Please excuse me on any issues while reading this story it took me several months to work on since I had worked on and off, so it might or might not be entirely perfect. The brakes in this story will be smiling faces so not to confuse anyone on anything. Sorry it is long but what choice do I have in the matter in this story. One more thing don’t expect a squeal for quite some time counting on how long this took me to write. If anyone would like to clean it up or create a sequel go right ahead. Enjoy the Lesbian Families

Day 1

This is my eighteenth birthday with a new journal from my mother’s. Yes I do have lesbian mothers and their names are Monica and Angie both at the age of thirty nine. I suppose I should mention my name is Alyssa typical teenage girl that is a cheerleader that has had a few boyfriends unfortunately none has been serious. I also have one sister well twin sister to be precise we were adopted at the age of three when are real parents died in a car accident her name is Keli, and both of us are close like most sisters. Anyways earlier today when my sister and I got back from the mall early we heard our mothers in their bedroom and it’s not like it was the first time but instead of ignoring it like we usually did the last year or so both of us have been trying to catch our mothers making out since both of have been sneaking our own times together in satisfy each other. Before we satisfied each other we were busy with boys and then we discovered how wonderful we were and well we just couldn’t resist.

Back to catching our mothers making out when we opened the door a bit we could see our mother Monica at the end of the bed eating out Angie. Neither one of us could watch much more so we went to my bedroom and decided to do the same thing. Keli took her pants off and lied on the bed as I got on my knees at the end of the bed and began rubbing her pussy with two fingers and then three. I then leaned in and began licking Keli’s pussy and then I found her clit as I sucked on it as she began moaning softly so not to disturb our two mothers own pleasures. I soon became mesmerized by the amount of cum that was gushing out of her what I didn’t even notice the door opening to reveal our two mothers watching us until Keli pulled me away from her so we could exchange positions. “Moms wha…what are you doing here” I screamed nervous and also filled with lust when I noticed that both of them were only in their underwear.
“We should be asking the same about you two” Monica says.

“We were only doing want you two do” Keli says back standing next to me as we hold hands in front of our sexy mothers.

“So you have been spying on us huh” Angie replies. Keli and I blush and look down hoping for forgiveness.
“Since both of you are eighteen today I guess we can all have some fun together if that is alright with you two” Monica says as she lifts my face up hoping to cheer us up. We agreed quickly with Keli and me kissing our mothers on the lips.

“Now where do we go from here” Keli says as we all giggle and head back to the bed as Angie and Keli make out while Monica rubs my pussy nice and slow while building up speed and then she flicked my clit as I screamed out from the pure pleasure I was receiving from my mother. Keli was also receiving the same pleasure as I was as we looked at each other we kissed as our tongues locked as our mothers satisfied us below. We broke the kiss as I lick her neck down to her breasts as our mothers continued to eat us. I flicked Keli’s tits in my mouth as well as tease her by lightly biting them. We stopped when our mothers stopped and that is when our two mothers got on the bed above us with their pussies in front of us began licking their pussies and sticking our fingers in them. While our two mothers were sitting above us making out while Keli and I were lost by the taste we receiving from our mothers pussies. They exchange positions with Angie now above me and Monica on top of Keli. I felt like this day would never end with my sister and our two mothers.

“Alyssa and Monica so how long have you been spying on us anyways?” Angie asks as she twirls Monica’s tits while they both look down at us eating their pussies.

Keli stopped and said “For… oh… I don’t know ever since we stopped having boyfriends I suppose.”

“You should know we were the same way except we didn’t have sisters so when we became best friends when we were young we would always hang out and make love” Monica says as she teases me by bouncing up and down.

“So what about our uncles did they ever find out about you two?” I asked a bit curious as to what they would say.

“Oh they caught us once and for about a week we were there slaves, but both of us had a plan and well let’s just say they became slaves for us and boy did we ever. What we did was have them have sex with each other and trust us neither your Uncle Jim nor your Uncle Sam liked it and well after that they left us alone and probably banged thirty girls the next month straight” Angie replies to my statement.

