Author notes: Sorry for the long wait here is the sequel to “The babysitter started it… “ For those of you who haven’t read the first one do that now before reading this one. Enjoy ; }
The following week:

Kim was doing laundry when she notices sticky goo in all three of her children’s clothes. She was alone for another hour before the kids got back from school. She decided to go to their rooms.

She first went into her boys John and Chris’s room noticing the computer was still on even tough it showed a black screen. She thought this is ridiculous, but couldn’t help being suspicious she got to the welcome screen asking for the password she notices the password is on a sticky note and types it in and is welcomed into their computer she first goes into their computer and begins to inspect it for any porn on it, but to no avail. Next she goes on-line and looks at their bookmarks and history and strangely nothing was out of norm. Scratching her head she then logs off so not to look like she was ever on she then begins looking under their beds and in their dresser’s sadly nothing out of the usual. Thinking that maybe she was overreacting and leaves. As she leaves the phone rings. She rushes downstairs to grab the phone “Hello Mrs. Clinton speaking.”

“Hi honey it looks like I’m going to be late some unexpected project I’ve got to take care of can you pick up the kids today” Jake says sitting in his office at work.

“Yeah no problem sweety. Do you know when your going to be home so I can have leftovers ready for you” Kim asks.

“I’d say about ten or eleven at the earliest” Jake replies.

“Alright see you then. Bye” Kim says.

“Bye” Jake says as they both hang up.

Jake begins to think before his group meets up with him grabbing his recorder which helps him calm down. This is Jake February 11th 2009 part 3. I was really hoping that after our class reunion that Kim and I would connect better, but it seems nothing has changed. Our sex has diminished the last few months its like we are two separate people who don’t know each other any more. I just wish we could be like we were before we got married. Before we were like sex addicts enjoying life without a care in the world. I guess it is true that once your married life falls apart. End of transmission.

; }

Kim comes home from picking up the kids and gets supper ready. Putting the food in the oven she decides to sneak up on her own children to see if they were doing anything suspicious. Heading up the stairs she begins to hear moans from Jessica’s room taking a peak in she almost fainted seeing her own son John fucking his own sister from behind. Not noticing it but Kim was slowing becoming horny by this horrid scene in front of her but she couldn’t simply resist watching wanting to go in and ending this right away but also hoping it would never end. She begins to feel something down below and looks to her shock Chris playing with her wet pussy. With her cum secreting into his fingers and mouth she screams
“Stop that this instant Chris!!” Everyone freezes for a short moment until John walks over and opens the door to see that his own mother was standing there dripping her juices in and on Chris.

“Mom are you John and Chris’s sex slave as well” Jessica says rubbing her pussy and then taking her finger and sucking on each one as Kim stares at her own daughter’s naked body.

“Mom why are you so wet down below do you want Chris and I to fuck you or something” John says grabbing his mother’s arm and pulling on it.

Kim snaps out of it and looks down seeing Chris rubbing his erect cock in one hand while pulling her hand “What the hell is going on around here! I want a good explanation here now!” shouting at all three of her children acting like she still had authority.

“Mom we could ask the same about you being wet down below and I notice you have erect tits” John says in front of his mother hoping to turn the power around in his advantage.

“How dare you speak that language in this house!? Get on the bed all three of you! Now!!” Kim screams pulling Chris away from her pussy by his hair as John and Jessica lay on the bed playing with each other
“I told you to stop that” Kim says shoving Chris on the bed as Jessica lies between Chris and John. “So you three like to play with each other I see!” Kim says looking at their beautiful young sexy bodies. They all nod in unison. “Well I’m going to get rid of this from your young minds right now. Children shouldn’t be doing this at your age it’s a game for adults only” Kim says going down on her knees and begins eating Jessica’s pussy while using her hands to give her boys handjobs.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!! Mommy I’m going to cum!” Chris groans as his mother moves over and gives him a blowjob instantly cum begins to shoot out of his cock and in to his mother’s mouth.

“You taste almost as good as your father” Kim says rubbing it a little more and then sucking on it again to clean it. She then moves over to John and gives him a blowjob. Jessica moves around so she can suck on Chris’s cock while he eats her pussy.

“Shit this feels so good mommy!” John says holding the back of his mother’s head so she could deep throat his cock.

