my first real and true gay love affair
I don’t really remember when it was. But I do remember Graeme.
I was hanging out with a friend called martin who had a younger brother called Graeme. Martin would always bully Graeme, beyond the usual brotherly stuff. I mean REALLY punching him!
So I used to stick up for Graeme. It was a while later when martin left the room to go to the toilet when Graeme said “hey Steve, I’ve got an idea, why don’t I sit on your lap for a laugh. Just to see what martin says when he gets back?”
I kinda fancied him anyway so I said “what the hell, do it man” and he did.
As he sat on my lap, my cock was right on his bum hole, which proceeded to harden immediately .
Graeme didn’t even move. In fact he just rocked back and forward a bit. I knew that he could feel my erection rubbing against his arse but I didn’t care. So I reached around and slowly moved my hand up to his crotch.
That’s when I found his own hard on. It felt big! Bigger than my own (about 6” if your wondering)
I rubbed him through the material of his shorts and listened to him moan softly.
But all to soon we heard martin returning from the toilet, and so I told him to get off as quick as he could so we wouldn’t get caught. He looked at me sadly” awww, do I have to?” I looked back into his sad eyes “ yes, unless you want martin to get really angry and tell your mum on you?” he went silent and nodded. He got off and went to his computer. I quickly got up and whispered to him “ don’t worry, we’ll do this again . Sometime really soon. I promise” . he looked at me and smiled “ I hope so Steve” was all he said.

It was about two weeks later when I was invited round to stay again. It was also the start of the summer holidays as well. Were I live there isn’t that much to do , so I was allowed to stay for two days.
The first day was all the usual teenage boy stuff, shooting air rifles, playing computer games talking about girls ect but on the second day it was raining so we were stuck inside. But as luck would have it martin decided to bugger off to see his friends in the other village.
I thought my luck was in with me and Graeme. I was wrong.
His dad came home from work early and we were stuck with him and his boring stories. He would go on for ages about how he and his wife met and holidays together ,but I was raised to be polite so I listened with false interest.
It was after a while when Graeme asked me “ what time is your bus home Steve?” I looked at the time and I said “ in about 10 minutes Graeme, I really should be going Simon ( that’s Graeme’s dad) or I’ll end up missing the bus home” so I said my farewells and left. Graeme asked if he could walk up with me and I said “sure , why the hell not eh? “ I honestly didn’t know what he had planned for me!

As we were walking up to the bus stop he said “ Steve? Would you like to stay another night with me? Martin said that he wont be home until tomorrow. And I get bored so much when I’m at home. And dads stories really do my nut in !”
I just smiled and said “ and how would we do that? We’re nearly at the bus stop now, and I don’t think that your dad would be happy that I’ve out stayed my welcome?”
“ oh,don’t worry about that! We could always say that you’ve missed your bus as it arrived early and didn’t stop for you!”
It was about then that I realised what he had planned. He wanted to continue where we left off.
I looked at him and smiled “ I think that would work! You sure that you want me to stay?”
He blushed and smiled back” yes I do…….. It’s just that…you know ,we could…..”
I shushed him and said “ say no more “ and winked at him.