“You know what would make this orgy even better?” Keli says with lust in her eyes to all of us.

“No what sis” I asked.

“Well you know that Christian family across the street with the three girl’s right” Keli says rubbing Monica’s pussy.

“Yeah the Shalom’s. What about them?” I asked curious.

“You should know that it will never work that father is one strict man. He despises our family just because Angie and I are lesbians that have two lovely horny daughters” Monica says as we all giggle.

Keli says here plan “Yeah I know that, but between the hours of three and six only the three girls are at the home with their mother not coming home until six and their father won’t be home until eight so well have plenty of time to have some fun.”

“I think it might just work” I say as I get up to fondle both my mother’s breasts.

“Oh alright I suppose we could try to” Angie replies by moaning as I squeeze her left breasts in my hand.

“Alright so at three today we are going over there, but what if they don’t let us in?” Monica asks.
“You know I think I have a plan for that too” Keli says smiling as she gets up and helps me caress our mother’s breasts in our hands.

Keli and I walked over with a few treats while our mother’s decided to sneak out back until we give them the signal. I knock on the door and with in seconds the door swung wide open to reveal three precious angels that were all thirteen (yes they are triplets).

“Oh hi Keli and Alyssa what brings you here our parents aren’t home right now” Laura who was standing in the middle with her pink outfit, while Abby who is in purple is standing on her right, and Eve is on the left wearing a green outfit that has a panda on the shirt.

“We weren’t looking for your parents we wanted to talk to you three” Keli says getting down to their eye-level smiling.

“So if you’re here for us those treats also for us” Abby says.

“They sure our and all you have to do is let us in and well help you eat them since they aren’t cut” I told them.

“I suppose we can let you in” Eve says opening the door as they three run around the house as we walk to their kitchen to cut the brownies that we had. The three sat down at the table as we served them.

“I see you three must really love those brownies do also want a massage as well?” Keli suggests
“Yeah a massage” the three scream as they all get down on the floor so we followed suit as Keli was massaging Laura, while Laura was massaging me, and I was massaging Eve, and Eve was massaging Abby.

“Hey girls why don’t Keli and I give you three our special massage” I say.

“What’s your special massage?” Laura asks interested in the special massage.

“Well first why don’t you three take off you pants and your underwear and then well show you” I say as the three show off their fresh virgin pussies in front of us.

“Oh my look at you three” Keli says as we both look at the triplets pussies. In the corner of my eye I saw our mother’s looking outside also wanting to get a peak as to what they looked like.

“Since we have shown are pussies shouldn’t you two show yours as well” Laura says to us.

“I suppose we should it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t show you ours as well” I said as both Keli and I take our pants off.

“You two don’t wear underwear?” Eve says to us.

“We didn’t feel like wearing any today that’s all” Keli says “Let’s begin girls!” The triplets lay on the floor as their sweet little pussies are pointed toward us. “I see you three are ready for our special massage” Keli says as we get down and begin to rub their pussies together.

“Are trying make us masturbate” Abby says.

“Yes doesn’t feel so good” I say digging my fingers in Abby’s pussy.

“Oh yes you do it much better than mommy or daddy do” Abby moans as I stop fingering her.

When she said that both Keli and I stare at each other in confusion then look back at them Keli says “What do you mean by we do it better than mommy and daddy do?”

“Daddy sticks his thing in us as mommy licks our pussies afterward once a week” Abby says to us. Keli and I look at each other again we get up.

“Excuse us for a moment will you” I say to the girls but they were ignoring us since they were already playing with each other’s pussies as we step outside to meet with our mothers that were standing in the shade.

“What’s going on is there a problem?” Monica says to us.

“It seems there parents fuck them. Their father fucks them then their mother licks cum from their pussies once a week” I say to both our mothers who have shocked faces as I said this.

“Alright, here’s the plan we are all going to go in there and have some fun and when their mother walks in later we are going to keep on going hopefully she’ll understand and when that father comes in tonight we are going to end this whole thing.

