Sexually curious kids seek guidance from the teenager nextdoor
JackassTales…Tale # 35… Ok Folks: This is one of those stories which get comments like “pervert”, “the characters are too young”, “you should be ashamed”, etc. So, heed this warning before you read; this story is about sexual curiosity among preteen and teen kids! This is basically a 3 character tale with 2 guys and 1 girl. When I started this story, I had no idea one of the characters would turn out to be gay. I DO NOT WRITE GAY STORIES. But, I couldn’t get rid of this character without butchering my tale. Hopefully you will see I’ve attempted to handle this subject tastefully with no offense meant for any straight or gay reader. The story is about 90 percent ‘straight’ and only 10 percent ‘queer’ so if you vote or comment please don’t judge me too critically about the gay part. One last note; the story is a little long. If you decide to read this story in spite of these rambling introductory disclaimers, thank you.

Sex Teacher for the Kids Nextdoor

(Part one) Curious kids need help

Pissy-hot urine was pouring through my urethral tube and flowing in a thick, amber colored stream into the toilet bowl. The steamy liquid body waste was splashing into the water like a pressurized waterfall flood would spill into a river.

I was anxiously awaiting the emptying of my bladder because my hard, horny erection was demanding I use my hand to empty my sexually-aroused testicle sack. I had now reached the full age of 17 years and my cock loved the feeling of a hot, wet pussy more than any other thing in this world. But, when no pussy is immediately available, my hand volunteers to fill in as a substitute ejaculator. I had been manually spilling my seminal fluids since I was 11 years in age.

A boisterous noise from outside caused me to glance out my bathroom window. In our nextdoor neighbor’s yard, several kids were wrestling on the ground. Oh well, boys will be boys.

As I turned back to attend to my jack-offing job, I heard a girl’s piercing scream. Looking back out, I saw that four neighborhood boys were beating up on our new neighbor’s kids.

I had only met Andy and Abby one time since they had moved nextdoor last week. The boy was a gangly, long-legged fella of 12 years in age. The girl was a short, skinny waif of 10. The kids were curly headed and I had been told the girl had a fiery temperament.

“Get off of me you son of a bitch!” I heard the girl’s voice shout. “I’ll take a baseball bat to you bastard’s balls if you don’t leave my brother alone!”

One of the boys taunted, “Oh does baby boy Andy need his little sister to fight his fights for him? The poor fella probably needs a pacifier or a sugar tit, too!”

Quick as a flash, I saw the girl sink her teeth into the taunting boy’s arm. She bit down hard and shook her head back and forth like a rabid dog. The boy reached out with his free hand and viciously slapped the girl’s face.

Hell, that’s going too far! Nobody is going to slap a little girl in my presence! Being a good neighbor, I covered my nude body by slipping on my jean shorts and then running outside. Taking off my belt, I began whiplashing the backs of a couple of the bigger boys. Those boys were barely into their teen years but they were infuriating bullies.

My arms are strong and I can deliver brutal blows when my temper is aroused. The devilish boys gave up their fight and ran away with their tails tucked between their legs.

Helping the new neighbor kids up, I asked, “Hey, you are both scratched and bleeding. Come into my house and I’ll ‘doctor’ you up. What was that ruckus all about?”

“I’m not saying,” the embarrassed, red- faced boy Andy quickly answered. “And Sis, you’d better not tell him why either!”

As the kids followed me inside, the girl Abby angrily said, “I can tell him if I want to! Andy, you’re not the boss of me!”

“Mark,” she said looking at me. “Your name is Mark, isn’t it? They were making fun of Andy because he doesn’t know how to ‘jack-off’. He is only 12 and he wants to learn, but our dad divorced our mom and he is never around to teach Andy ‘boy things’ like that.”

Stifling a laugh at the innocence of the kids, I scrounged around and found some disinfectant and some bandaids. As I cleansed their wounds, I looked the children over. Andy was freckle faced, timid, and shy. His shirt was ripped and torn. Abby’s face had no freckles at all. In fact, her cherubic little face glowed radiantly with not one blemish to mar her prettiness.

Yeah, I guess I could say the little girl was quite pretty for a child her age. She was wearing a sleeveless top that had some kind of thin, shoestring-like straps which held it up. One of those straps was broken and the top on that side was hanging clear down to her belly.

Without realizing it, I was allowing my eyes to gaze at the girl’s exposed chest. While she was too young for a bra, she definitely did have some feminine shape to her bosom. I saw an uncovered little nipple-topped preteen tit which was trying its best to pop out into the shape of a breast.

The hard-on I had while I was pissing had started to loose some of its stiffness after I ran outside, but now it was beginning to swell again. Little girl or not, this female child was turning me on!

“Mark, can you tell Andy and me what ‘jacking-off’ means?” Abby suddenly asked. “Does it have something to do with sex? Do you know how to do it? And, if you do, will you teach my brother?”

