Just fun with sex.

It was silent; silent except for the wind and the pounding of Jerry’s heart in his throat. The day had started beautifully, and was looking like it would end the same way, but now it wasn’t looking so good, they were going down.

Jerry’s son, fifteen year old Mike, had a soccer game today, and Jerry’s wife Darlene, a five foot six thirty four year old beauty with red hair and 34C tits, had volunteered to be the designated “soccer mom” chauffer for mikes friends to and from the game. Darlene’s younger sister Charlene had called the night before and asked if she could come down for a few days. Darlene, forgetting about the soccer game, had said sure, that she and Jerry would come up and get her. Then remembering the game she had asked Jerry to go pick up Charlene himself while she went to the game. Jerry agreed but wasn’t too happy about the thought of such a long trip with no one to pass the time. At the last minute though, Jerry and Darlene’s thirteen year old daughter Candice had asked if she could go with her dad because she didn’t want to get stuck in the back of the van with the soccer guys. She knew that if she were stuck with them, they would all try to grope her and she thought that it was so juvenile for boys to try to feel her tits. Also, she wanted the opportunity to spend time alone with her handsome dad. Candice was a beautiful young girl with a body that was just beginning to show itself, and she knew that Jerry liked to look at her. She was proud of her well shaped boobs, and hoped that they would be as big and firm as her mothers, and her aunt Charlene’s, both of them had C cup boobs and they looked very firm. She smiled as she thought about the way it made her feel whenever she caught her daddy looking at her boobs, and of course she loved teasing him.

It was a quiet drive to the airport, and she sat silently in the back seat listening to her mom and dad talk about the weather and how much time it would take for them to make the trip to pick up her aunt, and then return home. Her daddy was saying that it would take a while and that he didn’t know how long they would be on the ground when picking up Charlene, but that he would contact her when they were close. He also told her that if the weather got bad that they would just stay there and come back early the next morning. Candice, with a smile, started wishing the weather would get bad.

The Cessna 206 lifted off just after sun up with Jerry and Candice settling back for the long, almost six hour flight to pick up her aunt. It was a flight that Jerry had made several times, but he still didn’t like the fact that the country they were flying over was so far from any help if they had trouble, and he didn’t like pushing the fuel range of the plane. When they leveled off, Candice said,

“Its hot daddy, can you turn on the air conditioner please?”

“No honey, the A/C is still broken, and the mechanic said we were waiting on parts. We just have to rely on the vents. Most of the return trip will be after sundown though so it should be ok coming back.”

“Great!” Candice said as she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse.

Jerry turned and looked down at his beautiful daughter. Unlike her mother, Candice had blonde hair, like her aunt Charlene, and the pale skin that went with it. Jerry saw the pale white of her skin, exposed to the top of her bra, and saw the swell of her, almost, exposed breast. Just a hint of pink at the top of the low bra told him that her nipple was almost showing. He looked at her beautiful blonde hair, but he was wondering how firm her little tits were. Unconsciously he started to reach over to give one a gentle squeeze when he stopped himself. Careful Jerry he thought this hot young thing is your daughter, but he couldn’t stop the swelling between his legs that was beginning to tent his pants.

Candice saw the motion of her daddy’s hand and her nipples started to harden, then she looked down and saw the lump beginning to grow in her daddy’s pants and smiled to herself. She loved the fact that at her age she could turn guys on, especially her daddy, even if he never touched her. But, she thought that would be even more fun because she loved him so much. She knew that he liked holding, and fondling her moms’ boobs, she had seen him do it.

Cool, she thought, he likes my boobs but he won’t touch them because he’s my father. Well maybe I can turn up his heat a little. She reached into the back seat and pulled a tank top from her backpack, and with an angelic smile she said,

“I’m going to change daddy, it’s too hot in here.”

With a little girls’ childlike abandon she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off before Jerry could think about what she had said. All of a sudden he found himself sitting next to his daughter, very close in the confines of the airplane, and she was only wearing a bra and shorts.

“W-What are you doing Candi?”

He said as the bulge in his pants grew larger from the sight of his little girl, now shirtless.

Candi is the nickname Jerry had given her when she was much younger because he said she was such a sweet little daddy’s girl, just like candy, and Candice liked it because he was the only one that called her that.

“I’m just trying to cool off. Daddy! You’re blushing.”

Candice smiled, she now knew her daddy liked what he was looking at, and she thought he would get even more excited, because he was about to see more.

“Now you’re really going to blush”

she said as she unsnapped the front snap of her bra and let it open and fall away from her young breasts, exposing her nipples. Slipping the bra off, she sat next to her daddy with nothing on except shorts.