: )

Only thirty minutes away Joanne is driving home early picking up dinner for her family. “I can’t wait tonight is the night my husband fucks our children and I get to lick their pussies, but tonight is going to be different instead of my husband fucking them first I want their sweet little pussies first then my husband can fuck them and me as much as possible then I want him to lick those girls pussies that would be a treat to watch” Joanne says to herself as she rubs her already wet and horny pussy as some of her juices are already soaking into the car seat.

: )

“Keli and Alyssa why are your mother’s doing here?” Eve asks curious as Abby rubs her pussy and Laura sucks on Abby’s tits.

“We heard that you three were having so much fun with our daughter’s that we couldn’t resist coming right over. Is that alright with you three if we join in?” Angie says bending down to get to there level.

“Are you going to show us your pussies as well?” Laura asks our mother’s.

“It wouldn’t be any fun if we didn’t show them since everyone else here is showing theirs” Angie replies back as both of our mother’s take their pants off revealing they also don’t have any underwear on.

“Your families weird none of you wear any panties” Eve says.

“Hey you want to know a secret?” I say to the triplets.

“Yeah we want to know a secret!” The three scream wild as they lay on the floor.

“You see our parents take care of us down here as well” I say pointing to my pussy.

“Who has the thing like our daddy to put in you?” Eve asks.

“We don’t need one to have fun we’ll show you if you want” Keli says to the three.

“Show us please!” the three say in unison with puppy faces toward us. We all get down to their pussies with Angie and Monica taking care of Abby, while Keli does Laura, and I am left with Eve. We all end up rubbing their pussies with our tongues and fingers for a few moments when not hearing the door open bags drop to the floor as their mother screams watching what she sees in front of her with all of us on the kitchen floor a few feet away.

“What is going on around here!?” Joanne screams as we all stop to look up with my family and me all having cum dripping from our faces as the triplets have their hands to their mouths while trying not to hide their wet dripping pussies.

“We can explain Joanne” Monica says getting up with the rest of us laying their staring at the conversation.
“You better have a good explanation as to why you broke in to my house with out my or my husband’s permission and eat my daughter’s pussies!” Joanne screams still angry, but I had a sense she was a bit calmer.

“Now your daughter’s let us in so we only welcomed ourselves in hoping it would be a short visit but then your daughter’s got horny like you seem to be down there” Monica say pointing down to Joanne’s wet spot. Joanne was a bit embarrassed but did not hide it.

“Girls do you enjoy hanging out with our neighbors?” Joanne says in a calm voice to her daughter’s
“We sure do love hanging around them they play with us differently than you and daddy do” Eve says proudly to her mother.

“Abby, Laura” Joanne looks at them and sees them nodding in agreement.

“Well I won’t end the fun” Joanne says taking her own pants and panties off as well as her shirt and bra.
We all look at each other smiling and giggling as she takes her clothes off and soon we do the same in taking our shirts off. We were eight nude females all of different ages wanting some lesbian fun.

“Monica is it” Joanne says as Monica nods a bit curious as what she is going to say next “You don’t mind if you can eat my pussy or is that not alright with you Angie?”

“Why don’t we all get into a circle so we can all eat each other’s pussies after all there is enough of us to do right” Keli says.

“I don’t see why not” Joanne says.

“Circle time!” the triplet’s squeals as we all get into position. Monica is taking care of Joanne while Joanne is taking care of Eve as Eve takes care of Keli, as Keli takes care of Abby, as Abby takes care of me, while I take care of Laura, as Laura takes care of Angie and Angie takes care of Monica. We are all in a circle on the kitchen floor playing with each other’s pussies.

“Oh my I haven’t been this horny and wet since my first time when I broke my virginity” Joanne moans.

“Why don’t we take care of that” I say as we all go over to her and knock her on to the ground.

“Abby and Laura why don’t you both take care of her pussy” Keli says to them as they obey and begin eating their mother’s pussy for the first time.

