felt about what happened on the cliff. She quietly left the bedroom, so as to not awaken the husband she loved so much, and padded down the hallway barefooted to Candice’s room. She didn’t want to wake Candice if she were asleep, so she quietly turned the knob and opened the door. What she saw caused her eyes to widen, and her breath to catch. Her daughter Candice was lying on her bed with her legs spread wide, laying face down on top of Sheri, the twelve year old sister of Ron Riddell, the daughter of, Tina Riddell, the woman Mike had fucked. The two were busily licking each other’s pussies, and from the looks of it, enjoying it very much. Also in the room was her sister Charlene, sitting on a chair next to Candice’s bed, giving instructions to the girls on how to pleasure one another. Charlene looked over at Darlene, she smiled and winked, and then she continued her instructions. Sheri’s little hips were rotating and pushing up into Candice’s mouth, and Candice was moaning and thrusting her own hips forward. Sheri squealed and, with a shudder, both girls climaxed at the same time.

“Boy Candice, is that what it felt like when your daddy fucked you?”

“Better Sheri, much better.”

“I sure wish my daddy would fuck me, but he would never, he is such an ass. He just treats me and mom like we’re his servants. Ron treats us that way too.”

“Are you sure you want to be fucked now?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. Do you think your daddy would fuck me too?”

When she heard that, Darlene gasped, and the girls saw her for the first time. Sheri jumped from the bed, and stood naked and trembling.

“Oh please, PLEASE don’t tell my daddy, please. He already calls me a slut.”

Darlene shushed Sheri, and took her hand. I won’t sweetie. Come with me. With a wink at the other girls, Darlene led Sheri, naked, down the hall back to her bedroom. She opened the door, and led the girl to the side of the bed where she could see Jerry’s naked and uncovered body sleeping on the bed. Pointing to Jerry’s cock, Darlene asked Sheri,

“So, do you want Candice’s daddy to fuck you with that big thing?”

Looking at Jerry’s huge cock, and wondering if she could ever fit it inside her, she looked up smiling at Darlene, Sheri shook her head vigorously and said,

“I’d like to try.”

Darlene smiled back at the girl and said,

“It’s all yours cutie.”

She bent and kissed Sheri on the mouth, then turned and left the girl standing beside the bed. She left the bedroom, and went back to Candice’s room.

Sheri watched Darlene go, and then she looked back at Jerry’s limp cock. She reached out and touched it, and then watched as it started to grow. She slid onto the bed and wrapped her fingers as far around it as she could and then, with a little hesitation, she leaned over and licked the pre-cum off the tip the way Candice had told her. She liked the taste. Jerry was sleeping soundly on his back, but the little girl got his cock hard, and then she eased herself over, to straddle Jerry. She lowered her hairless little pussy down until his cock was against it, and then she began to push. For several minutes she pushed and made her pussy stretch, and then it was big enough for the head of his cock to infinally slide inside her. Sheri gritted her teeth, and lowered her pussy some more. Finally her hymen tore, and she shuddered with the intense pain. As painful as it was, she did as Candice had told her and just stopped, waiting on the pain to go away. She wanted to scream, it hurt so badly, but she was afraid of waking Candice’s daddy, and finally the pain went away. When it did, she lowered herself some more onto this man’s cock. She felt fuller in her little pussy than she had ever believed she could feel, and it felt really good. She began to raise and lower herself on it, and then she looked up at Jerry’s face. He was awake looking at her. She started to jump up, but slipped and dropped down instead, which caused Jerry’s cock to slide as deep inside her as her pussy could take. Jerry put both hands on her waist, and asked,

“So, who are you?”

With his cock filling her small pussy, she said,

“I’m Sheri Riddell, Candice’s friend. Your wife brought me in here and told me it would be ok if you fuck me.”

“Is it okay?”

“Oh yesssss I like it very much. Do you mind fucking me?”

Smiling, Jerry said, “Not at all, would you like for me to be on top, and fuck you harder?”

“Will we cum like you did with Candice?”

Rolling over, and putting the girl beneath him, Jerry began to fuck in and out of her pussy. Pulling his cock out until only the head was left inside her, then plunging back in as deep as her pussy would allow. He continued this, with her whimpering and begging for more, and his thrusts became harder and longer until she screamed,

“I’m going to cum. Oh yesssss, fuck me hard Jerry, fuck me really hard, I’m cummingggg.”

The little girl’s skinny legs wrapped around Jerry as far as they could, and she humped his cock as hard as she could, then they both started to cum. Jerry thrust into her small, extremely tight pussy, and emptied his balls into her. When he rolled onto his side looking at the little girl he had just fucked, she said,

“Can we kiss now?”

With that he laughed and began kissing the little girl all over, and sucking the nipples on her still flat chest. As Jerry continued to kiss the little girl, with his cock still inside her, he felt hands all over his body and he looked around to see the naked bodies of his wife, his sister-in-law, and his daughter, all smiling and kissing his body and the little girls too.

Darlene finally said, “Sheri, you need to get dressed and go home now, your mom will wonder what’s happened to you.”