“Well mom’s know how to do it best you know” Kim says catching a breath as cum drips from her mouth.

“Mommy can I eat your pussy?” John asking his mother.

“Yeah can we eat your pussy as well” Jessica and Chris say in unison looking at their mother pleading her.

“Oh I don’t see why not but John is first, and I want Jessica’s pussy. Chris why don’t you suck on my breasts” Kim says not believing what she just said but she was horny and didn’t seem to care. Before they got into position a ringing noise form downstairs occurred and Kim got up “Sorry I’ve got to take care of supper your father won’t be back until late tonight so it’s just us four.”

“Can we eat like we are right now” Jessica says as her mother is about to head out of the bedroom.
Kim looks back at them and says “Sure, just clean up the cum before eating will you. Supper will be ready in five minutes.”

“I can’t believe this we got mom” John says ecstatic.

“I know this is like a dream come true. I can’t wait until we get dad as well” Jessica says feeling all pleasurable inside.

“Now remember guys we can’t let anyone know of our plan is that clear” Chris says in a stern voice.

“Right” John and Jessica say in unison as all three put their right hands in a circle “Yes!”

“Supper is ready” Kim shouts down below.

“Oh shit we haven’t cleaned up” Jessica says.

“Oh please we will all be full and spotless before the end of the night so having a little cum on you now won’t be a problem” Chris says as they all walk downstairs to the kitchen table to see peas, mash potatoes, gravy, fruit jello, and some chicken at the table.

“I thought I told you three to clean up” Kim says to them.

“I see you haven’t cleaned up either mom” John says back.

Kim blushes “Okay I’ll let the rules slide for tonight, but you must at least eat everything on this table before we go any further. Do you understand?”

“Yep sure do” Chris says grabbing the gravy and slowly pouring it on Jessica’s body.

“Chris I didn’t say to pour supper on your sister” Kim says in a stern voice grabbing some napkins and walking over to clean up the mess as she helps Jessica Chris pours the mash potatoes on her body and begins to spread it all over her. Kim helps spread the mash potatoes over her body and says in a seductive voice “You’re a naughty boy why don’t you come here and help me out. If you’re a good boy I might just let you fuck me on this kitchen table.”

“I’m in” Chris says pushing his face into his mother’s breasts licking the potatoes while making her tit’s erect.

“John why don’t you come here and take care of me” Jessica lures John over to her gravy soaked body where he begins to lick the gravy and her body moving slowly down her body to her pussy.

“Oh fuck John that feels soooo good” Jessica moans feeling her body as John eats her pussy.

“This isn’t how we are supposed to eat supper, but this is definitely arousing” Kim begins to moan as Chris begins to finger her with mashed potatoes going in as well.

“Can I fuck you now” Chris begs his mother.

“After you eat my pussy then you may” Kim says and before she could finish her sentences Chris was using his tongue to dig into his mother’s pussy while he used his fingers to open up her pussy. Kim had to sit on the table and stretch her legs apart to help her young boy.

“John I want to be fucked” Jessica says pulling John off of her pussy.

“Alright get on the table and I’ll fuck you” John says as Jessica lies on the table holding her small breasts in her hands as John slowly gets his cock in her pussy and soon begins to pump faster and faster.

“Chris you may fuck me now” Kim says nudging her son off of her pussy. Chris didn’t need to be asked twice he began fucking his mother and soon Chris and John were pumping in rhythm as they fuck their sister and mother.

“Why don’t you two switch I think Jessica and I could use a new cock in us” Kim says as Chris and John obey. Chris fucks Jessica and John fucks his mom.

“Oh honey that’s it keep pounding me pussy” Kim says as John fucks her harder and harder so he can shoot his load in his mother like Chris had.

“Hey mom shouldn’t we be using some sort of protection or something, so you and me don’t get pregnant” Jessica says to her mother.

“Well how long have you been fucking your brothers?” Kim asks.

“For a few months” Jessica says.

“Well it’s time we get you on the pill. I’m already on the pill so I don’t have to worry” Kim replies.

“We also fucked Monica and her parents?” Jessica says.

“What!!!” Kim says as John cums deep in her pussy.

“We fucked Monica and her parents as well” Jessica restated.