“Eve why don’t you sit on top of your mother’s mouth so she can eat your pussy” Angie says as she herself and Monica begin to lick on Joanne’s tits. Keli helped Joanne licking Eve’s pussy while I was pushed down to sucking on her toes. Boy these were no ordinary toes they even tasted better than Keli’s toes that every once in awhile I’ve sucked on. It’s not like I have a fetish addiction just it feels so good when an ex of mine did it. Well that’s another story in itself.

“Oh….uh…yeah fuck that’s right…ooooooooooh” Joanne moans as the pleasure was becoming too much for her knowing that this was all wrong and having sex with her kids for so long that it didn’t even bother her how taboo life was becoming for her, so long as she received some pleasure in return.

“Abby or Laura why don’t one of you play with her asshole” I say to them. Abby sticks her finger in her mother’s pussy and then sticks it in her mother’s asshole slowly as Joanne moans loudly as she feels the penetration of her asshole from her daughter break open.

“Hey Joanne are you ready for a sixty-nine” Monica says with lust as everyone gets off.

“I think I can” Joanne says smiling as Monica swings her legs over and begins to suck on her pussy as Joanne digs her fingers into Monica. Laura and I also got into a sixty-nine, while Eve and Abby were playing with Keli, as Keli was tunneling through Angie’s pussy with her fingers and tongue.

“You know I haven’t seen you two kiss yet?” Keli says looking down at Eve and Abby.

“Kiss?” Eve and Abby say.

“Yeah let me show you” Keli got up and kissed Angie on the lips as their tongues interlocked twisting and exploring each other’s mouth. After a few moments of staring at Keli and Angie Eve and Abby followed suit and kissed each other trying the same things as Keli and Angie were doing. Keli and Angie had forgotten that they were giving an example and were soon busy doing their own things playing with each and kissing each other all over as they travel to the living room and on to the coach.

I’ll stop Laura from playing with my pussy any more and direct her toward her sisters and she smiled and walked over as the three begin to kiss each other and explore new ways that they didn’t no was possible for them. While I stayed where I was and fingered myself while looking at Joanne and Monica who were still locked in a sixty-nine.

: )

Jack is stuck working at the office over time when he sees the time and then looks at his messy desk and then breathes knowing full well that tonight was going to be that special night but it doesn’t seem like he was going to fuck his daughter’s or is wife. He smelt a familiar aroma walking around the corner when his sexy secretary walks in with her Japanese-American background in a oriental red slim dress and her straight black hair going down well below her shoulders while she is also wearing an expensive perfume. The best thing is that she has no shoes matter in fact she rarely wears shoes in the office of course, but that is mainly because the boss is a powerful women and has made it optional to wear shoes. Most people in the office hate wearing them even in meetings with clients, and the clients themselves take their shoes off so long as they don’t stink up the room.

“Jack I see your busy let me help you take the stress off for you” Jill says in a seductive voice walking behind Jack and rubbing her finger deep into Jacks shoulders and back.

“Ooh you know Jill you do know how to do it right but before we do it I should call my family first” Jack replies.

“When are you going to break up with that wife of yours you know Jack were made for each other, right Jack?” Jill says deepening her fingers into his shoulders.

“I know I’m going to break up with her as soon as I fine a good lawyer I want those children more than anything” Jack says picking up the phone to dial waiting for his wife’s phone but she isn’t available so he leaves a message to tell her that he wasn’t going to be coming home tonight.

“Why do you want those girls so badly anyways Jack” Jill says curious.

“Can you keep a secret?” Jack says looking back at her beautiful features.

“Of course I can keep a secret Jack why is it something dirty” Jill says.

“Well yes it is dirty, You see I fuck all three of them and then my wife licks their pussies and then I fuck my wife in front of them once a week, and well tonight was the night but it doesn’t seem like I’m going to be doing even that” Jack says spilling the beans.

