Curious girl finds something better than pussy to play with
JackassTales…Tale # 36…Readers; I’m doing something here I’ve never done before (and probably won’t do again). I’m writing a sex story at one of my reader’s request. Here is the comment which was left after my “Sex Teacher…” story was posted:

have a request plz
2009-02-03 11:12:41
loved it. I wish your young guy were real in our neighbor hood. my daughter jasmine is 13 and she plays with herself all the time. ummmm this is a dumb thing to ask but can u write a story about her. she has a swimmers body blue eyes and shoulder length brown blonde hair and very little freckles on her cheeks and run across her nose, she has a boyfriend named Levi. maybe u can write a story about their first time having sex. please i would love 2 hear it?

Using these sketchy details, I wrote the following story. It is a romanticized exaggeration of what might happen in real life (but isn’t this the reason we come to this sex site?) The characters are kinda young and I’ve even thrown in the girl’s approving parents (after all, a dad did ask me to write this). Hopefully this tale will meet the approval of not only the requesting reader but all of those readers who might choose to take the time to read it. Sorry, but it’s a little bit long. Thanks

The Smell of Sweet Little Jasmine

Worried parents……….

Jasmine’s mother and father were worried about their daughter. As they stood listening at the closed bathroom door, the bathing girl was emitting the unmistakable sounds of a female caught up in the throes of orgasmic glee. There was no doubt in the concerned parent’s minds. Their sweet little girl was masturbating again!

That the girl was masturbating wasn’t disturbing to these tolerant, understanding parents. Ever since she had hit puberty last year, Jasmine seemed to be inordinately fascinated with her young feminine body. Now, at the age of 13, she seemed to be ‘playing with’ herself all the time. Her mother and father had lost track of the number of times they had caught her with her hands stuck into her pants or under her dress.

No, masturbation itself wasn’t at the root of the parent’s concern. It was the girl’s extraordinary fascination with PUSSY which worried them. Two nights ago one of Jasmine’s girl friends from school had stayed for a sleepover. The kids seemed to be acting a little bit flirty with each other. Shortly after bedtime, the girls giggly playing turned into the clearly-identifiable moans and sighs of impassioned carnal release.

Jasmine’s parents were not the least bit prudish and they had an open-minded view concerning homosexuality. But, by god, they didn’t want their own daughter to become a LESBIAN! Liberal, yes they were, yet they were N.I.M.B.Y realists. Homosexuality might be okay, but Not In My Back Yard! Besides, when the time was right, these parents wanted to become grandparents to sweet little babies like Jasmine had been!

These worried parents reasoned in their heads that there was only one solution which might correct their daughter’s unfortunate, gender-confused situation. Sweet little pussy-crazy Jasmine needed to get herself a hard-cocked boyfriend!

Levi’s lascivious thoughts……….

One of my customers called me a young entrepreneur because of the success of my lawn mowing business. As a guy of only 16 years in age, I was pulling in several hundred dollars a week in free and clear profit. Cash money it was and safely hidden away from the greedy hands of old Uncle Sam’s tax man. I was sitting pretty on a hefty stash of coins and currency. I had a truck & trailer which pulled my humongous, twin-cylinder riding mower plus various push mowers, weedeaters, trimmers, and such.

As I pulled in to my next customer’s driveway, my mind unconsciously thought about the young girl who lived in the big brick house which sat in the center of the three acre yard I had to mow. While I was unloading my equipment, my mind’s eye described the girl to my head.

Pretty? Yes, I suppose I’d call Jasmine attractive in her own ‘little girl’ way. The 8th grade middle school kid had a lithe swimmer’s body, baby blue eyes, shoulder length brownish blonde hair, and several tiny freckles on her cheeks which ran across her nose. The girl’s summer-tanned skin glowed with a radiant beauty. Yeah, by my reckoning, I’d say Jasmine is a very pretty girl!

Sexy? Hey there Levi, hang onto your denim jean shorts and tell your swelling cock to settle down! Okay, so the girl does have a curvaceous shape which has some seductive bulges and bumps which emphasize her quickly-maturing feminine form. Her swelling bosom, her curvy hips, and her slim legs add up to a nice package. Yeah again, by my reckoning, I’d say Jasmine is a very sexy girl!

Okay, okay, so Jasmine is pretty and sexy, but this doesn’t change the fact that she is only a young 13-year-old 8th grader while you are a mature 16-year-old 11th grader! Hell, high school guys don’t go for middle school girls! Sorry fella, but that’s the rule!

Because of the heat, I took off my shirt and began my job. The droning sound of my twin-stacked riding mower tried to drown out my lascivious thoughts about the young girl who lived here, but with little success. Despite my best intentions, I couldn’t stop thinking about sweet Jasmine. The swollen bulge in my pants was being rubbed uncomfortably inside my jeans. “Damnit boy,” I told myself. “If you don’t settle down and stop thinking about that girl and her pussy you’re going to end up with a cock-blistered erection between your legs before you get this yard mowed!”

Jasmine gets wet again……….

“What is that annoying sound?” Jasmine asked her parents. Glancing out one of the kitchen windows she saw a shirtless boy mowing the yard with a huge mower. Her breath caught in her throat. “Oh god, its Levi mowing the yard!” she said.

Despite the fact that she had just finished masturbating a half hour ago, Jasmine felt the wetness of vaginal moisture dripping inside her femininity. The flesh of her pussy mound tightened and quivered excitedly.

Apparently unaware of her parents’ watchful eyes, Jasmine’s hand involuntarily descended into the waistband of her panties. Her slim fingers found her stiffening clit and began massaging it.

Jasmine’s mind was racing a mile a minute. If the bare-chested boy only knew how much she loved him and that she had loved him for at least two years! She wondered what he would say if he knew that every time she touched her pussy she was thinking about him.

Parental persuasion……….

