After doing it for the third time in two hours with Isabel, I slid to the floor and panted. Izzy joined me and we cuddled. She yawned and I looked at the clock to find out that it was nearly 3am. Damn I was tired. Adrianna was still asleep even after my 20 minute session with Izzy.
“Let’s go to bed” Izzy suggested. I nodded and stood up but then realized that I couldn’t leave Adrianna out on the couch naked. I would be a jerk to fuck her and leave her on the couch. I told Izzy this.
“She can sleep with us. I think our king size bed can fit all of us” she suggested. I agreed with her. I didn’t want to wake Adrianna up as she looked so peaceful and beautiful. Instead I quietly and gently picked up her up. She was damn light and soft. I carried her in a bridal style manner. She stirred and hugged me tighter but continued sleeping. I put her on my bed under my covers and got next to her. Izzy got next to her too so that Adrianna was in the middle. I kissed Adrianna softly and then fell asleep.

Morning came and I woke up at 9am with a major bonner. I looked to my left and saw that the two sisters were cuddling naked. Izzy’s hands were on Adrianna’s pussy and Adrianna was cupping Izzy’s left tit. Their faces were so close that you would think they were making out. The sight was too much and I remained hard. I looked at Adrianna. Fuck she was hot and I couldn’t believe that I had popped her cherry last night. She must have thought of me being really special to have let that happen. I couldn’t help but feel more love for this girl. I got of the bed slowly and went to the bathroom. I found Adrianna’s panties near the door and took them. I sat on the toilet seat and using her soft moist panties, I stroked myself with them. Her juices were still on the underwear and the coated my prick. I sniffed it and took in her intoxicating scent. I had my eyes closed and was enjoying it when suddenly I felt another hand on my dick. I opened my eyes to see that Adrianna was standing in front of me and stroking me. I smiled and she grinned.
“Morning sexy” I teased. She giggled and I grabbed her waist and brought her towards me. I then sucked on them and she moaned and stroked my hair. She was sitting on my lap.
“Dan, honey” she started. “Is it okay if we do it again?” I stopped sucking her nipples and looked at her. She was biting her bottom lip and looking at me cutely. I nodded and she smiled. She then stood up and took my hand.
“Do me on the bed” she said simply.
“With your sister asleep?”
“Uh-huh” she said. “I want you to fuck me hard and I want her to know how much both of us enjoy it. I don’t care if we even break the bed.” She looked at me seductively. She then grabbed my dick and walked of into the bedroom. I couldn’t help but follow her.
When were reached the foot of the bed she turned around and gave me a deep kiss. Then she laid on the bed with her legs spread out. She was fingering herself slowly with one hand while massaging her small breast with the other. A drop of precum dripped out.
“What are you waiting for stud? Don’t you want to shove that hard cock of yours in my tiny tight pussy?” she said smiling seductively. I got on the bed and slid on top of her with my face and inch from her face. I looked at her eyes and pulled a few strands of hair back from her face. She smiled and kissed me. Then she reached down and guided my cock into her tight pussy. The head of my prick touched her slit. She then pulled me into her and my dick entered. Initially it popped out as her cunt was extremely tight. Eventually I got into her and all the way in. she fought an urge to scream in pain and pleasure. I paused and let her get used to me. This was her second time. Finally she nodded and I kissed her shoving my tongue into her mouth. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms behind my back and neck. We kissed passionately as I thrusted deeply and slowly into her. Two years of fucking a really horny girlfriend two to three times a day allowed me to improve my control. I was by now experienced and I could help a girl get an orgasm fast. That’s what happened. By the fifth minute I picked up the pace. I got a hand between us and rubbed her clit off. She exploded on my dick and made her pussy ten times tighter. Although I was experienced and had good control, the feeling of her tightening over my dick was awesome and I was near. I fought hard to not cum. I slowed down tremendously and almost pulled out. She noticed and frowned. She thought I didn’t want her to enjoy her orgasm. I went slow and rubbed her faster but I couldn’t help but need to cum. finally her orgasm ended with her being limp and sweaty underneath me. She had screamed in my mouth and stiffed the noise trying to keep Izzy asleep. She failed though. As she came, she thrashed about and caused Izzy to wake up. Both of us didn’t realize this until Adrianna completed her orgasm. I pulled out and laid on top of her regaining my control, both of us were panting.
