a story of gay rough sex between 2 teen boys
a true story

Summertime , at last!

It was the summer holidays and as per usual I was on the look out for some way to pas the time , as it can get very boring around these parts very quickly! The sun was out and it was very warm , the midges didn’t make for much fun either. I cant imagine a more annoying insect in the world , following you around in swarms of thousands and constantly dive bombing you at every opportunity .

I decided that the best way to stay cool was to go for a swim in the local river , so I packed my swimming shorts and my towel , and decided to go for a quick dip. I was on my way there when I bumped into a guy I knew called Johnny , he was overweight and was also a spoiled brat , but can be all right at times when we aren’t in a group. He had a problem with appearing weak at times……don’t know why……he was about 11 at the time and had brown curly hair and a bad habit of trying to appear cool at the most annoying times.

He asked me where I was going and I said I was off for a swim. His eyes lit up and he asked me if he could join me “ yeah , sure man. The more the merrier” he said that he would meet me down there at our local swimming spot ( an old tin mine). Sure enough about 30 minutes later he showed up . he was allways one for making an entrance and jumped in with a big belly splash. I couldn’t help but laugh at him “ wot?”he said in his usual gruff tone that meant trouble was on the way “ nothing…it’s just that when you jumped in your shorts fell off” I pointed to the shorts as they bobbed up and down in the water “ shit man!, you can see my knob” I couldn’t really but I decided to make a joke about it anyway.
“not really dude…must be really tiny then eh?” he glared at me and went red in the face, “ fuck you! I’ll have you know that my cock is massive! Bigger than yours I bet!”
I couldn’t help but take up the challenge.” you sure? I bet your cock is sooo small that if you ever got a hard on you wouldn’t even notice”.
This had the effect I secretly wanted . He got angry and waded over to me and said “ I’ll show you! My cock IS bigger than yours!” he went into the shallows and turned around. Sure enough there was his cock nestled between his chubby legs along with his hairless balls.
“ there! What did I say? Mine is bigger than yours…HA!!!” well…..I would show him…literally!

I waded up to him my face neutral, as soon as I got close to him I dropped my shorts and displayed my cock to him.
Mine was at least 3 times as big (soft) and I had hair on mine. His eyes were glued to my privates. Not moving …just looking…..kinda like wondering……
He looked at me like he had just lost a big bet or something “well……I’m feeling the cold…that’s why I’m not as big looking at the moment…but I know that my hard-on is bigger…..ever got one of those?”
…well….duh!…..coarse I did ,all the time! But I wasn’t about to let him know that. I was slightly Horney at the moment and I wanted to come…that wonderful feeling of spunk as it squirts out of my bell end.
“ you?, getting a hard on!? I doubt that. you’ve only got a small one. Bet you cant come yet either!”
That did the trick, his hand instantly shot down to his cock and he started to rub his knob end . His hand was like a blur as he moved it over his member, so not to be outdone I joined in the fun, eyes glued to his stubby cock……wondering how far he would go….
It was a couple of minutes of furious wanking later that he grunted and gasped as he shot his load. Not a lot mind, and it was like a slightly milky water. He proudly showed me his hand covered in his come “ there! You see? I can too come, quicker than you too!” if only he knew that that wasn’t a good thing.
I myself was getting close to coming, my swollen cock hard as steel in my hands wondering if I was gonna get to fuck this boy of 11 years and sure enough, after a short while , I started to moan and grunt with effort as I emptied my nut sack in a long spurt that jetted out of my cock towards him ( I didn’t plan it that way, honestly!)
He yelped in surprise as my first spurt landed on his balls. The rest on the ground. He looked at me with a hint of surprise on his face. I just laughed at him” haaa!…I just came on you, your my little slut now!” we both laughed it off and I said I was sorry to him( not really I wasn’t)and went back for a swim.afer a while we went home ad arranged to meet up tomorrow at his house.