“Wow Jack you are a slut, but a naughty slut that I enjoy” Jill says kissing him on the lips as she sticks her tongue in his mouth. “You know we need to get those girls I would love to lick your girl’s pussies. You know what Jack I’ve got a friend that may just help she’s a lawyer who would be perfect and all you have to do is take care of both of us one night” Jill says taking each button of Jacks shirt apart to open his chest and then she licks his tits. Jack tries to take his pants off as fast as possible and as soon as he let his cock hang freely Jill was all over it licking and sucking it as much as possible. Jack moved his over to where Jill’s zipper was and slowly undid her dress. Jill stopped and took the dress off revealing no panties and no bra as she goes back to sucking Jack off.

“You little slut” Jack says smiling.

“I guess we are both sluts” Jill says.

“Why don’t you get on my lap bitch” Jack says

“Ooh I like you even more” Jill says as she lays on his lap sticking his cock in her wet juicy pussy and begins to fuck her while holding her breast in his hands. “Oh Jack yes fuck me Jack fuck me!” Jill moans not hearing the door open to reveal the boss.

“Excuse me!” the boss shouts. Jack and Jill stop and look at the door and see they are busted.

“This isn’t what it seems Susan” Jack says innocently.

“I highly doubt it is anything else other than two of my workers fucking this late at night” Susan says standing now at the desk looking down to see Jack’s cock in Jill.

“We will do anything please don’t fire us” Jill says begging toward Susan.

“I don’t know perhaps Jill if you let me have a turn on Jack’s cock than I will allow you both to keep your jobs” Susan says taking her shirt off and her little black skirt off.

“You got yourself a deal” Jill and Jack say together. Jill jumps off as Susan walks over and slowly places Jack’s cock in her pussy. Jill and Susan begin to make out while Jack rubs his boss’s breast as he fucks her tonight was truly becoming a dream for him.

“So boss you know we should do this more often” Jack says.

“Jack please call me Susan from now on. We are going to have do this everyday if this is how much fun my workers have” Susan moans as Jill begins to suck on her tits while Jack cum’s in her pussy.

“I think we can arrange this meeting more often, but Bo…Susan what about a raise for Jill and me as well” Jack asks.

“Anything so long as I can do this everyday” Susan moans “Now Jack shut up and fuck me!”

“You got it Susan” Jack fucks her as his cock moves in and out of her. Jill moves over and kisses Jack while Susan is playing with her tits that begin to become erect.

“Oh yes Jack yes oh god yes fuck I’m going to cum” Susan screams as she cum’s. After a few moments Jack cum’s in her. Susan gets off and kisses Jill on the lips and then shoves her down to eat her pussy while Jack strokes his cock at the sight in front of him.

“Susan it seems Jack is all alone maybe we should satisfy him” Jill says looking up at Susan as cum drips from her mouth.

“I see what you mean Jill he does need some attention” Susan says as they both look at Jack’s cock. Jack licks his lips and let’s go of his cock and in seconds Jill and Susan are down on the floor licking his cock together. Jill licks the head as Susan licks the shaft making Jack shiver with excitement. Jill begins to suck on the head a bit more as Susan begins licking on his balls. Jack holds both of their heads as he has Jill deep throat his cock shoving her to the hilt as Susan has both of his balls in her mouth using her tongue like a pro.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum” Jack moans as he pulls Jill away, but Jill refuses as his cum shoots in to her mouth. As he ends Jill cleans his cock with her tongue and then begins making out with Susan again as Jacks cum goes between each other’s mouths. They’re tongues intertwined as they feel each other’s bodies.

“You know you two are so hot in that position” Jack says simply watching as he continues to rub his cock. A knock at the door and the janitor screams to open the door saying there is a fire. All three freeze for a split second. Jack makes the first move by getting his clothes back on while the other two grab their clothes. A few moments later Jack opens the door and sees the flames all around the office building as a desk drops in front of him that is on fire. Jack looks back as Susan and Jill look at him.

“We’re trapped!” Susan screams and then begins to cough as they begin to feel the heat and smoke begin to engulf the three.

