Part four on nine of the arc
I have the ending of the third to give you all an idea of what is going to happen next. Sorry it is long, so much to include in this story that’s all. Enjoy!
At the hospital later that day Yamato walks into the room where the Hokage, Sakura, and Hinata are all at.
“Lady Tsunade I have the information you requested” Yamato says walking toward her bed with a report in his hand.

“Thank you Yamato” Tsunade says reading the report and then says “Alright Yamato I presume you have already read this report yourself and should know that it will never leave this room what I am about to say is very important. The first thing you need to do Yamato is do exactly word for word what is on the sheet in reverse order and make sure you get a group of jonin and ANBU with you. Do you understand?”

“Yes” Yamato simply states and vanishes.

“Lady Tsunade I think my baby just kicked” Hinata says rubbing her stomach.

“It won’t be too much longer before the doctor comes in to tell us when were expected to have these kids and what they look like for that matter” Tsunade says reassuring Hinata.

“I hope not too much longer I don’t think I can handle this baby moving in me much longer either” Sakura moans as she tries to rub her stomach to calm down the baby, and as she said that though a doctor entered with several nurses following him.

“Okay ladies I have the reports right here. Hokage Tsunade your child will be a girl and will be delivered within the next forty-eight hours also she is completely healthy. The only problem is that she will need to have her chakra sealed or at least calmed down, but other than that nothing else for you Hokage” The doctor says to Tsunade, and then looks at Sakura and says “Sakura you will have a baby boy that will be delivered within the next twelve hours with his health well basically the same as Tsunade’s girl that he will need to have his chakra checked out.” Doctor then turns over to Hinata and looks her over then says

“Hinata…Hinata well you seem to be the lucky one today with you not having a boy or a girl but both” Hinata only heard it once and she fainted right there with a couple nurses looking at her and the doctor saying the rest to Sakura and Tsunade “It seems that her twins don’t have any problems with their chakra.”

“Do you know when she will have her delivery sir” Sakura says to the doctor.

“Oh yes…she will have her delivery around the same as yours so long as she is awake by then” the doctor says and then leaves as the nurses take care of the three.
“Lady Tsunade I have a confession to make” Sakura says looking toward Tsunade as the nurses leave.

Once the nurses left Tsunade spoke “What is it Sakura?”

“I don’t know if I told you or not but you see Hinata and I made this deal that who ever gave Naruto’s first child would automatically marry him and you see Lady Tsunade we never thought that both of us would be getting children around the same time and well…” Sakura says and then is interrupted.

“One moment Sakura” Tsunade says turning over and shouting for a nurse to come in. Once one came in Tsunade whispered something into her ear and the nurse left in a hurry. Tsunade went back to Sakura “I just ordered Shizune to come here she will help explain what occurs when such a thing happen. During the mean time have you decided on a name for your boy Sakura?”

“I was thinking about naming him Minato or even one of other three Hokage’s” Sakura says rubbing her stomach as the baby kicks again toward Tsunade.

“Minato would be perfect. I thought about naming my girl Kochi meaning spring wind. What do you think” Tsunade says.

“That would be wonderful Minato and Kochi as step brother and step sister” Sakura says smiling toward Tsunade. A moment later Gai and Shizune walk in.

“What is it Lady Tsunade…” Shizune says throwing up in a bag that Gai holds in front of her and then he hands it over to the nearest nurse as he pulls out another bag from his pack.

“Shizune are you sick or something” Tsunade shouts toward her.

“I’m sorry Tsunade I think I am pregnant” Shizune looking straight in front of her notices Tsunade is pregnant and then looks around and notices Sakura and Hinata are also pregnant. Pausing for a moment then rubs her eyes she looks again “Lady Tsunade how long have you been pregnant!”

“Not long enough now Shizune can you explain to Sakura what happens when there is a bet between two people that both what to marry one person and both get knocked up and will have there children around the same time” Tsunade says sitting up slowly as a nurse adds more pillows for support.