As we were walking down the long road to his parents house we got closer to each other, and I mean really close. Shoulder to shoulder. I kinda guessed what it was that he was wanting o I slipped my hand down the back of his track suit pants and stroked his arse . He gave a little giggle and moved his left hand onto my cock ( which by now was getting hard and uncomfortable in my trousers) .
He gave out a laugh and said “ hey Steve! It feels like my cock is bigger than yours eh?”
“ well, that’s true. But you wont be saying that when I shove it up that virgin arse of yours and ride you like a Blackpool donkey!” with that I gave his arse a tight squeeze .
He yelped and broke contact with me. And with that we walked down to his house and through the front door.
As we got in his dad gave me a questioning look “ and why aren’t you on your bus Steven ?”
“ I’m sorry Simon , but the bus went pass earl and didn’t even stop! Graeme said that it would be o.k. for me to stay another night. Just until morning though. I’ll catch the eleven bus back”
He looked at me and said “ ohhhh…….all right then . Just don’t tell your mother!” we thanked him and went up stairs to play on his computer, but all to soon it was nearly bed time for us both and I couldn’t wait!
It was later in the night when I decided to make my move. I very slowly sneaked my hand into Graeme’s bed and started to grope his cock. It was a great feeling for me to feel his hardness start to grow in my hand but all to suddenly he grasped my hand and whispered“ no, don’t! my dad is still downstairs and we could get caught. Wait until morning. He’ll be gone by then “. I tried to hide my disappointment and said “ oh,allright then, I’ll wait until morning” and with that ( and a swelling in my briefs) I went to sleep.
I woke in the morning remembering what it was that Graeme said last night. So I checked that we were all alone in the house by going downstairs to go to the toilet ( fully clothed of coarse) and to my delight I found that we were indeed all alone. So I went for a piss and to have a wash in the sink, after which I stripped of and went straight back up to bed.
I noticed that Graeme was still asleep so I put the telly on with the volume turned low as not to wake him ( I wanted to savour the moment),well I didn’t have to wait long did I …..
About 10 minutes later Graeme woke up with a smile on his face and asked what time it was “ about 9 :30 dude, sleep well?” he looked at me and smiled “ yeah, I did. How about you? Hard on gone down or is it still there?”
I grinned as I knew where this was going.” I think so. Why don’t you pop that virgin arse of yours over here and find out for yourself?”. he was a bit hesitant but after a few moments he came over and lay down beside me. He lay on his left hand side and put his right leg on my lap. His foot found my crotch and he very slowly began to nudge my balls. Not painfully mind, just enough to make my cock swell a bit more. “” well there Steve, it looks like that hard on of yours has returned, hasn’t it?” the Horney little twat was teasing me. Well two can play that game!
I slid my left hand up his leg straight to his ball sack and started to play with them. “ and it looks like that ball sack of yours is in need of some emptying. wouldn’t you agree there Graeme?
I looked over and found that he was lying there with his eyes closed enjoying the sensation of me teasing his balls. So I thought “ what the hell, the poor lad probably hasn’t even had a blow job yet. I’ll be his first!” so I lay him on his back ( by this time I could see his bulge in his boxers. It was indeed bigger than mine but I wasn’t bothered) and proceeded to take his boxers off.
“ what’re you doing ?” he asked. I said “ I’m guessing that you’ve never had your cock sucked before, well……..have you?”. he looked at me and went red in the face. “ no, I haven’t, but I’d like to though!”
I needed no more of an invitation. So I made him a deal “ well, if I’m going to be sucking that big cock of yours then I’ll need something in return like…….” he readily agreed “ yeah,anything you want!”. I just smiled . I knew what I wanted . His virginity!!!
I looked down to his cock and my eyes widened!
You see, the reason that Graeme was a bit embarrassed wasn’t down to any inexperience at all. It was his cock.
His left ball was smaller ( by about 60%) than his right one. And his cock was in need of circumcising quite badly. His knob end couldn’t even make it past his foreskin! I felt sorry for him. As I looked up his face said it all “ I have a freak of a cock don’t I? that’s why I’ll never get laid, it’s ugly!!!”
I just smiled at him” don’t be daft, it’s not the cock that is important when having sex….it’s the person. it’s what’s inside that counts.” he looked at me with a tear in his eyes “ your only saying that just so you can fuck me aren’t you ?” I started to wank him off while I talked “ no, really Graeme. It’s you that I fancy man. And to prove it I’m gonna suck that sweet virgin cock of yours ,and I’m even gonna let you cum in my mouth”. his eye’s widened and he even smiled at me “ REALLY!? You’re gonna do that just for me? I love you Steve, and I’ll let you do any thing that you want back…..anything”
Well for me that was the only telling that I needed. So I slowly lowered my mouth onto his hard on. It was so smooth, silky to the touch. I lowered my mouth even further down until I couldn’t take anymore of him in side and then I slid back up, stopping briefly at the tip just to poke my tongue tip in through the tip of his fore skin to lick at his knob end.
He gasped at me “ ffffffffuuuuuck!! That’s so good do it again! Please?” I obliged an started to really suck on his cock…… up and down………up and down…….up and down…… right hand was gripping his shaft and my left was switching between rubbing that ball sack full of his 13 year old spunk and fingering his arse.
Up and down……up and down…………he was now starting to fuck my mouth, he even put his hand on the back of my head. Up and down…..up and down………..he was now grunting and gasping, so I looked up at him. He just smiled back at me “ please…….ah…….lick my balls and wank me….please….”
I did as he asked putting both balls in my mouth and wanking that spunk tube of his. My hand was going as fast as I could on his cock, by now he was now moaning and groaning,” oh yes Steve…….yes……wank me please….oh god………I think I’m gonna…….gonna…..” and with that I clamped my mouth on his love muscle and wanked for all that I was worth.
He gave a big grunt and I felt that cock that I liked so much in my mouth twitch once…
Twitch twice…and a little bit of cum was jettisoned onto my tongue,
Thrice and a big spurt nearly made me choke, so I put that cock under my tongue so that I wouldn’t choke on his salty ball soup.
All in all he squirted afair bit for a 13 year old .I for my part managed to keep it al in my mouth without spilling a drop. As I looked up at him he smiled at me and said “ that was fuckin’ awesome! So, what do you wanna do to spunk up then?”
I smiled and motioned for him to turn over and lie on his belly “ oh, I see. So you do wanna ride me like a Blackpool donkey then do you?”
I chuckled to myself and thought about how much this was gonna hurt him ( so I was going to take it nice and easy with him. don’t wanna scare off that fine smooth hairless arse !)
As he lay there I was transfixed by his smooth and hairless ass. It looked beautiful. But I wasn’t here for the scenery was I ? so, I placed both hands on his bum and spread his arse cheek apart. I spat some of his cum mixed with my spit onto his bum hole and rubbed it in, all the while he was moaning at me. As for the rest, it went onto my cock as lube .
I placed my hard-on at his arse and said “ now then, this is gonna hurt because this is your first time o.k.? so I’ll take it slowly with you, and I’ll only put half of me inside you all right?”
He nodded. No words. He was about to loose his anal virginity.
I gently pushed my cock into him and he moaned lauder at me “ yeeeessssssss….more” so I pushed more in….and more …..and more! I was almost fully inside him, I couldn’t believe it “ are you sure that this is the first time you’ve had a cock up your arse,Graeme? I’m almost fully in man!”
He looked over his shoulder at me and said “ well this is my first real cock…..look under the pillow”
I locked under his pillow and there was a surprise for me. A broom handle that had been sanded down. The little fucker had his own dildo to fuck his ass with! Well, this time he was gonna get a real cock fucking experience and no mistake !