Jasmine’s parents glanced at each other with an inquisitive curiosity. Was their daughter actually turned on by that boy mowing the yard? Was there hope she might really prefer boys over girls? Oh god please let it be so!

This mother and father of a maturing young daughter had a whispered conversation and then made a hurried decision. The very fate and future of their family and generations to come may rest with what actions they might take in the next few minutes.

“Jasmine,” the mother abruptly announced. “I forgot about an appointment I have this afternoon with the eye doctor. Your dad is going to take me. We know you have swim practice, so if it’s okay with you, I will ask Levi if he will drive you when he gets through mowing. Your dad will pay him extra for it. Okay?”

Jasmine thought about her answer for about two tenths of a second before hurriedly replying. “Sure Mom, it’s okay with me,” she said so enthusiastically that her parents were thrilled. “I mean its okay with me if it’s okay with Levi.”

Jasmine makes a plan……….

As her father’s car pulled out of the driveway, Jasmine waved goodbye and blew her parents a kiss. Her eyes immediately turned towards the lawn-mowing boy. Levi’s bare-chested, suntanned body made hot flashes come to her face.

Once again, the girl’s hand disappeared into the waistband of her panties and she cupped the mound of her drippy wet pussy. She was giving some serious thought to masturbating again, but changed her mind. This horny young lady had a better idea.

“What can I do to get Levi to notice me?” she asked herself. “Oh, if he would only open his eyes and see that I’m not a little girl anymore then maybe he could see me as the woman I’m becoming!”

The boy of her dreams was now loading up his mowing equipment into the trailer behind his truck. Jasmine knew that, if Levi didn’t forget her, he would be coming to the house in a few minutes.

Running her hands through her bath-wet hair, she snapped her fingers as a sudden thought jumped into her head. She excitedly announced, “Hey, I know what I can do to catch his eyes’ attention!”

After opening the back door wide and unlocking the screen door, Jasmine ran back to her bathroom to wait for whatever fateful destiny might bring her.

Levi gets an eyeful……….

Having an extra task to do before my next lawn job, I walked to the house and knocked at the back door. Surprisingly, no one answered. The screen door opened to my pull and I went in. Calling out for Jasmine, I heard no response. I did hear a hairdryer humming deep in the house so I approached the sound. A bathroom door was opened a little bit and without thinking I pushed it open some more.

Well, someone was drying their hair in there, that’s for sure. It was that girl child Jasmine I’d been daydreaming about. I couldn’t yet feel any blisters on my cock, but I’d been horny and hard ever since I started mowing the yard at this house.

The sight I saw made my erection swell to a size which strained every thread in my denim shorts. Jasmine was standing there jaybird-naked trying to dry and comb her tangled hair. I could tell she had just stepped from the shower because her glistening nude body was dripping wet.

I suppose, as a gentleman, I should have turned away and closed the door, but the thought of actually doing so never crossed my mind. Instead of turning away, I just stood there looking. Jasmine might be kinda short and skinny, she might be young and immature, but damn she had a well-toned body! I knew for a fact she was really into sports. Swimming events were her favorite. She’d been swimming competitively for years and she had just recently taken first place at a junior swim meet.

I just stood in the doorway without moving while my eyes stared at the body of a naked young girl. I only had a side view as she faced the mirror over the vanity table. While short and slim, her legs appeared to be especially shapely today. They started at her tiny feet and went all the way up to her ass. Why, her ass wasn’t skinny at all, but it wasn’t fat either! Actually, it was a finely-shaped ass! From my angle, I couldn’t see her pubic mound so I couldn’t tell if the color of her bush matched the color of the tangled brownish blond hair on her head. Her arms were working up and down briskly brushing her hair so I had only quick pictures of her young breasts. I couldn’t tell if they were big or small.

Suddenly, a thick bath towel slipped from the vanity table and fell to the floor. Jasmine stood flatfooted and bent from the hips to pick it up. Her finely-shaped young ass was pointed towards me! My breath caught in my throat. Wow, the ass was even nicer than I thought! My attention moved to the crevasse below. Her legs were spread leaving her pussy mound completely exposed from behind. Again, I lost all ability to breathe.

I found the answer as to whether or not the hair color on her head matched the color of her bush. The color was yet to be determined! Jasmine didn’t have any pubic hair! Her pussy was bare, it was nude, and yes it was gloriously beautiful!

In the brief few seconds she was bent over, I gazed at her puffed pussy lips and the crack splitting her magnificent pussy mound. I didn’t see much of a clit so I guessed the swollen outer lips were covering and protecting that particular feminine treasure.

Jasmine stood back up and resumed drying her hair. I was left with a mystery. I talked silently to myself, “Surely she doesn’t shave her pussy? She’s only 13 and doesn’t need to shave for a guy. Well, maybe she does have a guy, one that likes shaved pussies. Why, I kinda like them myself!”

Another thought entered my mind. I recalled a fact I’d heard about swimmers. In order to gain a competitive edge, they often shaved every hair off their bodies except for the hair on their head. I’d bet this is what Jasmine does.

When I thought a little more, I realized Jasmine’s trim figure and short, lean profile reminded me of one of those petite gymnasts that run and tumble at the summer Olympics. During the last Olympic Games, I had watched their athletic routines on TV with a hard-on in my pants. Those athletic little girls really turned me on!

Athletic little Jasmine was turning me on for sure! The petite girl had finished drying her hair and had laid the hair dryer aside. She made one last futile attempt to brush the tangles from her hair, yet her rebellious locks showed no signs of cooperation. Finally, she tossed the brush aside in a gesture of surrender.

Levi and Jasmine say ‘okay’……….

I was not prepared when the girl suddenly turned towards the door. Apparently, neither was she. We both jumped in startled surprise. To my amazement, Jasmine quickly recovered. She did not scream and she did not faint. She found her voice, and spoke, “Oh Levi, it’s just you.”