Startled by the ‘matter-of-fact’ abruptness of the question, I could not immediately answer. Andy spoke instead, “Oh Sis, he doesn’t have to do it! I’ll learn by myself one of these days.”

“Now Andy, don’t be stubborn and don’t be shy,” Abby told her brother. “Besides, the sooner you learn the less likely you will be to get beat up again. Mark, can you help out a poor ignorant boy?”

Regaining my composure, I answered, “Hell, I suppose the neighborly thing for me to do would be to say ‘okay’! Yeah girl, you’re right, it’s about sex. Technically it’s called ‘masturbation’ and it’s done so you can make yourself feel good. I was getting ready to do it to myself before I came to rescue you kids. Andy, if you want to learn then stand in front of the commode and pull down your pants.”

Reluctantly, the red-faced boy approached the toilet bowl. Timidly, he pulled down his pants and exposed his 12-year-old penis. The hairless little fella between his legs wasn’t even hard.

“Now Andy,” I instructed. “Play with yourself and make your dick hard. A young boy’s penis is a ‘dick’ until he masters the art of masturbation. After that, he can proudly call it a ‘cock’. When it gets hard, put your hand around the shaft of it and pump it.”

Following instructions, Andy started playing with his dick. The shy, blushing child was having no luck in getting an erection to perk up. Looking at me bashfully, he said, “But Mark, it won’t get hard!”

Abby was watching the whole thing from the side. She seemed to be completely infatuated with what was going on. The other shoestring strap holding up her top had slipped off her shoulder. Her entire top was now precariously perched over one slightly-protruding little tit.

I think I was halfway hoping the top would go ahead and fall all the way off the child’s girlie girl body. My cock was bulging inside my pants and throbbing excitedly in anticipation.

“Abby,” I abruptly announced. “Your brother is not having much luck getting hard enough. Girl, this was your idea, so you need to help him out. Take your hand and play with his dick yourself. I tell you, a girl’s hand will perk up any guy’s penis-meat!”

Unlike her brother, Abby wasn’t the least bit shy. Her hand shot out and captured the flaccid shaft between her brother’s legs. She smiled broadly and happily played.

Andy’s small dick made a feeble attempt at swelling but it was still surprisingly limp. Hell, if Abby’s slim, short fingers were playing with my cock I’d be swollen so big she wouldn’t be able to hold on!

“Mark, he is still not hard,” Abby said after playing a few minutes. “Is there anything else he or I should be doing?”

Thinking quickly, I answered, “Well girl, if you’re okay with it, you can let Andy put his hand down inside your panties. A handful of soft pussy does wonders for a guy’s libido.”

Going above and beyond the call of duty, Abby bent over and pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees. When her top finally slipped off her little-bitty titties, she grabbed it and jerked it off over her head.

Holy shit, a nearly naked 10-year-old girl was standing in my bathroom! Perky little nipple nubs pointed straight out. A flat belly led down to short, slender legs which ended at barefooted feet.

But there, just below an indented bellybutton, was a seductive Venus mound which compelled my eyes to stare in mesmerized wonder at the prettiest little preteen pussy I’d seen in years. The puffy little mound had a wide crack running down its center which separated two symmetrically perfect outer pussy lips. The prepubescent vagina had not one pubic hair on it.

Guiding her brother’s hand, Abby placed it directly over her gloriously sexy little pussy. “Go ahead and play with it, Andy,” the girl said. “Mark says it will make you good and hard.”

I knew one good-damn thing for certain. The cock between my legs was jumping with invigorated excitement. The girl’s naked pussy and her eager sexual curiosity were making my male hormones rage. And hard, why that big cockshaft of mine was standing up as stiff and erect as a solid-steel flagpole!

On the other hand, Andy’s flagpole was still droopy and only a little over halfway erect. I had heard tell of guys who were impotent and couldn’t get an erection, but surely this kid wasn’t one of them. Was he?

I suppose Abby was confused, too. “Mark?” she asked. “What do I do now? Andy is never going to learn to jack-off if he can’t get hard!”

“Girl, if you’re game to try,” I said. “There is something you can do. If you’ll kneel down on the floor you can put your brother’s dick in your mouth and suck on it.”

Without a second’s hesitation, Abby stepped out of her shorts and panties then dropped to her knees. Her naive innocence became apparent as she awkwardly attempted to suck her brother’s dick. I gave her a few simple words of advice and then she began catching on.

Goddamn, I was so turned-on horny I wanted to jerk off my shorts and plunge my throbbing erection into the sexy little girl’s young pussy! So what if she was only 10 years old!

Finally, some progress toward stiffness was being made. Andy’s dick was reaching the point where it was about 75 percent hard. Abby continued sucking, but after a few minutes she stopped and said, “Try it now Andy. Mark said you’re supposed to pump it. So, pump it hard!”

Andy did as his sister told him. He took a firm grip on the not-hard-enough shaft and tried to pump it. Own her own, Abby thought of a way to offer assistance. Thinking nudity might help, she stripped off her brother’s shirt, shorts, and underwear.