“It’s a shame to have to put the tank top on, this feels so much better.” She said, smiling.

Jerry sat next to his daughter with his mouth open, not believing she was naked from the waist up, and he was unable to take his eyes off her beautiful cone shaped nipples, and she was just sitting there smiling at him with that teasing look in her eyes.

“Candi, I think you’re getting a little too old to go without a top around men. Maybe you should put your shirt on.”

“Daddy, it’s just you and me. Am I to old to be naked in front of you?”

Realizing he was being teased, he laughed, and put an arm around his daughter, then slid his hand down to cup her small breast. She didn’t pull away, so he pinched the nipple and said,

“If you want to offer it, I’ll use it.”

Then he fondled his daughter’s small breast again, thinking this will cause major problems if it goes too far. However, his fondling only caused Candice to moan, and to put her hand on her daddy’s leg, sliding it over, she unzipped his pants and slid her hand inside until she was holding his growing lump. When he felt his daughters small fingers close around his cock, he jumped and released her boob. This was going too far.

“Candi, maybe we should stop playing around.”

Giving his cock another squeeze she said simply,

“Okay daddy.”

Then letting go, she quickly slipped her tank top on, and turned in her seat to reach up and kiss him on the cheek, and smile at his embarrassment.

“I love you daddy.”

“I love you too sweetie, but you know don’t you that what we just did was wrong?”

“I know daddy, but it didn’t feel wrong, it felt good, and I liked it.”

She looked up at him, smiled and winked, causing him to blush a deep red which caused her to laugh, then Jerry laughed too and both of them relaxed for the rest of the trip.


Darlene and Mike stopped by and picked up the other boys, crowding them into the van, and then spent most of the day at the sports park. Tim, Mikes best friend said,

“Boy Mike your mom looks hot today, bet you wish you were still breast feeding, and I would love sliding down her long legs myself. Boy, they’re beautiful.”

Mike looked over to where his mom was standing, cheering the team on, and thought wow, she really is beautiful, and sexy looking too. For the rest of the game he had a hard time concentrating, and on the ride home he had to put his windbreaker over his shorts to hide his erection. After the rest of the boys had been dropped off, Darlene said,

“Come on up front and sit with me, Mike, we haven’t had much time to talk, mom, son talk in a long time. This is a perfect opportunity.”

“I think I’ll just stay back here mom and doze on the way home if you don’t mind mom.”

“Okay honey, if you’re really tired.”

Mike wasn’t that tired, but he didn’t want his mom to see his boner, and he really didn’t want her to know that she caused it. When they got home, Darlene suggested that they get cleaned up and then go out to catch a movie after lunch. They both went to their bedrooms to get showered. When she got to her bedroom, Darlene slipped out of her clothes and stepped into her shower. Mike couldn’t find any shampoo in his bath, so he went to Darlene’s bathroom door, knocked, and asked if he could use hers. Darlene said

“Sure, come on in.”

As Mike came in to the bathroom, his mom said,

“Close the door honey, so the warm air doesn’t get out.”

“Where’s the shampoo mom?”

Darlene, remembering the erection she had seen on her son in the rear view mirror, decided to tease him a little.

“Why don’t you come on in to the shower, and I’ll shampoo your hair like I used to when you were little.”

Thinking that her son would just blush, get the shampoo and quickly leave, she was smiling at the thought of him being embarrassed by his mom. But, she was the one who was shocked, and embarrassed, when the door opened to the shower and Mike stepped in. Her gaze took in her son’s naked body, and her eyes locked on his, beautiful cock, which was pointing straight at her. Now it was her turn to blush, she couldn’t take her eyes off her sons cock, and she was beginning to get moist between the legs, and not from the shower water. She actually flinched when she saw his cock jump.

“Are you sure it’s okay mom?”

She felt guilt and worry, but thought, the only thing I can do now is try to bluff my way through.
When Mike stepped into the shower, he noticed that his moms’ nipples started to harden visibly. He loved her flaming red hair. He was now getting excited seeing that she also had freckles covering her body and he was so thrilled to see that her pubic hair was the same shade of red as the hair on her head that his cock jumped when he looked at it.

“T-Turn around Honey.”

Darlene picked up the bottle of shampoo and squirted some into her hand. When he had turned around she began shampooing his hair and, as her breasts occasionally brushed against his back as she did, her nipples hardened and began to puff out. She also began looking at her son in a different way, he was always her momma’s boy, but now he was a grown and very handsome young man. She was very impressed with the size of his manhood, and his balls were huge. She smiled at the thought of how much cum he might have, enough to fill me up she thought, then she blushed at the thought of her son filling her pussy with his cum, and the guilty feeling returned.