“Tomorrow we are going to get you on the pill. Chris and John you better not of got the babysitter pregnant or her mother for that fact” Kim says in a stern voice.

“We’ll worry about that tomorrow. Tonight can we have some fun though” John asks.

“I won’t spoil the fun. Chris and John have you both shot your loads in each of us” Kim says.

“Yes mommy” Chris and John say nodding their heads with a smile.

“Good why don’t eat some food for the next round while Jessica and I will be your entertainment for the night” Kim says getting off the table and wrapping her hands around Jessica in a sexual manner.

“All right, but can we reheat the chicken first” John says with everyone laughing.

“Let me take care of that for you first then we can begin” Kim says popping the chicken in the microwave.
Before she could turn back Chris had his cock going into her ass. “Oh so you want to fuck my other whole as well. Why not you’ve already taken care of the other two and I haven’t been fucked back there in quite some time” Kim says as Chris slowly gets his cock all the way in. Once he has it all in he moves out and slowly pumps it back and forth as Kim moans holding onto the kitchen counter.

“Can I fuck you in the ass after Chris mom” John asks.

“Anything hun, fuck that feels so good!!” Kim moans loudly as the microwave finishes just as Chris squirts his load up her ass.

John moves in and quickly gets his cock in her thanks to Chris lubricating it before hand and he says

“Fuck mom can we do this all the time.”

“Say fuck again” Kim asks her son

“Fuck!” John says “Fuck…fuck…fuck…fuck ...fuck… fuck… fuck. It’s fucking fuckn’ good to fuck you mom”

“Oooh I have two naughty sons that love to fuck their mom and a lovely daughter who loves sex as much as I do. You three turn me on big time you know that” Kim says hornier than she has been since she got married rubbing her pussy in one hand and the other is holding the counter.

“We should do a fuck sandwich for you mom” John says.

“I would like that very much” Kim says standing up as Chris gets in front of her and sticks his cock in her. They all start to move up and down with Jessica sitting back and watching the show in front of her while eating a bag of chips she found on the counter and masturbating herself with the other hand.
“My boys are growing up and becoming real men fucking their mother in the kitchen like this why don’t you stop and take care of your sister for a moment while I rest” Kim says going to the nearest chair and sitting down masturbating herself as she watches her boys begin the same thing for Jessica, but this time John is in front while Chris is fucking her in the rear. Kim gets up while they were in the middle of fucking to grab the chicken out of the microwave and sticking a leg up her pussy she then walks over and says “Hey boys why don’t you eat some chicken over there while Jessica eats this piece” pointing at first to the counter and then toward her pussy. The boys go over and eat some chicken while watching Jessica tearing the chicken and playing with it as well around her mother’s pussy. While she was doing this Kim was getting ready for another orgasm.

“Mommy your pussy tastes like chicken” Jessica says as the boy’s chuckle by the comment.

“I would love to have a piece of that chicken” Chris bluntly says as the boys laugh it off.

“If you like chicken pussy so much why don’t you come down here and eat some honey” Kim replies as Chris grabs a leg, and walks over to get on his knees shoving the piece of chicken all the way in and then pulling it out to show a gooey sticky chicken with white cum all over it.

“You want a taste Jessica? Mom?” Chris asks looking at them both.

“I think we can all share a taste of the chicken Chris” Kim says seductively licking the chicken that Chris was holding and then looks back at John “Come on dear and join in the fun.” John sits down behind his mother and begins to rub and squeeze his mother’s breasts in his hands.

“Oh John yes that’s it keep playing with your mother’s breasts. Ooh gawd yes Chris chicken fuck me!!” Kim moans with her two boys playing with her. Jessica leans in and begins to kiss her mother moving her tongue in her mother’s mouth exploring every bit of it. Kim relaxes as her three children pleasure her on the kitchen floor.

The door opens as Jake walks in hearing noises in the kitchen he decides to slowly walk in as he notices a light at this time of night was unusual it was midnight. Creepy up he begins to notices shadows of people on the floor with a strong odor emitting into the air. He grabs a broom nearby and jumps out to scare them and to his surprise it was his family with his children doing the unthinkable incest to his wife he felt his heart stop as he fell to the ground.

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