Andy’s persistent efforts were falling short of reaching their goal. Try as he might, he was making no progress. Frustrated, he irritably said, “Damnit Sis, it’s not going to work! I guess I’m some kind of freak or something!”

“Hold on, Andy,” Abby said. “I have an idea. Mark, you said you were getting read to jack-off yourself before you came to rescue us. Can you go ahead and do it now to show Andy how its done?”

Oh shit, what kind of question was that! That little girl must be reading my mind. More than anything my horny cock wanted to be let out of its denim prison so it could shoot its testicle load.

Yet, instead of complying with the child’s request, I answered, “Kids, I’m a lot older than you are. It wouldn’t be right for me to ‘expose’ myself in front of children!”

“Oh heck Mark, you’re full of yourself!” Abby testily said. “You are still just a kid, too. You are only 5 years older than Andy and 7 years older than me! Now don’t be bashful like my brother. Here, let me pull off your shorts.”

Before I could protest further, Abby grabbed the waistband of my jean shorts and pulled them completely off. As I had not yet put on any shirt, shoes, socks, or underwear, I was now standing before these kids naked as a jaybird. My swollen erection stood up fully-exposed, hard, and proud.

“Oh god that’s the most beautiful big cock I’ve ever seen in my life!” I heard an effeminate voice say. To my disappointment, I realized it was not Abby’s voice I heard.

Abby and I both jerked our heads up to look at Andy’s face. His smiling eyes were staring at my cock. Unconsciously, the girl and I glanced down to see that the boy’s dick was now stiff and as swollen erect as a 12-year-old penis can get.

Looking into Abby’s eyes, I knew she was old enough to know as well as I did about what was going on here. “Why Andy,” she said. “That’s why I couldn’t make you hard! You like boys instead of girls! Oh, I think that’s fine! Don’t you, Mark?”

Hell, what could I say! I was a ‘straight’ shooting son of a gun who thought pussies were god’s greatest gifts to guys. There wasn’t a ‘queer’ bone in my body and there had never been a homosexual thought in my head.

“Well, I guess there are different strokes for different folks,” I answered Abby. “Andy, if that’s what floats your boat then go for it. Why don’t you think about some guy you like and then try jacking-off again? If it works, then you and your sister can go home.”

Andy smiled shyly, lowered his head, and said, “I didn’t know I was gay, but I guess I can’t change it. Mark, can I think about you and your beautiful naked body when I jack-off? I know you are not gay, but would there be any chance you would let me touch your cock just once?”

“Hell no, you can’t touch me!” I quickly exclaimed. “Andy, you are a nice kid, but I don’t ‘swing’ that way. Now if Abby were to ask me if she could touch me it would be different. She is a girl and I like girl’s hands touching my cock.”

Abby had taken a seat on the commode. “Hey Mark?” she asked. “Do you mean it? I think you have a really beautiful penis, too! Would you really let me touch it? I’d like to, so may I do it?”

The girl was not as hesitant and timid as her brother. Without waiting for my permission, she reached her hand out and wrapped her fingers around my swollen cockshaft. Her slim, sexy fingers set my flesh on fire.

“Oh goddamn, Abby, your hand feels so good!” I said. “But girl, you are too young to do this. Please stop. Oh no, please don’t stop! Damn girl, you’re going to get yourself fucked if you’re not careful!”

Smiling teasingly, Abby continued touching me. “I’ll be careful,” she said. “But Mark, I really like penises. You taught me how to play with and suck Andy’s ‘dick’. I think I’d like to play with and suck your ‘cock’. May I do it?”

While holding my cockshaft tightly in one hand, the nude little 10 year old sitting on the commode reached out and grabbed her brother’s stiffened erection with the other. “Hey guys, you know what I have here? she asked. “I have ‘stereo-cocks’ in my hands!”

Andy and I both began laughing. The girl certainly had a wickedly seductive sense of humor. She also had an incredibly inquisitive sexual curiosity. “I’ve got an idea,” she said. “Why don’t I just go ahead and jack you both off? Whatever happens after that will just happen!”

Taking permission for granted, Abby began pumping the stiffened penile rods in her hands. Even though it was again his sister working on his dick, Andy was remaining hard. Part of the reason might have been because the boy had finally grown a set of balls. Following his sister’s example, Andy was touching me without consent. One of the boy’s hands was lying against one of my ass cheeks.

At any other time and any other place, I would have beaten the shit out of any queer son of a bitch who dared touch me! But, here at this time and place, I was afraid to make Andy stop touching me because I feared Abby might stop, too. And, I certainly didn’t want the girl to stop because she now had my cock in her mouth.

I had noticed Abby’s eyes staring at my cock ever since she had pulled my shorts off. Now the curious child was tickling my cockhead with her tongue. The short, pointy tongue-snake was circling the tender flesh like a serpent searching for a place to strike.