“Both of you two need to help me with this desk we aren’t far from the stairway” Jack says and suddenly a support beam drops down and knocks him out as Susan and Jill begin to freak out hugging each other for comfort. Suddenly the water sprinklers begin to wash all the fires away as Jill and Susan lay on the floor making out pulling each others clothes off.

Twenty minutes later firemen walk in and see the scene and couldn’t believe what they were seeing but they simply stared as Jack was laying dead right in front of them with blood running out of his skull in a large puddle.

: )

Day 2

Next day at the Shalom’s house every one is lying in the living room naked with dry cum all over their bodies the phone rings. Joanne gets up and runs to the phone and listens to what she is being told with her hand on her mouth as tears begin to fall from her eyes. She then hanged up the phone as everyone is standing in front of her.

“What happened mommy?” Eve says walking up to her mother.

“Oh honey your daddy is…hmm…” Joanne cries and pushes Eve away from her and runs to her room. Eve what’s to go ahead but I hold her in my arms.

“What’s wrong with mommy?” Eve says looking up to me.

“I don’t know, but hey why don’t we get you three some breakfast” I say as my sister brings out some cereal. The three girls scream for their favorite cereal. Angie and Monica walk to Joanne’s room and see she is crying by her bed stand with a pillow covering her face with the tissue box next to her.

“My husband is dead! What more do you want!” Joanne says weakly throwing the pillow at Angie crying grabbing more Kleenex and blowing her nose.

“Calm down we just want to help you?” Monica says rubbing Joanne’s leg as Angie sits on the other side of Joanne rubbing her shoulder.

“The office building caught fire last night while he was in the building and…” Joanne broke out crying again as Angie goes behind her and begins rubbing her shoulders.

“Why don’t you relax and let us help you “Angie says rubbing her shoulders as Monica slips her hand on to Joanne’s pussy and begins rubbing it.

“Ooooohh…please I…can’t…I need to feed the kids” Joanne tries to get up but is moved back.

“Relax our daughters are taking care of them” Angie says moving down on the floor and fingering Joanne’s pussy while Joanne lies back with Monica moving over her face. Joanne licks her pussy and soon forgets her husband is dead and is lost by the orgasm’s she is receiving and the delicious taste of cum from Monica’s pussy.

In the kitchen the three kids are playing with each other’s pussies, while my sister and I are smiling at them while we eat. Eve is jamming her fingers in Abby’s pussy while Laura makes out with Abby while she is rubbing her own pussy.

“You three must really love each other don’t you?” I say smiling at the three of them.

“Oh yes, well we do this every morning anyways so it’s sort of our daily routine you could say” Abby replies and goes back to kissing Laura.

“You know sis maybe we should start our own morning routine” Alyssa says getting up as I follow suit as we walk over to each other and begin to make out while just below us the kids are making out. As my sis and I are making out I begin to feel a small hand feel me. I open one of my eyes to see it was Abby playing with me and I also notice Laura is playing with Alyssa’s pussy. Eve is sucking on Laura’s pussy at this time as well.

A few moments later as we were really getting into it a knock at the door occurs. “Alyssa the door” I say to her as she stops licking my tits and grabs her shirt that she wore yesterday and walked over as the girls attack me and send me down on the floor as they explore my body. Abby is sucking on my tits; Laura is fingering my pussy, while I’m left licking Eve’s pussy.

At the door Susan and Jill await for the door to open looking at each other for a moment about to make out again when the door opens with Alyssa in front of them standing there with only a shirt on and naked everywhere showing her wet pussy dripping. Both Susan and Jill look down at her soft wet pink pussy.
Alyssa coughs which snaps both Susan and Jill out of it and they look up to see Alyssa “Can I help you two?”

“Oh yes…um is this the Shalom families’ home” Susan says.

“Yes it is how may I help you two?” Alyssa asks.

“You see Jill here was Jack’s secretary while I was his boss, and well we wanted to know if his wife was home and doing well” Susan says.

“Is she here?” Jill asks

“Oh yes hold on she is just in the other room. Why don’t you two come on in it seems to be getting dark out here with those clouds” Alyssa says shaking her ass in front of Susan and Jill as she walks toward Joanne’s room.