Unbelievably, the young girl was making no attempt to cover herself up. She did not reach for the towel at her side, she had not turned away from me, and she did not move her arms and hands to cover her pussy or tits.

Before I found my own voice, I took a few seconds for my eyes to make a quick visual exploration. From this frontal view, I could tell that my initial assessment of her pubic mound was correct. Jasmine didn’t have a single hair covering her pussy, not even one! Her vaginal mound was completely bare!

Although Jasmine didn’t have hair on her pussy, she did have tits on her chest. While the breasts had reached the maturity of puberty, they were not what a guy would call ‘big knockers’. Nevertheless, they were exceptionally nice. I’d say each tit would probably fit perfectly inside a two-handed coffee mug. The tantalizing titties stood up on her chest like perky and decorative Christmas-tree ornaments. Dime-size hot pink nipples and silver dollar-size pale pink areolas completed the picture. Oh, what a pretty picture those babydoll boobs made!

Before I had pushed open the bathroom door, my cock had been throbbing inside my pants. At the first sight of naked feminine flesh, it had swollen into a stiffened pole. When Jasmine bent over for the towel, it started pulsating painfully. When she turned to face me, it grew so engorged I thought I might bust a gut. I now desperately needed to reach down and move it to a more comfortable position inside my pants, but I didn’t dare do it, not with her staring at me!

“I’m sorry I came in on you like this, Jasmine,” I managed to say. “Your dad says you need a ride to swim practice. I knocked, but no one answered. The screen door was not locked, so I came on in. I didn’t know you were in here taking a bath and I certainly didn’t know you’d be naked!”

I think Jasmine could see my discomfort from the mistake I had made so she spoke to put my mind at ease. “Oh, don’t worry about it, Levi,” she said. “I guess it’s my fault. I should have locked the door when Mom and Dad left.”

I couldn’t let the innocent girl take all of the blame. “Well, I shouldn’t have come in without somebody answering the door,” I said. “I suppose I need a few lessons in good manners.”

Jasmine giggled and replied with humor. “Levi, I didn’t hear you knocking,” she said with a giggly, melodious voice. “But, even if I did hear, I don’t usually answer the door when I’m strip-stark-naked like I am now!”

I now laughed, too. “That’s probably a good policy,” I agreed. “You never know when some pervert might come to the door. He’d sure get him an eyeful to look at today!”

Again, Jasmine giggled. She then spoke in a more-serious tone. “Oh well, Levi,” she said after shrugging her shoulders. “What’s done is done. I’ll go get my new swimsuit and then we can go. Do you want to see it before I put it in my gym bag?”

Without awaiting an answer, Jasmine walked out of the bathroom. The girl didn’t pick up her clothes and put them on. She didn’t even reach for the towel. The young lady brushed past me still jaybird-naked! She was making absolutely no attempt to conceal her nudity.

After repositioning my aching cock, I followed Jasmine out into the hallway and watched as she headed for her bedroom. Her feminine body was indeed well-toned, but her sweet ass had a nice jiggle and shake. I recalled a couple of epithets boys sometimes use when watching girls asses. I intended to speak them silently inside my head, but they slipped out loud and clear. “Honey, you want fries with that shake?” I brazenly asked. “Girlie, your ass must be jelly because jam doesn’t jiggle like that!”

Jasmine stopped dead in her tracks. One more step and she would be into her bedroom. She didn’t take the step. Instead, she turned to face me. “Why Levi,” she hastily said. “That’s the sweetest thing you’ve every said to me! Mister, it’s about damn time you noticed me!”

“Oh, I’m sorry I said a cuss word!” she quickly added. “I’m a ‘good girl’ and I don’t cuss. But Levi, I’ve been waiting forever for you to notice that I’m growing up. Do you really think I have a nice…ass? Is there anything else about my body you like?”

Taken aback by the girl’s innocent boldness, my answer came abruptly. “Hell yes, there is!” I exclaimed. “I like those two titties decorating your chest. I like your belly bump and your cute little bellybutton. Your slim legs are really nice, too. But Jasmine, if you want the whole truth and nothing but the truth, what fascinates me the most about your body is that cracked mound of a pussy you have between your legs!”

The tiny freckles on Jasmine’s face darkened and she finally blushed. “Oh is that all?” she teased. Her countenance then became serious. “Levi, I don’t know why for sure,” she added. “But, in the past year I’ve been kinda fascinated with my pussy, too! I know you might think I’m ‘bad’, but I sometimes play with myself!”

I was treading in uncharted waters here, but I was all horny and excited. “Jasmine, I don’t think you are ‘bad’ at all,” I explained, “Hell, all kids play with themselves! Good god girl, I jack-off my cock all the time!”

“You do?” she asked curiously. “Do you get a really, really good feeling between your legs when you do it? Oh I’m sorry, Levi you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to!”

The inquisitive girl was being honest with me, so I wanted to be honest with her. “Yes, I get a really, really good feeling when I ‘cum’,” I truthfully informed her. “I don’t believe anything in this world could feel any better!”

“I think so, too,” Jasmine quickly affirmed. Lowering her head slightly and blushing demurely, she timidly asked, “Levi, have you ever played with a girl’s pussy and made her…cum? Has a girl ever played with your…cock and made you have an…orgasm?”

I was a guy and guys don’t blush, but I came close to doing so. Hearing those sex words coming from a sweet girl’s mouth surprised me. On the other hand, her nudity and her frank sexual openness made her seem to be erotically enticing.

“Jasmine, I’ll give you the god’s honest truth,” I answered. “I’ve never found a girl willing to play with my cock long enough to give me a proper orgasm. Girls are flirts, but the bitchy cockteasers are usually afraid of a guy’s horny erection. As for me, well I’ve had my hands inside a few panties, but no girl has let me play long enough to make her cum. I guess I’m just unlucky in love and unlucky with sex.”