Mike rinsed his hair and turned around in time to see the bright red blush on his moms face, he smiled to himself at the reaction he had caused in his mom, then said,

“turn around mom I’ll do you.”

Darlene gave Mike a blank stare, but as he picked up the shampoo, she realized what he meant; she blushed even more, then laughed a nervous laugh and turned around. Her eyes closed as she really began enjoying the massage her hair was getting while Mike shampooed it. Mike had dreamed of fucking his mom, but until today he never believed he would ever have the chance. He moved forward a little, deciding to see how far his mom was willing to let him go, and he let his hands slide down her hair and then under her arms. He let his soapy hands cover her breasts and he began massaging them and rolling her nipples in his hands, gently pinching them until she began to moan.

“I love your tits mom.”

Then his soapy ridged cock brushed against her ass and, without thinking she pushed back against it. When she pushed back, Mikes slippery cock slid between Darlene’s legs, and she looked down to see the head of his cock protruding from her pubic bush. Feeling the ridged member against the lips of her pussy, she moaned and thrust forward, then back again. Then what she was doing slammed into her mind, and she gasped and whirled.

“Oh Mike, I’m so sorry. I should never have done that.”

“I love you mom, I wanted you to do it.”

Mike took his mother into his arms and kissed her passionately, sliding his tongue into her warm willing mouth, and his still soapy hands sliding around on her ample breasts, teasing her nipples into becoming even harder. Her arms went around his neck, and she pressed her naked body into his and felt his cock again press against her pussy. The guilty feeling returned briefly, but then she thought. It may be wrong, but if my son wants to fuck his mother, then I’m going to let him.

As she was thinking that, Mike scooped her into his arms and carried her to her bed, laying her wet body down, he began to kiss her neck, and then moved down to her shoulders as he fondled her breasts, pinching her nipples gently. Mike continued his kisses down her body and as he did, her legs began to spread and she moaned,

“Ohhhhh Mike, yesssss eat mommy’s pussy.”

He turned in the bed so that he could slide his tongue into the moist warm crack of her pussy, and nip, and suck on her clit. Her legs spread wide to accept her sons plunging tongue into her hot cunt.

“Mmmm yeah baby, tongue fuck mommy.”

Mike then felt his mothers warm lips close on his cock. Mike groaned and thrust deep into her mouth, and as he continued to fuck her hot pussy with his tongue, she swallowed and took her sons cock deep into her throat. Her thrusting pelvis was building in tempo, and she was moaning around his cock. She knew she was close, and wanted his cum in her mouth as she climaxed. She began thrusting harder with her mouth and as she shuddered with a massive orgasm. She felt his cock tighten, and then begin to pulse as he began to spew his cum into her sucking mouth. Darlene swallowed every drop of his cum and then, letting his softening cock slip from her mouth she pulled him around to hold him close. For a while, they just lay in Darlene’s bed holding each other, each with their own thoughts.

Mike was content lying against his mothers’ warm, firm breast, thinking that he loved her very much and wanted to be this close to her always. Rubbing his fingers through her thick thatch of red pubic hair, his cock began to harden again. Darlene was relaxed and content, but afraid, and the guilt came back. What was she doing, she had allowed her son to have oral sex with her, and she knew that he wanted more. She had let this go too far but, despite the guilt; she didn’t want to stop it. Her son had filled her belly with his cum and she had loved every drop, and the tongue fucking he had given her was wonderful. But, she knew that it was not too late to fix the situation by telling Mike that it was a mistake, that they should not have done what they did, and that it must never happen again. Darlene loved her husband very much, and loved the sex they had together, but this was something different, and she was sure Jerry would understand. She tried to reason that He probably wouldn’t even mind having sex with their daughter himself, even as young as Candice was, and then she smiled at the thought of watching her husband fuck their young daughter. Then she blushed and felt more guilt. As these thoughts were going through her mind, she suddenly realized that her son had moved, and was pressing his cock against her asshole. Darlene reached back and took his cock in her hand.

“Easy there buster, not even your dad has fucked me there.”

“I don’t know why mom, you have the most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen.”

Darlene smiled, but guided his cock up between her still spread legs until his cock head was pressing against her pussy. She looked into her sons’ eyes, and knew that in a moment he would have his cock deep inside her. She started to push him away, but then her guilt vanished and her need for her sons cock overshadowed all other thought. She spread her legs wider and she knew that she wanted it, and she wouldn’t even mind if Jerry watched while their son’s cock filled her pussy, and he fucked his mother.