Holding my swollen shaft like an extra-large cone, Abby began treating my cockhead like it might be a scoop of ice cream. With kissy-licky strokes, she began devouring the delectable, eatable treat. Before I knew for sure what she was doing, the girl had several inches of my cock in her hot, tight, little mouth and she was sucking and chewing on the hardened meat.

I believe Andy must have moisturized a finger in his mouth because I was feeling a strange wetness pressing against my asshole. The little shit was badly mistaken if he thought I was going to let him finger-fuck my ass!

Abby stopped sucking and started pumping her two cocks more vigorously. I didn’t know about Andy, but my testicle fluids were gurgling and boiling. I knew I was going to have a seminal eruption very soon.

Very soon, hell! I was beginning to cum right now! The slippery-wet finger plunging into my asshole didn’t slow my orgasmic elation down one bit. I was shooting thick, creamy shots of pressurized, milky-white cum all over Abby’s hair and face.

Andy’s dick was discharging cum, too. The boy squealed girlishly as the first orgasms he’d ever had began. The quantity of his seminal load wasn’t nearly as much as mine, yet his sister’s neck and chest received every orgasmic drop.

Abby continued energetically stroking the cocks in her hands. I began thinking maybe she was from the country and had some experience tugging on something like stubborn milk cow teats. She certainly was milking every drop of cummy liquid from the spewing cocks hanging between two horny guy’s legs.

The pretty little girl didn’t seem to mind the feeling of spurting cum showering her feminine body. Her curious tongue even lapped a little bit of it into her mouth.

While Andy continued his girlish squealing, I was beginning to whimper from having perhaps the greatest orgasms I’d ever had. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d be getting a handjob today from a sexy little 10-year-old girl!

(Part two) Girls just wanna have fun, too

“Does it feel good, boys?” Abby’s quizzical voice asked when she finally stopped pumping the cocks in her hands. “A girl at school told me that boys love it when girls do this. What does it feel like Andy? Can you tell me too, Mark?”

Before either of us could answer, Abby added, “I wish I knew what it felt like. Girls don’t have a penis to play with and jack-off. It’s not fair because you boys get to have all the masturbation fun!”

Andy spoke hurriedly, “Oh Sis, it feels wonderful! It’s the best feeling in the world! If you had a cock I’d jack you off and let you feel how glorious it is! Sis, if you had a cock, I’d play with it every day!”

“Girlie girl,” I interjected. “Your brother is right about how good it feels. Abby, you are a fine little jacker-offer! And, your friend at school was right because boys do like it when girls give them a ‘handjob’. But Abby, you are mistaken if you think only boys can have masturbation fun. Girls can do it, too. Even you can learn how.”

Letting go of the two limp, drained cocks, Abby stared at me skeptically. “They can?” she disbelievingly asked. “But Mark, how can I do it when I don’t have a penis? You taught Andy, so can you teach me?”

“Oh one more thing, Mark,” Abby added. “My friend said something about having an ‘orgasm’. What is an ‘orgasm’? Mark, did you boys just have one? Can I have one, too?”

I grinned and said, “Abby, you have a nice little pussy and I bet you’ve played with yourself before. An ‘orgasm’ is the really, really good feeling you have just before you stop playing.”

Abby stared at me with puzzled eyes. She exclaimed, “What ‘really, really’ good feeling are you talking about? Why, I’ve never felt anything like that! Can you tell me how I can get it?

I began to instruct my innocent little neighbor, “Girl, sit back and start playing with yourself like you usually do. That way, I’ll be able to see why you’re not having orgasms.”

Abby eagerly leaned back on the commode and spread her legs wide. The naked girl was so sexy hot to look at it made me want to cry with joy. She began to enthusiastically finger her pussy.

Little girl, yes this neighbor of mine, certainly was. But, with no clothing on her body, there were visual images which left no doubts as to her gender. Feminine shapes and curves abounded aplenty. Small, prepubescent breasts were budding on her chest. Delicate little nub-like nipples adorned each tit. Her hips were rounding just enough to give an indication of a pretty young ass. The pussy she played with was petite but fully formed and swollen with wide outer lips and a long split running down the middle. The major indication of prepubescent youth was the complete absence of pubic hair.

Despite my cock’s recent ejaculation, the teenaged rod was again becoming rigid and swollen. The girl was young but apparently not too much so as to prevent arousing lust in a male body. Unbelievably, my neighbor’s pretty, little girl pussy was making me just as horny as I’d been before she jerked me off!

I immediately noticed the problem Abby was having. She wasn’t playing with herself in a way to induce an orgasm. She was vigorously massaging her vaginal mound. She rubbed and squeezed with innocent playfulness. Yet, her fingers were not touching inside her closed pussy lips. Her clit and her vaginal hole were not being manually stroked.

Kneeling on my knees, I moved closer and said, “Abby, put the fingers of one hand in your mouth and get them good and wet. Spread your pussy open with the fingers of your other hand. Then use your wet fingers to play with your clit and the hole in your pussy.”