“So little sis, I see you can’t get your hands of my boyfriend” Izzy said suddenly. I was surprised but Adrianna was smiling. She was stroking my chest and I rolled over to the side of her. We both sat up. Izzy sat up and leaned over and kissed her sister.
“What can I say big sis, I’m in love with your boyfriends cock” she said and the both of them giggled. “I haven’t came like this in a long time. I think I want him to be the only guy you gets to enter this” she said pointing at her wet tight cunt. I was touched. She only wanted me to the only guy to do her, but what if she met some one else.
“But what about your future boyfriends or husband?” I asked. Izzy laughed and Adrianna smiled.
“Don’t you know silly, I’m into girls? I already have a girlfriend with me” she said and Izzy nodded. “Besides you’re the only guy who will be able to do me” she said patting my hard cock.
“Make love” I said correcting her. She looked at me and kissed me deeply. My dick twitch as she patted it. Izzy noticed and climbed on me.
“Is this little thing sad and alone?” she said teasing. “I bet it would feel better inside here.” With that she lowered her pussy onto my cock. She was in a cowgirl position and pushed me onto my back. Then she started to bounce on my dick and I watched as her beautiful breasts jiggled. She was looking at me with lust and love. At this position, I could control myself best. We fucked like this most of the time so I was used to it. I liked the fact that she was on top as I could see all of her. I liked that she was in control. I wanted her to feel like I wasn’t forcing her to do anything out of her will. With her in control she couldn’t be hurt and I didn’t want her to be hurt, plus I was lazy and I let her do all the work. Adrianna was left alone to watch while fingering herself. I grabbed her leg and I pulled her in.
“I want to eat your pussy” I growled. She squealed like a little excited school girl and placed her pussy on my face while facing her sister. They were both making out and I could tell they were enjoying it. I stuck my tongue into her vagina and licked her inner walls tasting all of her. I kissed her lips and sucked on her clit. She started grinding on my face and eventually exploded. She was screaming my name into her sister’s mouth.
“Fuck Izzy, your boyfriends gonna make me cum” she screamed.
“I know. Keep playing with my titties baby” Izzy moaned back. Adrianna’s cum was on my face and her legs went weak. I pushed her off my face and saw her on lying next to me with her hand on her pussy and her legs closed tightly. She was panting.
“Fuck that was good” she said between pants. “Izzy’s so lucky.” I smiled at her and she smiled back. Now Izzy’s body tensed up and got rigid. She arched her back and closed her eyes. She was cumming.
“Fuck… Dan…ooohhhhhh….sshhhhhiiiitt….oh make me cum with your big cock….make me….” she screamed and then tightened over my dick. She then exploded and I felt hot pussy juices coating my dick. I controlled my orgasm and succeeded. She then collapsed on my chest and hugged me. I kissed her hair and stroked her back. She purred. She eventually sat up.
“Adrianna sweetie, wanna another ride with my stud here?” Adrianna shook her head.
“I cant, my pussy’s still tired. Just look at it” she said. I looked at her wet cunt and realized it was quivering. I reached over and touched it and she moaned loudly.
“OH FUCK” she shouted and fell face first on the pillow. I saw a patch of wetness on the sheets below her. She had just came again.
“You continue first” she said between pants. I looked at Izzy and she stared back at me. Our eyes met and I felt that connection again.
“I want you to take me from on top” she said. I nodded and with one swift movement, I flipped her on to her back with me still in her. I started pounding her fast, while massaging her breasts. She was kissing my neck and moaning dirty things into my ears.
“Oh you dirty boy…you hot stud…your cock so big I want to cum again…oh I bet you want to cum in me right?” I grunted. “Fuck you…don’t cum until I say so…” her dominance was turning me on more. I fucked her hard and deep. I pulled all the way out and slammed back in and then after five minutes she exploded again. Adrianna had recovered and was sitting up all this time. After pleasuring Izzy for the second time she pushed me to a sitting position as she lay down with me in her.
