Sixteen-year-old Becky's first adventure in a fully public place...
Wearing tight jeans and a black t-shirt, her long dark blonde hair blowing in her wake, Becky was cycling in the late night Summer breeze to the river. Past houses she went, down small roads, with a plastic carrier bag containing one or two small items dangling from the left handlebar until finally, she got there. The lamp posts gave everything an eerie glow as they flickered around her, and gave her a sense of foreboding that she might be found out. She was shaking slightly, as though the breeze was incredibly cold against her goosebump-ridden skin.

As she stood up to get off her bike, she felt a sharp pain in her guts that made her double over; this always happened when she was very nervous. She thought she knew what it meant, but tried to push the thought out of her mind, hoping that she wasn't right. True, she wasn't near any houses where a bathroom light turning on might have meant she was found out - no, but she was in a place much more public, where all it would take would be someone out walking their dog very late, and all would be lost. Forcing herself to straighten up again, she felt a scratch in her rectum and another brief flash of pain that told her what she already had suspected: she needed to take a dump. She turned off the bike's lights and reached into her trouser pocket with one of her shaking hands, and drew out her keys, which she used to unlock the chain on her bike, and then locked the bike to a fence off the side of the car-park. She put her hands on her hips and shivered with the cold that her mind had created out of the nerves that she felt. A comical, high-pitched fart escaped her bottom and she felt another scratch: there was nothing for it, she would have to just lay a brick here and hope that anyone who saw it would assume that it had been left by a dog.

She turned and walked toward some trees and the patch of marsh that lay just beyond. There was another invonuntary convulsion in her gut and she felt the point of a turd touch the insides of her buttocks. It felt dry, which was some small confort to her: at least she wouldn't have to worry too much about what to do about wiping herself, because she hadn't brought any toilet paper - who would, and what could she do with it after she'd used it? Coming to the trees, she looked around, and saw nobody, and she heard nothing except the light rustling sound of the water in the river. The river was low today; she supposed the tide was out. She picked the largest of the trees and stood behind it, biding her time - but she would have to do it sooner or later. 'Who knows,' she thought, 'if I wait long enough someone might come along and see me.' So she decided it was as safe a time as any to quickly pull her jeans and simple white knickers to her ankles, with her back to the tree, which she did. She stuck her bottom out behind her as far as she could and held her buttocks apart behind her, because she wanted this to be as clean a job as was possible.

Letting go, she felt the hard lump of crap brushing its way out from her orifice to the air outside, with a light crackling sound, and she heard it fall to the leaf-strewn earth with a muffled thump. Another piece, bigger than the last, came, and she found herself becoming rather turned on by what she was doing as it scratched the little ring of skin that was its threshold out of her body. She let a trickle of pee out to join the two turds that lay among the rotting leaves under the tree.

She stood up again, pulling her knickers up and then her jeans. She only fastened the top button on her jeans, after all she would be taking them off again soon enough. She turned and looked down at the turds she had just dropped. They were dark and steaming slightly. Far from wanting to gag at their sight as one might, she felt a sudden urge to pick them up and feel their warmth again with her fingers.

Becky turned and walked a few steps, looking for somewhere more private - yes, she wouldn't have wanted to be caught laying a brick on the river, but even less would she want to be caught masturbating there. She saw a denser little group of trees, a few yards further up the river, but still on the marshy bit of the bank. She went to her bike and pulled the carrier bag off the handlebar that its handles were wrapped around, and then she cautiously walked over to her selected patch.

She stood in the midst of the few trees, contemplating the ground. It looked dry, but not quite dry enough for her to trust where it came to her clean jeans, so she unfastned the top button, carefully looking around herself, and then dropped her jeans and knickers to the ground again. She then set her bottom down on the ground, with her back leaning up on a large tree, to save her t-shirt from getting dirty should the ground be muddy. The earth beneath her bottom was cool and slightly damp; she ground into it a few times and felt herself sink in an inch or two. She bent forward and untied the laces on her trainers and pulled them off, along with her socks, and then she deposited them into the carrier bag, at the same time withdrawing the two items that were already in it: a small vibrator and a card of AA batteries (which she had brought along just in case the vibrator died), both of which she placed on the ground next to her bottom. She then leaned back against the tree and pulled off the jeans and knickers, and threw them in the bag with the trainers and socks. She rubbed her feet together; what a nice feeling it was for each foot to feel the skin of the other. She rubbed up and down each of her legs in turn with her feet and then rubbed them aganst the slightly muddy earth, letting some of the damp, slightly powdery clay soil flow between her toes. The feeling made the place suddenly feel much more friendly.

With her right hand, she reached under her right thigh and stroked the little bit of skin that was between her anus and the lowest bit of her slightly downy pussy. Just light enough she did it, as to make her not quite sure that she felt it: she did it again and the feeling jumped up her spine like a spark. 'Oh, how I need this,' she thought to herself, as she moved her fingers upwards towards the opening. Closing her eyes to help herself relax, she dropped her right so that it lay flat on the ground while the other leg was still bent; her left foot felt cold against her right shin.