Abby wet her fingers, spread her little pussy, and began playing. Damn, the sight of her tiny clit was so erotically stimulating that my cock swelled to a state of heightened erection! Hell, if the girl wasn’t so goddamn young I’d want my hardened shaft to penetrate her virginal innocence!

I took a strong grip on my lustful urges and controlled myself. But, I continued watching as Abby’s slippery fingers were energetically slipping and sliding over and into her young, feminine vaginal mound. She laid further back against the commode tank and allowed her fingers to play with unrestrained preteen wantonness.

Damnit, if the girl could eat my meat then why couldn’t I eat hers! Unable to resist sinful temptation, I lowered my head between Abby’s legs, pushed her hands away, and began eating the sweet, sexy little pussy.

Abby’s saliva wet flesh quivered as my mouth ravaged her. Her tiny clit swelled inside my lips as I sucked the sweet-smelling vaginal protrusion. My exploring tongue traced the outline of each mounded outer pussy lip and my lips kissed every inch of the swollen preteen bulge.

The erotic beauty of Abby’s little pussy was dazzling my eyes. I kissed the luscious feminine fruit and licked the tangy, musky vaginal nectar. My probing tongue pushed aside a pair of delicate inner pussy lips and played inside her tight, firm female hole.

My probing tongue couldn’t plunge in very deep. It discovered a blockage it dared not penetrate. This virginal girl’s hymen was unbroken. Still, I was so intoxicated by pussy hunger I allowed my tongue to savagely prod against the tender vaginal barrier. With the insanity of a pussy-crazed boy, I attacked Abby’s pussy cavity.

Abby’s squeal of pain brought me back to my senses. Hell, I’m not supposed to be eating my neighbor girl’s pussy! I’m supposed to be teaching her how to satisfy herself by self-administered masturbation.

“Abby, wet your fingers again,” I said as I reluctantly stopped eating. “Play with your pretty little pussy by yourself now. Once you learn to do it, you will always have a willing sex partner.”

I don’t believe Abby was any too happy with the fact that I had stopped sucking her pussy. But, she had wanted to learn about masturbation, so she followed my command and began feverishly playing with herself again.

Whimpering cries soon began to emanate from deep within the young girl’s mouth. Her ass was wiggling on the seat beneath her. I saw her body shuddering and I knew her orgasms were coming. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to scream.

The fact that Abby was cumming was undeniably apparent. She tried to stifle an orgasmic scream but she was not successful. She wailed in ecstasy. Her body was having spasms as orgasms raced throughout her. She rode the tidal wave of joy for as long as she could. After a few minutes, she began to relax.

Unable to deny my pussy lust, I leaned over again and tongue-fucked Abby’s swollen female mound. Her shaking began again as her young body realized that multiple orgasms were possible. Hanging onto my head, the girl started cumming again. She filled the bathroom with wanton orgasmic cries. After an eternity, her body shakes began to ebb and she relaxed and went limp.

Removing my head from between her legs, I spoke with triumphant cheer, “Now Abby, my dear little girl, that’s what an ‘orgasm’ is!”

Abby sprang up into a sitting position on the commode and threw her arms around my neck. She pulled me close to her and squeezed me in a tight bear-hug. Whispered words spilled out, “Oh god, oh Mark, thank you for teaching me how to do it! I didn’t know anything in this world could feel so good!”

Unconsciously, my arms had encircled the girl’s petite body. My hands freely roamed up and down her naked back. My fingers found their way under her ass and I easily lifted her 80 pound weight. I sat her quivering pussy astride my elongated, steel-hard cock.

Curse my wicked soul to hell, but I can’t do this! I was thinking about fucking my little 10-year-old girl neighbor with my 17-year-old cock! The girl and the whole bathroom smelled like what I imagined a cum-soaked whorehouse would smell like. I then remembered that this girl’s body was saturated with the seminal cum of two guys.

“Hey girlie girl,” I said. “Let’s fill a tub with hot water and wash some of the slimy goo off of us. I bet you kids didn’t realize that this jack-offing, masturbating, sex-play stuff would be so messy!”

(Part three) Penetration; the final lesson

I ran the tub full of water, jumped in and pulled Abby in with me. A forlorn-looking Andy stood by with uncertainty clouding his face. I had noticed that mine was not the only erection which had now recovered from the Abby-Special handjob. “Mark, may I get in the tub, too?” the timid, bashful boy-child shyly asked.

“Yes Andy, you may,” I answered. “But boy, you’d better remember that I’m not gay so you keep your hands to yourself. I plan on keeping my hands busy playing with your sister. That is, if she lets me.”

Abby grabbed a handful of my pubic hair and pulled teasingly. “Oh I’ll let you,” she mischievously said. “Mark, I would let you do anything you wanted to with me!”

