A sixteen-year-old girl's first go at doing what she do alone, in the comfort of her own back garden.
Walking back upstairs now that the party had finished, Becky looked forward to what she was about to do - in fact, she had been looking forward to it since before the party began, and it was for that reason that she had gone without wearing any underwear beneath her simple, light blueish-white dress. The dress was very plain, coming down to a few inches below the knee, no sleeves, and a low cut that showed her shapely breasts of perfectly. With her dark blonde hair falling half-way down her back, the effect was purely stunning.

Becky came to the door she wanted when she came to the top of the stairs, and opened it. She walked to the toilet and pulled her dress up so she could sit down: relieving some of the pressure on her bladder would allow her to do what she wanted more easily. The pee left her body forcefully, clear and hot it hit the cold toilet bowl making a sweet sound come off, as well as sending warm steam rising up between her long, smooth legs.

When she had finished, she stood back up without wiping herself and let the dress drop back down; she felt it touch her pussy which was still slightly damp, and on looking down she saw a tiny dark patch appear there on the front of the dress. After gracefully moving out of the bathroom, she took off the simple, elegantly heeled shoes and tossed them through her bedroom door, which was just next to the bathroom's. The feeling of the carpet was a welcome change to her feet, which felt hot and looked pink with wearing the shoes for the time she'd worn them.

Quickly and quietly she walked, down the stairs and toward the kitchen, and then to the back door. The key was in the lock and she turned it around once, unlocking the door, then opened it and walked out. After shutting the door behind her Becky just stood for a moment and took a deep breath in. The night was cool and dark, and there were no clouds in the sky: stars looked down on her as though they knew what she was about to do. She walked onto the lawn, to the bench that stood next to the shed at the back of the garden. She noticed the cold and slightly damp feeling of the grass flowing between her toes as she walked, and it emphasized to her the 'outside-ness' of being in the garden when doing this. She shivered, feeling 'naughty' for doing it - but that was why she wanted to do it: she was sure the pleasure would be greater.

She sat on the bench and stretched out her legs in front of her, but keeping them together, and put her right foot over the left. She pushed her hips up, and saw the outline of her pussy mound there. She put her hand there and squeezed momentarily, and felt that it was still cool and damp from when she had just visited the toilet a moment ago. She then pinched the material with her fingers and flapped the dress up and down a few times, sending short blasts of cold air over her pussy. The feeling was wonderful, and she let her head fall back for a moment to enjoy it. But then she stopped and lifted her bottom off the seat so that she could pull the dress up and out of the way; which she did, pulling it to just above where her belly button was before slumping back down. She gasped, and the feeling of the cold wood against her buttocks made her sphincter contract involuntarily.

She looked down over herself, seeing in the darkness that her skin looked a ghostly whiteish colour. She could see her thin waist and where her hips began, and looking down more saw her slightly hairy pussy, and then her thin and elegant thighs, long legs, and her perfect little feet, one atop the other. She could see the light from some nearby house reflecting from her clean toenails; this seemed to make the darkness and the outside-ness of it seem even more real. Then she put her hands on her belly, and let them trail down from there to the tops of her thighs. She brought them together so her thumbs met, and softly pulled her labia away from one another. The insides looked shiny and slightly wet with the excitement, and she could see the little fold at the top that was her clitoris. She blew onto her clitoris lightly; the feeling made her smile with pleasure.

She brought her right hand up to her mouth and licked her fingers, and then began to rub her pussy. The effect of her cold fingers made her shiver again momentarily, and as they warmed up, so did she. She looked up at the stars as she masturbated, and breathed deeply; the cold, clear air filled her lungs and made her want more. She pushed her middle and index fingers in and just held them there for a moment, relishing the feeling of something being inside her. Becky wasn't having any particular fantasy; rather she just wanted the pleasure, and the feeling that all it would take would be for a neighbour to step outside their own back door - be it to smoke, or maybe let the cat out - and she would be in serious danger of being caught. She did think to herself, though, that being caught was ridiculously unlikely, considering that it was half past two on a weekday morning.

A little more dampness escaped, and Becky could feel herself becoming more and more aroused. She had been aroused all evening; having not worn underwear that day, and having little gusts of cold wind blow up her dress onto her hot snatch, and the feeling that if she sat a certain way anyone could see in. She had flashed at a boy she liked, but she wasn't sure he'd seen. Thinking about the uncertainty of that made her flush slightly, and she knew that with how aroused she'd been feeling all evening, she doubted she could last much longer before coming. She thought to herself again; of how she'd felt slightly wet all evening, and of what a wonder it was that nobody had seen that - or had they...

Becky gasped. She was getting really close now. Plunging three fingers into herself, she allowed herself to start moaning a little bit: she was in this for the danger and the risk, wasn't she, so why not?

Feeling the first tell-tale signs of her impending orgasm, she forced herself to take even deeper breaths; slow, steady, and deep breaths, she had found, made the peasure feel more intense than just breathing as her lungs did of their own accord. Then, just as she felt the muscles in her vagina contract around her fingers, she saw a light come on upstairs in the house to her left - but it was too late. Her orgasm started, and the breaths she was taking got deeper and deeper, as though if she didn't breath as had as she could she would die. She felt the muscles squeezing again and again, hard as ever, around her fingers, so she squeezed back against them, bringing her palm down to squeeze her hard little clitoris against it. A loud "waaah" escaped her throat, and it echoed off the backs of the houses around her. Harder she squeezed; harder and harder, and her breathing got deeper and deeper, and more loud moans of pleasure came, and as waves of pleasure threw themselves at her her body stiffened, her legs began to shake... her arms... her whole body...

Slowly coming back down from what was possibly the most intense orgasm she had ever had, Becky remembered the light she had seen. She held her breath and watched, wishing she could have staved off the orgasm for a few minutes longer. She heard a flush. A moment later, the light went off again, and she felt like she had not been caught, not this time, at least.

Becky brought her legs back under the bench, and as she did so, felt a twinge of pressure on her bladder. She hadn't properly relieved herself before coming out, so she just let go and started to pee right there on the lawn. The hot liquid went all over her cold feet; the feeling was wonderful as they took in some of the warmth from the pee. When she finished that, she squeezed the wet grass between her toes. She thought to herself what a lovely feling it was, and how much she looked forward to doing all of this again - and how she would do it... the idea made her smile inwardly to herself... oh, the possibilities!

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