For a full minute, the nude girl standing in the hallway spoke not a word. She stood and let my eyes feast on her beautifully exotic feminine form. Her mind seemed to be racing a mile a minute inside her pretty little sex-confused mind.

“Levi, I hope you don’t think I’m one of those cockteaser girls,” Jasmine finally announced. “I can prove it if you want me to. I’ll play with your cock until I make you cum and I’ll let you play with my pussy until you make me cum! All you have to do is say the word, ‘okay’.”

Quicker than a flash of lightning can streak across the sky, I said, “Okay!” Before I knew what was happening, Jasmine had thrown her arms around my neck and she was pressing her nude body against my shirtless chest. A whispered voice begged, “Oh Levi, please kiss me!”

Whispered or not, I heard the beseeching voice loud and clear. Needing no further encouragement, I kissed the sweet little girl. Little girl hell! Jasmine’s kiss-hungry mouth locked onto mine and began smothering me with slippery moisture. In self defense, my tongue wet my lips with saliva and I kissed the girl back.

With juvenile passions awakened, Jasmine and I kissed with an ardent obsession which knew no boundaries. Our lips teased, our tongues tasted, and our teeth nipped. Within two minutes, we had learned how to tongue-fuck each others mouths and we tongue-fucked with enthusiastic zeal.

How I did it with Jasmine’s arms wrapped around my neck and her lips kissing me, I couldn’t say, but I wiggled out of every stitch of my clothing. Bare-assed naked the two of us stood in the hallway and glued our horny bodies together.

Neither of us teenage sexual explorers felt any pang of bashful shame. In fact, I believe we two gloried in our shared nudity. “Jasmine, I want to do you first,” I huskily announced. “Girl, I’ve just gotta have a taste of your tits and pussy before I make you cum!”

Without another word, I swept Jasmine’s featherweight body up into my muscular arms and carried her a few steps into her bedroom. The room was decorated in pink girlie-girl colors. Stuffed animals and frilly pillows adorned the bed. The femininity of the room suited its young female occupant perfectly.
Sitting Jasmine on the edge of her bed, I knelt between her legs and studied her young feminine body with close up, inspecting eyes. This young lady with tangled hair had a petite body indeed. My first estimate was correct, she lacked a few inches being five feet tall and I’d guess her weight to be no more than ninety pounds. Yet, I knew this was the sexiest ninety pounds of feminine nudity my eyes had ever seen!

Despite Jasmine’s diminutive stature, this girl had nicely-shaped breasts. They weren’t as big as some guys might prefer, but they suited me just fine! They were nubile little mounds which were blossoming with maturity. The tits were certainly big enough to play with, so play with them, I did.

My eyes played first making an intense visual inspection. My hands began a manhandling manual massage. My mouth begged to join in on this mission to explore the magnificent mammary mounds. Giving in to seductive temptation, I kissed the young breasts. My roaming lips found budding nipples which ripened to erection as I kissed and suckled them.

I was having a glorious time playing with these titillating tits. My greedy mouth, my lips, and my tongue kissed, licked, and sucked hungrily. I knew Jasmine was having a good time, too. With a radiant smile enlivening her face, she was softly sighing.

When my tit-sucking manhandling became a little too rough, Jasmine unexpectedly fell back onto the bed and a nipple pulled out of my suckling mouth with an audible ‘pop’. At first, I was disappointed at having lost these deliciously delectable little feminine fruits. But, my eyes then found something even more tantalizingly mesmerizing. Jasmine’s pretty pussy was just inches from my face!

Small in stature, yes my Jasmine certainly was. Her body was young and petite. Yet, the protruding mound between her legs provided ample evidence of her feminine gender! Puberty had visited this girl’s loins, but since she was clean-shaven, her pubic mound had no bushy covering to obstruct my view of her fresh young pussy flesh!

I saw only the tip of a clit but made an assumption the rest was probably hidden inside those beautiful puffy outer pussy folds. These swollen lips were separated down the middle with a deep, seductive crack. I knew hidden feminine treasures would be found if I spread the outer folds and opened the split crack.
Up until this day in my life, I’d never gone this far with a girl before. From watching a few porn flicks, I think I knew what to do, but I wondered if sweet little Jasmine would let me do it. She had said she wasn’t one of those bitchy cockteaser girls, so may she would let me do what I wanted.

Throwing caution aside, my hands reached out and gently caressed Jasmine’s pussy mound. Warm, tender flesh greeted my fingers. I squeezed and massaged the pretty, little swollen mound. I knew the firm puffiness was an undeniable indication of her growing femininity. Perhaps there were just a few remnants of baby fat here, but, for the most part, this was all girlie-girl, young woman flesh!

Thanks to this sexually curious female adventurer, I had a wondrous pussy to glory in! Just as it had with the girl’s breasts, my mouth begged to join my hands in their journey toward discovering the carnal joys of her pubescent flesh. And again, I gave in to the undeniable temptation of lust.

Although Jasmine’s body was freshly bathed, her pubic mound had a tantalizingly sexy musky smell to it. Young lady she was, but she smelled as sweet as the fragrant summertime flower which bore her name. That old Shakespeare fella had it right when he said something like; “A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet as Jasmine’s pussy!”

I kissed Jasmine’s pretty, sweet-smelling pussy then I kissed it again and again. The mounded flesh pulsated with the warmth of racing blood. My lips and tongue played kissy-licky games all over the perfectly proportioned pubic bulge. With my unrestrained lusts inflamed, I kissed and licked with feverish delight.

Finally, curiosity propelled me to spread the girl’s pussy lips open wide. I needed to prove my assumption about the treasure hidden within. Without any trouble at all, I found what I sought! I discovered her clitoral jewel encased inside a velvety vaginal vault!