I started to slowly fuck my cock into his arse and with each thrust of my swollen member he let out a grunt “ do you like that Graeme?” he looked over his shoulder at me.
“ yeah…I can feel you as you go in and out of me” I let out a small chuckle and grinned , his was the first arse that I had fucked , and I was lost in a world of my own passion.
“ I know, I can feel how tight your arse is. So what’s with the home made dildo?”
Now he started to push his bum into me to meet my thrusts. And to be honest I kinda liked it!
“I wanted to be ready for you… know……for when we shag…”
I started to speed up now, our balls where slapping together I could even feel the softness of that amazing arse of his as I fucked him like a wanton beast! The tightness was indescribable, and the way that his ring gripped me was sheer heaven.
“ so in short Graeme, you couldn’t wait to fuck with me? Yes?”
He was by now gasping at my penile intrusions and I was loving it! The strange feeling of his bum hole as he gripped me when I thrust inward, and the way that my balls slapped against his arse? Utter bliss!
“ ye….yes…I couldn’t wait………OW!………not to hard!”
I was reaching the point of no return no-win could feel my spunk as it rose up from my balls.
“ where do you want my cum then Graeme? Up your arse or over your arse…..and choose quickly!”
He sort of thought for a moment , and then he started to say “you can do…” and he never got to finish the sentence.
My cock exploded with cum,spurt after spurt of my man jizz was fired up deep into his bowels. All that Graeme could do was gasp as I emptied my seed into him. At last I had fucked the boy than I always fancied. I steadied myself on my hands and slowly lent forward into him. He looked over his shoulder at me and we kissed, but only briefly.

After I finished I slowly withdrew from him and we lay together on his bed. Looking at each other and feeling slightly embarrassed at what we had just did to each other. After a while we got up and got washed and ready to go and catch the bus home. We walked up the road in near silence, neither of us wanting to say anything to embarrassing, and yet we were both no doubt replaying the events that had just transpired not so long ago in our heads.
“so then………do you want me to stay round sometime soon then Graeme?”
He looked at me and smiled.” sure……when would be best? Not as if I’m doing anything soon anyway”
I grinned and said” well how about you come and stay with me at my grannys house for a few days? We could go down the water, or hang about….or maybe just suck and fuck each other?” I thought what the hell……I may as well just ask if he wants to continue our gay sex relationship.
He looked at me with those childish eyes of his and simply said” I think that would be great Steve. Is this Tuesday all right?”
“ yes Graeme that would be fine. I’ll ring you”
And with that I got on the bus home, eagerly awaiting next Tuesday.

The end?

No…this was just the beginning !

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Good story bro keep them up


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Hot! Keep writing, you do it well! I want to know how the story progresses...please post an update!

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