Smiling sweetly

her green eyes glitter

with a mischief

that she keeps

hidden within

hips swaying gently

as she walks to the dark wood

calling with her heart

wondering where

He has gone

she hears a wisper

carried by the wind

Here, Here
Here I am

with Love shining

brightly in her heart

she moves forward

into the forbidden woods

where she was told never to go

softly giggling to herself

she looks only forward

never looking back

walking into her lovers embrace

sighing happily lets Him

take her away

she looks back just once

smiling to herself

she realizes that she will Never go back

into the night she goes

with a love that

she never thought she would


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2012-11-22 10:25:16
How long in a relationship do you go with out hanivg sex?*no more than a wkIs sex that important in a relationship?*absolutely importantWhat if you were hanivg sex with your partner before you became a couple, but after the sex stop, how would you feel?*very hurt to start Do you feel if your partner isn92t hanivg sex with you, they are hanivg sex with someone else?*depends.What does it mean if you partner says no sex because 93we are there yet94?Do you feel lonely in your relationship without sex?*hell yes!What if there is NO intimacy at all, what should you do?*ask why, can it be fixed, if not them leaveIs the problem caused by your partner talking only bout SEX. Everything revolves around SEX?*hey it's important, so why not talk about it?Could it be because you & / Or your partner don92t feel good about their body?*yesIs it because sex between you and your partner is WACK?*maybe but that would be found out in the first few sessions wouldn't it?Could it be your sexual education is way

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2009-04-17 23:19:41
very nice

Lil DemonReport

2009-04-12 05:53:08
smiles, thank you both

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2009-04-12 00:58:54
Very romantic - we need some more.
- Piquet

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2009-04-06 16:17:52
man you should take this to someone it might make it into a book or something

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