“I want you fucking cum. I want your hot jizz on my pretty little face” she said pointing at her cheeks and chin. I pulled out immediately and stroked myself fast. I was close but yet couldn’t do it. Eventually my hands got tired and I stopped.
“Shit I can’t cum” I said disappointed. Adrianna instantly grabbed my dick and was on all fours, with her chest above Izzy’s tummy. She then took my dick in her mouth and sucked it fast. Her tongue flicked across my sensitive head and I then I felt the tingling sensation.
“Uh…sweetie, Dan’s gotta cum” I said. She mumbled and moaned on my dick. She massaged my testicles and I reached down and played with her small tities, pinching her erect nipples. Then I exploded in her mouth. Her mouth was small and warm and wet. Fuck it felt so good. She didn’t gag as 7 ropes of hot thick jizz filled her mouth. Izzy sat up and looked surprised.
“Oh fuck.” She said with her mouth opened. She was rubbing herself faster now. All this time I looked down at Adrianna and she looked up at me, our eyes connecting. I stroked her hair after I stopped shooting and my prick shrank and dropped out of her mouth. She still had my cum in her mouth and nothing dripped out. She got on top of Izzy and pushed her onto her back and then she started to swap my cum with her sister. They started making out passionately. My limp cock twitched with pleasure from the sight. They finished making out and sat up. A string of cum hung from Izzy’s mouth to her sister’s. Adrianna sat up and kissed her sister and hugged her tight.
“Damn Adrianna you were good” I said. She smiled. “Seriously have you ever given a guy a blowjob before?” She shook her head. I was amazed at her skill. That last minute blowjob thing was fucking awesome. I loved the feeling of releasing into her tiny pretty mouth and shooting load after load into the back of her throat. I was limp by now. Izzy then asked her sister to sit next to her.
“Adrianna, I want to give you your present now” she said to her. Adrianna looked surprised. Izzy got off the bed and took out a box from under the bed. Adrianna opened it and looked surprised. Inside was a vibrator and strap-on dildo. Izzy got on her knees and took the strap on and tied it onto herself.
“Since you already popped your cherry, I think it’s only fair for me to fuck you now?” Adrianna looked so turned on. “Oh Isabel, I’ve always wanted you to take Me.” she immediately laid on her back and spread her legs. Izzy got between her legs with the rubbed dick around her waist and hanging over the love tunnel of Adrianna. She stroked the dildo on Adrianna’s clit to get it lubed and wet. Adrianna shuddered at the feeling. Izzy then giggled. “Goodness I have a huge cock” she said in a fake serious voice while stroking it. “I wonder how it will fit in this tiny pussy of yours.” All three of us laughed. Izzy started teasing her sister by rubbing the dildo on Adrianna’s pussy lips and only sticking the head in an inch then pulling out. Adrianna had her arms behind her head and was frustrated.
“Would you put it in me and fuck me silly already?” she said. I then slapped Izzy’s ass and she yelped. Then she slowly entered her sister. I watched as the plastic toy disappeared into a tight love tunnel. Moments ago, that my dick was in its place…lucky bastard. Adrianna moaned as her pussy was split. Izzy got in all the way and then leaned in to kiss her sister passionately. Adrianna was playing with my girlfriends tits. Both were moaning. Then Izzy started thrusting slowly and deeply. Both were tonguing and licking each other. I saw Adrianna grab her sister’s ass and pull her in. within minutes I could here bed springs as the two girls fucked. The fucked for 15 minutes. Izzy fucked Adrianna doggy style giving her an orgasm. Then she fucked her reverse cowgirl. In this position, I was licking Adrianna’s clit and she had two orgasms. Then Adrianna said she wanted to fuck her sister. She got off the dildo and Izzy handed the strap on to her sister. Adrianna was really skinny and petite and the strap on looked really big for her to carry. Izzy was on her back and they fucked missionary style.
“Dan am I doing this right?” Adrianna asked. She was asking if she was fucking her sister correctly. I nodded and she continued. Finally she collapsed on top of her sister.