Susan and Jill look straight ahead and see three girls playing with an older girl on the kitchen floor all naked. “Is it just me or am I getting horny seeing that” Jill says as her pussy begins to get wet and her tits become erect. Susan and Jill begin making out as Susan kicks the door shut.

After a few moments with Susan and Jill have no clothes on with Susan licking Jill’s pussy as Alyssa walks in with Joanne, Monica, and Angie all naked.

“Who in God’s name are you two?!” Joanne screams at Susan and Jill.

Susan and Jill stop and look and see four naked women in front of them. Susan gets up and walks foreword and says “Hi, you must be Mrs. Shalom. I am Susan I was Jack’s boss, and this is Jill who was his personal secretary. Sorry about us making out we have been like magnets lately.”

“I can see that. What brings you here though?” Joanne says.

“We came to make sure you are alright since your husband’s death?” Susan says “You see we were there with Jack when it occurred. He was trying to help us escape when a beam fell on him and killed him. After he died the water sprinklers went on, so I guess you could say he was too early and we are sorry for your lost if we can help you in any way we would like to. Well we better sit down I think you want to here the full story of what happened Mrs. Shalom.”

“Girls why don’t you show Keli and Alyssa your rooms us adults need to talk” Joanne says as the girls leave and the adults walk into the kitchen to talk. Joanne gets coffee ready “Does anyone want any?” All agree for some coffee.

“Mrs. Shalom…” Susan says before Joanne speaks.

“Please call me Joanne would you Susan. We here like to go by first names” Joanne says.

“Very well Joanne. Well Joanne you see Jill was seducing Jack when I stepped in and well I lost it as well and soon we were all making out for awhile, and that is why Jill and I are like magnet’s” Susan says putting her hand down on Jill’s leg and stops for a moment looking at Jill and instantly they begin making out in front of Joanne, Monica and Angie.

“Goodness we aren’t that addicted to sex and we’ve been a couple for years” Monica says.
Joanne gets up and walks over to both of them and slaps them. Both Susan and Jill snap out of it rubbing their faces looking up at Joanne and her nice breasts. “You two walk into my house make out then tell me that you both seduced my husband and now your making out again like it was no big deal!” Joanne screams at the two, but the two can only look at her nice firm breast shake in front of them. Angie and Monica stop her and pull her away for a moment.

“Perhaps we should deal with this in a more mature manner Joanne” Angie says to Joanne as they sit her down to drink her coffee.

“All right so Jack is dead and you two seduced him last night and now you came here to tell her this after you told her you were going to help her anyway possible? You know you’re not helping her lost with you two sex addicts. Angie and I have been married for years and we have never been so caught up in sex like you two before” Monica says to Susan and Jill.

“Sorry I we have been overly active about sex, but when we got here we saw all this lesbian sex and well we’re a bit horny” Jill says.

“I understand we just started doing this yesterday as well and well we haven’t truly overcome our own excitement of horniness either” Angie says.

“You don’t mind if we join you or you done, because we’re still horny. If that’s alright with you Joanne” Susan says.

“Well do you want the girls to come out here or are we going to have all the fun, because I think they would love some fresh pussy right about now” Joanne says shaking her breasts. Susan and Jill nod and Joanne calls the girls and almost immediately they were all there in the kitchen naked.

“What is it mommy” Laura says.

“Well these two lovely ladies would love to join in our little fun. This is Susan and Jill will you three girls take care of them” Joanne says to her three girls and they simply grin as they lick their lips walking over to Susan and Jill and they begin playing with their pussies. Abby and Laura are doing Susan while Eve goes after Jill. Joanne decides to help her daughter Eve by going down on the floor and help lick Jill’s pussy. Monica and Angie go over to Susan and lick their tits; Alyssa and I walked over and did the same for Jill while Susan and Jill are making out.

: )

Later that day after all of them played around they laid around the living room watching T.V. while Joanne, Monica, and Angie were preparing supper for everyone.