“Go ahead honey, fuck mommy.”

As she said it, he thrust, and the entire length of his cock slid into her wet cunt, his balls slapping against her ass, and she groaned loudly, “Ohhhhh, yesssss baby, fuck mommy hard.” She thought, he is so much like his father. He thrust his cock into his mothers’ cunt with increasing speed, marveling at how tight his moms’ pussy was. She raised her legs, spreading them wider, and grasped his ass, matching each of his thrusts with one of her own. He was so deep inside her, and she was so deep into her lust for her sons’ cock, that her vision clouded and she began thinking that they were one, with his cock becoming a part of her. Their thrusts into each other became harder and faster, until Darlene screamed and the hot fluid of her climax flowed over her sons cock and then he moaned loudly as he thrust hard one last time, held his cock deep inside Darlene and she felt her son’s throbbing cock fill her womb with his seed. Mike and his mom lay together for a long time, just looking contentedly into each other’s eyes. Mike finally said,

“That was great mom. I love having my cock inside your pussy. I love you.”

Darlene gave him a loving smile and a gentle hug. She then pulled her son close as he began sucking on her tits, then he fell asleep in his mother’s arms, his cock still inside his her pussy. She lay completely exhausted from the wonderful sex she had just shared with her son, and briefly wondered what she would say to Jerry about letting their son fuck her? Of one thing she was certain, when Jerry got back with her sister and Candice, she would tell him about this afternoon. Then she too dozed off.

Awakening late that night, with Mike still sleeping peacefully beside her, she wondered what it was that had awakened her, then door bell rang again.


Jerry and Candice started the descent to the airport just as the cab dropped Charlene at the main terminal. She went all the way through to the aircraft parking area, and walked out just in time to see them land. As they taxied up she began waving a long slender arm at them. Candice waved back as Jerry parked the plane and requested fuel, then Jerry got out of the plane in time to see his daughter hug his sister-in-law, and thought, Wow, Charlene looks great, and at twenty three, she and Candi have more in common than Candi and her mom. Charlene was as blonde as her sister was red headed, and Jerry wondered if she was a natural blonde all over, then blushed at the thought of seeing his sister-in-law naked.

“Looks like you two will be in the back of the plane gossiping all the way back”

Jerry said as he approached the girls, who were deep in conversation. Turning toward Jerry, Charlene smiled and said,

“Oh no, I want to sit up front where I can get a good view. Candice was just giving me the hard facts about flying with you.”

Both girls erupted in laughter, and Charlene gave Jerry a hug, pressing her thirty two C tits against his chest as she said,

“You should see your face,”

then she gave him a little kiss on the lips as she continued,

“its okay lover, I like to tease you too; Candice must get her sense of humor from me. But really, I’ve always thought that my sister married the right guy, in fact after Candice told me how big you are, if sis hadn’t married you I would be chasing you right now myself.”

As she began laughing again at Jerry’s blush, Candice interrupted,

“Careful woman, that’s my daddy you’re flirting with”

she said with a grin. Jerry worried that Candice had told Charlene everything that had happened on the trip up, but then he thought, what the hell, what’s done is done. They all laughed then and started for the plane. The weather was still looking good, so Jerry wanted to get them back home as soon as he could, and he knew he had some explaining to do to Darlene when they got there.

During the return trip they all watched a beautiful sunset, and then the air smoothed out, making the flight even better. Charlene had turned in her seat and was looking back at Candice,

“So, tell me about this method your dad has.”

“Method” Jerry asked?

Charlene winked at Candice and said,

“Yeah, you know, your method of hand forming little breasts.”

Both girls erupted in laughter again, as Jerry blushed, but he decided to continue the tease by saying,

“Careful Charlene or I might decide to reform yours too.”

Charlene brazenly thrust her boobs out at Jerry and, giving Candice another wink said,

“Go ahead. I guess its okay since you’re my brother-in-law, she teased. We can keep it in the family, Darlene already told me that you liked to hand form her boobs.”

They were all laughing and beginning to enjoy the remainder of the flight when the plane started vibrating, there was a terrible sound of metal banging, and the temperature gauge started going up. Jerry was just beginning to go over his options when, WHAM! Then silence, the prop was not spinning, and all efforts to restart the engine failed.