As clits go, I suppose Jasmine’s was relatively small indeed. Yet, with the benefit of puberty’s maturity, her clitoris had grown into a nicely sized protrusion of erotic feminine flesh. Her clit was seductively enticing! So alluring was it, I just had to touch and taste it!

My moisturized tongue flicked and licked the tasty little treat. Sweet honey couldn’t have tasted any better! Oh, I loved this sugary delicacy, I most assuredly did! I continued kissing, flicking, and licking it with unrestrained lust and gleeful joy. My tongue tickled and teased the tiny flowering bud as Jasmine wiggled and whimpered on the bed.

There was one other feminine treasure I sought and my mouth finally found it. I cupped my tongue to stiffen it and entered a vaginal opening. I was fully expecting to find an unbroken virginal membrane here and I wasn’t disappointed. My probing tongue discovered a hymen which was still intact!

A naked, untouched virgin was lying on the bed! My mouth was enjoying the sweetness of her vaginal flesh! This young lady’s body had the maturity of her adolescent age, so her pussy had an abundance of vaginal moisture. I licked and lapped at what slippery feminine juice I could get.

Sweet Jasmine had said she wanted me to make her cum, so by god almighty, that’s what I intended to do! Thinking about how one of those horny porn guys would do it, I began to savagely ravish the young pussy in my mouth. I began eating my girl’s pussy as if I were a cunt-starved man who hadn’t had a bite of vaginal nourishment in years.

After only a few minutes of enthusiastic ravishment, I felt Jasmine’s hips wiggling on the bed. Her abdominal muscles tightened and her hips jump up to meet my pussy-eating mouth. Animalistic moans and groans escaped from her.

Consumed by pussy lust, I continued to eagerly devour the finest-tasting food I’d ever had in my mouth. Sticky wet vaginal moisture coated my lips and tongue. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any wetter, Jasmine’s vaginal muscles convulsed and her orgasming pussy began spraying my face with feminine cum.

“Oh god, Levi,” Jasmine squealed. “What are you doing to me? Oh, glory be, here it comes again! Suck me, suck me, I’m cumming!”

So, suck her, suck her, I did. The young lady on the bed was cumming fast and furiously. Her slim legs encircled my shoulders and she pulled my face against her dripping, sweltering-wet pussy. Her orgasmic screams continued until her hoarse throat was raw.

Finally, Jasmine’s cum-spray stopped, her legs fell from my shoulders, and her sexually satisfied body relaxed. Her fast-rising bosomy chest was gasping for breath. Not sure if she would still want to live up to her part of the bargain she’d made, I waited with uncertainty worrying me.

My worries turned out to be unnecessary. Jasmine sprang up into a sitting position, threw her arms around my neck, and kissed my pussy-wet lips with the most impassioned kisses I could ever imagined any guy could ever get.

“Levi, thank you,” she whispered. “I never knew orgasms so powerful were possible! I’ll love you forever for giving them to me! Mister, you’ve made me squeal so much my throat is sore. But, one of my friends told me about this deliciously soothing cream a girl can get from a guy to help with this kind of a problem. If you don’t mind, I’d like to get some from you.”

Without waiting to see if I minded, Jasmine jumped off the bed and made me sit were she had lain. I leaned back with my hands holding me up. “Oh my goodness!” the girl’s whispered voice exclaimed. “I love your curly pubic curls! I have to shave mine off for the swim team. Levi, I never imagined your cock would look so pretty! It’s really a nice-sized one, too! Hey look, my fingers won’t even go all the way around it!”

Looking down, I saw ten slim fingers attempting to encircle my muscular manhood. The girl was right, her fingertips didn’t touch. Smiling at the naively innocence girl, I got as comfortable as I could and let the playful, sexually-curious girl have her way with me. I’d already discovered she had learned quickly about the art of kissing, so I wondered if she could figure out the scientific mechanics of how to play with a cock.

I didn’t have to wonder long. Two hands and ten fingers flew in a furious flurry of frenzied play. Not one inch of my erect shaft escaped her manual molestations. Good god, the horny girl seemed like she couldn’t get enough of the cock flesh in her hands!

Jasmine’s massaging hands and fingers alternated between a slow, tender seduction of the throbbing maleness and a quick, vicious assault on the erection. While she might be gently juggling my balls with one hand, the fingers of the other might be brutally pulling my pubic hairs.

If I wasn’t mistaken, Jasmine was beginning to act like a young lady who might be going a little cock-crazy. She was certainly having all the signs and symptoms of this sexual malady which strikes some females when they reach an age of feminine awakening.

“Levi, if you will remember,” Jasmine said. “I did tell you I’m not one of those cockteaser girls you dislike. I’m not sure about how to do it, but I did promise you I would make you cum. I like to start by kissing your beautiful cock. Okay?”

It must have been a rhetorical question because Jasmine didn’t await an answer. Her soft, sensual lips went ahead and began kissing my pulsating erection. What this girl lacked in cock-kissing experience, she made up for in enthusiasm. Her warm, eager lips kissed energetically. My thighs, belly, balls, and cockshaft came under the impatient lip-attack of her mouth.

Out came her tongue to join her lips as an ally in her cock-capturing offensive. The tip of her tantalizing tongue came into contact with the dry flesh of my cockhead. Curious at first, she tenderly tested the skin. Satisfied it would be okay, she went ahead and licked all around the swollen ball.

At last, the inquisitive girl found a bit of moisture. Jasmine’s exploring tongue tried to test the depth of my pee hole. Here she unintentionally tasted the salty tartness of my leaking precum. Although puzzled by the taste, the girl continued her cock-kissing investigation.

Unexplainably, Jasmine’s mouth started watering with oral anticipation. Her hot, wet saliva began running all over the cockhead so near her lips. The slippery lubricant drew the throbbing, elongated erection into her awaiting oral cavity.