The three of us started bathing. Grabbing the shampoo, I started washing Abby’s cummy hair while Andy began cleaning her face and chest. I got up into a kneeling position and pulled the girl up with me.

With Abby’s back against my chest, I placed my ceiling-pointing cock into the long crack of her pretty little ass and kept on washing her hair. Not satisfied with my erection’s present position, I lifted the girl up enough so I could place my elongated cockshaft between her legs. This was better because my meat was now comfortably sandwiched between an ass, thigh, and pussy bun.

My horny cock was slapping against the crack of Abby’s pussy with each move we made. Suddenly, I felt a tickling sensation fingering my pubic flesh. “Oh, I’m sorry, Mark,” Andy’s effeminate voice apologized. “I was trying to wash Abby’s pussy. I didn’t know your big guy would be down there, too! I didn’t mean to touch it!”

“Well, it is down there!” I informed him a little more harshly than I intended. “Boy, I’ll take care of your sister’s pussy. You just concentrate on getting your little dick clean.”

After washing, we climbed out of the tub and began drying off. Andy and I dried off Abby’s hair, her tittie-topped chest, and her pretty little pussy. In turn, she dried her brother and me off. “Oh goodness, boys,” she said after wrapping the fingers of her hands around our two erections. “You sure do have a nice, big penis, Mark! I really like it a lot. Andy, yours is smaller but it’s still a nice one. My girlfriend at school warned me that some girls can get a little ‘cock-crazy’ and I guess she was right. Guys, I’m sure crazy about yours!”

“Sis, I bet I know which cock you like best,” Andy said. “Mark’s is bigger and prettier. Oh Sis, you’re so lucky to be able to touch it all you want to. I wish I could touch it just once!”

I had guessed from the time I’d seen Abby defending her brother against the neighborhood bullies that she was a ‘mother-hen’ protector of the boy. Her next words confirmed it. “Mark, may I ask you a favor?” the girl quizzed. “I know you are not gay, but will you do something for ‘me’? Will you let Andy have his wish? He is really a sweet boy. Will you let him touch you just a little? I’ll be ‘good’ to you if you will.”

Holy shit, what kind of situation had I gotten myself into! I’ll be damned if another guy’s hand will ever touch my cock! I will go ice skating in a frozen-over Hell before that will ever happen!

“Alright Abby,” I said disbelieving my own words. “I guess he is a nice kid and I suppose it wouldn’t kill me if he were to touch me just for a minute. But girl, I’m holding you to that promise of being ‘good’ to me! I never thought I’d say this to a girl who is only 10 years old, but Abby, I want to fuck you!”

Letting go of my stiffened erection, Abby guided her brother’s hand to the place her hand had been. Soft, effeminate fingers tentatively touched my flesh. Emboldened by the fact that he wasn’t pushed away, Andy wrapped his fingers around the shaft. His other hand joined the first.

Knowing he had only a short time, the boy played merrily. He squeezed and pumped. He pulled and tugged. The 12-year-old was an innocent, virginal kid, but he had learned about playing with a cock from watching his sister today.

Fully aware that it wasn’t part of the deal, the boy pushed his stiff, young penis against the rigid hardness of the bigger erection. Pushing his luck to the limit, he bent down and kissed the hardened penile flesh. His watering mouth closed over the bulging cockhead.

“Goddamn, Andy!” I bellowed. “Shit boy, that’s going a little too far! I believe there is a queer guy about 14 who lives across the street. If you’d like, I’ll see about setting you up with him. But just know this; you won’t be touching me like this again!”

Looking towards a smiling Abby, I assertively commanded, “Girlie, I lived up to my part of the deal so now it’s your turn! You’d better get your pretty little pussy prepared because I’m going to fuck it!”

“I’m ready, Mark,” the smiling girl said. “But I warn you, I’ve never done it and I don’t really even know how to. You will have to be my teacher. You taught me to masturbate, so now you will have to teach me to ‘fuck’.”

Instructing the nude girl to again take a seat on the commode, I knelt in front of her. Somewhere in time I’d heard about guys who liked feet. They had a thing called a ‘fetish’. Looking at Abby’s diminutive barefooted feet, I supposed I understood the feeling.

Lifting the two freshly-bathed feet, I placed one on either side of my cock and rubbed them against my erection. The quick-learning girl did what I hoped she would do. Her tiny, unpolished toes began squeezing my shaft and juggling my balls. Teasing, tantalizing toenails scratched my belly and combed through my pubic hairs.

I guess I’d have to admit to myself that I had a fetish for Abby’s little girl feet. Lifting them to my lips, I kissed them repeatedly and sucked on the ten slim toes. Each little piggy went “wee-wee-wee” as I kissed them and sucked them all the way home.

Fickle-lipped, I guess I was. Transferring my attention, I took a few minutes to kiss and play with Abby’s tiny nipple-topped titties. These under-sized girls were real cuties. Small though they were they made for delicious mouthfuls of succulent sweets.