“You made another bet Lady Tsunade!” Shizune says nervous and walking all around the room
“No! Shizune now calm down! Sakura and Hinata made the bet” Tsunade says to calm down Shizune.
“Oh thank goodness well Sakura you see the rule in Konoha is that whoever is the first one to have their first child gets to marry whoever it may be” Shizune says like she was quoting something. She then moves over to Sakura’s side and says “So who is the lucky guy tell me Sakura who is it?”

“Shizune, Naruto got all three of us knocked up around the same time!” Tsunade says loud and clear.

“Oh wow congratulations to you all…” Shizune says and then begins vomiting as Gai places the bag in front of her.

“Shizune why don’t we leave before we get them all sick” Gai says holding himself down by the amount of vomit Shizune has thrown up today alone.

“Gai” Tsunade says on a serious note.

“Yes Lady Tsunade” Gai says jumping up handing the bag of vomit to a nurse.
“I want your group to head out to the Land of Lighting they seem to need some assistance on an issue you will find out at the mission building. You will most likely be gone for a few days, and while you are gone Shizune I would like you to stay at the hospital not only in case I need your assistance, but also for your health” Tsunade say to the two of them and they leave immediately.


Later that day Gai and his team Lee, Tenten, and Neji leave the village to the Land of Lighting.

“Gai-sensei I thought you were helping Shizune” Tenten says pouting about having to go on a mission with Neji and Lee who were both still a bit sex crazed, but of course she couldn’t resist Lee since she was also quite a bit horny still from earlier on.

“Now Tenten you should not worry we are ninjas of Konoha first you should be excited about such a mission as this one” Gai says in a cheerful mood while trying not to remember all the vomit he had seen in the last several hours.

“Tenten you know what it means when we get to go on a mission anyways, right” Lee whispers in her ear.

“Oh please if you two are going to do it would you two stop being so obvious” Neji says rolling his eyes.

“Neji just because you became possessive does not make it right for you to talk about Lee and I do and don’t do” Tenten says back as Lee massages her shoulders trying to ease her.

“You three sound like a bunch of children you know that” Gai says chuckling at three with all three of his students stopping. “You know instead of fighting you should like I’ve told you many times before that you should find common ground and perhaps even find out why you’re jealous of your enemy.”

“I suppose I’m jealous of Tenten and Lee because Tenten and I use to date and now I don’t have anyone” Neji says kicking a rock.

“I suppose I am jealous of Neji is because he thinks that he is better than me and just because Tenten and I are dating now I see that he is offended with that” Lee says cheerfully.

“I guess I’m mainly jealous of Neji because he is one of those guys who gets or tries as much as possible to get his way while the rest of us have listen because he is our teammate as well” Tenten states.
“I’ve got an idea, but we’re going have to do it away from the road” Gai says walking off the road into the woods “come with me.” After a short walk in the woods the group stops as Gai looks around and then turns to the group and says “Alright guys what we are going to do so we can relieve some stress and make out team grow even more connected we are going to have to fuck Tenten in all three of her holes.”
“What!? No way are you three going to do such a thing I sore from Lee earlier I can’t do anymore until this mission is over do you understand” Tenten says backing away from the three that all have lust in their eyes as they have their fully erect cocks sticking out toward Tenten. Tenten hits the back of a tree and seems trapped and within moments all her clothes are off as Gai has his cock in her mouth, as Lee has his cock in her pussy, and Neji has his cock in her asshole.

“You know Tenten this will go much easier if you allow to accept it and let us fuck you” Gai says as Tenten devours his cock in her mouth. Tenten figures she doesn’t have much choice and since no one is going to believe her that she got gangbanged by her teammates and her sensei.

“Fuck Tenten you know this feels better when you haven’t done it in so long” Neji says as he shoots his load in her asshole.

“Neji you know it does feel good when we work together instead of fighting” Lee says as his cum and Tenten’s cum mix as it drips to the ground.

“You know Lee your right we should instead of fighting over Tenten we should just fuck her together.

“I see my students have learned to work together such a joyful day indeed today is” Gai says as he shoots some cum down Tenten’s throat.

“We should switch positions you know Gai sensei” Neji says slowly taking his cock out as he switches with Lee as Lee gets to place his cock in Tenten’s mouth, and of course Gai slides his cock in Tenten’s ass as they continue to fuck some more.