It was silent, silent except for the wind, and the pounding of Jerry’s heart. They were going down, and Jerry knew that what wasn’t forest below them was badlands, and that neither place was a good spot to have to come down into at night with an emergency. He began radioing a “Mayday”, and told the girls to brace, and then he began lowering the flaps and watching the altimeter, and airspeed. They were descending through total darkness, and after what seemed like an eternity, they suddenly heard an ear splitting sound of metal tearing, and felt the landing gear being sheared off by the impact of the plane and then they were sliding down a steep hillside. As suddenly as it had begun the sound of metal sliding on rock stopped, and Jerry looked down to see the white water of rapids in a river far below, all was silent as they slid off the edge of a cliff and were air,borne again. Then they came to a metal tearing stop as they hit the ground again on the far side of the river and slid a short distance. The plane had spun right, causing the left wing to hang out over the river below.

“Everybody okay?” Jerry asked.

They weren’t talking but he could see them moving so assumed they were okay, at least they were alive.

“Charlene, open your door and see if you can get out, then Candi, you throw all the survival gear to her, and you climb out too. Don’t forget those blankets in the back, and the emergency locater radio.”

“What about you Jerry?”

“I’m alright; I’ll be right behind you.”

“I’m scared daddy. What happened?”

“Its okay baby, just get out and let’s see what the damage is.”

He couldn’t see, and he didn’t want to frighten the girls further, but he felt that the plane was sitting on the edge of a cliff and might fall at any minute. He slid over and exited the plane from the passenger side, and seconds later he was proved right about the cliff when the plane gave way, with a great tearing sound, it fell off the side of the cliff. After a few seconds they heard the crash of the plane hitting the water below, and then all was silent again. Not wanting to go too far in the dark, the three of them felt around until they found a boulder and huddled together next to it. Jerry flipped on the emergency transmitter and sat it up on the top of the bolder. Eventually they all fell asleep.

The next morning Jerry awoke on his back, he looked down to see the two girls on each side of him with their heads on his shoulders, and his arms around them both. Candice lay with her hips rolled out and her legs spread, and Charlene was on her side with a smudge of mud on her upper leg just below the bottom of her shorts. Both of them are very sexy looking he thought, then where they were and what had happened returned to his thoughts, and he sat up. The sun had come up but they were in semi shade, and there was a gentle breeze down what appeared to be a deep gorge which had been cut by the movement of water. They were on a ledge which was about two hundred feet from the rapids below, and fifty to seventy five feet from the top. The ledge looked to be about ten to fifteen acres of lush green grass, with some type of fruit trees at one end. The ledge was also overhung from the rocks above, and they saw an ancient cliff dwelling under the overhang. However, search as they might, they were unable to find the route, up or down, that the ancient people had used to enter and leave this place. Jerry decided that the water must have eroded away the route off the cliff, and that they were stuck until a rescue was made.
Beside the entrance to the dwelling there were two pools of water, one slightly larger than the other, and both flowed together, and then to the edge, and to the river below. Checking the water, they found that the larger one was spring fed, and cold, and the smaller one was fed from a seep in the side of the cliff, and the water was very warm.

“Well,” Charlene said “at least we have our own bath tub.”

Trying to lighten their spirits, Jerry said,

“Well, we need it. You two are pretty dirty.”

Then he reached down and brushed at the mud caked on Charlene’s leg. She looked at him with a strange look, then looked over at Candice and smiled.

“Well, it wasn’t my boobs he felt up, but his hands feel pretty good anyway don’t they?”

Candice laughed and said,

“Yes they do. They will feel even better when he puts them on your boobs, like he did mine.”

As they laughed, Jerry blushed and growled,

“You two are asking for it.”

Then they all laughed. Jerry and the girls continued their investigation of the ledge by going to the cliff dwelling to see what their living quarters looked like until their rescue.

“They will be looking for us soon, so don’t worry girls, just enjoy the peace and quiet of this place.”

Jerry hoped he was telling them the truth, and that they would be rescued within hours, not days.
Looking around, they saw that there was a larger room inside the door of the dwelling, with two smaller rooms off to the side.

“Well, we won’t need but one of those, cause Candice and I are sleeping with you until we get found.”

Jerry smiled; it was his turn to tease.

“That’s okay with me; I will have something to hang on to at night that way.”

Candice didn’t miss a beat when she said,

“Yeah, that’s great for you, but we will have to share something to hang on to.”

Charlene laughed and said,

“But Candice, you said it was big enough for both of us.”

Jerry blushed again,

“I should have known I wouldn’t get the best of you two.”

Then they turned and entered the smaller rooms. In one they discovered the entrance to an ice cave; it was cold in the cave, maybe just above freezing. Candice still had on only the tank top without a bra, and the cold air caused her nipples to begin to stick out, hardening from the cold air. Jerry saw them and teased his daughter,

“Wow, Candi are those going poke holes in your shirt?”

