Introduction seems to be in order here my name is Cory an average college girl living in the city. Brunette, healthy underweight, a few boyfriends but none that lasted very long, since all of them always wanted sex on the second or third date. One even wanted it on the first date such pigs they are. Anyhow my story of how my long weekend became something I didn’t expect.

It all started when I was on the train heading home from school and I got text not from anyone that I knew however the number looked familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It read:

Do you want to be free from all of your worries simply reply with a yes or no.

I texted yes only in hopes to find out who this was but instead I got another text reading:

Get off at the next stop and walk to the museum across the street.

I obeyed but when I got off I began looking around to find anyone suspicious, but no one that I could see since it was busy. Heading over to the museum I get another text reply:

Go to the prehistoric section and you’ll see a yellow piece of paper on one of the sides of a table in there. Paying admission and then grabbing a map I walk over to the Prehistoric section looking all over for that yellow paper. As I was about to give up I found the yellow paper and begin to read it:

Congratulations Cory you passed my preliminary. Now you may be wondering who the hell am I? I can not tell you right now, but I can promise you if you pass a few tests you will know who I am? If you don’t want to play you may go home and enjoy your daily life with short term boyfriends for the rest of your life. Yes I do know who you are, however you do not know who I am even though you pass me everyday with out a single acknowledgement. First Test begins now if you decide to go on: Go to the fountain of where you broke up with your last boyfriend and say hello to the poor man that is feeding the birds he’ll give you the next test.

You’re Love,

Your secret admirer

I couldn’t believe it. This was some desperate guy trying to get a date from me, but couldn’t ask in person instead he wants me to walk around the city long enough that I’ll just get tired and fall and somehow he’ll come out of nowhere and show me the light. A true knight in shiny armor how unromantic is that. Truly a shame he’s trying, but it might just work on me. If I don’t like him then I can ditch him like that, so let’s play your game. Walking out of the museum I decided to call for a taxi since the fountain was a long way from here. After about twenty minutes or so I get to my destination and see an old man feeding the birds.

Walking over to him I began to smell his strong odor and boy I could tell he hadn’t had a shower in months if not years and say hello to him and he simply looks me over and hands me a letter. I walk away to get away from the smell to read the letter:

Go to 1116 N. Sixth St. A woman will let you in do every word she tells you. She is a dear friend of mine that will let you know of your next location if you obey her that is.

You’re Love,

Your Secret Admirer

So now I have to go someone’s house and do everything they say no sweat. This is easier than I thought. I grab another cab and in a few moments I walk out of the cab to see in front of me a church that had the exact address that he said. This can’t be right why would he send me to a church what does he think I sinned or something. Sure I don’t go to church, but I am not that big of a sinner. I walk in and see a nun praying in front of a cross with candles across the alter. “Excuse me Miss I was told to come here from a friend of yours” I say walking down the lane only to see her get up and turn around to show she had no gown she looked like one of those sexy stripper nuns.

“So you’re the girl he told me about, you look like you are going to be a perfect for him” She smiles and walks over to me and begins feeling me. I was about to smack her, but how well she was doing it I couldn’t do it and with the cross with Jesus in front of staring down at me I couldn’t do anything. She placed her hand in my pants and began to rub my panties the thin layer above my pussy was beginning to get wet. It also didn’t help that she was kissing my neck while undoing her clothes in front of me. I couldn’t move as this woman who I didn’t know was playing with my body. I knew it was not right yet it felt so good.

“Mrs. Cory Pretoli if you wouldn’t mind would you please take your clothes off for me” The nun says fully nude standing in front of me. How could I say no when I was wet and horny. One of god’s virgins asking me to take my clothes off in front of her and Jesus Christ I couldn’t, but I did slowly looking at the nun in front of me at all times. When I got all my clothes off the nun moved in and we kissed, it was not a kiss I was used to since it was my first female I have done it with. It was incredible her lips were soft, she was so good her tongue slid into my mouth feeling me and then I did the same for her. As I put my tongue in her she began to finger my pussy. Not being able to handle much more I let go and begin to moan as she furiously fingers my pussy. I sit down in the front seats as the nun continues to rub my pussy.

“I’m going to cum!” I moan loudly as I say it she begins to suck my pussy and all the cum that came out went into her mouth. Cleaning my pussy with her tongue and gulping down all the cum with her mouth. After cleaning it up she moved up and we had a French kiss as I began to taste myself which was sweet and tasted so good as her tongue and my tongue linked together with my cum going between both of our mouths.

Then as we broke the kiss she laid down on the floor “Your turn Cory” she says pointing toward her pussy. I couldn’t say no to her and I couldn’t resist such a pussy as hers after she took care of me I got down on the floor and began to eat her pussy. Licking all over like a little dog then sucking on her clit pulling on it making her moan with each lick of her fresh wet pussy. Cum begins to flow out of her pussy as I kept on sucking on her gulping down each load of cum that came out. She seemed to have more cum then I had unleashed, yet it tasted as good if not better than my own. It had the taste of what it’s like after a spring shower.