Tenten pulls Lee’s cock out of her mouth to say “You know guys at first I didn’t want to be fucked by all three of you but now I am feeling that urge I had earlier while I was fucking with Lee. You know that horny urge that I badly lust all three of your cocks buried deep with in me.” Tenten then sucks on Lee’s ball sack a few times then goes back to sucking on his cock until a small amount of cum burst and then she stops while still rubbing it and says “You should all switch I’m dying to taste Neji’s cock in my mouth.” They all switched with Neji getting a blowjob while Gai gets to fuck her pussy and Lee gets to fuck her asshole that was already well lubricated thanks to Gai and Neji.

“Oh gawd yes Tenten I have been waiting for this and oh yes suck it suck it good” Neji says holding her the back of her head as she continues to suck hi cock while Lee and Gai continue to fuck her down below.

“Oy, Tenten I think it’s time for my super fast fuck how about it” Lee says with Tenten moaning with agreement as Neji’s cock was in her mouth and Lee goes right at it at full speed.

“Lee if you’re going to do that I will race you” Gai says pumping his cock even faster deep into Tenten’s pussy. Tenten simply kept on sucking on Neji’s cock as the pulse of Lee and Gai’s cock was helping her relax and enjoy the pleasure she was receiving.

“Sensei don’t stop I’m going to cum!” Tenten says catching a breath before going back to sucking on Neji’s cock like a baby on a bottle.

“Lee you heard her it’s time to go to the next level” Gai says with glee.

“I got it Gai-sensei I won’t disappoint” Lee says going at a even faster pace making Tenten’s body shake as she tries to hold Neji’s cock in her mouth without biting it and soon she let it out trying to just hold on to it as Gai and Lee were going furiously at her pussy and asshole.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck Me!” Tenten says vibrating and bouncing up and down at a fast rate and was trying to hold cum she received from the three.

“Gai and Lee I don’t think she can handle much more” Neji says standing away from the three rubbing his cock.

“Oh Tenten sorry about that, Lee we need to stop right now Tenten doesn’t feel so good right now” Gai says as he slows down his cock as well as Lee until they are able to take them out and help Tenten sit down slowly as cum drips from all three of her holes showing that her asshole and pussy are red-beaten and sore all over.

“Lee why don’t you get some water for her there is a river about a quarter of a mile away at four O’ clock.

“I’m on my way Neji” Lee says jumping into his green jumpsuit and running at the same time toward the river.

“Neji can you check if she is alright physically” Gai asks.

“Already did she is perfectly fine. It was too much for her that is all” Neji says grabbing his robes

“Oh thank goodness she’s alright” Gai says kissing Tenten’s body as he moves up to her tits and begins to suck on them and after a moment begins to feel something squirt into his mouth and he says “Taste like milk?”

Tenten slowly awakens when she hears Gai near by and says weakly “I’m pregnant” and then she collapses.

“Pregnant!?” Neji, Gai and Lee say at the same time as Lee comes back with some water that is in an old barrel that he had found near the river.

“Wait a second she’s pregnant and we fucked her up just a moment ago?” Gai says as he runs to the river and vomits as Lee simply throws up in the barrel of water, while Neji stands there pondering who had done it and how long Tenten has been knocked up.


“Ayame do you have the ramen noodles ready for our guest” Teuchi shouts as Ayame is lifting the noodles out to the front.

“Yes father I have them ready, is Naruto here or something is that why you are excited or is it someone else” Ayame says and then sees it isn’t Naruto but Iruka with Konohamaru, Udon, Moegi, and Ebisu.

“Have any of you heard when Naruto will be coming back from his training?” Teuchi says to the group as Ayame hands them their bowls of ramen.

“No I haven’t heard anything yet hopefully he comes finishes his training soon though” Iruka says slurping up some ramen noodles.

“I’m going to be a sage too right Ebisu-sensei just like Naruto” Konohamaru says cheerfully standing on his stool while Udon and Moegi both have faces of fear that he is going to fall and of course he does.

“Konohamaru can’t you settle down for once” Moegi says rolling her eyes as everyone begins to laugh at him.