Pulling back, Jasmine looked questionably into my eyes. When I smiled, the determined girl resumed the task she’d undertaken. Her greedy lips again surrounded the penile plaything she was becoming so infatuated with. Unsure of the proper mechanics of penis sucking, the girl let feminine instinct and Mother Nature be her guide.

Jasmine’s mouth was small so she had to open it wide in order to accept the swollen shaft she was so eager to suck. With the aid of slippery saliva, her tight oral cavity finally closed around several pulsating inches of my meaty flesh.

After several awkward missteps, she found a rhythm which worked best for her. Her head bobbed up and down slowly while her lips squeezed and sucked. Her licking tongue concentrated on the bulging cockhead where it tasted my thickening precum.

Young and inexperienced Jasmine might be, but this girl was learning quickly from her on-the-job cocksucking training. Entwining my fingers in her uncombed hair, I hung on for the most enjoyable ride of my 16 years of living. I would never have guessed that a 13-year-old female mouth could give a guy such joy!

Jasmine’s feminine nudity, her cock-hungry excitement, and her energized sucking enthusiasm was bringing me to the brink of orgasm. My testicle sack was boiling up a brew of hot, creamy cock-soup. I knew I couldn’t hold the bubbling liquids in much longer.

“Oh god, Jasmine!” I warned. “Girl, I’m going to cum and I’m going to do it in your mouth if you don’t get my cock out of it! Oh baby, you don’t want a mouthful of cum, do you?”

At first, Jasmine ignored my cautionary advice. Her meaty-hungry mouth kept on eating ravenously. My message finally sank into her brain. Confused by my words of warning, Jasmine sat back with a baffled look in her eyes. Her feather-soft hands continued playing with my cock and balls.

“Damnit Levi!” she wailed. “Mister, I shot my cum into your mouth, so if you need to shoot your cum into mine, then have at it! Besides, I told you my throat is sore and I need some of your creamy ointment to soothe it!”

Before the girl could get my blood-engorged, cum-filled erection back into her mouth, her eyes saw a spurt of milky white cream just a second before her face felt the force of my cock’s pressurized eruption. Streams of steaming liquid hit her face, her chin, and her neck. In seconds, her small, dangly breasts became coated with the slippery, sticky, cummy cock goo.

Before my testicle reservoir could run dry, Jasmine jammed my spouting cockshaft back into her mouth and resumed her cocksucking attack. Paying no attention to my orgasmic groans, the girl sucked and chewed with all her might. Her vacuuming mouth swallowed every drop of cream she could possibly milk from the swollen man-teat she was engorging herself upon.

Good god, sweet Jasmine was giving me the first cocksucking orgasms I’d ever had in my life! These mouth-eating orgasms were ten million times better than the old handjob ones I’d been able to give myself! I lay back and let the heavenly bliss consume me mind, body, and soul.

Jasmine didn’t stop eating my meat until my cockshaft stopped gushing cum. Emptied of every drop of seminal fluid, I lay back on the bed and tried to get my breathing to resume.

“Do you believe me now, Levi?” I heard Jasmine ask. “I told you I wasn’t just one of those bitchy cockteasers you complained about! I told you I would make you cum, and Mister, I did! Didn’t I?”

Before I could answer the sweet young lady, she spoke again. “Hey, speaking of cum,” she said. “Why Levi, my sore throat doesn’t hurt at all now, but we’re both a cummy mess! Let’s go take a shower and then I’ll show you my new swimsuit. I bet you will like the shower and the swimsuit, too.”

Jasmine was right. I liked the shower we took together just fine. Again we gloried in our shared nudity. We couldn’t stop kissing and fondling each other. As for her swimsuit, why I loved the one-piece, skin-tight, competition Speedo garment! The swimsuit fit so snuggly it emphasized every curvy feminine shape on my girl’s body.

The parents return……….

When Jasmine’s parents returned home they were full of wondering questions they were not sure they wanted to know the answers to. Their daughter was gone to swim practice and the house seemed unusually empty.

Despite their trepidation about answers, they silently asked the questions. What kind of havoc had Mother Nature wrought when their 13-year-old daughter had been left alone with a 16-year-old boy? Had carnal impulses been awakened and if so had anything been done about it?

As Jasmine’s mother passed by her daughter’s bedroom door, an irresistible impulse made her look inside. Stuffed animals and frilly pillows were strewn about out of their usual place. The bedcovers were wrinkled and rumbled.

Taking a few steps into the room, this mother of a daughter saw a strangely familiar stain on the bed. Touching the discoloration with a finger, she realized it was still relatively wet.

“Honey, that’s a cum-stain isn’t it?” Jasmine’s father asked his wife. “Do you see any signs of virginal blood?”

Turning to her husband, Jasmine’s mother replied, “Yes, it’s a cum-stain, but no, there is no blood. Knowing our daughter though, I guess there will be bloodied virgin stains somewhere sooner or later.”

“Knowing our girl like we do,” the father said. “It will probably be ‘sooner’ rather than later! At least it’s not another damn pussy she has gotten a hold of this time!”

With thoughts of future grandchildren dancing in her head, this wife and mother smiled and loudly announced, “I’ll say AMEN to that!”

Amen and pass the pussy……….

Instead of just dropping Jasmine off at the door, I escorted her hand-in-hand inside her school. Having just recently sampled the sweet fruits of a middle school girl’s body, I had a new appreciation for all those sexy 7th and 8th grader girls running around in their bathing suits.

My wandering eyes didn’t stray away too far. Jasmine’s sexy shape and her skin-tight swimsuit kept on reminding me of my growing love for this special girl. I still felt the sweet warmth of her kisses on my lips and still tasted the sugary syrup of her pussy in my mouth. While watching my girl glide effortlessly through the school’s swimming pool, I felt a growing swelling again straining the fabric of my pants.