Candice blushed and started to reply, but Charlene cut her off and said with a grin,

“Okay you two, am I going to have to throw cold water on you. Come on Candice, we can get into the bath while your daddy goes exploring and finds us some food. Maybe those trees have some fruit or nuts on them.”

After Jerry left, the girls quickly got undressed and into the warm pool of water, and began to wash each other. Jerry walked the short distance to the grove to find out if the trees had fruit on them, and when he returned with several pears and apples, the girls were still in the water, splashing about.

“You two aren’t clean yet?”

Jerry could see clearly into the water, and his cock began to grow. Noticing the bulge in his pants, Candice decided that now was as good a time as any to push her desires toward her daddy. She knew that Charlene had the same thoughts, and would go along with her advances toward her daddy. She got out of the water totally naked and walked seductively over to Jerry, showing him her slim thirteen year old body.

“Daddy, why don’t you get in with us and you can bathe too.”

“Sweetie that might be a little embarrassing for all of us.”

“Come on Jerry,” Charlene said from the pool. “Candi and I have already talked it over and decided that, as long as we are stuck here, without a change of clothes, we may as well enjoy it and save our clothes for when we get found. It won’t bother us if it doesn’t bother you.”

Jerry noticed the use of the name “Candi” from Charlene and wondered if the girls had decided to be more familiar with one another as well. Looking at his daughters’ naked body, he decided to take a risk with these two lovely girls. He slipped out of his shirt, shoes and socks, and then unfastened his pants and let them fall to the ground along with his underwear, exposing his cock. Then to his utter shock, Candi gently slipped her small fingers around his stiffening cock, gave it a kiss right on the tip, and said,

“Come on daddy let’s get back in the water with aunt Char.”

Glancing at Charlene, who was smiling at him, he allowed his daughter to hold his cock and guide him to the pool of warm water. They were all three in the water, playing and splashing, and Jerry was wondering what was going to surprise him next. He didn’t have to wait long for the answer, Charlene moved forward, and pressed her firm tits against his chest as she began kissing him, sliding her tongue deep into his mouth. She then kissed all the way down his chest her head went under the water as she took his very hard throbbing cock into her mouth, rolling her tongue around the bulbous head. She then slid the cock in until her mouth stopped against Candi’s fingers, which were still holding her daddy’s cock. Candi had moved over to take Charlene’s place kissing her daddy and allowing his tongue to slide into her waiting mouth as her small young tits pressed into her father’s chest. She then released her hold on his cock and took his hands, guiding one to her blossoming tits, and the other she guided to Charlene’s hard nippled tits.

Charlene slid from the pool, with glistening drops of water dripping from her nipples; she walked to their gear with Jerry watching her, admiring her beautiful nakedness, her slim waist below the thirty two C tits, and her firm round ass. As she got the blankets they had saved from the plane, she turned to face him and he could see the firm mounds of her breasts, and the thick blonde pubic hair covering her pussy. Her bush was as thick as Darlene’s. She then spread the blankets on the lush grass. She patted the blankets looking at Jerry, and said “Bring her here.” Jerry looked back at his young, thirteen year old daughter, feeling her swelling nipples in his hands, and the warmth between her legs, as his finger slide inside her pussy to the first digit. With their eyes inches apart, Candi asked with a slight smile,

“Are you going to fuck your little Candi now daddy?”

Before he could respond, Charlene said,

“Didn’t you tell me you wanted to feel your daddy’s big cock inside your hot little pussy Candi?”
Pulling herself against Jerry, Candi said, “MMMMmm more than anything I want my daddy to fuck my little pussy.”

Then looking over at Charlene, she continued.

“But, I want to see his thick cock inside you too. I want to watch him fuck you first aunt Char.”

Jerry carried Candi from the water and laid her down next to Charlene, and then Candi pulled Jerry down, guiding his cock toward Charlene’s outstretched legs.

“Fuck her daddy, Fuck Aunt Char.”

Jerry looked into Charlene’s eyes and she looked deep into his. She smiled sweetly, as she stretched, and put her arms around his neck, and said,

“Yeah, daddy, fuck Aunt Char.”

That was all Jerry needed to hear, He thrust forward violently and impaled the young woman beneath him. Charlene gasped in surprise as she felt the huge cock fill her cavity. Then, with her arms around Jerry’s waist she spread her legs further and said,

“Mmmm Jerry, what would Darlene say if she saw her husband’s cock inside her little sis?”