“Konohamaru you will be a sage just like Naruto is training to be if you listen to my words” Ebisu says in a strict voice.

“I don’t know your going to have to be one of those few special people that have the right amount of chakra to do such things as that. You know your grandfather wasn’t a sage and look at what did for this country” Iruka says.

“I promised Naruto that I will beat him so that I can become Hokage after him” Konohamaru shouts.

“With that attitude you are surely to surpass him then Konohamaru” Iruka says.

“With that we should get back to training team” Ebisu says paying Teuchi and leaving with his team as Iruka stays talking to Teuchi and Ayame.

“Ayame how are you and Choji doing anyways like I haven’t asked you every day but you know how I am” Iruka asks.

“Great as always he respects me for whom I am, and I respect him for being who he is other than that not much” Ayame answers back as she stirs the ramen and Teuchi heads into the back.”There is one thing I need to ask you not to be rude or anything but you don’t mind answering do you?”

“Fire away Ayame” Iruka says.

“When are you going to find someone?” Ayame asks with a jovial face in front of Iruka.

“I had never really thought about it until now. I suppose I should be looking around for someone since I am at age to marry someone. Alright I’ll do it I will find someone right now” Iruka says paying the bill and exiting the bar.

“You can do it Iruka I have faith in you in finding that special someone” Ayame screams after Iruka as Teuchi walks back out front to pour in more ramen.


Kurenai is sitting on her porch as she watches the streets below with people buzzing around when she spots a couple of her students walking with their girlfriends so she steps down to the streets and greet them “Kiba and Shino how are you two doing today” she says to them.

“Sensei so glad to see you around how is the child doing isn’t she about due?” Kiba says to Kurenai.

“Another month left before she is born” Kurenai responds back.

“What our you going to name her Kurenai-sensei?” Kikai asks (For those who don’t remember Kikai is in the fifth story of the last arc).

“I haven’t decided yet. I was going to go with Asuma if it was a boy but now I haven’t decided on it being that it is now a girl” Kurenai says then looks over at Kiba who has a girl standing next to him. Kurenai says
“Who is the lucky girl Kiba?”

“Kurenai this is Inukan (love of peace dog)” Kiba stutters as he blushes toward Kurenai.

“It is so nice to finally meet you Kurenai-sensei Kiba has told me so much of you” Inukan smiles saying to Kurenai.

“Sensei you should come with us unless of course you are busy or something” Shino says.

“Where are you four going?” Kurenai asks.

“We were going to train you interested Kurenai sensei” Inukan says as she uses her puppy face on her.

“Kiba must have taught you that it can always get me so sure why not” Kurenai says.
In due time the group ends up deep in the woods.

“Ooh… I don’t think I can go any further the baby is hurting” Kurenai says as she rests near a tree.

“Sensei are you alright?” Kiba says as he helps her sit down slowly with the help of Inukan.
“I’m fine the baby just kicked, but I don’t think we should go any further” Kurenai says rubbing her round belly relieving the pain.

“I guess we can begin then” Shino says taking his robes off as everyone else is.

“What are you all doing is this part of your training when I’m not around?” Kurenai says suspicious as to why they are all taking their clothes off.

“Oh my god we forgot to tell you Kurenai sensei we are going to have some sexual fun” Kikai says taking off her bra.

“Sensei you don’t mind do you?” Kiba says to Kurenai.

“Me mind only if I don’t get to suck off my students off first” Kurenai says as they all laugh.

“All right sensei I think we can do that” Shino says as he walks over with Kiba to Kurenai.
Kurenai grabs both of their cocks and begins to rub them both feeling them in her hands and then grabbing Kiba’s cock in further so she could suck on it as she continues to rub Shino’s cock.

“Oh yes sensei that feels so good” Kiba moans as Kurenai sucks on his cock then he feels someone behind him and sees Inukan.

“Is she better than I am Kiba” Inukan says in his ear.

“I don’t know why don’t you help her and I’ll let you know” Kiba say as Inukan goes down to help Kurenai take care of his cock. Inukan licks on the tip of the cock with Kurenai as they look up at Kiba moaning in the pleasure. Inukan then begins to suck on his balls as Kurenai moves over to Shino who is sucking on Kikai’s tits.