Little did I know that he had alternative plans for us………

after having my dinner at my moms house I went round to Johnny’s to meet up with him again, I knocked on the door and waited. Sure enough he answered after a while ( I later found out from his brother that he liked to wait to answer the door, as if it made him feel important.)
“ hi Steve, what do ya want?! “I just looked at him slightly puzzled, “ you wanted to meet up after tea? Remember?”.
he looked at me and rubbed his chin thoughtfully “ oh! yeah!…I remember now, well you’d better come in then” he said with a smile. I really hated his sense of arrogance, the little shit!
I went in and took my shoes off and we went upstairs. he wanted to show me this cool game that he had on the sega (yes…it WAS that long ago!) we sat down and played on it for a while and eventually the novelty wore off.
he looked at me and smiled “ have you ever watched a porno before ?) he asked. In truth I had once at another friends house but I wasn’t about to let him know that.” no I haven’t…..have you got one like?” “ yeah…well my brother has. Do you wanna watch it ?” well how could I say no to that? “ damn right! Slap it on then!”.
He went under his brothers mattress and took out a video cassette and put it in the video player.
My eyes went wide in amazement!
There on the screen was a short haired blonde sucking on the biggest cock that I’ve ever seen in my life ( up till then anyway) .we watched in total silence for about 10 minutes before Johnny said “ wow, how big do you think he is ?” .I didn’t really know to be sure “ about twice the size of mine…hell…..maybe even thrice the size of mine”
He looked at me quizzically and said “ yeah,about 3 times the size of your little maggot“. I was shocked! Who the fuck was he to criticize about cock size? His hard on must’ve only been about 2 inches ……if that!
“ oh really? I seem to remember my cock being much larger than yours,ya little bald cunt!”
His eyes went wild with anger “ BAULD CUNT!? FUCK YOU ,YOU BASTARD! MY COCK IS FAR BETTER THAN YOURS!” and with that he shoved me really hard onto the ground.
…….that was the final straw, I was fed up with this shit! Time to strike back!

I jumped up onto the bed and punched him in the jaw with all my might, he flew backwards and just looked shocked at me. I leapt onto him as fast as I could and placed my fore arm across his throat .
I hissed into his ear “ you pathetic little shit smear! You!? Better than me!? In any way!?!….I seriously doubt that! Your little dick couldn’t make a fucking gerbil groan”
He looked at me with genuine fear in his eyes. I think I got the message across to him. How it got through his thick fucking skull was nothing short of a miracle!
“sorry, I’m so sorry man! I was just kidding with ya! Honest!”
I grabbed his head to the right so that he could see what was going on in the porno film
“ see that? Now that’s a cock! See how the slut likes the feeling of that? YOU! Will never get a woman to feel like that with this tiny thing!” I shoved my hand down the front of his track suit bottoms and grabbed his cock and balls in one go.
His eyes clamped shut, he looked like h was about to shit his self!
Then he did the most unexpected thing.
He opened his eyes and looked at me. Deeply.
“ at last…that feels sooooo good! Ahh…….play with me …please!”
Now this I didn’t expect. At all.
I pushed down on his throat “ why the fuck should I fat boy? You like this do ya?”
I was wanking him with just my index finger and thumb. That was all I could fit in my hand. He really was that small.
“ oooohhhhhhhh yes! I do! Please I’ll do anything .just play with me!”
“ anything you say?…..good…I could use a good blow job. Do you know what that is …well…..DO YA!?”
His hand went to my hard cock in my jeans “ if you mean I have to suck this, then yeah. I will”
Great I thought…my own little fuck slave….he’s gonna regret this!
I got of him and pulled his bottoms off and his boxers as well all the way down to his ankles I then placed my self between his legs and started to wank him off as fast as I could. Eyes glued to his cock and balls as they bounced up and down in time with my hand actions. His moaning and groaning was now filling the room his legs now thrashing around and his hand on the back of my head pushing down towards his crotch. “ and what the fuck are YOU doing!?”. I was in control not him, and I wasn’t about to let this fat fuck take control either” I want you to suck me, I’ve never been sucked on before” well I love to give a good blowjob but I wasn’t about to let him get his own way !
“ and say I do? What do I get? Do you know what I want from you?”
he lifted his head up and looked at me. He actually looked worried” what do you want like?”
I want my own cock sucked…..and my balls licked. A good one as well! And then I wanna come over your asshole, I wanna see my spunk on your ass. And if that’s all you think is gonna happen then your WRONG!!!I wanna fuck you” I turned his head to the screen again , this time the slut was getting fucked doggy style “ just like the whore on screen, GOT IT?!”
He just nodded , his head bobbing up and down vigorously.
So a deal was made then. I opened my mouth and sucked on his tiny member. The fat cunts moaning got louder . His eyes were rolling around and he was even bucking his hips into my mouth. It wasn’t long until he gave up and came in my mouth. It wasn’t much but I spat out all that he gave me all over his balls. I stayed there a while and rubbed his come into him. But I was impatient. I wanted what I was promised…and god help the little cunt if he backed out1
“now…what did I say I wanted?” he couldn’t even look me in the eyes…..prick!
“ you want me to suck your cock and balls. I……I…I….I’ll do it. Just this once though”
I just looked at him like he was something I just trod in” you’ll do it when ever I want it, got that?”
He just nodded.