Almost of its own accord, as though by pure instinct, her middle finger found the opening between her labia. They parted freely under her touch, and she sank the finger in by about an inch. She paused for a moment to let the finger acquire some of the heat from her hot lips, and then stroked the inside walls for a couple of minutes. Quite soon she felt warm and comfortable despite the cool earth she was lying on. She pulled her finger to the top, near her clitoris, flattened it against herself, and then slowly extended her arm so that her finger lay flat in between her now slightly engorged labia.

Curving her finger slightly, she pushed it inward and flattened her other fingers against the outside of her mound. Slowly fingering in this way allowed her to push a little against her clitoris with the palm of her hand each time her finger went in. In this way she continued to finger herself for a good couple of minutes, and as she felt herself grow more and more relaxed she thought that she might have been at home. She opened her eyes and looked around again, to prove to herself that she really was outside, sitting half naked under a tree on the bank of the river. Straight ahead of herself she saw that the bank extended for another ten or fifteen yards before the water began, and to her left were several trees, some in groups, some alone, some still growing, others long dead. Turning her head right, she saw one or two more trees, and a bench with a bin next to it. She craned her neck round a bit more, and saw a path leading into some more trees and a picnic area. Looking the other way again showed her a patch of grass that lay behind her and extended for quite a way.

She looked down at what she was doing. Just to the left of her bottom were the vibrator and the batteries; she picked the vibrator up with her left hand and turned it on for a second to gauge how loud it would sound against the quietness and the stillness of the night. It emitted a low hum that she figured anyone nearby would have to listen for to recognize, because it was quite well disguised by the low rustling sound of the water. She withdrew her middle finger from between her hot, moist lips and licked it. It tasted good, and she deposited as much saliva as she could onto that finger and her index finger. She rubbed the saliva around her pussy to add to its moistness, and lowered the vibrator to just below her clitoris and turned it on. The feeling was bliss, and as she held the vibrator in her left hand, which was propped up against her left thigh which still was bent so that her foot was in contact with her right shin, she eased the two fingers of her right hand into her snatch. Within a short time she was happily pumping her index and middle fingers in her hot pussy, and stroking the vibrator up and down over her clitoris.

She began to breathe deeply through her nose, keeping her mouth tightly shut so that she could better control her breathing, and she could faintly detect the turds she had done about fifteen feet to her left. She craned her neck round and looked at them; the pee she'd done had soaked into the ground and the crap, but the crap itself still sat there. Looking at those two pieces of shit, and thinking how naughty she had been to lay them there, made her heart jump. Suddenly she not only felt naughty but also dirty, and she liked it. Her sphincter began to itch - whether it was because she'd just subconsciously remembered that she'd not wiped herself or because she suddenly wanted to have something fill her rectum as well, she did not know. She let her back drop a little against the tree so as to expose the orifice, and as she brought her two fingers outwards in her pussy, she extended her third finger, and as she brought them in again, she pushed that finger into the orifice. She stopped for a moment, with the vibrator still softly singing that low, continuous note, and wiggled the finger in her rectum. The sensation was most welcome to her: she involuntarily grinned to herself and curled her toes up tight, her right foot squeezed soil, and her cold left foot pinched her right leg. Slowly, she started to resume her pumping, to allow her rectum to lubricate istelf while the slowness teased her now aching and fully engorged pussy.

She wanted to have an orgasm, but she also wanted this experience to last as long as possible. She stared down at what she was doing, as though by so doing, she could make it more real and possibly last longer. Either fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you want to look at it), it had the exact opposite effect: staring directly down, she saw herself sitting in damp earth outside, with her left forearm leaning on her left thigh, the wrist sharply bending down and the hand moving up and down quickly, stroking her clitoris, and she saw the right hand, which was moving steadily inward and outward, and getting slightly faster each time. She angled her head upward slightly: she saw her left foot, covered with soil, touching her just below her right knee, which was now also dark with the soil that her toes had rubbed there, and she saw her right foot, still clutching the soil in her toes. The feeling was getting to be too much for her...

Thoughts started to pop up in her head, things such as 'if I come here and now, what happens if someone does come, after all,' and 'what if I scream in pleasure and someone hears, and thinks someone's in trouble?' But those thoughts just amplified the feelings that she was naughty and dirty, and they tipped the scale: she opened her mouth wide and breathed in as deeply as she could, and just as she began to shudder she pushed the vibrator hard up against her clitoris with her left hand and started squeezing with the fingers that she was penetrating herself with as well as pushing them in and pulling them out. She threw her head back against the tree and heaved a sigh out as the orgasm began in earnest, and another sigh, and another, and another, all the while her toes were wiggling, curling, rubbing soil into each other; the muscles in her thighs, her vagina, and her sphincter were squeezing and relaxing, contracting and retracting, and her pussy itself dribbled liquid down, over her bottom and onto the earth beneath her.