“Oh Kurenai please suck it for me” Shino says begging Kurenai then goes back at sucking Kikai’s tits.

“Shino I think it’s time we should you know” Kikai whisper’s in Shino’s ear.

“Sorry sensei but Kikai and I need to be alone for the time being” Shino says to Kurenai as Kurenai goes back to Kiba who is now having his cock being sucked on by Inukan. Kurenai decides to suck on his balls
while Inukan continues sucking him off.

Shino and Kikai unleash their chakra insects to surround them in a sphere while Kikai and Shino are inside with their insects mating while they begin to fuck standing up.

On the outside Inukan and Kurenai continue to suck on Kiba’s cock and balls. “So Kiba who is better?” Inukan says as cum drips off her face looking up at Kiba.

“I don’t know you both are pretty good why don’t I suck on your tits then I might have a clearer decision” Kiba says as Kurenai opens up her robes so her enlarged breasts stick out. Kiba begins to suck on Kurenai’s tits “Um… milk” Kiba says as some milk drips off his chin.

“Let me try Kiba” Inukan says as she sucks on the other tit while Kiba sucks off the other one.

“Don’t suck them completely dry I need some for the baby” Kurenai moans as the two suck on her tits.

“That was delicious Kurenai wasn’t Kiba” Inukan says as Kiba licks his tongue and wipes his chin.

“Oh yeah now it’s your turn” Kiba says swiftly grabbing Inukan’s breasts and starts sucking on them.

“So Kiba who’s better” Inukan asks.

“Kurenai’s only because of the milk” Kiba says as he feels her pussy and begins to finger her while sucking on her tits.

“Uh Kiba fuck please fuck me” Inukan moans begging for Kiba to fuck her but he ignores her as he continues to suck on her tits while fingering her wet pussy.

“Kiba it seems you like her tits more than you enjoyed mine” Kurenai says.
Kiba stops and makes a clone as he has his clone take care of Kurenai while he continues to suck on Inukan’s tits.

Shino and Kikai are finishing up as their bug sphere as it slowly vanishes and the two come out resting peacefully on the ground as they watch Kiba take care of Inukan and Kurenai.

“Say Shino why was the reason Akamaru couldn’t come along anyways” Kikai asks Kiba who turns his
head to her.

“Akamaru ate a family scroll and now Kiba’s sister and mother are extracting it from him. Kiba wanted to stay and watch but I guess the elders in his clan recommended that it was best for Kiba to not watch” Shino replies.

“Wow it sure doesn’t seem like Shino misses him how wild he is right now” Kikai says.

“He knows, but right now I think he wants to at least have some fun like we are all and doesn’t want any of us to be miserable” Shino replies back.

“You can join him if you like I’m just resting right now” Kikai says to Shino.

“I would, but I think Shino is having too much fun that I don’t want to interfere” Shino says. They continue to watch Kiba take care of Kurenai and Inukan.

“Fuck me god damn it Kiba!” Inukan moans several times until Kiba makes three more clones where two are sucking on Kurenai’s tits, one is fucking Inukan’s asshole, one is getting a blowjob from Inukan, and the real one is fucking her pussy while still sucking on her tits.

“Kiba you’ve got to stop your going to leave no milk for the baby” Kurenai says hitting both clones as they vanish only for Kiba to make four more two sucking her tits, another taking care of her asshole, while the other Kurenai sucks on his cock.

Inukan pulls Kiba’s clone’s cock out of her mouth and vanishes only to be standing on a tree branch several feet above while the Kiba clones run up to catch her only they disappear as Inukan hits them with a quick attack that allows the real Kiba to sneak up on her as he places his cock deep into her pussy as he wraps her around her squeezing her breasts in his hands.

“Kiba stop it this instance!” Inukan screams as she gets fucked by Kiba on the tree branch. Shino and Kikai get up to stop Kiba and separate him from Inukan. Kiba’s clones that were busy with Kurenai go after Shino and Kikai, but that fails quickly when Kurenai puts a genjutsu on Kiba while attacking his clones. Shino and Kikai grab Inukan as Shino is lost in a genjutsu where he is fucking Inukan and Kurenai at the same time.