“Damn this is hard. No wonder Dan gets tired after having sex with me.” I smiled. Then I spotted the vibrator.
“What about this thing” I said tossing the thing to Izzy who was sitting up. She grinned. Then told Adrianna to lie on her side with her legs spread out. She did the same and their legs then interlocked together. Their pussies were touching each other. I could tell that they were so excited and wet from the heat emanating from their cunts. Izzy then put the vibrator in between their cunts and turned it on. For the next few minutes all I could hear was vibrations and moaning. They were cumming together and all over the toy. I was solid as a rock by then. After ten minutes, the girls stopped. Izzy laid on the bed panting.
“Oh fuck that was awesome” she said with her eyes closed. Adrianna crawled and laid on top of her.
“I love you sis. You make me so happy” she said and kissed her sister deeply on the lips. She looked at me and spotted my hard on. “I see you were enjoying what you saw just now.” She giggled. Then she grabbed my dick and stroked it as I moaned. It was 11am.
“I think we still have time for one more round” Adrianna said. She sucked me for awhile and then got on all fours. She turned back and looked at me.
“Go crazy stud” she said simply. I didn’t think twice and rammed my dick into her tight awaiting pussy. She cried in pleasure. I started thrusting in and she thrusted back. We got a rhythm and fucked for ten minutes. Izzy got up and sat next to me watching me ram into her innocent sister. She looked at my dick enter/exit the tight cunt. I looked at her and she smiled and shrugged.
“I’ve always wanted to see how it’s like from here” she said.
“Like what you see?” I asked. She nodded and we kissed while I played with her soft tits.
“Daaaaannnnnn….ohhhhhhhh!!!!” Adrianna cried as she orgasmed again. I rammed faster. I was far from blowing my wad. She screamed louder and finally stopped and panted. I leaned onto her back and nibbled her ear. She shuddered and smiled weakly.
“I want you to fuck me in the ass” she whispered. My dick popped out of her pussy when she said that. “What?” I asked.
“You heard me. Fuck my ass. I wanna try anal. Just once.”
“But its gonna hurt, and besides, it’s kind of dirty.” I said. It was true. That was why Izzy and I didn’t try it. Adrianna got off the bed and went to her room. I watched her hips sway as she walked off and came back with a bottle of water based lube and a condom.
“Why didn’t you use the condom last night when you and I have sex?” I asked. “I could have gotten you pregnant.”
“Relax. I can’t get pregnant now and besides, I knew you would use it and I wanted my first time to be natural. No rubber, just skin and skin contact.” She got on the bed and sat in front of me. She then unwrapped the condom and grabbed my dick. “I want to put it on for you” she said. I kissed her and she smiled. She took my hard dick and rolled the condom over my dick. Then she sucked it for a minute then squirted some lube on it. She then stroked my dick to spread the lube. She got on all fours again.
“Izzy can you help put some lube up my ass. I’m gonna do anal and I want you to help me.” Izzy nodded and I watched as lube was squirted into Adrianna’s tight asshole. She shuddered from the coldness. I positioned my dick at her asshole.
“Are you sure?” I asked.
“Sweetie, you’re the only one I trust doing this. Please. Do it for me” she said. I nodded. Izzy took my dick and guided it to the awaiting asshole. She helped me push it in. fuck it was tighter than her pussy. My dick initially popped out due to the resistance. Adrianna clenched her fists and held in tears and a scream as I entered her asshole and buried myself deep into her. It was warm and extremely tight around my dick.
“Just relax. Tell me when you’re ready” I whispered. She nodded and we waited. Eventually she told me she was ready. I started to thrust in and out of her. She moaned initially in pain but then told me I it felt better. I was pounding her ass. I grabbed the vibrator and shoved it into her empty cunt. She screamed into the pillow as she orgasmed twice. The bed sheet below us was soaked with pussy juices which violently gushed out of her cunt. Finally she told me she didn’t want to do it. I pulled out slowly and flipped her over. I looked at Izzy.
“Babe, you want a go?” I asked her. She shook her head.