“So Susan and Jill you really seduced our daddy” Abby asks.
Both Susan and Jill cough for a moment and then Jill says “we sure did he seemed to of loved having sex as much as the rest of you do.”

“We know he used to fuck us all the time” Laura says.

“Really, now did your neighbors also join in all the fun as well?” Susan says intrigued by Laura’s answer.

“No we actually came yesterday and well we all started fucking around” I said with everyone laughing.

“I don’t know if I could do another round after you all took care of us so well” Jill says placing her hand on Susan’s leg. They look at each other but simply laugh it off.

“Wow I guess it worked” Angie says walking in “supper is ready.”

“Yes it did and thanks you all for inviting us in to fuck and eat” Susan says.

“Oh it’s no problem at all I think we can all say is that it felt good to get laid” Eve says as everyone walks into the kitchen to eat at the extended table.

“So what is for supper?” Alyssa asks as dishes of vegetables and meat go by.

“Taco’s” Joanne says handing out the shells and flat bread.
Eve begins to laugh “you know what’s so funny we all already have taco’s down below.” Everyone laughs at that statement for a good couple of minutes and then we begin to pass around the food when some salsa spills on Joanne’s breast Susan and Jill got up and started to lick the salsa off of her, and did even more by continuing to lick her body Susan went for her pussy while Jill continued to suck on the tit’s.

“Okay, it seems you two are still having some issues after we drained out all of our own horniness earlier” Joanne says as Monica and Alyssa pull the two away from Joanne.

“We’re sorry I guess it hasn’t left us yet we’ll try to contain ourselves” Jill says and Susan nods as well.
“Alright but the next time your both out of here understand” Joanne says as both nod like innocent angels and we begin to eat again. After a few moments of us eating I spill some of my taco on me as it drops down to the chair and my pussy Abby and Eve go after me like Susan and Jill had done earlier. Both begin to lick my pussy area.

“You two are like Susan and Jill you know that!” I say to them as we all laugh.
Alyssa does the same as I did by dropping some food onto her pussy and then she spreads some whipping cream over her breasts. “Oops I made a mess will someone clean it up for me” Alyssa says innocently as Angie and Eve help her.

“Okay people can we all act mature and eat one meal without having sex!” Monica yells with every stopping and going back to eating the rest of the meal.

Afterwards Susan and Jill had to leave, because Susan hadn’t gotten rid of her rotten lazy husband.
“Well I suppose we should be getting back I need to take a bath plus Angie and I need to get to work tomorrow” Monica says as Alyssa and I pout but then we realize we have to go to work as well so we can’t stay. We say our good-byes and walked back across the street to our home.

When we got in we simply took our clothes off and went up to our beds and went to sleep.

: )

Back at the Shalom’s home:

“Mommy now that daddy is gone does this mean we’re going to do this all the time” Eve says as Joanne gets the three in to bed.

“All I can promise you is that you won’t be disappointed” Joanne says covering her in her bed and then she walks to her room where she sees Abby and Laura in her bed. “I thought you put you both in bed a moment ago” Joanne says walking over to them getting into the bed with them.

“We wanted more though” Abby says rubbing Laura’s pussy.

“Did you convince her Abby and Laura” Eve says walking in.

“It seems all three of you are wanting more” Joanne replies.

“Oh we want more alright we want you mommy and that sweet delicious pussy of yours” Laura says licking her lips feeling Joanne’s right leg while Abby feels the left. Eve goes behind and feels her mother’s breasts in her hands.

“Oh so all three of you had this planned out did you” Joanne says with a soft moan.

“You want us to make you happy don’t you mommy” Eve says making her mother’s tits erect in her fingers.

“Oh do I ever” Joanne says moaning slightly louder “but not tonight. Mommies got work tomorrow, maybe tomorrow night girls. Okay.” All three girls give their best puppy faces but in the end Joanne got the three into bed. Once she got into her own bed she fucked herself like crazy with a dildo she has hidden under her pillow for such emergencies like this one.

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