“Boy, if she finds out I learned how to fuck today, she’ll really be mad.”

“Can we keep it a secret?”

They all agreed then that Jerry fucking Sheri would remain their secret.

With that, Sheri and Candice got up and left the room to get dressed, and then Candice went down stairs to see her out.

Jerry leaned over and gave his wife’s nipple a nip, and a kiss, and then they both looked down to where Charlene had started sucking his cock and licking the little girls juice off him. Darlene sighed, and said with a giggle, “looks like I’m going to have to get used to sharing with my sister again.”

Charlene laughed, and moved up to cuddle into Jerry’s chest across from her sister. At that moment, the door burst open and Candice ran in, she dove onto the bed and gave the shaft of her daddy’s cock a kiss, and then moved up to hug him.

“Oh daddy, Sheri is my best friend. Thank you for making her climax. She loves your cock.”

Then the door bell rang. A sound that Darlene was beginning to hate.


The ride to the hospital had been an interminable one, and Darlene was weeping the entire way. The officer had only told them that their son had been beaten pretty badly, and that apparently a man and his son, named Riddell, had done it, and he also said that they had been arrested. Jerry talked to the doctor as Darlene went in to their son’s room. The doctor said,

“Mike is a lucky boy; he was beaten pretty thoroughly, but seems to have come through with only a couple of cracked ribs, a few lacerations, and some bad bruising. He is going to look worse than it really is for a while though.”

Darlene opened the door to Mike’s room, and was relieved to find Mike awake and talking to a nurse who was busy giving him a sponge bath. He looked at his mom and smiled.

“Hi mom, did you come to make me feel better?”

Darlene glanced at the nurse, who was smiling at what Mike had said, but she didn’t reply. Darlene just started to cry, and sat down to watch the nurse finish bathing Mike.

“My, it looks like there’s a lot more of you to bathe now that your mom is here.”

The nurse, a pretty girl who looked to be about twenty-one, with hair as red as Darlene’s, and 34D boobs, smiled and winked at Darlene, and then took her bath pan and left the room. Darlene watched her go with a surprised look, and then turned to scowl at Mike who attempted to laugh, and shrug his shoulders. It was at that moment that Jerry came in and went straight to Mike’s bed.

“Okay son, what happened?”

“It was Ron and his dad. I told Ron everything that had happened between his mom and me, and he just went wild. He ran in and told his dad, and then they started to hit me, before I realized what was happening. I think it was Ron’s mom who called the police, and when they got there they made Ron and his dad stop.”

“Okay, it’s over now and I think we should stay away from Ron and his Dad in the future.”

“You’re tellin me, I hurt all over.”

Later that evening, Jerry and Darlene left Mike asleep at the hospital, and drove home. Darlene talked with Jerry about what Mike had done with Mrs. Riddell, and said that was evidently why he got the beating from Jim and Ron Riddell, adding that “Jim Riddell is such an asshole.” When they got home, they walked in to the living room and found Candice and Charlene trying to comfort a sobbing Tina and Sheri Riddell.

“What’s going on here?”

“Oh Jerry, That Asshole Jim Riddell threw Tina out, and told Sheri that she was probably as big a whore as her mother, and he told her to get out too, that he didn’t want to ever see either one of them again.”

“I see. Tina, what is it that you plan to do?”

“Ohh I don’t know Jerry, I can’t think. I just didn’t have any place else to go, and I thought that you might tell us what to do. We really need the advice of someone we like and trust, but I don’t want to put you out.”

Darlene interrupted, “Well Tina, for right now, let’s get you and Sheri into bed and we can talk all this over in the morning.”

Jerry smiled and winked at his wife, and then went to the kitchen for a glass of wine. What a day this has been, talk about life altering events.

When Darlene had the girls in bed, she joined Jerry in the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine.

“Well sweetheart, what do you think we should do?”

“I don’t know, and if you come up with anything let me know. I don’t intend to think about it tonight though; it’s been too long a day. Let’s just check on the girls and go to bed. I need the rest.”

Darlene had put Sheri in Candice’s room with her, and the girls were still awake talking when Jerry and Darlene went in to say good night. Candice gave Jerry a goodnight kiss that was less than daughterly, sliding her tongue into his mouth, and when Jerry bent over Sheri to say good night to her, she kissed him with the same passion that Candice had, sliding her young tongue in where Candice’s had just been. Darlene gave Jerry a wry smile as he left the room, then closed the door and followed him to the guest room. There, they knocked and stepped inside and found Tina still crying, but it was not the sobbing that she was doing before. She was wearing a gown that belonged to Darlene, and Jerry noticed that her nipples were sticking out quite nicely and that the areoles were dark and very visible. No wonder Mike wanted to fuck this woman, she’s beautiful. He patted her on the shoulder, sat down on the edge of the bed and said,

“Tina, please try to get some sleep, and don’t worry. We’ll see that you and Sheri are safe until you can figure out what you want to do.”

“Jerry, are you sure that you and Darlene can ever forgive me for sleeping with your son? I just needed someone who cares, and, well, I just needed it. Tim hasn’t touched me in so long.”