I had an unexpected surprise when I took Jasmine home. Steeling my nerves, I asked her mother and father if she could be my ‘girlfriend’. Not many parents were agreeable to the notion of their middle school daughter dating a high school boy. The parental views in this home seemed to be different. Not only did they heartily welcome my affections, but since it was so late in the day, they asked me to stay for supper.

Jasmine ran to change clothes. When she came back to the kitchen, the barefooted girl was wearing a shapeless, oversized sweatshirt and a loose-fitting, knee-length skirt. Having gotten use to seeing her either nude or in a tight swimsuit, I was a little disappointed to see her covered up so demurely.

Good food and small talk made the evening meal pass by quickly. I liked Jasmine’s parents and they liked me. “Hey, Mom,” my girlfriend said. “Why don’t you and Dad go relax and let Levi and me clean up and do the dishes?”

Smiling at each other as if they shared some kind of a knowledgeable secret, her parents eagerly accepted the offer. Her dad said, “I can’t relax, but I’ve got some work to do on the car in the garage.” Her mother said, “I can’t relax either because I have a ton of housework to do upstairs.”

When her parents exited the kitchen, I began clearing the table and Jasmine carried plates to the sink. “Hey pretty girl,” I blurted out. “What’s up with all that shapeless clothing you have on?”

Jasmine turned around to face me with a mischievous grin on her face. “Mister,” she answered. “If I had worn a tight top to supper then I couldn’t have shown you this!”

Grabbing the hem of her oversized shirt, Jasmine lifted the garment all the way up to her chin. Out popped two beautiful braless breasts which protruded out proudly. “And another thing, Sir,” she teased. “If I had worn jeans or shorts then you wouldn’t have been able to see this.”

Dropping her shirt, Jasmine lifted the hem of her shapeless skirt all the way up to her bellybutton. Her panty-less, bare-nude, shaved pussy gloriously glowed with all its feminine finery. The seductive vaginal mound swelled with the aroused pride of horny young womanhood.

Letting go of her skirt, Jasmine turned back to the sink and began washing dishes. Faster than a speeding bullet, I took a few steps and stood behind her. My elongated erection pressed against the deep crack of her skirt-covered ass. My tit-itchy hands sped under her shirt and each one captured a dangly hanging boob. Cupping my girlfriend’s breasts, I played merrily. Nubile nipples stiffened and mammary mounds swelled.

Releasing one tit, one of my hands descended into the loose waistband of Jasmine’s skirt and grabbed a handful of hot-to-trot pussy. Just as I’d suspected, my probing fingers found drippy vaginal moisture. After a quick-time manual manipulation, my jealous hands switched places. One hand still play with a tit while the other had its turn playing with the pussy. Turn after turn, did my wandering hands take. Minutes were flying by too quickly.

“Levi?” Jasmine asked. “Will you wash these dishes for a few minutes? Honey, oh god, I need to get my hands on your wonderful cock again!”

Reluctantly, I released the tits and pussy I was playing with. Jasmine stepped aside and I started washing some dishes. My girl stepped behind me, encircled my waist with her arms, and ran a hand down into my pants. All at once she had a hold on my cockshaft then she began tugging, pulling, and playing.

Finding out she couldn’t get both hands inside my belted pants, the cock-hungry girl jerked at my belt buckle and loosened it. She then unbuttoned the button and unzipped the zipper. In one bold move she pulled down my denim shorts and my briefs.

Free now to play as much as she wanted, Jasmine’s wandering hands roamed far and wide. My cock and my balls became welcoming victims of her greedy hand’s manual assault. She squeezed, she jerked, and she pumped. She juggled, she fondled, and she played.

“Oh Levi, I want my pussy to touch your cock!” Jasmine excitedly exclaimed. “I don’t know how much time we have before Mom and Dad come in, so will you sit in a chair and let me sit in your lap?”

I turned my sexy girlfriend towards me and stared into her baby blue eyes. I kissed her lightly-freckled nose and cheeks then kissed her luscious, girlie-girl lips. “Babydoll,” I answered. “Your wish is my command.”

Grabbing the nearest kitchen chair I could find, I took a seat. When Jasmine raised her skirt up to her belly, I guided her into my lap with her sexy slim legs straddling mine. I took two hand holds on her sweet little ass and scooted her pussy so tightly against my cock it’s a wonder either one of them could breathe.

The warmth of wetness was touching my cockshaft and dripping on my balls. Feminine moisture was leaking from the pussy pressed against my erection. Jasmine’s young body was so light in weight I could have sat there holding her in my arms all evening, yet I knew we two didn’t have much more time before we might get caught.

We two virgins were uncertain of just how far we dared to go now. Although young and relatively innocent, I believe the both of us knew the basic mechanics involved in carnal copulation. But, did we dare cross this boundary of innocence and give up our virginity to each other? And god, was this the right time and place?

Undeniable instinct propelled me to lift the sexy young female in my lap into a position where her swollen pussy was situated directly above my enlarged manhood. The girl’s sticky wet inner pussy lips kissed my cockhead. A river of vaginal fluid washed over my cockshaft and bathed it in hot, slippery penile lubrication. Mother Nature’s call was demanding a carnal conjoining of a cunt and a cock.

“Jasmine, I love this and I love you,” I whispered. “Sweetheart, if we don’t stop now, I think we will make each other cum again. If you don’t tell me to stop, then hang on to your sweet ass! If you do start cumming, please don’t scream like you did earlier today! Good god girl, your mom and dad will hear us!”

Jasmine didn’t tell me to stop nor did she make any attempt to stop herself. Giving no indication she had heard my warnings, she allowed her body to slip down until her warm inner pussy lips were wrapped around the head of my cock. Hesitantly, she allowed her virginal hymen to be touched and stretched by the swollen intruder.

By raising and lowering her body no more than a fraction of an inch at a time, Jasmine was able to test the strength of her protective virginal membrane without breaking it. Her pussy muscles squeezed and contracted around my cockhead in an age-old mating welcome.