Then, with a low sexy laugh, she moaned and ground her hips up, taking more of her brother-in-laws cock into her pussy. With the thought of his wife watching him fuck her sister, Jerry began to thrust deep into her hot cunt. Charlene was matching each of his deep thrusts with one of her own. She ground her pussy in to him, and felt his balls slapping her with each stroke of his cock.

Candice watched wide eyed as her father, laying so close he was touching her, began to fuck her aunt, thrusting his big cock deep into Charlene’s pussy. She liked what she was watching, and thought, I can’t wait for daddy to fuck me too. With each thrust of her daddy’s cock into her aunt Char, Candice got more turned on, and she began to rub her clit with her finger. Then, following Charlene’s instructions, she reached between her daddy’s legs and gently grasped his balls, surprised at how big and hot they were. This caused Jerry’s cock to become that much harder, and swell to an even larger size. The thrusts became more intense, and Charlene started moaning between gasps, and thrusting her hips hard to meet Jerry’s thrusting cock.

“Oh yeah, baby, fuck my hot cunt. Fuck me like you fuck my big sister. Oh, oh, oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard” she screamed.

Releasing her daddy’s balls, Candi now followed his instructions and, as he thrust his cock hard into Charlene, Candi slid her finger deep into Charlene’s ass. This caused Charlene to scream and begin to thrust wildly at first Jerry’s cock, and then at Candi’s finger. She started to climax hard, her juices coating Jerry’s cock. Jerry then exploded with a climax of his own and filled Charlene’s pussy with his hot cum. Her pussy was filled and cum began to run out her well used cunt and down over Candi’s hand, down Charlene’s ass, which still had Candi’s finger inside it. When Jerry was completely spent, he lay over on his side, his cock sliding out of Charlene’s pussy. Candi slid her finger out of her aunt’s ass and sat beside them looking at them, smiling at them, and thinking about how much she loved these two people. Then Charlene looked up at Candi when she regained her strength and said,

“Come on baby, get down here and taste your daddy’s cum.”

Jerry watched in fascination as Candi did as she was told. She lowered her head until it was between Charlene’s legs, then she began to lick the cum and Charlene’s slick fluids off of her beautiful aunt. Candice loved the taste of her daddy’s cum, and the flavor of her aunt Charlene was beginning to make her pussy wet with her own fluids, fluids she didn’t realize she had. Charlene began to moan again, and thrust her hips up into her beautiful nieces’ mouth as Candi sucked and tongue fucked Charlene’s pussy. Then, without a word, Candi moved over to her daddy, and started licking his cock. She scooped some of his leftover cum onto her finger, and then began to rub it into her own pussy as her mouth closed over her daddy’s cock. Charlene turned around slithered between Candi’s legs, and then started to lick her pussy. Charlene looked at Jerry, and said,

“She really does taste sweet as candy.”

Candi moaned and pressed her pussy into Charlene’s mouth as she tried to take her daddy’s cock into her mouth. She let it slide in until it hit the back of her throat, and then she gagged. Charlene stopped sucking Candi’s clit and said,

“Its okay baby, just swallow as you take it in. Just keep swallowing.”

Candi again took her father’s cock into her mouth and this time, as she pushed it further in, she began swallowing. Then she sucked as she pulled it out, and started all over again. Jerry was amazed while he watched her, that so young a girl could swallow so much of his stiffening cock. She began to moan louder, and thrust her pussy at Charlene’s mouth, when Charlene stopped and said,

“Come on baby finish eating your daddy’s cum from my pussy.”

Charlene lay on her back, spreading her legs to let Candi begin to lick her again. Charlene looked over at Jerry and said.

“Come on lover, don’t you think it’s time you put that beautiful cock inside your daughters’ hot cunt? She’s wanted you to fuck her for a long time you know.”

Without hesitation Jerry moved in behind Candi as she ate Charlene’s pussy. Candi felt her daddy’s cock touch her pussy lips; she spread her legs, beginning to whine a little at her intense need to feel his cock finally slide deep inside her. Jerry eased forward, not wanting to hurt his daughter, but wanting this girl with a growing lust. His cock slowly spread the virgin lips of her pussy as it stretched the walls, and inched its way inside. When he felt the barrier of her hymen, he stopped, withdrew, and again entered her to the hymen. Candi’s whimpering became louder as she wanted this to happen. She looked back at her handsome father and said,

“Oh please daddy, fuck meeeee.”