Darlene stepped forward and sat on the opposite side of the bed, and before Jerry could reply she said,

“Tina don’t you worry about that, we have nothing to forgive. If it weren’t Mike, it would have been one of the other boys trying; they all think you’re beautiful, and sexy.”

“You just try to get some sleep, you need it.”

Tina’s arms went around Jerry’s neck and she kissed him and thanked him for understanding, and as she did, his shirt spread open at the top and her breasts came into contact with his bare chest. Jerry and Tina looked down at her breasts just in time to see Darlene’s hand slip in between them and cup Tina’s boob, giving it a gentle squeeze. Jerry looked at his wife, but Tina turned and put her arms around Darlene, placing her own hand on one of Darlene’s tits, and kissed her. Jerry wasn’t sure, but he thought he noticed some tongue movement between the two. Darlene then pushed Tina down on the bed and said,

“Get some sleep sweetie, you will think more clearly in the morning.”

Jerry and Darlene left the guest room closed the door quietly and then, walking to their bedroom, Darlene looked up at Jerry and smiled.

“It looks like our family is growing, and very rapidly too.”

They then retreated to their bedroom, and Darlene stopped Jerry at the door.

“Can you give me a minute before you come in; I just want to get ready for you.”

“Sure, I’ll count to twenty, but you better be ready then.”

“Oh, I will be.”

Jerry slowly counted to the twenty he promised, and then opened the bedroom door and stepped in. What he saw made him stop dead in his tracks. Darlene and Charlene were both on the bed on their knees, naked and smiling at him. It was obvious that Charlene was either excited, or cold. Her nipples were sticking out like the nosecones on rockets, and Darlene’s were almost as rigid. Darlene said,

“Time for bed sweetie, and I hope you don’t mind, but we ran out of beds so my little sis will have to bunk with us.”

Trying to be stern, Jerry said,

“What about Mike’s bed?”

With a smile, Charlene said,

“Oh Jerry, I can’t sleep in Mike’s bed. He hasn’t even fucked me yet.”

With a laugh, Jerry slipped his clothes off and jumped between the women. They all lay back in the bed with Charlene on one side, her head on Jerry’s chest, and Darlene on the other side in the same position. Charlene’s hand slipped down to wrap her fingers around Jerry’s cock, and met Darlene’s hand doing the same thing. They smiled at each other and moved down so that they could take turns licking His cock, and sucking it into their mouths. Charlene suddenly pushed Darlene back and, smiling at her, said “beat this sis.” She then bent over Jerry’s cock and sucked it into her mouth so far that she almost touched his balls with her nose. She sucked and slid it back out, and then again smiled at her sister. Darlene, not to be out done, took Jerry’s cock into her mouth and pushed it so far into her throat that Jerry could actually feel her throat muscles constricting against his cock as she swallowed, and he felt her nose tickling his balls. Charlene laughed and said, “Okay, you win.” Both women then laughed and Darlene began kissing Jerry. She then lay back down on his shoulder, so she and Jerry could watch as her sister lowered her pussy onto Jerry’s massive cock. Charlene fucked her brother-in-law until they both climaxed and then the three of them went to sleep cradled in one another’s arms. Darlene, looking at her sister across Jerry’s chest was thinking how much she loved her husband, and her sister. In fact, her last thought before sleep claimed her was, I love this new family we’re putting together, and I think we need to stay together.


Jerry, Darlene, and Charlene had talked through most of the early morning hours, and were still discussing their decisions over coffee in the kitchen when Tina came into the room. She was dressed in the same clothes she had worn the night before, and was embarrassed. I’m sorry if I’m interrupting, I just-

“Don’t worry about it sweetie; Jerry, Charlene, and I were just making some decisions about what we wanted to do, and it involves you too, so you should be here.”

“What decisions?”

“Darlene, Charlene, and I think that you and Sheri should stay with us. I have plans for a larger home in a more secluded area, and there will be plenty of room for you.”

Tina began to cry, so Charlene got up and put her arms around her and gave her a hug.

“Don’t cry sweetie, unless those are tears of joy. We all care about you and Sheri and you should be with those that care.”

All the decisions were made, and they were sitting around the table talking when Candice came in.

“What’s going on?”

“Well” Jerry said, “it looks like our family is going to grow, and you are going to have a little sister.”

Tina gasped.

“I didn’t even think about Sheri, or what she might think of all this. I know she loves Candice, but I don’t know how she will react to these new plans.”

It was at that moment that Tina’s twelve year old daughter came into the room, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, and stumbled over to Jerry, gave him a kiss on the cheek and, without hesitation, slid into his lap. Wiggling her butt against his cock, she laid her head back against his chest.

“Morning everybody, what’s up?”

Everyone just looked at her, and then they all started to laugh. Darlene looked over at Tina and said. “Well Tina, it looks like we have a new family.”

Sheri smiled and wiggled her butt into Jerry again, and said, “is Jerry going to be my new daddy, mommy?”

Tina looked over at Darlene and said, “Yes baby, I think it is.”