Why I did it, I couldn’t say, but I had a sudden urge to taste of this young lady’s lips. Feeling my way with my mouth, I kissed up her chest, around her neck, under her chin, and all over her cheeks. When my lips closed over hers, I found sugary-sweet, wet lips awaiting mine.

Though Abby was exceedingly young, she had an instinctive female appetite for the lips of a guy. This girl child gave kisses as passionately ardent as those she was receiving. Even without the sex, I would have loved kissing this little girl!

After satisfying my hunger for feminine lips, I kissed my way back down Abby’s body. I took time for a few more tittie kisses and some belly kisses, too. Finally, my lips reached the kissable treat they sought.

With my kiss-hungry lips massaging it, Abby’s bald pussy budded and blossomed like the delicate female flower it was. Opening the swollen outer folds, I kissed and licked the clitoral treasure inside. Through inner pussy lips I found the dry vaginal cavity I had just recently explored. The hymen barrier was still intact and unbroken. I knew this obstruction would not be virginal much longer because Abby had promised me a ‘fuck’.

Despite my repeated protestations, Abby’s brother was again touching me. As I began eating his sister’s pussy, the boy began playing with my ass. I swear I felt his lips kissing my ass flesh. And, if I wasn’t mistaken, the boy’s tongue was even licking my asshole!

If I wasn’t so caught up in my frenzy to get my cock dipped into Abby’s sweet little pussy, I believe I would have turned on the juvenile queer and shit-kicked his ass out of this house! But hell, I was so far into my fuck-obsessed pussy lust I ignored the boy and concentrated on screwing his sister!

Grabbing a jar of Vaseline from the vanity, I took several fingers full of the slippery grease and applied a liberal amount inside Abby’s pussy. I saw the girl wince as my fingers went in too deep.

“I’m sorry, Abby,” I said apologetically. “Girl, I need to get us ‘slicked up’ because my cock will hurt you a little, but in the end I think it will be well worth a little bit of pain.”

Reaching for my elongated cockshaft, I gave it a thick coating of the same lubricant. The horny-hard, enlarged size and shape of my cock made me hesitate and wonder if I dared violate this innocent girl. Her pussy hole was so small and her vaginal tunnel was so tight my engorged erection might not fit in.

Ignoring my conscience’s call for restraint, I continued with my fornication plans. “Now girl,” I whispered. “It’s time for you to spread your pussy lips wide and for you to hang onto your pretty little ass!”

Guiding my erection, I placed it against Abby’s virginal opening. I ran my cockhead up and down her sweet little clit for a few minutes. I rubbed my slippery shaft all over the girl’s pussy. Through the coating of grease, I could feel her vaginal mound swell with the stiffness of racing blood.

My hand guided my cockhead to a place where my pee hole was kissing Abby’s pee hole. There was something about our pee holes kissing that was making both my cock and her pussy beg to be joined together in a forbidden carnal union.

My body decided it was now time to try a little bit of penetration. I knew I couldn’t rush things now, so I went slowly. I had tender cherry to burst. I had been told that cherry picking has a delicate artistry to it. If you do it correctly, you’ll have a lover for life in your hands.

I guided my cockhead to a position in between Abby’s inner pussy folds where I allowed my head and her cherry to meet in a gentle kiss. My cockshaft was easing it way inside this girl’s warm vaginal home.

The fact that Abby’s preteen pussy lacked natural feminine moisture mattered little right now. The thick, greasy lubricant which coated our sex-inflamed loins was working just fine.

I pushed in gently, pulled back a little, and then went back in. I repeated this action a few times to see how it worked. It was working so well I began pushing in deeper. My swollen erection stretched the little girl’s tight little pussy opening and my engorged meat slid in.

Abby squealed in pain as her tender hymen was torn asunder. Giving her no time to tell me to stop, I began fucking her pussy with rhythmic strokes of my cock. Using a combination of slow, turtle-like strokes and fast, jackrabbit plunges, I screwed the girl with a relentless enthusiasm.

Frictional heat was bringing me close to the brink of orgasmic oblivion. A ravenous hunger for carnal release swept throughout my loins. My swollen, blood-engorged cock summoned forth seminal fluids.

Bubbling cumfire shot from my elongated shaft. Liquefied orgasmic fluids entered my little neighbor girl’s pussy. After Abby’s cocksucking and handjob had drained me dry, I couldn’t believe my body could have had time to replenish its seminal storage tanks. Apparently, I was wrong because I was cumming hard now.

I think Abby was feeling what I was feeling, too. Her trembling voice confirmed it, “Oh Mark, I think I’m beginning to cum again! Oh yes, I am! Oh my god, it feels so good! Oh Mark, how could anything in this world feel this good? Please keep on making me feel this way with your wonderful cock!”

Even though I was entrapped in a web of orgasmic ecstasy, from the corner of my eye I noticed Andy making a movement. He had the jar of Vaseline and he was coating his small dick with it. Holy shit was that queer little fucker planning on doing what I thought he was!