Jerry again began his entry into her tight virgin cunt, but then without warning he thrust hard, breaking her hymen, and taking her virginity. Jerry’s cock slid into Candi’s virgin whole so deep his balls slapped against her slim tummy. Candi Screamed and her small body fell forward away from the pain, but her father followed her and kept her pinned with the far greater weight of his body, his cock deep inside her. She wriggled her ass trying to get away from the pain, begging her daddy to take it out, crying that it hurt too much, that he was too big, but her daddy’s weight was holding her small body down, and he only responded by thrusting again deeper into her, listening to her screams, and her begging him to stop. He felt as if he were almost raping her. He whispered to her.

“Just be still baby, let it stop hurting.”

“Daddy, it hurts so much.” She whimpered.

“I know baby but the pain will be over soon.”

Charlene began stroking Candi’s breasts, and began kissing the girl, sliding her tongue inside Candice mouth. Then, she leaned in to suck on the girls nipples. Shortly, Candi again began to moan, and started moving her hips so she could feel her daddy’s cock move inside of her pussy. Jerry slowly began to fuck his daughter, and she began to fuck back. After being fucked a while from behind, Candi slid away from her daddy, slipping his cock out of her now experienced pussy. Candi rolled over onto her back, spread her slim legs and held her arms up to him, smiling she said,

“Fuck me in the front daddy; I want to see your face while you fuck me.”

Jerry looked up at Charlene, who was smiling.

“She certainly is her mother’s daughter isn’t she Jerry?”

Jerry laughed and fell atop Candi, who took his cock in her small hand and guided it to her thirteen year old pussy.

“Mmmm fuck me good daddy, I’ve wanted your cock in me for a long time. I want to feel you’re cum shoot into me like it did aunt Char.”

She began to buck against his thrusts, looking at her aunt Charlene who was laying right next to her fondling her tits and smiling at her. She took Charlene’s hand in hers and said,

“He’s fucking me aunt Char. My daddy is really fucking me. I’m so happy. I can feel his cock in my belly. Oh, oh, oh aunt Char, I love you so much. I loved watching daddy fuck you aunt Char, do you love watching daddy fuck me? I love my daddy too. Oh, oh, oh, yes daddy, fuck me harder. Ohhhhh it’s so good daddy. I love your cock inside me daddy.”

Charlene smiled at the sight of her niece being fucked by her daddy and of her carrying on a steady stream of conversation about it. She remembered when she was younger, and she talked constantly while being fucked. Charlene also knew that Jerry knew what was going on because Darlene had told her that she had talked constantly when she and Jerry began fucking.

As the fucking became more intense, Charlene reached between Jerry’s’ legs like Candi had done and took his balls in her hand. He almost immediately began to ejaculate, shooting wave after wave of his hot seed deep into his daughter’s willing pussy. Candi screamed and began shuddering and thrusting hard into his cock, with her own orgasm, and then they all collapsed together, each holding the other.
Charlene was the first to recover, and she began licking Candi’s pussy to eat all her brother-in-laws pleasant tasting cum. Jerry reached over and cuddled both girls, and kissed each of them passionately, and the girls returned the kiss with just as much passion of their own, each knowing that they were loved by the other two.

Then they heard the helicopter coming.


Darlene and Mike stood on the steps outside the airport terminal, waiting for the helicopter. They had been told about the plane going down the night before, after they had made love to one another. That was yesterday. Darlene was thankful that they had been found so quickly, and that they were all okay. Her guilt at having had sex with her son was returning, but so was her curiosity.


“Yes, mom.”

“You’ve had sex before yesterday, haven’t you.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

"I hope your being careful with the girls you have sex with."

“Well, I fucked Ron’s mom. That’s the only one, I promise.”

“I see, and does Ron know you had sex with his mother?”

“No, Ron doesn’t know I fucked his mom, I think he’d be pissed if he knew.”

Looking down, Mike blushed, and then looked up at his mother.

“She was really lonely mom, and, well, it just happened.”

Darlene looked at her son, “We need to finish this conversation later Mike, Okay?” Again, he just nodded, but the thought of fucking his beautiful mother again made his cock swell, and Darlene saw it and smiled.
When the helicopter landed and Jerry and the girls were out and walking toward Darlene and Mike, Darlene began to cry. Jerry took her in his arms and kissed her tenderly on the lips and whispered
“Its okay sweetheart, we’re all okay.” Jerry winked at Mike, and then Darlene, beginning to shake, buried her head in Jerry’s chest and said,

“You had better never scare me like that again buster.”

Jerry laughed, and continued to hold her until her shaking stopped. Then Darlene hugged Candice and Charlene, and said,

“Let’s get you all home.”

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