Later that morning, Jerry had just finished showering and had walked, naked, into his bedroom, when the door opened and Darlene walked in leading Tina. Jerry grabbed for a towel to cover up with, but Darlene laughed at him and said, “Oh don’t even bother.”

He looked over at Tina who was smiling and staring at his cock. Darlene said “I just thought it was time you two had a little quiet time together. Tina I know you and Mike were together, and if you only want him to fuck you it’s okay with us, but I thought you might like to know that, now that your family, we are willing to share. We are sharing each other, and giving love to each other too.” With that, she turned and walked out of the bedroom and quietly closed the door.

Tina stood glued to the spot she was standing, but she couldn’t take her eyes off Jerry’s cock. He was twice the size of her soon to be ex-husband. Jerry walked to her and placed his hand on her breast, feeling its shape through the cloth of her shirt and bra. It was much smaller than Darlene or Charlene, but it was well shaped and firm. He squeezed gently and she looked up into his eyes, then he kissed her. The kiss was warm and gentle, and she responded immediately by opening her mouth, allowing his tongue to slide in. She needed the tenderness, and her arms went around him, hugging him with a passion of her own that she had needed for so long a time. Jerry bent and scooped Tina into his arms, and carried her to the bed where he undressed her and slowly pushed her back, onto the pillows. Then he stood beside the bed and looked down at her naked body. He thought, Boy I’m going to need vitamins. Here I am with so many fantastic women in my life, and I’m falling in love with yet another one.

Tina’s hand slid over and up Jerry’s leg, and she let her fingers slide softly up and down his ridged member as she looked into his eyes. She knew that her husband would have already been inside her humping away, almost raping her and not caring what she felt. He would just fuck her, cum inside her, and then just get up and leave. She knew instinctively that Jerry was going to be tender in his lovemaking.

Jerry bent and kissed the petite woman’s lips, then moved his lips across her nakedness, kissing and sucking, Making her moan with desire. He lay down next to her and let his hands roam over her beautiful body, feeling its firmness, and warmth, the smoothness of her skin. Tina slid her small fingers around his cock and it reminded him of Sheri’s hand, so small. She squeezed and Jerry slid between her spread legs, but instead of sliding up and allowing his cock to enter her, he slid down pulling his cock from her grasp. He continued down, kissing her body as he went, until his mouth was hovering above her dark brown pubic bush. Sliding his hands between her legs, he grasped her thighs and spread her legs more as his mouth lowered to her soft moist pussy. She gasped and then moaned and ground her hips up into his mouth, as his tongue penetrated her. Her hips began to bounce off the bed as he continued to fuck this beautiful woman with his tongue, and she began to thrust her cunt into him with more force.

“Oh Jerry, yesssss. Do it to me, fuck me with your tongue.”

As his tongue continued to fuck Tina, her response became wilder until she screamed and thrust hard into his mouth, she held her pussy tight against him and climaxed, finally shuddering and collapsing back onto the bed. Jerry slid a finger into her and began to tease her clit again. She moaned and spread her legs wide again. This time Jerry moved up until his cock was just touching her pussy lips, beginning to spread them for entry. Tina decided to tease Jerry before he penetrated her pussy. She put her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes.

“I hope you like fucking me as much as you liked fucking Candice.”

Shocked that she knew, Jerry could only stare at her with his mouth open. Tina’s laugh was low and sexy as she said,

“Yes Jerry, I know you fucked your thirteen year old daughter. Did you like fucking her?”

“Tina, I—I”

“You didn’t like fucking her?”

“Yes, but –“

“Was her pussy really tight Jerry, you know, when you fucked her?”


Knowing that she had made Jerry even harder and hornier by talking about him fucking his daughter, she said,

“Put your beautiful cock inside me Jerry.”

Jerry pushed and his cock spread her pussy lips. It was tight and, if it had not been slick with her fluids, he would not have been able to enter her. He felt her muscles tighten and it was like his cock was being strangled. He had never felt a pussy this tight. Even Sheri’s or Candice’s, and it was so hot, he felt as if she was on fire.

“Mmmm your pussy is so hot.”

“Yes, but is it as tight as your daughters pussy Jerry?”

“Yes damn-it, tighter.”

Laughing, Tina said,

“Fuck my tight little pussy Jerry. I want to be your little girl too.”

Jerry looked at her, and then laughed and began thrusting his cock into her, as he fucked the most incredible, tightest, pussy he had ever fucked. Tina began thrusting into him and fucking him with the same enthusiasm as he had as he fucked her. They both increased the speed and power of their fucking until Tina screamed and dug her nails into his arms as his cum filled her pussy.

Tina lay next to Jerry and stroked his chest with her fingers, loving the feeling she had of safety and security while she was in his arms. She knew that she was falling in love with this man, and she also knew that she loved his whole family. She turned her face up to look at him and smiled sweetly.

“I love you Jerry.”

“Do you love me Tina? Do you really love me?”

The door opened and Darlene and Charlene came in followed by Candice. Sheri’s taking a bath Candice said. Then they all looked at the two on the bed and then began taking their clothes off. When they were all naked, and on the bed with Jerry and Tina, Jerry looked at Tina again and said,

“Tina, the question still stands, do you love me?”