“Cory why don’t you turn around so I can take care of you while you can continue eating me out” the nun says and I obey as we lay on the floor in front of Jesus Christ in a sixty-nine position. Knowing this is most likely the worst thing to do but damn was I horny even Jesus himself couldn’t stop me now. I was fingering and rubbing and sucking on this nun’s pussy while she played with my pussy. Neither one of us wanted to stop we were in this position for what felt like hours was probably only a few moment. When I stopped I got up so she could eat my pussy easier with me sitting on her face. Rubbing my tit’s in my fingers as she continued to tongue lash my pussy.

“Fuck I wish we had a double sided dildo or something so we can both fuck each other” I say as the nun slides away from my pussy and walks over to alter and grabs a double sided dildo form behind and shows it to me. We both smile at each other as she digs it deep into my pussy as I go back on to the floor, and the best part was that it vibrated. She got down and placed the other side into her pussy as we began to moan quite loudly. It was the first time I began to notice an echo as we lay with a vibrator in our pussies. We both cummed several times thanks to the vibrator as we stop it she gets on top of me as we go back into a sixty-nine. Both of our pussies were soaking wet as we continued to eat each other. When I could take no more I lay down as the nun finished up her work.

“Cory there is a bed in the other room you are more than welcome to stay the night and I can give you the clue tomorrow if you’d like” the nun says lifting me up.

“Thanks that might be good” I say getting up with the help from the nun as we walk slowly to the other room where there was a bed. I fell right on to the bed and slept right away as I hear the nun leave the room.
Next morning as I was getting up I was looking around noticing I wasn’t where I should be but in a room with stone walls and a cross on the bed stand and a picture of Jesus across the room from where I lay. I notice the door creaked open and I could vaguely see a man and the nun from last night talking as the man sees me he hands a letter to the nun and vanishes. I get up quickly realizing that’s the man that wants me. Flinging the door open and running past the nun I see the man leave the church. That was when I realized that I had no clothes on. The nun placed a towel on me and directed me to the showers as she got breakfast ready. When I got out a few moments later I see the nun holding a plate of breakfast in front of me. Waffles with syrup and a cup of coffee with the note wanting to grab the note I realized I was hungry so I sat down and ate the meal as the nun was talking to me about something. After wards I said my thanks and we kissed for a short time as I walk out of the church to read the next clue.

I open it standing outside of the church and find a key in it and then read the letter:

Enjoy the lesbian experience I see. She is great to be around and knows how to set the mood fairly quick I had to keep up to handle her the first time I did her, but that’s beside the point your next location is to head over to the school’s gymnasium in the men’s locker room. Don’t worry no one should be around. The door will be opened go to locker D25. It’s in the far back to let you know. The combination is 34-2-17. There will be a black box open it with the key and your next clue will be revealed.
If there is someone in there listen and be prepared.
Your Love,
Your Secret Admirer

Now he wants me to go to the men’s locker room in the school’s gym. I better not get caught or I’ll be suspended for along time or worse expelled. Grabbing a cab I head to the school. When I get to the gym I see the basketball team practicing. Not believing my luck their girlfriends were chatting on their phones while the boys were practicing so I sneaked into the men’s locker room without anyone noticing or at least I hope no one noticed. I walked to the back searching for D25 as soon as I find it the door opened with no place to hide I sat down quietly behind some lockers hoping who ever entered didn’t go into the back and find me.

“Hello is someone in here” a male voice says but no response. He shrugs it off and goes to his locker but freezes as he sees a shadow if someone sitting behind the lockers “Hey you sitting behind the lockers show yourself” he shouts as I freeze and turn slightly to notice that I had a shadow and he must of noticed it because he was walking this way. I haven’t even been able to open the locker yet and someone has spotted me. Before I could jump and run the man was standing above me. “Don’t you know this is a guy only area no girls allowed?” he says to me with no shirt on and a raging hard-on that was begging to escape.

“Sorry mister I was told to get a box in this locker and to follow the instructions it says” I reply getting up with his help.

“Alright let’s see do you have the combination?” he asks me. I turn the lock and soon have the door open showing a black box like he had said. Then I take out the key and open the box to reveal the note the guy grabs it before I could and reads it quickly smiling as he gives it to me and I begin to read it:

If you got this note without anyone catching you congrats, but if you have been caught you must give every man that has captured you a blowjob. Once done you can go down to the subway station and take to back car heading toward your home. Home is where the heart is and that is where I’ll be.