Heated, pulsating blood raced though pussy veins and cock veins alike. Male and female cum-juices were bubbling and boiling. Without warning, Jasmine raised herself up almost to the point of loosing contact with the cockshaft touching her body so intimately. Quickly, she lowered herself back down and impaled her entire vaginal cavity onto my stiffened, swollen erection. By sheer strength of will and decisive determination, the girl did not scream. Her tender hymen was split asunder, but her piercing pain was silently kept in check.

With hot virgin blood now aiding in lubrication, I held onto Jasmine’s firm ass and bounced her young body up and down upon my deep-penetrating cockshaft. The girl’s pussy released a river of slippery vaginal moisture which coated and bathed my penile flesh with unbearably stimulating arousal.

I was hoping Jasmine and I could hold onto our sex juices for as long as possible so that she and I might more fully enjoy our first-time fuck-pleasing orgasms. It seemed like we just weren’t going to be able to hang on very long.

My hot-blooded testicle cream was begging to be released from its ballsack confinement. I knew I was going to start cumming soon. In this race for cum-shooting release, Jasmine beat me to the finish line. Her young feminine body began spraying my erect man-shaft with a blistering mist of female cum.

I could feel Jasmine’s heartbeat pounding against my chest and I could feel her pussy’s racing pulse-beat all along my erection’s elongated length. Whimpering cries stole the girl’s breath away. Breathtaking orgasms overpowered all her other senses and she moaned with overwhelming joyful lust.

Without waiting any longer, my drowning cock went ahead and released a pressurized load of pent-up man-cum. Thick globs of semen and sperm shot into Jasmine’s sweltering wet vaginal void. The girl’s pussy muscles constricted against my meaty erection. Squeezing vaginal contractions milked my cockshaft. Euphoric, earth-quaking orgasms rattled and shook my world.

As my heated cock cream filled Jasmine’s pussy, she began knowing the thrill of multiple orgasms. This girl’s virgin-busted vaginal hole wasn’t spacious enough to hold a swollen chunk of man-meat plus a load thick cum-gravy too. Squishy, squashy squirts of excess male and female fluids spurted out and coated both of our sex-enraged pubic loins.

Jasmine’s tight girlie-pussy and my hardened boy-cock gloried in a love and lust inspired celebration of orgasmic bliss. Although we had begun cumming sooner than we planned to, we were having orgasmic delights far beyond anything our wildest dreams could ever have imagined.

I held onto the sweet ass of the girl riding my cock and she rode me wet and hard. The victory of exhilarating orgasms swept our hearts, minds, and bodies into a netherworld of heavenly ecstasy.

At long last, our panting moans and whimpering cries began fading away. Jasmine’s arms held onto my neck with the seeming intention of never letting go. I too held onto the young female in my arms with no immediate plans of ever letting her out of my life.

Whether it was against the unwritten rules of school customs or not, I didn’t care. I now knew that an 11th grade guy and an 8th grade girl could have a loving relationship. I wondered what the kids at school would say next week when I show up at my high school prom with a pretty middle school girl as my date.

Parents last thoughts

When Jasmine’s parents came back to the kitchen, their daughter and her boyfriend were in the living room watching TV. Although the kids had done their best to clean up the suppertime mess, they missed a spot. Inspecting eyes found wetness in one of the kitchen chairs. This time, the cum-stains they found did have virgin blood mixed in with it.

“I guess we now know that our daughter likes hard-cocked boys better than girls,” Jasmine’s father said to his wife. “I suppose we can stop worrying about getting grandchildren now!”

Jasmine’s mother smiled with delight at the news, but now she had another concern. “Mister, if you don’t mind,” she said seriously. “I’d like to put off being grandparents for at least a few more years. Nevertheless, in order to keep Jasmine’s interests in boys alive, I’ll take her to the clinic tomorrow and get her started on birth control. You know, I always did like that boy Levi. He has a good head on his shoulders.”

Jasmine agrees with Mom……….

From her perch on the living room couch, Jasmine was so busy kissing her boyfriend’s lips she didn’t hear the words her mother said. But, if she had of heard, she would have agreed with the fact that Levi had a good head on his shoulders. At the moment though, this sexually awakened young lady was more interested in the beautiful head on the end of the half-limp cockshaft her hand was playing with.

“Hey Levi?” she teasingly whispered. “Did my defenseless little pussy make your big fella go all limp like this? Honey, don’t you worry about it. I’ll have your cock standing up straight, hard, and horny in no time at all or else I’m not a girl worthy of getting fucked again!”

With that said the aroused girl leaned over and sucked in a mouthful of meat. While she vigorously sucked and played, she felt the stiffening erection swelling. Now, if things went according to her plans, her parents would go to bed early and then she and Levi could sneak off to her room to see what kind of sexual shenanigans they and Mother Nature could stir up.

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"The Smell of Sweet Little Jasmine" - Jasmine and Levi - (Girlfriend and Boyfriend)

Sweet little, naughty, impish, elfin Jasmine has finally at the ripe" age of thirteen, found the key to her sexual treasure chest, with her parent's blessings and consent (because her parents feared Jasmine was headed to the non-parental world of lesbianism, which would deny them of becoming grandparents), her new found and very compatible boyfriend, Levi.

Levi and Jasmine are more than smitten with other; they are awed, mesmerized and hit by love at first sight. Jasmine's parents have given her covertly, carte blanche with Levi to engage in carnal, sexual activity. The new boyfriend and girlfriend are in heaven, and Jasmine's parents of eternally grateful.

An extremely well written story of young, pre-adolescent lovers, both virgins and learning, exploring their new world of sexuality between their male and female bodies, minds and hearts. A very sensually and charming story!!

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Fuck I starred freaking out cuz my name is jasmine i'm 13 shoulder length brown hair.
A guy nMed Levi goes to my school but I don't have blue eyes.
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