Tina looked at the faces of the other women and Candice, who were also looking the question at her, and then she looked at Jerry again. She put her arm across his chest, and her head on his shoulder.

“Oh yes Jerry, I love you with all my heart.”

She looked up at Darlene and, with a tear in her eye, she said,

“I’m so sorry Darlene, I should be ashamed for loving your husband, but I do love him.”

Darlene pushed Tina off Jerry, and onto her back, and then fell atop her, pinning her to the bed. They lay looking eye to eye at each other, and breast to breast, then Tina felt Darlene’s finger slide into her cum filled pussy, and she squirmed. Darlene then pulled her finger from Tina’s pussy and slid it into her mouth.

“Mmmm, you and Jerry taste good together.”

She slid down and, as Tina watched in shock, Darlene began eating her pussy. It wasn’t long before Tina was squirming again, not in protest, but in lust. When she and Darlene had climaxed, Darlene looked up at her.

“What do you think of me, Tina?”

Tina looked her confusion for a minute, but then she laughed and threw her arms around Darlene, pulling her close.

“I love you too, I love all of you.”


Darlene walked into Mike’s hospital room, and stopped. Mike was lying on the bed, with his red headed nurse straddling him. She watched for a few seconds while the nurse raised and lowered herself onto Mike’s hard cock. Mike saw his mom watching, and his cock became even harder as this pretty nurse fucked him while his mom watched. She hadn’t heard Darlene come in and her eyes were closed as she pumped her pussy into this fifteen year olds cock. As Darlene walked up to the bedside, she heard the nurse saying

“Oh Mikey, you fuck me so well. Your cock is so deep inside me.”

Mike reached up and held her waist, so that she couldn’t jump off him when she realized that his mother was standing there. Then, the nurse’s eyes opened, and she saw Darlene. She tried to slip Mikes cock from her pussy, but it was impossible, Mike was holding her too tight. She turned beet red, but Darlene smiled, reached over, and heard the nurse gasp as she slid her hand inside the white uniform, closing her fingers over the firm tits. She unbuttoned the top of the uniform with the other hand and, exposing the bright pink nipples, bent and began sucking on them as her son resumed fucking the nurse.

“Mmmm Mike, her tits taste good too.”

Looking at the nurse, she said,

“Don’t forget to make him eat all his cum from your lovely pussy sweetie, his tongue feels so good.”

Darlene then patted Mike on the arm, and said she would be back when they were finished. She winked at the nurse and walked out.

“Your mom is so cool” the nurse said and then squeezed her muscles, making Mikes cock jump. She laughed and started thrusting her pussy at his still ridged cock.

“Now let’s get this pussy full of cum so I can find out if your tongue is as good as she says it is.”

She was thinking, as she was being fucked by Mike, I’ve never had sex with another woman, but Mike’s mom is beautiful, and her being in here with us was a real turn-on.

The weeks became months, and Jerry was constantly busy and gone from home a lot. He was an architect, and owned a construction business that was pretty much run by his managers, and sub contractors, he had taken on one special project that would benefit the whole family though. He smiled and thought of the sexual burden this placed on Mike, but he felt like Mike could handle himself alright and the job Jerry had undertaken was nearing completion anyway. Tina had gotten her divorce from the asshole, and she and Sheri had become part of his family. Charlene had moved in and she was welcomed by all. Her swollen belly was a bit hard to explain to his in-laws when they came to visit, but they had seemed to accept the story that Charlene’s boyfriend had gotten her pregnant before they broke up, at least her dad had. He smiled when he remembered how his mother-in-law had looked at him.

“I wonder who the baby will look like” she had said.

Charlene had laughed and said to her mother that,

“if the baby looks like the father, then we were all in trouble with daddy.”

His mother-in-law had looked at Jerry with an eyebrow raised, but then she laughed and went out to get in the car with his father-in-law. She turned before she got in and gave Jerry a hug.

“You take care of my girls Jerry and yourself too. We Love you.”

“I’ll do my best mom.”

Mike hadn’t fucked his sister or Sheri, nor had he fucked Tina again, but he had fucked his mom, his aunt Charlene, and his red headed nurse, Donna. She was now a frequent visitor to their home; in fact she spent most of her off time there. Donna had discovered that she loved getting fucked by Jerry, as well as Mike, and then letting Darlene or Charlene eat cum from her pussy while she made them cum by eating their pussies too. Jerry loved fucking her hot pussy, and she gave the best blow job of any of the women. Donna was also the first woman Mike ever fucked in the ass. Donna also discovered that she liked having sex with other women too.

After much thought, Darlene called Mike into her bedroom while Jerry was gone, and had him get into bed with her. She said,

“I think it’s time I got fucked in the ass son.”


The project was almost finished, and he was anxious to take the “family” to see it. He landed and taxied his new Cessna 310 to its hanger, and then made the short trip home. It was strangely quiet when he walked in, and just as he was about to call out that he was home, he saw Tina. Tina came to her feet when she saw Jerry, and rushed to his arms.