I ordered him to pull my pants down to my knees and get between my legs just like I did. He obeyed. I then told him to wrap one hand around my cock and push down on my fore skin. He did so without pause. Then I said “ suck me, suckle like your life depended on it. Blow me fat boy!” he soon took to sucking cock like he was a pro. Working his mouth up and down the stiff shaft in time to his hand I was being wanked and sucked at the same time. Damn but he was good.
“ my balls….don’t forget to suck on my balls!” he took my cock out of his mouth and started to lick my nut sack ,expertly massaging each one in turn. I was in heaven.” keep wanking me!” I snarled.
After a short while I told him that was enough. I wanted my cock sucked. He went back to it without a second thought. Up and down, up and down he went his tongue flicking at my piss hole as he wanked the life out of me. It wasn’t long until I could feel myself starting to come.
“ get on your front.NOW!I wanna shoot my load on your ass.” without a sound he got onto his front. “ spread ‘em wide for me. Your ass cheeks too. DO IT!”
He did so and said “ go on, spunk on my asshole then” I aimed my cock at his asshole and started to wank as fast as I could . It wasn’t long until I felt my cock twitch in my hand and I let out a grunt “ urgh! Take it my little bitch!” and a good come load of my bollock bile shot out right on target. A few more twitches of my dick and I was done.
What a sight!
Two pale white ass cheeks and a pink little asshole was there before me covered in my jiz it was then that I remembered something “ you know something? I never did say that you could talk dirty to me did I?”
He looked over his shoulder at me” no. but I didn’t think that you’d mind” I just sneered at him” well…I fucking do mind!”
With that I stabbed at his ass with my still hard cock and he screamed in agony. My cock had gone at least 3 inches straight into his virgin asshole. He looked over his shoulder at me and said” TAKE IT OUT NOW!! IF FUCKING HURTS YOU BASTARD!!!”
I just looked down at him. I don’t know why I did I just did.
I slapped him as hard as I could on the back of his head and told him that it was his own fault for acting like a spoiled brat and hitting me in the first place. And that this was what he deserved.
With that I started to fuck him as hard as I could really forcing it up his butt as far as I could. All he could do was wince in pain and thump the pillow and mutter some curses at me. But every time he did I just thrust harder into him. Once again my cock gave up the struggle and for the second time I came. Just in his ass this time. I kept it in until it went soft and then took it out. I got up and pulled my pants back on. I smiled at him and said that I was going home and that he should tidy himself up. And with that I went and got my shoes on and went home.

About 2 days later there was a knock at my granny door ( that’s where I lived at the time). There to my surprise was Johnny again. Towel in hand and smiling “ fancy going swimming again? Kinda warm today innit?”
I looked him like a hungry dog being offered some meat “ sure thing.” I said “ are you ready for some of the same…treatment?” he blushed at me” yeah,just no hitting this time” he leaned in a little closer” and not up my ass either. That hurt for a whole day. But I loved sucking on your cock”. I grinned and said” sure…if you’re a good little slut”
I grabbed my towel and went out to the old tin mine.
I was gonna love this summer time!

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2010-06-14 18:18:17
i beated my 16 year black cock and came a big load


2010-06-12 00:13:49
Hey - write more and respond less to comments - the sad twats never come back to read your comments! ;-) Anyway, I think you should contact that jk rowlings chick and offer to spice her story lines up a bit! What do you think? I think Harry and the others had a lot of sex in that castle!!!!

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2009-08-04 20:10:01
This story, as well as your other two, were all great. I hope you'll write some boy/boy non-consentual rape stories, particularly one where an older boy fucks a younger one in the bathroom at school. I have a fetish for that kind of thing.

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2009-05-09 01:38:41
awesome story. both your stories made me cum!

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2009-04-04 13:05:55
It would have been better if the grammar was cleaned up just a bit, I did like it.

^^ Constructive critisism.

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