Abby was whimpering with exuberant joy. Her vaginal hole was so small it couldn’t hold the bulk of both my meat and my milky cum. As my orgasms peaked, squishy squashy male-milk spurted and squirted out of her pussy. A messy mixture of cum, virginal blood, and liquefied lubricant covered our pubic areas and dripped steadily into the commode water beneath us. The girl seemed not to notice the messy overflow because she was having the time of her life. Hell, I was, too!

Just as another glorious orgasm hit my pussy-wrapped cock, I felt a slippery intruder enter my asshole. Goddamnit, Abby’s brother was doing it! The queer young boy was ass-fucking me! In a way, I suppose it was my own damn fault for volunteering to teach these kids about sex.

Two cocks and one sweet young pussy spasmed uncontrollably as orgasms joined our bodies in the bonds of forbidden lust and love. The animalistic, carnal sounds of grunts and groans, screams and squeals, and moans and sighs reverberated around the bathroom walls of my parents’ house.

When at long last the orgasms ended the three of us bathed again. This time, a kind of subdued silence permeated the air. We dried and dressed then I walked the kids to the back door.

“Mark, I know you’re not gay,” Andy said before leaving. “But anyway, I want to thank you for your patient indulgence and for teaching me and for being my ‘first’. Will you see if you can get me together with the gay boy across the street?”

Assuming the answer was ‘yes’, the boy opened the door and skipped all the way home. Now that I was alone with my little girl neighbor, I wondered what she would do or say. Stepping back, I took a seat in a kitchen chair.

The barefooted girl leaned against the kitchen table, lifted a slim leg, and placed one of her erotically sexy little feet against my crotch. Her teasing toes massaged my cloth-covered cock. Dropping her tantalizing foot, she stepped towards me, took a seat in my lap, and wrapped her arms around my bare chest. She laid her pretty little head on my shoulder. I sniffed the sweet aroma of her fresh-washed curly hair.

“Good god, Abby!” I passionately said as the heat in my swelling erection rose steadily. “Girl, you smell so good and you feel good, too! I hope you’re not going to run away from me just yet.”

Raising her head, Abby looked into my eyes, smiled mischievously, and said, “Mark, I’ll stay as long as you like if you will kiss me right now and if you will promise me some more lovemaking later.”

Kissing this precocious girl was no problem for me. My kiss-hungry lips collided with hers in an ardent, mind-quaking explosion of joy. The splendor of this girl child’s kiss floored me. My confused heart silently asked, “Can a guy of 17 years in age fall in love with a girl of only 10 years in age?”

Picking Abby up in my muscular arms, I carried her to my bedroom where I stripped off our clothes and covered us up in my comfortable bed. “Babydoll,” I whispered. “Let’s take a short nap and when we awaken we will see about the lovemaking we both seem to want.”

Sleep refused to come. The sweet, sexy girl and I talked and kissed, we tickled and teased, and we groped and fondled. Before the next few hours were up, I had an answer to my unspoken question. With my hard, horny cock buried inside a tight, young pussy, I realized that ‘yes’ I can love my little girl neighbor. Right or wrong didn’t matter. I loved my girl Abby.

Sex class dismissed!

Sex Teacher for the Kids Nextdoor

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2014-01-04 10:59:01
The story was very arousing and well-written. However, I find the comments of people saying girls should get fucked as young as 7 to be quite disturbing, It's one thing to write about it or fantasize about it and whole different thing to act on it and possibly harm and corrupt a young child, Pedophiles read these stories and it's a kind of affirmation for them that this is acceptable and not amoral. Most people reading this story know the difference between right and wrong and fantasy vs. reality, but some of these comments indicate there are sickos out there that could get inspired to act out these desires. I feel bad for the kids they victimize.

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2014-01-04 10:58:40
The story was very arousing and well-written. However, I find the comments of people saying girls should get fucked as young as 7 to be quite disturbing, It's one thing to write about it or fantasize about it and whole different thing to act on it and possibly harm and corrupt a young child, Pedophiles read these stories and it's a kind of affirmation for them that this is acceptable and not amoral. Most people reading this story know the difference between right and wrong and fantasy vs. reality, but some of these comments indicate there are sickos out there that could get inspired to act out these desires. I feel bad for the kids they victimize.

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wow a 10 year old sound's hot i wish i had neighbor like that i fuck her all the time

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the gay boy was so weird never put weird gay kids in storys just makes a very bad story and no normal guy whant another mans dick in there ass

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Wilna van Staden - Aggeneeeeeeeeeee! Jy't getrek! Ek het lsajaaar jou website ontdek en wou jou gebel het vir n preggie shoot & nou's jy nie meer in Middelburg nie! (Good 4 u, bad 4 me)Ek hou regtig baie van jou styl & jou werk het dadelik my aandag getrek. Ek is self n fotografie entosias, alhoewel ek nog baaaaie het om te leer.Geniet die Kaap!Wilna

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