“Oh Jerry, we’ve been trying to call you for the past two hours. Darlene’s had an accident. She was out shopping, and on the way home, she got hit by a truck.”

All Jerry could think to say was, “my battery had gone dead on my phone.”

Then; “Where is she, is she all right?”

“I don’t know Jerry, the others went to the hospital and I stayed here to wait on you.”

Jerry ran for his car with Tina right on his heels, and they rushed to the hospital. As they entered the emergency room, Jerry saw his friend and family doctor William Taylor, just as Dr. Taylor saw him. The doctor said Jerry, I’m glad you made it; you had better go right in. Jerry gave the Doctor a strange bewildered look, and then went in to the darkened room. Darlene was lying on the hospital bed and her breathing seemed to be labored. Tina was already beside the bed. She saw Jerry and held out her hand.

“I’ve been waiting for you buster.” She said in a weak voice.

Jerry couldn’t speak for a minute, he just held her hand tightly and a tear rolled down his cheek. He realized in that moment that he was about to lose his life mate. That she was slipping from him and he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Jerry? Take good care of our family, each one of them need you in so many different ways. Mike’s a man now, and he will do alright. He’s like you. The girls will need you more now, Candice loves you very much, and Sheri loves you too. She’s become like my own daughter. Charlene is so independent, and will need the least help, but she loves you too and she will take care of you. And, even though Donna doesn’t live with us, she has become part of the family.”

Jerry looked up into the eyes of Donna, who was standing on the other side of the bed, with Tina, in her white nurse’s uniform. She was putting something into an IV tube, and then she gave him a smile of sympathy, and winked at him, then left the room.

“Jerry, Tina will need you the most she said, looking over at Tina. She is such a loving person, and so tender hearted. We have grown very close to one another in the past few months. She hasn’t said anything, but I know that she not only loves you, she’s in love with you. I know that you love her too Jerry. It’s like the three of us belonged together. Take care of her and love her like I do, and like I know you love me. The two of you will have a long and loving life together. “

Then, after several minutes of labored breathing she said very weakly, “Goodbye my loves”

With that, she closed her eyes, and Jerry heard the alarm on the monitor sound as she breathed her last.

With tears still flowing down his face, Jerry took Tina, and left the hospital room. They went to find the others. The girls were gathered in the emergency waiting room, and they were crying also. Apparently someone had told them about Darlene.

“Where’s Mike,” he asked as he walked up.

Donna fell into his arms, sobbing into his shoulder, as Charlene said,

“Oh Jerry, didn’t they tell you? Mike was with Darlene. The truck hit on his side of the car, and he was killed instantly.”

Later, Jerry very quietly told them all what Darlene had said just before she died, and that he would do everything in his power to see that her wishes were fulfilled.


It was a quiet fall morning at the cemetery, and Tina stood beside Jerry in a plain black dress, holding his hand; Charlene was on his other side, holding the other hand. In their other hands, each of the women held the small hand of a little girl. All were morning the passing of loved ones.

After the service, Tina walked hand in hand with Candice, quietly talking to her, and Charlene was giving Sheri a hug, then they too began to walk back toward the car hand in hand. Jerry stood beside the graves of the wife and son that he had loved so much, and quietly wept. Donna stood on the opposite side of the graves, and wept for the young man she had come to love so much. She looked across at Jerry and said,

“Was it wrong for me to love him Jerry? He was so young.”

Jerry looked at her pretty, tear streaked, face.

“No Donna, it wasn’t wrong at all. He loved you as much as one person could love another. It wasn’t wrong, it was wonderful.”

Donna walked around the graves, and took Jerry’s hand.

“Come on dad, let’s get out of here and let them rest.”

When the car pulled up in front of the house, and they got out, the girls noticed that there was a for sale sign in the front yard. They all turned and looked at Jerry.

“We’re moving.”

That night, Charlene and Tina came into his bedroom to say goodnight, and then Donna came in. She sat down on the side of the bed and put her hand on Jerry’s chest.

“Will you be leaving soon?”

“As soon as we can get packed.”

She looked down, and said nothing, but Jerry could sense her feeling of impending loss.

“Take your clothes off Donna, and get in bed. You and I should sleep together tonight. Then, if you want, you can go home in the morning and start packing.”

Her head jerked up and she looked into his eyes. Then she fell onto his chest and kissed him tenderly for a long time. When the kiss finally broke, and their lips parted, she said simply

“I love you dad.”

Tina and Charlene both smiled, then they helped Donna get undressed and into bed. They gave each of them a goodnight kiss, and then left so the two could, later, get some rest.

The next few weeks were frenzied, as they packed up everything that they cared about, and showed the movers what to take and what to leave. Jerry had been busy with the realtor, but was finally ready to go. It astounded him that all his family was willing to follow him, without hesitation, to anywhere he chose, and without question. He had led the moving van to the new location, and had returned the next day for the girls. Donna had talked it over with her mom and dad, and then they had brought her over. Her dad shook Jerry’s hand, and her mom hugged him. Jerry had given Donnas’ dad a detailed map to where their new home was, and invited them to come and visit any time they could. They both promised that they would come for a visit soon. Sheri needed a few things at the store so Charlene took a map to their new home from Jerry and promised that they would be there in the early evening. She looked at the map, then up at Jerry.