Your Love,

Your Secret Admirer

I read it again before placing it into my pocket as I do I see the man in front of me has his cock out stroking it. I couldn’t believe my luck I had to run but as I turned around another man was doing the same stroking his cock in front of me and then I realize the entire team is in the locker room stroking their cocks ready to get a blowjob. Nice going I think to myself now I have to give the entire basketball team blowjobs. Where is the coach when I need him… oh no he’s also stroking his cock as well as his assistances in the back. I’m going to kill my secret admirer as soon as I get the chance. I kneel on the floor and begin to give head to the whole team after about an hour I finished up and was able to leave. I had never sucked on so many cocks in my life. I was pissed and walked to the Subway station and took the back car. When I got in it was normal everyone was waiting for their stop. After a short time no one had gotten off yet, but what made strange is that everyone in the car got off at the same spot as I did and were in a rush as I walked off thinking nothing of it. I was pissed off too much to care, and couldn’t wait until I got home to kill this man after he got me to pick up a message from an old man that smelled, then got me to enjoy a night with a nun that was most likely a illegal prostitute, then got me into a situation where I was gang-raped. When I got home no one was around so I walked in turned the light on no one was there but a note was on the coffee table. I pick it up to read it:

Sorry my love that I couldn’t meet you I got a call that the nun that you had fun with just died an hour after you left of a stroke. What a shame too she was so young. If you’d like to meet me I will be at the Conportlie’ tonight awaiting your beauty. There is a dress in your room that I want you to wear tonight if you accept. If you decide that I’m not right for you then come anyway I have a surprise you’ll enjoy as a replacement of me, but doubt you’ll want just it when I can give so much more.

Your Love,

Your Secret Admirer

Well I better get a free meal out of this then. I go to my room and see this red dress with a mask on it. When I grabbed the mask a note was lying under it and I picked that up as well reading it:

You’ll need this trust me.
I shrugged and began for my night with this mystery guy.
When I got there a waitress told me my party was in the main room and showed me there. When we got there a good hundred people around the room either gathered. It seemed all the females were in one area and the guys were on the other side. I felt like this was some sort of pagan worship but I wasn’t sure. All the females had red dresses like me and the guys had tuxedos while everyone was wearing their masks. Walking over to the rest of the girls I was directed with no word to a table near by and I sat. As soon as I sat down a waitress handed me a drink unsure what it was I drank a sip and noticed it was apple juice spiked. A huge bang happens in front of me, unfortunately I couldn’t see who or what was going on until the rest of the girls got up and stood in a line so I decided to follow suit.

“Ladies you get one man, but the one that chose you to join will not be your partner for tonight. You will see the one that invited you though by end of the night true face” One of the men announces as a band plays the waltz with each of us girls having a boy in front of us. The dance went on for awhile then the announcer came back to say “Gentlemen please go to the lady that you invited.” Once the men changed positions I was left with some guy that didn’t look to bad even though he had a mask his body size seemed to be in perfect shape. The announcer said something but before I heard a sound the man in front of me jabbed something into my stomach. I fell slowly as I see the world swirl around me I do notice though the other girls following suit while they guys stay motionless.

Next time I wake up I’m hanging on a wall with the other girls around me in shackles with a man in the shadows walking toward us. Some of the girls began to scream but realize that we all have muzzles on our faces. Screaming doesn’t work as the man grows closer toward us in the shadows.

“Shhh…Girls keep quiet I’m here to save you all. I’m an undercover cop you can trust me” the man says showing his face toward us all as he leaves the shadows. He jingles the keys in front of us as we all stare at him and try to be quiet while he slowing unlocks each of our chains. When he gets to me he whispers “I’m the one that called you, but don’t worry I’m here to save you” I stared into his eyes as he unlocks me. Not knowing he has unlocked me I begin to remove the anger I had in this man, and instead I feel compassion for this man.

I was snapped out as he touches me and then he points where the other girls are running out and I begin to follow, but turn back and ask him “Is there anything I can do for you other than following the other girls that is?”

“Sure you can be my look out make sure no one is coming I don’t know how much time I have left before they notice and come after us” He says to me. I run over to behind the boxes that cover our area and see a few bodyguards hanging around just sitting there. A few moments later one of them gets radioed in saying the worse as the guards begin to run after us. I rushed as fast as my two feet could move me to the cop that saved me and the rest of the girls.

“There coming aren’t they?” he says holding my shoulders as I’m trying to breath I nod “Shit, unlock the other girls I’ll give you cover” as he says that a gunshot is heard but must of missed as I nervously unlock the last few girls and then run with them. The guy follows slowly until he’s outside where he catches up to me and grabs my arm and we begin to turn into an alley. “Alright we lost them” he says letting go of me checking around the corner to make sure of no stranglers and then walks back to me “Are you alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine who are those guys anyways?” I ask him patting.

“They’re an illegal sex slave organization in the area that are about to get caught. My men will be there soon. I’m going to give you my shirt and I want you to follow me. Don’t worry we’ll get you dressed as soon as possible. Trust me” He says so confidently to me. We walk back to the place and he was right the cops were all over the place. The man that saved me placed me into a car as I am driven to my house where the police officer says to get dressed quickly since I needed to go downtown to say my word of it all.


A month later while I was on the train heading home from school I get a text from the police officer. I simply smiled the next thing I know the train stops and the officer that to this moment I never knew his name walks in and says “My name is Tom and yours miss is?” I smile and we began to talk.

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i would do her but i havea GF anyways that was sooooo HOT ,LOVED IT

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