“With that thing in my ass, no way” she said. I ripped off the condom and fucked Adrianna missionary style. Then I switched to Izzy who laid next to her. Both girls had cummed again. I then took Adrianna and fucked her cowgirl style. Izzy licked her sister’s nipples. I then slid off the bed and picked Adrianna up. We fucked with me standing up and carrying her with her legs around my waist. Then I fell forward on the bed with her still on me. She squealed in pleasure and glee as we bounced on the bed. I then slid her to the side of the bed and placed her gently half on the floor and her legs on the bed. I stood up and leaned forward and fucked her in a pile driver position. She came instantly from the sheer excitement from this position. I tried this with Izzy a few times. Izzy then sat on her sister’s face and they were in a sort of 69 position. She was eaten and she licked Adrianna’s clit while my cock was pounding her cunt. The girls came together. My face was then scrunched up and Izzy knew I was close. She got off her sister and patted Adrianna on the shoulder telling her I was close. I pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed. The girls got between my legs and stroked and sucked me. First Izzy licked my cock head while Adrianna had a nut in her mouth. Then they switched places. It continued for a few minutes and I felt the same tingling feeling and a load of jizz at my piss slit ready to shoot out.
“I want to cum on your faces” I moaned. I felt Adrianna take my dick in her hands stroking it wildly. Her face was pressed onto her sisters. They had their tongues out and were looking at me with lust. They were fingering each other too. The site was too much.
“Oh fuck…I’m gonna uhh….. cum…..” I cried. I took over jerking myself. I then exploded on the girls’ faces. The first shot hit Izzy on the nose and forehead. The second hit Adrianna on the chin and mouth. then I started to alternate shots on both their faces while they begged me to cum more.
“Come on big boy…I know you have more in there” Adrianna moaned loudly stroking my dick fast with my balls flailing and slapping against my inner thighs.
“You like that don’t you stud…you like facializing two hot innocent girls don’t you. Cum for us…Cum for your two cum sluts Dan…” Izzy said in that same lusty voice. I shot like ten loads and then eventually fell back on the bed. They let go of my limp dick and laid on either side of me. they wrapped their tiny arms around me and I hugged them and pulled them closer to me.
“Dan I got something to ask you” Izzy said finally.
“Go head babe” I said coolly.
“Well… I know we are getting married and all but I want to marry you with one condition.”
“And what is that?”
“I want you to still be with Adrianna. I want to still have sex with her. I want and need her. Dan I love you and I also am in love with her and I hope you will let me continue what I have with her.” she looked scared and nervous now. I stroked her hair and kissed her.
“Izzy, I will let this happen only on one condition. I want to make love to her too while I'm married to you. I love you so much but I think I am also in love with your sister.” I looked at Adrianna. She looked at me with glistening tears in her eyes.
“I love too Dan” she said softly. I hugged her and kissed her passionately.
“Of course Dan. I want the three of us to be together forever” Izzy said excitedly and relieved. “Oh I knew you would say yes.” The three of us laid there for the afternoon talking. We dressed into our underwear. We ordered pizza and hung out watching TV and chatting the whole day and evening. We had sex again, all three of us and continued.
Over the next few days we did the same thing. This time Izzy shared her pills with her sister as Adrianna was now fertile. The threesomes were enjoyable and full of love that I didn’t want it to stop.

After my graduation, I became a lawyer. Izzy became a teacher. Adrianna was still in college pursuing a degree in business. Izzy and I got married and right after graduation and we bought a new three room apartment downtown. Adrianna was dating and was in a serious relationship with her lover Jessica. She kept her promise and only had sex with one guy – me! Jessica was aware and supportive of our situation but she didn’t want to do it with me as she was a hardcore lesbian while Adrianna was bi. She did do it with Izzy though and I got to see hot lesbian sex on my bed while I fucked Adrianna. After many 6 months of marriage Izzy broke to me some big news. Apparently she stopped taking her pills and got pregnant. First she was scared to tell me. I wasn’t pissed off at all. I told her that I loved her so much and that having this baby was the only way forward in our relationship. she was ecstatic and we made love on there on the sofa. After nine months we had a little girl, and the three of us lived happily for ever. By the way, after having a kid, we still did it with Adrianna and Jessica, but just not so frequently.

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