“Is this where I think it is?”

“Yes, but I’ve made some changes. I think you’ll like it more now.”

Charlene, Tina, and Donna jumped into the car, and at the last minute Candice decided to go too. They told Jerry and Sheri goodbye, and left for the store.

“Well kid” Jerry said to Sheri, “It looks like it’s just you and me.”

Sheri smiled up at him and then followed him to the car. When they got to the airport, she got very excited.

“Do we get to fly; I’ve never been in an airplane in my life.”

Jerry smiled at the little girl. “Yes sweetie, we get to fly.”

Forty five minutes later, the 310 touched down on the new runway that Jerry had built beside the cliff and, when he had parked the plane, he led Sheri to the stairs he had cut into the wall of the cliff. The elevator was still being installed, but the stairs were complete. They went down, where the stairs ended beside the pools in which Candice and Charlene had bathed, and then went in to the old cliff dwelling. Jerry had one of his construction crews out here and they had carved out an area in the rock cliff face, and built a modern home behind the face of the ancient cliff dwelling. It was about forty-five hundred square feet of living space, and everyone would have their own room. He had removed all of Mike’s things, and made his room into a room to be occupied by Donna. Sheri was excited and ran all over the new home.

“Which is my room Jerry?”

Jerry took her hand and led her to the room where her clothes, and all her other possessions had been placed. She explored the room and discovered that she had a bathroom that she would only have to share with Candice, and that it had a huge tub. Her bed was new and queen sized, with her stuffed animals all over it. She looked up at Jerry.

“Will I sleep here alone?”

“It’s your room sweetie; you can do whatever you want.”

She giggled and began to take her clothes off and then, when she was completely naked; she stood and looked at Jerry.

“Want to try out my new bed with me daddy”

It was the first time she had called him daddy, and it made his cock jump. He looked at his watch and guessed it to be a few more hours before they were joined by the others, so he smiled and began to get undressed. He stood in front of Sheri now with his clothes in a pile on the floor, and she looked down at his cock. Sheri gasped and said “I had forgotten how big it is.”

“Too big?”

She looked up at him, “is this the place where you fucked Candice the first time?”

“Yes, I fucked her outside by the pools.”

“Will you fuck me out there some time?”

“I’d love to.”

“I want you to fuck me here first though; I want to be the first one you fuck in our new home.”

Jerry scooped the petite twelve year old girl up into his arms and laid her on the bed. He bent and kissed her lips, and slid his tongue inside her mouth. His hands sliding over her body, and exploring every inch of her. His kisses moved across her body and she began to moan and started rotating her hips. He knew that she was not a virgin, he had taken care of that himself, but she had never been made love to the way he was about to. As he moved his kisses over her body, he licked and sucked on her budding tits, and then he moved his kisses lower and lower until he was kissing her inner thighs, and spreading her slim little legs wide, splitting the lips of her bald pussy and exposing her clit to him. He then moved his kisses back up her thighs until his lips came into contact with her pussy, and as they did, he sucked hard and pushed his tongue in passed her clit. Sheri screamed and began to shudder with her first explosive orgasm, and for the first time in her life she came with fluids into Jerry’s mouth. She started to buck, and thrust her hips hard into his mouth as he tongue fucked the little girl. He slid a finger into her pussy and when it was covered in her juice, he removed the finger and again tongue fucked her as he began to rub her ass with his slick finger. Sheri was moaning and just about out of her mind with lust when she felt, for the first time, Jerry’s finger push into her ass. She screamed with pain, but at the same time she began to shudder with an even more powerful orgasm than the first one. When it was over and she thought she couldn’t take any more, Jerry pulled his finger from her ass, and moved up so that his cock was pushing into her slick cunt. Sheri looked down at his massive cock and then up to his face.

“Oh yes daddy, fuck me.”

When she said that, Jerry thrust forward, and about a third of his cock slid into her. She began to thrust with Jerry, and in a very short time he had his cock buried in her cunt up to the balls. Sheri was shuddering again, and having almost constant orgasms as Jerry fucked the little girl, and she was begging him to fuck her hard, and to fill her pussy with his cum. Jerry thrust and thrust, and then she felt his cock tighten and she could feel it throb as he filled her with his seed.

Jerry rolled over, pulling the girl over on top of him, and they fell into an exhausted sleep, his cock still buried inside her tight cunt.

When the girls arrived, Candice was silent. She went down the stairs, and sat down on the bench that had been placed beside the pool where her daddy had first fucked her. She began to cry softly and just stared into the pool. Charlene smiled at her niece, understanding how she felt. She quietly went into their new home. She found her bedroom, and lay down to rest. She went to sleep smiling and rubbing her swollen belly. Donna went to explore the grove of trees at the far end of the acreage of the new home she was to share with the people she now loved and considered her family. She smiled to herself as she thought that her mother might like to be fucked by Jerry sometime as well. Tina went to where Candice was sitting, and said,

“What is it sweetie?”