“What is wrong with Kiba he has never acted like this before…?” Inukan says then recalls every time they are together Akamaru is not far.

“You alright Inukan” Kikai says smiling in front of her while Shino locks up Kiba. Kurenai removes the genjutsu as Kiba stands still screaming.

“Yeah thanks from saving me” Inukan says and accidently kisses Kikai on the lips while Shino goes over to Kiba to knock some sense out of him. Kurenai covers herself and gets up slowly.

“Alright now that we’ve all had our fun I suppose we can leave” Kurenai says staring at Kikai and Inukan kissing.

“We’re ready sensei” Kiba and Shino say together looking at Kurenai and then looking at Kikai and Inukan. Kikai and Inukan break their kiss and look at the group who turns their heads innocently.

“Are we going?” Inukan asks. The group then heads back to the village.


Sasuke stands on a branch in the middle of the woods thinking as to what he is going to have his group do next now that they don’t know where the eighth is.

“Tobi I sense you what do you want now?” Sasuke says as Tobi walks out of a tree a few feet below.

“You know Sasuke you could at the very least smile once in awhile it wouldn’t hurt you” Tobi says vanishing only to be revealed a tree branch away from Sasuke.

“That was when I was child. I fear nothing and I feel only anger” Sasuke says searching the woods for any thing that moves.

“Huh…you know Sasuke in the recent days being part of this group I have noticed that Karin has a thing for you” Tobi says.

“Can you find Jugo and Suigetsu I’ll meet you three at the cave. I need to be alone for the time” Sasuke says as he orders Tobi to leave. Tobi vanishes in thin air as he goes he holds back to see what Sasuke is going to do but only notices that Sasuke sits there thinking.

Hour later Sasuke returns to the cave to see everyone there were waiting for his orders. “We need to find the eighth first before we go to Konoha. I want everyone to spread out. You all know the signal so go” Sasuke orders his group as they leave separate ways with Sasuke leaving last.


“Fukasaku I’ve got it!” Naruto screams as Fukasaku leaves his house to see three Naruto’s waiting for him.

“Naruto I told you it’s impossible that fox in you won’t let me and you connect” Fukasaku says walking over carry his cane.

“Oh come on I figured it out it’s similar to my rasenshuriken training with Kakashi” Naruto says.

“Rasenshuriken” Fukasaku says to himself looking at Naruto alright “Let’s go!”


Over at the hospital Sakura and Hinata are receiving their babies at the same time while Lady Tsunade and Shizune talk in the other room.

“Tsunade I’m telling you we have reports that the Akatsuki are heading here as we speak” Shizune says standing above Tsunade who is waiting for her turn. Loud screams from the other room where Sakura and Hinata are giving birth is occurring.

“Shizune isn’t there a quieter way of giving birth here” Tsunade says holding her ears.

“Unfortunately Konoha doesn’t provide any type of birth other than this one they believe in a more natural way for the mother” Shizune screams at Tsunade as Sakura and Hinata continue to scream in the other room.

“I’m the Hokage! I am being told by others what type of pregnancy I have to have!” Tsunade screams then the screaming from the other room stops as Tsunade and Shizune wait for a moment when three nurses walk in each carry one baby.

“Lady Tsunade and Shizune here are their babies for you” one of the nurses says showing them to the two. Tsunade and Shizune look at the three babies and after a short time Sakura and Hinata come in so they could hold their babies.

“Hinata what have you named them both” Tsunade asks.

“I think I’m going to call the boy Naruto Junior and the girl will be named Karin” Hinata says when her parents and Sakura’s families walk in to see what their grandchildren look like. Others from the village came in that knew them as well. As people were walking in to see the three babies Tsunade’s water broke and instantly the nurses and doctors sent her to the other room as she began to give birth.


If I am missing any characters in the last two stories let me know. The next story will most likely not be out until January.

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seems you have alot of typo's mixing shino with kiba when talking about akamaru... great story line really enjoy it going to keep reading

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