As the orgasm began to subside, she allowed herself a final sigh: loud and drawn-out it filled her ears with the sound of the pure ecstacy she had felt. With the final minuscule contractions, the orgasm finished, and then she was just there on her own, a sixteen-year-old girl, lying half-naked with soil rubbed into half her legs, feet, and buttocks. The vibrator was still humming, and after a moment she turned it off and set it down on top of the batteries, and pulled her three fingers out from her two damp, hot holes.

Even though she had just had the orgasm she'd been working for, she wasn't satisfied yet: after she'd come all this way and gone to all this effort, getting dressed and returning home seemed like a weak thing to do after just one orgasm. She decided she would stand up for a moment, so she could cool off a bit and have a smoke, before going back for seconds. She stood up slowly, and bent over, reached into the carrier bag, and pulled her jeans out again. She didn't bother putting her underwear back on, it was quicker to just slip the jeans on so that she could comfortably walk in the open while she smoked. Once she had got her jeans back on, she picked up the batteries and the vibrator and tossed them back into the bag, which she left in the same place.

Still without her socks and trainers on, she walked into the open and fished in her pocket for a second, and then extracted a small box of ten cigarettes and a cheap lighter. She sucked a cigarette into her mouth and flicked the lighter over it, and then inhaled the smoke as deeply into her lungs as she could. It made her head spin for a second or two, but then she merely felt contented and good. Drawing on the cigarette, she began to feel greatly excited at having another session when she finished it. She stood on her tiptoes to stretch her legs and feet, and squeezed the soil in between her toes, and then she finished the cigarette and threw it aside. The red-orange glow lingered where it landed, and then slowly extinguished itself.

Stuffing her hand between her legs and rubbing the rough material of her jeans into her still-engorged pussy lips, she stepped back to the patch of trees where she had just been and pulled the jeans off again, and this time took her t-shirt off. The chest and breasts were just as perfect as the rest of her body, the breasts being just big enough to comfortably fill her small hands, and as firm as anyone would like, and the skin being the same light colour as the rest of her. She had never tanned, nor sunbathed, and looked the better for it.

Now fully naked for the first time, she lowered herself back into the same spot, took the vibrator out of the bag, and stuffed the jeans and the t-shirt into it. She decided this time to go all out, and slapped her pussy hard. It started to sting, but she ignored it: plunging her two usual fingers straight into it, she started to masturbate hard and fast. She decided to use the vibrator on her anus, this time, so she stopped for a moment, arranged herself so that she was lying completely flat against the ground, and parted her legs wide. She grabbed the vibrator with her left hand, turned it on, and pushed it into her tight little anus, once in it stayed without her support, and at the same time she resumed her fast and hard fingering. It didn't take long, this time, for the arousal to return with all the glory it had had before, and before long she was holding her breath, squeezing her breasts together and rubbing her nipples with her left hand, forcing her fingers in and out of her tight pussy as fast as she could, her thumb rubbing her hard little clitoris, and her feet grinding into the soil. She could feel the orgasm coming, bigger this time, and she gasped and held her breath again. She started kicking the ground, her feet making hard slapping noises against the damp earth as though she was trying to run a horizontal marathon, and she shut her eyes tight, willing the orgasm to stay away for as long as it could, have as long a buildup as possible...

The blood started to rush through her brain so fast that she could hear it; it sounded to her as though her head was in water with someone thrashing around nearby. A scream of animal pleasure forced its way from her throat, and her hips started moving up and down, like her pussy wanted to eat the fingers that were curling within it and pushing on her G-spot, as though her anus wanted to swallow the vibrator that was being held there by her tight little sphincter. And then the noise in her ears turned into a high-pitched squeal as she came forcefully, ejaculating hot liquid over her fingers and into her rapidly convulsing thighs. Her bottom suspended in the air, all her weight being taken by the two feet that were trying to dig a hole in the hard earth and the shoulders and upper back, Becky's two holes chewed and chewed on what was in them for what felt like an eternity.

As though waking from a dream, Becky came down from what was arguably the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt - as far as she was concerned, the most powerful orgasm anyone had ever felt, and became aware that the noise she had been hearing was her own voice. Her body was limp and dirty, her hands and bottom soaked. Now, at last, she felt fully satisfied. Slowly and carefully she picked herself up and extracted the vibrator from her anus and turned it off. She picked up the carrier bag and carried it back into the open, near where her bike was, and tipped it out on the grass, where she started to dress herself again. Her knickers and t-shirt felt alien to her, and her jeans cold. Leaning on the fence she brushed most of the soil off her feet before replacing her thick white socks and trainers. Now fully dressed again, she took her keys from her pocket and unlocked the chain on her bike, which she then mounted and began to ride back home.

On arriving home, she locked her bike away and re-entered the house. She went up to her bedroom without washing, and saw herself in her mirror, for the first time in full light: her long dark-blonde hair was crusted with soil, and on undressing saw that her whole body was black with it. She didn't want to wash it off yet, she wanted to preserve it because it was now the only evidence to her that she had done what she had - so still naked, she turned the light off and jumped into her warm bed, where she fell asleep with the widest possible grin on her beautiful face.

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i wish i cud sneak behind her while she was taking her dump....n stick my tongue deep up her asshole...mmmmm...yyuummyy... ;-)

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