Candice put her head on Tina’s shoulder and said,

“I feel so alone. Mom and Mike are gone. You’ve got daddy, and I have no one.”

“Oh baby, your daddy’s not gone, and I love you like you were my own daughter. No matter what else happens, I will always love you and take care of you. You have your daddy, me, Sheri, your aunt Charlene, and now Donna.”

Candice arms flew around Tina and she began to cry harder.

“I love you mom, and I’m so happy you love me too.”

Tina was surprised at Candice calling her mom, but it made her feel warm and more loved by this wonderful little girl, and she held on to her for a long time, just rocking her in her arms.

Tina finally left Candi, as she had begun calling her, after telling her to go find Donna and roam around this beautiful place with her. She watched Candi walk across the grass toward the grove, and she saw Donna emerge from the grove, take Candi by the hand, and then Candi turned and waved as they went back into the grove. Then Tina also turned and went inside.

Tina finally found Sheri’s room and went in to see how her “other” daughter was doing. What she found was, at first, a shock to see. There was her twelve year old daughter lying naked and asleep, face down, on top of a sleeping Jerry. Her legs were spread wide, and sprawled across him, his soft cock was still inside her pussy, and Tina could see his cum leaking from her plugged hole. At first Tina didn’t know what to think, but the more she looked at the two, the more she realized that it was inevitable, and that Sheri needed Jerry’s love too. Sheri just looked so young though; she could easily pass for ten, instead of twelve. Her body was so small, and her breasts hadn’t even started to blossom. The scene was so erotic though and Tina started getting moist, and more than a little turned on by what she was witnessing. She bent and scooped some of their mingled juices from her daughter, and slipped it in her mouth, sucking on the finger. She had always liked the taste of Jerry’s cum. She then put her hand around Jerry’s cock and gently began pulling it from her daughter’s stretched pussy. As she pulled, she felt the cock stir, and begin to swell again.

Jerry awoke with a start, he looked up to see Sheri’s mother standing over him, pulling his hardening cock from her daughter’s tight cunt. When she saw that he was awake, she put a finger to her lips, telling him to be quiet and not wake the sleeping girl. Then she took his hand, helping him up. She was looking down at her little girl after he got up, and saw cum running from her daughter’s pussy. Sheri moaned and rolled over; she opened her eyes to slits, and smiled at Tina.

“Hi mommy. Daddy and I fucked, did you see us?”

“No baby, but I will watch daddy fuck you another time, okay?”

Sheri nodded and closed her eyes, returning to the exhausted sleep of a girl who had been thoroughly fucked.

Tina then led Jerry out of Sheri’s room and down the hall to the master bedroom. She pushed him into the shower, and she slipped from her clothes then stepped into the shower with him. She knelt and took his cock into her mouth licking cum and little girl juice off his cock. After a short while of her sucking his cock, Jerry began to cum into her mouth and filled her with his cum. Jerry stayed hard while Tina continued to suck his cock and again came, this time deep into Tina’s hot throat as she swallowed his cock. She then bathed him and dried him and then led him to the bed. She lay down beside him and put her head on his chest so that she could still look into his eyes.

“Here’s the deal Jerry. The girls and I talked it over on the way out, and we all agreed. If you have no objections, you can make love to any of us, or all of us, at any time you want to. I guess that now means Sheri too, she said with a grin. Charlene said that she thinks it would be great if you fucked her mom, and I think so too, she’s a nice lady. I also think it would be nice if you fucked Donnas’ mom, I like her and Donna told me that her mom asked her if you were good in bed. Donna told her you were the best. So, fuck her and make her feel like part of our family too if you want to. I will get Sheri set up with birth control pills, if it’s not too late, and the other girls got their prescriptions renewed in town before we came out, so the only ones who aren’t on them is Charlene, too late for her, and me.”

“You didn’t get on the pill?”

“No, the girls and I talked it over and they all think you should get me pregnant on our honeymoon.”

Shocked, and unblinking, Jerry thought over everything this brown eyed beauty had just said, and when the last part of it sank in, he said

“Are we getting married?”

“You better believe we are, buster,” she said with a smile.

The way Tina said it, calling him buster, sounded so much like Darlene; he hadn’t realized how much of an influence Darlene had been on all their lives. He pulled Tina up and kissed her lips gently, tenderly, holding her close and looking lovingly into her eyes, he said,

“I will fuck the other girls anywhere else, whenever they want, and their moms as well, but this room is off limits to everyone but me and my wife, if she’ll have me.”

Then he kissed her again as her arms slid around him. Then, as she laid her head back on his chest, with tears in her eyes, she said,

“I love you Jerry. I’ve considered you my husband for a long time now, and I know Darlene approved. She told me so.”

Then, suddenly, she hit him playfully on the chest with her small fist and looked up at him again, this time laughter in her eyes. And you, you old pervert. You just fucked your new daughter silly. I bet she’s sore in the morning.

He rolled her over and pinned her petite body beneath him, with his now erect cock pressing against her incredibly tight cunt. Smiling, he said,

“I’ll bet you will be too,” and he thrust.

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